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Law Society of Upper Canada 



inustratea Catalogue Post Free. 


GRAFTON fl CO., Ltd., 

ART * 


...... ...,. ,*.. ..i.j, , . 

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.iMNewBond St, London; 

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182, 183 and 184, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C.; 

Stationers' Hall Court, E.C. 

71 Victoria Street - TORONTO, ONT. 

JAN 23 19S4 

It is respectfully requested that aiiy information respecting 
Changes by Births, Marriages, Deaths, Appointments, Addresses^ 
and of any Addresses not given, may be communicated, as soon as 
possible thereafter, to the Publishers, Kelly's Directories, 
Limited, 182, 183 and 184, High Holborn, London, W.C. 

Kki.i.v'- DlBKCrORIKS. I-l.Mi 

'D, Middle Mill, Kingston-on-Thames; and High Holborn, 
London, W.C. 





Accoutrement manufacturers : 

Firniin & Sons Limited 11 

Art furriers: 

Grafton Fur Co. Limited . . ..Facing Inside 
Front Cover 
Button manufacturers Crest & livery : 

Firniin & Sons Limited 11 

Carriage & coach builders : 

Hooper & Co. Limited. . Inside Back Cover 

Cigarette manufacturers : 

Teofani & Co 16 

Crest & livery button manufacturers : 

Firmin &, Sons Limited 11 

Die sinkers : 

Firmin & Sons Limited 11 

Engraver : 

A.Wyon 13 

Fancy goods manufacturers & importers : 
Hamley Bros. Lim Inside Front Cover 


Grafton Fur Co. Limited Facing Inside 

Front Cover 

Goldsmiths : 

Lambert & Co 1*2 

A. Wyon 13 


Charing Cross Hospital 3 

Met ropolitan Hospital 6 

Insurance companies : 

Eagle Insurance Ct j 

Law Reversionary Interest SocietyLim. 2 


Insurance companies : 

Loudon Assurance 1 

Royal Exchange Assurance 3 

Jewellers : 

Lambert & Co 12 

A.Wyon 13 

Magnesia manufacturers: 

Dinneford & Co 10 

Medallists : - 

Firmin & Sons Limited 11 

A.Wyon 13 

Motor car lx>dy builders : 

Hooper & Co. Limited. . Inside Bach Cover 

Motor car dealers : 

Hooper & Co. Limited .. Inside Back Cover 

Printers & publishers : 

Hurst & Black ett Limited 14 

Kelly's Directories Limited Facing Inside 

Back Cover & page 16 
School : 

Orphan Working School 8 

Seal engraver : 

A.Wyon 13 

Silversmiths : 

Lambert & Co 12 

Societies : 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution .. 4 

Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund 4 

London Female Guardian Society 5 




Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & 
Cattle Trough Association 5 

National Benevolent Institution 6 

National Incorporated Association for 
the Reclamation of Destitute Waif 
Children 7 

Rescue Society 8 

Societies : 

Royal Society for the Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals 9 

Sons of the Clergy Corporation 9 

Temporary Home for Lost & Starving 

Dogs .. 10 

Toy manufacturers & importers: 

Hamley Bros. Lim Inside Front Cover 





Charing Cross Hospital 3 

Dinneford & Oo. , Maguesia manufacturers 10 

Sagle Iusurauce Oo 1 

Firmin & Sons Ltd., Button & accoutre- 
ment manufacturers 11 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution 4 

Grafton Fur Co. Limited, Furriers Facing 

Front Cover 
Hamley Bros. Limited, Toy & fancy goods 
manufacturers & importers. . . . Inside Front 

Hooper & Co. Limited, Motor car & car- 
riage builders Inside Bad Cover 

Hurst & Blackett Limited, Publishers.. 14 

Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund 4 

Kelly's Directories Limited, Printers & 
publishers of the P.O. London, County, 

Town & Trades Directories Faring 

Inside Back Cover A page US 

Lambert & Co., Goldsmiths, jewellers & 

silversmiths 12 

Law Reversionary Interest Society Lim. . . 3 

London Assurance 1 

London Female Guardian Society 5 

Metropolitan Drinking Fountain Jk Cattle 

Trough Association 5 

Metropolitan Hospital 6 

National Benevolent Institution 

National Incorporated Association for the 

Reclamation of Destitute Waif Children 7 

Orphan Working School 8 

Rescue Society 8 

Royal Exchange Assurance 3 

Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty 

to Animals 9 

Sous of the Clergy Corporation 9 

Temporary Home for Lost & Starving Dogs 10 

Teofani & Co., Cigarette manufacturers . . 16 

Wyon A., Medallist & engraver 13 




Preface . 


General Table of Precedence l2 

Relative Rank in Army and Navy .13 

Precedence among Ladies 14 

Table of Precedence of Colonial Officers 15 

College of Arms 


Lyon Office, Scotland 16 

Office of Arms, Ireland 16 

Forms of Epistolary Addresses *7 

The King and Royal Family 21 

Indian Empire 25 

Commonwealth of Australia ..... ... 25 

Dominion of Canada . 25 

Colonies 25 

House of Peers 27 

Clubs 40 

Foreign Ministers and Consuls in London, and British Ministers 

Abroad 41 

Ministry 48 

Alterations and Corrections 49 

General List of Names 51 to 1(562 


The object of this work is to include in one General Alphabetical 
List all those who have any definite position arising either 

1. From Hereditary Rank Peers (with all their children), and 
Baronets ; 

2. From any recognised Title or Order conferred upon them by the 
Sovereign Privy Councillors, Knights and Companions of the 
various British Orders, and Knights Bachelor ; 

3. From their positions as Members of Parliament ; 

4. From any of the higher grades of the diplomatic, legal 
military, naval, clerical, colonial, or civil services of the State 
Ambassadors, Judges, Generals, Admirals, Surgeon-Generals, 
Inspectors-General of Hospitals and Fleets, all Bishops, Deans 
and Archdeacons (but only of England and Wales) and 
Governors of Colonies ; 

5. And Deputy-Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace for the 
Counties of England and Wales, King's Counsel, Presidents and 
Vice-Presidents of Learned Societies ; 

6. And the principal landowners being also occupiers of 
one of the chief county seats of the united kingdom. 

The distinguishing feature of the book is that, from its alpha- 
betical arrangement, any one can at once ascertain from its pages 
whether there be any person bearing a particular title, and, if so, to 
what family he belongs, and his address. 


As the book embraces so many classes, the space for each entry in it 
must be as brief as possible; we are thus precluded from giving- more 
than the most important services of each person whose name may be 
found in its pages, and the Heirs Apparent and Presumptive (where 
such exist) in the cases of every Peer and Baronet. 

As in the previous editions, the proof of every entry has been sub- 
mitted to the person to whom it has reference (with the exception of 
those instances in which no address in the United Kingdom has been 
obtained), and the correctness of the work is thereby insured. 

The names of the new Ministry are given on page 48, and recent 
creations and other changes which have occurred too late to be 
recorded in their proper places will be found on pages 49 and 50. 

It is respectfully requested that any notices of alterations and any 
corrections may be forwarded to the Publishers. 

The Letters S.O. at the end of addresses in various parts of the 
book are abbreviations adopted by the Post Office to indicate a Sub- 
Post Office, and if these Initial letters, with the name of the Post-town 
(or County in some cases), are added to the addresses of letters, their 
delivery will be accelerated. 


182, 183 & 184, High Holborn, W.C. 
January, 1906. 


l.a.G Assistant Adjutant General. 

.A. and q.m.g. Assistant Adjutant and 

k.B.A Associate of the British 

Archaeological Association 

ibp Archbishop. 

.B. or B.A Bachelor of Arts. 

Ij Adjutant. 

Ij.-gen Adjutant-General. 

Iv.-gen Advocate-General. 

.d.c Aide-de-Camp. 

.F Admiral of the Fleet. 

.G Attorney General. 

l.inst.c.e. ...Associate of the Institution 
of Civil Engineers. 

Idmn Alderman. 

.M. or M.A... .Master of Arts. 
.q.m.g Assistant- Quarter-Master- 

.R.A Associate of the Royal 

Academy of Arts. 

l.R.a.m Associate of Royal Academy 

of Music. 

I.S.CORPS Army Service Corps. 

3st.-com- ) Assistant - Commissary - 
miss.-gen. ) General. 

.A Bachelor of Arts 

J.CL. or LL.B.Bachelor of Civil Law. 

i.c.s Bengal Civil Service. 

lo.o.S Bombay Civil Service. 

J.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

I. or M.B.... Bachelor of Medicine. 

.s Bachelor of Surgery. 

.s.c Bengal Staff Corps. 

).8.C Bombay Staff Corps. Bachelor of Science 


irr Barrister. 

)t; or bart. ...Baronet. 

>p Bishop. 

(c.) Conservative. 

3.A County Alderman 

Jhm Chairman. 

comm Commander. 

CB Companion of the Bath. 

c.c County Councillor. 

0.0.8 Ceylon Civil Service. 

c.i Order of the Crown of 


i.E Companion of the Order of 

the Indian Empire. 
0.J Chief Justice. 

C.M.G Companion of St. Michael 

and St. George. 

c.s.i Companion of the Order of 

the Star of India. 

comm.-gen. ...Commissary-General. 

c.v.o Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 

d deceased. 

dau Daughter. 

dep.-adv.-gen.Deputy- Advocate-General. 

D.a.a.G Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant 


d.a.c.G Deputy- Assistant-Commis- 

d.a.g Deputy- Adjutant-General. 

D.a.q.m.g. ...Deputy- Assistant- Quarter- 

D.Q.M.G Depty.-Quartr. -Master-General 

d.l Deputy - Lieutenant for the 

County of. 

dow Dowager. 

D.c.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

d.d Doctor of Divinity. 

d.litt ...Doctor of Letters. 

OJBC Doctor of Science 

D.s.o Companion of the Distin- 
guished Service Order. 

Bng English. 

cng.rear-adml... Engineer Real'- Admiral. 

ext Extinct. 

f.u.a. ...Fellow of the British Academy. 

f.u.a. ...Fellow of the Institute of Char- 
tered Accountants. 

v.v.* Fellow of the Chemical Society. 

i'.k.s Fellow of the Entomological 


f.g.h.S... .Fellow of the Genealogical and 
Historical Society. 

f.g.s Fellow of theGeological Society. 

F.I. inst.... Fellow of the Imperial Insti- 

F.L.8 Fellow of the Linnean Society. 

k.m Field Marshal. 

f.p.s Fellow of Philological Society 

of Great Britain. 

F.R.A.8.... Fellow of the Royal Astro- 
nomical Society. 

f.r.b.s. ...Fellow of RoyalBotanicSociety. 

f.r.c.i. ...Fellow of the Royal Colonial 

f.r.o.o.... Fellow of the Royal College 
of Organists 


f.r.c. p.. ..Fellow of the Royal College 
of Physicians. 

f.r.c.s Fellow of the Royal College 

of Surgeons. 
f.r.g.s ...Fellow of the Royal Geographi- 
cal Society. 
F.R.HisT.s.Fellow of the Royal His- 
torical Society. 
K.R.HORT.s.Fellow of the Royal Horti- 
cultural Society. 
F.R.INST. ) Fellow of the Royal Institute 

b.a. j of British Architects. 
F.R.MET.s.Fellowof Royal Meteorological 

F.R.M.8.... Fellow of Royal Microscopical 

f.r.s Fellow of the Royal Society . 

f.r.s.a. \ Fellow of Royal Society of 
irel j Antiquaries of Ireland. 

f.r.s.b Fellow of the Royal Society of 

F.R.8.L.... Fellow of the Royal Society of 

F.s.A Fellow of the Society of An- 

F.s.s Fellow of the StatisticalSociety. 

F.8.8C. A.... Fellow of the Society of Science 
and Art, of London. 
..Fellow of Zoological Society. 
.Knight Grand Cross of the Bath 
.Knight Grand Cross of the Han- 
overian Guelphic Order. 
.Knight Grand Commander of 

the Indian Empire. 
.Knight Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
....Knight Grand Commander 
of the Star of India. 

Knight Grand Cross of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 

Great Master of the Bath. 

Grand Master of the Indian 

Grand Master of St. Michael 

and St. George. 
....Grand Master of the Star of 



Great Britain. 

Honorable Artillery Company 

His Excellency. 

Honorable East India 

Company's Service. 

Bil Majesty's Indian Navy. 

... 1 1 >ir presumptive. 
....Honorable by right of office. 

i''<if pity. 

Some Holer. 

Ell Of H<r I loyal Highness. 

hi(li:ui Civil Service. 




H.C.H. ... 

(I.C.I. B. .. 




<;.m.i.k. .. 

G.M.S.I. .. 

grdau. .. 

Gt. B 



II. M.I.N. 



h, P 

[M it.).... 

Mi:. II 


..Indian Staff Coi-ps. 


.Imperial Service Order. 






) Inspector-general of hos- 
. J pitals. 

of hosp 






t Justice of the Peace for the 

county of. 


..King's Counsel. 


..Knight Commander of the 


K.C.H. ...... 

..Knight Commander of the 



..Knight Commander of the 

Indian Empire. 

K.C.M.G. ... 

..Knight Commander of St. 

Michael and St. George. 


..Knight Commander of the 

Star of India. 


...Knight Commander of the 

Tower and Sword. 


..Knight Commander of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 


..Knight of the Order of the 

..Knight of the Hanoverian 


Guelphic Order. 


..Knight of the Order of St 


k nt. leg. hon.Knightof theLegion of Honor. 


..Knight of the Order of the 



..Knight of the Tower and 


lieut. or It. . 


It. -col 

.Lieut enant-Colonel. 




..Lord Chief Justice. 


. . Lif eFellowImperial Institute 


.Doctor of Laws. 


.Master of Laws. 

l.r.c.p. Lon 

..Licentiate of Royal College 
of Physicians, London. 


..Liberal Unionist. 


..Master of Arts. 


..Bachelor of Medicine. 


..Madras Civil Service. 


..Doctor of Medicine. 


..Member of Institute of 

Civil Engineers. 


..Member of Parliament. 


.Member of Royal Asiatic 

.Member of Royal College of 


.Member of Royal College of 




..Member of Royal Society of 

Painters in Water Colours. 


..Madras Staff Corps. 





marq Marquess. 

mil militia. 

mil. sec Military Secretary. 

M.R .Master of the Rolls. 

M.u.c.p.Lon.. Member of the Royal Col- 
lege of Physician s,London. 

M.ii.i Member of Royal Institutn. 

M.u.r.A Member of Royal Irish 

M. it. i. P. w.c... Member of Royal Institute of 
Painters in Water Colours. 

Master of Surgery. 

[US. u Bachelor of Music. 

[us. d Doctor of Music. 

[.v.o MemberRoyal VictorianOrder 

l.) Nationalist. 

Native Infantry. 

m Order of Merit. 

3b prebendary. 

;s president. 

Privy Councillor. 

.R.s President of Royal Society. 

Queen's Counsel. 

t .G Quartermaster-General . 

'.V Quod vide (which see). 

.) Radical. 

.a Royal Artillery. 

.A Royal Academician. 

.M.c Royal Army Medical Corps. 

R.c Roman Catholic. 

R..D Rural Dean. 

r.e Royal Engineers 

r.f.a Royal Field Artillery. 

rec Recorder. 

rect Rector 

r.g.a Royal Garrison Artillery. 

R.H.A Royal Horse Artillery. 

r. i.m Royal Indian Marine. 

n.M Royal Marines. 

r.M.a Royal Marine Artillery. 

R.M.S Royal Meteorological 


r.n. Royal Navy. 

r.n.r Royal Naval Reserve. 

r. f. p retired on full pay. 

s Socialist. 

sco Scotch. 

s.<; Solicitor-General. 

supt superintendent. 

i t .k United Kingdom. 

u.s. list on unemployed supernu- 
merary list. 

vise Viscount. 

vol volunteers. 

v.c Victoria Cross. 

v.d VolunteerOfficers'Decoration 

v.i Vice-President. 

Note. In order to save space the word esquire has not been Added to any name, though of 
course uch should be added in every case when no Inconsistent addition is affixed. 


The Sovereign. 

The Prince of Wales. 

The younger sons of the Sovereign. 

Grandsons of the Sovereign. 

Brothers of the Sovereign. 

Uncles of the Sovereign. 

Nephews of the Sovereign (according to 

the seniority of their fathers). 
Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Lord High Chancellor. 
Archbishop of York. 
The Prime Minister. 

The Lord Chancellor of Ireland (if a baron) 
Lord High Treasurer (no such office exists 

at present). 
Lord President of the Privy Council. 
Lord Privy Seal. 
g ^ ^| Lord Great Chamberlain. 
e g J Lord High Constable (no 
$ o? office exists at present). 
** I Earl Marshal, 



Lord High Admiral (no such office 
exists at present). 

Lord Steward of the Household. 
<** ) Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 
Dukes of England. 

Scotland (none created since 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Duke of Leinster (being the only Irish 

Duke existing at the time of the 

Dukes of the United Kingdom (created 
since 1801). 

Eldest sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal 
(when they are not brothers, grandsons, 
uncles, or nephews of the reigning 

Marquesses of England (marq. of Win- 

Marquesses of Scotland (none create i 
after 1707). 

. Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 


the United Kingdom 

(created since 1801). 

Eldest sons of Dukes. 

Earls of England (anterior to 1707). 

-- -- Scotland (none created after 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 1801). 

- the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 

Younger sons of Dukes of the Blood 
Royal (when they are not brothers, 
grandsons, uncles, or nephews of the 
reigning sovereign). 

Eldest sons of Marquesses. 

Younger sons of Dukes. 

Viscounts of England (vise. Hereford). 

Scotland (anterior to 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 

Eldest sons of Earls. 

Younger sons of Marquesses. 

Bishop of London. 


- Winchester. 

English Bishops (according to date of 

Irish Bishops (who were such at the 

passing of the Disestablishment Act, 

according to date of consecration). 
Bishops Suffragan (according to date of 

Secretary of State (if a baron). 
Barons of England. 

Scotland (none created since 


Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 
Lords of Appeal in Ordinary. 
Speaker of the House of Commons. 
Commissioners of the Great Seal (those 

persons who execute the office of Lord 

High Chancellor when it happens to be 

Treasurer of the Household. 
Comptroller of the Household. 
Master of the Horse. 
Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 
Secretary of State (when not a baron). 
Eldest sons of Viscounts. 
Younger sons of Earls. 
Eldest sons of Barons. 
Knights of the Garter. 
Privy Councillors. 
Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

- Duchy of Lancaster. 

Lord Chief Justice. 
Master of the Rolls. 

Lords Justices of Appeal, ranking accord- 
ing to date of appointment. 



President of the Probate, Divorce, and 

Admiralty Division. 
Judges of the High Court of Justice, 
ranking according to date of appoint- 
Younger sons of Viscounts 


Legal Life Peers. 


Knights Grand Cross of the Bath. 
Lnights Grand Commanders of the Star 
of India. 

ights Grand Cross of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

lnights Grand Commanders of the Order 
of the Indian Empire, 
[nights Grand Cross of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

lights Commanders of the Bath, 
[nights Commanders of the Star of India. 
" lights Commanders of St. Michael and 
St. George. 

[nights Commanders of the Order of 
the Indian Empire, 
lights Commanders of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

I Knights Bachelors. 

I Commanders of the Royal VictorianOrder. 

| County Court Judges of England and 

i Masters in Lunacy. 
j Companions of the Bath, 
i Companions of the Star of India. 
! Companions of St. Michael and St. 

| Companions of the Order of the Indian 

' Members of the fourth class of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
I Eldest sons of the younger sons of Peers. 
Eldest sons of Baronets. 
| Eldest sons of Knights of the Garter. 
Eldest sons of Knights according to 

the precedence of their fathers. 
Members of the fifth class of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Companions of the Distinguished Service 

Younger sons of Baronets. 
Younger sons of Knights. 






Director-General Medical Staff. 
Surgeon-Generals . 

Director-General Veterinary Depart- 

rigadier- Generals 


Chaplains, 1st class. 


Deputy Judge Advocates. 
Chaplains 2nd class, 

Admirals of the Fleet. 


Vice- Admirals. 

Rear- Admirals. 
Inspectors-General of Hospitals and 

Captains of the Fleet. 

Commodores, 1st and 2nd class. 
Captains over 3 years' service. 
Staff Captains of 4 years' service. 
Deputy Inspectors-General of Hospi- 
tals and Fleets. 
Secretaries to Admirals of the Fleet. 
Chief Inspectors of Machinery. 
Inspectors of Machinery of 8 years' 
L standing. 

f Captains under 3 years' service : Staff 
Captains under 4 years' service. 
Secretaries to a Commander-in-Chief 

of 5 years' standing as such. 
Inspectors of Machinery under 8 years' 
t service. 



Lieutenant-Colonels, but junior of 



Chaplains, 3rd class. 

Majors, but junior of that rank. 

Captains , 

Chaplains, 4th class. 

Captains, but junior of that rank. 

Commanders and Staff Commanders. 
Fleet Surgeons. 
Fleet Paymasters. 
Fleet Engineers. 

Navallnstructors of 15 years' seniority. 
r Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants 
of 8 years' seniority. 
Staff Surgeons. 

Secretaries to Junior Flag Officers. 
Staff Paymasters. 

Naval Instructors of 8 years' seniority. 
Staff Engineers. 
Paymasters and Chief Engineers, with 
but after Lieutenants of 8 years' 
Lieutenants and Navigating Lieutenants 
under 8 years' standing. 

Secretaries to Commodores, 2nd class. 
Assistant Paymasters of 12 years' 


Engineers of 6 years' standing, Naval 

Instructors under 8 years' standing. 

Assistant Paymasters of 6 but under 12 

years' standing, with but after 

I Lieutenants under 8 years' standing. 


The daughter of a peer does not lose her own rank should she marry a person 
not a peer ; but if she marries a peer her title and precedency are merged in his, 
e.g., if the daughter of a duke marries a baron, she takes the rank of a baroness. 
But if the widow of a duke marries a baron, she retains her own rank of 
duchess. The widow of a peer or knight may retain her title notwithstanding her 
second marriage, but she does so only by courtesy. The widow of a baronet, however, 
enjoys her precedence for life by right. Official rank and precedence is not com- 
municable to the wife, but the wife of the Viceroy of Ireland and of a lord mayor 
has precedence derived from her husband's office. 
The Queen. 
The Princess of Wales. 

The Princess Royal 

The younger daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's younger sons. 

Grand-daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's grandsons. 

Sisters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's brothers. 

Aunts of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's uncles. 

Nieces of the Sovereign. 

of the Sovereign's nephews. 
Duchesses of England. 


Great Britain. 


the United Kingdom. 

of the eldest sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Royal 
M ii.i | the Mine order as the 


Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes. 
Daughters of Dukes (while unmarried, or 

when married to commoners). 
Countesses (in the same order as the 

Wives of the younger sons of Dukes of the 

Blood Royal. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Marquesses. 
Daughters of Marquesses (while unmarried 

or when married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Dukes. 
Viscountesses (in the same order as 

Wives of the eldest sons of Earls. 
Daughters of Earls (while unmarried, or 

when married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Marquesses. 
Baronesses (in the same order as the 

Wives of the eldest sons of Viscounts. 
Daughters of Viscounts (while unmarried 

or when married to a commoner). 



Wives of the younger sons of Earls. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Barons. 
Daughters of Barons (if unmarried, or 

when married to a commoner). 
Wives of the Knights of the Garter. 

ids of Honor. 

'ives of the younger sons of Viscounts. 

ives of the younger sons of Barons. 

ives of the sons of Legal Life Peers. 

ives of Baronets (according to the 

dates of the creation of titles held by 

their husbands). 

ives of Knights Grand Cross of the 


ives of Knights Grand Commanders of 

the Star of India. 

ives of Knights Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 

ives of Knights Grand Commanders of 

the Indian Empire. 

Ives of Knights Grand Cross of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 

ives of Knights Commanders of the 


'ives of Knights Commanders of the 

Star of India. 

ives of Knights Commanders of St. 

Michael and St. George. 

ives of Knights Commanders of the 

Indian Empire. 

Wives of Knights Commanders of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of Knights Bachelors. 
Wives of Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Wives of County Court Judges. 
Wives of Companions of the Bath. 
Wives of Companions of the Star of India 
Wives of Companions of St. Michael and 

St. George. 
Wives of Companions of the Indian 

Wives of members of the fourth class of 

the Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of the eldest sons of the younger 

sons of Peers. 
Daughters of the younger sons of Peers. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Baronets. 
Daughters of Baronets. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Knights of 

the Garter. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Knights 

Daughters of Knights Bachelors. 
Wives of members of the fifth class of 

the Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of Companions of the Distin- 
guished Service Order. 
Wives of the younger sons of Baronets. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knights. 
Wives of Esquires and Gentlemen. 


>vernor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Officer 
administering the Government, 
mior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if of the rank of a General, and the 
Officer in command of His Majesty's 
Naval Forces on the Station, if of the 
rank of an Admiral, their own relative 
rank being determined by the King's 
Regulations on that subject, 
lief Justice. 

Jnior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if of the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant- 
Colonel, and the officer in command of 
His Majesty's Naval Forces on the 
station, if of equivalent rank, their own 
relative rank being determined by the 
King's regulations on that subject. 

Members of the Executive Council. 

Puisne Judges. 

President of the Legislative Council. 

Members of the Legislative Council. 

Speaker of the House of Assembly. 

Members of the House of Assembly. 

C )lonial Secretary (not being in the 
Executive Council). 

Commissioners or Government Agents of 
Provinces or Districts. 



Senior Officer in command of the Troops, 
if below the rank of Colonel or Lieu- 
tenant-Colonel, and the Senior Naval 
Officer of corresponding rank. 


^Treasurer, Paymaster-General, or Col- 
lector of Internal Revenue. 

*Auditoi'-General or Inspector-General 
of Accounts. 

^Commissioners of Crown Lands. 

*Collector of Customs. 

^Comptroller of Customs. 

* S ur vey or- General . 

Clerk of the Executive Council. 

Clerk of the Legislative Council. 

Clerk of the House of Assembly. 

* Not being members of the Executive Council. 


Queen Victoria Street, E.G. 

Earl Marshal The Duke of Norfolk, k.g., g.c.v.o., p.c. 

Kings op Arms. 

Garter Sir Alfred S. Scott-G-atty, Knt., F.s.A. 

Clarenceux Geo. Edwd. Cokayne, M.A., B.L., F.s.A. 

NorroyWm. Hy. Weldon, o.v.o., f.s.a. 

Six Heralds. 
Chester Henry Murray Lane. Richmond Charles Harold Athill, f.s.a. 

Lancaster Edward Bellasis, b.l. 
Somerset Hy. Farnham Burke, C.v.O. 


Windsor Wm. Alex. Lindsay, K.C., M.A., 

B.L., f.s.a. 
York Gordon Ambrose De Lisle Lee. 

Four Pursuivants. 
Rouge Dragon Everard Green, f.s.a. I Rouge Croix Arthur Wm. Steuart 
Portcullis Thomas Morgan Joseph- | Cochrane. 

Watkin, B.A., B.L., f.s.a. I Blue Mantle Gerald Woods Wollaston, 


Earl Marshal's Secretary Wm. Hy. Weldon, c.v.o., f.s.a. 

Registrar Rj. Farnham Burke, C.v.o., F.s.A. 

*** Two Officers of Arms are in waiting at the College daily from 10 to 4 o'clock 

for the transaction of public business. 


New General Register House, Edinburgh. 

Lyon King of Arms Sir Jas. Balfour Paul, Knt., f.s.a. (Scot.). 


Albany Robt. Spencer Livingstone. 

Ross Andrew Ross, s.S.C. 

Rothesay Fras. Jas. Grant, w.s., F.s.A. (Scot.) 


Carrick Wm. Rae Macdonald, f.f.a. 

March Capt. Geo. Sitwell Campbell Swinton. 

Unicorn John Home Stevenson, m.a., f.s.a. (Scot.). 

Lyon Clerk and Keeper of Records Fras. Jas. Grant, w.s. 

Procurator -Fiscal D. Scott-Moncrieff, w.s. 

Herald Painter Graham Johnston. 

Macer Robt. Gardiner. 

Hours, from 1st Oct. to 20th Dec. and from 5th Jan. to 20th July, 11 to 3 

except Saturday ; from 21st July to 30th Sept. and from 21st Dec. to 

4th Jan. 11 to 2, on Wednesday and Friday only. 


Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

Ulster King of Arms Sir Arthur Edwd. Yicars, K.c.v.o., f.s.a. 


Dublin Fras. Richd. Shackleton. 

Cork Peirce G. Mahony. 

Athlone Pursuivant of Arms H. Claude Blake, M.v.o. 
Secretary G. D. Burtchaell, M.A. $ 
Office Keeper and Messenger Wm. Stivey. 


They have "Excellency " prefixed to their other titles, and their accredited rank 

Superscription. To His Excellency The Most Honorable Marquess of 

H.B.M. Ambassador Extraordinary and Minister 

Plenipotentiary to France. 
imencement. My Lord. 

iclusion. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Excellency's, <fec. 
The wives of Ambassadors have also "Excellency " added to their other titles. 

). To His Grace the Lord Archbishop of . 

ii. My Lord Archbishop. 
I remain, My Lord Archbishop, Your Grace's, <fcc. 
He is addressed personally in conversation as " Your Grace." 
The Archbishop of Armagh is addressed as " His Grace the Lord Primate of 

The wife of an Archbishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply 
Mrs. A. 


Sup. To the Venerable . 

Comm. Reverend Sir. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lady . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, Ac. 
Baron's Daughter. 
She has the title of " Honorable " prefixed to her Christian name. If married 
the only change is in her surname ; if to a commoner, she is addressed as " The 
Honorable Mrs. ;" if to a Baronet or Knight, " The Honorable Lady." 

Baron's Son. 
He has the title of " Honorable." 

Sup. To the Honorable Henry . 

Comm. Sir. 

The wife takes the title of " Honorable," and is addressed as "The Honorable 

Mrs. Henry ." 

Sup. To Sir John B., Bart. 
Comm. Sir. 

The wife is "Lady B." Her letters commence with "Madam," and she is 
personally addressed " Your Ladyship." 


Sup. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Your Lordship's, <fcc. 

The wife of a Bishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply Mrs. 
Bishop Retired. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend Bishop . 

Comm. Right Reverend Sir. 

Bishop Sufpraoan. 
Vide Bishop. 


Sup. His Eminence Cardinal . 

If he is also an Archbishop, His Eminence Cardinal , Archbishop of , or 

His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Cardinal, or My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Your Eminence's <fcc. 


Sup. To the Rev. Edward S. 
Coram. Sir. 

Colonial Bishops. 

Vide Bishop. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable the Countess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, Ac. 

County Court Judges 
Vide Judges. 


Sup. To the Very Rev. , Dean of . 

Comm. Very Reverend Sir. 

Duchess, Royal. 

Sup. To Her Royal Highness the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness's Ac. 


Sup. To Her Grace the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Grace's, Ac. 

Duke, Royal. 

Sup. To His Royal Highness the Duke of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain, Sir, Your Royal Highness's, Ac. 

The formal style of Dukes of the Blood Royal is "Most High, Most Mighty 
and Illustrious Prince." 


Sup. To His Grace the Duke of . 

Comm. My Lord Duke. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord Duke, Your Grace's, Ac. 

The formal style of Duke is " Most High, Potent, and Noble Prince." 

Duke's Daughter. 
She has the title of " Lady " prefixed to her Christian name. If married to any 
person not being a Peer, she still retains her title and precedence, changing only her 
surname. Her letters commence " Madam," and she is personally addressed as 
"Your Ladyship." 

Duke's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Marquis 
or an Earl. 

Duke's Younger Sons. 
They have the title of " Lord" prefixed to their Christian name. 

Sup. Lord "William . 

Comm. My Lord. 

The wife takes the title of "Lady," and is addressed as " Lady William " 

Sup. To the Right Honorable the Earl of . 
Comm. My Lord. 
Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 

Earl's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

E\rl's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, ^nd is addressed as if he were really a Viscount ! 
or a Baron. 

Earl's Younger Son. 
Vide Baron's Son. 

Earl's Wipe. 
Vide Countess. 



Governors of Colonies. 

Sup. To His Excellency Governor Sir Edward , or To His Excellency Sir 

Edward ,Governorof Jamaica, >>r To His Excellency R. T. , esq., Governor 

and Commander-in-Cnief of British Honduras. 
Comm Sir. 
Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your Excellency's, &c. 


Chief Justice, 
p. To the Right Honorable the Lord Chief Justice, or To the Right Honorable 
Sir A. B., Lord Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench (Common Pleas). 
Puisne Judges. 
The Puisne Judges and the Barons of the Exchequer, who on the Bench are 
styled " My Lord," are Knights, and, in private intercourse, are addressed as such ; but 
the title of Judge being superior to that of Knight, it is usual to address them thus : 
Sup. To the Honorable Mr. Justice. 
To the Honorable Mr. Baron. 

County Court Judges of England and Wale-}. 
Sup. To His Honor Judge. King 

I Sup. To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Sire, May it please Your Majesty. 
Sup. To Sir James C. KnIGHT ' 

Comm. Sir, or Dear Sir James. 

The wife is "Lady C." Her letters commence with " Madam," and she is per- 
sonally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Lord Advocate. 
Letters are addressed with the prefix " Right Honorable," and commence with 
the word "Sir." Lord Justice Clerk. 

Sup. To the RigUt Honorable Lord Justice Clerk. 
Comm. My Lord. Lord j 08TICE Gbnbral 

Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice General. 
Comm. My Lord. 

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 
Sup. His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant. 

If a Duke, " His Grace the Lord-Lieutenant." 
Comm. My Lord (Duke, Marquess). 

The wife is by courtesy styled " HerExcellency,'* but only when resident inlreland. 
Lord Mayor. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor. 
Comm. My Lord. 

The wife has the title of " Lady Mayoress." Her letters commence with 
" Madam," and she is personally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

In England there are eight lord mayors, viz., those of London, York, Liver- 
pool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield and Bristol ; in Ireland three, viz., 
Dublin, Belfast and Cork. In Scotland the heads of the corporations are called 
" provosts," but at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Dundee, the title is lord 
provost. Lords of Session (Judges in Scotland) 

Stip. To the Honorable Lord 

Comm. My Lord. 

The wife has the title of ki Lady." Her letters commence with " Madam," and 
she is personally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Maids of Honor. 
They have the title of " Honorable," prefixed to their Christian name, if they 
have not it already by courtesy, and their letters commence with " Madam.' 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marchioness of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, Ac. 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marquess of . 

Comm. My Lord Marquess. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 

The formal style of Marquess is " Most Noble and Potent Prince." 2* 


Marquess's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Marquess's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really an 
Earl or a Viscount. 

Marquess's Younger Sons. 
Vide Duke's Younger Sons. 


Sup. The Right Worshipful the Mayor of . 

Comm. Sir. Military Officers. 

All officers in the army above Lieutenant and Sub-Lieutenant have their 
military rank prefixed to their name and title, e.g., General The Right Honorable 

Lord , P.O., G.C.B., or General Rt. Hon. Sir Henry , P.O., G.C.B., or Major- 

General Sir James , G.c.s.1. 

Minister Resident. 

Sup. To , Esq., H.B.M.'s Minister Resident . 

Comm. Sir. 

Moderator of the Established Church of Scotland. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend the Moderator . 

Comm. Rt. Rev. Sir. 

Naval Officers. 
Vide Military Officers. 

Pasha (Civil). 
Sup. His Excellency (Harry Jones) Pasha. 
Comm. Excellency. 
Con. I remain, Your Excellency's Obedient Servant. 

Pasha (Military, Egyptian Army). 

Sup. His Excellency Ferik (Lt.-General) Pasha, or His Excellency 

Lewa ( Ma j. -General) Pasha. 

Comm. Excellency. 

Con. I remain, Your Excellency's Obedient Servant. 


Sup. His Royal Highness Prince . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain, Sir, Your Royal Highness's, &c. 

Sup. To Her Royal Highness Princess . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness's. <fec. 
Privy Councillor. 

Sup. The Right Honorable James , 

or The Right Honorable Sir William . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your, &c. 

Sup. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Madam, May it please your Majesty. 
Con. I remain, Madam, Your Majesty's, &c. 

Suffragan Bishop. 
Vide Bishop. 

Viceroy of India. 
Vide Governors of Colonies. 

Viceroy of Ireland. 
Vide Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Viscount . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship s, <fcc 

Vide Countess. 

Viscount's Daughter. 
Vide Baron's Daughter. 

Viscount's Son. 
Vide Baron's Son 



Albert EDWARD, King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and 
Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Faith, 
Emperor of India, Sovereign of the orders of the Garter, the Thistle, St. 
Patrick, the Bath, Star of India, St. Michael and St. George, the Order of the 
Indian Empire, the Imperial Order of the Crown of India, and the Royal Victorian 

Irder, the Order of Merit, the Distinguished Service Order, the Imperial Service 
rder, the Kaisar-I-Hind Medal, Volunteer Officers' Decoration, the Albert Medal, 
te Victoria Cross, the Royal Red Cross, the Order of the Hospital of St. John of 
jrusalem in England ; eldest son of her Majesty Queen Alexandrina VICTORIA, 
tnpress of India, who died 22nd January, 1901, by the Prince Consort, H.R.H. 
rince Francis ALBERT Augustus Charles Emmanuel, Duke of Saxony, Prince 
: Sixe-Coburg and Gotha (d. 14 Dec., 1861); succeeded to the throne 22nd 
muary, 1901, on the death of his mother, Queen Victoria ; crowned 9th August, 1902 ; 
b. 9 Nov., 1841 ; m. 10 March, 1863, Princess Alexandra Caroline, Lady of 
the Most Noble Ordor of th^ Garter, Order of Victoria and Albert (1 class), 
Lady of the Imperial Older of the C.own of India, Royal Red Cross, Lady 
of Just'ce of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Lady Governor of St. Bartholo- 
new's Hospital from 1903, b. 1 Dec, 1844 : dau. of Christian IX. of Denmark, 
by dau. {d. 29 Sept. 1898) of William, Landgrave of HesseCassel, and cousin 
of 2 Duke of Cambridge : D.c.L. Oxon, ll.d. Dublin, barrister and bencher, 
Middle Temple 1861, and treasurer 1887, p.u.c.p.l. (1897), Knight of the Order of 
the Golden Fleece, of St. Stephen of Austria, of the Southern Cross of Brazil, of the 
Black Eagle of Prussia, Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour and of the Order of 
Charles III. of Spain, a Governor of the Charterhouse and of Christ's hospital, 
hon. Admiral of the Fleet 1887, an Elder Brother of the Trinity House 1869, 
a Field Marshal 1875. Hon. Col. Oxford University Rifle Volunteers from 1860, 
of the Civil Service Rifle Volunteers from I860, of Cambridge University Rifle 
Volunteers from 1861, Regimental Colonel 10 Hussars 1868-1901 and Coloncl-in-Chief 
from 1901, Capt.-Gen. and Col. Honourable Artillery Company of London 1863-88 
and from 1893, Col.-in-Chief of the Rifle brigade 1868-80, of 1 and 2 Life gds. and 
r.h.g. from 1880, of Gordon Highrs. from 1898, of the Grenadier guards from 
1901, Coldstream guards from 1901, Scots guards from 1901, of the Irish guards 
from 1901, of the K.O. Royal Lancaster regt. from 1903, of the R.A. from 1904, 
of the R.B. from 1904 ; and of 6 Prince of Wales's Cav.,of 11 Prince of Wales's Own 
Lancers (Probyn's Horse), of 33 Queen's Own L.C., of 2 Queen's Own Sappers and 
Miners, of 2 Queen's Own Rajput L. I., of 102 Prince of Wales's Own Gren., of 2 
Gurkha Rif., Prince of Wales's Own (The Sirmoor Rif.) and of Queen's Own Corps 
of Guides (Lumsden's), Indian Armv from 1901, Hon. Col. Sutherland rifle 
volunteers from 1867, Hon. Col. Norfolk artill. mil. from 1871. Hon. Col. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Duke of Cornwall's Light infantry from 1875, Hon. Col. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Gordon Highlanders from 1872, Col.-in-Chief Oxfordshire Imperial yeom. from 
1904, Hon. Col. Duke of Lancaster's Own Imperial yeomanry from 1901, Hon. Col. 
4 battn. (mil.) P.W.O. West Yorkshire regt. from 1898, Hon. Col. Imperial yeom. 
1900, Hon. Col. Royal Malta Artillery from 1904, Col.-in-Chief of King's Own Roy. 
Regt. Norfolk I.Y. from 1905, a v. p. of the Royal National Lifeboat Inst, from 
1863, Grand Master of the Freemasons of England 1874-1901, Grand Mark Master 
1891-1901, Protector of English Freemasons from 1901, Grand Prior of Order of 
Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England 1888-1901, Chancellor of the University 
College of Wales 1895-1901 and Protector from 1902, Hon. Admiral of the Spanish 
Fleet 1905 : Buckingham Palace, S.W. ; St. James's Palace, S. W. ; Windsor Castle ; 
Balmoral, Aberdeenshire ; Sandringham, King's Lynn, Norfolk : and has had issue : 

1. H.R.H. Albert Victor Christian Edward, 1 Duke of Clarence and Avon- 
dale (1890), K.G., K.P., b. 8 Jan., 1864 ; d. 14 Jan., 1892. 

2. H.R.H. George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince op Wales (1901), 
Duke of Cornwall (1337), of Rothesay (1393) and York (1892), (Duke of 
Saxony, Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha), Earl of Carrick (1469), Inverness 
(1*92), and Earl of Chester (1901), Baron of Renfrew (1469), and Killarney 
(192), Lord of the Isles (146'.t), Great Steward of Scotland, K.G., K.T., K.P., 
g.C.s.i., g.m.m.g., G.C.I.E., G.c.v.o., i.s.o., P.c. Eng. and Irel. ; b. 3 June, 1865; 
m. 6 July, 1893, cousin Princess Victoria Mary, b. 26 May, 1867 (Lady of the 


Imperial Order of the Crown of India, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John 
of Jerusalem, d.musc. (hon.) Lond.), only dau. of H.H. Duke of Teck, G.C.B. ; 
Knight of Order of Golden Fleece ; ll.d. (hon.) Cantab, and Lond. ; Chancellor 
of the University of the Cape of Good Hope 1901, and of the University of 
Wales 1902: Vice-Adml. from 1903, Personal Naval A.D.c. to Queen Victoria 
1887-1901 and to the King from 1901, Hon. Col. 3 battn. (mil.) W. Yorks regt., 
of the Suffolk I.Y., of the 3 Middlx. R.G.A. (Vols.) from 1892, of the 5 vol. 
battn. Hampshire regt., from 1897, and of the 4 County of London (King's 
Colonials) from 1901, Ool.-in-Chief R. Fus. from 1900, of the R.M. from 1901, 
of R. Welsh Fus. from 1901, of the 8th Rhenish Cuirassier regt. from 1902, of 
Queen's Own Cameron Highrs. from 1902, of 18 Regiments of Australian Light 
Horse from 1903, of King's R. Rif. C. from 1904, and of 1 Skinner's Horse, Duke 
of York's Own (Indian Army) from 1904, General 1902, Master of the Trinity 
House from 1893, a Trustee of the British Museum, a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, 
President of St. Bartholomew's Hospital from 1901, Prior of Order of Hospital 
of St. John of Jerusalem in England from 1901, Commr. of Patriotic Fund 
from 1897, High Steward of Reading from 1898, Lord Warden of the Cinque 
Ports and Constable of Dover Castle from 1905 : Marlborough House, Pall Mall, 
S. W. ; Frogmore House, Windsor ; York Cottage, Sandringham, King's Lynn, 
Norfolk ; United Service and Marlborough clubs : has issue : 

Edward Albert Christian Geo. Andrew Patrick David, b. 23 June, 1894. 

Albert Fredk. Arthur Geo., b. 14 Dec. 1895. 

Victoria Alexandi-a Alice Mary, b. 25 April, 1897. 

Henry Wm. Fredk. Albert, b. 31 March, 1900. 

George Edward Alex. Edmund, b. 20 December, 1902. 

John Charles Fras., b. 12 July, 1905. 

3. H.R.H. Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Princess Royal, v.a., c.i., 
b. 20 Feb., 1867 ; m, 27 July, 1889, Duke of Fife : has issue : 

Alexandra Victoria Alberta Edwina Louise Duff, b. 17 May, 1891. 
Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha Duff, b. 3 April, 1893. 

4. H.R. E. Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, 6. 6 July, 1868, Order of the Crown 
of India, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

5. H.R.H. Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria (Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem) ; b. 26 Nov. 1869 ; m. 22 July. 1896. cousin King Haakon VII. of 
Norway, G.C.B., G.c.v.o., Honorary Admiral in His Majesty's Fleet from 1905, 
Knt. of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Hon. Col. Norfolk I.Y. from 
1905, 2 s. of H.R.H. Christian Fredk. Wm. Chas.. Crown Prince of Denmark, K.G., 
G.C.B., G.C.V.O. : Appleton House, King's Lynn, Norfolk : has issue : 

Alexander Edwd. Christian Frederick, b. 2 July, 1903. 

6. H.R.H. Alexander John Charles Albert, b. 6 April, d. 7 April, 1871. 
Brothers and sisters of His Majesty : 

H.R.H. Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and Earl of Ulster and 
Kent (1866), Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Duke of Saxony, sue. his uncle 
Ernest II. as Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, &c. 22 Aug. 1893, K.G., K.T., 
k.p., g.c.b., g.c.m.g., G.c.s.i., G.c.i.E., g c.v.o., Adml. of the Fleet, second son of Queen 
Victoria ; b. 6 Aug., 1844 ; d. 30 July, 1900, having w. 23 Jan., 1874, Grand Duchess 
Marie Alexandrovna (b. 5 Oct., 1853 : member of the Royal Order of Victoria and 
Albert ( 1st class), Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Chief of the Regt. 
of Lancers of Jambourg), only dau. of Alexander II. of Russia and cousin of Prince 
Louis of Hesse. He had issue : 

1. Alfred Alexander William Ernest Albert, K.G. (Hereditary Prince of Saxe- 
Coburg and Gotha), b. 15 Oct., 1874 ; d. 6 Feb. 1899. 

2. Marie Alexandra Victoria, b. 29 Oct., 1875; m. 10 Jan., 1893, H.R.H. Prince 
Ferdinand of Roumania, G.C.B., b. 24 Aug., 1865. 

3. Victoria Melita, b. 25 Nov., 1876; m. 1, 19 April, 1894, Ernest L.C. A. W., 
Grand Duke of Hesse, K.G.. marriage dissolved 1901 ; 2, Oct. 1905, Grand Duke 
Cyril Vladinurovitch of Russia. 

4. Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria, b. 1 Sept., 1878 ; m. 20 April, 1896, Ernest, 
Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, b. 13 Sept., 1863 ; Prince-Regent of 
the Duchies of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Ac, 1900-5. 

:>. Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria, b. 20 April, 1884. 

H.R.H. Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn 

(1874), K.G., K.T., K.P., P.O., G.M.B., G.C.8.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., V.D., third son 

of Queen Victoria, b. 1 Mnv. 1ftfi? 9nrt Ht. "Ravi nf Susrpt i is Mq/>Vi i7< 


H.R.H. Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria Agnes of Prussia, Lady of 
Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem (b. 25 July, 1860), 3 dau. of H.R.H. 
Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, g.c.b. ; Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke 
of Saxony, Knight of the Golden Fleece of Spain, Knight of the German Order of 
the Black Eagle, Prussian Military Order of " Pour le Merite," St. Andrew of 
Russia, Anunziata of Italy, The Elephaut of Denmark, the Imperial Turkish Order 
of Osmanli, Grand Cross of the Wurtemburg Crown, and other foreign orders ; 
Knight Justice and Bailiff of Egle, Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem 
in England ; Field Marshal in the Army 1902, Insp.-Gen. of the Forces and Pres. 
of the Selection Board from 1904. Commdr.-in-Chief of the Forces in Ireland 1899- 
1904, and the 3 Army Corps 1901-4, Col.-in-Chief of the Rif. Brig, from 1880, of 6 
( Inniskilling) drags, from 1897, of the Highland Light Inf. from 1901, of R. Dublin 
Fus. from 1903, of 13 Duke of Connaught's Lancers (Watson's Horse), of 31 Duke 
of Connautrht's Own Lancers, of 7 Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs and of 129 
Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis (Indian Army) from 1901, col. Scots gds. 1883- 
1904, of the Gren. gds. from 1904, of the Army Service Corps from 1902, Hon. Col. 
of the 3 battn. Queen's Own (R. West Kent regt.) from 1881, of 3 and 4 battns. 
Highland L.I. from 1896, of East Kent Yeomanry (Mounted Rifles) from 1886, of 
London Irish Volunteers from 1871, of Hants and Isle of Wight Artillery from 
1875, of Duke of Connaught's Own Sligo Anillery from 1891, of 3 vol. battn. 
Hampshire regt. from 1893 and of South of Ireland from 1904; Lt.-General in the 
German Army, Col. of the 3 Prussian (Zeithen) Hussars, Hon. Col. 4 Regiment 
Austrian Hussars from 1893, a la suite of the 28 Russian Dragoons ; Personal A.D.c. 
to the King from 1901, Bencher of Gray's Inn, President of Wellington College 
and of St. Thomas' Hospital, Great Prior of Ireland from 1878, Ranger of Epping 
Forest from 1879, Worshipful Master of Mark Masons for Sussex 1891-1901, and Past 
(irand Master 1891, Grand Master of the Freemasons of England from 1901, Commr. 
Paris Exhib. 1900, Elder Brother of Trinity House from 1898 : Clarence House, 
St. James's, S. W . ; Junior United Service, United Service, Army and Navy, Guards', 
White's, Naval and Military and Travellers' clubs; Bagshot Park, Surrey : has issue: 
1. Margaret Victoria Augusta Charlotte Nora (Lady of Justice, Order of St. 
John of Jerusalem in England); 6. 15 Jan., 1882 ; m. 15 June, 1905, H.R.H. Prince 
Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden and Norway (Duke of Scania), G.C.B. , G.c.v.o., 
eld. son of H.R.H the Crown Prince of Sweden and Norway, K.<;. 

2. Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert, k.g., G.c.v.o., b. 13 Jan., 1883 ; Personal 
A.D.c. to the King from 1905, Lt. 7 huss. from 1903, Knight of Justice, Order of 
St. John of Jerusalem in England. 
3. Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, b. 17 March, 1886. 
H.R.H. Leopold George Duncan Albert, 1 Duke of Albany, Earl of 
larence and Baron Arklow (1881), Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and Duke of 
ixony, k.g., k.t., c.c.s.i., g.c.m.g., P.O., fourth son of Queen Victoria, b. 7 April, 
i853; d. 28 March, 1884, having m. 27 April, 1882, H.S.H. Princess Helen Frederica 
Augusta, c.i. {b. 17 Feb. 1861), aau. of late H.S.H. Geo. Victor, Reigning Prince 

I of Waldec and Peyrmont : The Schloss, Stuttqart. He had issue : 
Alice Mary Victoria Augusta Pauline, b\ 25 Feb., 1883 ; m. 10 Feb. 1904, Prince 
Alexander of Teck, K.c.v.o., n.s.o. 
Leopold Charles Edward George Albert, 2 Duke of Albany, K..G., G.c.v.o. ; b. 
19 July, 1884; m. 11 Oct., 1905, Princess Victoria Schleswig-Holstein -Sonderburg- 
Gliicksburg ; sue. his uncle the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Duke of Edin- 
burgh) as Reigning Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, &c. 30 July, 1900 ; Col.-in- 
Chief of the Seaforth Highlanders (Ross-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) 

from 190 

Victoria Adelaide Maria Louisa, Pkinckss Royal, eldest daughter of Queen 
Victoria, b. 21 November, 1840; d. 5 August, 1901 ; having m. 25 January, 1858, 
Frederick III., German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G., G.C.B., who d. 15 June, 
1888, and had issue : 

1. Wiljiam II., German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G., G.c.v.o., b. 27 Jan., 
1859 ; m. 27 Feb., 1881, Princess Augusta Victoria, eld. dan. of Grand Duke of 

2. Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte, b. 24 July, 1860 ; m. 18 Feb., 1878, 
Bernard, Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Meiningen. 

3. Albert Wilhelm Heinrich, k.g., G.c.b., b. 14 Aug., 1862 ; m. 24 May, 1888, 
Princess Irene M. L. A., 3 dau. of late Fredk. Wm. Louis, Grand Duke of He 


k.g. ; Admiral in the Imperial German Navy 1901 and Honorary Admiral in the 

4 Francis Frederick Sigismund, b. 15 Sept., 1864, d. 18 June, 1866. 
5*. Frederica Amelie Wilhelmina Victoria, b. 12 April, 1866 ; to. 19 Nov. 1890, 
Prince Adolpe of Schaumburgh Lippe, G.C.B. -^ ;' r _ 

6. Joachim Frederick Ernest Waldemar, b. 10 Feb.. 1868, d. 27 March, 1879 

7. Sophie Dorothee TJ. A., b. 14 June, 1870 ; to. 27 Oct., 1889, Constantine, Duke 
of Sparta, Crown Prince of the Hellenes. ^ L 1ono . 

8. Margaret Beatrice Feodore, 6. 22 April, 1872 ; to. 26 Feb., 1893, Prince 
Frederic Charles Louis Constantin of Hesse, g.c.b. (hon.). 

H.R.H. Alice Maud Mary, second daughter of Queen Victoria, b. 25 April, 1843; 
d 14 Dec. 1878 ; having to. 1 July, 1862, H.K.H. Prince ( Frederick William) Louis IV., 
Grand Duke of Hesse, K.G. (6. 12 Sept., 1837 ; d. 13 March, 1892), grs. of late Louis 
II. Grand Duke of Hesse Darmstadt, having had issue 

1. Victoria Alberta Elizabeth Matilda Mary, b. 5 April, 1863 ; to. 1884, Prince 
Louis Alexander of Battenberg, G.C.B., G.c.v.o., K.O.M.G., Rear-Admiral in British 
Navy 1904. 

2. Elizabeth Alexandra Louise Alice, b. 1 Nov., 1864; to. 15 June, 1884, h.i.h. 
Grand Duke Sergius of Russia, G.C.B. (d. 17 Feb., 1905). 

3. Irene Marie Louise Anna, b. 11 July, 1866 ; to. 24 May, 1888, Prince Henry of 

4. Ernest Louis CharlesAlbertWilliam.Grand Duke of Hesse,K.G.,6.25 Nov., 1868 ; 
m. 1, 19 April, 1894, Princess Victoria Melita, 2 dau. (marriage dissolved 1901) of 
duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Duke of Edinburgh) ; 2, 2 Feb., 1905, Princess 
Eleonore of Solms-Hohensolms-Lich. 

5. Frederick William, b. 7 Oct., 1870, d. 29 May, 1873. 

6. Victoria Alice Helena Louise Beatrice (Alexandra Feodorovna), b. 6 June, 
1872 ; to. 26 Nov. 1894, H.I.M. Emperor Nicholas II. of Russia. 

7. Maria Victoria Feodore Leopoldine, b. 24 May, 1874 ; d. 15 Nov., 1878. 
H.R.H. Helena Augusta Victoria, member of the Royal Order of Victoria and 

Albert (1st class), Lady of the Imperial Order of the Crown of India, the Royal Red 
Cross, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, third daughter of Queen 
Victoria, b. 25 May, 1846 ; to. 5 July, 1866, H.R.H. Frederick Christian Charles 
Augustus, Prince Christian of Schles wig- Hols tein, k.g., G.c.v.o., p.c. (b. 22 Jan., 
1831), and has issue : 

1. Christian Victor Albert Ludwig Ernest Anton, G.C.B. (hon.), G.c.v.o., b. 
14 April, 1867 ; d. in South Africa 29 Oct., 1900. 

2. Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George, G.c.v.o., b. 2 Feb., 1869; 
Knight of Justice, Order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, It. 
1 Hessian drag. gds. 

3. Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena, b. 3 May, 1870 ; Lady of 
Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

4. Franzisca Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christiana Helena, 6.14 August,1872; 
. 6 July, 1891, h.h. Prince Aribert Joseph Alex, of Anhalt, G.C.B. ; marriage 
dissolved 10 December, 1900. 

5. Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harold,6.l2 and d.20 May,1876. 
H.R.H. Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, b. 18 

March, 1848 ; to. 21 March, 1871, Duke of Argyll. See entry in the body of the 
work, under Argyll, Duke of. 

H.R.H. Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, fifth daughter of Queen Victoria, 
b. 14 April, 1857 ; to. 23 July, 1885, H.R.H. Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg, 
km. (b. 5 Oct., 1858) ; d. 20 Jan. 1896, 3 son of late H.G.D.H. Prince Alexander of 
Hesse, g.c.b., and H.S.H. Princess of Battenberg ; memb. of Royal Order of Victoria 
;nul Albert (1st class), Lady of the Imperial Order of Crown of India, Royal Red 
Cross, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Capt.-General and Gov. of the 
Uleof Wight and Gov. of Carisbrooke Castle from 1896: Osborne Cottage, Whip- 
pingham t hit of Wight : has issue : 
" Al.-xr. Albert. 6.28 Nov., 1886. 

Victoria Kngenie Julia Ena, b. 24 Oct., 1887. 

Leopold Arthur Louis, b. 21 May, 1889. 

Maurice Victor Donald, b. 3 Oct., 1891. 

[The other members of the Royal Family are inserted in the alphabetical list. J 


\ iceroy and Governor- General Earl of Minto, r.c, 

Bengal, Calcutta. Sir Andrew Hender- 
son Leith Fraser, K.c.s.i. 

Eastern Bengal and Assam. Sir 
Joseph Bampfylde Fuller, k.c.s.i. 
)MBay, Bombay. Lord Lamington, 
S.G.M.G.. G.C.I. E. 

irma, Rangoon and Mandalay. Sir 
Herbert Thirkell White, k.c.i.e. 

J.T., G.M.I.E., G.C.M.G. 

Hon. Sir Arthur 

Madras, Madras. 
Lawley, k.c.m.g. 

United Provinces op Agra and Oudh, 
Allahabad. Sir Jas. John Digges La 
Touche, K.c.s.i. 

Punjab, Lahore. Sir Chas. Montgomery 
Rivaz, k.c.s.i. 


tremor-General Lord Northcote, g.C.m.g., g.C.i.E., C.B., Sydney and Melbourne. 

!W South Wales, Sydney. Adml. Sir 

Harry H. Riw.-on, K.c.B., Brisbane. Lord Chelmsford. 

>uth Australia, Adelaide. Sir Geo. 

Ruthven Le Hunte, K.c.M.G. 
;mania, f/obart. Sir Gerald Strick- 
md (Count della Catena) , k.c.m.g. 

Victoria, Melbourne. Maj.-Gen. Hon. 

Sir R. A. J. Talbot, K.c.B. 
Western Australia. Perth. Adml. Sir 

Fredk. G. D. Bedford, g.c.h. 
Territory of Papua. Gapt. F. R. 

Barton, c.M.G. (administ.). 


Governor- General Earl Grey, g.C.M.<;., Ottawa. 

British Columbia, Victoria. (His Honor) 

Sir Henri Gustav Joly de Lotbiniere, 

L'anitoba, Winnipeg. (His Honor) Sir 

Daniel Hunter McMillan, k.c.m.g. 
I. Brunswick, Fredericton. (His Honor) 

Hon. Jabez Bunting Snowball. 

.Scotia, Halifax. (His Honor) Alfred 

Gilpin Jones. 
\. W. Territories, Regina. (His Honor) 

Lt.-Col. Fredk. White, cm.g. 


With their 
lntigua, St. John's, vide Leeward Island. 

Ashanti, Coomassie. Frans. Chas. Ber- 
nard Dudley Fuller (chief commr.). 

Bahamas, Nassau. Sir Wm. Grey- 
Wiison, k.c.m.g. 

Barbados, Bridgetown. Sir Gilbert T. 
Carter, K.C.M.G. 

Basutoland. Herbert Cecil Sloley, 
c.m.g. (resident commr.). 

Bechitanaland Protectorate. Ralph 
Champneys Williams, c.M.G. (resident 

Bermudas The, Hamilton. Maj.-Gen. Sir 
Robt. MacGregor Stewart, R.\., K.C.B. 

British Central Africa Protec- 
torate, Sir Alfred Sharpe, k.c.m.g., 
C.b. (commr.) 

British Guiana, Georgetown. Sir 
Frederic Mitchell Hodgson, k.c.m.g. 

British Honduras, Belize. Sir Ernest 
Bickbam S\veut-E->eott, K.C.M.G. 

Caicos, vide Turks and Caicos Islands. 

Ontario, Toronto. (His Honor) Win. 

Mortimer Clarke, l;0. 
Prince Edward Island, Charlotte 

Town. (His Honor) Donald Alex. 

Quebec, Quebec. (His Honor) Sir Louis 

Amable Jette, k.c.m.g. 
Albkrta. (His Honor) Geo. H. V. 

S ask vivh SWAN. (His Honor) Ainedee E. 



Cape of Good Hope, Cape Town. Hon. 

Sir Walter Hely-Hutcbinson, g.c.m.g. 
Ceylon, Colombo. Sir Henry A. Blake, 


Cyprus, Nicosia. Sir Chas. A. King- 

Harman, k.c.m.g. (high commr.) 
Dominica, Roseau. (Vacant) 
BAST Akrica Protectorate. Lt.-Col. 

Jas. Hayes Sadler, C.B. (commr.). 
Falkland Islands, Stanley. Wm. 

Lamond Allardjce, cm.g. 
Fiji Islands, Suva. Sir Everard F. im 

Thurn, K.C.M.G., C.B. (and high commr. 

for W. Pacific). 
Gambia, Bathurst. Sir Geo. Chardin 

Denton, k.c.m.g. 
Gibraltar. Gen. Sir Fredk. W. E. F. 

Forestier-Walker, g.c.m.g., k.c.b. 
Gold Coast, Accra. Sir Johu Pickersgill 

Rodger, k.c.m.g. 
Gold Coast {Northern Territories of 

the). Lt.-Col. A. E. G. Watherston, 

c.M.G. (chief commr.). 


Grenada, vide Windward Islands. 
Guernsey, St. Peter le Port. Maj.-Gen. 

Barrington B. D. Campbell, c.v.o., C.B. 
Hong Kong, Victoria. Maj. Sir Matthew 

Nathan, R.E., K.O.M.G. 
Jki.e op Man, Douglas. Lord Raglan. 
Jamaica, Kingston. Sir James Alexander 

Swettenham, k.c.m.g. (capt.-gen. and 

gov. -in-chief). 
Jersey, St. Heliers. Maj.-Gen. Hugh 

Sut,)ej Gough, c.b , c.m.g. 
L abu AN, Port Victoria. Sir John 

Anderson, k.c.m.g. 
Lagos. Sir Walter Egerton, k.c.m.g. (and 

high coramr. of Southern Nigeria). 
Leeward Islands {Antigua, Dominica, 

Montserrat, Nevis, St. Kitt's, Virgin 

Islands), (vacant). 
Malta, Valletta. Gen. Sir Chas. Mans- 
field Clarke, Bart., G.C.B., G.C.v.o. 

Man, Isle of, vide Isle of Man. 
Mauritius, Poi't Louis. Sir Cavendish 

Boyle, k.c.m.g. 
Montserrat, Plymouth. F. H. Wat kins, 

I.S.O. (commr.). 

Natal, Pietermaritzburg (and Zululand). 
Col. Sir Hy. Edwd. McCallum, R.E., 

Nevis, vide St. Christopher. 

Newfoundland, St. John's. Sir William 
MacGregor, k.c.m.g., c.b., M.n. 

NewZe aland, Wellington. LordPlunket> 
K.C.M.G., k. c.v.o. 

Nigeria (Northern). Brig.-Gen. Sir F. J- 
D. Lugard, k.c.m.g., c.b., d.s.o. (high 

NlGBBIA (Southern). Sir Walter Egerton, 
k.c.m.g. (high commr.). 

Orange River, Bloemfontein. Maj. Sir 
H. J. Goold-Adams, k.c.m.g., c.b. 

Rhodesia (Southern), Salisbury. Sir 
W. H. Milton, k.c.m.g. (administ.). 

Kh<>i>ksia (North Eastern). Robt. 
Codrington (administ.). 

Rhodesia (North Western). R. T. 
Coryndon (administ.). 

St. Christopher and Nbvir. Basse- 
terre, St. Kitts. Sir Robt. Bromley, 
Bart, (administr.). 

St. Helena, Jamestown. Lt.-Col. Hy. 

Lionel Gallwey, C.M.G., d.s.o. 
St. Lucia, Castries. Philip Clarke Cork, 

C.M.G. (administ.) 

St. Vincent, Kingstown. Edwd. J. 
Cameron, c.m.g. (administ.). 

Seychelles Islands, Victoria, Mahe, 
Walter Edwd. Davidson, c.m.g. 

Sierra Leone, Freetoion . Leslie Probyn, 


Somaliland Protectorate. Brig.- 
Gen. Eric J. E. Swayne, C.B. (commr.). 

South Africa, Pretoria and Bloemfon- 
tein. Earl of Selborne, P.O. g.c.m.g., high 
commr. (and gov. of the Transvaal and 
Orange River Colonies). 

Straits Settlements, Singapore. 
Sir John Anderson, k.c.m.g. (and high 
commr. of Fed. Malay States and gov. 
of Labuan). 

Transvaal, Pretoria, (vacant). 

Trinidad, Port of Spain (and Tobago) 
Sir Hy. Moore Jackson, k.c.m.g. 

Turks and Caicos Islands, Grand 
Turk. Wm. Douglas Young (com- 

Uganda Protectorate. Henry Hes" 
keth J. Bell, c.m.g. (commr.). 

Virgin Islands, Roadtown, Tortola. 
R. S. Earl (commssr.). 

Wei-hai-wei. Jas. H. S. Lockhart, 
C.M.G. (commr.) 

Western Pacific. Sir Everard F. im 
Thurn, k.c.m.g., C.b. (high commr. and 

Windward Islands, St.George, Grenada 
(Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Vincent), 
Sir Robt. Baxter Llewellyn, k.c.m.g. 






EARLS 1*2 




Total 607 | 

of whom 12 are 

The undermentioned Noblemen sit as Peers of England, of Great Britain, or of the United Kingdom 
by titles nominally different from, as well as inferior to, those by which they are usually addressed. 

Superior Title. Sits as 

E. Aberdeen V. Gordon 

E. Arran L. Sndley 

L. Athlumney . . L. Meredyth 

D. Atholl E. Strange 

V. Barrington 

E. Bessborough 
V. Boyne L. Brancepetl 

D. Buccleuch .... E. Doncaster 
M. Clanricarde . 
V. Clifden.. .. 
M. Conyngham. 

E. Cork & Orrery L. Boyle 

E. Courtown .... L. Saltersford 
E. Crawford & ) T w . 

Balcarres ..J L Wl * ari 

E. Dalhousie L. Ramsay 

M. Donegall .... L. Fisherwick 
E. Donoughmore V. Hutchinson 

V. Downe L. Dawnay 

M. Downshire . . E. Hillsborough 
E. Dunraven & ) T 

Mountearl .. u 

L. Shute 
L. Ponsonby 

L Somerhill 
L Mendip 
L. Minster 

Superior Title. Sits as 

E. Eglinton E. Winton 

w Ty m 4- S L> Lovell <fe 

E-Egmont | Holland 

M. Ely L. Loftus 

E. Euniskillen .. L. Grinstead 

E. Erne L. Fermanagh 

E. Erroll L. Kilmarnock 

E. Galloway 
V. Galway .., 
E. Glasgow 
E. Gosford.. 
D. Hamilton 
M. Headfort 

L. Stewart 
L. Monckton 
L. Fairlie 
L. Worlingham 
D. Brandon 
L. Kenlis 


Superior Title. 
M. Lothian ... 

E. Loudoun ... 

V. Massereene ) 
& Ferrard . . 

Sits as 
L. Ker 

SL. Botreaux 
<fc Hastings 

L. Oriel 

Meath L. Chaworth 

L. Brodrick 
E. Graham 
L. Stuart 

L. Ettrick 

L. Somerton 

V. Midleton . . . 

D. Montrose . . . 

E. Moray 

L. Napier of 

E. Normanton . 
L. Rollo L. Dunning 

D. Roxbnrghe .. E. Innes 

E. Seafield L. Strathspey 

E. Shannon .... L. Carleton 

M. Sligo L. Monteagle 

E. Southesk .... L. Balinhard 

E. Stair L. Oxenfoord 

E. Strathmore . . L. Bowes 
M. Waterford . . L. Tyrone 

L. Henley L. Northington 

L. Henniker .... L. Hartismere 

E. Home L. Donglas 

M. Huntly L. Meldrum 

E. Kinnoull L. Hay 

E. Leitrim L. Clements 

E. Limerick . . . . L Foxford 

E. Listowel L. Hare 

M. Londonderry . E. Vane 
E. Longford . . . . L. Silchester 
In the following list the above are arranged under the titles by which they 8 ! t, their superior titles 
being placed immediately after in parentheses ; but in the alphabetical arrangement they will be 
found under those titles by which they are ordinarily known. 




I thus * are Irish Representative Peers. Marked thus f are Scotch Representative Peers. 
Marked thus X are Peers for Life. 


Having special precedence under the Statute 31 Henry VIII. Creation. 

His Royal Highness George Frederick Ernest Albert, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall (1337) & | 

York(1892) (Prince of Wales and Earl of Chester, 1901 >, k.o.,k.t., k.p.,p.c,g.c.m.g.,g.o.v.o. \ 
His Royal Highness Arthur William Patrick Albert, Dake of Connaught, &c, K.O., K.T., ) 

K.P., P.C., G.C.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.T.E., G.C.V.O ) 

His Royal Highness Leopold Charles Edward George Albert. Duke of Albany, K.o., G.o.V.O. ) 

(Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha) i 






Style, His Grace. Consecrated. Translated. 

Right Hon & Most Rev. Dr. Randall Thos.Davidson,of Canterbury, P.C.,G.C.V.o. 1891 1903 

Right Hon. & Most Rev. Dr. Win. Dalrymple Maclagan, of York, P.O. 1878 1891 

DUKES (22). 

Style, Most Noble; HU Grace. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Henry Fitzalan-Howard Norfolk,K.G.,P.C.,G.C.v.o. 1483 E.of Arundel* Surrey 

Algernon St. Maur Somerset 1546 L. Seymour 

( Richmond & Gordon, ) 
Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox ] K.c, GC.V.O., C.B. [ 1675 E. of March 

( (Duke of Lennox).. ) 

Augustus Charles Lennox Fitz Roy Grafton, K.G., C. 1675 E. of Eustou 

Henry Adelbert Wellington Fitz Roy Somerset . . Beaufort 1682 M. of Worcester 

Chas. Victor Albert Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk . . St Albans 1684 E. of Burford 

George Godolphin Osborne Leeds 1694 M. of Carmarthen 

Herbrand Arthur Russell Bedford, K.G 1694 M. of Tavistock 

Spencer Compton Cavendish Devonshire, K.G., P.C 1694 M. of Hartington 

Charles Richard John Spencer Churchill Marlborough, k.g., P.C... 1702 M. of Blandford 

John James Robert Manners Rutland, K.G., P.O., G.C.B. 1703 M. of Granby 

A.frcdDou^Dougla.Hamilton j ~ to*?" 1 . 6 . . ". } "" "bljLS3f "" & 

William John ArtburChas. Ja?.Cavendish Bentinck p ^ K,G " p,& ' J 1716 M. of Titchfield 

William Angus Drogo Montagu Manchester 1719 V. Mandeville 

Henry Pelham A rchibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton Newcastle . . 1756 E. of Lincoln 

Henry George Percy Nortlmmberland,K.G., pa 1766 E. Percy 

His Boyal Highness Ernest A. W. A. G.F.Guelph { C ^ K^*^^." j 17 " E - o Arma ^ h 

Arthur Chas. Wellesley Wellington,K.G.,G.C.V.O. 1814 M. Douro 

Cromartie Sutherland Leveson-Gower Sutherland, K.G 1833 M. of Stafford 

Hugh Richd. Arthur Grosvenor Westminster 1874 E. Grosvenor 

Alexander William George Duff Fife, K.T., P.O., G.C.v.o... 1889 M. Macduff 

John Douglas Sutherland Campbell \ Ar | y ^ { Q K ^ y ** j 1892 M. of Lome 


Style, Most Honourable. 
Henry Win. Montagu Paulet Winchester 1651 E. of Wiltshire 

( Lansdowne,K.G.,P.C.,l 
Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice ] fi.CM.G. , G.C.S.I., [ 1784 E. Kerry 

( G.C.I.E. ) 

John Jas. Dudley Stuart Townshend Townshend 1786 V. Raynham 

Jas. Edwd. Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil Salisbury, P.C., C.B 1789 V. Cran borne 

Thomas Henry Thynne Bath 1789 V. Weymouth 

James Hamilton j CB-> (Duke of [ 1790 M. Hamilton 

..,,,. ( Abercorn) ) 

Hugh de Grey Seymour Hertford, p.c. 1793 E. of Yarmouth 

John Cnchton Stuart Bute 1796 E. of Dumfries 

William Thus. Brownlow Cecil Exeter 1801 L. Burghley 

William Geo. Spencer Scott Maclean Compton Northampton . . 1812 E. Compton 

John Charles Pratt Camden 1812 E. of Brecknock 

Oharlea Henry Alexander Paget Anglesey (a minor) .... 1815 E. of Uxbridge 

George I lenry 1 1 Ugh Cholmondeley Cholmondeley, P.C 1815 E. of Rocksavage 

Henry Augustus Brudenell-Bruce Ailesbury 1821 E. of Cardigan 

KreuVnek William John Hervey Bristol 1826 E. Jermyn 

Archibald Kennedy .Ailsa 1831 E. of Cassillis 

u tuntme diaries Henry Phi pps Normanby 1838 E. of Mulgrave 

George Frederick Samuel Robinson Ripou, k.g., p.c, g.c.s.i. 1871 E. de Grey 

William Nevill Abergavenny, K.G 1876 E. of Lewes 

Cavii. I mpbeh Breadalbane, K.G., P.C. . . 1885 E. of Ormelie 

<< h ii ll:iiiii]t..n Temple Blackwood Dufferin & Ava 1888 E. of Ava 

Lawn ,,.-, Hondas Zetland. K.T., P.c 1892 E. of Ronaldshay 

**" Allli;l " C-hHope [^.aiaraa^a "'! i02 e. of Hopetuwn 


EARLS (142). 

Style, Right Honourable. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Titla Creation, of Eldest Sons. 
Charles Henry John Chetwynd-Talbot Shrewsbury & Talbot 1442 V. Ingestre 

Frederick Arthur Stanley -j D g.c!b., c.v.o. P ' ( !7 \ l485 L * Stan,ey 

Warner Francis John Plan tagenet Hastings .... Huntingdon 1529 V.Hastings 

Sidney Herbert { gZ ^.0.%."?!^ j >" 

(harks Pepys Courtenay Devon 1553 L. Courtenay 

Henry Molyneux Paget Howard Suffolk & Berkshire 1603 V. Andover 

Rudolph Robert Basil Aloy si us Augustine Feilding Denbigh, C.V.0 1622 V. Feilding 

Anthony Mildmay J ulian Fane Westmorland 1624 L. Burghersh 

Montagu Peregrine Bertie Lindsey 1626 L. Bertie 

WilliamGrey Stamford 1628 L. Grey of Groby 

Henry Stormont Finch-Hatton Winchilsea& Nottingham 1628 V. Maidstone 

Edwyu Francis Chandos Scudamore-Stanhope .. Chesterfield, P.C 1628 L. Stanhope 

Edward George Henry Montagu Sandwich 1660 V, Hinchingbrook 

George Devereux de Vere Capell Essex 1661 V. Maiden 

George James Howard Carlisle 1661 V. Morpeth 

i Doncaster( Duke of Buc- ) 
William Henry Walter Montagu-Douglas-Scott.. j cleuch and Queens- [ 1663 E. of Dalkeith 

( berry ),K.G.,K.T., P.C. ) 

Anthony Ashley-Cooper Shaftesbury 1672 L. Ashley 

Randal Thomas Mowbray Berkeley Berkeley 1671) V. Dursley 

Montagu Arthur Bertie Abingdon 1682 L. Norreys 

Aldred Frederick George Beresford Luinley Scarbrough. c B 1690 V. Lumley 

Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel Albemarle, C.B., m.v.o. .. 1696 V. Bury 

George William Coventry Coventry, p.c 1697 V. Deerhnrst 

Victor Albert George Child Villiers Jersey, P.C.,G.C.B.,G.CM.Q. 1697 V. Villiers 

Wiliiam John Lydston Poulett Poulett 1706 V. Hinton 

fJohn Francis Erskine Goodeve Erskiue Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

fSholto George Douglas Morton 1458 L. Aberdour 

fJohn Francis Walter Erskine Mar & Kellie 1565 L. Erskine 

fGeorge Baillie-Hamilton-Arden Haddington, K.T 1619 L. Binning 

f Frederick Henry Maitland Lauderdale 1624 V. Maitland 

fRobert Harris Carnwath Dalzell Carnwath 1639 L. Liberton 

fRonald Ruthven Leslie-Melville Leven & Melville,K.T.,p.c. 1641 L. Balgonie 

fDavid John Carnegie 1647 L. Rosehill 

fDouglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane. . Dundonald, C.V.O., CB. . . 1669 L. Cochrane 

Sewullis Edward Shirley Ferrers 1711 V. Tamworth 

William Heneage Legge Dartmouth, P.C 1711 V. Lewisham 

Geo. Montagu Bennet Tankerville 1714 L. Beunct 

Charles Wightwick Finch Aylesford 1714 L. Guernsey 

Jas. Richd. Stanhope Stanliope 1718 V. Mahon " 

Geo. Loveden Wm. Hy. Parker Macclesfield ( minor) . . 1721 V. Parker 

Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham j G troBe) kt f M U " | 1722 M# Graham 

William Frederick Waldegrave Waldegrave, P.C. 1729 V. Chewton 

Bertram Ashburnham Ashburnham 1730 V. St. Asaph 

Charles Augustus Stanhope Harrington 1742 V. Petersham 

Newton Wallop Portsmouth 1743 V. Lymington 

Francis Richard Charles Guy Greville Warwick & Brooke. . . . , . 1746 L. Brooke 

Sidney Carr Hobart-Hampden-Mercer- Henderson Buckinghamshire 1746 L. Hobart 

William Charles de Mure Wentworth-Fitzwilliam.. Fitzwilliam, D.8.0 1746 V. Milton 

Frederick George North Guilford 1752 L. North 

John Manners Yorke Hardwicke 1754 V. Royston 

Giles Stephen Holland Fox-Strangways llchester 1756 L. Stavordale 

Gilbert Geo. Reginald Sackville De La Warr 1761 L. Buckhurst 

Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie Radnor 1765 V. Folkestone 

John Poyntz Spencer Spencer, K.G., P.C 1765 V. Althorp 

Seymour Henry Bathurst Bathurst, CM .G 1772 L. Apsley 

Arthur Wills John Wellington Blundell Trum- f Hillsborough (M. of ) 177 w H .,. Wnilffll 

bull Sandys Roden Hill \ Downshire) j 1772 B ' Hillsborough 

Edward Hyde Villiers Clarendon, P.C, G.C.B. . . 1776 L. Hyde 

William David Murray Mansfield& Mansfield, P.C 1776 & 1792 V. Stormont 

John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray Strange (D.of Atholl),K.T 1786 M of Tullibardine 

William Henry Edgcumbe ( Mo t - B < d ^ l)e ' { 1789 V. Valletort 

Hugh Fortescue Fortescue 1789 V. Ebrington 

George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert .... Carnarvon 1793 L. Porchester 

George Henry Cadogan Cadogan, K.G., P.C 1800 V. Chelsea 

Jas. Edward James Harris Malmesbury 1800 V. FitzHarris 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Anthony Francis Nugent' Westmeath, l\C 1621 L. Delvin 

*Ponsonby Win. Moore Drogheda 1661 V. Moore 

*lvo Fras. Walter Bligh Damley 1725 L.Chtton of Ratlimore 

*Dermot Robert Wyndhaui Bourke Mayo, K.P., P.o 1785 L. Naas 

*Hugh Annesiey Annesley 1789 V. Castlewellan 

* Ralph Fras. Howard Wicklow 1793 L. Clonmore 

George Bingham Lucan, K.P 1795 L. Bingham 

Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry Belmore, P.C., . . 1797 V. Corry 

James Francis Bernard Bandon, K.P 1800 V.Bernard 

James Francis Harry St. Clair-Erskine Rosslyn 1801 L. Loughborough 

William George Robert Craven Craven 1801 V. Ufflngton 

William Hillier Onslow Onslow, P.C., G.CM.G. .. 1801 V. Cranley 

Charles Marsham Romney 1801 V. Marsham 

Jocelyn Brudenell Pelham Chichester 1801 L. Pelham 

Arthur Geo. Egerton Wilton 1801 V. Grey de Wilton 

George Charles Herbert Powis 1804 V. Clive 

Horatio Nelson Nelson 1805 V. Merton 

Laurence Parsons Rosse, K.P 1806 L. Oxmantown 

Cbag. Wm. Sydney Pierrepont Manvers 1806 V. Newark 

Robert Horace Walpole Orford 1806 L. Walpole 

Albert Henry Geo. Grey Grey, G.CM.G 1806 V. Howick 

Hngh Cecil Lowther Lonsdale 1807 V. Lowther 

John Herbert Dudley Ryder. Harrowby 1809 V. Sandon 

Henry Ulick Lascelles Harewood 1812 V. Lascelles 

Gilbert John Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound Minto, P.C, G.CM.G 1813 V. Melgund 

Alan Cathcart Cathcart 1814 L. Greenock 

James Walter Grimston Verulam 1815 V. Grimston 

Adelbert Wellington Brownlow Oust Brownlow, P.C 1815 V. Alford 

Henry Cornwallis Eliot St. Germans 1815 L. Eliot 

Edmund Robert Parker Morley 1816 V. Boringdon 

Geo. Cecil Orlando Bridgeman Bradford 1815 V. Newport 

William Lygon Beauchamp, p.C.k.C.m.G 1815 V. Elmley 

John Scott Eldon 1821 V. Encombe 

Richard George Penn Curzon Howe, G.CV.O 1821 V. Curzon 

Ueorge Edward John Mowbray Rous Stradbroke, C.B., v.D 1821 V. Dunwich 

Francis Charles Needham Kilmorey, K.P 1822 V. Newry & Morue 

Algernon William Stephen Gore-Langton Temple 1822 L. Laugton 

/"Vane (M. of London-^ 
Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest- Stewart -[ derry), K.G., P.C, V1823 V. Castlereagh 

^ G.CV.O., CB J 

William Archer Amherst Amherst 1826 V. Hoi mesdale 

Frederick Archibald Vaughan Campbell Cawdor, P.C 1827 V. Emlyn 

Aubrey FitzClarence Munster 1831 V. FitzUlarence 

Robert Adam Philips Haldane Camperdown 1831 V. Duncan 

Thomas Francis Anson Lichheld 1831 V. Anson 

John George Lanibton Durham 1833 V. Lambton 

George Granville Leveson-Gower Granville, M. v.0 1833 L. Levesou 

Henry Alex. Gordon Howard Effingham 1837 L. Howard 

Henry John Moreton Ducie, P.C 1837 L. Moreton 

Charles Alfred Worsley Pelham Yarborough, P.C 1837 L. Worsley 

Henry John Innes Ker i ^buxghelk. 'f M v O*" 1 1837 M> of Bowmont 

Thomas William Coke Leicester, K.G .......... 1837 V.Coke 

Ralph Gordon Noel Mil banke Lovelace 1838 V. Ockham J 

Charles William Francis Noel Gainsborough 1841 V. Campdeu 

Frauds Charles Granville Egerton Ellesmere 1846 V. Brackley 

Rev. Fran. Edmund Cecil Byng Strafford 1847 V.Enfield 

Kenehii Charles Edward Pepys Cottenham 1850 V. Crowhurst 

Henry Arthur Moniington Wellesley Cowley 1857 V. Dangan 

( i aOKgt Arnulph Moiitgoinerie Wiuton (E. of Eglinton). 1859 L. Montgomerie 

Willia.ii Humble Ward Dudley, P.C,, G.CV.O 1860 V. Ednam 

John Francis Stanley Russell Russell 1861 V. Amberley 

John WodehoOM KJmberley 1866 L. Wodehouse 

1 >awnon Dartrey 1866 L. Cremorne 

William Krneat Duncoiiibe Feversham 1868 V. Helmsley 

John Montagu Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie Wharncliffe 1876 V.Carlton 

KraneiH QeorgC Baring Northbrook 1876 V. Baring 

Wilfred Dallas Cairns Cairns 1878 V. Garmoyle 

rioter Ale x a n der George Robert Lytton Lytton 1883 V. Knebwortu 

Ed ward ( i eo. Hootle- Wilbraham Lathom 1880 L. Skelmersdale 

;e Bdwd. Millet Sondes 1880 V. Throwley 

Wm. WaldegTBTe I tinier Selborne, P.O., 1882 V. Wolmer 

Walter Start on I Northeote Iddesleigh, c.B 1885 V. St. Cyres 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

William Fras. Henry Denison Londesborough 1887 V. Raincliffe 

G-athorne Gathorne- Hardy Cranbrook, p.c,. G.C.s.1 . . 1892 L. Medway 

Gilbert Henry Heathcote Drumniond-Willoughby Ancaster, P.c j 1893J* Willoughby <le 

Robert Offley Ashburton Crewe-Milnes Crewe, P.C 1895 L. Hougbton 

Charles Robt. Wynn-Carrington Carrington, P.c, G.C.M.G. 1895 V. Wendover 

Wilbraham Egerton Egerton of Tatton 1897 V. Salford 

Hardinge Stanley Giffard Halsbury, P.C 1898 V. Tiverton 

(Roberts, K.G., K.P.,^ 
Frederick Sleigh Roberts \ P.C, G.C.B., G.C.S.I., >1901 V. St. Pierre 

( G.C.I.E., O.M., V.C ..J 

Evelyn Baring { ^^W^i j T ' *"*?* 

Robert George Windsor-Olive Plymouth 1905 V. Windsor 

George Savile Foljambe Liverpool, p.c 1905 V. Hawkesbury 

Cecil G 


Style, Right Honourable. 

Robert Devereux Hereford 1060 

Byron Plantagenet Gary Falkland 1620 

Vernon Henry St. John Bolingbroke ( a minor) . . 1712 

Charles George Lyttel ton Cobham 171S 

Evelyn Edward Thomas Boscawen Falmouth, K.CV.O., C.B... 1720 

George Master Byng Torringtou ( minor) .. 1721 

Maurice FitzGerald { ^f^t)^.' 1 1747 <>f Kildare 

Francis Wheler Hood Hood 1796 

*Henry William Crosbie Ward Bangor 1781 

Carnegie Parker Jervis St Vincent 1801 

Charles Saunders Dundas Melville, l.S.0 1803 

, William Wells Addington Sidmouth 1806 

H v.Edwd.MontaguDorington Clotworthy Upton Templetwn 1806 

John Campbell Gordon j Qo <**/* J ^14 L. Haddo 

Edward Addington Hargreaves Pellew Exmouth (o minor) .... 1816 

Richd. Walter John Hely-Hutchinson j " DonouglTmore 1 )' f \ 1821 V " Suirdale 

. William Frederick Le-Poer-Trench [ ^"rtjo^!^. /. ?!?"." 1 1823 V ' D"" 1 " 

Francis Lynch Wellington Stapleton-Cottou Comberuiore (a minor) . . 1836 

Henry Charles Mauners-Sutton Canterbury 1835 

Rowland Richd. Clegg-Hill Hill 1843 

Henry Charles Hardinge Hardinge 1846 

HughGough Gougb, K.CV.O 1849 

Charles Lindley Wood Halifax 1866 

Arthur Wellington Alexander Nelson Hood Bridport, c B 1868 

William Henry Berkeley Portman Portman 1873 

Henry Robert Brand Hampden, G.C.M.G 1884 

Garnet Joseph Wo,e,e y { W j!S&cS; oSl \ * 

Richard Assheton Cross Cross. P.C,, G.CB.,G.( .s.l. 1886 

Arthur Wellesley Peel Peel, P.C 1895 

Henry Thurston Holland Knutsford, P.c, G.C.M.G., 1895 

Henry Matthews Llaudaff , P.C 1895 

Reginald Baliol Brett Esher, C.C.V.O., K.C.B. .. 1897 

George Joachim Goscheu Goschen, P.C 1900 

Matthew White Ridley Ridley 1900 

Charles Robt. Wm. Colville Colville of Gulross 1902 

Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer Churchill G.C.V.o 1902 

Alfred Milner Milner,P.CG.CB.,G.CM.G 1902 

B.M Herbert Kitchener { ^USTSSSSS I >*" 

William Court Gully Selby 1905 

Edward Cecil Guinness Ivea'gh, K.P 1905 

ts Robert Spencer Althorp, P.C 1905 

Jodfrey Charles Morgan Tredegar 1906 

Michael Edward Hicks-Beach St. Aldwyn, P.C 1906 


BISHOPS (24). 

Style, Right Reverend. 

The Bishops of Loudon, Durham and Winchester take precedence in right of their respective sees ; the 
other Bishops in the order of their consecration. The Bishop of Sodor and Man has no seat in Par- 
liament. The Statute 10 & 11 Victoria}, cap. 108, enacts that, upon a vacancy in an English or 
Welsh bishopric, the newly consecrated bishop (unless elected to one of the archiepiscopal sees, or to 
one of the sees of London, Durham or Winchester) shall not be entitled to sit ; but the summons is 
to be issued to such one of the other bishops as has not previously been summoned.* 

Consec. Translated. 

Dr. Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram London, P.O 18971901 

Dr. Hundley Carr Glyn Moule Durham 1901 

Dr. Herbert Edward Ryle Winchester 19011903 

Dr. Ernest Roland Wilberforce Chichester 18821895 

Dr. William Boyd Carpenter Ripon 1884 

Dr. Edward King Lincoln 1885 

Dr. John Wordsworth Salisbury 1885 

Dr. Francis John Jayue Chester 1889 

Dr. Alfred George Edwards St Asaph 1889 

Dr.JohnGott Truro 1891 

Dr. Hon. Augustus Legge Lichfield. 1891 

Dr. John Sheepshauks Norwich 1893 

Dr. Geo. Wyndham Kennion Bath and Wells 18821894 

Dr. John Percival Hereford 1895 

Dr. Edward Stuart Talbot Southwark 18951905 

Dr. Edgar Jacob St. Albans 18901903 

Dr. the Hon. Edward Carr Glyn Peterborough 1897 

Dr. John Owen St. David's 1897 

Dr. George Forrest Browne Bristol 18951897 

Dr. George Rodney Eden Wakefield 1897 

Dr. Watkin Herbert Williams Bangor 1899 

Dr. Francis James Chavasse Liverpool 1900 

Dr. Francis Paget Oxford 1901 

Dr. Charles Gore Birmingham 19021905 

* The Bishops of Exeter, Newcastle, Manchester, Southwell, Carlisle, Worcester, Llandaff, 
Gloucester, Rochester and Ely have not, at present, seats in the House. 

BARONS (348). 

Style, Right Honourable. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Title. Creatiou. of Eldest Sons. 
Dudley Charles Fitzgerald-de Ros de Ros, K.P., K.C. V.0 1264 

C harles Botolph Joseph Stourton { M Sf e f? . & j ] 283 

Albert Edward Delavel Astley Hastings 1289 

Jack Southwell Russell de-Clifford 1299 

Chas. Jn. Robt. Hepburn-Stuart-ForbesTrefusis.. Clinton 1299 

Robert Nathaniel Cecil George Curzon Zouche 1308 

Rawdon George Grey Clifton Grey de Ruthyn 1324 

Charles Edward Hastings Abney- Hastings I ^EfoM^iSonSf! 1 1368 V. Mauchline 

Ralph Francis Julian Stonor Camoys 1383 (1st cr. 1264) 

Richard Greville Verney Willoughby de Broke .... 1492 

Hubert George Charles Mostyn Vaux of Harrowden .... 1523 

Alfred Thos. Townshend Verney-Cave Braye 1529 

William Henry John North North 1554 

Beauchamp Moubray St. John St. John 1558 

Thos. Evelyn Ellis { H sSS^d* Walden * } 1597 

Bernard Henry Philip Petre Petre 1603 

John Fiennes Twisleton Wykeham-Fiennes .... Saye & Sele 1603 

John Francis Arundell Arundell of Wardour .. 1605 

Roland John Dormer Dormer 1615 

Henry John Philip Sidney Roper Curzon Teynham 1616 

Fitz-Osbert Edward Stafford-Jerningham Stafford 1640 

George Frederick William Byron Byron 1643 

Auberon Thos. Herbert .A Lu cas(L. Dingwall In \ 1663 

I Scotland) J 

Lewis Henry Hugh Clifford Clifford of Chudleigh 1672 

Henry John Brinsley Manners [ ^^ $ (g^^ } 1679 L. Roos of Belvoir 

Henry De Vere Vane Barnard 1698 

fHorace Courteuay Forbes Forbes 1442 

j- Alexander William Frederick Frasei . , Saltouu 1445 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

fCharles William St. Clair Sinclair 1449 

I- James Walter Sandilands Torphichen 1564 

tt i t> (Balfour of Burleigh, ) ,~ n , 

hAlexander Hugh Bruce ^ k.t., P.C. J 

gUsxander Chas. Hamilton Belhaven and Stenton . . 1647 

Otarles Spencer Canning Boyle { ^oJrery ) ?! . * 1 1711 V. Dungarran 

Archibald y George Hay Hay (E. of Kinuoull) .. 1711 L. Hay of Kilfauns 

Digby Wentworth Bayard Willougliby Middleton 1711 

Augustus Debonuaire John Monson Mouson 1728 

Rev. Walter Wm. Brabazon Ponsonby j ^oTougV)^. f.?. 8 ." } 1749 V - DuncanQOn 

Rev. Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon Scarsdale 1761 

aeorge Florauce Irby Boston 1761 

Augustus Arthur Perceval j ^Eg^ont)^. j 1762 ^Perceval 

Jeonre Fras. Augustus Venables- Vernon Vernon (a minor) I 7l!2 

Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby Digby 1765 

Martin Bladen llawke llawke 1776 

Fitzalan Chas. John Foley Foley 1776 

Arthur de Cardonel Rice Dynevor 1780 

Thomas de Grey Walsingham 1780 

vVilliam Bagot Bagot 1780 

Jharles Henry Fitzroy Southampton 1780 

John Richard Brinsley Norton Grantley 1782 

leorge Bridges Harley Dennett Rodney Rodney 1782 

Arthur Herbert Tennyson Cocks Somers (a minor) 1784 

Thomas Henry Noel-Hill Berwick 1784 

J3dward Lenox Dutton Sherborne 1784 

lenry De-la- Poer-Beresford j T ffi > ( ^ P '.^* 1 ^ j 1786 E * of T y rone 

Richard Henry Boyle Carleton (E. of Shannon) 1786 V. Boyle 

bharlesHarbord { *"*% **:**' J 1736 

Aoyi Kenyon Kenyon 1788 

[lev. Latimer Neville Braybrooke 1788 

I'idwd. Arthur Donald St. George Hamilton ( Fisherwick (M. of) 17M p n , f ,. 

Chichester ( DonegaU) (a minor) ] 1790 E. of Belfast 

lenry Charles Gage Gage(V. Gage) 1790 

'homas John Hovell Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce. . Thurlow, P.C 1792 

William Morton Eden Auckland 1793 

'hos. Chas. Agar-Robartes Mendip (V. Clifden). . . . 1794 

I'rancis Jas. Stuart Stuart (E. of Moray) .. 1796 L. Donne 
Randolph Henry Stewart Pf^y)^.?!.^."} 1796 L. Garlies 

ames George Henry Stopf ord f ^^own ) ** jf J 1796 V. Stopf ord 

/"illiam Brodrick Brodrick (V. ' Mi'dYeton) 1796 

ugustus Cholmondeley Gough-Calthorpe Calthorpe 1796 

eter Robert Burrell Gwydyr 1796 

/illiam Tlios. Orde Powlett Bolton 1797 

ohn Powys Lilford 1797 

homas Lister Ribblesdale, P.O 1797 

Robt. St. John Fitz waiter Butler Dunboyne 1324 and 1541 

Lucius Wm. O'Brien Inchiquin 1543 

I lohn Thomas William Massy Massy 1776 

j Hamilton Matthew Tilson Fitzmaurice-Deane- ) , ia b- aw itqi 

Morgan j Muskerry 1781 

?rancis William Browne ..'...".."..'.'...'.'.".'.'.*.'... Kilmaine 1789 

Luke Gerald Dillon Clonbrock, K.P., P.C 1790 

Charles Mark Allanson Winn Headley 1797 

; Mward Henry Churchill Crofton Crof ton 1797 

I lercules Edward Rowley Langford, K.c.v.o 1800 

I iayrolles Blakeney de Moleyns Ventry 1800 

lenry O'Callaghan Prittie Dunalley 1800 

|)hn Henry Loftus Loftus (M. of Ely) 1801 V. Loftus 

filliamProby j Trfo rt(R ofCaiyg- J 1801 L . ProDy 

,rge Ralph Abercroraby Abercrom'by ........ 1801 

jlward Downes Law Ellenborough 1802 

HChael Edwin Marcus Sandys Sandys 1802 

t enry North Holroyd Sheffield (E. of Sheffield) 1802 L. Pe vensey 



Title by Courtess 
Name Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Sw*SK: E :! k !"?. :::::::::::::::::: wS&di:***;:. 2S * .,. *... 

Il,,;,,l Arthur William IWiok Hastings Forbes Qrauard (B of aranarj) 1800 V. Forbes 

( Gardner (L. Gardner ) , KftK 

Gardner { in Ireland) ji" 

John Thomas Manners-Sutton Manners 1807 

Albert Edwd. Handcock Castlemame . .... ....... 1812 

CharlesGordon ( ^tTy), ^....} 1815 B " of Abo ^ e 

LowryEgertonCole ("ffl^^*}^^ * 

William Henry Edmond de Vere Sheaffe Pery . . . . j ^'mSick)^'. ...?!] 1816 L " Qlentworth 

George Robert Canning Harris Harris, G.C.s. I., 1815 

Reginald Charles Edward Abbot Colchester 1817 

Robert Schomberg Kerr Ker(M. of Lothian) 1821 E. of Ancram 

Victor Geo. Henry Francis Conyngham Minster(M.Conyngham).. 1821 E. of Mount Charlei 

James Edward William Theobald Butler { ^Znde) ( r!p rf ." } 1821 K of 0ssor y 

Francis Wemyse-Charteris-Douglas { W HSSf f.^. \ 1821 L ' Elcho 

( Silchester, K.P. (E. of i ..,.>, r a l, M *. 
Thomas Pakenham ( Longford) ........ I 1821 L " Sllchestel 

AlgernonWm.JohnClotworthyFoster-Skefflngton j j4nd). ...... j 1821 

Hugh Cholmondeley Delamere 1821 

Cecil Theodore Weld-Forester Forester 1821 

Arthur Thomas Liddell Ravenswortu 182 1 

John William Strutt Rayleigh, P.O., O.M 1821 

Edric Frederick Gifford Gitford, v.c 1824 

Hubert De Burgh-Canning { *Stg} ^ } 1826 L. Dunkellin 

James Ludovic Lindsay { W K), ( K.T. f . ^'. j 1826 L ' Balcarrea 

i Ranfurly (E. of Ran- j 

Uchter John Mark Knox 1 furly), P.C. (Irel.), > 1826 V. Northland 

( (i.c.M.a } 

Charles Stuart Henry Abbott Tenterden 1827 

William Lee Plunket Plunket, K.c.M.a.,K.C.v.O. 1827 

Leonard Holmes A'Court Heytesbury 1828 

Arch ibald Philip Primrose [ ^^of RosebeVy ) } 1828 L< Dalme y 

*., J 
( Clanwilliam) . . . . ) 
GeorgeBest Wynford i82!> 

Charles Gore Hay j ^p^StlSSi^. * ?! } X 31 L - Kilmarnock 

Arthur James Plunkett Fingall(E.of Fingall), P.C. 1831 L. Killeen 

Osbert ( ecil Molyneux Sefton (K. of Sefton) j831 V. Molyneux 

Charles Clements j ^trimf* (E ' f ^ \ 1831 V ' Clements 

Godfrey Thomas Taylour j Ke < M ' of 1Iead " J 1831 E. of Bective 

Reginald Brabazon { C ^athf rJ.^p c.?! j 1831 L. Ardee 

Charles Adolphus Murray Dunmore ( k.Dunmore). 1831 V. Fincastle 

Augustus Frederick George Warwick Bampfylde Poltimore, P.C 1831 

Llewelyn Nevill Vanghan Lloyd-Mostyu Mostyn 1831 

Henry Spencer Chichester Templemore 1831 

Valentine Frederick Lawless Cloucurry 1831 

.hum's St. Vincent Saumarcz DeSaumarez 1831 

Thomas Dumnan Denman 1834 

Bhelloy Leopold Lawrence Scarlett Abinger 1835 

Philip Sidney De L'Isle & Dudley 1886 

Pranoil Dcn/.il Fdward Baring Ashburton 1835 

Edward George Percy Littleton Hathertou, C.M.G 1835 

Archibald lUaba/.on Sparrow Achesou j Worlingham (E. ofj l836 y. Acheson 

Hally burton Oeoigo Campbell Stratheden & Campbell . . 1836 

Geoffrey Henry Browne Oranmore & Browne 1836 

i Clanwilliam, G.C.B., 
Richard James Meade { K.C.M.G. (E. of \ 1828 L. Gillford 


Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

{Lovat (Lord Lovat in"! 
Scotland) C.V.O., [ 1837 
C.B.., D.S.O J 

William Spencer Bateman-Hanbury Bateman 1837 

Algernon Hawkins Thomond Keitb-Falconer .... { ^JjJjJJf p ( J?* q^O 1 1838 L ' Fftlconer 

Derrick Warner William Westenra Rossmore 1838 

Robert Shapland eorge Julian Carew { ^elud*. ??!*?* * J l838 

William Ashley Webb Ponsonby De Mauley 1838 

Arthur Wrottesley Wrottesley 1838 

Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury -Tracy Sudeley, P.c 183S 

Pau.SanfordMethuen | "25.o.,*: | 1838 

Edward Lyulph Stanley Stanley of Alderley 1839 

Francis Dudley Leigh Leigh 1839 

Mi*!"* rssft.-fisf.^} i8w 

William Brownlow Lurgan, K.c.V.0 1839 

Thomas Spring-Rice { *. f . ^ J 1839 

Reginald John Upton Colborne Seaton 1839 

John Hew N< >rth ( ! ustave Hy. Hamilton Dalrymple | X |J^^^; , ^\ k % jf j 1841 V. Dalrymple 

George Crespiguy Brabazon Vivian Vivian 1841 

Henry Parnell Congleton, C.U 1841 

Chas. Bertram Bellew Bellew 1848 

( Elgin (E. of Elgin & ) 

Victor Alexander Bruce I Kincardine), K.G., \ 1849 L. Bruce 

( P.a, Q.C.8.L, G.C.LE. ) 

Arthur French De Freyne 1851 

Edward Burtenshaw Sugden St. Leonards 1852 

George FitzRoy Henry Somerset Raglan 1852 

Valentine Charles Browne { ^Kenmare/.'?.'.^." .' j 1856 Y ' Oastlercwc 

Henry Strutt Belper, P.c 1856 

Richard Wogan Talbot Talbot de Malahide .... 1856 

Robert Wellealey Grosvenor Ebury 1857 

Charles Compton William Cavendish Chesham, P.O., K.O.B.... 1858 

Frederic John Napier Thesiger Chelmsford 1 - 

John Yarde-Buller Churston 1858 

Chas. Henry Wyndham Leconfleld 1859 

Courtenay Robt, Percy Vernon Lyveden 181 

Henry Charles Brougham Brougham&Vaux.K.C.V.O. 1860 

Arthur Fitzgerald Kinnaird j ^ScoSf J!?^ j I 860 

Richard Luttrell Pilkington Bethell Westbury 1861 

Charles Paget Fitzhardinge Berkeley Fitzhardinge 1861 

Luke White Annaly 1863 

Wm. Gaspard Guy Romilly ( minor) Romilly 1865 

James Herbert GustavuB Meredyth Somerville .. Meredyth (LAthlnmney) 1866 

( Kenry(E.ofDunraven 

Henry Power Charles Stanley Monck Monck (V. Monck) 1866 

Oharles Henry Chandos Henniker-Major [ ^nSker). . .^^ 1 1866 

Hylton Geo. Hylton Jolliffe Hylton ....... ........ . 1866 

Jeorge Sholto Gordon Douglas-Pennant Penrhyn 1866 

iustavus Russell Hamilton-Russell j ^TeW^-* 1 1866 

John Henry Trollope Kesteven 1868 

Arthur Walsh Ormathwaite 1868 

Edward O'Neill O'Neill 1868 

ftobert William Napier Napier of Magdala 1868 

renico wmi { ?FSXSK I 1888 

'Thomas Kane McClintock-Bunbury Rathdonnell 1868 

rohn Hamilton Lawrence Lawrence 1869 

<ohn Rogerson Rollo Dunning (L. Rollo) 1869 

Varies Noel Carnegie { ^SouKk) .^..?! 1 1869 '"Carnegie 


Windham Thomas Wyndham-Qnin ] <fe Mouutearl), K. p., [ 1866 V. Ailare 

P.C. (Irel.), c.M.o 



Name. Title. 
.,. S Hare, K.P. of 
William Hare j towe l 

Francis Edward Fitzalan Howard Howard of Glossop 

Bernard Edward Barnaby FitzPatrick Castletown, c.M.G 

Richard Maximilian Dal berg Acton 

Frederick Glyn 

Algernon William Fulke Greville 

Maurice Herbert Ignatius Towneley O'Hagan . . . 

William Mansfield 


Title by Courtesj 
Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

1869 V. Ennismore 

William John George Napier 

Sidney James Agar 

Henry Campbell Bruce 

Henry James Moncreiff 

Bernard John Seymour Coleridge 

Gaston William Thomas Monsell Emly 1874 

Thomas Francis Fremantle Cottesloe 1874 

Herbert Perrott Murray Pakington Hampton ._. 1874 

Acton, M.V.O. (4 class) 1869 

Wolverton 1869 

Greville 1869 

O'Hagan 1870 

(Sandhurst, G.C.S.I., ) l871 

( G.C.I.B. ) 

I Ettrick (L. Napier & \ 1879 

\ Ettrick) \ L9U 

V^tt*"**] 1873 V. Somerton 

Aberdare 1873 

Moncreiff 1874 

Coleridge 1874 

Charles Alexander Douglas 

xx ( Douglas, K.T. (E. of 

Home < Home) 

Ramsay (E. 

of Dal- 

1875 L. Dunglass 
1875 L. Ramsay 

Arthur George Maule Ramsay , 

John Henry Crichton { "T^lt "* } 1876 V. Crichton 

Geo. Ralph Chas. Ormsby-Gore Harlech 1876 

Humphrey Napier Sturt Alington 1876 

Bentley Lyonel John Tollemache < Tollemache 1876 

Frederic John Gerard Gerard 1876 

Lionel Sackville Sackville- West Sackville, O.CM.Q 1876 

Charles Leigh Adderley Norton 1878 

Walter Bulkeley Barrington Shute (V. Barrington) . . 1880 

Lawrence William Palk Haldon 1880 

Ivor Bertie Guest Wim borne 1880 

Arthur Edward Guinness Ardilaun 1880 

Chas. Wallace Alex. Napier Cochrane- Wishart- ( Lamington,G.C.M.G., ) 18an 

Baillie .. { G.O.I.B. J 188 

Arthur William Hill-Trevor Trevor 1880 

Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen Brabourne 1880 

Oliver Arthur Villiers Russell Ampthill,G.C.s.i.,G.C.i.E. 1881 

William Montague Hay j T ^weedd^) (M ' } 1881 E - of Gifford 

William Ulick Tristram St. Lawrance Howth,K.P.(E. of Howth) 1881 

( Reay (L. Reay in ) 
Donald James Mackay ] Scotland), P.C., [ 1881 

( G.C.S.I., G.C.1.E ) 

Harcourt Vanden Bempde- Johnstone Derwent 1881 

Henry James Tufton Hothfield 1881 

Edward Marjoribanks Tweedmouth, P.C 1881 

HaUam Tennyson Tennyson, P.C, g.C.m.g. 1884 

James Ogilvie Grant (Strathspey (Earl of 

( Seafleld) 

John William Dodson Monk Bretton, C.B. ... 

Walter Henry James Northbourne 

Arthur Charles Jocelyn Gore Sudley (E. of Arran) . . . 

Marmaduke Constable Maxwell Herries (L Herries) . . . 

Mervyn Richard Wingfield j Powerscourt, M.V.O. j 

( (V. Powerscourt) j 

Frederic Henley Northington (L Henley) 1885 

Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild Rothschild, P.C, G.C.V.O. 1885 

John Baring Revelstoke, P.C 1885 

Robert Collier Monkswell 1885 

Edward Gibson Ashbourne, P.C. 1885 

Rowland Winn St. Oswald 1885 

Robert Wilfred de Yarburgh-Bateson Deramore 1885 

John Walter Edwd. Douglas-Scott-Montagu Montagu of Beauiieu .'.*.'.' 1885 

Sidney Herbert Elphinatone j Elphinstone (L. El- ) lg86 

Rich. 1. Far rer Herschell Herschell ....!!!!"."! .. 1886 

Charles William Mills Hillingdon 1886 

Charles Allsopp Hindlip 1886 

1884 V. Reidhaven 



1884 V. Sudley 




Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons, 

Ernest William Beckett Grimthorpe 1886 

Richard de Aquila Grosvenor Stalbridge, P.C 1886 

Ho*.**. {k25$E-i?-58>} 

Michael Arthur Bass Burton, K.0.V.0 1886 

Gavin Geo. Hamilton Hamilton of Dalzell .... 1886 

Thomas Brassey Brassey, K.C.B 1886 

Henry Thring Turing, K.C.B 1886 

JEdward Macnaghten Macnaghten.P c, 1887 

Claude George Bowes-Lyon { *^ to)^!^ j "87 L. Olamb 

George Edmund Milnes Monckton-Arundell Monckton.c.B (V.Galway) 1887 

John St. Aubyn St. Levan 1887 

Dudley Stuart McGarel Hogg Magheramorne 1887 

George Limbrey Sclater- Booth Basing, C.B 1887 

William Henry Fellowes De Ramsey 1887 

Herbert Francis Eaton Cheylesmore, C.V.0 1887 

Egerton Hubbard Addington 1887 

John Savile-Lumley-Savile Savile, K.c.V.0 1888 

William Ventris Field Field, P.C 1890 

George Stephen Mount Stephen, 1891 

Samuel Cunliffe-Lister Masham 1891 

William Thomson Kelvin.o.M., P.C.,G.C.V.O. 1892 

Alexander Burns Shand !? hand, P.C 1892 

George Cubitt Ashcombe, P.c 1892 

Archibald Campbell Campbell Blythswood 1892 

Thomas Brooks Crawsbaw 1892 

William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst Amherst of Hackney .... 1892 

Thomas Wodehouse Legh Newton.... 1892 

Henry Lyle Mulholland Dunleath 1892 

John Allan Rolls Llangattock 1892 

George James Playfair Playfair 1892 

Cyril Flower Battersea 1892 

Ernest Ambrose Vivian Swansea 1893 

Thomas Cecil Farrer Farrer 1893 

John Campbell White Overtoun 1893 

Arthur Hamilton-Gordon Stanmore, G.CM.G 1893 

Stuart Rendel Rendel 1894 

Reginald Earle Welby Welby, G.C.B 1894 

JHorace Davey Davey, P.c 1894 

Edwd. Douglas Loch Loch,M.v.o.(4class>,l).9.0. 1895 

Sydney Jas. Stern Wandsworth 1895 

James Williamson Ashton 1895 

Herbert Coulstoun Gardner Burghclere, P.C 1895 

Henry James j Ja f p Hereford, ) ,,,,, 

David Robt. Plunket Rathmore, P.C 1895 

Algernon Borthwick Glenesk 1895 

Henry Hucks Gibbs Aldenham 1896 

Edward Heneage Heneage, P.C 1896 

Hercules Arthur Temple Robinson Rosmead 1896 

Alexander Smith Kinnear Kinnear 1897 

JosephLister Lister, O.M., P.C 1897 

* P"GCwT'.i K .1 ""V-"" 

I Dawnay, K.C.V.O., 1 
Hugh Richard Dawnay } C.B., CLE. (V. [ 1897 

( Downe) ) 

Henry Ludlow Lopes Ludlow 1897 

Hans Wellesley Hamilton Holm Patrick (a minor) 1897 

James Cleland Burns Inverclyde 1897 

Donald Alex. Smith j ^gj^ 11 * *^ Unt j 1897 

William Wallace Hozier Newlands ! . .'. . ... .'. '.' . . 1898 

Horace Brand Farquhar Farquhar, G.c. V.0 1898 

""s^Fras. Penning^ { "SSfS ftuS? } ' 898 

Arthur Lawrence Haliburton Haliburton, G.CB 1898 

Philip Henry Wodehouse Currie Currie, P.C, G.C.B 1899 

Joseph Henry Russell Bailey Glanusk 1899 

Heury Hawkins Brampton, P.C 1899 

Bertram Francis Gurdon Cranworth 1899 

J James Patrick Baunerman Robertson Robertson, p.c X899 


Title by Courtesy 
Nam6i Title. Creation, of Eldest Son*. 

Henry Stafford Northcote . Northcote, G.O.M.G 1900 

John Lubbock Avebury, P.C 1900 

JNathaniel Lindley Iondley, P.C 1900 

Martin Henry Fitzpatrick Morris Killamn 1 J 00 

Peter O'Brien 0'Brien,P.C.,L.C.J. of Irel. 1900 

( Alverstone, 6.C.M.O., ) 
Bichd. Everard Webster ] P.C, L.C.J, of Eng- [ 1900 

(. land J 

Patrick Balfour Kinross 1902 

Ughtred James Kay-Shuttleworth Shuttleworth, P.C 1902 

Francis Wallace Grenfell Grenfell, P.C, G.C.B 1902 

Francis Knollys Knollys,G.CV.O.,K.CB. .. 1902 

Algernon Bertram Freeman-Mitford Bedesdale, G.C.V.O., C.B. . . 1902 

William Lawies Jackson Allerton, P.C 1902 

Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry Barrymore, P.C 1902 

Edward Lawson Buruham K.C.V.0 1903 

Michael Biddulph Biddulph 1903 

Geo. Thos. John Sotheron-Estcourt Estcourt 1903 

Wm. Hy. Armstrong Fitzpatrick Watson- Arm- ) Armstrong 1903 

strong S 

Andrew Graham Murray Dunedin 1905 

Alexander John Forbes- Leith Leith of Fy vie 1905 

John Atkinson Atkinson 1905 

Charles Ritchie Ritchie of Dundee 1905 

Thos. Henry Sanderson Sanderson, G.C.B 1905 

Henry Meysey Meysey-Thompson Knaresborough 1906 

Alfred Charles Harmsworth Northcliffe 11)06 

Herbert Stern Michel ham 1906 

Edmund Beckett Faber Faber 1906 

William Henry Grenfell Desborough 1906 

Edmond Geo. Petty Fitzmauricc Fitzmaurice 1906 

Philip Jas. Stanhope Weardale 1906 

Arthur Divett Hayter Haversham, P.C 1906 

Charles Hare Bemphill Hemphill, P.C 1906 


The dates giveu are those of their creation as Peers of Ireland, but they only rank as Peers of the United 
Kingdom from the Union, 1st January, 1801. 

Anthony Francis Nugent Westmeath, p.c 1621 L. Delvin 

Ponsonby Wm. Moore Drogheda 1661 V. Moore 

Ivo Francis Walter Bligb Darnley 1725 ^ Lofton of Rath- 

Dermot Robert Wyndham Bourke- Mayo, K.P., P.C 1785 L. Naas 

Hugh Annesley Annesley 1789 V. Glerawly 

Ralph Francis Howard Wicklow 1793 L. Clonmore 

George Bingham Lucan, K.P 1795 L. Bingham 

Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry Belmore, P.c, G.C.M.G. . . 1797 V. Corry 

James Francis Bernard Bandon, K.P 1800 V. Bernard 

Laurence Parsons Rose, K.P 1806 L. Oxmantown 

Francis Charles Needham Kilmorey, K.P 1822 V. Newry & Morue 


Henry William Orosbie Ward Bangor 1781 

Hy.Edwd. Montagu Dorington Clotworthy Upton Templetown 1806 


Robert St. John Fitzwalter Butler Dunboyne 1324 

Lucius Wm. O'Brien Inchiquin 1543 

John Thomas William Massy Massy 1776 

Hamilton Matthew Fitzmaurice Dean Grogan ) ,, , ,_., 

Morgan ... j Muskerry 1781 

Francis William Browne Kilmaine 1789 

Luke Gerald Dillon Clonbrock, K.P., P.C. .. 1790 

Charles Mark Allanson Winn . . Headley 1797 

Edward Henry Churchill Orofton Crofton 1797 

Hercules Edward Rowley Langford, K.C.V.0 1800 

Dayrolles Blakeney de Moleyns Ventry 1800 

Henry O'Callaghan Prittie Dunalley 1800 

Albert Edward Handcock Castlemaine 1812 

Geoffrey llcmy Brownfc Oranmore and Browne .. 1836 

Ohas. Bertram Bellew Bellew 1848 

Thomas Kane McClintock-Bunbury Rathdonnell 1868 




The dates given are those of their creation as Scotch Peers, but they only rank as Peers of Great 

Britain from the Union, 1st May, 1707. 

Title by Courtesy 
Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 


John Francis Erskine-Goodeve-Erskiue Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

3holto George Douglas Morton 1458 L. Aberdour 

John Francis Walter Brskine Mar <& Kellie 1565 V. Fenton 

'Jeorge Baillie-Arden- Hamilton Haddington, K.T 161!) L. Binning 

Frederick Henry Maitland Lauderdale 1624 V. Maitland 

: Jobert Harris Carnwath Dalzell Carnwath 163!) L. Liberton 

Oonald Ruthven Leslie-Melville Leven&Melville,K.T.,P.C. 1641 L. Balgonie 

David John Carnegie Northeak 1647 L. Rosehill 

)ouglas Mackinnon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane.. Dunlonald, c V.o G.B. 166!) L. Cochrane 

Hyron Plantagenet Cary Falkland 1620 


ilorace Courtenay Forbes Forbes 1424 

Ylexander William Frederick Fra^er Saltoun 1445 

Jharles William St. Clair Sinclair 1440 

lames Walter Sandilands Torphichen 156 1 

Alexander Hugh Bruce [ B ^ r p J Burlei h ' } 1607 

yerander Chas. Hamilton Delhaven and Stenton 16J7 




Date of Date of 

Title. Rank. Name. coming crea- 

of age. tion. 

.... Marquess Charles Hy. Alex. Paget 1906 1815 

!&igbroke .. Viscount Vernon Hy. St. John 1!)17 1712 

ombermere .. Viscount Fras. Lynch Wellington Stapleton-Cotton 1008 1826 

ixmouth Viscount Edwd. Addington Hargreaves Pellew 1011 1816 

isherwick .. Baron Edwd. Arthur Donald St. George Hamilton Chiches- 
ter (M. of Donegall) 1921 1790 

lolm Patrick.. Baron Hans Wellesley Hamilton 1907 1897 

einster Viscount Maurice FitzGerald (D. of Leinster) 1008 1 747 

lacclesfield .. Earl Geo. Loveden Wm. Hy. Parker 1909 1721 

omilly Baron William Gaspard (itiv Romilly 1920 1865 

omers Baron Arthur Herbert Tennyson Cocks 1908 1784 

oirlngton Viscount George Master Byng 1907 1721 

er non Baron Geo. Fras. Augustus Venables- Vernon 1909 1762 


Name. Title. Creation, 

arc i . Am e, i *Mar y Pema,nCir, (E arlrY.rbo ro u gl ,> {gEEScE^T^ S 

ona Josephine Tempest Stapleton (daughter of 10 baron Beaumont) j ^aTtno^?. 1 !??? I 1309 
iolet Ida Evelyn Herbert (wife of Earl of Powis) { ^Knayth ^.T. . '!? } 1332 

va Mary Foley (wife of Capt. Frank vV j g ram Pole & *"{ '; '} ' V r RftrnnM nJkJlJr ' ' 1491 

anna Harriet Tyrwhitt (widow of Sir H* Thos. Tyrwhitt, bart. ) Bar = Berkeley .. 1421 

izabeth Adeline Mary Bligh (only child of 7 earl of Darnley) . . j ^Tg'hton"?^ 

bell Lilian Blunt (wife of maj. Edwd. Walter Blunt, k.a.) CounSs^f ctomart'ie 

ogela Qeorgina Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts (wife of WilliamLehraan ) U UDteSS oromart,e ' l8bl 

Ashmead Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts, M.P.).. J Baroness Burdett-Coutts 1871 

'ES n g o ^ acd0 " Rld (widow of Right Hon.SirJo'hnMacdonkid I Baroness Macdonald of ) 1BQ1 

bart. (i.e. h. Kb.te Premier of Canada) I Earnscliffe lil 

"nrietrT'^n^Po f. the , Rt :, H William Henr y Smith ' **.)" ViscountessHambleden 1801 

snrietta Anne Carleton (wife of mai.-genl. Riohd. Lansrford ) 

Lm-Carleton) Baroness Dorchester ... . 1809 



Albemarle, 13 Albemarle st. W. 

Army & Navy, 36 to 39 Pall mall, S.W. 

Arthur's, 69 and 70 St. James' st. S.W. 

Arts, 40 Dover st. W. 

Athenaeum, 107 Pall mall, S.W. 

Authors', 3 Whitehall court, S.W. 

Automobile, 119 Piccadilly, W. 

Auxiliary Forces, 2 Whitehall court, S.W. 

Bachelors', 7 and 8 Hamilton pi. Picca- 
dilly, W. 

Badminton, 100 Piccadilly, W. 

Baldwin, 79a, Pall mall, -S.W. 

Bath, 34 Dover st.W. and Berkeley st.W. 

Boodle's, 28 St. James' st. S.W. 

Brooks's, St. James' st. S.W. 

Burlington Fine Arts, 17 Savile row, W. 

Caledonian, 30 Charles st. St. James' S.W. 

Carlton, 94 Pall mall, S.W. 

Cavalry, 127 Piccadilly, W. 

City Carlton, 24 to 27 St. Swithin's la. E.C. 

City Liberal, Walbrook, E.C. 

City of London, 19 Old Broad st. E.C. 

Conservative, 74 St. James' st. S.W. 

Constitutional, Northumberland avenue, 

Devonshire, 50 St. James' st. S.W. 

East India United Service, 16 St. James' 
sq. S.W. 

Empress (ladies'), 35 Dover st. W. 

Garrick, 13 and 15 Garrick st. W.C. 

Golfers', 2a, Whitehall court, S.W. 

Grosvenor, 68a, Piccadilly, W. 

Guards', 70 Pall mall, S.W. 

Isthmian, 105 Piccadilly, W. 

Junior Athenaeum, 116 Piccadilly, W. 

Junior Carlton, 30 to 35 Pall mall, S.W. 

Junior Conservative, 43 and 44 Albe- 
marle st. W. 

Junior Constitutional, 101 to 104 Picca- 
dilly, W. 

Junior Naval and Military, 96 and 97 
Piccadilly, W. 

Junior United Service, 11 and 12 Charles 
st. St. James', S.W. 


Marlborough, 52 Pall mall, S.W. 

National, 1 Whitehall gardens, S. W. 

National Liberal, Whitehall pi. S.W. 

Naval and Military, 94 Piccadilly, W. 

New, 4 Grafton st. New Bond st. W. 

New Oxford and Cambridge, 68 Pall 
mall, S.W. 

New University, 57 and 58 St. James' st. 

Northumberland and Northern Counties, 
24 Grafton st. New Bond st. W. 

Oriental, 18 Hanover sq. W. 

Orleans, 29 King st., St. James', S.W. 

Oxford and Cambridge, 71 to 76 Pall 
mall, S.W. 

Portland, 9 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Pratt's, 14 Park pi. St. James', S.W. 

Primrose, 4 and 5 Park pi. St. James',S.W. 

Raleigh, 16 Regent st. S.W. 

Reform, 104 Pall mall, S.W. 

Royal London Yacht, 2 Savile row, W. 

Royal Societies, 63 St. James' st. S.W. 

Royal Thames Yacht, 7 Albemarle st. W. 

St. James', 106 Piccadilly, W. 

St. Stephen's, 1 Bridge st. S.W. and Vic- 
toria Embankment, Westminster, S.W. 

Savage, 6 and 7 Adelohi terr. W.C. 

Savile, 107 Piccadilly.' W. 

Sports, 8 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Thatched House, 86 St. James st. S.W. 

Travellers', 106 Pall mall, S.W. 

Turf, 47 Clarges st. W. 

Union, Trafalgar sq. W.C. 

United Empire, 84 Piccadilly, W. 

United Forces, 117 Piccadilly, W. 

United Service, 116 fe 117 Pall mall, S.W. 

United University, Pall mall east, S.W. 
Wellington, 1 Grosvenor pi. S.W. 

White's, 37 and 38 St. James' st. S.W. 

Whitehall, 47 Parliament st. S.W. 

Windham, 13 St. James' sq. S.W. 

CaledonianUnitedService,4 Shandwick pi. 
New, 86 Princes street. 
Scottish Conservative, 112, 113 & 114 
Princes street. 

Scottish Liberal, 109 & 110 Princes st. 
Northern, 91 George street. 
Union, 45 Hanover street. 
University, 127 Princes street. 

Catholic, O'Connell street. 

Dublin University, 17 Stephen's green. 

Hibernian United Service, 8 Stephen's 

green north. 
Junior University, 46 Kildare street. 


Kildare Street club. 

Leinster, 29 Clare street. 

Sackville Street club. 

Stephen's Green, 9 Stephen's green uorth.j 




His Majesty's representative Min. Plen. and Consul -General, 
Lt.-Col. Sir John L. Harrington, K.c.v.o., c.B. (Adis Ababa). 

AMERICA, UNITED STATES OF. Ambassador Ex. <r Plen., His Ex. Hon. 
Whitelaw Reid, Dorchester House, Park lane, W. and Wrest Park, Ampthill, 
Secretary, John Ridgely Carter, 15, Chesham street, S.W. 
Second Secretary, Craig W. Wadsworth, 30, Curzon street, W. 
Third Secretary, Lewis Einstein, 123, Victoria street, S.W. 
Secretary to the Ambassador, De Lancey K. Jane, 123, Victoria street, S.W. 
Military Attache, Maj. John H. Beacom, U.8.A., 69, Curzon street. W. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Chas. H. Stockton, u.s.x., 210, Ashley gardens. S.W. 
Government Despatch Agent, R. Newton Crane, 4, Trafalgar square, W.C. 
Deputy Despatch Agent, C. J. Petherick, 4, Trafalgar square, W.C. 
Office of Embassy, 123, Victoria street, Westminster, S.W. (hoars 11 to 3). 
Consul-General, Hon. Robert J. Wynne, 12, St. Helen's place, Bishopsgate 

street, E.C. 
Vice Consul- General, Richard Westacott. 
Deputy Consul-General, Fras. W. Frigout. 

His Majesty's representative Ambassador Ex. & Plen., His Ex. 
Rt. Hon.Sir Hy. Mor imer Durand, p.c..g.c.m..,K.c.s.t.,k.c.i.e. 
( Washington): Councillor of Embassy ,WalterBeaupreTownley. 

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Envoy Ex. Min. Plen., Don Florencio L. Dominguez, 
2, Palace gate, W. 
First Secretary, Don Vicente J. Dominguez. 
Second Secretary, Don Luis H. Dominguez. 
Attache, Don Carlos M. Dominguez. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Don Manuel Barraza. 

Consul- General, Dr. Sergio Garcia Uriburn, 3, Budge row, Cannon street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Wm. Hy. 
Doveton Haggard, c.B. * (Buenos Ay res) ; Sec. of Legation, 
Fredc. Dundas Harford. 

AUSTRO-HUNGARY. Ambassador Ex f ,\ /'/., Count Albert Mensdorff-Pouilly- 
Dietrichstein, 18 Belgrave square, S.W. 
Councillor and First Secretary, H.s.H. Prince Hans von Schoenburg, 4, Herbert 

crescent, S.W. 
Councillor, Count Louis Szechenyi, 18, Belgrave square, S.W. 
Second Secretary, Count Th. von Westphalen, 71, St. James's street, S.W. 
Attache, H.s.H. Prince Erail zu Fuerstenberg, 18, Belgrave square, S.W. 
Military Attache, h.s.h. Piince vcn und zu Liechtenstein, 12, Lancaster gate.W. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Chevalier J. de Schwarz, 59, Jermyn street, S.W. 
Chancellor, C. Pollak, li<, Belgrave square, S.W. 

Consul-General, Francis Stockinger, 22 and 23, Laurence Pountney lane, E.C. 
Hon. Consul-General, Baron Alfred de Rothschild, c.v.o., I, Seamore place, W 
His Majesty's representative Amb. Ex. & Plen., His Ex. the Rt. 
Hon. Sir Wm. Edward Goschen, r.c, g. c.v.o., k.c.m.g. 
( Vienna) : Councillor of Embassy, 

His Majesty's representative Charge d'Affaires, 
(tyfor Eesse Darmstadt). 


His Majesty's representative Minister Resident, Reginald Thos. 
Tower (Munich $ Stuttgart). 
* Win. lly, Doveton Haggard is also accredited as Minister to the Republic of Paraguay. 


BELGIUM. Envoy Ex. # Min. Plen., Count de Lalaing, 15, West Halkin street, 

S W. 
Councillor, Edmond van Grootven, 23, Mount street W. 
First Secretary, Paul May, 4, Upper Brook street, W. 

Second Secretary. Baron Jean de Villenf agne de Sormnes, 4.5, Jermyn street, S.W. 
Consul-General, Francois H. Lenders, 29, Gt. St. Helen's E.C. 

His Majesty's representative En v. Ex. & Mm. Plen., Sir Arthur 
Henry Hard in ge, K.c B., K.C.M.G. (Brussels). 
BOLIVIA, REPUBLIC OF. Charge d' Affaires, Col. Don Pedro Suarcz, 74, 
Compayne gardens, N.W. 
Consul-General, Col. Don Pedro Suarez, 12, Fenohurch street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative See " Peru." 
BRAZIL. REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. $Min. Plen., Francisco Regis de Ohveira. 
First Secretary, J. M. Cardoso de Oliveira. 
Second Secretaries, R. de Lima e Silva, Y. F. de Barros Pimentel and F. Caval- 

canti de Lacerda. 
Legation Office, 11, Southwell gardens, S.W. 
Consul, Francisco Alves Vieira. 

Vice-Consul, Luiz Augusto da Costa, 6, Great Winchester street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Henry 
Neville Dering, bart., K.C.M.G., C.B. (Rio de Janeiro) ; 
Sec. of Legation, Henry Crofton Lowther. 
BULGARIA. Diplomatic Agent, Dimitry Tzokow, K.c.v.o. (hon.), 51, Queen's 
gate, S.W. 
First Secretary, S^ephan Nikypho-off, M.v.o. (hon). 
Attache, C. Mincoff. 

His Majesty's representative Agent & Consul-General, Sir Geo. 
Wm. Buchanan, K.c.v.o., C.B. (Sofia). 
CHILE, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. $ Min. Plen., Don Domingo Gana, 
29, Queen's Gate terrace, S.W. 
First Secretary, Don Victor Eastman. 
Consul, Don Alfredo Torres, 10 & 11, Lime street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Arthur 
Stewart Raikes (Santiago). 
CHINA. Env. Ex. Sf Min. Plen., Tang Shao-yi, 49, Portland place, W. 

Councillor 8f English Secretary, Sir Halliday Macartney, K.C.M.G., 49, Portland 

place, W. & 3, Harley place, N.W. 
Chinese Secretaries, Ivan Chen & Yin Shon Ling. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Ernest 
Mason Satow, G.c.M.G. (Pekin) ; Sec. of Legation, Hon. 
Lancelot D. Carneeie, M.v.o. 

His Majesty's representative Minister Resident for Saxo y and 
Coburg and Charge d'Affaires for Waldeck and Pyrmont, 
Viscount Gough, k.c.v.o. 
COLOMBIA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. $ Min. Plen., Don Ignacio Gutierrez- 
Ponce, 42. Holland road, Kensington, W. 
Secretary, Don Pomponio Guzman, 4, Roland houses, S.W. 
Consul-General, Don Guillermo R. Calderon, 103, Newgate street, E.C. 
Vice- Consul, Leopold Schloss, Ethelburga HouBe, Bishopsgate street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative Minister Resident & Consul- 
GeDeral, George Earle Welby, O.M.G. (Bogota). 

( mi.oil-deneral, Jules Houdret, 130, London wall, E.C. 
Consul, J. T. Grein, 21, Mincing lane, E.C. 

f'onsur- General, W. Pritchard Morgan, 1, Queen Victoria street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Minister Resident & Consul- 
General. Sir John N. Jordan, k.c.m.g. (Seoul). 

ConnU-General, Wm. J. Le Lacheur, 58, Lombard street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative See " Guatemala." 


Envoy Ex. < Min. Plen., Seiior Rafael Montoro. 
First Secretary, Gabriel de Zendegui. 
Attache, Sefior Antonio F. Saavedra. 
Legation, 76, Victoria street, 8.W. 

I His Majesty's representative Minister Resident and Consul- 

General (Hacana). 
DENMARK. Envoy Ex. Min. Plen., Frants Ernst de Bille, G.C.v.o. (hon.), 24, 
Pont street, S. W. 
Attache, (Vfons. C. A. Gosch, 21, Stanhope gardens. South Kensington, S. W. 
Hon. Attache, Torben de Bille, 24, Pont street, S.W. 
Chancery open 11.30 to 1.30. 
Consul- General, John Valdemar Faber, 62 & <!:}, Great Tower street, E.C. 
Vice-Consul, Count Preben Ahlefeldt-Laurvigen. 
His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Hon. Sir 
Alan Johnstone, K.c.v.o. {Copenhagen); sec. of Legation, 
Stephen Leech. 

His Majesty's representative See " Haiti." 
Charge d 1 A f<iires (ad interim), Sefior Don E. Dorn y de AJsisa, Ch. 1, rue de li 

Bienfaisance, Paris. 
Consul-General, Don Celso Nevares, 120, Bishopsgatc street within, E.C 
His Majesty's representative See " Peru." 

His Majesty's representative Agent & Consul-General, Earl 
of Cromer, P.C, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., K.C.S.I., 0.1.1, (Cairo); 
Sec. Mansfeldt de Cardonnel Findlay, u.m.n. 
ETHIOPIA, see " Abyssinia." 

FRANCE, REPUBLIC OF Ambassador, His Ex. Paul Cambon, G.C.v.o. (hon.), 
Albert Gate House, S.W. 
Minister Plen., Leon Geoffray. 
First Secretary, Comte H. de Manneville. 
Second Secretaries, M. de Seynes & A. de Fleuriau. 
Attaches, J. Sabatier d'Espeyran, Comte de Montholon, Comte Sala & M. de 

Naval Attache, Capt. Henri Maurice, Baron Mercier de Lostende, M.v.o. 
Attache Milita>re. Commdt. Hugnet. 
Military Secretary, Roger Cambon. 
Commercial Attache, Jean Perier. 
Secretaire Archiviste, Joseph Knecht. 
Consul-Gen. , Pierre Jeane Baptiste E. Anzcpy. 
Consul- Suppliant, J. Lemonnier. 
Vice-Consul, A. Doyen. 
Eleves Chanceliers, J. E. Benezet, T. Summaripa, M. Lerat-d'Albas & C. Vacher- 

Office, 4. Christopher street, Finsbury, E.C. (open 11 to 4, Sit. 11 to 1 ). 
His Majesty's representative A.mb. Ex. & Plen., His Ex. the 
Rt. Hon. Sir Francis L. Bertie, P.c.. g.o.m.g., (i.c.v.o., 
K.c. B. (Paris) ; Councillor of Embassy, Hon. Reginald Lister, 
GERMANY;. Ambassador, His Ex. Count Paul Wolff Metternioh, it, Carlton 
House terrace, S.W. 
Councillor of Embassy 8f First Secretary, Count J. von Bernstorff. 
Second Secretary, Prince Stolberg. 
Third Secretary, Here von Riepenhausen. 
Attache, Count Rbena. 

Military Attache, Count von der Schulenburg. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Coerper, G.N. 
Technical Attache, J. Frahm. 
Director of Chancery, Hofrath C. Lentze. 


Consul-General, Baron G. von Lindelfels, 49, Finsbury square, E.C. 

Consul, Gustav Humbert. 

Consulate Office, 49, Finsbury square, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative Amb. Ex. & Plen., His Ex. the 
Rt. Hon. Sir Frank Cavendish Lascelles, P.O., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 
G.c.v.o. {Berlin) ; Councillor of Embassy, James Beethom 
GREECE. En. Ex. $ Min. Plen., Dimitry George Metaxas, g.c.v.o. (hon.), 1, 
Stanhope gardens, S.W. 
Secretary, Lyrimaque Caftanzoglu, M.v.o. (hon.). 

Consul- General, John J. Stavridi, 40 Old Broad street, E.C. (hours 12 to 4, Sat. 
12 to 2). 

His Majesty's representatives En v. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Francis 
Edmvind Hugh Elliot, G.c.v.o., k.C.m.g. {Athens). 


Charge d' Affaires, Sefior Don Jose Tible Machado, 31, Westminster Palace 

gardens, S.W. 
Consul-General, Sefior Don Jose Tible Machado, 31, Westminster Palace gardens, 
S.W. (hours 2 to 5). 

His Majesty's representative Minister Resident & Consul-Gen- 
eral, Lionel Edwd. G. Carden ( Guatemala). 


Minister, Docteur Seneque Viard, Artillery mansions, 75, Victoria street, S.W. 
Consul, Maurice Erdmann, 32, Fenchurch street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Consul-General (& for Dominican 
Republic), Arthur Geo. Vansittart (Port-au-Prince). 

His Majesty's representative Charge d'Aff aires, Arthur C. 
Grant-Duff (Darmstadt). 
HONDURAS, REPUBLIC OF -.Envoy Ex. $ Min. Plen., Sefior Dr. Don Angel 
Ugarte, c/o Consulate, 7 & 8, Idol lane, E.C. 
Consul-General, Mark Jamestown Kelly, 7 & 8, Idol lane, E.C. 
Consid, Manuel de Montis. 

His Majesty's representative See " Guatemala. " 
ITALY. Ambassador, His Ex. Commendatore Alberto Panza, G.c.v.o. (hon.), 20, 
Grosvenor square, W. 
Second Secretary, Francesco Alberto Martin Franklin. 
Attaches, Conte L. Corinaldi & Giuseppe Brambilla. 
Military Attache, Col. A. Chapperon. 
Naval Attache, Lieut. Conte di Yillarey. 
Archivist, Chevr. G. Manetti. 
Consul- General, Commendatore Lazzaro Alltini. 
Vice- Consul, Cavr. Pietro Francesio Righetti. 
Consulate Office, 44, Finsbury square, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Amb. Ex. &, Plen., His Ex. 
the Rt. Hon. Sir Edwin Hy. Egerton, P. a, g.c.m.g., k.C.b. 
(Rome) ; Councillor of Embassy, Chas. Louis des Graz. 
JAPAN. Ambassador, Viscount Tadasu Hayashi, G.c.v.o. (hon.), 4, Grosvenor 
gardens, S.W. 
First Secretary, Count Hirokichi Mutsu. 
Second Secretaries, Chozo Koike & Matsujiro Kameyama. 
Attache, Tsuneo Matsudaira. 

Military Attache" (Acting), Lt.-Col. Saburo Inagaki, i.j.a. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Makoto Kaburaki, i.j.n. 
Chancellor, Goji Ukita. 
Consul- General, Minozi Arakawa, 1, Broad Street place, E.C. & 72, Kensington 

Park road. 
(hiiucellors, Gusabro Sumiya & Ichini Sugitachi. 

The Minister Besident at Guatemala is also accredited to the Republics of Coeta Rica, 
Honduras, Nicaragua & Salvador. 


His Majesty's representative Amb. Ex. & Plen., Col. Sir Claude 
Maxwell MacDonald, G.C.M.G., k.c.b. (Tokio) ; Councillor of 
Legation, Geo. Head Barclay, c.m.g. 

LIBERIA, REPUBLIC OF. Acting Charge tf Affaires, Henry Hay man, 3, Cole- 
man street, E.C. 
Private Secretary, H. L. Hayman. 

Consul-General, Henry Hayman, 3, Coleman street, E.C. 
Consul, Sigismund Sinauer de Stein. 

LUXEMBURG. Consul- General, H. S. J. Maas,, 4, Coleman street E.C. 
His Majesty's representative See "Netherlands." 

MEXICO, REPUBLIC OF. Minister, General Don Pedro Rincon Gallardo, 
87, Cromwell road, S.W. 
First Secretary, Don Miguel de Beistegui, 26, Queensberry place, S.W. 
Second Secretary, Capt. Don Alfredo Barron. 
Attaches, Eduardo de Beistegui & M. M. Martinez del Campo. 
Consul, Don Ado If o Biille, Broad Street house, New Broad street, E.C. (hours 
10 to 4, Sat. 10 to 1). 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. Sc Min. Plen., 

MONACO. Consul-General, Theodore Lumley, 37, Conduit street, W. 
Vice-Consul, Paul Cremieu-Javal, 43, Hill st. W. 


His Majesty's representative Minister Resident, Robert John 
Kennedy, c.m.g. (Cettinje). 


His Majesty's representative Env. Ex., Minister- Plen. fc Consul- 
General, Gerard Augustus Lowther, c.B. (Tangier). 
NETHERLANDS. Env. Ex. # Min. Plen., Baron Gericke van Herwijnen, 8 
Grosvenor gdns. S.W. 
Secretary of Legation, Baron D. d'Asbeck. 

Chancellor, H. N. Brouwer, 2, Stevenage rd. Bishop's Park, S.W. 
Consul- General, H. S. J. Maas, K.N.L., Finsbury Circus house, 12, Blomfield 
street, E.C. 

His M ijesty's representative Env. Ex. fc Min. Plen., Sir Henry 
Howard, k.c.m.g., c.B. (The Hague). 

NICARAGUA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. <f Min. Plen., Seiior Don Crisanto Medina, 
1, York place, Portman square, W. 
Acting Consul, M. J. Herrmann, 19, Eastcheap, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative See ' Guatemala." 

NORWAY. Charge d 1 Affaires, J. Irgens. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Arthur 
Jas. Herbert, K.c.v.o. (C'hristiania). 


Env. Ex. $ Min. Plea., Senor Eusebio Mach tin, 62, rue Pierre Charron, Paris. 
Consul- General, Alfred James, 18, Eldon street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Min. Plen., Wm. Hy. Doveton 
Haggard, c.B. (& for Argentine Republic) {Buenos Ayres). 

PERSIA. Env. Ex. $ Min. Plen., General Mirza Mohammed Ali Khan Ala-Es 
Saltaneh, G.c.v.o. (hon.) Cornwall house, Cornwall gardens, S.W. 
Councillor, Mirza Medhi Khan Majd-es-Saltaneh. 
First Secretary, Mirza Abdul Gaffar Kahn. 

Second Secretary, Mirza Hussein Khan Moin-el-Yezareh, c.M.G. (hon.). 
Consul- General, Harry Seymour Foster, 122, Victoria street, S.W. 
Vice-Consul, Nerses Khan Nercessian, 98, Hatton garden, E.C. 

His M ijesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. & Consul- 
General, Cicil Arthur Spring Rice (Teheran) ; Sec. of Lega- 
tion, Evelyn M. Grant-Duff. 


PERU, REPUBLIC OF. Minister, Senor Don Carlos G-. Caudamo (Resident in 
Charge d' A ffaires $ Consul-General, Edouardo Lembcke, 104, Victoria st. S.W. 
Secretary, Ricardo E. Lembcke. 
Attache, P. E. Caballero. 

His Majesty's representative Minister Resident & Consul- 
General (and for Bolivia and Ecuador Republics), William 
Neltborpe Beauclerk (Lima). 
PORTUGAL. Env. Ex. $ Min. P/ew-.Marquis de Soveral, G.c.MG., G.C.v.o. (hon.). 
12, Gloucester place, Portman square, W. 
Councillor of Legation, J. da Camara Manoel, c.v.o. (bon.) 
First Secretary, A. da Costa Cabral, c.v.o. (hon.) 
Second Secretary, C. de Castro Faria, M.v.o. (bon.) 

Attaches, Mario' de Nascimento, M.v.o. (hon.) & Marquis de Jacome Correia. 
Consul- General, Jayme Batalha-Reis, M.v.o. (hon.),6 South street, Finsbury,E.C. 
His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Hon. Fras. 
Hyde Yilliers, c.B. (Lisbon). 
ROUMANIA. Env. Ex. cf Min. Plen., Alexandre C. Catargi, 61, Warwick sq. S.W 
Councillor, D. Nedeyano. 
Secretary, Alexis Catargi. 
Consul-General, Count Reginald Ward, 65, London Wall, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Win. 
Conyngham Greene, k.c.b. (Bucharest). 
RUSSIA. Ambassador, His Ex. Count Alexandre Constantinovitch Benckendorff, 
Chesham house, Chesham place, S.W. 
Councillor, Serge Sazonoff. 
First Secretary, S. Poklewski-Koziell. 

Second Secretaries, M. Sevastopulo & Prince Swiatpolk-Mirsky 
Military Attache, General Wogak. 
Consul- General, Baron Robt. Ungern Sternberg, 17, Great Winchester street, 

Vice- Consul, Osmond Capel Knapp, 17, Great Winchester street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Ambassador Ex. & Plen., His Ex. 
Rt. Hon. Sir Arthur Nicolson, Bart., P.C., G.C.v.o., k.c.b., 
K.C.I.E., C.M.G. (St. Petersburg). 
SALVADOR, REPUBLIC OF. Charge d' Affaires, Senor Don S. Perez Triana, 
21, Devonshire terrace, Hyde Park, W. 
Consul-General, Mark Jamestown Kelly, 7 & 8, Idol lane, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative See " Guatemala.'" 
SAN DOMINGO. Consul- General, Miguel Ventura, 17 Coleman street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative See " Cobutp." 
SERVIA. Charge d' Affaires, A. Z. Yovichich, 17 Nevern square, S.W. 

Consul-General, H. W. Christmas, 9, Southampton street, Bloomsbury, W.C 
SIAM. Env. Ex. $ Min. Plen., Phya Raja Nuprabrandh, 23, Ashburn place, South 
Kensington, S.W. 
First Secretary, Luang Chamnong Ditikar, 23, Ashburn place, S.W. 
Councillor, Frederick W. Verney, 12, Connaught place, Marble Arch, W. 
His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. & 
Consul-Gen., Ralph Spencer Paget, c.M.G. (Bangkok). 
SPAIN. Ambassador, His Ex. Senor Don Luis Polo de Bernabe, G.C.v.o. (hon.), 1, 
Grosvenor gardens, S.W. 
Councillor, Marquis of Villalobar, c.v.o. (hon. ) 

Second Secretary, Don Alejandro Padilla, 36, Queen's Gate terr. S.W. 
Attaches, Domingo Barcenas, Luis de Pedioso & Pablo de Churruca. 
Attaches (hon.), Esteban Martinez Devlin & Eduardo M. Peha. 
Military Attache 1 , Lt.-Col. Xavier de Manzanos, c.v.o. (hon.) 
< 'nnsul-General (vacant). 

Vice-Consul, Enrique Somoza y Teureiro, 20, Mark lane, E.C. 
Chancelier. Austin William Steel. 


His Majesty's representative Ambassador Ex. & Plen., His Ex. 
Sir Maurice Wm. Ernest de Bunsen, K.c.v.o., c.B. (Madrid) ; 
Councillor of Embassy, Fairfax L. Cartwright, M.v.o. 
SWEDEN. Envov Ex. # Min. Plen. (vacant). 
Secretary, Harold de Bildt. 
Attache, Gustave de Dardel. 

Chaplain, Rev. J. Lindskog, Swedish church, Prince's square, E. & 22, Spring- 
field road, St. John's Wood, N.W. 
Consul- General, Daniel Daniel sson, 24, Gt. Winchester street, E.C. 
Vice-Consul, Waldemar Eckell. 
Actiny Chancellor. Ferdinand Stockenberg. 

Assistant Secretaries, Tjodolf Klingenberg, Achates von Platen & Axel Embring. 
Consulate Office, 24, Great Winchester street, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir James 
Rennell Rodd, G.c.v.o., k.c.m.g., c.B. (Stockholm) Sec. of 

SWITZERLAND, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. $ Min. Plen., Gaston Carlin, 
Hans Crescent hotel, S.W. ; offices of the Legation (temporary), 38, Beau- 
champ place, Pont street, S.W. 
Secretary, Ernest Probst, 7, Sloane street, S.W. 
Attache, M. E. Oltramare. 
Ckancelier, A. Sulzberger. 73, Ellerby street, Fulham Park, S.W. 

His Majesty's representative Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Geo. 
Fras. Bonham, Bart. (Berne). 
TURKEY. Ambassador, His Ex. Musurus Pasha (Stephen), Vizir, 189, Queen's 
gate, S.W. 
Councillor, Abdul Hak Hamid Bey. 
First Secretary, Mehmed Essad Bey. 
Second First Secretary, Tueni Bey." 
Second Secretary, Abdul Hak Hussein Bey. 
Third Secretary, R. Danial Bey. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Mahmoud Nedim Bey. 

Consul-General, Feredjoullah Einin Effendi, 4, Broad Street place, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative Ambassador Ex. & Plen., His 

Ex. the lit. Hun. Sir Nicholas Roderick O'Couor, P.O., u.c.n., 

<;.<'..m.g. (Constantinople) Councillorof Embassy, Fras. Wm. 



His Majesty's representative See " America." 
URUGUAY, REPUBLIC OF. Charge <f Affaires (ad int.), A.Saenz de Zumaran, 
5 tfc 6 Clement's inn, Strand, W.C. 
Consul-General, Dr. Carlos Nery, 5 & 6, Clement's inn, Strand, W.C. 

i Consul in London, Frank Houlder, 14<> Leadenhall street, E.C 
His Majesty's representative Min. Resident & Consul-General, 
Walter Baring (Monte Video). 
VENEZUELA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. # Min. Plen., Gen. J. A. Velutini, 5, 
Avenue Victor Hugo, Paris. 
Consul, J. Steinemann. Finsbury Pavement house, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative Minister Resident, Hy. Geo. 
Outram Bax-Ironside (Caracas). 
His Majesty's representative See " Coburq." 
His Majesty's representative See " Bavaria.^ 
His Majesty's representative Ayent & Consul-General, Basil 


Prime Minister and First Lord of the Trea-fRT. Hon. Sir Henry CampbEll-BannEr- 

gury ( MAN, G.C.B., M.P. 

Lord High Chanceiior Rt. Hon. Lord Loreburn, p.c, 

Lord President of the Council Rt. Hon. Earl of Crewe 

Lord Privy Seal Most Hon. Marquess of Ripon, k.c, g.c.s.i. 

Secretary "of State, Home Department. .. Rt. Hon. Herbert J. Gladstone, m.p. 

Secretary of State, Foreign Department.. Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Grey, Bart., m.p. 

Secretary of State, Colonial Department. Rt. Hon. Earl of Elgin, k.g., g.c.s.i., g.c.i.e. 

Secretary of State, War Department Rt. Hon. Richard B. Haldane, k.c, m.p. 

Secretary of State, Indian Department ... Rt. Hon. John Morley, o.m., m.p. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hon. Herbert H. Asquith, k.c, m.p. 

First Lord of the Admiralty Rt. Hon. Lord Tweedmouth 

President of the Board of Trade Rt. Hon. David Lloyd-George, m.p. 

President of the Local Government Board Rt. Hon. John Burns, m.p. 

Chief Secretary for Ireland Rt. Hon. James Bryce, m.p. 

Secretary for Scotland andVice-P.esident | Rr Rqs j Sinclair, m.p. 

of Scotch Education Department j 

President of the Board of Agriculture... Rt. Hon. Earl Carrington,<;. 

President of the Board of Education Rt. Hon. Auoustine Birrell, k.c, m.p. 

Postmaster-General Rt. Hon. Sydney C. Buxton, m.p. 

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster ... Rt. Hon. Sir Henry H.Fowler, g.c.s.i.,m.p. 

The above form the Cabinet. 

First Commissioner of Works Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcourt, m.p. 

Paymaster-General Rt. Hon. Richd. K. Causton, m.p. 

/ Joseph A. Pease, m.p. 

Other Lord, of Hi, Majors Treasury... f * ' 

\ Capt. Cecil W. Norton, m.p. 

Joint Secretaries to the Treasury j Reginald McKenna, m.p. 

( George Whiteley, m.p. 
' Adml. of the Fleet Sir John Arbuthnot 
Fish br, g.cb. 

Vice-Adml. Sir Chas. C. Drury, k.c.b., 

Capt. Hy. Bradwardine Jackson, r.n. 

Capt. Fredk. S. Inglefield, r.n. 
^Geo. Lambert, m.p. 

Secretary to the Admiralty Rt. Hon. Edmund Robertson, k.c, m.p. 

Under-Sec. of State, Home Department.. Herbert L. Samuel, m.p. 

Under-Sec. of State, Foreign Depart Lord Edmond G. P. FitzMaurice, m.p. 

Under-Sec.of State, Colonial Department Winston L. S. Churchill, m.p. 
Under-Sec. of State, War Department ... Earl of Portsmouth 
Under-Sec.of State, India Department.... Rt. Hon. John Edwd. Ellis, m.p. 
Financial Secretary of War Department. Thos. Rybcjrn Buchanan, m.p. 

Pari. Sec. to the Board of Trade Hudson E. Kearley, m.p. 

Pari. Sec. to Local Government Board ... Walter Runciman, jun., M.p. 

Pari. Sec. to Board of Education Thos. Lough, m.p. 

Attorney-General Sir John Lawson Walton, knt., k.c, m.p. 

Solicitor-General Sir Wm. Snowdon Robson, knt., k.c, m.p 

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland H. E., Rt. Hon. Earloe Aberdeen, g.c.m.g. 

Lord Chancellor of Ireland Rt. Hon. Lord Justice (S.) Walker 

Attorney-General for Ireland Richd. Robt. Cherry, k.c 

Solicitor-General for Ireland Redmond Barry, k.c. 

Lord Advocate for Scotland Rt. Hon. Thomas Shaw, k.c, m.p. 

Solicitor-General for Scotland Alex. Ure, k.c, m.p. 

Lord Steward of the Household Rt. Hon. Earl of Liverpool 

Lord Chamberlain Rt. Hon. Viscount Althorp 

Vice-Chamberlain Wentworth C. B. Beaumont, m.p. 

Master of the Horse Rt. Hon. Earl of Sefton. 

Other Lords of the Admiralty. 






Apcar, Apcar Alexander, c.s.i. (190(5). 

Archer, maj. Charles, c.i.k. (1906) ; b. 
1863; Zhob Valley expdn. 1890, maj. 
1901, Ind. army. 

Bell, Nicholas Dodd Beatson, CLE. 

Bradley, Herbert, c.s.i. (1906). 

Cleveland, Chas. Raitt,c.i.B. (1906), 
entd. I.C.S. 1887, insp.-gen. of police 
and prisons, Central Prov. from 1901. 

Clogrstoun, Herbert Cunningham, 
CLE. (1906). 

Douie, Jas. McCrone, c.s.i. (1906), 

entd. I.C.S. 1876, chief sec. to govt., 
Punjab from 1900. 

Fergruson-Davie, capt. Arthur Fras., 
c.i.E. (1906), D.s.o. (1898), s. of W. A. 
Ferguson-Davie, CB. ; b. 1867; served 
with Waziristan expdn. 1894-5, Chitral 
expdn. 1895, Tirah 1897-8, S. African 
war 1901, N.W. Frontier of India 1901 : 
Naval and Military club. 

FitzGerald, Percy Seymour, c.s.i. 
(1906), pol. agent, Mahi Kantha, India 

Harris, lady. dau. of 5 earl of 
Malmesbury ; b. 1906. 


Alston, Wm. Chas. [vide p. 72) ; D.L. 


Althorp, 1 vise. (1905, U.K.). Chas. 
Rt. Spencer, P.O., v.d., 2 s. of 4 earl 
Spencer ; b. 1857; to. 1887, hon. Margaret, 
2 dau. of 1 baron ReveNtoke, b. 1868 ; 
is heir pres. to his bio., D.L., J.i\ 
Northants, maj. 1 vol. battn. Northants 
regt. from 1904, groom-in- waiting to 
Queen Victoria in 1886, vice-chamberlain 
of H.M.'s household 1*92-5, M.P. (l.) 
N. Northamptonshire 1880-5, Mid divn. 
1885-9f) and 1900-5, lord chamberlain of 
His Majesty's household from 1905, 
raised to the peerage 1905 : 28 St. James's 
pi. S.W. ; Brooks's, Turf and Marl- 
borough clubs ; Dallington House, 
Northampton (in lieu of entry under 
Spencer, rt. hon. Chas. Rt.). 

Arkwrigrht, John Stanhope {vide p. 
87); m. Dec. 21, 1905, Helen Muriel 
Stephanie, youngest dau. of Stephen 
Robinson, of Lynhales, Kington, Here- 

Ashbrook, viscountess, wife of vise. 
Asbbrook {vide p. 92) ; <Z..Jan. 5, 1906. 

Beauchamp. earl (vide p. 146) ; ga- 
zetted p.c. Jan. 9, 1906. 

Browne, maj. -gen. Arthur Geo. Fredc. 
(vide p. 239) : gazetted col. 4 Gurkha 
Rifles, Ind. army, Jan. 1, 1906. 

Carpentaria, 1 bp. of (1900), rt. rev. 
Gilbert White, m.a. Oxon., s. of late rev. 
F. G. White, of Leusdon Vicarage, Ash- 
burton; b. 1859; !>[>. of Carpentaria, 
Australia from 1900: Thursday Island, 
Queensland (in lieu of entry on p. 292). 

Desborougrh, lord (1 baron 1906, 
i-K.). Wm. Henry Grenfell, b.a. Oxon., 

eld. s. of Chas. Wm. Grenfell, m.p. (d. 
1861), by G., dau. of late rt. hon. Wm. 
Sebright Lascelles, M.p. and grandson 
of C. Pascoe Grenfell, M.P. ; b. 1855 ; to. 
1887, Ethel A. P., only dau. of late hon. 
Julian H. C. Fane, by dau. of 6 earl 
Cowper ; was special correspondent for 
Daily Telegraph at Suakin ; j.p. Bucks 
(sheriff 1889) and Berks, d.l. Tower 
Hamlets, high steward of Maidenhead, 
memb. Thames Conservancy board from 
1896, m.p. (L.) Salisbury 1880-2 and 
1885-6, city of Hereford 1892-3 (c.) S. 
Bucks 1900-6, raised to the peerage 
1906 : Turf and Travellers' clubs Tap- 
low Court, Taplow, Bucks (in lieu of 
entry on p. 667). 

Dundas, lord George Heneage Law- 
rence (vide p. 489); to. Dec. 23, 1905, 
Ivy, dau. of late col. Hanley. 

Dyson, Frank Watson, f.r.s., s. of 
rev. Watson Dyson, of Measham, Derby- 
shire ; b. 1868 | to. 1904, Caroline Bisset, 
datt. of Palemon Best, M.B., J.P., of 
Louth, Lines ; chief assist. R. Observa- 
tory, Greenwich 1891-1905, astronomer 
royal for Scotland and prof, of astro- 
nomy in Edinburgh Univ. from 1905 : 
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (in lieu 
of entry on p. 497). 

FitzMaurice,lord (1 baron 1906,u.K.). 
Edmond George Petty-FitzMaurice, s. of 
4 marq. of Lansdowne ; b. 1846 ; to. 1889, 
Caroline, dau. (marriage annulled 1894) 
of W. J. Fitzgerald, of Litchfield, Con- 
necticut ; M.A. Cantab., J.P. Wilts (chm. 
of 0.0. and 2nd chm. of quart, sess.) ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, m.p. (l) Calne 
1868-85, Wilts (Cricklade divn.) 1898- 



1905, memb. European commn. for the 
organization of E. Roumelia 1880 ; under- 
sec, of state for foreign affairs 1882-5 and 
from 1905; Second British Plenipo. at 
the Danubian conference in London,1883, 
raised to the peerage 1906 : Brooks's 
dub ; Leigh House, Bradford, Wilts (in 
lieu of entry on p. 567). 

Fox, Fras Hugh (vide p. 589) ; m. 
Jan. 9, 1906, Lilo, dau. of late Richd. 
Sarell, M.D., F.R.C.S., of Censtantinopl . 

Gr!anusk, lord (2 baron 1899, U.K.). 
sir Joseph Hy. Russell Bailey, 3 bart. 
(1852), D.s.o., eld. s. of 1 baron (d. 1906) ; 
6. 1864 ; m. 1890, Editha E., dau. of late 
maj. Warden Sergison, of Cuckfield 
Pai k, Sussex, D.L., J. p. ; J.P. Breconshire 
(lord lieut. from 1905), served in S. 
African war 1900, maj. grren. gds. 1901-3, 
commdt. gds. depot 1901-3, ret. 1903, 
adj t. City of London Impl. vol. S. Africa 
1900, lt.-col. commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) S. 
Wales Bord. from 1904 (Heir, s. hon. 
Wilfred R. Bailey) : Peterstone Court, 
Brecon ; Glanusk Park. Crickhowell (in 
lieu of entries on pp. 107 and 628). 

Haversham, lord(l baron 1906.U.K.). 
sir Arthur Divert Ha\ ter, 2 bart. (1858), 
p.C. (1891), only s. of 1 bart., P.O., Q.C., 
m.p. (d. 1878) : b. 1835 ; m. 1866, Henri- 
etta, dau. of late Adrian J. Hope, and 
niece of late rt. hon. A. J. Beresford- 
Hope, m.p. ; m.a. Oxon., late capt. gren. 
gds., d.l., j.p. Berks, J. p. Somerset, lt.- 
col. London rifle brig. 1872-81, a jun. lord 
of the ireas. 1880-2; finanl. sec. at war 
office 1882-5; M.p (l.) Wells 1865-8, 
Bath 1873-85, Walsall 1893-5 and 1900-5, 
raist d to the peerage 1906 : 9 Grosvenor 
sq. W. ; Travellers', Brooks's and 
Devonshire clubs ; South Hill Park, 
Easthampstead, Bracknell. Berks; Tre- 
vena, Tintagel, Cornwall (in lieu of 
entry on p. 731). 

Hemphill, lord (1 baron 1906, tt.k.). 
Chas. Hare Hemphill, p.C. (Irel. 1895), 
K.C., s. of John Hemphill, of Cashel and 
Rathkenny, co. Tipperary (d. 1833) ; m. 
1849, Augusta M., younger iia,u.(d. 1899) 
of late hon. sir Fras. C. Stanbope, K.H. 
and granddau. of 3 earl of Harrington ; 
Irish barr. 1845, y.c. 1860, bencher of 
King's Inns, J.P. cos. Dublin, Tipperary 
and Wicklow, H.M.'s first serje*nt-at- 
law 1882, s.G. for Ireland 1892-5, m.p. 
(l.) N. Tyrone 1895-1905, raised to the 
peerage 1906 : 65 Merrion sq. Dublin ; 
Clifton, Shankill, co. Dublin ; Reform, 
National Liberal, Roy. St. George Yacht 
and St. Stephen's Green (Dublin) clubs 
(in lieu of entry on p. 739). 

Hillier, sir Walter Caine, k.c.m.u. 
(vide p. 761); m. Jan. 11, 1906, Marion 
Ellen, dau. of late sir Chas. Umpherston 
Aitchison, K.C.s.l. 

Leigh Pemberton, lady. wife of 
sir Edward Leigh- Pemberton (aide p. 
919); d. Jan. 5, 1906. 

Loreburn, lord (1 baron 1906, U.K). 
sir Robert Threshie Reid, P.C. (1905), 
g.C.m.g. (1899), K.C., b.a. Oxon., 2 s. 
of late sir Jas. John Reid, of Mouswald 
Place, Dumfriesshire, by dau, of R. 
Threshie,of Barubarroch,Dumf riesshire ; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1871, Emily Douglas, dau. 
(d. 1904) of capt. A. C. Fleming ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1871, bencher 1890, q.c. 
1882, s.G. in 1894, a.g. 1894-5, J.P. (1897) 
Kent and (1898) Cinque Ports, m.p. (l.) 
Hereford 1880-5, Dumfries Burghs 1886- 
1905, knighted 1894, lord high chancellor 
from 1905, raised to the peerage 1906 : 
8 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 1 Temple gdns. E.C. ; 
Brooks's and National Liberal clubs ; 
Kingsdown House, Dover (in lieu of 
entry under Reid, rt. hon, sir Robert 


Barrow, dow.-lady. Rosamond (vide 
p. 1H1) ; d Jan. 9, 1906. 

Blomefield, lady. Fanny (vide p. 
187) ; d. Jan. 9, 1906. 

Bonham-Carter, mrs. Mary Withers 
(vide p. 195) ; d. Jan. 6, 1906. 

Carey, col. Wm, C.B. (vide p. 289) ; d. 
Dec 19, 1906. 

Carringrton, very rev. Henry (vide 
]>. 294) ; </. .Ian. 2, 1906. 

Davies, David Griffith (vide p. 427) \ 
d. .Jan. 1, 1906. 

Dunne, sir John (vide p. 492) ; d. Jan. 
5, 1906. 

Ewart, sir Joseph (vide p. 533) ; d. 
Jan. 10, 1906. 

G-aussen, capt. Robt. Geo. (vide p. 
616) ; d. Jan. 10, 1906. 

Glanusk, lord (vide p. 628) ; d. Jan. 
6, 1900. 

Merriman, gen. Chas. Jas. (vide p, 
1048) j d. Jan. 4, 1906. 




ifbi S&\M and (tftiriat (ftlasaw, 


Ababrelton, Robert, F.R.6.S., k.s.s.. 

.r.e.s., sec. lands commsn. (Natal) from 
and lands board from 1902 : Pieter- 
iritzburg, Natal. 
Abadie, maj.-gen. Henry Kichd., c.n. 
(1891); b. 1841 ; served in Abyssinian 
campaign 1867-8 ; Afghan war 1879-80 ; 
commd. 9 lancers 1881-7, 87 regtl. dist. 
(R. Irish Fus.) 1890-4 ; commdt. cavalry 
depot at Canterbury 1894-7, commd g. 
Eastern dist. 1899-1900, special service 
W. C. of Africa in 1900,lt.-gov. of Jersey 
lnOO-l, maj.-geu. 1897 ; ret. p. 1904, hon. 
col. Cadet corps (Victoria coll. Jersey) 
Channel Islands mil. from 1904 : United 
Service club. 

Abbey, Edwin Austin, k.a. (1898). 
A.R.A.. (1896) ; s.of Wm. Abbey, of Phila- 
delphia, U.S.A. ; b. 1852 : Chelsea Lodge, 
Tite st. S.W. ; Morgan Hill, Fairford, 
S.O. G-los. 

Abbott, col. Hy. Alexius, c.B. (1898), 
4 s. of late maj.-gen. Augustus Abbott, 
CB., Bengal artill.; b. 1849; m. L883, 
Isabella A., 2 dau. of Robt. L:iing, of 
Kinder, Kirkcudbrightshire ; served 
in Afghan war 1878-80, at Candahar; 
Soudan campaign 1885 ; Miranzai 
axpdu. 1*91 in commd. 15 Sikhs; 
operations on N.W. frontier, India 
1897-8 ; temp. brig. -gen. on staff in India 
1903, Ind. army. 

Abbott, Wm. Geo., s. of late Wm. 
Abbott; b. 1836: m. 1867, Fanny, dau. 
of late John Sims ; actg. consul at 
Erzeroora 1856-7 ; attached as sec-inter- 
preter to H.M.'s commsn. for settlement 
of Turco-Russian boundary in Asia 

Minor ; act. consul at the Dardanelles 
IN 58-60; empJyd. in embassy at Con- 
stantinople in 1862, as priv. sec. to sir 
Hy. Bulwer (afterwards lord Dalling 
[ and Bulwer) ; actg. consul-gen. at 
Tabreez, Persia 1863-4 ; emplyd. on 
special service on shores of Caspian sea, 
and at headquarters of Persian army at 
Asterabad, operating against Turcoman 
tribes ; consul at Resht 1865-75 ; consul- 
gen, at Tabreez 1875-89 ; directed to 
proceed to Urumiah in 1880 to inquire 
into condition of the Nestorian Christians 
and present when that town was in- 
vested by the Kurds ; transferred to Rio 
de Janeiro 1889, ret. 1895: Oriental club. 

Abbott, maj.-gen. Wm. Hy., lt.-col. 
commndg. (col. 1885) 1 battn. R. Munster 
Fus. 1883-7 ; ret. p. 1887 : St. Ives, Allen- 
dale rd. Burnh im S.O. Somerset. 

Abbott, lady. Edith, dau. of J. Solo- 
mon ; m. 1883, as his 2 wife, hon. sir 
Joseph Palmer Abbott, k.c.m.g., speaker 
of N. S. Wales legisl. assembly 1892-1900 
(d. 1901) : Tarella, St. Leonard's, N. 
Sydney, N. S. Wales. 

Abbs, Hy. Cooper, eld. survg. s. of C. 
Abbs, of Monks wearmouth (d. 1872) ; 
birr. Inner Temple 1868 ; j.p. co. Dur- 

Abdy, capt. Anthony Chas. Sykes, 2 
s. of sir Thos. Neville Abdy, 1 bt. M.P. (d. 
1877); b. 1848 ; m. 1886, hon. Alexandrina 
Victoria, 4 dau. of 4 baron Macdonald, b. 
1860 ; served in Egyptian war 1882, mily. 
attache at Vienna 1885, capt. .ate 2 life 
gds. heir pres. to baronetcy : 10 Lowndes 

sq. S.W. 




Abdy, sir William Neville, 2 bart. 
(1849), eld. s. of 1 bart. (d. 1877) ; b. 
1844 ; m. 1883. Marie Therese Petritzka, 
of Prague (d. 1902); 2, 1902, Eliza Sarah, 
dau. (marriage dissolved 1905) of late I 
Oscar Wm. Beech; J.P. Essex (sheriff 
1884) {Heir, bro. capt. Anthony C. S., 
q.v.) : 66 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton 

A'Beckett, lady. Susannah Emily, 
dau. of late Benjn. Eccleston ; to. 1864, 
sir Albert A'Beckett, knt., assist, 
accountant-gen. of the Army 1898-1904 
(d. 1904) : 6 Brompton sq. S.W. 

Abercorn, 2 duke of (1868, lr.). James 
Hamilton, K.G., P.c. (Irel.), C.B., eld. s. of 1 
duke, K.G., P.c. (d. 1885) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1869, 
lady Mary A. dau. of 1 earl Howe ; 2nd 
tit." and sits as marq. of Hamilton 
(1790, Gt. B.); M.A. Oxon., kt. of the 
Dannebrog order, and of St. Anne of 
Russia, Iron Crown of Austria, hon. col. 
Donegal mil. 1860-91, and of North of 
Ireland I. Y. from 1903, lord of the bed- 
chamber to the Prince of Wales (Edward 
VII.)1866-86,groom of the stole toH.R.H. 
1886-1901, lord lieut. co. Donegal, J.P. 
co. Tyrone, m.p. (c.) Donegal 1860-80 
(Heir, s. marq. of Hamilton, q.v.) : 8.5 
Park st. G-rosvenor sq. W. ; Carlton, 
White's, Travellers', Turf, St. Stephen's, 
Marlborough andSackville Street (Dub- 
lin) clubs; Baron's Court,Tyrone,Ireland. 

Abercromby, lord (4 baron 1801,u.k.) 
George Ralph Campbell Abercromby, 
eld. s. of 3 baron (d. 1852) ; b. 1838 ; 
to. 1858, lady Julia J. (one of Queen 
Victoria's ladies of the bedchamber in 

ordny. 18 85), dau. of 2 earl of Cam- 

perdown, b. 1840 ; J.P. co. Stirling, n.L., 
J.P. co. Clackmannan (Heir, bro. hon. 
John, q.v.) : 14. G-rosvenor st. W. ; Turf 

Abercromby, sir George William, 8 
bart. (1636), eld. s. of 7 bart. (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1886 ; chief of the clan Abercromby 
(Heir, bro. Robt. A., 6. 1895) : 2 It. 
3 battn. (mil.) Gordon highrs. from 1904: 
Forglen House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. 

Abercromby, hon. John, 2 s. of 3 
baron Abercromby ; b. 1841 ; late capt. 
rifle brigade ; heir presumptive to his 
brother : 62 Palmerston pi. Edinburgh. 

Abercromby(rt. hon. ),lady. Wife of 
1 baron Abercromby : 39 Charles st. 
Berkeley sq. \Y. 

Aberdare, lord (2 baron 1873, U.K.) 
Hiiiiy Campbell Bruce, v.n., eld. s. of 1 
Imp. i*i, (i.o.B., P.C. (d. 1896); b. 1851; 
>i>. 1880, Constance Mary, dau. of late 
Hamilton Beckett, by dau. of 1 and last 
baron Lyndhurst ; n.L., j. p. Glamorgan* 

shire, J.P. Hants., maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1900) 
3 vol. battn. Welsh regt. 1899-1901 
(Heir, s. hon. Hy. Lyndhurst Bruce, q.v.): 
83 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Duffryn, Mountain 
Ash, S. Wales ; Longwood, Winchester. 

Aberdeen, 7 earl of (1682, sco.). John 
Campbell Gordon, P.C. (1886) G.O.M.G. 
(1895), P.S.A.; b. 1847; to. 1877, hon. Ishbel 
Maria (LL.n. Queen's Univ. Kingston 
Canada), dau. of 1 baron Tweedmouth 
sits as vise. Gordon (1814, U.K.); 2nd tit. 
vise. Formartine and baron Haddo ; 
M.A. Oxon, LL.n. M'Gill University, 
Montreal, Queen's University, Kingston, 
Ont., PriDcetown Univ. U.S.A. and Har- 
vaid Univ. U.S.A. ; D.L. Aberdeen City ; 
lord-lieut. of Aberdeenshire from 1880 ; 
Lord High commr. to gen. Assem- 
bly of Church of Scotland, 1881-2-3- 
4-5, lord-lieut. of Ireland Feb. to Aug. 
1886, and from 1905, hon. col. 1 Aberdeen- 
shire R. G. A. (vols.) from 1838, v.p. R. 
Colonial Inst, from 1891, gov. -gen. of 
Canada 1 893-8 ; discontinued the sur- 
name of Hamilton in 1900 (Heir,s. lord 
Haddo, q.v.) : 58 Grosvenor st. W. ; 
Brook's and Bachelors' clubs ; Haddo 
House, Aberdeen ; The Lodge, Tarland, 
N. B. ; Coldstream, Vernon, B. Columbia. 

Aberdeen and Orkney, bp. of. rt. 
rev. ; bp. of Aberdeen and Orkney from 
1905 : Bishop's Court, Aberdeen. 

Aberdour,lord. Sholto Chas. Douglas, 
eld. s. of earl of Morton ; b. 1878 ; to. 1905, 
Minnie Christina Brenda, dau. of adml. 
of the fleet lord John Hay, G c.B.; capt. 4 
battn. (mil.) Oxford L. I. 1899-1902, 
capt. Lothians and Berwickshire I. Y. 
from 1902. 

Abergavenny, 1 marq. of (1876, 
U.K.). William Nevill, k.g. (1886), eld. 
s. of rev. 4 earl of Abergavenny (d. 
1868) ; b. 1826 ; to. 1848, Caroline 
(d. 1892), dau. of sir J. Vanden- 
Bempde-Johnstone, 2 bart. ; 2nd tit. earl 
of Lewes ; formerly in 2nd life guards, 
capt. W. Kent I. Y. 1850-3, hon. col. 
from 1875, and of Sussex I. Y. from 
1901 ; j.p. Sussex (h.m.'s lieut. 1892-1906) 
and Kent (Heir, s. earl of Lewes, q.v.) : 
Carlton club ; Eridge Castle, Tunbridge 
Wells ; Nevill Hall, Abergavenny. 

Abernethy, Geo. Neill, M.inst. c.e., 
2 s. of Jas. Abernethy, Past Pres. mst. 
O.K., f.r.s.e., of Whiteness, Kent: b. 
1854 ; to. 1883; J.P. (1901) Surrey : 4 
Delahay st. Westminster, S.W. ; Jun. 
Carlton and Whitehall clubs ; Broom 
Hall, Oxshott, Leatherhead. 

Abingdon,? earl of (1682, Eng.). Mon- 
tagu Arthur Bertie, eld. s. of 6 earl (d. 
; b, 1836 ; to. 1, eld. dau. and co* 




heir (d. 1873) of Charles Towneley of 
Towneley, Lancashire ; 2, 1883, Gwende- 
line Mary, dau. of late lt.-geo. hon. sir 
J. C. Dormer, K.C.B. and sis. of 13 
baron Dormer ; 2nd tit. baron Norreys; 
lt.-col. comtndt. Berks, mil. 1863-80, hon. 
col. from 1880. J. P., D.L. Berks, J.P. 
Oxon., heir pres. to earldom of Lindsey, 
high steward of Abingdon (Heir, s. lord 
Norreys : Carlton and Travellers' clubs ; 

ytham Abbey, Oxford. 

Abingrer, lord (5 baron 1835, U.K.). 

elley Leopold Lawrence Scarlett, s. 
of lt.-col. Leopold Jas. Y. C. Scaidett 
(d. 1888), and consin to 4 baron (d. 1903) ; 
b. 1872 ; m, 1899, Lila L. C, dan. of late 
rt. hon. sir Win, White, O.C.R., (i.c.M.u . 
and widow of late kammerherr C. E. de 
Geijer, of Swedish diplomatic service ; 
hon. attache to legation at Berne 1894, 
at Stockholm 1897, capt. .'> battn. (mil.) 
Bedfordshire regt. from 1897, J.r. (l'JOV) 
Hants (Heir, bro., hon. R. B. C. Scarlett, 
g.v.) : Carlton, Jun. United Service, 
Wellington and Garrick clubs; Boscombe 
Manor, Bournemouth ; Arun Bouse, 

Abingrer (rt. hon.) lady. Helen, dau. 
of comm. Magruder, U.S. navy ; in. 
1863, lt.-gen. 3 baron Abinger, o.B. (d. 
1892) : 40 Cornwall gdns. S.W. ; Red- 
ford, Ocklev, Dorking ; Inverlochy 
Castle, Fort "William, N.B. 

Abney, sir Wiveledie,,, D.C.L., P.R.S., eld. 8. of late rev. 
preb. Edward Hy. Abney. vicar of St. 
Alkmunds, co. Derby ; b. 1843 ; m. 1. 1864 
Agnes M. youngest dau. (d. 1888) of 
Edwd. Win. Smith, of Tickton Hall, 
Yorks ; 2, 1890, Mary Louisa, dau. of late 
rev. E. Mead, d.d., of St. Mary's, Scar- 
boro', U.S.A. ; ret. capt. u.E .. J. P. (189(5) 
Derbyshire and Leicestershire, ex-pres. 
R. Astronl. Soc, ex-pres. Physical Soc, 
ex-pres. Roy. Photographic Soc, direc- 
tor for science, science and art dept. 
1893-9, princ. asst. sec. Board of Educa- 
tion (secondary branch, South Kensing- 
ton) 1899-1903, adviser to Board of 
Educn. in matters connected with science 
from 1903 : Rathmore Lodge, Bolton 
gdns. south, S.W. ; Athenaeum club ; 
Measham Hall, Leicestershire. 

Aboyne, earl of (title which would 
be borne bv eld. s. if any living, of marq. 
of Huntly). 

Abraham, John Geo., J. p. (1900) Ox- 
fordshiie: Lower Court, Chadlington, 
Charlbury S.O. Oxon. 

Abraham, Win., s. of T. Abraham, 
a working collier ; b. 1842 ; is a Welsh 
"bard," and commonly known by his 

bardic name " Mabon," worked in the 
mines at 10 years of age, a miners' 
agent from 1873, v.p. of the S. Wales 
and Monmouthshire Conciliation Board, 
Pres. S.Wales Miners' Federation, treas. 
Miners' Federation of G.B., j.p. Glamor- 
ganshire, m.p. (l.) Glamorganshire 
(Rhondda divn.) from 1885 : Bryn-y- 
Bedw, Pentre S.O. Glam. ; "Westminster 
Palace Hotel, S.W. 

Abraham, Wm. ; 6.1840 ; m.p. (n.) W. 
Limerick 1885-92, N. E. Cork from 1893: 
7 Cheverton rd. Hornsey rise, N. 

Abrahams, Lionel, only s. of M. Abra- 
hams, Landon ; b. i860; ti. 1896, Lucy, 
dau. of N. 8. Joseph, London ; asst. 
financial sec. at India office 1901-2 and 
sec. from 1902 : 18 Porchester terr. W. ; 
India office, S.W. 

Acheson, vise. Archibald Charles 
Brabazon Montagu Acheson, eld. s. of 4 
earl of Gosford ; b. 1877 ; in S. African 
war 1899-1901, a.d.c. to maj.-gen. G. T. 
Pretyman (milv. gov. of Kimberley) 
19u0, It. Coldst. gds. 1899-1902. 

Acheson, maj.-gen. hon. Edwd. Archi- 
bald Brabazon, s. of 3 earl of Gosford, 
K.P.; b. 1844; m. 1869, Clementina, dau. 
of late gen. sir Gaspard Le Marchant, 
K.C.B., H.c.M.u. ; maj. and lt.-col. (col. 
1886) coldst. gds. 1882-7; ret. p. 1887 
with rank of maj.-gen. : Travellers' club. 

Acheson, hon. Patrick Geo. Edward 
Cavendish, M.v.o. 5 class (1904), s. of 
4 earl of Gosford; b. 1883 ; It. R.N. 1904. 

Acheson, lady Mary ; lady Theodosia 
Louise A. ; dans, of 4 earl of Gosford. 

Acheson, lady Edith, dau. of 3 earl 
of Gosford : 71 Denbigh at. S.W. 

Achonry, bp. (it.o.) of, rt. rev. John 
Lyster, D.D. eld. 8. of Patrick Lyster, of 
Lysterfield, co. Roscommon ; b. 1850 ; 
bp. (u.c.) of Achonry from 1888 : The 
Abbey, Ballaghadereen S.O. co. Ros- 

Ackers, Benj. St. John, only survg. 
s. of Jas. Ackers, of Prinknash Park, m.p. 
(d. 1868) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1861, Louisa M. J. 
dau. of late C. Brooke Hunt, of Bowden 
Hall, Glo'stershire, J.P., D.L. : is d.l., 
j.p. Glo'stershire (sheriff 1904), M.p. (c.) 
W. Glo'stershire in 1885 : Carlton club ; 
Huntley Manor, Gloucester. 

Ackers, mrs. Harriott 8. 2 dau. of late 
H. W. Hutton, Beverley, Yorks ; m. 1838, 
G. H. Ackers, of Moreton Hall, Cheshire, 
J. p., d.l. [d. 1872) : 15 Hyde Park terr. 
W. ; Moreton Hall, Congieton. 

Ackland, Dudley John Innes, eld. s. 
of Rt. Dudley Ackland, 2 drag, gds., of 
Boulston, Pembrokeshire, J.P. (d. 1881); 
b. 1848 ; m. 1877, Frances M. 3 dau. (d. 



1886) of late Edward Huuie Sniedley, 
dist. judge of Kandy, Ceylon ; J.P., d.l. 

Ackroyd, vide Rawson-Ackroyd. 
Ackroyd, Geo., 2 s. of Geo. Ackroyd, 
of Bradford, Yorks ; b. 1851 ; m. 1902, 
Susan P., dau. of H. G. Earnsbaw, of 
Court St. Lawrence, Monmouthshire ; 
J. p. (1905) W.R. Yorks: Harden Hall, 

Ackroyd, Wm., eld. s. of late Thos. 
Ackroyd, Oakroyd Hall, Birkenshaw (d. 
1877) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1880, Eleanor, only 
dau. of W. M. Micklethwaite, of The 
Grove, Upper Hopton, Yorks ; J. P. W.R. 
Yorks : Nantau, Dixon la. Wortley, 

Ackroyd, lady. Mary,eld.dau.of late 
Hy. Wm. Lucas ; m. 1880, sir Edwd. Jas. 
Ackroyd, knt., late puisne judge of 
supreme court, Hong Kong (d. 1904) : 
Hove, Brighton. 

Acland, Alfred Dyke, youngest s. of 
sir Henry Wentworth Acland, 1 hart., 
K.c.B. (d. 1900) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1885, hon. 
Beatrice Danvers, dau. of 1 viscountess 
Hambleden ; maj. R. 1 Devon I. Y. 
from 1902 : 3 Cadogan sq. S.W. 

Acland, rt. hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke 
P.O., m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 2 s. of rt. hon. 
sir Thos. Dyke Acland, 11 bart. P.c, 
M.P., D.L., J.P., (d. 1898) ; b. 1847; 
m. 1873, Alice S. eld. dau. of rev. Fras. 
M. Cunningham, rect. of Witney, Oxon. ; 
sen. bursar of Balliol Coll. and steward 
of Christ Church, Oxford, from 1877, 
v.p. of comm. of council on educ. 1892-5, 
M.P. (L.) W.R. (Southern divn.) Yorks 
(Rotherhatn divn.) 1885-99, heir pres. 
to baronetcy : 29 St. James' court, Buck- 
ingham gate, S.W. ; 2 Weaponness park, 
Scarborough ; Athenaeum, Reform and 
National Liberal clubs. 

Acland, sir Chas. Thos. Dyke, 12 
bart. (1644), M.A Oxon ; eld. s. of 
11 bart., P.O., M.P., d.l., J. p. (d. 1898) ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1879, Gertrude, 3 dau. of 
sir John Walrond, 1 bart., by youngest 
dau. of 2 baron Bridport ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1869 ; dept. warden of the Stan- 
naries, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 1 Devon 
yeom. 1883-93; capt. Devon mounted 
rifles 1866-77 ; J. P. Cornwall, D.L., J.p. 
Somerset and Devon (sheriff 1903, C.A. 
from 1889) ; sec. to board of trade and 2 
Church estates commr. in 1886, M.p. (l.) 
East Cornwall 1882-5, North Eastern 
divn. 1866-99 (Heir, bro. rt. hon. Arthur 
H. D., q.v.) : Athenaeum and Travellers' 
clubs ; Killerton, Exeter ; Holnicote, 

Acland, capt. John Edwd., M.A.Oxon., 
2 s. of Arthur Hy. Dyke Troyte (formerly 
Acland), of Huntsham, Devon (d. 1857) 
and grands, of sir Thos. Dyke Acland, 
10 bart., M.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1882, 
Norah L. Nugent, dau. of Hy. Hyde 
Nugent Bankes; is J.P. (1900) Dorset; 
capt. late staff recruiting officer : Wol- 
I as ton House, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Acland, Reginald Brodie Dyke, K.C., 
m.a. Oxon., 5 s. of sir Hy. Wentworth 
Acland, 1 bart., K.c.B., m.d., LL.d., D.c.l., 
p.r.s. (d. 1900) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, Helen 
E., dau. of rev. Thos. Fox, rect. of 
Temple Combe, Somerset ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1881, k.c. 1904, jun. couusel to 
the Admiralty 1897-1904. rec. of Shrews- 
bury 1901-3, of Oxford from 1903, judge 
advocate of the fleet from 1904, j.p. 
(1900) Berks : Hornton Cottage, Hornton 
street, Kensington, W. ; 2 Hare court, 
Temple, E.C. ; Cold Ash, nr. Newbury. 

Acland, vice-adml. sir Wm. Alison 
Dyke, 2 bt. (1890), c.v.o. (1903), P.R.G.s., 
eld. s. of sir Hy. W. Acland, 1 bart., k.c.b. 
(d. 1900) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1887, hon. Emily 
Anna, dau. of late rt. hon. W. H. Smith, 
M.P., and 1 viscountess Hambleden, at- 
tached to Chilian army in war between 
Chili and Peru 1881 ; dep. commnr. Pacific 
1884; a.d.c. to Queen Victoria 1896-9; 
adml. suptd. Gibraltar 1902-4; vice- 
adml. 1904; J.P. (1887) Oxfordshire 
and (1905) Devon (Heir, s. Wm. Hy. D., 
b. 1888) : United Service and Athenaeum 
clubs ; Rocklands, Chudleigh S.O., South 

A'Court, vide Holmes- A'Court. 
A'Court Repington, lt.-col. Chas. 
c.M.d. (1900), commdr. order of Leopold, 
eld. s. of Cbas. Hy. Wyndham A'Court 
Repington, of Amington Hall, Warwick- 
shire, M.P. (d. 1903); b. 1858; m. 1882, 
Mdllony Catherine, 2 dau. of late col. 
Scobell, of The Abbey, Pershore, Wore. ; 
served in Afghan war 1878, Nile expdn. 

1898, S. African war 1899-1900, mily. 
attache at Brussels and the Hague 
1900-1, and one of the British delegates 
at the peace conference at the Hague 

1899, lt.-col. (ret. 1901) late Rif. brig. : 
29 Victoria rd. Kensington, W. ; Naval 
and Military club. 

Acton, lord (2 baron 1869, U.K.), sir 
Richd. Maximilian Dalberg-Acton, 9 
bart. (1644), M.v.O. 4 class (1901), eld. 
and only survg. s. of 1 baron, K.c.v.o., 
d.c.l., ll.d., f.s.a., prof, of modern 
history at Cambridge (d. 1902), by- 
Marie, dau. of count Arco Valley ; b. 
1870; m. 1904, Dorothy .only dau. of 
Thos. Hy. Lyon, of Appleton Hall, 



Cheshire, J.P. ; 2 sec. in diplomatic 
service 1900, a lord in waiting to the 
King from 1905 : Oberhofen. Switzer- 
land; Aldenham Park, Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Acton, Augustus Wood-, s. of late J. 
Wood, of Martock, Somerset, by Mary, 
ni-ce of T. P. Stackhouse- Acton ; 6.1842: 
m. 1880, Laura Charlotte, dau. of rev. R 
Surtees, vicar of Holtby, Yorks ; J.r. 
Somerset and Salop, J.P., d.l. Hereford- 
shire; assumed additional name of Acton 
by royal licence in 1874 : Arthur's club ; 
Acton ScottHall,Church Stretton, Salop. 

Acton, capt. Edwd. Wm. Fredk., eld. 
s. of It. -col. E. F. Acton of Gatacre Park, 
Salop, J.P., D.L. (d. 1890) ; b. 1834 m. 
1855, Helen, dau. (d. 1887) of W. P. 
Ranney, of St. John's, N. Brunswick ; 
J.P. Salop ; capt. late 76 foot : Consti- 
tutional club ; The Leasowes, Bridg- 

Acton, Thos., eld. s. of lt.-col. Wm. 
Acton, of West Aston, co. Wicklow, 
M.P., D.L., J.P. (c/. 1851) ; b. 1826 ; D.L., 
J.P co. Wicklow (sheriff 1857) : Kilma- 
curragh, R ithdrum, co. Wicklow. 

Acton, Thos. Vincent, 2 s. of Wm. 
Joseph Acton, of Wolverton Hall, 
Worcestershire ; b. 1836 ; m. 1876, Mar- 
garet, dau. of sir Arnoli Knight, of Six 
Hills, Lincolnshire ; J.P. (19) Wor- 
cestershire ; jun. Conservative club ; 
Berkeley House, verb ury, Tewkesbury. 

Acton, Wm. Robert, eld. s. of W. J. 
Acton, of Wolverton Hall, Worcs. J.P. 
(d. 1871) ; b. 1835 ; m. 1861, Sarah M., 
eld. dau. (<U897) of R. Dind, of Gloster 
HilK Northumb ; j.p. Worcestershire : 
10 Durham villas, Kensington, W 

Acton (rt. hon.)dow. lady. Marie, 
dau. of ount Arco Valley ; m. 1865, 1 
baron Acton. K.c.v.o., u.c.i.., LL.D., 
p.s.a. (d. 1902) : Tegernsee, Bavaria. 

Acton, hon. Annie Catherine Dalberg-, 
'. 1868; hon. Jeanne Marie Dalberg-, b. 
876 da us. of 1 baron Acton. 

Acton, hon. Marie Iininaculee An- 

inette Dalberg-, dan. of 2 baron Acton ; 


Acntt, Ernest Leslie, c.m.u. (1902), 

of late Robt. Acutt ; b. 1855 ; m. 

890, Madeleine C, dau. of Hugh Gil- 

spie ; mayor of Durban 1901 : Berea, 

urban, Natal. 

Acworth, Harry Arbuthnot, c.i.b. 

s. of late N. B. Acworth, of Northaw, 

erts, j.p. ; H. 1849; m. 1880, Anna M. 
G., 2 dau. of col. C. V. Jenkins, B. S. 0. ; 
I. C.S. 1870-96, barr. Lincoln'H Inn 
1870, municipal commr. for city of Bom- 
bay 1890, ret. 1896, J.P. (1900) Worcester- 
shire, The Benhams, Great Malvern. 

Adair, rear-adml. Chas. Hy., b. 18ol ; 
It. of " Helicon " during naval and mily. 
operations in the Eastern Soudan, at 
Suakin 1884-5, a.d.c. to the King 1904-5, 
commd r. reserve divn. at Sheerness and 
Chatham from 1906, rear-adml. 1905. 

Adair, capt. sir Frederick Edwd. 
Shafto, 4 bt. (1838), eld. s. of 3 bt., M.P., 
D.L., J.P. (<*. 1902); b. I860; J.P.Norfolk 
and Suffolk, late capt. 3 battn. Hit". 
brig. (Heir, bro. Robt. Shafto, </./'.) : 
Pratt's, Boodle's, Travellers' and Naval 
and Military clubs ; Flixton Hall, 
Bungay ; The Castle, Ballymena, co. 
Antrim ; Adair Lodge, Aldeburgh, 

Adair, maj.-gen. Henry, s. of maj.- 
gen. T. B. Adair,^c.B. ; b. 1828 ; m. 1, 1858, 
Elizabeth, dau. (d. 1890) of Wm. Naylor, 
of Hartford, Cheshire ; 2. 1892, Catherine 
A., wido*v of genl. Thos. Gerrard Ball 
and youngest dau. of late rev. canon 
Jones, vicar of Llanrhaiader, Denbigh ; 
ret. 1882 as col. marine artill.: 7 Stanley 
pi. Chester-. 

Adair, Robt\ Shafto, B.A.Oxon.. 2 
8. of sir Hugh Edwd. Adair, 3 bt., M.P., 
D.L, J.P. (d 1902); b 1862; m. 1890, 
Mary, dau. of Hy. A. Bos*nquet ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1890. heir pres. to 
baronetcy : 9 Lower Berkeley st. W. 

Adair, lady. Angelique Gabrielle, 
diu. of marq. d'Hagincourt ; m. rt. hon. 
sir Robert Adair, m.p., c.c. a. (d.). 

Adair, mrs. Cornelia, dau. of gen, 
Wads worth, of N. York (d. 1864) ; m. 1, 
1858, col. M. Ritchie {d. 1864); 2, 1867 
John Geo. Adair, of Rathdaire, Queen's 
co., n.L.,J.P. (d.1885) : 30 Curzon st. W. ; 
Glenveagh Castle, nr. Letterkenny, co. 

Adair, lady. Harriet C, eld. dau. of 
late Alex. Adair, of Heatherton, Somer- 
set ; m. 1856, sir Hugh Edwd. Adair, 3 
bt., M.P., D.L., J.p. (d. 1902) : Heather- 
ton, Pembury, Kent. 

Adam, Benjamin Addington, s. of 
Beni. Adam, of Oakham {d. 1890) ; b. 
1850 ; clerk of the peace and county 
council for Rutland : Oakham. 

Adam, hon. lord. James Adam. s. of 
Jas. Adam, 8.8.C. of Scotland; b. 1824; 
m. 1861, Catharine Beatson,dau. of John 
Beatson Bell, of Glenfarg, Perthshire, 
N.B. ; Scotch barr. 1849, judge of session 
(with judicial title of lord Adam) 1876- 
1905 : 34 Moray pi. Edinburgh ; Athen- 
8Bum and New (Edinburgh) clubs. 

Adam, sir Charles Elphinstone,! bart. 
(1882),M.A.Ch.Ch. Oxon, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
Wm. Patrick Adam, of Blair Adam, P.O., 
m.p., c.i.E. (d. 1881); 6.1859; barr. Inner 


Temple 1885, D.L., J.P., C.c. Kinross-shire 
(convener and vice-lieut. from 1893), D.L., 
j.p. Fifeshire ; priv. sec. to parly, sec. of 
treas. 1892-4, to lord privy seal and to 
chanc. of Duchy of Lancaster (lord 
Tweedmouth) 1894-5, : 5 New sq. 
Lincoln's inn, W. C. ; Brooks' United 
University and National Liberal clubs ; 
Blair Adam, and Barns, Kinross, N.B. 

Adam, Ghas. Fox Fredk. s. of gen. rt. 
hon. sir Fredk. Adam, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., 
P.c. (d. 1853) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1877, Juliet, 
dau. of late surg.-gen. Jas. C. Palmer, 
U.S. navy ; sec. to legation at Rio de 
Janeiro 1888-92, at Brussels 1892-7, 
of embassy at Washington 1897-8, at 
Madrid 1898-1904, councillor of embassy 

Adam, sir Frank Forbes, 0.1.1. (1887), 
s. of late James Graham Adam, of Deno- 
van, Stirlingshire ; b. 1846 ; m. 1883, Rose 
Frances, dau. of C. G. Kemball, judge of 
higb court, Bombay, 1870-85, of Metting- 
ham Castle, Suffolk ; trustee of Port of 
Bombay 1884-90, pres. of Bombay 
chamber of commerce 1884-8, pres. of 
Bank of Bombay 18 ; memb. of 
council of gov. of Bombay 1884-90, 
cr. c.i.E. 1886, knighted 1890; pres. Man- 
chester Chamber of Commerce 1894-5 
and 1904, d.l. Lancashire, j.p. Manches- 
ter, chm. of council of Manchester 
Univ. 1904 : E. I. United Service and 
Union clubs ; Mere Old Hall, Knutsford, 

Adam,lady. EmilyE.,C.i.,dau. of gen. 
sir Wm. Wyllie, G.c.B. ; m. 1856, rt. hon. 
W. P. Adam, p.c, M.P., D.L., a lord of the 
treasury 1865-6,1869-73 ; chief commissr. 
of works 1873-4 and in 1880; Liberal 
whip 1864-80 ; gov. of Madras 1880-1 
(d. 1881) ; given 1882 rank of bart.'s 
widow : Wilderness House, Hampton 
Court; Barns, Blair- Adam, N.B. 

Adair.*?, vide Goold- Adams. 

Adams, vide Woollcombe- Adams. 

Adams, Adam, s. of Adam Adams, of 
Lowestoft ; 6. 1834 ; m. 1860, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Dunham J. Hoy, of Mattishall, 
Norfolk; j.p. Suffolk and Lowestoft: 
Gladstone Villa, 94 Denmark rd. Lowes- 

Adams, Chas. Warren, 5 s. of late 
mr. serj. Adams, assist, judge Middlx. 
quart, sess. ; b. 18;>0 ; m. 1, 1861, 
Georgiana A., dau. of rev. Hugh Poison ; 
2, 1885, hon. Mildred M., dau. of 1 baron 
Coleridge ; b. 1847. 

Adams, Geo., 3 s. of Thos. Adams, of 
Lancast Cornwall; b. lsi>3; m. 1890, 
Mary, dau. of Richd. Snell, of Men- 
heniot and Saltash, Cornwall; j.p. 

(1899) Cornwall: Home Park, Saltash, 

Adams, maj.-gen. Geo. Hewish, s. of 
Adams ; 6. 18 ; m. 1, Catherine, dau. 

(d. 1891) of ; 2, 1894, Mathilde C. 

only survg. child of late Albrecht Garlin, 
of Buckeburg, N. Germany ; late R. Irish 
Rif. ; ret. 1881. 

Adams, George North, j.p. (1898) 
Staffs : Summerfield, Wolverhampton. 

Adams, Henry, J.P. (1897) Berks: 
Canon Hill, Maidenhead. Berks. 

Adams, Herbert Jordan, 3 s. of Fras. 
Bryant Adams, of Chase Park, Enfield, 
Middlx.; b. 1838; J.P. (1904), Middlx.: 
Roseneath, London rd. Enfield, Middlx.; 
60 Cannon st. E.C. ; Constitutional, City 
Carlton and Gresham clubs. 

Adams, John Loftus, eld. s. of capt. 
John Alex. Philipps Adams, late R.A., 
of Holyland, co. Pembroke, J.P. {d. 1901); 
b. 1870 ; j.p.(1901) Pembrokeshire. 

Adams, John Warner, only child of 
late MillardAdams, of Eggington House, 
Beds ; lord of the manor of Hockliffe : 
Hockliffe House, Hockliffe, Beds. 

Adams, lt.-col.JosephWood Richards, 
s. of E. R. Adams, D.L., J.P. ; j.p. Surrey 
and London ; maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1894) 4 
battn. (mil.) Middlx. regt. 1890-99 : 15 De 
Vere gdns. W. ; United Service, Conser- 
vative and National clubs. 

Adams, brig.-gen. Root. Bellew, cb. 
(1898), v.c, served in Afghan war 1879- 
80 ; Chitral relief force 1895 ; operations 
onN.W. frontier, India 1897-8 ; a.d.c to 
the King from 1901, col. on staff (with 
temp, rank of brig.-gen.) in India from 

Adams, Samuel Allen, eld. s. of John 
Hervey Adams, of Northlands, co. 
Cavan, j.p. {d. 1871); 6. 1847 ; m. 1871, 
Frances D., d iu. of rev. D. W. Preston, 
rect. of Killinkere ; J.P. co. Cavan, late 
It. Tipperary mil. : Northlands, Carrick- 
macross, Ireland. 

Adams, Thos., J.P. (1902) Devon : 
Hope Barton, Marlborough, Kings- 
bridge, Devon. 

Adams, Tom Byron, 2 s. of Geo. 
Adams of Wolverhampton, Staffs ; b. 
1856; m. 1879, Helen, dau. of John 
Riley, of Bedworth, Warwickshire; J.P. 
(1901), Staffs; Tynedale, Wolverhamp- 

Adams, maj.-gen. Thos. Edmund, s. 
of late hon. W. H. Adams, c.J. of Hong 
Kong ; b. 1837 ; m. 1859, Amelia E., dau. 
of late J. Howard, of Bombay ; served 
in Crimea 1855, at Sebastopol, lt.-col. 
(col. 1885) Derbyshire regt. 1881-6, ret. 
f. p. 1886 : 51 Festing rd. Southsea. 


Adams. Wm., eld. s of Wm. Adams, 
of Greenfield,Tunstall (d. 1805), by dau. 
of Jesse Breeze, of Greenfield ; b. 1833 ; 
m. 1864, Laura Eliza, eld. dau. of late 
A. J. Worthington, of Ball Haye Hall, 
Staffs; J. P. Staffordshire; lt.-col. 1st 
batt. Staff, vol. 1867-72 : Greenfield. 
Tunstall, Staffs ; Moreton House, Wol- 
stanton, Staffs. 

Adams, Wm., J.P. (1899) War- 

Adams, prof.Wm. Grvlls, m.a., 

R.S., F.U.S. ; b. 1836; m. 1869, Mary, 
lau. of Dingle, of Lewannick, Corn- 
wall ; p.p. and v. p. physical soc, p.p. 
soc. of electrical engrs., prof, of natural 
philosophy and astronomy, King's coll. 
Lond. from 18 : 4:> Catnpden Hill sq. 
W. ; Athena3iim club; Badharlick, Laun- 
ceston, Cornwall. 

Adams, Wm. Hy. Farr,eld. s. of W. H 
Adams, of Plas Llyssyn, Mont. J. P. (d. 
1901) ; b. 1858, m. 1896, Evelyn, 2 dau. of 
Robt. B. Geach : Plas Llyssyn, Carno, 

Adams, miss, dau. of late Chas. 
Haden Adams, of Fillongley Lodge, 
Warwickshire : Fillongley Lodge, nr. 

Adams-Connor, Harry Geo., s. of 
late dean (Connor) of Windsor ; b. 1859 ; 
m. 1893, Valerie Ellinor, dau. of maj.- 
gen. sir Peter Scratchley, R.E., K.c.M.t;.. 
high commr. of New Guinea ; served in 
Boer war 1881, capt. Connaught rangers 
1885-99, chief constable of Isle of Wight 
from 1899 : The Rangers, Sandown, I. of 
W. : Naval and Military club. 

Adamson, lt.-col. Chas. Hy. Ellison, 
c.i.e., s. of lateChas. Murray Adamson. of 
North Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; b. 
1846; served with Burmese ezpdn. 1886- 
7; lt.-col. I. S. C. 1894-6, ret. L896, 
commr. in Burma 1891-6, j.p. Newcastle- 
on-Tyue : E. I. United Service club ; 
North Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Adamson, sir Harvey, c.s.i. (1903), 
M.A. Aberd., s. of late rev. Alex. Adam- 
son, of Kiunermit; b. 1851; m. 1892, 
Jane Charlotte, dau. of John Leslie, of 
Corsee, Nairn; entd. f.C.S. 1877, jad. 
commr. of Upper Burma from 1902, 
knighted 1&06: Mandalay, Burma. 

Adamson, Henry Graham, eld. s. of 
Geo. Archibald Graham Adamson, of 
Auburn, co. Westmeath, J.p. (d. 1900) ; 
b. 1803 : Auburn, Glasson, Athlone. 

Adamson, Lawrence William, s. of 
Lawrence Adamson, H.M.'s Seneschal of 
the Isle of Man (d. 1877) ; b. 1829 ; m. 
1, 1853, Anne J., 3 dau. of John T. E. 
Flint ; 2, 1889, Sarah F., youngest dau. 

of late Wm. Swan, of Walker, Newcastle- 
on-Tyne ; d.l., j.p. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1900-1), j.p. co. Durham : Esling- 
ton Lodge, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Linden, 
Long Horsley S.O., Northumb. ; Union 

Adamson, col. Rush ton Webber, eld. 
s. of WilliamRushton Adamson, of Rush- 
ton Park, Sussex, D.L., j.p. (d. 1898) ; 
b. 1863 ; J. P. Sussex, lt.-col. and hon. 
col. Sussex r.g.a. (mil.) from 1902 : 
Great Sanders, nr. Sedlescombe, Battle 
S.O. Sussex. 

Adamson, Wm., c.m.g. (1897), s. of 
late Ebenezer Adamson, of Glasgow ; b. 
1832 ; m. 1859, Margaret, dau. of Andrew 
Hamilton, of Glasgow ; late unofficial 
memb. of legisl. council of Straits Settle- 
ments, chm. of Straits Settlements 
Assoc. : Rothbury, 9 Avenue rd. High- 
gate. N. 

Adamson. mrs. Fanny C, dau. of J 
Deacon, of Elsinore, Denmark ; in. 1859, 
Wm. Rushton Adamson, of Rushton 
Park, Sussex, D.L., J.P. (d. 1898): Great 
Sanders, nr. Sedlescombe, Battle S.O. 
Sussex (Station, Robertsb ridge). 

Adare, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s. if any living, of earl of 

Adcock. sir Hugh,C.M.c;.(1897),L.R.c.P. 
Edin., M.R.c.8. Eug., s. of Christopher 
Adcock, of London and Hunstanton, 
Norfolk; b. 1847; m. 1866, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Wm. Watkins, of Newtown, 
Wales ; consulting phys. iu chief to 
H.l.M. the Shah of Persia from 189-, 
knighted 1901 : Teheran. 

Adcock.Wm. John, a. of Win. Adcock, 
of Nottingham; b. 1840; m. 1863, dau. 
of R. Mowle, of Dover; j.p. Kent and 
Dover : Merton, River, near Dover. 

Addams- Williams, Albert, 6 s. of 
Wm. Add uns-Williams, of Llangibby 
Castle, Mon. j.p. (d. 1885); b. 1864; 
entd. I.C.S. 1884, served in the Punjab 
as asst. commr., registrar chief court, 
dep. commr., and under sec. to govt. ; 
under sec. to govt, of India, foreign 
dept. in 1892, pol. agent, Haidarabad 
1895, at Quetta 1897, offg. dep. sec. 
to govt, of India legisl. dept. 1899, 
dep. sec. home dept. 1901, and offg. sec. 
1902, offg. judicial commr. N.W. Fron- 
tier Prov. Inrl. 1903, j.p. (1900) Mon- 
mouthshire : Penpark House, Llangibby, 
nr. Newport, Mon. 

Addams- Williams, Alfred, 4 s. of 
Wm. Addams, of Monmouth (d. 1865) 
by cousin Mary, youngest dau. (d. 1868) 
of Wm. Addams- Williams ; b. 18 ; J.P. 



(1889) Monmouthshire: Maesderwen, 
Pontj'-moile, Pontypool. 

Addams- Williams, Harol 1, M. A. 
Cantab., 4 s. of Wm. Addams-Williams, 
of Llangibby Castle, Mon. J. P. (d. 1885) ; 
b. 1858 ; m. 1895, Alice G., only child of 
Chas. Nicholson, of Llwyn-y-Celyn, Mon 
J. p. ; late princ. of Bishop Cotton's 
schools, Bangalore, India, J. P. (1899) 
Monmouthshire : Llwyn-y-Celyn, Caer- 
leon. Newport, Mon. 

Adderley, lady. Laetitia A. eld. d iu. 
of hon. W. H. Hall, of Nassau, Bahamas; 
m. 1857, sir Augustus Jn., K.C.M.G., J. P. 
(d. 1905) : 2 Southwell gdns., South 
Kensington, S.W, 

Adderley, hon. Charles Leigh, 
eld. s. of 1 baron Norton ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1870, Caroline Ellen, 3 dan. of 
sir Alexander Dixie, 10 bart. ; b.a., 
Ch. Ch. Oxon. ; priv. sec. to pres. of 
board of trade 1874-8 ; sec. to sped, 
mission to King of Snain 1878 ; D.L.,.l.P. 
Warwickshire, j.p. Rutland : Travellers' 
and Windham clubs ; Bowbrook, Per- 
shore, Worcs. 

Adderley, hon. Hy. Arden, 2 s. of 1 
baron Norton ; b. 1854; m. 1881, Grace, 
young, dau. of late W. B. Stopford-Sack- 
ville, of Drayton House, Northants.; d.l., 
J.P. Warwickshire ; lr Warwickshire 
yeom 1877-96, hon.capt. 1896 : Windham 
club ; Fillonglev Hall, nr. Coventry. 

Adderley, Hubert John Broughton, 
eld. s. of J. L. Broughton, of Tunstall 
Hall and Almington Hall, Staffs. j b. 
1860 ; m. 1886, hon. Florence Margaret, 
dau. of 4 baron Castlemaine ; b. 1862 ; 
lord of the manors of Barlaston ami 
Coton, Staffs. ; assumed addtl. name of 
Adderley in 1886. 

Adderley, hon. Humphry Jas. Arden, 
s. of 2 baron Norton ; b. 1882. 

Adderley rev. the hon. Jas. Gran- 
ville, M.A.. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 5 s. of 1 'xiron 
Norton ; b. 1861 ; vicar of Saltley, Bir- 
mingham from 1901 : Vicarage, St. 
Saviour's rd., Saltley, Birmingham. 

Adderley, hon. Ralph Bowyer, eld. 
s. of 2 baron Norton ; b. 1872 ; m. 1899, 
Mary Louisa, dau. of Robt. Watson, of 
Bally dart on, co. Carlow, and widow of 
togUs Brady. 

Adderley, hon. Randolph, 4 s. of 2 
baron Norton; b. 1884. 

Adderley, rev. the hon. Reginald Ed- 
rnnnd, .\i.A.,Ch.Ch.,Oxon. ; 4s. of 1 biron 
Norton ; b. 1857 : vicar of Chesterfield, 
1888-9$, Tait mnsioner of Canterbury 
Diooese, 1892-4 ; rect. of Eoreelydown, 
S.N. ls.M-7, vicar of Skirwith, Carlisle 
1897-9. 6f St. A nimustines, Victoria P k, 

N.E. 1899-1905, licensed preacher Bir- 
mingham dioc. and chapln. to soc. of The 
Incarnation : Brixham House, Stechford, 

Adderley, hon. Ronald Wolstan 
Fleetwood,5 s. of 2 baron Norton ; &.1885. 

Adderley, hon. Anna Maria Mar- 
fferett"' ; hon. Caroline Jane ; hon. 
Frances Georgina Mary ; hon. Evelyn 
Angu -ta ; daus. of 1 baron Norton. 

Adderley hon. Dorothy Evelyn, b. 
1878 ; hon Gladys Isabel Aunette, b. 
1881 ; daus. of 2 baron Norton. 

Addington, lord (2 baron U.K. 1887), 
Egerton Hubbard, v.d.,m.a. Oxon, eld. s. 
of 1 baron P.c. (d. 1889), by dau. of 8 
baron Napier of Merchistoun : b. 1842 ; 
m. 1880, M.ry A., 3 dau. of sir Wynd- 
ham S. Portal, 1 bt. ; j.p. Bucks and 
county aldrm., patner in John Hub- 
bard and Co., London and Egetton 
Hub >ard and Co., Petersburg, m.p. (c.) 
Buckingham 1874-80, N. Bucks 1886-9 
(Heir, s. hon. John G. Hubbard, q.v.) : 
24 Princes gate, S.W. ; Carlton club ; 
Addington Minor, Winslow. 

Addington, hon. Gerald Anthony 
PellewBagnall,eld. s. of 3 visc.Sidmouth; 
b. 1851 ; m. 1881, Ethel Mary, only dau. of 
late capt. L. C. H. Tonge, R.N T ., of High- 
way, Wilts ; j.p. Devon : Jun. Carlton 
club ; Up. Ottery Manor, Honiton, Devon. 

Addington, maj. hon. Harold Wm. 3 
s. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; b. I860; m. 1887, 
Constance, dau. of C. Clairmonte ; maj. 
u.A. from 1899. 

Addington, maj. hon. Herbert Hiley 
Stafford, 2 a. of 3 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 
1859 ; It. Glo'stershire regt. 1882-9, capt. 
R. Fus. 1889-96, ret. p. 1901, capt. R. 
Garrison regt. 1902-3, maj. res. of officers 

Addington, hon. mrs. Charles, 
Nelly H. 2 dau. of A. Miller Mundy, 
Shipley Hall, Derby ; m. 1862, maj. gen. 
hon. Chas. John Addington, j.p. (</. 
1903) : Park Lodge, Windsor. 

Addington hon. Eliza Anne, dau. of 

2 vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1839. 

Addison (his honor, judge), John 
Edmund Wentworth, K..C, b.a. Dublin, 

3 s. of lt.-col. H. R. Addison ; b. 1838; 
m. 1873, Alice, dau. (d. 1894) of Joseph 
M'Keand, Manchester ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1862, bencher 1883, g.c. 1880, 
rec. of Preston 1874-90 ; chm. of quart, 
sess. for the Salford Hundred divn. of 
Lancashire from 1893, judge of county 
courts of Norfolk and Cambridgeshire 
(circuit No. 32) 1895-7, Southwark, &c. 
(circuit No. 47) from 1897, J.P. (1893) 
Lancashire, m.p. (c.) Ashton-under-Lyne 


1885-95 : 32 Norfolk sq. W. ; Carlton 

Addison John Geo. s. of John Addi- 
son, of Monk wear mouth ; j.p. (1894) co. 
Durham : The Grange, East Boldon, nr. 

Addison, John Joseph, s. of Joseph 
Addison, of Banks House (d. 1889); b. 
1888; m. 1895, Barbara H., dau. of 
Wm. Wareham ; J.P. ( 1899) Cumberland : 
Banks House, Low Row, Cumberland. 

Addy, Jas. Jenkin ; is j.p. (1895) W. 
R. Yorks. 

Adeane. Chas. Robt. Whorwood, 
only s. (f H. J. Adeane, of Babraham 
Hall, co. Cambridge, M.P. (d. 1870), by 
eld. dau. of 4 earl of Hardwicke ; b. 
1863 ; m. 1888, Madeline P. C. B. 2 dan. 
of hon. Percy S. Wyndham, b. 1869 : .(.P., 
d.l. Cambridgeshire; It. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Suffolk re^'t. 1884-90: 34 Cadogan sq. 
S.W. ; Babraham Hall, nr. Cambridge. 

Adeane, lady. Edith I., dau. of 14 
earl of Carnwath, b. 1843 ; m. 1875, adml. 
Edwd. Stanley Adeane, c.M.u., d.l., j.p. 
(d. 1902): 28 E iton pi. S.W. ; Jacobs 
Farm, Seddlescombe, Battle, Sussex. 

Adelaide, 1 bp. of (1847). rt. rev. 
Arthur Nutter Thomas, m.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Chas. Jas. Thomas, of Black- 
heath, SE. ; b. 1869; m. 1004, Mary 
Theodora, dau. of rev. W. A. H. Lewis, 
vicar of Upper G-ornal, Staffs; recti of 
Guisborough, Yorks, 1901-5, bp. of 
Adelaide from 1905: Bishop's Court, 
North Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Adkins. Thos., P.R.GA, s. of late 
John Caleb Adkins, of Mileotr, nr. 
Stratford-on-Avon ; b. 1836 : m. 1874, 
Agnes Margret, dau. of late Henry Best 
Sowion, of Stratford-on-Avon ; H. M. 
consular service in China 1855-79 ; J.P. 
Warwickshire andWorcestershire: Athe- 
naeum and Royal Societies' clubs ; Long 
Hyde, near Evesham. 

Adlam, mrs. Sophia Harford, only 
dau. of P. Parker, of Chew Magna ; in. 
1848, Wm. Adlam, d.l., j.p. (d. 1903) : 
Manor House, Chew Magna, Bristol. 

Adlard,Edwd.,J.P. (1901) Gloucester- 
shire : Postlip, nr.Winchcombe S.O.Glos. 

Adnitt, Jesse, eld. s. of Peter Adnitt, 
of Peterborough ; b. 1858 ; m. 1879, Lvdia 
Fiances, dau. of W. B. Parrott,of Crow- 
land. Linos; j.p. (1905) Liberty of Peter- 
borough : Oriel House, New id. Peter- 

Adrian, Alfred Douglas, c.B. (1895), 
K.c, b.a. Lond., only s. of late E. Adrian 
formerly of local govt, board; b. 1845; 
m. 1885, Flora Lavinia, youngest dau. 
of Chas. Howard Barton, formerly of 

Castle Hill, Reading ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1869, K.c. 1904, assist, sec. to 
local govt, board 1883-99, legal adviser 
from 1899 : 40 Elsworthy rd. Primrose 
hill, N.W. ; office Local Govt, board, 
Whitehall, S.W. 

Adrian, Fredk. Obadiah,c.M.u. (1897), 
s.of lateWm.Thos. Adrian, formerly of the 
Treasury ; b. 1836 ; entd. Colonial office 
1863, supt. of correspondence branch, 
genl. dept., and clerk for legal instru- 
ments 1880-1901, officer of arms of order 
of St. Michael and St. George 1882-1901 : 
89 Queen's rd. South Hornsey, N. 

Adye. rev. Fras. Wm., m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of D. G. Adye, of Markyate Cell, 
Beds., D.L.,j.P.(rf.l872) ; 6.1821 ; m. 1858 
Mary B. dau.ofT.C )liver,of Child Okef ord, 
Dorset : j.p. Herts and Beds., patron 
and vicar of Markyate Street, Beds. 
1847-85 : Gombards, St. Albans. 

Adye, col. John, r.a., c.B. (1902), s. 
of gen. sir John Millar Adye, R.A., G.C.B., 
gov. of Gibraltar 18X3-6 {d. 1900), by 
dau. of late adml. hon. sir Montagu 
Stopford, k.c.b. ; b. 1.X57 ; m 1899, Clara 
Joan, dau. of late S. C. Evans Williams, 
of Bryntirion, Rhayader ; served in 
Afghan war 1879, Egyptian war 1882, 
5 class Medjidie ; Nile expdn. 1884-5, 
E. Soudan 1885, S. African war 1900-2, 
col. r.(J.a. from 1904 : Jun. United Ser- 
vice club. 

Adye, lady. Mary, dau. of late adm. 
hon. sir Montagu Stopford, K.c.B. ; 
M, 185', gen. sir John Miller Adye, r.a., 
m.c.b., gov. of Gibraltar 1883-6 (d. 
1900) : 92 St. George's sq. S.W. 

Affleck, sir Robert, 7 lit. (1782), s. 
of 6 bart. (</. 1X.S2) j b. 152 ; m. 1886, 
Julia G., 2 dau. of J. S. Prince, of 
Queen's Gate gdns. S.W. (Heir, bro. John 
de L., 6.1860). 

Affleck, Robt., 2 s. of late Wm. 
Affleck, of Gateshead, co. Dnrham ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1881, Georgiana S., dau. of 
late J. Morriss, of Gateshead, co. Dur- 
ham ; j.p. (1901) co.Durham : Bloomfield, 

Africa. Western Equatorial, bp. in, 
vide Western Equatorial Africa. 

Agar, hon. Francis William Arthur 
Ellis, 4 s. of 3 earl of Normanton ; b. 1873 ; 
m. 1897, Laura Astley, dau. of Hy. S. 
Kennard, of Shopwyke House, nr. Chi- 
chester; It. 4 battn. (mil.) Bedfordshire 
regt. 1892-4, heir pres. to earldom : 
Tangmere, Chichester. 

Agar, Joseph, eld. s. of Benj. Agar, of 
York ; b. 1832 ; m. 1 1855, Jane, dau. of 
Jas. Chadwick, j.p. of York ; 2, 1902, 
Emily Jane, dau. of T. G. Dickinson, 



Acres House, Naburn ; j.p. N.R. Yorks., 
J. P. and aldmn. York, lord mayor 1881-2 
and 1888-90 : Kilburn House, Fulford 
rd. York. 

Agrar, Wm. Talbot, only s. of late W. 
Agar, Q.c. ; b. 1815 ; to. 1, dau. of W. 
Reed ; 2, dau. of late sir Alex. Crichtoti ; 
3, 1873, Sarah F., dau. (d. 1899) of late F 
R. Willan, of Hillingdon Grange,Mddlx.: 
Milford House, Milford-on-Sea, Lyming- 
ton, Hants. 

Agrar, Wm. Talbot, jun., b.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Wm. Talbot Agar, of Milford 
House, Hants ; b. 1844 ; m. Ethel Head- 
ington, dau. of Clement Dale, of Bartley 
Lodge, Hants ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1868, 
J.P. (1905) N.R.Yorks: Brockfield Hall, 
York ; Silverhow, Grasmere. 

Agrar, lady Georgiana Mary E. F., b. 

1896 ; lady Alexandra Henrietta Alice, b. 

1897 ; iady Caroline Amy Cora, b. 1899 ; 
lady Mary Karen, b. 1901 ; lady Diana 
Julia, b. 1904 ; lady Amy Louise, b. 1905 ; 
daus. of 4 earl of Normanton. 

Agrar, lady Mary Beatrice, 2 dau. of 
3 earl of Normanton ; b. 1859 : 22 Ennis- 
more gdns. S.W. 

Agrar, hon. mrs. Herbert Welbore 
Ellis, Helen M., dau. of late J. A. Gibson ; 
to. 1871, hon. Herbert Welbore Ellis 
Agar {d. 1901) : Stanton Houe, Stanton 
Fitz warren, Wilts. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Alex. Geo., 5 
survg. s. of 6 vise. Clifden ; b. 1895. 

Agrar-Robartes, hon. Arthur Victor, 
3 survg. s. of 6 vise. Clifden ; b. 1887. 

Agrar-Robartes, hon. Cecil Edwd. 4 
survg. s. of 6 vise. Clifden; b. 1892. 

Agrar-Robartes, hon.Francis Gerald, 
2 s. of 6 vise. Clifden ; b. 1883. 

Agrar-Robartes, hon. Thomas Chas. 
Reginald, eld. s. of 6 vise. Clifden ; b. 
1880 ; It. R. 1 Devon I. Y. from 1904. 

Agrar-Robartes, hon. Mary Vere, b. 
1879 ; hon. Julia Caroline Everilda, b. 
1880; hon. Edith Violet Kathleen, b. 
1888 ; hon. Constance Margaret, b. 1890; 
daus. of 6 vise. Clifden. 

Agrgr, Arthur Wm., s. of col. Wm. 
Agg, late 51 regt., of The Hewletts, 
Gloucestershire, J.P. (d. 1901) ; b. 1865 ; 
to. 1899, Eleanor S., only child of late col. 
J. P. Harrison; j.p. (1901) Gloucester- 
shire : The Hewletts, near Cheltenham. 

Agrgr-Qardner, Jas. Tynte, eld. s. of 
late Jas. Agg-Gardner, Hadley House, 
Cheltenham (d. 1858) ; b. 1846 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1873 ; j.p. Gloucestershire, 
lord of the manor of Cheltenham, m.p. 
(o.) Cheltenham 1874-80, 1885-95 and 
from 1900 : Carlton, St. Stephen's, Gar- 

rick and Jun. Carlton clubs ; Evesham 
House, Cheltenham. 

Ag-lionby, col. Arthur, C.B., s. of R. 
Cooper; b. 1832; to. 1871, Elizabeth 
Aglionby, only child and heir (d. 1885) 
of Chas. Fetherstonhaugh, of Staf- 
field Hall, Cumb. ; served in Indian 
mutiny campaign 1857-8, Abyssinian 
campaign 1867-8, assumed by royal 
licence name of Aglionby in 1885, patron 
of one living, j.p. Cumberland : Staffield 
Hall, Carlisle. 

Agrlionby, capt. Arthur Chas., only s. 
of col. Arthur Aglionby, C.B., j.p. and 
Elizabeth Aglionby, only child (d. 1885) 
and heir of late Chas. Featherstonh*ugh, 
of Staffield Hall, Cumb. by d*u. and co- 
heir of Fras. Aglionby, of Nunnery ; b. 
1872; lat^ [mpl. Yeotn., capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Connaught Rangers from 1901: 
Staffield Hall Farm, Kiikoswald S.O., 

Agrnew, sir Andrew Noel, 9 bart. 
(1629), LL.B.Cantab., eldest s. of 8 bart. 
(d. 1892) by dau. (d. 1883) of 1 earl of 
Gainsborough ; b. 1850 ; to. 1889, Gert- 
rude, dau. of the late hon. Go w ran C. 
Vernon ; barr. Inner Temple 1874, D.L., 
J.P. Wigtownshire (vice-lieut.froml893), 
capt. 1 Ayrshire and Galloway vol. art. 
from 1903, M.P. (l.u.) S. Edinburgh 
from 1900 (Heir, bro. Henry de C, 
b. 1851) : 21 Abingdon st. S.W.; Loch- 
naw Castle, Stranraer, Wigtownshire. 

Agmew, Geo. Wm., m.a., s. of sir Wm. 
Agnew, 1 bart., of Summer Hill, J.p.; 
b. 1852; m. 1878, Fanny, dau. of J. 8. 
Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk ; is J.p. 
(1893) Lancashire : Reform and Devon- 
shire clubs; Rougham Hall, Bury St. 

Agrnew, maj. Quentin Graham Kin- 
naird,M.v.o. 4 class (1903), D.s.o., 4 s. of 
sir Andrew Agnew, 8 bt. (d. 1892), by 
dau. (d. 1883) of 1 earl of Gainsborough ; 
b. 1861 ; to. 1899, Evelyn M., dau. of late 
capt. J. H. I. Alexander, R.N., o.B. : 
served with Burmese expdn. 1885-6, 
Tirah expdy. force 1897, S. African war 
1899-1901, asst. mil. sec. to gov. (p.m. 
sir G. S. White) from 1902: Gibraltar; 
Marlborough and Naval and Military 

Agrnew, sir Stair, k.c.b., m.a. Cantab., 
f.r.s.e. and p.s.a. Scot., 5 s. of sir A. 
Agnew,7 bart.; b. 1831; to. 1870, Georgina, 
dau. of G. M. Nisbett, of Cairnhill ; late 
lieut. 9 foot ; j.p. Wigtownshire ; Scotch 
barr. 1860 ; legal sec. to Lord Advocate 
for Scotland 1861-6, and 1868-70; 
Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remem- 
brancer for Scotland 1870-81 ; registrar- 


gen. for Scotland, and keeper of the 
records there from 1881 : 22 Bucking- 
ham ter. Edinburgh. 

Agmew, sir fm., 1 bart. (1895), eld. s. 
of late Thomas Agnew, of Manchester ; 
b. 1825; m. 1851, Mary, dau. (d. 1892) of 
Geo. Pixton Ken worthy, of Manchester, 
and Peel Hall, Lanes ; J.P. Lancashire, 
Manchester and Salford ; chm. of Brad- 
bury, Agnew and Co. Lim., publishers, 
Whitefriars, E.C. ; M.P. (l.) S.E. Lanca- 
shire 1880-5, Stretford divn. 1885-6 
(Heir, s. Geo. Wm., b. 1852) : 11 Gt. 
Stanhope st., W. ; Reform, Devonshire 
and National Liberal clubs. 

Agrnew, Wm. Lockett, s of Thos. 
Agnew, of Manchester ; b. 1858 ; m. 188 1, 
Augusta, dau. of late F. Sheil, of Bear- 
forest, Mallow; is J.P. Lancashire: 11 
Portman sq. W. ; Fairhope, Eccles, Man- 
chester ; Altyre, Forres, N.B. 

Agnew, lady. Beatrice, dau. of 
surg.-gen. Fawcus, Indian med. dept. ; 
m. 1884, sir Wm. Thos. Fischer Agnew, 
knt., rec. of Rangoon 1884-1900 (d. 1908): 
18 Abingdon court, Kensington, W. 

Aiken, Jas., eld. s. of John Aiken, of 
Dalmoak, co. Dumbarton (d. 1875) ; 
J.P. Dumbartonshire: Dalmoak, Dum- 

Aiken, vide Chet wood- Aiken. 

Aikenhead, mrs. Frances Annie, dau. 
of J. Davison, of Durham ; m. 1864, 
Robert Aikenhead, of Otterington Hall, 
Yorks., j.p. (d. 1895) : Otterington Hall, 

Aikman, vide Robertson- Aikman. 

Aikman (hon.) Robt. Smith, M.A., 
LL.i). ; entd. I.S.C. 1865, actg. judge of 
high court at Allahabad in 1892 and 
1894-6, puisne judge from 1896 : Allaha- 
bad, N.W.P. India. 

Ailesbury, 5 marq. of (1821, U.K.). 
Hy. Aug. Brudenell-Bruce ; 3 8. of 3 
marq. and uncle of 4 marq. (d. 1894) ; b. 
1842; m. 1870. Georgiana, dau. (d. 1902) 
of G. H. Pmckney, of Tawstock Court, 
Devon ; 2nd titles earl of Cardigan and 
vise. Savernake ; J.P. Wilts, capt. late 
9 ft. maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 3 battn. 
(mil.) Wilts regt. 1882-6, M.P. (c.) N.W. 
Wilts 1886-92 {Heir, 8. earl of Cardigan, 
q. v). : Carlton and City Carlton clubs; 
Tottenham House, Savernake Forest, 
Marlborough ; Villa Marbella, Biarritz, 

Ailesbury, Dorothy, marchioness of, 
vide David Waddel Webster. 

Ailsa, 3 marq.of (1831, U.K.). Archibald 
Kennedy, eld. s. of 2 marq. (d. 1870) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1, 1871, hon. Evelyn, dau. (d. 
of 12 baron Blantyre ; 2, 1891, 


Isabella, only dau. of late Hugh 
McMaster, of Kausani, N. W. P. India ; 
2nd tit. earl of Cassillis : late capt. 
coldstr. gds. ; It. commdg. r.n.a.v. 
Clyde brig. 1887-92, hon. commdr. 
r.x.v. r. from 1904, D.L., j.p co. Ayr 
(Heir, s. earl of Cassillis, q. v.) : 65 Lan- 
caster gate, W. ; Culzean Castle, May- 
bole, Ayr. 

Ainley, Joseph Hefford,2 s. of Hefford 
Ainley, of Kirkheaton, Yorks ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1887. Catharine, dau. of hon. Luther 
Haven, of Chicago, U.S.A. ; J.P. (1905) 
Lancashire : 28 Gloucester rd. Birkdale, 

Ainscougrh, Richd.,s. of Hugh Ains- 
cough, of Lancaster House, Parbold ; 6. 
1856 ; m. 1892, Mary, dau. of Jas. Duck- 
worth, of Accrington ; is J.P. (1894) 
Lancashire : Burscough Corn Mills, 
Lathom, Ormskirk, Lanes. 

Ainslie, Ainslie Douglas, 2 s. of J. 
C. Grant-Duff, of Eden, co. Aberdeen (d. 
1858) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1863, Frances, dau. of 
E. J. Morgan ; in H.M.'s diplomatic ser- 
vice 1859-66, barr. Middle Temple 1874, 
d.l. and formerly vice-lieut. Aberdeen- 
shire ; assumed in 1866 name of Ainslie : 
Athenaeum and Reform clubs ; Delgaty 
Castle, Turriff, N.B. 

Ainslie, Gilbert, eld. s. of rev. G. 
Ainslie, D.D., of Hall Garth (d. 1870) ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1866, Eliza, eld. dau. of late S. 
Mendel,of the Manor House, Chislehurst; 
d.l. Cambridgeshire : Lady Margaret rd. 

Ainsworth, lt.-col. David, B.A., B.C.L. 
Cantab, 4 and only survg. s. of T. Ains- 
worth, of Backbarrow, Lanes, (d. 1853) ; 
b. 1823 ; m. 1860,Mary J. Leigh, dau.of W. 
Clare, of Hindley House, Walton Breck, 
Liverpool; barr. Inner Temple 1849, late 
maj. (hon. lt.-col.) 3 battn. (mil.) S. Lane, 
regt. and lt.-col.commdg. 10 Lane. R.V. ; 
D.L., J.P. Lancashire: 22 Kensington 
Court mansions, W. ; Jun. United Service 
club ; Backbarrow, Ulverston. 

Ainsworth, David, eld. s. of Thomas 
Ainsworth, J.P., of the Flosh, nr. White- 
haven, Cumberland (d. 1881) ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1 874, Margaret, 2 dau. of late H.M'Connel, 
of Cressbrook, Derbyshire ; d.l., J.P. 
Cumberland ; j.p. Lancashire ; M.P. (l.) 
W. Cumberland 1880-5 and 1892-5: 29 
Pont st. Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Reform, 
Devonshire and Wellington clubs ; The 
Flosh, Cleator, Carnforth ; Wray Castle, 

Ainsworth, Geo., s. of Samuel Ains- 
worth, of Macclesfield, Cheshire ; b. 
1850 ; m. 1873, Annie E. S., dau. of Jas. 
Campbell, of Workington, Cumberland ; 


is j. p. (1896) co. Durham : Consett Hall, 
Consett S.O. co. Durham. 

Ainsworth, John, c.M.G. (1900), 
f.k.g.s., s. of Johu Dawson Ainsworth; 
6. 1864 ; m. 1897, Ina C, dau. of John 
Scott, of Brooklyn, U.S.A. ; H. M.'s sub- 
commr. in the E. Africa Protectorate 
from 1895: Nairobi, via Mombasa, 
East Africa Protectorate. 

Ainsworth, John Stirling, M. A. Lond., 
8. of Thos. Ainsworth, of The Flosh, 
Cleator, Cumberland ; b. 1844 ; m. 1879, 
. Margaret C, dau. of Robt. Reid Macredie, 
J. P. Argyllshire and Cumberland (sheriff 
1891), lt.-col. commandant 3 vol. battn. 
Border regt. 1898-1902, v.D., m.p. (l.) 
Argyllshire from 1903 : Reform club ; 
Ardanaiseig, Kilchrenan, Argyllshire ; 
Harecroft, Gosforth, Cumberland. 

Ainsworth, col. Richd. Hy., ouly s. 
of late J. H. Ainsworth, of Moss Bank, 
Bolton ; b. 1839 ; m. 1866, Isabella M. 
3 dau. of rev. J. J. Vaughan, rect. of 
Gotham, Notts ; lt.-col. (hon. col. 1885) 
Duke of Lancaster's own yeom. 1884- 
90; J.P. Lancashire, sheriff for North- 
ants 1882 : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Smithills Hall, and Moss Bank, Bolton ; 
Win wick Warren, Rugby. 

Ainsworth, Walton, s. of Joseph 
Ainsworth, of Bolton, Lancashire ; b. 
1837 ; m. Mary Susan, dau. of late 
Nicholas Duckworth, of Elmswood 
House, Liverpool ; J. P. Lancashire : 
Beech House, Rivington, nr. Bolton, 

Aird, sir John, 1 bart. (1901), s. of 
John Aird, of co. Ross ; b. 1833 ; to. 1854, 
Sarah, dau. of Benjn. Smith,of Deptford, 
Kent ; one of H. M.'s Lieutenants for 
the City of London ; grand cordon 
Medjidie (1903) for services in connection 
with Nile Reservoirs ; hon. lt.-col. Eng. 
and Railway vol. staff corps ; mayor of 
Paddington 1900-1, M.P. (c.) N. Padding- 
ton from 1887 (Heir, s. John, q.v.) : 
14 Hyde Park ter. W. ; Carlton, Jun. 
Carlton, St. Stephen's and Constitu- 
tional clubs ; Wilton Park, Beaconsfield, 

Aird, John, eld. s. of sir John Aird, 
1 M., M.p. ; b. 1861 ; m. 1886, Alicia Ellen, 
dau. of Jas Hall Renton, of Park la. W. ; 
one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City 
of London : 22 Eaton sq. W. 

Airey, lt.-col. Hy. Park, cm.g.(1901), 
d.s.O. (1888), s. of capt. H. E. Airey; 
6. 1844 ; 7/i. Florence A., daughter of A. H. 
MoCnUooh, Sydney. N.S.W. ; served iu 
Boudan expdn. I8sf>, Burma L886-7, S. 
African war 1899-1901, commdg. R. 
Australian Field artill. from 1895 : Vic- 


toria Barracks, Paddington, Sydney, 
N. S. Wales. 

Air He, 11 earl of (1639, sco.), David 
Lyulph Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, eld. s. of 
10 earl, lt.-col. 12 lancers (d. 1900) by eld. 
dau. of 5 earl of Arran ; b. 1893 ; 2nd tit. 
baron Ogilvy (Heir, bro. bon. Bruce A. 
A. Ogilvy, q. v.): Cortachy Castle, Kirrie- 
muir, Forfarshire ; Downie Park, Tanna- 
dice, Forfarshire ; Airlie Castle, Alyth, 

Airlie, dow.-countess of, Henrietta 
Blanche, dau. of 1 baron Stanley of 
Alderley, b. 1830 ; to. 1851, 9 earl of 
Airlie, k.t. (d. 1881) : Airlie Castle, 
Kirriemuir, Forfarshire. 

Airlie, countess of, lady Mabell F., 
eld. dau. of 5 earl of Arran ; b. 1866 ; m. 
1886, lt.-col. 10 earl of Airlie, 12 lancers 
(d. 1900) ; lady of the bedchamber to tbe 
princess of Wales from 1901 : Cortachy 
Castle, Kirriemuir, Forfarshire. 

Aitchison, gen. Charles Terrington, 
C.B. (1875), 8. of late gen. Andrew Aitchi- 
son ; in S. Mahratta 1844-5, brig. -maj. in 
Persia 1856-7, in Indian mutiny 1857-8, 
commd. Bombay dist. 1877-84 ; gen. 
Ind. army 1889, on U.S. list 1881. 

Aitchison, Geo., r.a. (1898), a.r.a. 
(1881), past p.r.i.b.a., s. of late Geo. 
Aitcliison, of 6 Muscovy court, E.C. ; 
prof, of architecture at R. Academy 
from 1887 : 150 Harley st. W. ; Athe- 
naeum club. 

Aitchison, Wm. Kinghorn, J.P. (1905) 
Essex: Willnett Lodge, Goodmayes, 

Aitchison, lady. Beatrice L. dau. of 
Jas. Cox, of Clement Park, Forfarshire 
and Cardean, Perthshire ; to. 1863, sir 
Chas. Umpherston Aitchison, k.cs.l, 
c.i.E. (d. 1896) : St. Christopher's, Ban- 
bury rd. Oxford. 

Aitken, Thomas, J. p. Lancashire : 

Aitken, col. Wm., C.B., R.A., s. of late 
Jas. Aitken, of Gartcows, Falkirk ; b. 
1846 ; to. 1894, Susan, dau. of Geo. A. 
Coventry ; served in Afghan war 1878-80, 
Mahsood Wuzeeree expdn. 1881, Bur- 
mese expdn. 1886-7, Chitral relief force 
1895, Malakand field force 1897, a.d.c. to 
Queen Victoria 1897-1900, to the King 
1901-3, ret. p. 1903 : Army and Navy 
club ; Innergellie, Anstruther, N.B. 

Aiyangrar, sir Venbakam Bhashyam, 
C.i.E. (1895) ; b. 1844 ; a judge of high 
j court at Madras 1901-3, knighted 1900 : 
Mylapore, Madras. 

Aiyar, sir Subbaiyar Subramaniya, 
, (1900), a judge of high court at 
Madras from 1895 : Madras. 



Akerman. lady. Emma E., dau. of 
W. H. Bromby, of Bath; m. 1878, hon. 
sir John Wm. Akerman, K.c.M.G. speaker 
of legisl. council of Natal 1880, 1882, 
1883, 1886 and 1890-91 (d. 1905): Pieter- 
maritzburg, Natal. 

Akers-Dougrlas, rt. hon. Aretas, P.O., 
only s. of late rev. Aretas Akers, Mailing 
Abbey, Kent, by dau. of F. Hollis Bran- 
dram, Tunbridge Wells ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1876, Adeline Mary, dau. of H. Austen- 
Smith, Hayes Court, Kent ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1874 ; assumed by royal'licence 
addtl. name of Douglas 1875; J.i\ co. 
Edinburgh, D.L., J. P. cos. Dumfries and 
Kent ; It. E. Kent yeom. 1877-90 ; parly, 
sec. to the treas. 1885-6 and 1886-92; 
first commr. of works 1895-1902; home 
sec. 1902-5, an ecclestl. commr. 1902 ; 
M.P. (c.) East Kent from 1880 : 113 Mount 
st. W. ; Carlton and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Chilston Park, Maidstone ; Craigs, 
Dumfries, N.B. 

Akers- Douglas, Aretas, el I. s. of rt. 
hon. Aretas Akers- Douglas, of Chilston 
Park. Kent, P.C, m.p.,d.l., J. P. ; b. 1S76 ; 
vi. 1903, Amy, dau. of J. Jennings 
Bramley, R.H.A. ; attache at Cairo 1899, 
3 sec. inH.M.'s. diplomatic service 1900- 
5, 2 sec. from 1905. 

Akroyd, John Bathurst J. P. (1902) 
Bucks : Chalfont Park, nr. Slough. 

Alabaster, lady. Laura, dau. of dr. 
D. J. Macgowan, of New York ; m. 1H75, 
sir Chaloner Alabaster, K.C.M.G., H.M.'s 
consul-gen. at Canton 1891-3 (d. 1898) : 
Dil Aram,Sea rd. Boscombe,Bournemouth. 

Albany, h.r.h. 2 duke of (1881), 
Leopold Charles Edward George 
Albert, k.g., g.c.v.o., only s. of 1 duke {d. 
1884) and grandson of H.M. Queen Vie- 
to ia (d. 1901) ; b. 19 July, 1884 : in. 11 
Oct 1905, princess Victoria of Schleswig- j 
Holstein-.Sonderburg-Gliicksburg ; 2 tic. 
earl of Clarence, succ. his uncle Alfred j 
as reigning duke of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, , 
etc., 30th July, 1900, col-in-chief of the 
Seaforth highrs. from 1905 : Claremont 
Park, Esher, Surrey. 

Albany, H.R.H. duchess of, Helen 
F. A., c.i. , dau. of H.S.H. George Victor, 
late reigning prince of Waldeck and Pyr- 
mont ; b. 17 Feb. 1861; m. 27 April, 1882, 
h.r.h. Leopold, 1 duke of Albany, k.g. 
(rf. 28 March, 1884) ; lady of justice of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem : Clare- 
mont, Esher. 

Albemarle, 8 earl of (1696, Eng.). 
Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel, c.b. (1900), 
M.V.O. 4 class (1901), v.D. (1904), 
eld. s. of 7 earl, p.c, K.O.M.G., a.d.c. 
{d. 1894), by 2 dau. of hon. sir Allan 

N. M'Nab, 1 and last bart. ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1881, lady Gertrude Lucia, only 
child of 1 earl Egerton of Tatton ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Bury and baron Ashf ord ; It. 
Dorset mil. 1876, It. scots gds. 1878, col. 
commd. P.W.O. 12 Middlx. R.V. (Civil 
Service) 1892-1901, It. -col. commdg. City 
of London Imperial vol. S. African war 

1900. hon. It. -col. in army from 1900, 
and It. -col. Res. of Off., hon. col. 4 battn. 
(mil.) Norfolk regt. from 1900, and 
brig. -gen. of Norfolk vol. inf. brig, from 

1901, a.d.c. to the King from 1903, D.L., 
J. P. Norfolk, m.p. (c.) Birkenhead 1892-4 
(Heir, s. vise. Bury, q.v.) : 5 Bucking- 
ham gate, S.W. ; Guards' club ; Quiden- 
ham Park, Attleboro', Norfolk. 

Albemarle, do w. -countess of. Sophia 
M. 2 dau. of air Allan Napier Macnab, 1 
bart. Canada (ext. ), prim. min. of 
Canada and a.d.c. to Queen Victoria ; m. 
1855, 7 earl of Albemarle, P.O.. K.c.M.o., 
(d. 1894) : 53 Lowndes sq. S.W. 

Albright, Geo. Staeey, 2 s. of Arthur 
Albright, of Edgbaston. co. Warwick ; 
b. 1855; in. 1883, I. M., dau. of Smith 
Harrison, of Woodford, Essex ; J. P. 
Worcestershire : New University club ; 
Bromesberrow Place, Ledbury. 

Alcock, lt.-col. Alfred Wm., c.i.k. 

(1903), M.B., LL.D., K.R.S., F.G.S., 2 S. of 

late John Alcock, of Lee, Kent ; b. 1859 ; 
>. 1897, Margaret F., 3 dau. of late J. R. 
Cornwall, of Aberdeen ; Indian Med. 
Service 1885, served with Punjab Frontier 
force 1886-8, surg.-natnralist to marine 
survey of India 1888-92 and to Pamir 
bouudary commn. 1895, supdt of the 
Indian Museum from lf<93 : Inuian 
Museum, Calcutta. 

Alcock, Chas. Wm.,s. of Chas. Alcock, 
of Chingford, Essex, J. P.; b. 1842 ; m. 
1864, Eliza C.,dau. of late Fras. Ovenden, 
of Cravford, Kent ; is J. P. (1895) Surrey 
and (1890) Richmond : Hazelwood, 
Richmond, Surrey ; 7 Arundel road, 

Alcock, Nelson Chapman, s. of late 
Henry Alcock, of Berscote. nr. Leaming- 
ton ; b. 18; m. 1895, hon Evelyn E. 3 
dau. of 1 baron St. Levan, 6. 1866. 

Alcock, capt. Philip Clayton, eld. s. of 
capt. Philip Savage Alcock, late 95 regt. 
by Catherine Annette, co-heiress of late 
Richd. Clayton Browne Clayton and 
nephew of Harry Alcock, of Wilton 
Castle, co. Wexford, D.L., j.p. (d. 1893) ; 
b. 1861 ; late capt. Gloucestershire regt., 
J.P. co. Wexford (sheriff 1900): Jun. 
Constitutional and Kildare Street (Dub- 
lin) clubs ; Wilton Caotle, Enniscorthy, 
co. Wexford. 


Alcock, Robt., j.p. (1897) Notts : The 
Cedars, Woodhouse rd. Mansfield. 

Alcock-Beck, Wm.,B.A. Cantab., eld. 
s. of late W. Towers, of Sawrey, Lanca- 
shire ; b. 1834 ; assumed names of Alcock- 
Beck in lieu of Towers, 1855; J.P. 
Lancashire : Tower Bank, Sawrey, S.O., 

Aldam. vide Warde-Aldam. 

Aldenham, lord (1 baron, 1896, U.K.). 
Henry Hucks Gibbs, F.8.A., F.R.G.8., s.of 
Geo. Hy. Gribbs, of Aldenham, Herts (d. 
1842) ; b. 1819 ; m. 1845, Louisa A.,3 dau. 
(d. 1897) of Wm. Adams, LL.D.,of Thorpe, 
Surrey ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for 
the City of London, J.P. Herts (sheriff 
1884) and Middlesex, a director of Bank 
of England 1853-1901, gov. 1875-7, M.P. 
(C.) City of London 1891-2, raised to 
the peerage 1896 (Heir, s. hon. Alban 
G-. H. Gibbs,?.*;.): St. Dunstan's, Regent's 
park, N.W.; Carlton, Jun. Carlton, City 
Carlton, Constitutional, Burlington Fine 
Arts and Athenaeum clubs ; Aldenham 
House, nr.Elstree, Herts. 

Alder, Wm., j.p. (1896) Northumber- 
land and (1894) Berwick-on-Tweed : 
Halidon, Berwick-on-Tweed 

Aldersey, Hugh, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of Thos. Aldersey, of Aldersey Hall, 
Cheshire (d. 1899) b. 1858 ; m. 1888, 
Evelyn, dau. of rev. canon Fras. Coulman 
Royds, rect. of Coddington ; J.P. 
Cheshire, lord of the manor of Aldersey : 
Aldersey Hall, Chester. 

Alderson, sir Chas. Hy., K.C.B. (1903), 
2 s. of late sir E. H. Alderson, a baron of 
the Exchequer ; b. 1830 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1855, sen. insp. of schools, 1882-5, 
2 charity commr. for England and Wales 
1885-1900, chief commr. 1900-3 : 40 Beau- 
fort gdns. S.W. 

Alderson, brig. -gen. Edwin Alfred 
Hervey, c.B. (1900),s. of col. Edwd. Mott 
Alderson, of Poyle House, Ipswich ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1886, Alice Mary, dau. of rev. 
O. P. Sergeant ; served in Boer war 1881, 
Egyptian war 1882, Nile expdn. 1884-5. 
N. Mashonaland 1896, brig-gen. on staff 
S.Africa 1899-1901, a.d.c. to the King 
from 1900, insp.-gen. of mounted inf. S. 
Africa 1902-3.brig.-gen. commdg. 2 brig., 
1 dint., 1 army corps from 1903 : Naval 
and Military and Marlborough clubs. 

Alderson, maj.-gen. sir Henry Jas., 
K.C.B. (1891), r.a. (ret.); b. 18*34 * m. 
1877, Florence, dau. of late sir E. H. 
Alderson, a baron of the Exchequer ; 
served throughout Crimean campaign, 
at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol, 
director of artilly. and stores 1884-91, 
pres. of ordnance committee 1891-6, 

ret. p. 1896, col. commdt. R.A. from 1905: 
6 Hyde Park st. W. ; United Service club; 
Chavey Lawn,Lockes Ride, Bracknell. 

Alderson-Smith, Geo., s. of late 
John Smith, of Burley House, Leeds, and 
Belvedere, Harrogate ; b. 1834 ; m. 1, 
1860, Helen, dau. of John Alder, of Hull ; 
2, 1900, Eleanor M. E. eld. dau. of late 
maj. Wm. Cookson, 80 regt. ; is D.L., J.p. 
N. R. Yorks : Wheatcroft Cliff, Scar- 

Aldous, Hugh Graham, 3 s. of late 
Jas. Robt. Aldous ; b. 1859 ; m. 1898, Ca. 
May Inez, dau. of late maj.-gen. R. H. 
Travers (commdt. of School of Musketry, 
Hythe), of Timoleague, co. Cork : 21 
Brechin pi. South Kensington, S.W. ; 
Union club ; Kelsale Hall, nr. Sax- 
mundham, Suffolk. 

Aldrich, vice-adml. Pelham, c.v.o. 
(1902), eld. s. of Pelham Aldrich, m.r.c.s. 
(<J.1894); 6.1844; m. 1875, Edith C. dau. of 
Wotton Isaacson, of Huntingdon: served 
as It. H.M.S. " Challenger " on exploring 
expdn. 1872, and H.M.S. 'Alert " Arctic 
expdn. 1875-6, adml. supt. of Portsmouth 
dockyard 1899-1902, vice-adml. 1903: 
United Service club; The Croft, Gt. 
Bealings, Suffolk. 

Aldrich- Blake, rev. Fredc. Hooper, 
M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of rev. Fredc. Jas. 
Aldrich-Blake, patron and rect. of 
Welsh Bicknor, Herefordshire (d. 1904) ; 
b. 1863; m. 1897, Emily Edith, dau. of 
rev. R. W. Vigors, rect. of Llanwenarth 
Citra, Mon. ; patron of Welsh Bicknor, 
Herefordshire, rect. from 1898, of Llan- 
wenarth Citra, Abergavenny, Mon. 

Aldridgre, Chas. Hy., j.p. (1901) 
Leicestershire : Sketchley Hall,Burbage, 

Aldridgre, maj.John; m. 1871, Frances 
Mary, dau. of col. H.D. Carden, Knights- 
town, Portarlington : J.P. (1882) Berks : 
Naval and Military club ; Inholmes, 

Aldridge, mrs. Mary A., dau. of S. 
Matthews ; m. 1, Thos. Broadwood, of 
Holmbush, Sussex ; 2, 1863, col. John 
Aldridge, of St. Leonard's Forest, Sussex, 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1888) : The Grange, Lower 
Beeding, Horsham. 

Aid-worth, Robert, only survg. s. of 
Richard O. Aldworth, of Newmarket, co. 
Cork, D.L., j.p. [d. 1887), by Letitia, sis. 
of 2 earl of Listowel ; b. 1827 ; m. 1867, 
Louisa M., dau. (d. 1903) of maj.-gen. H. 
D. Tolley, c.B., by Frances, sis. of 6 
and 7 vise. Midleton ; j.p. co. Cork : 
Newmarket Court, Newmarket, co. Cork. 

Aldworth, lady Mary, dau. of 3 earl 
of Bandon ; b, 1837 j m. 1863, col. Richd, 


Wm. Aid worth, of Newmarket, co. Cork, 
j.P. (d. 1899) : Carrig-'rhu, Queenstown. 

Alexander, archbp., vide Armagh. 

Alexander, vise, (title which -would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 
of Caledon). 

r Alexander, lt.-col. Boyd Fras., 3 s. of 
ite Boyd Alexander, Ballochmyle (d. 
861), by dau. of late sir B. Hobhouse, 1 
bart.; b. 1831; m. 1865, Mary, dau.(V. 
190.")) of late David Wilson, of Castie- 
ton, Surrey ; lt.-col. late rifle brigade ; 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8, at Cawnpore 
and Lucknow : Carlton club ; Swifts 
Place, Cranbrook, Kent. 

Alexander, hon. Chas., s. of 3 earl 
of Caledon ; b. 1854 ; m. 1880, Catherine, 
dau. of Chas. Stayner, of Halifax, Nova 
Scotia; served in Egypt 1882, maj. 
(hon. lt.-col. 1900), 3 battn. (mil.) R. 
Inniskilling fus. 1897-1904 : Jun. United 
Service club ; Sesskinawaddy, Castle- 
derg, co. Tyrone. 

Alexander, sir Claud, 2 bart. (1886), 
only s. of maj. -gen. sir Claud Alexander, 
1 bart., M.P. [d. 1899) ; 6. 18(57; m.1,1889, 
lady Diana, youngest dau. (div. 1894) of 
14 earl of Eglinton ; 2, 1896, Rachel B., 
youngest dau. of rev. Henry Holden, D.D., 
rect. of South Luffenham,Rutland ; is J.P. 
CO. Ayr (Heir, s. Wilfred A., b. 1892) : 
Fay Gate Wood, Rasper, Horsham. 

Alexander, David Lindo, K.C., b.a. 
Cantab., 2 s. of Joshua Alexander ; b. 
1842; m. 1866 Hester, eld. dau. of late 
S. J. Joseph ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1866, 
bencher 1895, Q.c. 1892,pres. of the Jewish 
board of deputies: 11 York gate, Regent's 
Park, N.W. ; 20 Old sq. Lincoln's inn, 

Alexander, rev. David Mitchell, m.a. 
Oxon. ; j.p. W. R. Yorks, vicar of St. 
John, Bilton, from 1900 : Bilton Vicar- 
age, Harrogate. 

Alexander, David Thos., j.p. (1903) 
Glamorgan : Bryneithon, Dinas Powis, 

Alexander, maj. Dudley Hy., c.m.g. 
(1901). priv. sec. to gov. of N. Zealand 
(earl of Ranfurly) 1897-1901. 

Alexander, Francis, J.P. (1897) 
Wilts : Everleigh Manor, Marlborough, 

Alexander,Granville H. J.,eld. s. of H. 
Alexander, of Forkhill House,co. Armagh, 
D.L.(d. 1877), by dau. of 2 earl of Ranfurly, 
b. 1852; m. 1880, Daisy, dau. of M. 
Mathews, of San Francisco, California ; 
D.L., j.p. co. Armagh (sheriff 1883), late 
83 foot, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish fus. 
1879-85 : Carlton and White's clubs ; 
Forkhill House, Forkhill, Armagh. 

Alexander, hon. Harold, 3 s. of 4 
earl of Caledon ; b. 1891. 

Alexander, hon. Herbrand Chas. 2 s. 
of 4 earl of Caledon ; b. 1 888 ; heir pres. 
to earldom. 

Alexander, James Dalison, eld. s. of 
J. Alexander, of Oak Bank, Kent (<i.l899); 
b. 1846 : m. 1885, lady Emily, eld. dau. of 
9 earl of Cork and Orrery ; b. 1854 ; late 
capt. W. Kent yeorn. ; D.L.Kent ; banker 
and E. India agent in London : 70 
Cadogan sq. S.W. ; 2 St. Helen's pi. 
E.C. ; Hamsell Manor, Eridge, nr. 
Tunbridge Wells. 

Alexander, John, eld. s. of late John 
Alexander, M.P., of Milford, co. Carlow ; 
b. 1850; m. 1896, Ethel, dau. of Kennett 
Bayley, of Sevenoaks, co. Dublin ; late 
maj. King's Drag, gds., J.P. co. Carlow 
(sheriff 1891): Naval and Military, and 
Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs; Milford, 
Carlow, Ireland 

Alexander, John Edmund, j.p. (1895) 
Norfolk : Gladstone House, 30 College 
rd. Norwich. 

Alexander, Joseph Tucker Burton-, 
only child of rev. Wm. Burton- Alex- 
ander, min. of Free Ch. of Scotland (d. 
1891). by Mary (d. 1903), only child of 
late J. Tucker, of Paveuham Bury, 
Beds, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1879 ; hon. attache to 
embassv at Washington 1900-2, patron 
of Pavenham, J.p. (1931) Beds: The 
Bury, Pavenham, Bedford ; Darroch 
Lear-. Ba 1 later, N.B. 

Alexander, Lesley Wm., eld. s. of 
Thos. Alexander, of Fro wick House, 
Essex and Ahilly, co. Donegal (d. 1867) ; 
b. 1841 ; J.P. co. Donegal : 29 Campdeu 
grove, Kensington, W. ; Ahilly, Bun- 
crana, co. Donegal. 

Alexander, sir Lionel Cecil Wm. 6 
bart. (1809) of Dublin, only s. of 5 bart. 
(d. 1896) ; b. 1885; 2 It. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Shropshire L. I. 1901-5, 2 It. gren. gds. 
from 1905 (Heir, kinsman, maj. Chas. 
Hy., b. 1866) : 6 Morpeth mansions 
Westminster, S.W. ; Guards' club. 

Alexander, Nathaniel Stuart, 2 s. of 
Wm. Stuart Alexander, of Ballyarton, 
co. Londonderry and grandson of iate bp. 
(Alexander) of Meath : b. 1838 ; m. 1873, 
Dora, dau. of E. Curry, of Pickforde, 
Sussex ; is j.p. (1891) Sussex : Constitu- 
tional, and East Sussex (St. Leonards) 
clubs ; Cecil House, Church rd. St. 
Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. 

Alexander,Philip Pembroke, s.of late 
Robt.Hy. Alexander, of Brandfold, Kent ; 
b. 1864; m. 1891, Katharine G. dau. of Jas. 
Tinker, of Hordle Cliff, Hants: J.P. 
(1894) Devon : Laywell, Brixham, Devon. 


Alexander, Reginald Gervase, m.a. 
Cantab., M.D., F.L.8., s. of Wm. Alexan- 
der, M.D., F.R.C.P. Lond., J.P. {d. 1888); 
m. 1879, Alicia Mary, only survg. dau. of 
John Greenwood, of Castle Hall, nr. 
Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire : is j.p. W. R. 
Yorkshire : Blackwall, Halifax ; Man- 
ningham lane, Bradford, Yorkshire. 

Alexander, maj.-gen. Robt. r.a. 
(Madras), served in Zulu war, 1879, at 
Ulundi ; Afghan war, 1880 ; maj.-gen. 
1897, ret. on pen. 1897 : Naval and Mili- 
tary club. 

Alexander, col. hon. Walter Philip, 
s. of 3 earl of Caledon ; b. 1849 ; to. 1882, 
Margaret Katherine, young, dau. of late 
rev. the hon. Fras. S. Grimston ; commd, 
1 cav. brig. Boer war ,1899, at cross- 
ing of Reit and Modder rivers, lt.-col. 
(brevet col. 1900), 2 drags. 189(5-1900, 
ret. p. 1904, adj. R.E. Kent veom. 1884-9, 
j.p. (1903) Wilts: Carlton and Cavalry 
clubs ; Church Farm House, Sutton 
Veny, Warminster. 

Alexander,Wm.Cleverly.F.s.A.,2 s. of 
Surrey ; b. 1840 ; to. 1861, Rachel A., dau. 
of Jeffery Lucas, of Hitchin, Herts. ; J.P. 
(1898) Sussex : Aubrey House, Campden 
Hill, Kens. W. ; Burlington Fine Arts 
club ; Heathfield Park, Heathfield S.O. 

Alexander, Wm. Lancaster, s. of late 
Wm. Alexander, of Liverpool ; b. 1821 ; 
to. 1857, Frances, dau. (d. 1890) of late 
rev. Richd. Armitstead of Whitehaven ; 
J.P. Cumberland : Oak hill, Lorton, 

Alexander, hon. Wm. S. P., 4 s. of 4 
earl of Caledon ; b. 1895. 

Alexander, dow.lady. Eliza, dau. of 
late Alex. Speirs, of Elderslie, m.p., lord- 
lieut. of Renfrewshire ; to. 1863, maj.- 
gen. sir Claud Alexander, 1 bart., of 
Ballochmyle, M.p., D.L., j.p. (d. 1899) : 
24 Old Queen st. S.W. ; Nedging Hall, 
Bildeston, Suffolk 

Alexander, lady. Eveline M.,dau. of 
col. Chas. Cornwallis Michell, K.H. ; 
to. 18 , gen. sir Jas. Edwd. Alexander, 
c.B., of Westerton, Stirlingshire, j.p., 
D.L. (d. 1885) : 3 Sidney ter. Ryde, Isle 
of Wight. 

Alexander, hon. mrs. Emily C, 4 dau. 
of 1 baron Cottesloe ; b. 1838 ; to. 1882, 
rev. Chas. Leslie Alexander, rect. of Stan- 
ton, co. Derby (d. 1888) : 35 The Ward- 
wick, Derby. 

Alexander, lady. -Mary Kathleen, 
dau. of rev. J. Dreaper, Northampton ; to. 
1877, as his 2 wife, sir John Wallis Alex- 
ander, 4 bart. (d. 1888). 

Sinclair, R.N., only survg. s. of late capt. 
J. H. I. Alexander, R.N., C.B.. of South 
Barr, Renfrewshire; b. 1865; to. 1892, 
Julia M., youngest dau. of late col. C. V. 
Hamilton-Campbell, of Netherplace, 
Ayrshire ; assumed by royal licence 
addtl. name of Sinclair 1894; D.L., j.p. 
Caithness-shire. commdr. R.N. from 1901 : 
Naval and Military and Boodle's clubs ; 
Dnnbeath Castle, Caithness, N.B. 

Alford, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Alford, capt. Henry, f.r.g.s., s. of 
late Lewis Alford ; b. 1876 ; served with 
Nile expdy. force 1896, Boer Avar 1899- 
1901, capt.' R. Scots Fus. 1901-2, capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) Cameron Highrs. from 1901, 
memb. R. Compv. of Archers (h.m.'s 
bodygd. for Scotland) : Ranelagh and 
Ca'edonian clubs ; Dalcross Castle, Croy, 

Alford, lady. Helen, dau. of late col. 
Shand, I.S.C. ; m. 1886, sir Edwd. Fleet 
Alford, knt. (d. 1905) : 26 The Boltons, 
S. Kensington, S.W. 

Algroma, 3 bp. of (1873). rt. rev. Geo. 
Thorneloe M.A., D.C.L., D.D., s. of rev. 
Jas. Thorneloe, of Coventry, co. War- 
wick ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874 ; bp. of Algoma 
from 1897 : Bishophurst, Saulte Ste. 
Marie, Ont., Canada. 

Ali, Ameer, g.i.e., m.a. ; b. of Syed 
Sadat Ali, of Mohan ; b. 1849 ; to. 
1884, Isabella Ida, dau. of late H. Kon- 
stam, of 64 Gloucester pi. Portman sq. 
W. barr. Inner Temple 1873; a puisne 
judge of high court of Judicature at 
Calcutta 1890-1904 : Reform club ; The 
Lambdens, Theale, Reading. 

Alington, lord (2 baron 1876, U.K.). 
Humphrey Napier Sturt c.v.O. (1905), 
eld. s. of' 1 baron (d. 1904); b. 1859; to. 
1883, lady Feodorowna, eld. dau. of 5 
earl of Hardwicke, b. 1864; D.L., j.p. 
Dorset, and C.C., It. Dorset yeom. 1881-9, 
M.p. (c) E. Dorset 1891-1904 {Heir, s. 
hon. Gerard P. M. N. Sturt, q.v.) : 38 
Portman sq. W. ; Carlton club ; Crichel, 

Alington, adml. Arthur Hildebrand, 
3 s. of Geo. Marmaduke Alington, of 
Swinbope, Lines., D.L., J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1839 ; to. 1870, Charlotte M. dau. of rev. 
Chas. Moore, of Garlenick, Cornwall ; 
served in Baltic and Black seas during 
Russian war 1854-5, It. commdr. of 
" Britomart" on Lake Erie during Fenian 
riots 1866-8, commdr. of "Boxer" on W. 
coast of Africa 1877, Niger expdn., 2 in 
command Channel squadron 1895-6, 



adml. 1004, ret. list 1899, J.P. (1900) 
Parts of Lindsey, Lines : United Service 
club ; Swinhope House, North Thoresby, 
S. 0., Lines. 

Alingrton, Chas. Edmund Argentine, 
eld. s. of Julius Alington, of Little Bar- 
ford. Bed", and Letch worth Hall, Herts, 
j.r. (d. 1905); b. 1872; lord of the 
manors of Little Barford, Letchworth 
and Stotfold : Little Barford House, nr. 
St. Neot's. 

Alington, rev. Cj ril Argentine, M.A. 
Oxon., s. of rev. Hy. Giles Alington.M.A., 
rect. of Candlesby, Lines; I>. 1872 ; in. 
1904, hon. Hester Margaret, voungest 
dan. of 4 baron Lyttelton, b. 1874; bite 
fell, of All Souls' coll. Ox. from 189G, 
as.-t. master at Eton coll. from 1899. 

Alington (rt. hon.) Evelyn H. lady. 
dun. of late Blundell Leigh ; m. 1892, as 
his 2 wife, 1 baron Alington (d. 1904). 

Alison, gen. sir Archibald, 2 bart. 
(1852),g.c.b. (1887),LL.n.(hon.) Cantab., 
Edin. and Glasg. Universities ; b. 
1826 ; m. 1858, Jane, only dau. of Jas. 
Black, of Dalmonach, N.B. ; in Crimea 
with 72 foot, 1855, at Kertch and fall of 
Sebastopol ; mil. sec. to lord Clyde in 
mutiny 1857-8, at relief of Lucknow ; 
brig.-gen. and 2 in commd. in Ashanti 
1874, at Amoaful and Coomassie ; commd. 
1 at Alexandria after bombardment and 
Highland brig, of expdy. force to Egypt, 
at battle of Tel-el-Kebir in 1882, and army 
of occupation there 1882-3 ; 2 class Os- 
manieh ; comrud. divn. at Aldershot 
1883-5, and 1885-8, adjt.-gen. to the forces 
in 1885, hon. col. 5 Lanarkshire R.V. 
from 1883 ; memb. council of sec. of 
state for India 1888-98, ret. p. 1893, col. 
Essex regt. 1896-7, of the Seaforth 
Highrs. from 1897 (Heir, s. Archibald, 
q.v.): 93 Eaton pi. S.W. ; United Service, 
Hnilinghara, and Caledonian and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs. 

Alison, Archibald, eld. s. of lt-gen. 
sir Archibald Alison, 2 bart. g.c.b. ; b. 
1862; m. 1888, Georgina, youngest dau. 
of late J. Bond-Cabell, of Cromer Hall, 
Norfolk ; capt. 5 battn. (mil.) Rifle brig. 
1885-95, col. sec. and registrar-gen. of 
the Bermudas 1888-1901 : Elmley, Wim- 
bledon Common, S.W. 

Alison, capt.Chas. German; chief con- 
stable of Somerset from 1884 : Somerset 
House, Magdalene street, Glastonbury. 

Alison, Henry, B.A.Cantab., s. of late 
R.E.Ali8on,j.p.,*b.L.; 6.1828 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1853, treas. of county palatine of 
Lancaster from 1860 : Park" Hall, Char- 
nock Richard, Chorley, Lanes ; County 
offices, Fishergate, Preston 

Allan, vide Havelock- Allan. 

Allan, vide Murray-Allan. 

Allan, Alex. s. of Bryce Allan,of Aros, 
co. Argyll (d. 1874) ; 'b. 1844 ; to. 1866, 
Julia E.,dau.of late A.M'Ewen.of Sunder- 
land, Island of Islay; D.L.,J.P. co. Argyll ; 
Jun. Carlton and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Aro3 House, nr. Tobermor} r , I. of 
Mull, N.B 

Allan, sir Hugh Montagu, 2 s. of late 
sir Hugh Allan, of Ravensoag, Montreal; 
b. 1860 ; to. 1893. Marguerite E., dau. of 
late Hector Mackenzie, of Montreal- 
head of the Allan Steamship Co., knighted 
1904 : Ravenscrag, Montreal, Canada. 

Allan, maj.-gen. William, s. of Alex. 
Allan, of Hillside, Edinburgh ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 1. 1870, Anne Campbell Penney, dau. 
(d. 1876) of lord Kinloch, lord of sepsion, 
Scotland ; 2, Jane Hu^ey, dau. of rev. 
Jas. Senior, afterwards Husey-Hunt, 
rect. of Compton, Somerset ; served 
in Crimea 1854-6, in 41 Welsh regt. 
at battles of Alma and Inkerraan, assault 
on the Redan, siege and fall of Sebasto- 
pol (medal and 3 clasps, knt. of the 
Legion of Honour) ; brig.-gen. commdg. 
troops in Cyprus 1890-4, ret. pay 1894, 
col. Welsh regt. from 1904 : 43 Manor 
place and New Club, Edinburgh ; Army 
and Navy club, S.W. 

Allan, lady. Jane, dau. of Walter 
Beattie, of Lockeibie, N.B. ; to. 1870, sir 
Win. Allan, knt., D.L., J. P., M.P. (L.) 
Gateshead 1893-1903 (rf. 1903): Scotland 
House, Sunderland. 

Allan-Woddrop, Wm., eld. s. of J 
Allan-Woddrop, of Garvald, co. Peebles 
(d. 1845) ; b. 1829; to. 1856, Harriette S., 
dau. of rev. J. I. Beresford, of Macbie 
Hill, co. Peebles ; J.P. Peeblesshire, D.L. 
Lanarkshire, late Scots greys, maj. (hon. 
lt.-col. 1886) Lanarkshire yeom. 1882-7 : 
New club (Edinburgh) ; Garvald, Dolph- 
inton, N.B. 

Allanby, Hy. Chas. Hynman, eld. s. 
of H. H. Allenby, of Kenwick Hall, co. 
Lincoln, J.P. (d. 1869) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1879, 
Mary Florence, dau. of Thos. Garfit, late 
M.P.; M.A. Oxon, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Lincolnshire regt. 1879-85, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1889) 3 battn. (mil.) Seaforth 
Highlanders 1885-94, j.p. Parts of Lind- 
sey, Lines, assumed the original spelling 
of surname : Boodle's club ; Monks 
Tower, Lincoln. 

Allanson- Winn, Rowland Geo., b.a. 
Cantab., M.mst.c.E.i., only s. of hon. 
Rowland Allanson-Winn (d. 1888), and 
cousin of 4 baron Headley ; b. 1855 ; to. 
1899, Teresa St. Josephine, youngest 
dau. of late W. H. Johcson, formerly 



gov. of Leh, and in geological survey 
of Northern India ; j.P. co. Kerry (Heir 
pres. to barony of Headley ) : Oxford and 
Cambridge club ; Glenbeigh, Killarney, 

8. of col. Jas. Allardyce, LL.d., of Cul- 
quoich, co. Aberdeen ; b. 1861 ; m. 1895, 
Constance A., 2 dau. of M. R. Greene, 
J.P., of Greystones, Rowsley, Victoria ; 
asst. col. sec. and receiver-gen. Fiji 1P98- 
1902, col. sec. and receiver-gen. 1902-4, 
administ. gov. 1901-1902, gov. of the 
Falkland Islands from 1904 : Govern- 
ment House, Stanley, Falkland Islands. 

M.a., F.R.S., f.s.a. &c. s. of rev. Thos. All- 
butt, rect. of Debach, Suffolk; b. 1836; 
m 1869, Susan, dau. of Thos. England, of 
Headingley ; d.l., j.p. W. R. Yorks, j.p. 
Cambridgeshire, a commr. in lunacy 
1889-92, regius prof, physic at Univ. of 
Cambridge from 1892 : Athenaeum club ; 
St. Radegund's, Cambridge. 

Allcock, Samuel, s. of Polycarp All- 
cock, of Redditch, Worcestershire ; b. 
1829 ; m. 1849, Elizabeth, dau. (d. 1875) of 
Jas. Baylis, of Redditch ; 2, 1878, widow 
of Chas. Playfair, of Aberdeen ; j.p. 
Worcestershire : The Cedars, Redditch. 

Allcroft, Herbert John, eld. s. of John 
Derby Allcroft, of StokesayCourt, Salop, 
M.P., J p. (d. 1893); b. 1865; m. 1900, 
Margaret J., only dau. of late gen. sir 
W. Russell, 2 bart., c.B. ; J.p. (1895) 
Salop (sheriff 1893) : Stokesay Court, 
Onibury, Craven Arms S.O. & Stokesay 
Castle, Craven Arms S.O. Salop. 

Alldritt, Fredk., 2 s. of late Joseph 
Alldritt,of Tamwortb,Warwickshire ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1870, Betsy, dau. of D. Hartill, 
of Glascote, Warwickshire; J.P.Warwick- 
shire, C.c. for Tamworth divn. of Staffs. : 
Landscape, Wigginton, Tamworth. 
Allen, bp. (r.c.) vide Shrewsbury. 

Allen, Bulkeley, s. of John Allen of 
Oldfield Hall, Altrincham, j.p. (d. 1892) ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1863, Mary E., dau. of late 
Edwd. Lynn, of Runcorn ; j.p. Cheshire : 
West Lynn, Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Allen, Chas., v.d. , chm. Sir Hy. Besse- 
mer <fc Co. Ltd., V.P. Sheffield and Hallam- 
shire Bank and dir. The Ebbw-Vale 
Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., Mon., j.p. (1898) 
Derbyshire, col. commdg. 4 W. R. Yorks 
R. G. A. (vol.): Jun. Carlton club; 
Wingerworth Hall, nr. Chesterfield. 

Allen, Chas. Fras. Egerton, b.a. 
Cantab, 3 survg. s. of late Chas. Allen, 
of Tenby,Pembrokeshire, j.p., late memb. 
legist, council of gov.-gen. of India ; b. 
1847 ; m. 1891, Georgina, eld. survg dau. 

of late Wm Wilcox, of Whitburn, nr- 
Sunderland ; barr. Inner Temple 187L 
rec. of Rangoon 1883-84, J.P. Haverford 
west, m.p. (l.) Pembroke and Haverford- 
west dist. 1892-5 : Hill Cottage, Tenby. 

Allen, Charles Hugh, 3 but only survg 
s. ;of late C. B. Allen of Rickeston, 
Pembrokeshire ; b. 1831 ; m. 1856, Mary, 
young, dau. of T. R. Sanders ; j.p. Pem- 
brokeshire : Rickeston, Milford Haven, 

Allen, Chas. Peter, s. of Peter Allen ; 
b. 1861 ; barr. Inner Temple 1888, m.p. 
(l.) Mid Gloucestershire from 1900 : 
National Liberal club ; Farmhill Park, 
Stroud, Glos. 

Allen, Clement Fras.Romilly,F.R.G.s. 
4 s. of Launcelot Baugh Allen, of 
Cilrhiw, Pembrokeshire ; b. 1844 ; wt. 
1877. Edith L., dau. of rev. Robt. Wedg- 
wood, of Dumbleton, Glos ; formerly 
H.M. consul at Foochow, China, J.P. 
(1900) Derbyshire : Royal Societies' 
club ; Southtield, Woodcbester, Stroud, 

Allen, Edward, s. of late John Allen, 
of Stowford Lodge, Devon ; b. 1832 ; m. 
1858, Elizabeth A., dau. of Thos. Pitts, 
of Plymouth ; j.p. Devon : Stowford 
Lodge, Ivybridge, S. Devon. 

Allen, Elliston, j.p. Suffolk : The 
Grove, Ballingdon, Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Allen, capt. Evans Mynde, late 1 
battn. R. Scots Fus., only s. of late Robt. 
Allen, m.a., b.c.l., F.a.A., serjt.-at-law, 
with pat. of precedence, of the Elms, 
Crawley, Sussex; b. 1839; m. 1872, 
Frances Maria, dau. of late rev. W. 
Hulme, m.a., j.p. Herefordshire ; is D.L., 
J.P. Herefordshire, lord of the manor of 
Upton Bishop: Naval and Military club ; 
Manor House, Upton Bishop, Ross, 

Allen, Geo., s. of Geo. Allen, of 
Eccleston, Cheshire; b. 1843; vi. 1868, 
Sarah Jane, dau. of S. Bolshaw, of Min- I 
shull Hall, Cheshire ; J.P. (1904) Dorset : 
Strang ways, Marnhull, Blandford j 
County Gentlemen's club. 

Allen, Geo. Edmund, s. of John Allen, 
of Coleridge House, Devon, d.l.. j.p. (d. j 
1883) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1872, Catherine R., 
3 dau. of rev. W. Cooper Johnson, rect. 
of Diptf ord, Devon ; 2, 1894, Agne s C. i 
2 dau. of capt. R. J. Knox, late Cara.j 
bineers, of Cahirleske, co. Kilkenny ; 
late capt. S. Devon mil. : Wickeridge,. 
Woodland, Ashburton, Devon. 

Allen, Henry, 3 s. of Jas. Allen, o i 
Somersetshire; b. 1872; m. 1895, hon. 
Fanny Sophia, 2 dau. of late adml. J 


baron Hood of Avalon, G.C.B., b. 1860 : 
Broadway Lodge, Glastonbury. 

Allen, Hy. Geo., K.c, m.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, 2 s. of late J. Hensleigh Allen, 
Cresselly, Pembrokeshire, M.P. ; b. 1810 ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1841, Q.c. 1880; J.P. 
Pembrokeshire (chm. quart, sess. and of 
C.c.) and Carmarthenshire, D.L., J.P. 
Haverfordwest ; M.P. (L.) Pembroke 
Boroughs 1880-6: Paskeston, nr. Pem- 

Allen, Henry Seymour, eld. survg. s. 
of S. P. Allen, of Cresselly House, D.L., 
j.p {d. 1861), by dau. of 4 earl of 
Portsmouth ; b. 1847 ; late 1st life gds., 
D.L., J.P. Pembrokeshire (sheriff 1873) : 
Cresselly House, Jutfreston, Pembroke. 

Allen, Herbert Jas. p.r.g.s., m.r.a.s., 
eld. s. of Chas. Allen, of 10 Norton, 
Tenby, co. Pembroke ; b. 1841 ; to. 1877, 
Mary C. dau. of Wm. Jas. Goodeve, of 
Clifton, Glo'stershire ; H.B.M. consul for 
Newchwang, China, ret., J.p. Pembroke- 
shire : 10 Norton, Tenby. 

Allen, Jas. Henry, s. of John R. Allen, 
of Lyngford, Taunton ; b. 1834 ; J.P. 
Middlx., co. London, and (1899) Dorset : 
St. Andrew's, Lyme Regis. 

Allen, Jefferys Philip Thos., only s. 
of col. C. J. W. Allen, of Lyngf ord,Taun- 
ton, J.P. (d. 1893) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1896, 
Rose, eld. dau. of late gen. sir Chas. W. 
D. Staveley, g.c.b. ; capt. W. Somerset 
yeom. 1889-97 : Jun. Carlton and Cavalry 
clubs ; Lyngford, Taunton. 

Allen, John, s. of late John Allen, of 
Ivybridge, Devon ; b. 1835 ; J.P. (1903) 
Devon : City Liberal club ; Stowford 
Lodge, Ivybridge. 

Allen, John, eld. s. of Wm. Allen, of 
Evenley Hall, Northants, J.P. (U 1905) ; 
b. 1869 ; to. 1893, Mabel, 4 dau. of Beville 
Ramsay, of Croughton Houe, North- 
ants, j.p. ; is J.P. (1896) Northants: 
Brackley House, Brackley, Northants. 

Allen, sir John Campbell, s. of 
late John Allen ; b. 1817 ; to. 1845, Mar- 
garet, dau. of capt. C. Drury, of St. John, 
N.B.; barr. N. Brunswick 1840, s.G. 
1856-7, A.G. 1865. judge 1865-75, and C.J. 
of New Brunswick 1875-90, knighted 
1889: 292 King st. Fredericton, N. 

Allen, John Edwd., j.p. (1897) 
Middlx. : Denne Hill, nr. Canterbury. 

Allen, maj.-gen. John Edwd. ; served 
with 79 Highlanders in Crimea, 1855, at 
Sebastopol ; Indian mutiny, 1858-9, at 
Lucknow ; It. -col. (col. 1885) commdg. 1 
battn. High.LJ. 1884-7, ret. p.1887: Army 
and Navy and Union (Brighton) clubs. 

Allen, maj.-gen. Ralph Edwd., c.b. 


(1900), eld.s. of maj.R. S. Allen,of Hamp- 
ton Manor, Somerset, D.L., J.P.. M.P. (d. 
1887); b. 1846; educ. at Eton; J.P. 
Somerset; served with Bechuanaland 
expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 1899-1901, 
lt.-col. (col. 1889) 2 battn. E. Yorkshire 
regt. 1893-6, ret. p. 1903 with hon. rank 
of maj.-gen. : 10 Hanover sq. W. ; 
Naval and Military, Army and Navy and 
St. James' clubs. 

Allen, Ralph Oliver, only survg. s. of 
rev. Wm. Arthur Allen, of Stocklinch 
Manor, Somerset {d. 1881) ; b. 1872 ; J.P. 
(1900) Somerset : Stocklinch Manor, 

Allen, Robt., J.P. (1900) Essex : 
Greenstead Hall, Halstead, Essex. 

Allen, Russell, d.l. Anglesey (sheriff 
1902) : 10 Victoria terr. Beaumaris. 

Allen, Walker, s. of Walker Allen, of 
Radcliffe; b. 1842; m. 1877, Mary A., 
dau. of John Wild, of Whitefield, Lanes. ; 
J.P. (1894) Lancashire : Holly Bank, 
Whitefield. Manchester. 

Allen, Walker, jun., J.P. (1898) Lan- 
cashire : Beech Bank, Bolton rd. Rad- 
cliffe, Manchester. 

Allen, Walter Stott, only s. of late 
John Allen, formerly gov. of the County 
House of Coirection, Leicester; b. 1842; 
m. 1879, Mary, dau. of John Grundy, of 
Packingtcn, Leicestershire; J.P. (If 04) 
Warwickshire : Rose Hill, Atherstone. 

Allen (hia honor judge), Wilfred 
Baugh, 2 s. of Geo. Baugh Allen, of 
Cilrhiw, Pembrokeshire, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1898) ; b. 1849 ; to. 1883, Anne S., 4 dau. 
of rev. Robt. Wedgwood, of Dumbleton, 
Glos. ; barr. Inner Temple 1882, judge 
of county courts (circuit No. 18) from 
1903, j.p. (1901) Pembrokeshire: 4 Paper 
bldgs., Temple, E.C. ; Bramcote, Not- 
tingham ; Cilrhiw, Narberth. 

Allen, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Shepherd 
Allen, of Woodhead Hall, Staffs, d.l., 
j.p. ; 6. 1870 ; to. 1893, Jeannette, dau 
of John Hall; is J.P. Staffs (and C.C. 
from 1901), m.p. (l.) Newcastle-under- 
Lyme 1892-1900, capt. S. Australian 
M.I. 1901: 8 Drayton court, South 
Kensington, S.W. ; Sports club ; Wcod- 
head Hall, nr. Cheadle, Staffs. 

Allen, Wm. Bird, b.a. Cantab, eld. 
survg. s. of Joshua Bird Allen, J.P. {d. 
1880) ; b. 1851 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1876, 
j.p. Pembrokeshire : 158 Portsdown rd. 
W. ; Oxford and Cambridge club. 

f.s.s., f.i. inst., s. of Wm. Geo. Allen, of 
CardifLGlam. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1, 1864, Annie 
Mary Pemberton, dau. of Richd. Thos. 
Howell, of Bryn - y - caerau Castle, 


Llanelly, Carmarthenshire ; 2 1887, 
Madeline Agnew, dau. of W J. Fedden, 
of Rockleaze Point, Stoke Bishop, Glos. ; 
is J.P. (1897) Beds (sheriff 1904): 1 Dean s 
yard, Westminster, S.W. ; Royal So- 
cieties, and Town and County (Bedford) 
clubs ; Bromham House, Bromham. Beds. 
Allen, Wm. Hy., m.a. Cantab, 2 s. of 
Win. Allen, of Evenley Hall, Northants, 
j p. (d. 1905) ; h. 1870 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1899, It. R. Bucks yeom. 
1889-97, capt. Edinburgh artill. mil. 
1897-1905; J.P. (1905) Northants: 
White's club, Evenley Hall, Brackley. 

Allen, Wm. Shepherd, s. of Wm.Allen, 
Woodhead Hall, Cheadle (d. 1871) ; b. 
1831; m. 1869, Elizabeth P., only child, 
dau. of late J. Candlish, M.P. ; m.a. Oxon, 
U.L., J.P. Staffordshire, M.P. (l.) New- 
castle-under-Lyme 1865-86: Reform club; 
Woodhead Hall, nr. Cheadle, Staffs; 
Annandale, Piako, N. Zealand. 

Allen, hon. mrs. Fanny Sophia, vide 
Henry Allen. 

Allen, mrs. Florence A., 3 dau. of 
late J. C. Warren; m. 1861, rev. Wm. 
Arthur Allen, of Stocklinch Manor, Som- 
erset {d. 1881) ; patron of 2 livings and 
lady of the manor of Stocklinch Ottersey : 
Stocklinch Manor, Ilminster. 

Allen, lady. Maud, dau. of late rev. 
J. Fisher Turner, recfc. of Winkleigh, 
Devon; m. 1876, sir Geo. Wm. Allen, 
k.c.i.K. (d. 1900): 5 Cadogan pi. S.W. 

Allen, lady. Marian, eld. dau. of rev. 
Wm.B.Boyce ; m. 1851, sir Geo.Wigrani 
Allen, k.c.m.g., speaker of legisl. assem- 
bly N.S.Wales 1875-83 (cQ885) : Toxteth 
park, Sydney, N. S. Wales. 

AUen-Jefferys, Jefferys Charles, 
b.a. Cantab., s. of late rev. Wm. Jefferys 
Allen, J.P. ; b. 1847 ; m. Mary, only dan. 
of Thos. Dawson, of Northampton ; 
barr. Inner Temple, 1872, J.P. Somerset, 
lord of manor of Bawdrip, Somerset, 
Hied addtl. name of Jefferys, 1889 : 
Lower Belgrave st. S.W.; Automo- 
bile and New University clubs. 

Allenby, brig.-gen.Edmund Hy. Hyn- 
iii tn, O.B. (1902), s. of Hynman Allenby, 
of Felixstowe ; b 1861 ; m. 189J, Adelaide 
Mabel, dau. of EL E. Chapman, of Don- 
Iluiise, Salisbury ; served with 
Bechuanalaiid expdn, 1884-5, Zululand 
Afrioan war 1S99-1902, lt.-col. 5 
1902-5, brevet col. 1902, brig.- 


. I cav. brig, from 1905 
Naval ami Military club. 

Allenby, cant. Reginald Arthur, r.n 
m.v.o. i clasH (WO*): b. 1861 ; sub-It. of 
" AcliilhM " during Egyptian, war 1882 


attache at Copenhagen 1904, capt. h.n*. 

Allenby, maj.Robt., J.P. (1888) W.R. 
Yorks : 31 St. Mary's, York. 

AHerton, lord (1 baron U.K. 1902), 
Wm. Lawies Jackson, p.c. Eng.and Irel. 
(1890), eld. a. of late Wm. Jackson, of 
Leeds ; b. 1840 ; m. I860, Grace, dau. (d. 
1901) of G-eo. Tempest; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks and Leeds, chm. of Gt. Northern 
Railway Co., provl. grand master of 
Freemasons for W. Yorks from 1893, 
m.p. (c.) Leeds 1880-5, North divn. 1885- 
1902, fin. sec. to treas. 1886-91, chief sec. 
for Ireland 1891-92, mayor of Leeds 
1895-6, raised to the peerage 1902 (Z/eir, 
s. hon. Geo. Herbert Jackson, q.v.) : 
27 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton, Athe- 
naeum and St. Stephen's clubs ; AHerton 
Hall, Chapel AHerton, nr. Leeds. 

Alley ne, sir John Gay Newton, 3 
bart. (1769), M. Inst. C.B., s. of 2 bart. (d. 
1870); b. 1820 ; m. 1851, Augusta I., dau. 
of sir Henry Fitz-Herbert, 3 barr,.; war- 
den of Dulwich College 1843-51, capt. 12 
Derbyshire vols. 1862-73, J.P. and c.A. 
Derbyshire {Heir, s. Reynold Hy. New- 
ton,b. 1852) : Chevin, Bel per, Derbyshire; 
3 Cambridge pi. Falmouth. 

Allfrey, Fredk. Wm., 3 s. of Edwd. 
Allfrey, of Salehurst, Sussex (d. 1834) ; 
b. 1819 ; m. 1845, Emily, dau. of sir Robt. 
Moubray,K.H.,of Cockairney : Stanbury, 
Grazeley, Reading. 

Allfrey. capt. Hy., eld. s. of late Hy. 
Wells Allfrey, of Hemingford, Stratford- 
on-Avon, by dau. of sir Robt. Moubray, 
K.H., of Cockairney ; b. 1850 ; m. 1889, 
Kathleen, 2 dau. of S. A. Hankey ; capt. 
late 60 Rif., lord of the manor of Roberts- 
bridge, Sussex : Jun. Army and Navy 
club ; Barford, Warwick. 

AUfrey, Herbert Cyril, eld. s. of maj. 
Goodrich Holmsdale Allfrey, of Woke- 
field Park, Berks, late 2 drag, gds., J.P. 
(d. 1898) ; b. 1874 ; m. 1897, Norah, dau. 
of John Gilbert Meiggs, of 123 Cromwell 
rd. S.W. ; J.P. (1899) Berks and (1902) 
N. R. Yorks. 

Allfrey,capt.Moubray,eld. s. of Fredk. 
Wm. Allfrey, of Stanbury, Berks, by 
Emily, dau. of sir Robt.Moubray, K.H., of 
Otterstone and Cockairney ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1881, hon. Beatrice E. A., eld. dau. of 14 
baron Saye and Sele, b. 1857 ; late capt. 
15 huss. : Naval and Military club 
Green ways, Chippenham, Wilts. 

All&ood, maj.-gen. Geo., C.B. (1864); 

b. 1827 ; ret. f. p. 1869 as mai.-gen. 

B.S.C.; late a.q.m.g. Bengal : Blindburn 

Wark-on-Tyne R.S.O. Northumb. 

Allg-ood rev. James, m.a. Oxon, s. of 





L 8 

R. L. Allgood, of Nun wick, Northumb. 
(d. 1854) ; b. 1826 ; m. dau. (d. 1876) of 
late C. A. Williamson ; rect. of Ingram, 
Alnwick, 1852-87 : Nunwick Hall, Hum- 
shaugh-on-Tyne S.O. Northumb. 

Allhusen, Augustus Henry Eden, eld. 
s. of Henry C. Allhusen (d. 1871) and 

rands, of Christian Allhusen, of Stoke 

ourt, Bucks, D.L., J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 
7 ; m. \9G, Dorothy, younger dau. of 

dy St. Helier by her first husband, late 
col. hon. John Stanley ; late 2 It. Bucks 
yeom., D.L., J.P. Bucks, asst. priv. sec. 
(unpaid) to rt. hon. W. St. John 
Brodrick (see. of state for India) in 1905, 
M.P. (c.) Salisbury 1897-1900, Hackney 
(Central divn.) from 1900 : Carlton and 
White's clubs ; Stoke Court, Stoke 
Poges, Bucks. 

Allison, Harold, 3 s. of Wm. Hy. 
Allison, of Parkend. Lockerbie, N.B., 
and Undercliff, co. Durham, D. L., j.p. ; 
b. 1870; m. 1894, lady Diana, youngest 
dau. of 14 earl of Eglinton. 

Allison, Jas.,eld.s. of Wm.Hy.Allison, 
v.d., of Undercliffe, co. Durham, d.l., 
J.P. ; b. 1854; to. 1, 188SL Edith H., 
youngest dau. of late rev. Alex. Napier, 
vicar of Holkham, Norfolk ; 2, 1884, 
Edith B. eld. dau. of late R. M. Davidson, 
of High Cross, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; J.P. 
(1893) co. Durham, maj. (hon. lieut.-col. 
1895) 3 battn. (mil.) Durham L. I. 1890- 
1900: United Service club ; Undercliffe, 
nr. Sunderland. 

Allison, Robt. Andrew, eld. survg. s. 
of J. Allison, of Stanwix, Carlisle (d. 
1842); b. 1838; to. 1, 18G7, Laura A., 
younger dau. (d. 1892) of J. M. Atkinson, 
Thorp Arch, co. York ; 2, 1897, Sara E., 
only daughter of rev. canon Slater, of 
Groathland, Bournemouth ; D.L., J.P. 
Cumberland, M.P. (r>.) N. Cumberland, 
1885-1900 : New University club : Scale- 
by Hall, Carlisle. 

Allison, Wm. Henry, v.d., s. of Jas. 
Allison, of Undercliffe, co. Durham (d. 
1865) ; b. 1827 ; to. 1852, Margaret, 
dau. of John Clay, of Cleadon Meadows ; 
d.l., j.p. co. Durham, hon. col. New- 
castle-on-Tyne vol. engineer (k.e.) from 
1889 : Undercliffe, nr. Sunderland ; Tick- 
ford Abbey, Newport PaguelL Bucks. 

Alliston, aldm. Fredk. Piat, b. 1833; 
one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of 
London, sheriff 1898-9, aldm. of Bread 
St. ward from 1895, head of firm of 
Alliston & Co., Ltd., warehousemen : 
Kamesburgh, Beckenham ; 46 Friday st. 

Allix, Chas. Israel Loraine, eld. s. of 
Chas. Peter Allix, of S waff ham Prior 

House, Cambs, d.l., j.p. ; b. 1872 ; d.l., 
J.p. (1894) Cambridgeshire: Jun. Carlton 
club ; S waff ham Prior House, nr. Cam- 

Allix, Charles Peter, b. 1842 ;. 1866, 
Laura A. IV., dau. of Richd. Lee Bevan, 
of Brixworth Hall, Northants ; D.L., J.P. 
Cambridgeshire : Junior Carlton club; 
Swaffhain Prior House, nr. Cambridge. 

Allix, col. Noel Charles Noel, only 8. 
of Fredk. Wm. Allix, of Willoughby 
Hall. Lines, D.L., J.P. (d. 1894) ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1S71, Helen, eld. dau. (d. 1889) of 
Edwin Taunton, of Bromborough, 
Cheshire ; D.L., J.P. Lincolnshire, knt. of 
the orders of the Medjidie and the 

Allman, Robt.,o.M.G. (1901),l.r.c.s.i., 
l.k.('.p.I., s. of late rev. Wm. Allman, 
m.a., m i>., of Lurgy Vale. Kilmacrenan ; 
!>. 1854; at. 1893, Constance Maude, 2 
dau. of late Edmund Murphy, j.p., chief 
receiver court of chancery, Ireland ; 
apptd. princ med.. officer, Oil Rivers 
Protectorate (now Southern Nigeria) 
Sept. 1891 and orgaaized med. dept., 
princ. med. officer Cross River, Eket and 
Okrika expdns. 1895-6, Benin City expdn. 
1897, Oran expdn. 1897, Ekuri expdn. 
1S97-S, Ubiuni and Ishau expdns. 1899, 
also of the Arno expdn. 1901-2, memb. 
committee at Colonial Office for re- 
organization of the W. African med. 
staff Oct. 1901 : 2 Cowper villas, 
Pahnerstjn Park, Dublin ; Sports club. 

Allott, John Geo., eld. s. of late rev. J. 
Allott, of S. Kirkby, Yorks, and rect. of 
Maltby, Lines, j.p. (d. 1888); to. 1871, 
Louisa, eld. dau. of M. Staniland, of 
Harrington Hall, Lines, ex M.P. ; J.P. 
Lincolnshire : Jun. United Service club ; 
Eastfield House, Louth, Lines. 

Allport, Howard Aston, s. of sir Jas. 
Joseph Allport, knt. {d. 1892) ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1, 1872, Sarah, dau. (d. 1897) of Thos. 
Coote, of Oaklands, Hunts ; 2, 1901, 
Marguerite Katharine Mary, dau. of Geo. 
L. Bokenham, London ; J.P. (1897) 
W. R. Yorks : Reform club ; Dod worth 
Grove, nr. Barnsley, Yorks. 

Allsopp, hon. Alfred Percy, 7 s. of 1 
baron Hindlip ; b. 1861 ; to. 1890. Lilian M. 
eld. dau. of late rev. J. Stanley Cbesshire, 
rect. of Hindlip ; chm. of S. Allsopp 
& Sons, Lim.,Burton-on-Trent 1895-1900; 
D.L. Staffs., J.P. Worcestershire, mayor of 
Worcester 1892-3, and 1894-5, M.P. (C.) 
Taunton 1887-95: Battenhall Mount, 

Allsopp, capt. hon. Frederic Ernest, 
late R.A. 6 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1857 : 


Naval and Military, White's and Pratt's 
clubs ; Hadzor House, Hadzor,Droitwich. 
Allsopp, hon. George H., m.a. Cantab, 
3 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1895, lady Mildred, 3 dau. of 8 earl of 
Shaftesbury, b. 1867 ; J.P., D.L. Staffs, 
J.p. co. Derby, a director of Samuel 
Allsopp and Sons, Lim., brewers; 
chm. of Burton-on-Trent school board 
from 18; M.P. (o.) Worcester from 
1885 : 8 Hereford gdns. Park lane, W. ; 
Carlton and Jun. Carlton clubs. 

Allsopp, capt.hon. Herbert T., 5 s. of 
1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1855 ; m. 1891, Edith 
M., 4 dau. of H. C. Okeover, of Okeover, 
Staffs, J.P., by dau. of 3 baron Water- 
park ; capt. 10 buss. 1887-90 ; in Afghan 
war 1878-9, at Ali-Musjid ; and in Soudan 
expedn. 1884, at El Teb and Tamai, 
j.p. (1902) Staffordshire: Naval and 
Military club; Walton Bury, nr. Stafford. 
Allsopp, It.-col. hon. Ranulph, 4 s. of 
1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1848 ; m. 1898, 
Margaret, dau. of late Wm. Whitbread ; 
inaj. R.A. 1885-9, ret. p. 1889, lt.-col. Hon. 
Artill. Co. 1891-3 : Naval and Military 
club ; Manor House, Wendover, Bucks. 
Allsopp, lt.-col. hon. Wm. Hy., m.a. 
Oxon, 2 s. of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1843 ; 
late maj. and hon. lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Worcester regt. ; an underwriter at 
Lloyd's, heir pres. to barony : Lloyd's, 
ltoyal Exchange, E.C. ; Heme Bay club, 
Heme Bay. 

Allwood, Jas.,c.M.G. (1903), collector- 
gen, of customs, excise and internal 
revenue of Jamaica from 1888 : Kingston, ! 

Alma-Tadema, sir Lawrence, O.M. 

(1905), R.A. (1879),H.R.8.A., F.S.A., R.W.8., I 

i. it. i)., d.o.l., s. of Pieter Tadema ; b.\ 
1835; m. 1871, Laura Theresa, dau. of 
G. N. Epps, M.R.c.s. ; knighted 1899 : 34 
Grove End rd.N.W.; Athenaeum, Garrick 
and Arts clubs. 

Almack, Henry Horn, only s. of R. 
Aliunde, of Long Melford, Suffolk, j.p. 
(d. 1875) ; b. 1835 ; J.p. Suffolk : Long 
Melford R.S.O. Suffolk ; Hempstead 
Hall, Saffron Walden, Essex. 

Alston, Alex. Rowland, eld. s. of sir 

. Beilby Alston, K.O.M.G., J. P., by 

Emily, dau. of late Bridges Taylor, of 

Blsinore, Denmark ; b. 1868; m. 1898, 

1 1, Id. dau. of rev. canon Blundell, 

<'t BsJaall, I anos, hon. ckapln. to His 

Majesty; j.i\ (1908) Beds: Travellers' 

and Marlborough clubs; The Tofte, 

.nil .ruck, l:. 

Ala ton, sir Francis Beilby, k.c.m.G. 
6), s. of late R. Alston, m.p. ; b. 


Bridges Taylor, H.M.'s Consul at Elsi- 
nore, Denmark; J.P. Middlx. and co. 
London, late chief clerk Foreign off.: 
69 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Travellers' club. 
Alston, Rowland Crewe, b.a. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Crewe Alston, of Odell Castle, 
Beds., j.p. {d. 1901) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1882, 
Mary E. A., only dau. of late R. A. 
Johnson and co-heir of R. Alison, of 
Woolton Heys, Liverpool, J.P. ; is J.p. 
Beds. : Arthur's and Wellington clubs ; 
Odell Castle, nr. Bedford. 

Alston, Wm. Chas., eld. s. of W. C. 
Alston of Elmdon Hall, co.Warwic*.,D.L., 
j.p. (d. 1862) ; b. 1842 ; j.p. Warwickshire 
(sheriff 1884), maj. and hon. lt.-col. War- 
wickshire yeom. 1899-1901: Elmdon Hall, 
Elmdon, nr. Birmingham. 

Alt, col. Wm. John, O.B. (1901), v.D., 
F.R.G.8., s. of late Daniel Alt ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1864, Elizabeth C, only child of late 
G. Windsor Earl : 3 Airlie gdns. W. ; 
Villa Aurelia, Rappallo, Liguria, Italy. 

Altamont, earl of. Geo.Ulick Browne, 
P.S.A., eld. s. of 5 marq. of Sligo ; b. 
1856 ; m. 1887, Agatha Stewart, dau. of 
late Jas. Stewart Hodgson, of Lythe 
Hill, Haslemere (vise. Westport. title 
borne by eldest son) ; served in Afghan 
war 1879-80, late capt. Bengal cav., n.L. 
co. Mayo : 3 Hill st. W ; Travellers' 
club ; Highfield, Haslemere, Surrey. 

Altham, col. Edwd. Althamy. C.B. 
(1904), C.M.G. (1901); b. 1856 ; m, 1880, 
Georgina E.. dau. of Wm. David Nicol, 
of Inverness ; served with Bechuanaland 
expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 189 9-1900, 
a.q.m.G. Army headquarters 1901-4, h. p. 
1904 : Jun. Naval and Military club. 

Althorp, vise, (vide rt. hon. Chas. 
I Robt. Spencer). 

Altman, sir Albert Joseph, s. of A. 
J. Altman ; b. 1839 ; m. 1869, Margaret 
E., dau. of Thos. Vernon, of Clapham, 
S.W. ; one of H.M.'s. Lieutenants for 
the City of London, was a memb. of cor- 
poration of London for twenty years 
and past chm. Bridge House Estates and 
other committees, past master of Joiners, 
Cardmakers and Glovers Cos., knighted 
1894: 145 Aldersgate st. E.C; The 
Lodge, Watford. 

Alton, fleet paymaster Fras. Cooke, 
R.N., C.B. (1902) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884, Lina, 
ran. of Ernest Barclay, of Madras ; sec. 
to adml. sir E. H. Seymour in " Cen- 
turion " 1897-1901, fleet paymaster 181)6, 


Alvarez, Justin Charles Wm. asst. 
dragoman to consulate-general at Con- 

1820; m. 1X62, Emily L. C.,dau. of late stantinople (with rank of vice-consul) 



1885-90, consul at Bengazi 1890-1904, 
consul-g<"n. in Tripoli from 1901 : British 
Consulate-General, Tripoli. 

Alverstone, lord (1 baron 1900,u.K.), 
sir Richard Everard Webster, 1 bart. 
(1900), P.O. (1900), G.C.M.G. (1893), ll.d. 
(hon.), m.a. Cantab, 2 s. of late Thomas 
Webster, Q.c. ; 6. 1842; m. 1872, Louisa 
M., only dau. (d. 1877) of Wm. Chas.Cal- 
throp, of Withern, co. Lincoln; bair. 
Lincoln's Inn 1868, Q.c. 1878, v.P. of 
Trinity Coll., Lond. from 1891, J.P. 
Surrev, knt. of grace of order of St. 
John of Jerusalem, a.g. 1885-6, 1886-92 
and 1895-1900, m.p. (c.) Launceston in 
1885, Isle of Wight 1885-1900, knighted 
1885, M.R. in 1900, L.C.J, of England 
from 1900, raised to the peerage 1900 : 
Hornton Lodge, Pitt st. Kensington, 
W. ; Room 543 Royal Courts of Justice 
W.C. ; Carlton, Athenaeum and United 
University clubs; Winterfold,Cranleigh, 

Amberley, vise, (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Ambler, Alfred, J.P. (1899) W. R. 
Yorks : Royd House, Wilsden, Bradford , 
York s. 

Ambrose, Robt.,L.R.c.p.Edin.,L.R.c.s., 
B.A., 3 s. of late Michael Ambrose, of 
Newcastle West, co. Limerick; b. 1855; 
M.P. (N.) W. Mayo from 1893 : The 
Mount, Shoot - up hill, Brondesbury, 
N.W. ; 50 Netherwooi st. Kilburn, 
N.\Y. ; National Liberal club. 

Ambrose, Wm., k.c, only s. of late 
R. Ambrose ; b. 1832 ; to. 1866, Georgiana 
Mary A., youngest dau. of late W. Jones ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1859, Q.c. 1874, memb. 
council of legal educ, bencher and ex- 
treas. of Middle Temple, a.g. for Duchy 
of Lancaster, and Queen's Attorney and 
Serjeant for the co. palatine of Lancaster 
1895-9, aldm. Middlx. C.C., m.p. (c.) Mid- 
dlesex (Harrow divn.) 1885-99, a master 
in Lunacy from 1899 : Lunacy office, 
Royal Courts of Justice, W.C. ; West- 
over, West Heath, Hampstead, N.W. ; 
Carlton and Manchester Conservative 

Amcotts, vide Cracroft-Amcotts. 

Amery, Peter Fabyan Sparke, V.D., 
eld. s. of J. Sparke Amery, j.p. (d. 1878); 
J.P., C.c. Devon : Druid, Ashburton, 

Ames, Fredk.; 6.1836; J.P.Worcester- 
shire, late It. rif. brig. : Hawford Lodge, 
Worcester ; Junior United Service club. 

Ames, Louis Eric, eld. s.of H.M.Ames, 
of Linden, Northumb. (d. 1874) ; b. 1855 ; 
to. 1881, Margaret W., young, dau. of 

late W. J. Hamilton, by dau. of 13 vise. 
Dillon ; J.P. Northumberland ; late It. 2 
life gds. : 24 Sussex mansions, South 
Kensington, S.W. ; Ghyllheugh, Long- 
horsley, Northumb. 

Ames, mrs. Alice C, eld. dau. of 
sir Philip Miles, 2 bart. ; m. 1, 1870, 
Geo. Duppa, of Hollingbourne, Kent (J. 
1880) ; 2, 1889, lt.-col. Gerard V. Ames, 
late 1 R. drag., of Ayot St. Lawrence, 
Herts, J.P. (d. 1899) ; patron of living 
of Ayot St. Lawrence : Ayot St. Law- 
rence, Welwyn. 

Ames, mrs. Eliza S., dau. of late rev. 
W. S. Robinson, Dyrham, Gloucester ; 
in. 1863, Chas. H. Ames, of Remenham 
Place, Berks (d. 1878) : Underwood, Hen- 
ley-on -Thames. 3 

Amherst, 3 earl (1826, U.K.). William 
Archer Amherst, eld. s. of 2earl (J.1886); 
b. 1836 ; m. 1, 1862, only survg. dau. [d. 
1883) and heir of 5 and last earl of Corn- 
wallis ; 2, 1889, Alice D., eld. dau. of 
Edmund Probyn, of Huntley Manor, 
Gloucestershire, and widow of 5 earl of 
Lisburne ; 2nd tit.visc.Holmesdale ; capt. 
late coldst. guards, in Crimea, at Inker- 
man ; d.l., j.p. Kent, m.p. (c.) W. Kent 
1859-68, Mid Kent 1868-80, knt. of justice 
of order of St. John of Jerusalem, sum- 
moned in 1880 to House of Peers by writ 
as baron Amherst (Heir, bro. rev. 
the hon. Percy A., ^.r.) : 3 Wilton terr. 
S.W. ; Carlton, Marlborough and St. 
Stephen's clubs ; Montreal, Sevenoaks. 

Amherst, capt. hon. Hugh, 6 s. of 2 
earl Amherst; b. 1856: w. 1896, hon. 
Eleanor C, 4 dau. of 1 baron St. Levan, b. 
1869; capt. coldst. gds. 1887-90, regtl. 
adjt 1887-90, ret. p. 1890. 

Amherst, rev. the hon. Percy Arthur, 
b.a. Cantab, 3 s. of 2 earl Amherst ; b. 
1839; to. 1874, Agnes L., dau. {d. 1887) 
of late E. Stack ; heir pres. to earldom. 

Amherst, lady Margaret Catherine, 
b. 1848 ; lady Charlotte Florentia, b. 1851 ; 
daus. of 2 earl Amherst : 5 Upper 
Berkeley st. W. 

Amherst, hon. Sybil Margaret (lady 
of justice of order of St. John of Jerusa- 
lem) ; hon. Florence Margaret (lady of 
j ustice of order of S t . John of Jerusalem ) ; 
hon. Margaret Mitford (lady of justice of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem) ; daus 
of 1 baron Amherst of Hackney. 

Amherst of Hackney, lord (1 baron, 
1892, U.K.). Wm. Amhurst Tyssen Am- 
herst, F.S.A., eld. s. of W. G. T. Tyssen 
Amhurst (d. 1855), of Didlington, Nor- 
folk, by dau. of Andrew Fountaine. of 
Narford, Norfolk ; b. 1835 ; m. 1856, Mar- 
garet Susan (lady of grace of order of 


St. John of Jerusalem), only child and 
heiress of late adm. Mitford, of Mitford 
Castle, Northumberland, and Hunmanby 
Kail, Yorks; D.L., j.p. Middlx., J.P. 
Westminster and Norfolk (sheriff 1866), 
M.P. (C. )W. Norfolk 1880-5, South Wes- 
tern divn. 1885-92, patron of 5 livings, 
knt. of justice of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, raised to the peerage 1892 
(Heir, dau. lady William Cecil, q.v.) : 
8 G-rosvenor sq. W. ; Marlborough, 
Athenaeum, Carlton, Travellers' and 
R.Y. S. clubs ; Didlington Hall, Brandon, 

Amigo, bp. (r.c), vide Southwark. 

Amory, vide Heathcoat-Amory. 

Amphlett, maj. Chas. Grove, n.a.o. 
(1900); 6.1862; j.p. (1898) Staffs,and(1903) 
Salop, served in S. African war 1899- 
1900, maj. N. Staffs regt. 1901, ret. p. 
1902 : Naval and Military, Jun. Carlton 
and Sports clubs ; Four Ashes Hall, nr. 

Amphlett, Edwd. Greenhill, m.a. 
Oxon., p.c.s., m.r.i., eld. s. of Edwd. 
Amphlett, of 2 Queen's Gate terr. S.W., 
It. Scots Greys (d. 1887); b. 1853 ; m. 1882, 
Amye, youngest dau. of T. B. Charlton, 
of Chilwell Hall, Notts. D.L., J.p. ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1879, J.P. (1900) Sussex: 
3 Union pi. Worthing; Oxford and Cam- 
bridge club. 

Amphlett, John, M.A. Oxon., onlv s. 
of J. Amphlett, of Clent (d. 1868) b. 
1845 ; m. 1869, Eliza A., only child of E. 
B. Bavlie of Clent Cottage, Stourbridge ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1870, j.p. Worcester- 
shire : Clent, Stourbridge. 

Amphlett. Richard Holmden, K.C., 
eld. s. of S. H. Amphlett (d. 1857), and 
nephew of rt. bon. sir Richard Paul 
Amphlett, p.c, of Wychbold Hall, Wor- 
cestershire (d. 1883) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, 
Sophy E., 2 dau. of J. Shapter, q o. : barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1871, bencher 1903, y.c. 
j.p. Worcestershire (vice-ohm. 
quart. ses-.),rec. of Worcester from 1891 : 
1 Tanfield court, Temple, E.C. ; Wvch- 
boU Hall, Droitwich. 

Amphlett, lady. Sarah Amelia, 
vide Bryan Holme Holme. 

Ampthill, lord (2 baron, 1881, U.K.), 

Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell, G.c.s.i. 

(1904), ..<\i.i;. i 1900), eld. s.of 1 baron, 

M.Q., P.O. [d. 1884) ; b. 1869; 

in. 1894, lady Margaret, p.i., 3 dau. 

Heauchamp, by only dau. 

of 6 earl Stanhope, b. 1874 ; j.p. Beds, 

It B. 1st Devon yeom. 1893-7, capt. 

ii. (mil.) Bedfordshire regt. from 

1897, i ii.hon. J. Chamberlain 

sec. of state for the colonies) 1896-1900 

gov. of Madras 1900-5, actg. viceroy 
of India May to Dec. 1904 {Heir. ft. hon. 
John H. Russell, q.v.) : Ampthill Park 
Ampthill, Beds. 

Ampthill. (rt. hon.) Emily lady. 
3 dau. of 4 earl of Clarendon, K.G. ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1868, 1 baron Ampthill, 
G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.O., ambassador at 
Berlin 1871-84 (d. 1884) : one of Queen 
Victoria's ladies of the bedchamber in 
ordy. 1885-1901 : 19 Stratford pi. W. ; 
Ampthill Park, Ampthill, Beds. 

Amycla, bp. [R.C.J of, rt. rev. Patrick 
Fenton ; b. 1837 ; bp. of Amycla and bp. 
auxiliary of Westminster from 1904 : 10 
Nevern rd. E.rl's Court, S.W. 

Aticaster, 1 earl of (1892, U.K.) and 22 
baron Willoughby de Eresby (cr. by writ 
1313 Kng.). Gilbert Henry Heathcote- 
Drummond-Willoughby, P.C. (1880) ; son 
of 1 baron Aveland and 21 baroness Wil- 
loughby de Eresby (d. 1888) in her own 
right ; 6.1830 ; m. 1868, lady Evelyn, dau. 
of 10 marq. of Huntly ; 2nd title baron 
Willoughby de Eresby; M.P.Boston 1852- 
56, Rutland 1856-67, j.p. Paris of Kes- 
teven, Lines, and Perthshire, D.L., J.P. 
Rutland.chairman Kesteven quart, sess.; 
joint hereditary lord great chambln. of 
England (Heir, s. lord Willoughby de 
Eresby, q.v.) : 12 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton club ; Normanton Park, Scam- 
ford; Grimsthorpe, Bourne, Lines.; 
Drummond Castle, Crieff, N. B. 

Ancram, earl of, vide marq. of Lo- 

Anderson, vide Duncombe-Anderson. 

Anderdon, vide Murray-Anderdon. 

Anderson, bp., vide Ri'verina. 

Anderson, maj.-gen Alex. Dingwall, 
r.a. (Bengal), served in Afghan war 
1879-80, maj.-gen. June 1897, ret. Aug. 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Alfred, served 
with Burmese expdn.1889.raaj. -gen. 1898, 
Madras Inf.: Leecroft, East Liss S.O. 

Anderson, Archibald, M.A. Oxon , 
F.S.A. (Scot.), s. of late Thos. Scott 
Anderson, w.S. ; b. 1835 ; m. 1870, 
Georgina M. dau. of late rev. Edmund 
Russell, of All Saints, Pontefract ; 
Scotch barr. 1860 ; registrar of friendly 
societies for Scotland, 1871-9; final editor 
of Gen. Index to Acts of Parliament 
of Scotland ; memb. of gen. council of 
Univ. of Edinburgh : 30 Oxford sq. 
W.; United University, and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs ; St. Helens, Dean Park, 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Arthur William 
Leslie, served with Burmese expdn 


1885-7, maj.-gen. 1898, ret. 1899, Madras 
Inf., boa. col. 63 Palimeottah L.I. from 
1901, Ind. army : Leslie Lodge, St. John's 
avenue, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

Anderson, lt.-col. B. T. Gaskio. s. of 
B. T. G. Andei-son, of Tushielaw, N.B. ; 
b. IS 11 ; m. 1865, Amelia, dau. of inaj. 
Rous Newlyn, M.S. C; J. P. cos. Selkirk, 
Peebles and Roxburgh : Cacra Bank, 
Selkirk, N.B. 

Anderson, col. Chas. Alex., r.a.,c.b. 
(1904); b. 1857; served with Jowaki 
Afreedee expdn. 1877-8, Afghan war 
1878-80, Burmese expdn. 1886-6, N.W. 
Frontier of India 1897-8, A.A..G. Punjab 
from 1900. 

Anderson, Charles William, only s. 
of Wm. Anderson, of South Shields co. 
Durham: b. 1830; in. 1851, Margaret, 
dau. (rf. 1901) of Jas. Young, of South 
Shields, co. Durham, J. P. co. Durham : 
31 Park lane, W.; Clealon Park, Sunder- 

Anderson, gen. David, oaly sur*g. b. 
of Warren Hastings Anderson, of Bel- 
dornie, I. of Wight ; b. 1821 ; m. 1863 ; 
cousin. Charlotte C 2 dau. of David Au- 
derson,of St. Gerniains, co. Haddington ; 
served in 83 and 22 regts., cooimd. 
brigs, at Aldershot and Gibraltar 1876- 
81, Aldershot divn. in 1885, gov. of R. 
Mily. coll. at Sandhurst 1880-8, ret. p. 
1888, col. Cheshire regt. from 1891: 
13 Roland gardens, S.W. 

Anderson, capr. David Murray, eld. 
s. of Jas. Warren Hustings Anderson; of 
Bourhouse, Haddingtonshire D.L/J.P., 
(d. 18%); b. 1867; capt. 8 Has* ' 
D.L., j. p. Haddingtonshire : Cavalry 
club: Bourhouse, Dunbar, N.B. 

Anderson, sir Geo., s. of John An- 
derson, of Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire 
(1868); b. 1845; m. 1870, Miry. dau. 
of Alex. Anderson, London ; trea. of 
Bank of Scotland, pres. of institute of 
Bankers in Seotland, dir. of Scottish 
Widows' Fund ; j.p. Aberdeenshire, 
knighted 1905 : Beechmounl, Mu ray- 
field, Midlothian ; Bank of Scotland, 

Anderson, Geo., m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
s. of T. Anderson, of Little Harle Tower, 
J.p., D.L. (d. 1872); b. 1813: m. 1885, 
Alice M., 3 dau. of C. H. Cadogan, of 
Brinckburn Priory, Nor thumb. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1872 ; j.p., d.l. Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1886) : Little Harle 
Tower. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Anderson, Geo. Henry, m.a. and m.d. 
Aberdeen ; j.p. N. R. Yorks : Loftus, 

Anderson, Geo. Knox, only s. of 


John Andrew Anderson, aldm. and j.p 
Kent, of Faversham, Kent ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1883, Mary Ada. dau. of John T. Prall, 
of Rochester. Kent; j.p. (1902) Kent: 
Constitutional and Sports clubs : Holly- 
wood, Frindsbury, Rochester, Kent. 

Anderson, Graham, c.i.e. (1894). 

Anderson, gen. Harry Cortlandt, in 
Sutlej campaign 1815-6, at Ferozeshah, 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8, late commdg. 
Mooltan brig., gen. 1894, on U.S. list 
1887, hon. col. 4 Prince Albert Victor's 
Rajputs from 1901, Ind. army: E.I. 
United Service club. 

Anderson, Henry Aiken, c.s.i. (1897), 
s. of late Findlay Anderson, of Inchyra 
Grange, Stirlingshire ; b. 1851 ; m. Ethel 
A., 2 dau. of J. W. Macuabb, of Arthur- 
stone, Berks; entd. I.C.S. (Punjab) 
1871, on special duty with Waziristan 
delimitation commn. in 1JS94 and 1S ( .5 
commr. and supt. Punjab from 1899. 

Anderson, gen. Horace Searle, o.B. 
j (1887), s. of late Robert Anderson, of Col- 
ville gdns. W. ; b. 1833; m. 1, youngest 
dau.of late G. A. Woods, of Balladoole, I. 
of Man ; 2, 1867, Marian, youngest dau. of 
late Thos. S. Heptinstall, of Llanmilo, 
Carmarthenshire ; served in Persian ex- 
pedy. force 1857 : Indian mutiny 1858-9, 
Afghan war 1878-80, Burma war, 1886-7 ; 
commdg. 1 class dist. in India 1891-5, 
gen. 1X96, on U.S. list 1900, hon. col. I'll 
gren. from 1901. Ind. army : Seerscroft, 
Rusper, Horsham. 

Anderson. Jas. Ceo. SkeHon, 2 s. of 
rev. Alex. Anderson, n.n., of Old Aber- 
deen : b. 1888 : m. 1871, Elizabeth New- 
BOO Garrett, of Aldehurgh. Suffolk ;J.P. 
Suffolk: : Reform ,and City clubs; Alue 
Eo is s,Ald ibur'h 8,0. Suffolk. 

Anderson, Jas. Reddie, B.A., s. of 
Andrew Anderson, of Glasgow ; b. 185U ; 
a. 1882, Emilie, dan. of W. D. Anderson, 
of Hampstead, N.W. ; J.p. Cumberland : 
Lairbeck, Underskiddaw, Keswick, Cum- 

Anderson, sir John, k.c.m.g. (1901), 
M..\. A herd. ; b. 1858 ; attached to staff of 
British agent for the Behring Sea arbi- 
tration in London and Paris 1892-3, 1st 
class clerk in Colonial Office 1896", princi- 
pal 1897, rep., of Colonial office on staff 
of Prince of Wales during his Colonial 
tour in 1901, sec. to Colonial conf. 1897 
and 1902, gov or Straits Settlements, 
high commr. for Fed. Malay State*, and 
consul-gen. for Territories of the British 
North Horneo Co. from 190*4, and also 
gov. of Labuan from 1905 : Government 
House, Singapore and Government 
House, Port Victoria Labuan. 



Anderson, John, m.d., c.i.e. (1881), 
F r C.P., s. of late Robert Anderson, of 
Stoke-upon-Trent ; b. 1840; m. 1877, 
Jessie Usher, dan. of late James Dunlop, 
of Edinburgh; brig.-surg. army ret., 
late lecturer on tropical medicine, St. 
Mary's Hospital Med. School, late med. 
officer on staff of viceroy of India ; late 
phys. Seamen's " Dreadnought " hosp. : 
9 Harley st. W.; Naval and Military club. 

Anderson, John Alex., j.p. (1903) 
Cumberland : 5 Curzon Bt. Maryport, 

Anderson, John Andrew, eld. s. of 
John Andrew Anderson, of Greenwich, 
Kent; b. 1828; m. 1852, Emma Jane, 
dau. of John Pringuer, of Canterbury, 
Kent ; aldm. and j.p. (1898) Kent : Royal 
Societies and Constitutional clubs ; Hill- 
side House, Faversham, Kent. 

Dub., s. of Matt. Anderson, crown solr.,of 
Dublin ; b. 1841 ; to. 1873, lady Agnes A., 
sis. of 9 earl of Drogheda : barr. King's 
Inn, Dublin, 1863, and of Middle Temple, 
1870, J.P. co. London, asst. commr. and 
head of Criminal Investigation Dept. of 
Metropol. police 1888-1901 : 39 Linden 
gdns., Bayswater, W. ; National club. 

Anderson, Robt., c.m.g. (1903), dep. 
chief, engr. Uganda Railway. 

Anderson, sir Robt., s. of Jas. Ander- 
son, of Cerhofin,co. Mor aghan ; b. 1837 ; 
to. 1890, Wilhelmina, dau. of rev. 
Andrew Long, of Monreagh, co. Done- 
gal ; chm. Anderson and McAulay Ltd., 
and of sir John Arnott, of Belfast, Ltd. ; 
J. P. co. Antrim and Belfast (sheriff 1903), 
knighted 1903 : Parkmount, Belfast. 

Anderson, lt.-col. Robt., r.a.m.c, 
late 3 K.O. Hussars ; m. Alice Mary, dau. 
of maj.-gen. L. M. Da vies, of Royston, 
Hove ; served in Egyptian war 1882 ; 
J.p. Suffolk: South Gate House, Bury 
St. Edmunds. 

Anderson, sir R. Rowand, ll.d., 

H.K.K.A., P.B.I.B.A., F.R.S.E., 8. of Jas. 

Anderson, of Edinburgh ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1863, Mary, dau. of Hy. Ross, of Kinns- 
bftird, Ross-shire ; is a well-known 
Architect and designer of various public 
building* ; knighted 1902 : 16 Rutland 
sq. Edinburgh ; Allennuir'House, Colin- 
ton, Midlothian ; Royal Societies, S.W. 
and Conservative and Arts (Edinburgh) 
Anderson, Rupert Darnley, s. of Thos. 
y Anderson, of Waverley Abbey, 
Surrey, j.p. (d. 1876); b. 1859; to. 
1889, Amy D. K. 2 dau. of late rev. Edwd. 
Harland, vicar of Colwich, Staffs ; j.p. 
(1892) Staffs, D.L., j.p. (1901) Surrey: 

Jun. Carlton club; Waverley Abbey, 
Farnham, Surrey. 

Anderson, sir Thos. McCa 1 !, m.d. 
Glasg. ; s. of Alex. Dunlop Anderson, 
M.D., F.R.C.S. ; b. 1836 ; m. 1864, Mar- 
garet R., dau. of Alex. Ronaldson, of 
Glasgow ; regius. prof, of med. in Glas- 
gow univ. fiom 1900 and rep. of that univ. 
in the gen. med. council from 1903 ; 
knighted 1905 : 9 The University, Glas- 

Anderson, Thos. Wm., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. survg. s. of Jas. Anderson, of Grace 
Dieu, co. Waterford, j.p. (d. 1867) ; b. 
1852 ; to. 1879, Constance A. J., dau. (d. 
1881) of very rev. A. L. Kirwan, d.d. 
dean of Limerick ; D.L., Waterford 
(sheriff 1885), j.p. co. Kilkenny : Grace 
Dieu Lodge, Waterford. 

Anderson, William, 2 s. of Robert 
Anderson, of Buntingford, Herts ; b. 
1836; to. 1862, Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph 
Burn, of Berwick-on-Tweed ; J.P. N. R. 
Yorks, first mayor of Thornaby-on-Tees, 
1892-4 : National Liberal club ; Rims- 
well, Stockton-on-Tees. 

Anderson, sir Wm. John, 2 s. of sir 
Geo. Campbell Anderson (d. 1884) ; b. 
1846 ; to. 1871, Mary D. S., dau. of late 
S. J. Clutsam, m.d. : barr. Lincoln's Inn, 
1860; judge of supreme court, Turks' 
and Caicos Islands 1874-86, resident 
magist. at Kingston, Jamaica, 1886-90, 
C.J. of British Honduras 1890-1900, of 
Trinidad and Tobago 1900-3, knighted 

Anderson, col. Wm. Robt. Le Gey t,c. B. 
(1902); b. 1850; served in Egyptian war 
1882, N. W. Frontier of India 1897 with 
Tirah expdy. force, accountant gen. Ind. 
army from 1903. 

Anderson, gen. Wm. Warden, served 
in Punjab 1848-9, at Mooltan, Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, gen. Bombay cav. 1888, 
on u.8. list 1881. 

Anderson, lady Agnes A., vide sir 
Robt. Anderson, k.c.b., ll.d. 

Anderson, hon. lady. Augusta C, 
2 dau. of 3 baron de Saumarez ; to. 1, 
1859, 5 baron Boston (d. 1877) ; 2, 1883, 
as his 2 wife, sir Hy. Percy Anderson, 
k.c.b. , k.c.m.g. (d. 1896) : Tannheim, 
Wimborne rd. Bournemouth. 

Anderson, lady. Elizabeth, elder 
dau. of late Jsph. Barcroft, of Stang- 
more, co. Tyrone ; to. 1863, sir Samuel 
Lee Anderson, knt., M.A., head of 
crimes dept. Dublin Castle and one of 
the Crown Solicitors in Ireland 1868-86 
(d. 1886) : 74 Lower Baggot st. Dublin. 

Anderton,Arthur,eld. s. of late James 
Anderton, of Cleckheaton, Yorks : b. 




1848 ; J.P. (1892) W. R. Yorks : Linton 
House, Skipton-in-Craven, Yorks. 

Anderton, Chas. Philander, eld. s. of 
Wm. Anderton, of Cleckheaton, Yorks, 
j.p.(d. 1901); b. 1846 ; in 1874, Catharine, 
dau. of Rd. Day, of Hodroyd, Yorks ; 
j.p. (1897) W. R. Yorks : Rawdon Hall, 
Rawdon, nr. Leeds. 

Anderton, Edwd., j.p. (1905) Devon : 
Trimstone House, nr. Ilfracombe. 

Anderton, Geo. Herbert, s. of Geo. 
Anderton, of Howden, Yorks ; b. 1855 ; 
. 1880, Laura E., dau. of J. Asquith, 
p., of Morley, Yorks ; J.P. E.R. Yorks : 
ational Liberal club ; Kilpin Lodge, 
owdea, Yorks. 

Anderton, Wilfrid Francis, youngest 
8. of Jas. Fras. Anderton, of Haignton, 
Lanes, {d. 1858) ; b. 1844 ; m. 1, dau. 
of late H. Tempest, Newland Park, 
Yorks. ; 2, 1880, Mary L. F., only dau. of 
J. F. Tempest, of Ackworth Grange, 
Yorks.; J.P. Lancashire : Haighton Hall, 
Preston, Lanes. 

Anderton, maj. Wm. Arthur Alphon- 
su3 Joseph Ince, s. of Wm. Michael Ince 
Anderton, of Euxton, Lanes, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1884), by 2 dau. of 9 earl of Fingall ; b. 
1855 ; m. 1887, Mary Winefred, dau. of 
late L. J. Johnstone, of Barnard Castle, 
Yorkshire; j.r. (1897) Lancashire, maj. 
Gren. gds. 1893-6, ret. 1896 : The Dower 
House, Euxton, Chorley, Lane*. 

Andoe, lady. Beatrice R., dau. of T. 
Bromley and granddau. of adml. sir 
R. H. Bromley, 3 bt. ; m. 1880, adml. 
sir Hilary Gustavus Andoe, K.c.B. (d. 
1905) : 2 Elliott ter. The Hoe, Plymouth. 
Andover, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl of 

Andrew, Ely, s. of Jonathan Andrew, 
J.p. (d. 1866), of Ashton-under-Lyne ; m. 
1854, Emma, dau. (d. 1903) of Wm. 
Heginbottom, J.P. (d. 1865), of Albert 
House, Ashton-under-Lyne ; j.p. Lan- 
cashire and Derbyshire : Cadster, 
Whaley Bridge, Stockport. 

Andrew, Wm. Wickes Wayte,eld. s. 
of rev. W. W. Andrew, vicar of Ketter- 
ingham and of Wood Hall, Norfolk, and 
Stoneleigh, Herts (d. 1890) ; b. 1835 ; 
m. 1862, Emily, dau. of T. Ballance, of 
Hackney : Arkleigh, Hendon. 

Andrewes, miss Mary Henrietta 
Turner Hutton Andrewes, only dau. of 
rev. Wm. Andrewes Uthwatt, of Maids 
Moreton and Gt. Linford Place, Bucks, 
(d. 1879), by Mary (d. 1885) andCWiei/e^s 
of rev. Jas. Long Hutton Long ; b. 

of the living of Maids Moreton : The 
Manor, Maids Moreton, Buckingham. 
Andrews, vide Genge- Andrews. 
Andrews, Henry, J.P. (1904) Suffolk : 
Waveney House, St. Olaves, Gt. Yar- 

Andrews, Hugh ; m. Isabel, dau. 
of John Sowerby, of Benwell Tower, 
North umb. ; D.L., J.P. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1901), J.P. Gloucestershire: 18 
Rutland court, Rutland gdns. S.W.; Tod- 
dington Manor, Winchcomb S.O. Glos. 
Andrews, lt.-col. Jas. Walker, eld. s. 
of late Thos. Andrews, F.R.S., v.P. of 
Queen's Coll. Belfast ; b. 1845 ; m. 1877, 
Emily, dau. of Fredk. W. Allfrey, of 
Stanbury, Berks ; served as brig. -maj. 
in Afghan war 1878-80, late Devonshire 
regt. ret. p. 1891, j.p. (1896) Sussex: 
Army and Navy club ; Bantony, Roberts- 
bridge S.O. Sussex. 

Andrews, John, eld. s. of late Richd 
Andrews, of Modbury, Devon ; b. 1858 j 
j.p. (1903) Devon : Traine, Modbury 

Andrews, Joseph Ormond, M.a. 
Oxon., s. of late John Andrews, of 
Liverpool; b. 1S73; m. 1904, only dau. 
of Richd. Faweett, of Boston Spa, 
Yorks ; barr. inner Temple 1898, tutor 
to Prince Lipikara, of Siam, in 1899, 
m.p. (l.) W. R. (East divn.) Yoiks 
(Barkston Ash divn ) froaa 1905: Beech- 
wood, Boston Spa S.O. Yorks ; 1 Albion 
pi. Leeds. 

Andrews, rt. hon. Thos., P.C. (trel.), 
4 s. of late John Andrews, of Comber, 
co. Down, j.p. ; b. 1813; m. 1870, 
Lizzie, only duu. of late Jas. A. Pirrie, 
of Little Clandeboye, co. Down ; d.l. 
co. Down (chm. c.c. 1902-0), chm. Belfast 
and co. Down Railw. Co., memb. of 
appeal commn. under local govt. (Irel.) 
act 1898 : Ardara, Comber S.O. co. 
Down ; Ulster Reform club, Belfast. 

Andrews, Thos. only s. of Thos. 
Andrews, of Meare, Somersetshire ; b 
1849 ; m. 1875, Emily Jane, dau. of Jas. 
Lane, of Eblev, Gloucestershire ; J.P. 
(1901) Glamorgan and (1896) Cardiff 
(mayor 1900-1) : 163 Newport rd. Roath, 
Cardiff ; Silver Craig, Weston-super- 

Andrews, rt. hon. Wm. Drennan 
P.C.Irel. (1897), LL.D. Trin. Coll. Dub., 
2 s. of late John Andrews, of Comber, 
co. Down ; b. 1832 ; w. 1857, Eliza, 2 dau. 
(d. 1901) of late John Galloway, of 
Monkstown, co. Dublin ; Irish barr. 1855, 
Q.C. 1872, a j udge of high court of justice 
in Ireland (Exchequer divn.) from 1882 

1839 ; lady of the manor and patroness | and Queen's bench divn. with probate 


business assigned from 1897 : 51 Lower 
Leeson st. Dublin. 

Angrelo, lt.-gen. John Anthony, R.a. 
(Bengal); Sutlej campaign 1845-6, at 
Ferozepore, Ferozeshah and Sobraon; 
Punjaub 1848-0, at Sadoolapore, Chillian- 
wallah and Goojerat; Indian mutiny 
campaign at Delhi 1857, ret.on pens. 1882. 

Ang-erstein, John Richd. Julius, 2 s. 
of William Angerstein, D.L., J.P., of Weet- 
ing Hall, Norfolk (d. 1897) ; b. 1845 ; 
m. 1892, Georgiana, eld. dau. of late 
Reginald Burton ; is J. P. Norfolk and 
Suffolk : Brooks' and Marlborough 
clubs ; Holbrook House, Wincanton. 

Angier, sir Theodore Yivian Samuel, 
s. of Samuel Havnes Angier, London 
(d. 1809); b. 1845; m. 1897, Lilian 
Maud, dau. of Edmund Routledge, 
London ; trustee to Jbaltic Mercantile 
Exchange, vice-chm. United Kingdom 
Mutual Ins. Assoc, chm. Gr. Britain 
Mutual Afsoc, It. R.N.v.R. from 1905; 
knighted 1904 : Hill Crest, Dyke rd. 
Brighton ; Badminton and Bath clubs. 

Anglesey, 6 marq. of (1815, Gt. B.), 
Chas. Hy. Alex. Paget, eld. s. of lord 
Alex. Victor Paget {d. 1896) by ton. 
Hester A., 2 dau. of 2 vise. Combermere, 
and cousin to 5 marq. (d. 1905) ; b. 1885 ; 
2nd tit. earl of Hxbridge; 2 It. r.h.g. 
from 1905 (Heir, bro. Victor Wm. Paget, 
'/.''.): 14 Southwick cres., Hyde Park, 
W ; Bachelors' club ; Beaudesert Park, 
Rugeley ; Plasnewydd, Llanf air-Pwll- 
gwyngyll, Anglesey. 

Anglesey, marchioness of, Lilian 
F. M., eld. dau. of sir Geo. Chetwynd, 4 
bart. by lady Florence, youngest dau. of 
2 marq. of Anglesey (d. 1869) and widow 
of 4 and last marq. of Hastings (d. 
: m. 1898, cousin, 5 marq. of An- 
glesey (d. 1905). 

Anglesey, Mary L., marchioness of, 
dau. of late hon. John P. King, of 
Augusta, Georgia, U.S.A. ; m. 1, 1872, 
hon. Henry Wodehouse (d. 1873) ; 2, 
1880, as Mb 3 wife, 4 marq. of Anglesey 
(</. 1898} : 7 Rue de l'Ermitage, Ver- 
haill.s. France. 

Angst, Hy., c.M.G. (1903), D.Ph., ll.d. 

(hon.) Harvard univ., s. of John Angst, 

irg, Zurich ; b. 1847 ; m. 1873, 

iret, dau. of late J. C. Jennings, of 

->.ury; consul at Zurich 1886-96, 

there from 1896, director of 

National Museum at Zurich 

British Consulate General, 

Zurich, Switzerland. 

AiiKUS,<-<.l.\\'ni. Malliwin.c.n. (1902), 

i.of late Geo. Angus, of Ghosfr 
umb.j a. 1861 ; m. I, 1876, Julia 


dau. of late Thos. Dutton, of Man- 
chester ; 2, 1884, Sarah, dau. of late 
Edmund Graham, of Cotfield, Gates- 
head ; J.P. (1901) Northumberland and 
(1890) Newcastle-on-Tyne, lt.-col. (hon. 
col. 1885) commdg. 1 Newcastle-on-Tyne 
R.G.A. (vols.) from 1885 : Framlington 
House, Newcastle - on - Tyne ; Shipcote, 
Newbiggin-by-the-Sea S.O. Noi thumb.; 
Reform club. 

Annaly, lord (3 baron 1863, U.K.). 
Luke White, eld. s. of 2 baron Annaly, 
K.P. (d. 1888) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884, hon. 
Lilah Georgina A. C, only dau. of 3 vise. 
Clifden; b. 1862; D.L. co. Longford, 
J.P. Northants, capt. 1 battn. Scots gds. 
1888-96, capt. and hon. maj. R. Bucks 
Huss. I. Y. 1896-1902, lt.-col. commdt. 
(hon. col. 1905), Northants I. Y. from 
1902 {Heir, s. hon. Luke H. White, 
q.v.): 43 Berkeley sq. W. ; Turf and 
Guards' clubs ; Luttrellstown, Clonsilla, 
Dublin ; Gowran, co. Kilkenny ; Hold- 
enby House, Northampton. 

Annaly (rt. hon.), Emily, lady. dau. 
of James Stuart ; m. 1853, 2 baron 
Annaly, K.p.(d. 1888). 

Annandale, Jas., eld. s. of James 
Annandale, of Shotley Grove co. Dur- 
ham (d. 1882) ; b. 1840; Durham : 
The Briary, Shotley Bridge, Durham. 

Annesley, vide Lyttelton-Annesley. 

Annesley, 5 earl (1789 : Ir. Rep.peer). 
j col.Hugh Annesley ,bro.of 4 earl (d.1874), 
1 b. 1831 ; m. 1, 1877, Mabel W. F., eld. dau. 
(d. 1891) of col. Markham, of Cufforth 
Hall, Yorks ; 2, 1892, Priscilla C. dau. of 
late W. Armitage Moore, of Arnmore, 
co. Cavan ; 2nd tit. vise. Glerawly ; m.a. 
Dublin, m.p. (c.) Cavan 1857-74, D.L., J.P. 
co. Down, in Kaffir war 1851-3, and in 
Crimea, late lt.-col. Scots gds. (Heir, s. 
vise. Glerawly, q.v.~) : Annesley Lodge, 
Sussex pi. Regent's park, N.W. ; Carlton 
club ; Castlewellan, and Donard Lodge, 
co. Down. 

Annesley, col. hon. Algernon Sydney 
Arthur, s. of 10 vise. Yalentia ; b. 1 829 ; m. 
1864, Helen S.younger dau. of late Griffith 
Richards, Q.c. ; late 16 lancers, A.u.c. to 
lord high commr. of Ionian islands (sir 
J. Young) in 1858, priv. sec. to gov. of 
Hong-Kong (lord Rosmead) in i860, lt.- 
col. commdt. and hon. col. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Oxfordshire L. I., 1872-91, hon. col. of the 
battn. from 1891,J.P.Middlx. and London: 
5 Leinster gdns. Hyde Park, W. ; Army 
and Navy and Wellington clubs. 

Annesley, hon. Arthur, eldest s. of 1 1 
vise. Valentia ; b. 1880 ; served in S. 
African war 1900-2, It. 10 huss. from 


Annesley, hon. Caryl Arthur Jas., 2 
p. of 11 vise. Valcntia: b. 1883; 2 It. 
Oxfordshire L.I. from 1903. 

Annesley, Fras. Chas. Cowper, eld. s. 
of capt. Fras. Chas. Annesley, 28 regt. ; 
b. 1866 : m. 1895, hon. Mabel, sis. of 4 
baron Newborough, b. 1872. 

Annesley, hon. mrs. Arthur. Clara, 
dau. of G.Weston. Norwich ; m.1867, hon. 
A. Annesley (4 s. of 3 earl Annesley) 
(d. 1881). 

Annesley, hon. Altisidora Victoria, 
dau. of 10 vise. Valentia : 7 St. George's 
sq. 8.W. 

Annesley, lady Clare, b. 1893; lady 
Constance Mary, b. 1895 ; daus. of 5 earl 
Annesley. . 

Annesley, hon. Violet Kathleen, b. 
1882 ; hon. Lettice, b. 1885; hon. Hilda 
Cecil, b. 1889: hon. Dorothy, b. 1892; 
daus. of 11 visct. Valentia. 

Anning-, Win., J. P. (1898) Monmouth- 
shire : Hatherleigh, Maindee, Newport, 

Ansell, Maurice, f.r.g.s., s. of late A. 
Ansell, of Clifton gdns. W. ; b. 1846 : 
m. 1896, Evelyn, dau. of Vincenzo 
Bartolucci and widow of adml. rt. hon. 
-tley Cooper Key, P.O., g.c.b. (d. 
: 55 Elm Park gdns. S. W. ; Beacons- 
field terr. Hythe, Kent. 

Ansell, Wm., s. of Wm. Ansell, of 
Corsygedol, Merioneth, J. P. (d. 1899) ; b. 
JXoii : j.p. (1900) Merioneth : Corsygedol, 
Dyffryn, Merioneth. 

Anson, vise. Thomas Edwd. Anson, 
eld. s. of earl of Lichfield ; b. 1883. 

Anson, rt. rev. bp. the hon. Adelbert 
Rt., d.d. (hon.), m.a. Oxon., s. of 1 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1840 ; vicar of Sedglev, 
Staffs. 1870-5, of Woolwich 1875-83, bp. 
of Qu'Appelle, Canada, 1884-92, warden 
of St. John's Hospital, Lichfield, 1892-8, 
canon res. in Lichfield Cathl.from 1898 : 
The Close, Lichfield. 

Anson, hon. Alfred, 8 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1876 : 18 Manchester sq. W. 

Anson, capt. Algernon Horatio, R.N.; 
4 s. of sir J. Anson, 2 bart. (d. 1873) ; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1896, hon. Adela, youngest 
dau. of 6 baron Vernon, b. 1870 ; J.P. 
(1902) Cheshire, capt, R.N. from 1899: 
United Service club ; Foynton Towers, 
Poynton, Cheshire. 

Anson, maj.-gen. sir Archibald 
Edwd. Harbord, K.C.M.G, (1882), R.A., 
s. of late gen. sir Wm. Anson, K.C.B., 
1 bart. ; b. 1826 ; m. 1851, Elizh., 
dau. (d. 1891) of late R. Bourchier ; 
in Crimea at Sebastopol. 5 class Medjidie. 
insp.-gen. police, Mauritius 1858, special 
miss, to Madagascar 1862, lieut.-gov. df 

Penang in 1867. Malay Peninsula war 
1875, administ. of Straits Settlements 
1871-9, j.p. Sussex: Southfield, Silver- 
hill, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Anson, hon. Arthur Augustus, 2 s. of 
3 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1887. 

Anson, capt. Chas. Eustace, R.N., 
M.v.o. 4 class (1901), s. of rev. canon 
Fredk. Anson, canon of Windsor (d. 
1885), by hon. Caroline M., dau. of 5 
baron Vernon ; b. 1859 ; m. 1888, Maria 
Evelyn, dan. (d. 1905), of late H. S. 
J. Ross, of Portsmouth ; at bom- 
bardment of Alexandria 1882 ; commdg. 
H.M. Yacht "Osborne" 1901-3: Jun. 
United Service club ; Needwood, The 
Avenue, Bournemouth, W. 

Anson, hon. Claud, 5 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1864 ; m. 1901, lady Clodagh, 
3 dau. of 5 marq. of Waterford, b. 1879 : 
Ballysaggartmore, Lismore, co. Water- 

Anson, Edwd. Hamilton, youngest s. 
of late gen. sir Geo. Anson, G.C.B., K.T.8., 
M.P.,col. 4 drag, grls., equerry to duchess 
of Kent, groom of bedchamber to prince 
Albert, and gov. of Chelsea Hospital ; b. 
1821 ; m. 1, 1843, Louisa, dau. of late G. B. 
Clapcott, of Keynstone, Dorset ; 2, Vir- 
ginia Arnold, dau. of late gen. Mackie, 
O.B. and widow of Geo. C. Tugwell, of 
Bath ; late Bengal C.S., gentleman usher 
and sergt.-at-arms to Queen Victoria 
1860-1901, sergt.-at-arms to the King 
from 1901 : 57 Cambridge terr. W. ; E. 1. 
United Service club. 

Anson, hon. Francis. 6 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1867 ; in. 1892, Caroline, 2 
dau. of Geo. Cleveland, of Coleman, 
Texas, U.S.A. : Velinnewydd, Talgarth 
S.O. Breconshiiv. 

Anson, hon. Frederic William, 4 s. of 
2 earl of Lichfield; b. 1862; m. 1886, 
Florence Louisa J., eld. survg. dau. of 
late col. Bagot Lane, of King's Bromley 
Manor, Lichfield, and Lily Hill, Ascot"; 
J.P.Herts : 8Pall Mall,S.W T . ; Cell Barnes, 
St. Albans ; Arthur's club. 

Anson, lt.-col. G. W.,J.p. (1904) Kent : 
Garvock, Kippington, Sevenoaks 

Anson, capt. hon. Geo. Augustus, 2 
s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884, 
Blanche, dau. of late G. Miller, of Bren- 
try, Gloucestershire ; capt. R.A. 1885-8, 
D.L. Staffs, chief constable of Staffs., 
from 1888 : Naval and Military club ; 
Staffs County Constabulary Head- 
quarters, Eastgate House, Stafford; 
Green Hall, Stafford. 

Anson, hon. Rupert, 3 s. of 3 earl of 
Lichfield; b. 1889. 


Anson, hon. William, 7 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1872 : Texas U.S.A. 

Anson, sir Wm. Reynell, 3 bt. 
(1831) ; b. 1843; D.C.L.Oxon, F.B.A.,barr. 
Inner Temple 1869, bencher 1900, Vi- 
nerian law reader at Oxford 1874-81, 
warden of All Souls Coll. from 1881, 
vice-chancellor of the univ. 1898-9, J.r. 
Oxon. (ohm. quart, sess. from 1894), 
chancellor of dioc. of Oxford from 1899, a 
trustee of National Portrait Gallery from 
1901, parly, sec. to Board of Educn. 
1902-5, m.p. (L.U.) Oxford univ. from 
1899 (Heir, bro. Fredk. Arthur, b. 1850) : 
192 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; 1 Brick court, 
Temple, E.C. ; All Souls college, Oxford ; 
Athenaeum, Brooks' and Travellers' 
clubs ; Pusey House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Anson, lady Adelaide Audrey, young- 
est dau. of 4 earl of Harrowby, b. 1875 ; 
m. 1902, maj. hon. Hy. Jas. Anson, High- 
land L.I. (d. 1901) : High Ashurst, 
Dorking, Surrey. 

Anson, lady Mabel, b. 1882 ; lady 
Violet, b. 1886 ; daus. of 3 earl of Lich- 

Anson, hon. mrs. Caroline M., dau. of 
5 baron Vernon ; b. 1826 ; m. 1845, rev. 
canon Fredk. Anson, M.A., canon of 
Windsor and rect. of Sudbury, Derby, 
1845-85 (d. 1885) : Carfax, Windsor. 

Anson- Horton, Henry, M.A. Oxon., 
eld. s. of rev. A. H. Anson, of Potter 
Hanworth Rectory, Lines. ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1886, Katharine E., dau. of Thornton 
Warner, Trinidad Colonial Service ; entd. 
Colonial Service 1880 as stipdy. magist., 
protector of Immigrants 1882 ; actg. 
col. sec. 1885 ; .i.p. Derbyshire, assumed 
addtl. name of Horton 189- : Travellers' 
club; East Close, Christchurch, Hants; 
Catton Hall, Burton-on-Trent. 

Anstice, J. Arthur, c.b. (1904), v.D., 
s.oi John Anstice,of Madeley Wood Hall, 
Salop {d. 1867) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1891, Agnes 
P., eld. dau. of Ferdinand Unna, of 12 
Lancaster gate, W. ; lt.-col. commdg. 
(hon. col. 1886) 1 vol. battn. Shropshire 
L. 1. 1 881 -1 90 1, and hon. col. of the battn . 
from 1901, n.L., j.p. Salop: Jun. Carlton 
club ; The Old Grange,Dymock,Glouces- 
t< rsliirr. 

Anstice, Riehd. Edmund, j.i\ (1888) 
Salop: Madeley Wood Hall, Iron Bridge 
S.O., Saluj,. 

Anstice, col. Robt. Hy., c.B. (1902), 
m.a. oxon., 4 s. of late John Anstice, of 
Madeley Wood Hall, Salop ; b. 1813 ; 
maj. ret. p. late Bord. regt., lt.-col. and 
hon. col. 1 Aberdeenshire R. E. (vols.) 
1891-1901, ret. 1904 : Jun. United Ser- 

vice and Auxiliary Forces clubs ; West- 
bourne House, Union st. Aberdeen. 

Anstie, Edwd. Louis, eld. s. of E. B. 
Anstie, of Devizes, Wilts (d. 1896) ; b. 
1867 ; m. 1896, Mildred, dau. of late F. M. 
Lush, of Devizes, Wilts; j.p. (1901) 
Wilis : National Liberal club ; Parkdale 

Anstie, James, K.C., s. of late James O. 
Anstie, of Devizes, Wilts; b. 1836; m. 
1867, Sarah Anne Selfe, dau. of Lindsey 
Winterbotham, of Stroud, co. Glo'ster ; 
barr., Lincoln's Inn, 1859 ; Q.C. 1882, a 
charity commr. 1884-92 : The Grange, 
Southbourne, Christchurch, Hants. 

Anstruther, Arthur Wellesley, 4 s. of 
col. sir Robert Anstruther, 5 bt. (&1886); 
b. 1864 ; in. 1, 1893, hon. Mary Elma,dau. 
{d. 1891) of 5 baron Thurlow ; 2, 1901, 
Louise Adele Rose, dau. of W. H. Trap- 
mann, of Roland gdns. S.W. ; formerly 
capt. 4 brig, (mil.) Scottish divn. R.A., 
an assist, sec. to Boird of Agriculture 
and Fisheries from 1902 : 4 Whitehall pi. 
S.W. ; Hook Heath Farm, Woking. 

Anstruther, col. Basil Lloyd, 4 s. of 
J. H. Lloyd Anstruther, of Hintlesham 
Hall, Suffolk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1882) ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1899, Adela M., youngest dau. of sir 
R. Loder, 1 bart. and widow of maj. -gen. 
hon. Alex. Stewart (d. 1896) ; lt.-col. 
commdg. (brevet col. 1898) 1 battn. 
Manchester regt. 1894-8, ret. p. 1899: 36 
Lennox gdns. S.W. 

Anstruther, Fitz Roy Hamilton 
Lloyd, only s. of Robt. Hamilton Lloyd 
Anstruther, of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1898. hon. Rachel 
Gough, eld. dau. of 6 baron Calthorpe, 

Anstruther, Henry Torrens, 2 s. of 
col. sir Robt. Anstruther, 5 bart.(dl886) ; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1889, hon. Eva I. H., eld. dau. 
of 4 baron Sudeley, b. 1869 ; advocate, 
Edinburgh, 1885 ; j.p. co. Fife, a jun. lord 
of the treas. 1895-1903, British repre- 
sentative on Suez Canal board from 1903, 
M.P. (L.U.) St. Andrew's Burghs 1886- 
1903, British representative on Suez 
Canal board from 1903 : Cowley 
House, 9 Little College st. Westminster, 
S.W. ; Brooks', and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Whitchurch House, Aylesbury. 

Anstruther, sir Ralph Wm. 6 bart. 
(1694) ; s. of 5 bart., M.P. (d. 1886) ; 
b. 1858 ; m. 1886, Mildred H., younger 
dau. of E. Hussey, of Scotney Castle; 
D.L., J.P. cos. Fife and Caithness, capt. 
U.K. 1888-90, lt.-col. commdt. (hoa. col. 
1905) 6 (Fifeshire) vol. battn. Black 
Watch from 1900 (Heir, s. Robt. Edwd. 



b. 1890) : Brooks's club ; Balcaskie, 
Pittenweem. Fife. 

Anstruther, lt.-col. Robert Hamilton- 
Lloyd, eld. s. of J. H. Lloyd-Anstruther, 
of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1882) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1871. Gertrude L. 
G., eld. dau. of F. H. FitzRoy, of Frog- 
more Park, Hants; served with 2battn. 
rifle brig, in Indian mutiny, 1858 ; Suakin 
campaign, 1885 ; maj. rifle brig. 1881-6 ; 
ret. 1886 as hon. lt.-col. ; D.L., j.p. 
Suffolk ; M.P. (c.) S.E. Suffolk 1886-92 : 
37 Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Carlton club ; 
Hintlesham Hall, Ipswich. 

Anstruther, sir Windham Fredk. 
Carmichael- (11 bt. 1694 and 1798), only 
s. of 10 bt. (d. 1903) by Sylvia, youngest 
dau. of sir Fredk. M. Darley, u.c.m.g., 
lt.-gov. and c.J. of N. S. Wales ; b. 1902 ; 
hered. carver to royal household in 
Scotland {Heir, cousin, Gerald Y., b. 
1871) : Carmichael House, Thankerton, 

Anstruther, dow.-lady. Louisa, dau. 
of late rev. canon W. Knox Marshall, b.d., 
rect. of Wragby ; m. 1857, col. sir Robt. 
Anstruther, 5 bart., M.p. (d. 1886) : Hook 
Heath, Woking. 

Anstruther, Mary Ann, lady Car- 
michael-, dau. of John Parsons ; m. 1859, 
as his 3 wife, sir Windham Carmichael- 
Anstruther, 8 bart. (d. 1869) : 23 De Vere 
gdna. Kensington, W. (d. Dec. 31, 1905). 

Anstruther-Duncan, mis. Catharine 
H. A., only child and heir of late Adam 
Alex. Duncan and late mrs. Mori^on- 
Duncan, of Naughton, co. Fife : m. 1897, 
col. Alt x. Wm. Anstruther, u.A. who 
assumed by deed-poll addtl. name of 
Duncan in Ls97 and d. 1902 : Naughton, 
Wormit, Dundee, N.B. 

Anstruther-G-ray. maj . Wm. 3 s. of 
John Anstruther-Thomson, of Charleton, 
co. Fife, D.L., J.P. (</. 1904) ; /-. 1869 : m. 
1891, Jessie Clay re, dau. of Andrew 
Tennant, of Essenside, Glenelg, S. Aus- 
tralia ; assumed addtl. name of Gray 
1901, on sue. to Caratyne, Lanarkshire ; 
maj. late n.n.o., a.d.o. to gov. of S. 
Austialia I8i>9-9l, served as commdt. of 
dist. of Knysna, Cape Co ony, and insp. 
of Burgher camps, Trausvaal, during 
8. African war, j.p. Fife and Lanark- 
shire : Kilmany, Cupar-Fife ; St.Adriana, 
Crail, N.B. * 

Anstruther-Thomson, col. Chas. 
Fredk. St. Clair, M.v.o. 1 class (1905), 
D.s.o. (1900), 2 and eld. survg. s. of John 
Anstruther-Thomson, of Charleton, co. 
Fife, D.L., J.P. ( tf.1904); b. 1855 ; m. 1882, 
Agnes D., 3 dau. of Jas. Alex. Guthrie, 
of Craigie, co. Forfar : served in S. 

African war 1900-1, lt.-col. commdg. 2 
life gds. from 1903, brev.-col. 1905, esq. 
of order of St. John of Jerusalem, ofB- 
cier Legion d'honneur, knt. cemmdr. of 
the Sword of Sweden, j.p. co. Fife : 
Rutland House, Rutland gdns. S.W. ; 
Charleton, Colinsburgh, co. Fife. 

Anthony, Edwyn, m.a. Oxon., 2 s. of 
late Chas. Anthony, formerly of The 
Elms, Hereford; 6. 1843; barr. Inner 
Temple 1877, J.P. Herefordshire, aldm. 
Hereford c.c, memb. London Mathe- 
matical Soc. : Westwood, Hereford. 

Antigua, 6 bp. of (cr. 1842). rt. rev. 
Walter Farrar, d.d. Oxon. s. of late ven. 
archdn. Thos. Farrar, vicar-gen. of Gui- 
ana ; b. 1865 ; m. 1889, Alice, tld. dau. cf 
W. F. Bridges, administ.-gen. of B. 
Guiana; rect. of H. Trinity Essequibo, 
B. Guiana, 1896-7, commiss. to bp. of 
Guiana 1901-5, rect. of Hawkchurch, 
Dorset, 1898-1905, bp. of Antigua from 
1905 : St. John's, Antigua, W. I. 

Antill, lt.-col. John Macquarie, C.B. 
(1900), 2 s. of late John M. Antill, of 
Jarvisfield. Picton, N. S. Wales; b. 
1866; m. 1901, Agnes M., eld. dau. of 
Thos. P. Willsallen, of Gunnible, Gun- 
nedah, N. S. Wales ; served with N. S. 
Wales Mounted Rif. in S. African war 
1899-1901, a.d.<\ to gov.-gen., staff com. 
mily. forces and chief instr. Aust. Light 
Eorse : Victoria Barracks, Sydney, N. S. 

Anton, Jas. Ross, j.p. (1897) Dorset. 

Antrim, 6 earl of (1785, 2nd creation, 
ir.). William Randall McDonnell, eld. 
s. of 5 earl (d. 1869) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1875, 
Louisa (lady of the bedchamber to 
Queen Victoria 1891-1901, to Queen 
Alexandra from 1901), dau. of late gen. 
hon. Chas. Grey ; 2nd tit. vise. Dun- 
luce (Heir, s. vise. Dunluce, q. v.) : Glen- 
arm Castle, Larne, Antrim. 

Antrobus, col. sir Edmund, 4 bart. 
(1815), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1899) by dau. 
of sir G. Dashwood, 4 bart. ; b. 1848 ; m, 
1886, Florence C. M., dau. of J. A. 
Sartoris, of Hopsford Hall, Warwick- 
shire ; lt.-col. (col. 1888) (3battn.) Gren. 
gds. 1893-7, ret. p. 1903, J.P. (1898) Wilts 
(Heir, s. Edmund, b. 1886) : Guards' club ; 
Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury, Wilts. 

Antrobus, John Coutts, eld. s. of 
late G. C. Antrobus, of Eaton Hall, 
D.L. ; b. 1829 ; m. l,dau. of C. Swetenham, 
of Somerford Booths, Cheshire ; 2, dau. 
of G. J. Shakerley; 3, 1875, Mary E., 
younger dau. of late gen. hon. sir Jas. 
Lindsay, k.c.m.g. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1857 j.p. Cheshire maj. (hon. lt.-coL) 

Cheshire yeom. 1872-87 : Eaton Hall, 

Antrobus, Reginald Laurence, c.b. 
(1898), b.a. Oxon., eld. s. of late rev. Geo. 
Antrobus vicar of Beighton, Derby- 
shire ; b. ,1853 ; to. 1, 1880, Selina, dau. 
(d. 1890) of late rev. A. Leighton Irwin ; 
2, 1894, Edich Marion, dau. of late John 
Robinson, of Liverpool ; apptd. clerk in 
Colonial Office 1877 ; assist, priv. sec. to 
earl of Kimberley 1880-2, priv. sec. to 
earl of Derby 1882-5, to rt. hon. F. A. 
Stanley M.P. (now earl of Derby) 1885-6, 
to earl Granville in 1886 ; adminstd. govt. 
of St. Helena 1889-90 ; princ. clerk 1896 ; 
assist-und.-sec. of state Colonial dept. 
from 1898: 19 Cranley gdns. S.W. j 
Colonial Office, S.W. 

Antrobus, Robt. Crawfurd, 3 s. of sir 
Edmund Antrobus, 2 bart. {d. 1870) ; b. 
1830; m. 1873, Emily, dau. of col. J. 
Ireland Blackburne, of Hale Hall, Lan- 
caster, D.L., J. P. ; is J.P. Middlx. and 
London: 16 Buckingham Palace gdns. 
S.W. ; Carlton and Travellers' clubs. 

Anwyl, Robt. Chas., s. of Evan 
Anwyl, of Lligwy, Merioneth (d. 1872) ; 
b. 1850 ; to. 1886, Harriette, dau. of late 
John Hamilton, maj. Black Watch ; is 
D.L., j.p.jC.C. co. Merioneth (sheriff 1900), 
j.p. co. Montgomery, late It. Mont. yeo. 
cav. : Jun. Conservative club ; Lligwy, 
Pennal, Merioneth. 

Aplin, maj. John Geo. Orlebar, c.M.G. 
(1899), s. of late maj .-gen. Aplin ; 6. 18; 
m. 1899, Alberta L., dau. of late maj. F. 
Surrey, of Hastings ; granted local rank 
of maj. whilst emplyd. with W. African 
frontier force, 1899, insp.-gen. Gold Coast 
Constabulary from 1890, capt. (hon. maj. 
1901) 3 battn. (mil.) D. of Corn. L.I. 
from 1888 : Lagos, W. Africa ; Howie- 
lands. Cradley, Malvern. 

Aplin, Wm. Holmes, j.p. (1903) 
Devon : York House, Beer, Axminster. 

Appelbe, col. Edwd. Benj., c.b. (1902); 
>>. H55 ; w. Annie Margaret, dau. id. 
M06) of : served in Zulu war 1879, 
Nile expdn. 1885, Soudan 1888, 3 class 
Medjidie ; 3 class Osmanieh ; S. African 
w:ir 1899-1902, ordnance officer (1 class) 
Army Ordnance dept.: East Mas- 
ealla, Old Charlton, S.E. 

Apperley, Newton Wynne, M.v.o 4 
1903), s. of col. W. W. Apperley, 
4 Mortal cav., of Morben, Machynlleth, 
N. Wales ; b. 1846 ; to. 1880, Mary, dau. 
of AJftQ Wm. Hutchinson, of Holling- 
Durham; j.p. co. Durham, capt. 
iiKij. 1886) Montgomeryshire yeom. 
lHxi-t; ; j.ii. sec. to the marq. of London- 
deny : Londonderry Souse, 19 Park 


lane, W. ; Jun. Constitutional club ; 
South End, Durham. 

Apperly, Alfred, s. of David Apperly, 
of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire ; 6. 1839 ; 
m. 1865, Marie, dau. of H. C. Paice, of 
Egham, Surrey ; J.P. Gloucestershire ; 
Rodborough Court, Stroud, Glo's. 

Appleby, John Stanley, eld. s. of 
Thos. Appleby, of Gr.-atham, co. Dur- 
ham, J.P. ; 6. 1873 ; m. 1900, Winifred I. 
Wynn, youngest dau. of late ven. 
archdn. J. Hughes-Games, vicar of Hull ; 
J.p. (1900) co. Durham: St. Alban's 
mansions, Kensington Court gdns. W. 

Appleby, Thos. 2 s. of late John 
Appleby, of Wingate, co. Durham ; b. 
1839; to. 1868, Harriet, dau. of Thos. 
Wearrnouth, of B} r ers Garth, co. Dur- 
ham ; j.p. co. Durham : Greatham, co. 

Apple grate, Frank, s. of John Wm. 
Applegate, of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, 
and Weston-super-Mare, Somerset ; b. 
1836 ; w. 1873, Edith Warlow, dau. of 
brig. -gen. Watt, Osmanli cav. (col. 6th 
Bengal Lt. cav.), of Pine Hill, co. Antrim, 
by dau. of maj .-gen. sir Henry Worsley, 
g.c.b.; j.p. (1897) Wilts: Woolley Hill 
House, Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts. 

Appleton,Wm. 4 s. of rev. Jas. Apple- 
ton, vicar of Worksop, Notts ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1881, Eleanor P. M. eld. dau. of late 
Wm. B. Tristram, of Fowley, Hants ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1871, rec. of Great 
Grimsby from 188- : 13 Porchester terr. 
W. ; 3 Dr. Johnson's bldgs. E.d; Union 

Appleyard, maj. -gen. Fredk. Ernest, 
C.B. (1875), s. of F. N. Appleyard, 
formerly Cursitor of the High Court of 
Chancery ; b. 1829 ; to. 1, 1855, Louise, 
dau. of Alexr. Andrew, of Porchester 
ter. W. ; 2, 1885, Gertrude, younger 
dau. of Harry Tuppen, of Bournemouth, 
W. ; with 80 foot in Burma 1852, at 
Rangoon, Martaban and Prome, with 7 
Royal Fus. in Crimea, at Alma, Inker- 
man, the Redan and Sebastopol, knt. leg. 
hon. and 5 class Medjidie ; commd. a 
brig, in Afghanistan 1878-9 ; ret. p. 
1884 ; J.P. Surrey : Army and Navy 
club ; Tarakai, Surbiton, Surrey. 

Apsley, lord, Allen Algernon Bath- 
urst, eld. s. of earl Bathurst ; b. 1895. 

Arathoon, col. Robt. Lewis, j.p. 
(1904) Kent: Court Lodge, Gillingham, 

Arbnckle, hon. sir Wm., s. of late 
Wm. Arbuckle, Stirlingshire ; b. 1839 ; 
to. 1865, Henrietta, eld. dau. of late Hy. 
Shire, of Natal; 5 times mayor of Dur- 
ban, treas. for Natal 1897-1902, pies. 


legisl. council of Natal 1902-4, agent- 
gen, for Natal in London from 1904, 
knighted 1902 : 203 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; 
office, 26 Victoria st. S.W. 

Arbuthnot, sir Alex. John, K.c.s.i- 
(1873), c.i.E. (1877), s. of late bp. 
(Arbuthnot) of Killaloe ; b. 1822 ; m. 

1, 1844, Frederica, dau. (d. 1898) of 
late maj.-gen. R. B. Fearon, c.B. ; 

2, 1899, Constance A., youngest dau. of 
sir Win. Milmau, 3 bait. ; M.C.S. 1842- 
74, first director of publ. instruction 
in Madras 1855-62, chief-sec. to the 
govt. 1862-7, and memb. council 1867-72, 
ordy. mernb. councl. of gov.-gen. of India, 
1875-80, pres. in council, Nov. 1878 and 
March 1879, vice-chanc. of univ. of 
Madras 1871-72 and of univ. of Calcutta, 
1878-80, .i.i'. Hants; memb. council of 
sec. of state India 1887-97 : Athemeum 
club ; Newtown House, nr. Newbury. 

Arbuthnot, Chas. Geo., 3 s. of John 
Alves Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park. 
Berks, J. P. (d. 1875) ; 6. 1846 ; a director 
of the Bank of England 1884 : 69 Eaton 
sq. S.W. : Athenaeum and Carlton clubs : 
Bedwell Park, Hatfield, Herts. 

Arbuthnot, rear-adml. Chas. Ram- 
say, 2 s. of Geo. Clerk Arbuthnot, of 
Mavisbank, Midlothian (d. 1876) ; b. 
1850 ; m. 1880, Emily Caroline, dau. of 
rear-adml. C. F. Schomberg ; served in 
the Arctic expdn. 1875-6, A.D.C. 1902-4, 
rear-adml. Jan. 1, 1904. 

Arbuthnot, col. Geo., R.A., 2 s. of 
J. A. Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park, 
Berks, j. p. (d. 1875) ; b. 1836; m. 1870, 
Caroline E.N. , dm. of late capt. A.Nepean 
Aitchison, H.K.I.C.8. ; in Indian mutiny 
campaign, 1857-8, at relief of Saugor, 
captures of Jhansi and Calpee ; in Abys- 
sinia, 1866, as a.d.o. to sir C. Staveley 
at Magdala ; col. ret. list R.A., D.L., j.f\ 
Herefordshire, J. P. Gloucestershire: 
m.p. (c.) Hereford 1871-4 and 1878-80 : 
Army and Navy and Carlton clubs ; Nor- 
ton Court, Gloucester. 

Arbuthnot, sir George G , s. of late 
Archibald Fras. Arbuthnot; b. 1848 ; m. 
18?;;, Isabella A., dau. of rev. the hon. 
R. C. Boyle; banker, Madras and Lon- 
don, knighted 1901 : 4 Grosvenor ores. 
S.W. ; Athenaeum, Carlton, Jun. Carl- 
ton and Windham clubs. 

Arbuthnot, maj.-gen. Henry Thos., 
R.A., s. of Geo. Arbuthnot, of the Trea- 
sury ; b. 1834 ; m. 1862, Anna J., dau. of 
B. H. Mowbray, of Surbiton, Surrey ; 
in Crimea 1854-5, at Alma, Inkerman, and 
Sebastopol, knt. leg. hon. Indian mutiny 
1857-8 at Lucknowj ret. p. 1887; J. p. 


Sutton Coldfield : United Service club ; 
Ramsay House, Shooter's Hill, Kent. 

Arbuthnot, Jas. Woodgate, eld. 
survg. s. of Geo. Arbuthnot, of Elderslie, 
Surrey (</, 1895) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1877, Annie, 
dau. of sir Chas. Jackson, judge of higu 
court of Calcutta : was formerly a banker 
in Madras, j. p. (1901) Surrey : 22 Queen's 
gdns. W\ ; Athenaeum club ; Elderslie 
nr. Dorking. 

Arbuthnot, capt. John Bernard, 
M.v.o. 5 class (1902), eld. s. of col. Geo. 
Arbuthnot, r.a. (ret.), of Norton Court, 
Glos., D.L., J.P. ; b. 1875 ; m. 1903, Olive, 
only dau. of sir Hy. A. Blake, u.c.m.g.; 
capt. Scots gds. from 1903. 

Arbuthnot, capt. Robt. John Wastel, 
only s. of late maj. Robt. Chri&topher 
Arbuthnot, of Hollow Dene, FrensLam, 
Surrey; b. 1877; m. 1905, Winefride 
. dau. of A. Boursot, of 12 Vicar- 
age gate, Kensington, W. ; J.P. (1904) 
Montgomeryshire, served in S. African 
war 1899-1900, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
York.- hire regt. from 1903 : Newtown 
Hall, Newtown, Mont. 

Arbuthnot, capt. sir Robt. Keith, 4 
bt. (1823), M.v.o. 4 class (1U01), eld. s. 
of 3 bt. {d. 1889) ; b. l.%4 ; m. 1897, 
Liua, only dau. of col. Alex. C. Macleay, 
c. B.,3Seaforth Highrs. ; capt. R.N. (Heir, 
bro.mskj. Dalrymple, r.a., b. 1867): 105 
Cadogan gdns. S.W. ; Travellers' and 
Automobile clubs. 

Arbuthnot, William Reierson : Plaw- 
hatch, East Grinstead, Sussex. 

Arbuthnot, lady. Caroline C. dau. 
of Win. Clarke, m.d., of Barbados ; 
m. 1868, gen. sir Chas. Geo. Arbuthnot 
(i.C.B., R.A. (</. 1899). 

Arbuthnot, mrs. M. Rosa, eld. dau. 
of J. Campbell, of Kilberry, Argyll- 
shire ; m. 1865, as his 2 wife, Wm. 
Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park, Berks. 
d.l., J.P. {d. 1896) : The Ham Manor, 
Newbury, Berks. 

Arbuthnott, 11 vise. (1611, sco.). 
David Arbuthnott, 2 s. of 9 vise. {d. 
1891) by dau. of 6 earl of Airlie and bro. 
of 10 vise. {d. 1895) ; b. 1845 (Heir, bro. 
hon. Hugh, q.v.) : Arbuthnott House, nr. 
Fordoun, Kincardineshire. 

Arbuthnott, hon. Hugh, 3 s. of 9 vise. 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1847 ; ex-lieut. 81 foot, 
heir pres. to viscounty. 

Arbuthnott, John Campbell, c.i.E. 
(1898), s. of late lt.-col. hon. HugU 
Arbuthnott ; b. 1858 ; m. 1887, Jeannie 
S., dau. of late Robt. Hamilton, of 
Elmhurst, Kent ; entd. I.C.S. (Assam) 
1879, asst. commr. 1883, dep. commr. 




Arbuthnott, hon. William, 4 s. of 9 
vise. Arbuthnott ; b. 1849. 

Arbuthnott, lion. mrs. Hugh. Susan, 
dau. of late John Campbell, of Greenock : 
m. 1854, col. hon. Hugh Arbuthnott (d. 

Arbuthnott, mrs. Capel-Carnegy-. 
Mary A. J., 4 dau. of Jas. Carnegy- 
Arbuthnott, of Balnamoon and Fin- 
dowrie, co. Forfar, D.L., J.P, (d. 1871); 
6. 1823 ; m. 1852, Arthur Risdon-Capel 
(who assumed addtl. names of Carnegy- 
Arl.uthnotr, and d. in 1899): Balnamoon, 
Brechin, Forfarshire. 

Arbuthnott, hon. mrs. David, Eliza, 
dau. of Thos. Forbes Reynolds, M.D., of 
WalHngten, Surrey ; to. 1847, hon. David 
Arbuthuott, M.C.S. 1841-78 (d. 1901) : 
Fairlawn, Paignton, Devon. 

Archdale, Edwd. b.a. Oxon., C.E., 
eld. s. of rev. Hy. Montgomery Arch- 
of Willow Bank, Kingstown (d. 
1898) and nephew of Wm. Humphreys 
Merv)n-Archdale, of Castle Archdale, 
co. Fermanagh, M.P., D.L., J. P. (d. 1899) ; 
b. I860: d.l., J.P. co. Feimanagh : Castle 
Archdale, Irvinestown, co. Fermanagh ; 
Trillick Lodge, co. Tyrone. 

Archdale, Edwd. Mervyn, eld. s. of 
Nicholas Montgomery Archdale, of 
Crock na Crieve, co. Fermanagh, J.P 
(</. 1877); b. 1853; to. 1880, Alice B., 
youngest dau. of late Quintin Fleming ; 
It. (ret.) R.N., D.L., J.P. co. Fermanagh 
(f-heriff 1884), m.p. (c.) N. Fermanagh 
1898-1903 : Carlton and Kildare St. 
(Dublin) clubs ; Riversdale, Ballinamal- 
lard S.O. co. Fermanagh. 

Archdale, col. Hugh Jas., c.B. (1902), 
2 s. of capt. Archdale, of Castle Arch- 
dale, co. Feruaai agh ; b. 1854; to. 1891, 
Helen Evelyn T.,eld. dau. of capt. Bos- 
( awen Trevot Griffith- BcBCawen, of Tre- 
\;tlni Hall, Denbighshire, D.L., J.P. ; 
I in Soudan campaign 1885, Bur- 
i xj dn. 1886-7, S. Afiican war 1899- 
l02, lt.-n.l. (brevet col. K.04) Lincoln- 
icgt. 1100-4, h.p. li)04: Kay al and 
Military club. 

Archdale, mrs. Mervyn-, Matilda, 
<l:ui. of late Win. Alley, of Artane, co. 
Dublin j m. L894, as his 2 wife, Wm. 
Humphrey! Mervyn- Archdale, of Castle 
Axhdale, co. Fermanagh, d.l., j.p. 
v.) Fermanagh W74-86 (</. 1899): 
Gortfoore, Monkstown, co. Dublin. 

Archdall, bp. vide Killalce. 

Archer, rev. Charles Goodwyn, m.a. 
tb ; J.P. Suffolk ; rector from 1856 
of Ali erton, Wcodbridge. 

Archer, (has. Gordon, eld. s. of E. 
Aicher, cf Tielaske, Coin wall, d.l.,j.p. 

(d. 1885) ; b. 1846 ; J.P. Cornwall : NeW, 
Jun. Conservative and Royal Western 
Yacht clubs; Trelaske, Luuncestor, 

Archer, It. -col. David, s. of late John 
Archer, of Lushill, Highworth, Wilts ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1899, Maud Louisa, 2 dau. of 
Edgar Hanbury, of Ea strop Grange, 
Highworth ; J.P. Wilts and Glo'ster- 
shire ; maj. and hon. lt.-col. Wilts mil. 
1873-9: Lushill House, Highworth, 
Wilts; Kingsdown House, Swindon, 

Archer, maj. Hy. Fairfax Best, eld. s.of 
late maj. Wm. Hy. Archer, 16 Lancers, 
by Frances, youngest dau. of late Thos. 
Fairfax Best, of Chilston Park and 
Wierton, Kent ; b. 1858 ; to. 1886, Cathe- 
rine M. eld. dau. of late col. A. N. Scott, 
r.a. (Madras), capt. (hon. maj. 1890) 3 
battn. Hampshire regt. 1881-95, J.P. 
(1904) Suffolk: Jun. United Service 
club ; Thurston House, nr. Bury St. 
Edmunds, Suffolk. 

Archer, Walter E.,4 s. of Clement R. 
Archer, of Hill House, Hampton, Middlx.; 
b. 1855; to. 1878, dau. of Robt. Hay 
Murray, of Spinfield, Bucks ; insp. of 
salmon fisheries fishery board for Scot- 
land 1892-98, chief insp. of fisheries to 
board of trade (England and Wales) 
1898-1903, asst. sec. to board of agricul- 
ture and fisheries from 1903: 17 Sloane 
Couit, S.W. ; office, Board of Agri- 
culture and Fisheries, Whitehall, S.W. ; 
Union club. 

Archer, Wm. John, C.M.G. (1902), 
f.r.g.s., s. of asst. comnbiss. gen. Wm. S. 
Archer; 6.1861; m. 1892, Clnistina C, 
dau. of rev. Roger Burrow, barr. Mid- 
dle Temple 1894, vice-consul at Chieng- 
mai, Siaml8 l Jl() and consul 1896-7, actd. 
as charge d'affaires at Bangkok 1 Aug. 
to 6 Sept. 1896, 7 Dec. to 28 May 1897 
and 4 July 1900 to 31 Dec. 1901, consul 
at Bangkok 1897-1903, judge of H.M.'s 
court for Siam 1903-4, of the mixed 
courts in Egypt from 1904 : Alexandria, 

Archer, mrs. Semer Lodge, Semer, 

Archer-Hind , Thomas Hodgson-,M. a. 
Cantab, p.l.s., only survg. s. of late J. 
Hodgson, of Elswick, Northumberland ; 
b. 1814 ; m. 1841, Marianne, 2 dau.(<U891) 
of late rev. J. T. Huntley, rector of Bin- 
brook, co. Lincoln ; assumed names of 
Archer-Hind 1870 ; J.P. Northumber- 
land : Coombe Fishacre House, Newton 

Archer-Houblon, George Bramston, 
eld. s. of C. Eyre, of Welford Park 


Berks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 1843 ; to. 
1872, lady Alice F., dau. of 25 Earl of 
Crawford ; b. 1849 ; J.P. Berks, Essex 
(sheriff 1898) and Herts, lt.-col. 3 battn. 
(mil.) R. Berks regt. 1888-94, hon. col. 
1894, assumed by royal licence names of 
Archer-Houblon in lieu of Eyre, 1891 : 
73 Upper Berkeley st. W. ; Hallingbury 
Place, B shops Stortford. 

Archer-Houblon, ven. Thos. Hy.D.D. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon., s. of rev. Thos. Archer- 

K)ublon, rect. of Peasemore, Berks (d. 
74) ; b. 1849 ; curate of Wantage 1873- 
rect. of Peasemore 1875-81, vicir of 
antage 1881-1902, canon of Ch. Ch. 
d archdn. of Oxford from 1902 : Ch. 
l. Oxford. 

Archibald, Chas. Falcon, eld. s. of C. 
W.Archibald, of Rusland Hall, Lanes. J. p. 
(d. 1893) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1895, Harriet M., 
2 dau. of late John Downes, of Court 
House, Richard's Castle, Salop : Rusland 
Hall, Ulverston. 

Archibald, Wm. Fredk. Alphonse, 
M.A. Oxon., eld. survg. s. of sir Thos. 
Dickson Archibald, judge of Queen's 
bench and Common pleas, 1873-6 (d. 
1876) ; b. 1846 ; to. 1873, Florence, 2 dau. 
of late Chas. Wallroth, of Blackheath, 
S.E. ; late Fereday fell, of St. Johns 
coll. Ox., barr. Inner Temple 1874, a 
master of Supreme court of judicature 
from 1890 : Royal Courts of Justice, 
Strand, W.C. ; Inglewood, Little Book- 
ham, Surrey. 

Archibald, lady. Sarah, dau. of 
R. Smith, of The Priory, Dudley ; to. 
1841, hon. sir Thos. Dickson Archibald 
(d. 1876), judge of Queen's Bench, 1872-5, 
Common Pleas, 1875-6 : The Hawthorns, 

2 Carlton id. Putney, S.W. 
Ardagrh, maj.-gen. sir John Chas., 

K.C.M.G. (1902), K.C.I.K. (1894), C.B. 

(mil. 1X8 laud civil 1878), R.E., F.B.G.S., 
A.lnst.c.E., LL.D. (honoris causd) Triu. 
coll. Dub. (1897), s. of late rev. W. J. 
Ardagh; b. 1840; m. 1896, Susan, 
dau. of late John Hamilton, of 
Fyne Court, Somerset, and widow of 

3 earl of Malmesbury, (i.e. P., r.C. (d. 
1889) ; attached to embassy to Berlin 
1878, on European commn. for delimi- 
tation of Bulgaria 1878-80, and of Turco- 
Greek frontier 1881, delegate 
to peace conf. at the Hague 1899, mamb. 
Chili Argentine boundary tribunal 1899, 
rep. H.M. govt, before S. African 
deportation commn. 1901, memb. royal 
commn. for revisn. of martial law sen- 
tences 1902, d.a.a.g. expedy. force in 
Egypt 1882, memb. perm." court of arbi- 
tration, Hague, Brit, official dir, Suez 


Canal 1903, assoc Institut de Droit In- 
ternational, d.a.a. and Q.M.G. Egypt 1882, 
chief of in tell. dept. and commd. r.e. E. 
Soudan expedn. 1884, commdt. of base, 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, sen. staff off. Ginnis 
expdn. 1885. 4 class Osmanieh and 3 
class Medjidie, dir. of mily. intelligence 
at head-quarters 1896-1901, maj.-gen. 
1898, and ret. p. 1902 : 113 Queen's gate, 
S.W. ; United Service and Athenaeum 

Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, bp. 
(r.C.) of, rt. rev. Joseph Hoare, d.d., s. 
of John Hoare, of Ballymahou, co. Long- 
ford ; b. 1842 ; bp. (r.c.) of Ardagh aad 
Clonmacnoise from 1895: St. Mel's Col- 
lege, Longford, IreUnd. 

Ardee,capt. lord. Reginald le Normand 
Brabazon, eld. s. of 12 earl of Meath ; 6. 
1869 ; capt. gren. gds. from 1899. 

Arden, Douglas, 2 s. of Richl. Edvrd. 
Arden, of East Burnham Hous*, Bucks, 
and Sunbury Park, Middlx. ; b. 1844 ; 
///. 1x72, dau. of rev. canon Drummoad 
Rawnsley, of Habon Holgate, Lines ; 
J.P. (1903) Bucks: United University 
club ; East Burnham House, nr. Slough, 

Arden, Percy, eld. s. of Richd.Edwd. 
Arden, of Sunbury, Middlx. and Pont- 
vane, Pembrokeshire, D.L., J.P. {d. 1X94). 
b. is 10; barr. Inner Temple 186;{, j.p. 
Pembrokeshire(sheriff 19 J3) : a7 Albany, 
Piccadilly, W. ; H Sussex sq. Brighton ; 
Pontvane, Pembrokeshire. 

Ardilaun, lord (1 baron 1880, U.K.) 
Bir Arthur Edward Guinness, 2 bart. (cr. 
1867) eld. s. of sir Benj. Lee Guinness, 
1 bart. (d. 1868) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1871, lady 
Olivia Charlotte, dau. of 3 earl of 
Bantrv; M. A.. LL.D. (hon.) Dublin, M. p. 
(c.) Dublin 18(58-9 and 1874-80, D.L., J.P. 
co. Galway, co. Dublin and co. Kerry : 
raised to the peerage in 1880 (Heir to 
barony none, to baronetcy, Algernon 
Arthur St. Lawrence Lee Guinness, b. 
1883) : 11 Carlton House ter. S.W. ; Carl- 
ton, St. Stephen's, Garrick, and Kildare 
St. and University (Dublin) clubs ; St 
Anne's, Clontarf, Dublin ; Ashford, Cong, 
co. Galwa}'; Muckross, Killarney. 

Arding:, Alfred Chas., b.a. Oxon., 3 s. 
of Edwd. Wells, of Wallingford, Berks, 
j.p. ; b. 1858; m. 1880, Florence M., dau. 
of Edwin D. Maddy, of 10 Queen's Gate 
ter. S.W. ; J.P. Berks., assumed by 
royal licence name of Arding in lieu of 
Wells, 1890 : Braziers Park, Checkenden, 

Ardron, John, s. of John Ardron, of 
Queniborough, Leicestershire ; b. 1843 ; 
to. 1873, dau, of John Jas. Ridge, m.d, 



of Gravesend, Kent ; asst. sec. to G-.P.O. 
from 1897 : 4 Northampton Park, Canon- 
bury, N. 

Ardwall, hon. lord Andrew Jameson, 
M.A., s. of Andrew Jameson, sheriff of 
Aberdeen and Kincardine; b. 1845; m. 
Is7... Christian Robison,dau. of John G-. 
Brown, of Lochanhead,and niece and heir 
of Walter McCulloch, of Ardwall, co. 
Kirkcudbright^. 1892) ; scotch advocate 
1870, Q.C. 1897; sheriff of Roxburgh, 
Berwick and Selkirk, 1886-90; of Ross, 
Cromarty and Sutherland 1890-1, of 
Perthshire 1891-1905, d.l. Stewart ry of 
Kirkcudbright, a judge of court of ses- 
sion (with judicial title of lord Ardwall) 
from 1905 : 14 Moray pi. Edinburgh ; 
Ardwall, Kirkcudbrightshire ; Devon- 
shire, Northern, and Union (Edinburgh) 

Argrles, Thos. Atkinson, M.A. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, only s. of F. A. Argles, of Eversley, 
Westmorland, D.L., j.P. (d. 1885) ; b, 1859 ; 
m. 1893, Agnes, youngest dau. of late 
Wm. Hy .Wakefield, of Sedgwick House, 
Kendal ; barr, Lincoln's Inn, 1883, D.L., 
J.P. Westmorland (sheriff 1891), capt. 2 
vol. battn. Bord. regt. from 1891 : Carl- 
ton and Oxford and Cambridge clubs ; 
Eversley, Milnthorpe, Westmorland ; 
Haregate, Leek, Staffs. 

Argyll, 9 duke of (1701, Sco.). John 
Douglas Sutherland Campbell,P.c.(1875), 

K.T. (1871), G.C.M.G. (1878), G.C.V.O. 

(1901), LL.D., eld. s. of 8 duke, K.G., 

K.T., P.C. (d. 1900) by dau. of 2 duke 

of Sutherland ; b. 1845 ; m. 1871, princess 

Louise Alberta (memb. Roy. order of 

Victoria and Albert (1st class), lady of 

Imperial order of Crown of India, Roy. 

Red Cross, lady of justice of order of St. 

John of Jerusalem), 4 dau. of Queen 

Victoria (6. 18 March, 1848) ; sits as 

duke of Argyll (1892, u. k.) ; 2nd tit. 

marq. of Lome: hered. master of the 

King's Household in Scotland, hered. 

keeper of the royal castles of Dun- 

staffnage and Carrick, hered. sheriff of 

Argyllshire, pri. sec. to sec. of state for 

India (duke of Argyll) 1868-70, D.L. 

Dumbartonshire, H.M.'s Lieut, for 

llshire from 1900, m.p. (u.) Argyll 

X (L.U.) S. Manchester 1895-1900, 

li.Mit.-rol. coiiini<lt. 1 Argyll and Bute 

\. (vo1s.)im;i;-,ni ;n | ii,,!,. col. of the 

in. in I'.too, hon. col. 5 vol. battn. 

L.I. is, 1-90, an. I from 1899, hon. 

COl. 7 Middlx, (London Scottish) R. V. 

from 1900, and of the 6 battn. (mil.) 

i "'in 1901, gov. gen. of 

< '" hon. ci.!. Argyll High- 

;hi<i int. (Canada), jot, and constable 

of Windsor Castle from 1892, vice- 
adml. Argyllshire and West Coast of 
Scotland, chanc. of order of St. Michael 
and St. George from 1905 (Heir, bro. lord 
Archibald Campbell, q.v.) : Kensington 
palace. W. ; Athenaeum club ; Kilka- 
trine, St. Catherine's, S.O. Argyllshire; 
Roseneath Helensburgh, Dumbarton- 
shire ; Kent House, East Cowes, I. of W. 

Argyll, dowager duchess of, v. a., 
Ina, youngest dau. of late Archibald 
McNeill, of Colonsay, Argyllshire and 
niece of late Lord Colonsay ; m. 1895, as 
his 3 wife, 8 duke of Argyll, K.G., K.T., 
p.c. {d. 1900) ; woman of the bed- 
chamber and priv. pec. to Queen Victoria 
1888-95, order of Victoria and Albert : 
Macharioch, Argyllshire. 

Argyll and The Isles, bp. of, rt. rev. 
Jas. Robt. Alex. Chinnery-Haldane, D.D. 
Cantab., only s. of Alex. Haldane (d. 
1882) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1864, Anna E. F. M., 
only child of rev. sir Nicholas Chinnery, 
3 and last bart. ; assumed by royal 
licence addtl. name of Chinnery 1864, 
bp. of Argyll and The Isles from 1883 : 
Alltshellach House, Onich S.O. Inver- 

Arkell, Thos., eld. s. of J. Arkell, of 
Kingsdown, Wilts ; b. 1834; J.P. (1895) 
Wilts: Beech Croft, Kingsdown, Stratton 
St. Margaret, Swindon, Wilts. 

Arkell, Thos.,Pope's Court, Whelford, 
Fairford S.O. Glos. 

Arkwright, Arthur Chandos, 6 s. 
of J. Arkwright, of Hampton Court, co. 
Hereford, J.P. {d. 1858) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, 
Agnes M., dau. of Wm. M. Tufnell, of 
Hatfield Place, Chelmsford : j.p. Salop 
and Essex, late It. 2 life gds., maj. and 
hon. lt.-col. Shropsh. yeom. 1889-90: 
Arthur's club ; Hatfield Place, Witham, 

Arkwright, Fras., s. of rev. G. H. 
Arkwright, of Sutton Scarsdale (d. 1866); 
b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1868, dau. (d. 1873) of late 
H. Milbank; 2, 1875, hon. Evelyn, dau. 
of 3 vise. Sidmouth, b. 1852 ; late 100 foot, 
J.P. Derbyshire, lord of manor of Church- 
over, co. Warwick, M.P. (c.) E. Derby- 
shire 1874-80: Carlton club; Marton, 
Wellington, N. Zealand. 

Arkwright, Frederic Chas.,only s. of 
F. Arkwright, of Willersley {d. 1874); 
b. 1853; w. 1883, Rebecca O. 3 dnu. of 
sir John Alleyne. 3 bart. : D.L..J. P.Derby- 
shire (sheriff 1887), capt. 2 Derbyshire 
R. V. 1882-7 : Willersley, Cromford, 

Arkwright, John Peter, 2 and eld. 
survg. s. of John Thos. Arkwright, of 
Hatton House, Warwickshire, d.l.,.t.p. j 



b. 1864; late It. Warwickshire yeom.; 
J.P. (1901) Warwickshire : Hatton 
House, nr. Warwick. 

Arkwright, John Stanhope, only s. of 
John Hungerford Arkwright, of Hamp- 
ton Court, Herefordshire, lord lieut. (d. 
1906); b. 1872; D.L., J.P. Herefordshire, 
pari v. priv. sec. to pres. of Local Govern- 
ment Board, m.p. (c.) City of Hereford 
from 1900 : 7 King's Bench walk. 

3m pie, E.C.; Hampton Court, Leo- 
rkwright, Jn. Thos., youngest s. of 
P. Arkwright, of Willersley (cf.1866); 

L823; to. 1856, dau. {d. 1886) of late 
Edwd. Willes, of Hamstall Ridware, 
Staffs ; j.p., D.L. Warwickshire : Hatton 
House, nr. Warwick. 

Arkwright, Loftus Joseph Wigram, 
eld. s. of L. W. Arkwright, of Parndon 
Hall, and Mark Hall,Essex,J.P.(d. 1889) ; 
b. 1866 ; is patron of 3 livings and lord 
of the manor of Little Parndon: Parndon 
Hall, Little Parndon, Harlow, Essex. 

Arkwright, Richard, m.a. Cantab, 2 
8. of late J. Arkwright, of Hampton 
Court, Herefordshire, J.P. (d. 1868); b. 
1835 ; m. 1862, lady Mary C. C, dau. of 2 
earl of Strafford ; b. 1838 : barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1859, D.L. Herefordshire ; M.P. 
(c.) Leominster 1866-75 : Carlton club. 

Arkwright, Wilfred Lionel Tyrt-11, 
eld. s. of Arthur Chandos Arkwright, of 
Hatfield Place, Essex, j.p. ; b. 1871 ; j.p. 
(1900) Essex : Wellington club ; Bucks- 
horns, Boreham, Chelmsford. 

Arkwright, Wm., only s. of maj. 
W. Arkwright, 6 drag. {d. 1857); b. 
1857 ; m. 1884, Agnes M., eld. dau. of 
hon. John Somers Cocks; sheriff of Derby- 
shire, 1890 ; lord of the manor of Sutton 
Scarsdale : White's club ; Sutton Scars- 
dale, Chesterfield. 

Arkwright, rev. canon Wm. Harry, 
M.A. Oxon, 2 s. of rev. G. H. Arkwright, 
of Sutton Scarsdale (d. 1866) b. 1848 ; 
J.p. Leicestershire : vicar of Wirksworth, 
Derbyshire 1893-1902, hon. canon of 
Southwell from 1901 : Adbury House, 

Arkwright, hon. mrs. Elizabeth, dau. 
of 3 baron Kenyon ; b. 1837 ; to. 1860, 
rev. George Arkwright rector of Pen- 
conibe,Hercfor<lshire (<L 1*77) : Firlands, 
Easthampstead, Bracknell, Berkshire. 

Arkwright, miss Emily Elizabeth, 
eld. dan. of Alfred Arkwright, of Wirks- 
worth, J. p., d.l. (d. 1887) : Gate House, 
Wirksworth, Derby. 

Armagh, 110 archbp. of (444), most 
rf-v. Wm. Alexander. D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., 
p. of rev. prebend. Robt. Alexander, of 

Aghadoey, and neph. of late bp. (Alex- 
ander) of Meath ; b. 1824 ; to. 1850, 
Cecil F., dau. (d. 1895) of maj. Hum- 
phreys, of Miltown House, co. Tyrone, 
J.P. : D.C.L. Oxon LL.D (hon.) Dublin, 
dean of Emly 1864-67, Bampton lecturer 
1875, bp. of Derry 1867-96; archbp. of 
Armagh and primate of all Ireland from 
1896 : Athena3i\m club ; Palace, Armagh. 

Armagh, archbp. (r.c.) of, his emi- 
nence the most rev. cardinal Michael 
Logue. D.D. ; b. 1840 ; bp. of Raphoe 
1879, coadjutor for Armagh 1887-8, 
archbp. and primate (r.c.) of all Ireland 
from 1888, cardinal 1893 : Armagh. 

Armistead, James Fisher, J.P.Lan- 
cashire : Beard wood, Blackburn. 

Armitage, Arthur Calrow, s. of John 
Armitage, of Woodville Hall, Forest 
Hill ; b. 1847 ; to. 1877, Alice Barbara, 
dau. of William Morris, D.L.,J.P. of Hali- 
fax, Yorks ; j.p. W. R. Yorks, D.L., J.p 
Stewartry of Kirkcudbright ; late maj. 2 
West York yeom. cav. : Conservative 
club; Kirroughtree,NewtonStewart N.B. 

Armitage, Benjamin, nephew of sir 
Elkanah Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lanes, 
J.P., D.L. (d. 1876); b. 1830; to. 1856, 
Mary, 2 dau. of Martin Middleton, of 
Manchester ; j.p. Lancashire. 

Armitage, Charles Ingram, s. of 
Joseph Taylor Armitage, J. P., D.L. 
{d. 1880) ; b. 1849 ; to. 1877, Jane E., dau. 
of late capt. Coates, 98 foot ; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks : Isthmian club ; Highroyd, Hon- 
ley, Yorks. 

Armitage, Edward, 5 s. of Joseph 
Armitage, of Milnsbridge House, Yorks': 
b. 1819 ; to. 1848, Eliza A., dau. {d. 1901) 
of Thos. Calrow, of Woodhill, Bury, 
Lanes. ; j.p. W. R. Yorks and Hudders- 
field : Edgerton Hill, Huddersfield. 

Armitage.Geo. Faulkner. 5 s. of Wm. 
Arrnitago, of Altrincham, Cheshire ; b. 
1*49; to. 1*79, S. Ann, 2 dau. of John 
Rigby, of Altrincham, Cheshire; J.P. 
(1894) Cheshire: 18 Clifford st. Bond 
st. W.; National Liberal and Manchester 
Reform clubs ; Stamford, Altrincham, 

Armitage, Geo.Pollard, eld. s. of J.A. 
Armitage, of Storthes Hall and Milns- 
bridge, Yorks, J.P. (d. 1898); b. 1867; 
j.p. (1902) W. R. Yorks : Storthes Hall, 

Armitage, Robt. Ayrey, youngest s, 
of Elijah Armitage, Manchester ; to. 
Mary Howard, youngest dau. of John 
Marshall, Ardwick : J.P. Lancashire, 
Manchester, and Sa'lford: Broughton 
Park, Manchester. 
L Armitage, Samuel Fletcher, j.p. 


Lancashire : Peel Hall, Little Hulton, 
Bolton, Lanes. 

Armitage, Samuel Rigby, s.of Wm. 
Armitage, of Altrincham ; b. 1854 ; J.P. 
Lancashire: Groombridge House, Al- 
trincham, Cheshire. 

Armitagre, Vernon Kirk, M.A., ll.b. 
Cantab, s. of sir Elkanah Armitage, of 
Hope Hall, Manchester, J.P., D.L. 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1870, Emily, dau. 
of late John Fenton, of Crimble Hall ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1866, J.P. Lanca- 
shire and c.A. : New University club; 
Hornby Hall, Hornby, nr. Lancaster. 

Armitagre, Ziba, s. of Wm.Armitage, 
of Altrincham ; b. 1842 ; J.P. Lanca- 
shire and Cheshire: National Liberal 
club ; Newton Bank, Preston Brook, nr. 

Armitagre, mrs. Isabel J., dau. of late 
Dudley M. Perceval by dau. of gen. sir 
Richd. Bourke, K.c.B. ; m. 1851, Arthur 
Armitage, of Dadnor, Herefordshire, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1892) : Dadnor, Bridstow, Ross, 

Armitstead, Geo., 2 s. of late G. 
Armitstead, of Riga, merchant ; b. 1824 ; 
m. 1848, Jane E., eld. dau. of Edwd.Baxter, 
of Kincaldrum, Forfar ; D.L., J.P. Forfar, 
J.P. Perthshire ; D.L. Dundee ; M.p. (l.) 
Dundee 1868-73 and 1880-5 : 4 Cleveland 
sq. S.W. ; Reform, National Liberal and 
New Liberal (Edinburgh) clubs. 

Armitstead, rev. John Hornby, m a. 
Oxon, eld. s. of rev. canon John Richd. 
Armitstead, of Cranage, Cheshire, vicar 
of Sandbach; b. 1868; J.P. Cheshire, 
vicar from 1899 of Holmes Chapel 
Crewe, Cheshire. 

Armitstead, rev. canon John Richd. 
M. a. Oxon., eld. s. of rev. John Armit- 
stead, vicar of Sandbach, Cheshire, J.P. 
(<2. 1865) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1866, Frances M 
eld. dau. (d. 1887) of Wm. Hy. Hornby, 
of Poole H all, Cheshire ; hon. canon of 
Chester from 1898, Cheshire c.c. from 
1895, lord of the manor of Cranage, 
patron and vicar from 1865 of Sand- 
bach, Cheshire. 
Armstrong:, bp. vide Wangaratta. 
Armstrong;, vide Heat on- Armstrong 
Armstrong, $lde Watson-Armstrong. 
Armstrong-, vide Wright-Armstrong. 
Armstrong:, lord (1 baron U.K. 1903) 
Win. Hy. A n 11st rung FitzPatrick Watson 
Armstrong, M.A. Cantab., D.c.r,. (hon.) 
Durham, only s. oi John W'm. Watson, 
ESeoleston sq. S.W. and Adderstone 
Hall, Belfordj j.p., and great-nephew to 
1 and last baron Armstrong, C.B., 
F.R.s. (of the 1st creation, who d. in 


eld. dau. of gen. sir John M. Adye 
g.c.b.; D.L., j.p. and C.C.Northumberland 
(sheriff 1899), J.p. Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 
maj. Northumb Huss. I. Y. from 1902 ; 
grand cordon of Medjidie ; assumed 
by royal licence addtl. name of Arm- 
strong 1889, raised to the peerage 
1903 (Heir, s. hon. Wm. J. M. Watson- 
Armstrong, q.v.) : 93 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 
Isthmian, United University, Carlton, 
Constitutional and Athenaeum clubs ; 
Cragside, Rothbury, Northumb ; Jes- 
mond Dene, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Bam- 
burgh Castle S.O. Northd. 

Armstrong, sir Andrew Harvey, 3 
bart. (1841), of Gallen, eld. s. of 2 bart. 
(d. 1899); b. 1866; J.P.King's co., late 
capt. 3 battn. (mil.) Leinster regt , 
served with 17 battn. Impl. yeom , S. 
African war 1900-1 (Heir, bro. Nesbitt 
William, b. 1875) : Gallen Priory, Fer- 
bane, King's co. 

Armstrong, maj. -gen. Edward Fran- 
cis Hunter, s. of late gen. Edwd. Arm- 
strong, C.B., J.P., of Folkestone, Kent ; b. 
1834 ; m. 1, Matilda B., dau. of late gen. 
Jas. FitzGerald, Indian army; 2, 
Florence A. E., dau. (d. 1890) of late col. 
Hy. Colbeck, Indian army and sen. 
magist. of Madras ; late 11 Madras N.I., 
and dep.-comrnr. Mysore commn., ret. 
1884, M.S.C. : 31 Clarendon villas, Hove, 

Armstrong, capt. sir Geo. Carlyon 
Hughes, 1 bart. (1892), s. of late col. 
Geo. C. Armstrong, Bengal army; 6. 
1836 ; ?H.1865,Alice Fitz Roy, dau. of rev. 
Chas. J Furlong ; served during Indian 
mutiny in Irregular cav., propr. of 
the Globe and People newspapers (Heir, s. 
Geo. E. q. v.) : 39 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton and United Service clubs ; Fair- 
mile House, Cobham, Surrey. 

Armstrong, Geo. Elliot, eld. s. of 
capt. sir Geo. Carlyon Hughes Arm- 
strong, 1 bart., of Ashburn pi. ; b. 1866 ; 
m. 1890, Edith A., dau. of Adolphus 
Fass, of 32 Queen's Gate gdns., S.W. ; 
chief of the editorial dept. of the Globe 
newspaper from 1895, lieut. R.N. : 24 
Hans rd. S.W. ; 367 Strand, W.C.; Naval 
and Military club. 

Armstrong, Hy., j.p. (1899) co. Dur- 
ham : The Grove, Jesmond, Newcastle- 

Armstrong, Henry Edwd., Ph.D., 
ll.d., f.r.s., v.p.c.s., s. of late Richd. 
Armstrong, of Mark lane, E.C. ; prof, of 
Chemistry at the City and Guilds of 
London Inst, from 1884 : 55 Granville 

1900); b. 1863; m. 1889, Winifreda, ' park, Lewisnam,S.E. ; Central Technical 



College, Exhibition rd. S.W. ; Athenaeum 

Armstrong 1 , Hugh Clayton, b. of 
late Hugh Clayton Armstrong, of New- 
castle-on-Tyne ; m. 1873, Lydia, 3 dau. 
(d. 1903) of late George Hutchinson, 
M.R.C.8., of Croft House, Ovingham, 
Northumb ; j.p. (1890) Northumberland : 
The Club, Bournemouth. 

Armstrong, John Ssobell, eld. s. of 
rev. John Armstrong, rect. of Dinder, 
Somerset, and preby. of Wells (d. 1862), 
by his wife, Mary Anne, dau. of late 
John Scobell, of Nancealverne, Corn- 
wall ; m. Fanny, only dau. of It. Daniel 
Woodruff e, r.n. ; entd. I.C.S. (Bengal) 
1865, ret. 1892 : 5 Montagu st. Portman 
sq. W. ; Jun. Carlton club; Nanceal- 
verne, nr. Penzance, Cornwall. 

Armstrong, Marcus Beresford, eld. 
s. of Wm. Armstrong, of Chaffpool, co. 
Sligo (d. 1889) and cousin of Edwd. 
Marcus Armstrong, of Mealiffe, co. Tip- 
perary, D.L., j.p. (d. 1899) ; b. 181- ; m. 
1888, Rosalie C, dau. of Maurice Maude 
of Lenaghan, co. Fermanagh ; late capt. 
8 brig. N. Irish divn. R.A., j.p. co. Sligo, 
D.L. j.p. co. Tipperary : Kildare Street 
club, Dublin ; Mealiffe, Thurles, co. 
Tipperary ; Chaffpool, Ballymote, co. 

Armstrong, Thos., C.B.(1898),s.of late 
Thos. Armstrong, of Fallowfield, Man- 
chester ; b. 1832 ; m. 1881, Alice M. dau. 
of col. J. J. Brine of Torquay ; dir. of 
the Art divn. S. Kensington Museum 
1881-98 : Athenaeum club ; The Abbots 
House, Abbots Langley, Herts. 

Armstrong, sir Walter, b.a. Oxon., 
hon.R.H.A., 8. of late Walter Armstrong, 
of Ennismoregdns.S.W.;&. 1850; m. 1873, 
Emily R., dau. of C. C. Ferard, of Ascot 
Place, Berks, j.p. : author of many works 
on art, j.p. co. Dublin, director of the 
National Gallery of Ireland from 1*92, 
knighted 1899 : Ceanchor House, Howth, 
co. Dublin ; Burlington F. A., Jun. 
Athenaeum and Cosmopolitan clubs. 

Armstrong, Wm., j.p. (1895) co. 
Durham : Wingate Grange, Wingate 
S.O., co. Durham. 

Armstrong, lady. Charlotte, dau. of 
late S. C. Simpson, of Brockton, Staffs, 
23 Light drag. ; m. 1, T. Knowles Til- 
lotson ; 2, 1880, adml. sir Wm. King- 
Hall, k.c.b. (rf.1886); 3, 1891, sir Alex. 
Armstrong, k.c.b., dir-gen. of navy med. 
dept. 1866-80 (d. 1899) : The Elms, Sut- 
ton Bonnington, Loughborough. 

Armytage, col. Arthur Hy.,lateR.A., 
2 s. of sir Geo. Armytage, 5 bart.(r/.1899), 
by dau of sir Joseph Radcliffe, 2 bart, ; b. 

1845 ; m. 1879, Katharine H., 2 dau. of 
Ralph Creyke, of Rawcliffe and Marton 
Yorks ; J.P. (1898) E.R. Yorks : Army 
and Navy and Yorkshire clubs ; The 
White House, Clifion, York. 

Armytage, sir Geo. John, 6 bart. 
(1738),f.s.a., eld. s. of 5 bart. (d. 1899) ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1,1871, Ellen (d. 1890), dau 
of late rev. A. Fawkes, of Farnley Hall 
Yorks ; 2, 1893, Mary G.,eld. survg. dau 
of late Hy. Anthony Littledale, of Bol- 
ton Hall,Craven,Yorks ; chm. Lancashire 
and Yorkshire Railway Co. ; d.L. W. R 
Yorks. (Heir, s. capt. Geo. Ayscough, b 
1872) : 27 Cambridge sq. W. ; Windham 
club ; Kirklees Park, Brighouse, Yorks. 

Armytage, capt. Godfrey, bro. of sir 
Geo. Armytage, 5 bart. (4.1899); b. 1825 ; 
m. 1849, Charlotte Emily, eld. dau. of 
J. Blackburn, Cape Colony : served in 
Kaffir war, 1846-7 and 1850-3 ; j.p., D.L. 
W. R. Yorks, late gov. H.M.'s Prison, 
Wakefield : Carr Lodge, Horbury, Wake- 

Armytag-e, Percy, m.v.o. (5 class) 
eld. s. of It -col. Hy. Armytage, late 
Coldst. gds. (d. 1901) by hon. Fenella, 
dau. of 1 baron Fitzhardinge ; b. 1853 ; 
m. 1888, Rosetta P., dau. (d. 1902) of 
late col. Cameron, of Danygraig, Glam. 
and widow of capt. C. E. Eustace, of 
Robertsb ridge, co. Kildare ; gentleman 
usher to the King from 1903; leg. hon. 
(4 class) : 26 Buckingham Palace man- 
sions, S.W. 

Arnell, Wm. Thos., v.d., 2 s. of late 
Benjn. Arnell, of Emsworth, Hants ; b. 
1852 j ?/). 1878, Henrietta, dau. of late 
Thos. Gibbings, of Chichester, Sussex ; 
.i.r. ( 1903) Hants, maj. late 5 vol. battn. 
Hants regt. : Whitecliff, Sandown, Isle 
of Wight. 

Arntield. Joseph, j.p. Derbyshire : 
High Lea Hall, New Mills, co. Derby. 

Arnold, vide Coape-Arnold. 

Arnold, s ; r Alfred, youngest 8. of late 
rev. F. Arnold, rect. of Brimington, 
Derbyshire; b. 1835; m. 1, Catherine, 
dau. (d. 1891) of Robt. Comber, of 
Hadlow, Kent; 2, 1901, Mary, widow of 
Joseph Collins, of Halifax ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, J.p. W. R. Yorks ; M.P.(c) 
Halifax 1895-1900, knighted 1903 : Carl- 
ton and Jun. Constitutional clubs; 
Woodroyde, Halifax. 

Arnold, Bernard, F.L.R., eld. s. of Geo. 
Matthews Arnold, of Milton Hall, Kent, 
o.L., J.P. ; 6. 1'862 ; m. 1886, Mary C, dau 
of Jas. Prendergast ; is J.P. (1895) Kent : 
Milton Lodge, Gravesend. 

Arnold, Edwd., j.p. (1902) Herts ; 
Redbourne Bury, Redbpurne, Herts, 



Arnold, Geo. Matthews, f.s.a., k.S.g.,- 
P.of late Robt.Coles Arnold,of Whartons, 
Framfield, J.P. ; b. 1828 ; D.L, J.p. Kent 
(and aldm.): Milton Hall, nr.Gravesend. 
Arnold, Joseph Albert, M.i.Mech.E., 
5 s. of Joseph Arnold, of Moreton, Staffs ; 
//. 1867 ; m. 1880, dau. of Wm. Hambley, 
of Hayle, Cornwall; j.p. (1901) Derby- 
shire : Tresillian, Duffield road, Derby. 

Arnold, col. Stanley, o.B. (1904), 2 s. 
of Saml. Jas. Arnold, of West Derby, 
Lanes ; b. 1844 ; to. 1869, only dau. of 
Robt. Edwards, of Beech Hill Park, 
Essex ; .i.p. Warwickshire, Gloucester- 
shire, and Worcesterhire ; lt.-col. and 
lion. col. Lancashire R.G. A. (mil.) 1888- 
1904, lion, lt.-col. in the army 1900: 
Conservative club ; Barton House, 

Arnold, maj. Wm. Reginald, eld. s. of 
lt.-col. W. Arnold of Nethercott, Devon, 
D.L., J.P. and C.A. (d. 1901); b. 1865; 
served on N.W. Frontier of India 1897-8 
with Tirah expdy. force, S. African war 
1900-2, capt. (brevet-maj. 1898) Dorset 
regt. from 1897 : Naval and Military 
club ; Nethercott, Iddesleigh, Devon. 

Arnold, lady. Amelia, dau. of late 
capt. H. B. Hyde, 96 regt., of Castle 
Hyde, co. Cork; to. 1867, sir Arthur 
Arnold, Knt., ll.d., m.p., d.l., j.p. {d. 
1902) : 45 Kensington park gdns. W. ; 
Hyde Hill, Dartmouth. 

Arnold, lady Charlotte G., dau. of 3 
marq. of Cholmondeley ; b. 1828 ; to. 
1852, rev. Edwd. Gladwin Arnold, rect of 
Gt. Massingham, Norfolk (d. 1887) : The 
Wilderness, Wimborne rd., Bournemouth. 
Arnold, lady. Kurokawa Tama, dau. 
of Kurokawa Mankichi, of Tokyo, 
Japan ; to. 1897, as his 3 wife, sir Edwin 
Arnold, K. C.I.I!., 0.8.1. (d. 1904) : 1 
W'.'therby mansions, Earl's Court sq. 

Arnold-Forster, Edwd. Penrose, eld. 
s. of late Wm. Delafield Arnold, direc. of 
public Punjab, and adopted s.of 
late rt. hon.Wm.Edwd.Forster,of Burley- 
in-Wharfedale, Yorks, m.p. ; b. 1851 ; to. 
1875, Edith Mary, dau. of late Wm. 
Ford, c.r.i., of Ford Park, Devon ; is 
xi.., J.i' W. R. Yorks : Athenaeum, Bath 
and Devonshire clubs; Cathedine, 
Burley-in- Wharfedale, Yorks. 

Arnold-Forster, rt. lion. Hugh Oake- 

]e\. P.O.. U.A. Oxon, 2 8. of late Wm. 

Delafield Arnold, direc. of public instn 

in Punjanb, and adopted s. of late rt. 

Wm. Edwd. Knrster, of Bnrley-in- 

trfedale, Yorks, m.p.; b. 1855; m. 

... dau. of M. H. N. 

Maakelyne, of Basset Down House, 

Wilts, M.P., D.L., J.P. ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1879, m.p.( W. Belfast from. 1892, 
parly, sec. to the Admiralty 1900-3, sec. 
state, war dept. 1903-5 : 2 The Abbey 
gdn. Westminster, S.W. 

Arnott, Edwd., 2 s. of Wm. Arnott, of 
Llanharran, Glam. ; b. 1841 ; to, 1865, 
Maria Jane, dau. of Thos. Botting, 
Aberdare, Glam. ; owner of Troy House 
and Garth Estates ; j.p. (1905) Mon- 
mouthshire : 4 Whitehall Court, S W. ; 
Automobile club ; The Garth,Monmouth. 

Arnott, sir John Alex., 2 bart. (1896), 
eld. s. of 1 bart. and knt., m.p., d.l., 
J.p. (d. 1898) ; b. 1854 ; to. 1881, Caroline 
S., eld. dau. of sir Fredk. M. Williams, 
2 bart. of Tregullow, Cornwall; J.P. co. 
Cork, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 189-) 4 battn. 
(mil.) Cheshire regt. 1893-1900 (Heir, s. 
John, b. 1885) : 68 Merrion sq. Dublin. 

Arnott, do w. -lady. Emily, dau. of 
rev. Edwd. Lof tus Fitzgerald, of Ardagh, 
Cork ; to. 1872, as his 2 wife, sir John 
Arnott, 1 bart. and knt., M.P., D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1898) : Woodlands, Middle Glanmire 
rd. Cork. 

Arnould, lady. Anne, dau. of late 
maj. J. W. Carnegie, C.B.; to. 1860, as his 2 
wife, sir Joseph Arnould, puisne judge at 
Bombay 1859-69 (d. 1886). 

Arran, 6 earl of (1762, ir.). Arthur 
Chas. Jocelyn Gore, only s. of 5 earl, 
K.P. {d. 1901), by hon. Edith, younger 
dau. (d. 1871) of Robert, vise. Jocelyn, 
and granddau. of 3 earl of Roden ; b. 
1868 ; to. 1902, Maud, only dau. of baron 
Huysson de Kattendyke, of Kattendyke, 
Holland; sits as baron Sudley ( 1 884, U.K.): 
2nd tit. vise. Sudley: d.l., j.p., late maj. 
Egyptian cav., capt. (brevet-maj. 1900) 
R.H.G. 1895-1903 and adjt. 1893-6, served 
in S. African war 1900, lt.-col. commdg. 
12 Middlx. R.v. (Civil Service) from 
1904 (Heir, *. vise. Sudley, q.v.~) : Turf, 
Travellers', R.Y.S. and Garrick clubs ; 
Castle Gore, Mayo ; Queen Anne's Mead, 

Arran, Winifred E., countess of, 3 
dau. of late John Reilly, of St. Bridget's, 
co. Dublin, by dau. of 1 baron St. 
Leonards ; to. 1, 1881, hon. John Mon- 
tagu Stopford, It. gren. gds. (d. 1885); 
2, 1889, as his 2 wife, 5 earl of Arran, 
K.P. (d. 1901) ; lady-in-waiting to H.R.H. 
princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein 
1886-9 : Queen Anne's Mead, Windsor. 

Arrol, sir William, LL.D. (hon.) Glas., 
s. of Thos. Arrol, of Glasgow ; b. 1839 ; 
to. 1, 1864, miss Elizabeth Pattison ; 2, 
1905, miss Hogart ; sen. partner in firm 
of Wm. Arrol and Co., engineers, Dal- 
marnock ironworks, Glasgow, who con* 



structed the re-built Tay bridge and the 
Forth bridge; D.L. Glasgow, J. P. Ayr- 
shire; M.P. (L. U.) S. Ayrshire from 
1895; knighted 1890: Seafield, Ayr, 
N.B. ; Dennistoun, Glasgow. 

Arrow, Win., eld. s. of sir Fredk. 
Arrow, knt. of Pilgrim's Hall, Essex 
(-/. 1875); b. 18; to. 1885, Nora, dau. 
of late Sheffield Neave ; is J. P. (1900) 
Essex : Union club ; Langtons, South 
Weald, Essex. 

Arthur, sir Allan, s. of Allan Arthur, 
of Glasgow ; b. 1857 ; pres. of Bengal 
chamber of commerce 1894-1900, memb. 
of viceroy of India council from 1898, 
knighted 1900 : Calcutta. 

Arthur, sir Geo. Compton Archi- 
bald, 3 bt. (1841), eld. s. of 2 bt. (d. 
1878), by 4 dau. of 10 earl of Kinnoull ; 
b. I860 ; m. 1898, Kate Harriette, 3 dau. 
of late Horatio Brandon and widow of 
Arthur Raymond Yates; It. 2 life gds. 
1880-G, served in Egypt 1882 and Nile 
expdn. 1884-5, S.African war 1900-1, with 
Impl. yeom. and on staff, hon. It. in the 
army 1901, It. Herts I.Y. 1880-1902, hon. 
capt. 1902 (Heir, cousin, Edward M., b. 
1874): 38, Brompton sq. S.W.; Carlton 
and Marlborough clubs. 

Arthur, sir Matthew, 1 bt. (1903), of 
! Carlung.eld. s. of Jas. Arthur, of Carlung, 
Ayrshire, and Barshaw, Renfrewshire ; b. 
1852 ; to. 1879, Janet Stevenson Bennett, 
dau. of Alex. Bennett McG rigor, i.i-.d., of 
Cairnoch. Stirlingshire ; ]>.!,., J. P. Ayr- 
shire and Glasgow, memb. Roy. Compy. 
of Archers (King's bodyguard for Scot- 
land), chin, of Arthur & Co. Ltd. (Heir, 
.?. Jas. Cecil, b. 1883): Fullarton, Troon, 
Ayrshire ; Windham, Reform and Wel- 
lington clubs. 

Arthur, Win. Cresswell Ernest, s. of 
laterear-adml. Wm. Arthur, of Bakeham 
Grange, Egham ; b. 1855; to. 1879, 
Ellen, dau. of J. E. Langham, of West- 
down, Eastbourne ; is J. P. (1894) Devon : 
Marwood Hill, Barnstaple, Devon. 

Arthur. rev.Wm. Wills, M.A.Cantab., s. 
of rev. Thos. Freke Arthur, of Barnstaple 
(d. 1897); b. 1857: to. 1880, Florence, 
dau. of late Win. Startin ; lord of the 
manor and rect. (from 1 881 ) of Athering- 
ton, Umberleigh S.U. Devon. 

Arthur, hon. mrs. Aileen, sis. of 2 
baron Monteagle : b. 1844; to. 1864, 
John Raynor Arthur, late B.C.S. {d. 
1903) : TheWell House,Banstead, Surrey. 
Arton, Geo. Oakes, Packwood House, 
nr. Birmingham. 

Arton. Tbos.; b. 1823; lord of the 
manors of West Tanfield and Well: 

Micklefield House, Rawdon, nr. Leeds ; 
Tanfield Lodge, Bedale. 

Arton, Wm. Denby. M.A. Oxon., only 
s. of Thos. Anon, of Tanfield Lodge, 
Yorks ; b. 1864 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1889, j. p. (1901) X.R. Yorks; Tanfield 
Lodge, Bedale. 

Arundel, sir Arundel Tagg, k.c.s.t. 
(1904), B.A. ; b. 1843 ; to. 1875, Catherine 
H., dan. of late J. D. Sim, c.s.i., M.C.s. ; 
I.C.S. (Madras) from 1865, sec. to Madras 
govt., rev. dept. 1896, chief sec. 1897, 
memb. of council 1898-1901, of council 
of gov. gen. of India from 1901 : Simla 
and Calcutta. 

Arundel and Surrey, earl of (title 
which would be borne by eld. s., if any 
living, of duke of Norfolk). 

ArundeU, vide Hunter-Arundell. 

Arundell of Wardour,lord(12 baron, 
1605, Eng.). John Francis Arundell, eld. 
s. of 11 baron (d. 1862) ; b. 1831 ; to. 
1862, Anne Lucy, dau. of John Erring- 
ton, High Warden, Northumberland ; a 
count of the Holy Roman Empire, D.L., 
J.P.Wilts, J.P. Middlx. (Heir, bro. rev. th 
hon. Everard A.G. q.v.): Wardour Castle, 
Tisbury, Wilts ; Athenaeum club. 

Arundell, rev. (it.c.) the hon. Everard 
Aloysius Gonzaga, s. of 11 baron Arun- 
dell ; b. 1834 ; b.a. London ; heir pres. 
to his bro. 

Arundell, hon. Cecily Mary, b. 1845 : 
a nun ; hon. Gertrude Mary, b. 1848, 
dans, of 11 baron Arundell. 

Ascherson, Edwd. 3 s. of prof. 1. P. 
Ascherson, of Berlin; b. 1837: to. 1, 
1866, Elizabeth Laurence, dau. of W. T. 
Wlnttemoie, of Liverpool ; 2, Amy Mar- 
garet, dau. of R. Stewart, of Glasgow ; 
J.P. (1903) Kent : Reform, City of Lon- 
don and Ranelagh clubs ; Pett Place, 
Charing, Ashford, Kent. 

Ascroft, William, eld. s. of Robert 
Ascroft, of Preston, Lancashire ; b. 1882 ; 
to. 1858, Christiana, dau. of Charles 
Walker, of Whitley Lower, Yorks ; ad- 
mitted a solicitor 1855, J.P. Westmor- 
land : Overleigh House, Preston, Lanes ; 
The Wyke, Grasmere, Westmorland. 

Ascroft, mrs. Wilhelmina H., dau. of 
late G. Barlow, j.p., of Oldham ; to. 1872, 
Robt. Ascroft, .M.P. (o.) Oldham 1895-9 
[d. 1899) : Sonnenberg, East Croydon. 

Ash, ride Beresford-Ash. 

Ash, col. Alfred, v.d., youngest s. of 
Thos. Ash, of Ashted, Birmingham ; b. 
1841 ; to. 1867, Matilda, 2 dau. of Wm. 
Clayton, of Saltley, Warwickshire ; J.P. 
Warwickshire ; J.P. and aldmn. for the 
city of Birmingham ; lt.-col. commdt. 
(hon. col. 1898) % vol. battn. R. War- 



wickshire regt. 1897-8: The Moor 
House. Fillongley, Warwickshire ; Con- 
servative club, Birmingham and Edin- 

Ash, Thos. Hy., eld. s. of Joseph Ash, 
of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire ; b. 
1851 ; m. 1880, Annie Jane, dau. of J. 
(, J. P., of W^st Bromwich, Staffs ; 
.i.i'. (1902) Warwickshire: Richmond 
Hill road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Ash, Thos. Linnington, L.R.C.P.Edin., 
M.u.c.s.Eng., s. of Robt. Knott Ash, of 
Stratton, Cornwall; 6.1837 ; J.P. Devon 
(and C.c.) and Cornwall : Constitutional 
and Devon and Exeter clubs ; Penroses, 
Holsworthy, Devon. 

Ashbourne, lord (1 baron, 1885, 
U.K.). Edward Gibson, p.c. Eng. (1885) 
and Irel. (1877), ll.d., s. of late W. 
Gibson, of Gaulstown, co. Meath, J.P. ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1868, Frances, dau. of Hy. 
Cope Colles; m.a. and ll.d. Dublin, 
Irish barr. 1860, Q.c. 1872, J.P. co. 
Meath, A.a. for Ireland 1877, lord chan- 
cellor there 1885-6, and July, 1886-92, 
and 1895-1905, M.P. (o.) Dublin univy. 
1875-85 ; raised to the peerage 1885 {Heir, 
s. hon. Wm. Gibson, q.v.) : 5 Grosvenor 
cres. S.W. ; Carlton, Athenaeum, Kildare 
Sc. and University (Dublin) clubs ; 12 
Merrion sq. Dublin. 

Ashbrook, 7 vise. (1751 : ir.). William 
Spencer Flower, b.a. Dublin ; bro. of 6 
vise. (d. 1882) ; b. 1830 ; m. 1861, Augusta 
Madeline H., eld. dau. of late Geo. Mar- 
ton, of Capernwray, Lancashire ; J.P. 
Queen's co. {Heir, bro. It. -col. hon. Robt. 
T. Flower, q.v.) : Carlton club; 29 Pal- 
meira sq. Brighton ; Castle Durrow, 
Queen's co. 

Ashburner, maj. -gen. Geo. Elliot, 2 s. 
of late Wm. Page Ashburner, of Tas- 
mania ; b. 1820; m. 1, dau. (d. 1878) of 
late John Lindsay, of Earlston, N.B. ; 
2, 1880, Mary Jane, only dau. of late 
John Terry, of Dudley Hill, Bradford ; 
served in Scinde campaign 1843, and 
throughout Central Indian campaign 
1857-8 ; ret. 1876 f. p. as col. Bombay 
inf. : Sill wood, St. John's park, Black- 
heath, S.M. 

Ashburner, Lionel Robert, c.s.i., s. of 
Wm. Page Ashburner, of Sillwood, Tas- 
mania; I,. 1*27 ; m. 1873, Emily, dau. of 
col.Tho8.Haggard,R.A. ; in B.C.S. 1848-83. 
Od police commr. of N. div. 1872-7,' 
memb. Bombay council 1877-83 : 9a, 
Gloucester pi. Portman sq. W. ; E. I. 
United Service club. 

Ashburnham, 5 earl of (1730, Gt.B.). 

tin Ashbumham, eld. s. of 4 earl 

{d. 1878) ; 6. 1840 ; m. 1888, Emily, dau. 

(d. 1900) of late R. Chaplin ; 2nd tit. vise. 
St. Asaph; D.L., J.P. Brecknockshire, J.P. 
Sussex and Carmarthenshire {Heir, bro. 
hon. John, q.v.) : Athenaeum and Travel- 
lers' clubs ; Ashburnham Place, Battle, 
Sussex ; Barking Hall, Needham Market, 
Suffolk ; Pembrey, Carmarthenshire. 

Ashburnham, maj.-gen. sir Cromer, 
k.c.b., 4 s. of rev. sir John Ashburnham,7 
bart. (d. 1854) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1864, Urith 
A., 3 dau. of latecapt. G. B. Martin, R.N., 
C.B.,of'East Bridgeford, Notts. : with 60 
rifles in Indian mutiny campaign 1857-8, 
at siege of Delhi, and in Rohilcund ; 
Afghan war 1878-80, Boer war 1881, 
a.d.C. to Queen Victoria 1882-6, with 
expedy. force in Egypt 1882, 3 class 
Medjidie, Eastern Soudan campaign 1884; 
a. A. and Q.M.G., S.E. dist. 1884-6, ret. p. 

Ashburnham, hon. George, 7 s. of 4 
earl of Ashburnham ; b. 1863 : It. Suffolk 
yeom. 1883-7 : Wellington club ; Holly 
Lodge, Heathfield, Heathfiel 1 Tower 
S.O. Sussex. 

Ashburnham, hon. John, 2 s. of 4 earl 
of Ashburnham ; b. 1845 : attache at 
Lisbon 1867, at Madrid 1869, second 
secy., Constantinople, 1872-9 ; H. M.'g 
actg.-agent and consul-gen. Sofia 1879-80; 
J.P. Sussex ; heir pres. to his brother : 
TraA r ellers' and St. James's clubs. 

Ashburnham, capt. hon. Thomas, 5 s. 
of 4 earl of Ashburnham ; b. 1855 ; m. 
1903, Maria Elizabeth, 2 dau. of W. H. 
Anderson, of Fredericton, New Bruns- 
wick ; with expedy. force in Egypt 1882, 
5 class Medjidie; capt. 7 huss. 1886-9, 
ret. 1889, extra A.D.C. to viceroy of Ire- 
land (earl of Carnarvon) 1885-6 and (earl 
of Aberdeen) in 1886. 

Ashburnham, lady. Isabella, dau. 
of late capt. Geo. Bohun Martin. R.x., 
c.B. of East Bridgeford, Notts; m. 1859, 
sir Anchitel Ashburnham, 8 bart. ('!. 
1899) : Broomham Park, Guestling, 

Ashburnham, lady Mary Catherine 
Charlotte, dau. of 5 earl of Ashburn- 
ham ; b. 1890. 

Ashburnham-Clement, sir Anchitel 
Piers, 9 bart. (1661), eld. s. of sir Anchitel 
Ashburnham, 8 bart. (d. 1899) ; b. 1861 ; 
m. 1895, Elizabeth Ellen, only survg. 
child of late G. B. Clement, of Silverhill I 
House, Sfc. Leonards-on-Sea ; is J. p. ' 
Sussex, assumed by royal licence addtl. I 
name of Clement 1899 {Heir, ftro.Reginald 
Ashburnham, b. 1865): Agmerhurst, Ash- 1 
burnham, Battle, Sussex. 

Ashburton, lord (5 baron, 1835, U.K.). 
Fras. Denzil Baring, eld. s. of 4 baron 


(d. 1889), "by daU. Of 9 baron Digby ; b. 
1866 ; m. 1889, hon. Mabel E., eld. dau. 
id. 1S04) of 4 vise. Hood, b. 1866 ; d.l. 
Hants, capt. Hants (Carabiniers) I.Y. 
from 1902 {Heir, s. hon. Alex. F. S. 
Baring, q. v.): Carlton, Arthur's and 
Bachelors clubs : The Grange, Northing- 
ton, Alresford, Hants. 

Ashburton (rt. hon.), lady. 
Leonora C, dau. of 9 baron Digby ; b. 
1844; m. 1864. 4 baron Ashburton (d. 
1889) : 16 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Melchet 
Court, Romsey. 

Ashby, Edmund, eld. s. of A. Ashby, 
of Mitcham. Surrey ; 6.1844 ; J. P. Somer- 
set : Cleevehead, Cross, nr. Axbridge, 

Ashby, col. Geo. Ashby, C.B. (1900), 
eld. s. of Geo. Ashby Ashby, of Naseby 
Wolleys, Rugby, J.P., d.l. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1856 ; * m. 1888, Mabel C, dau. of late 
lt.-col. P. C. Anderson, r.a. (Bengal) ; 
served in S.African war 1X99-1900, lt.-col. 
Duke of Cornwall's L.I. 1900-4, brevet- 
col. 1901, lt.-col. commdt. Discbarge 
Depot from 1901 : Fort Brockhurst, Gos- 

Ashby, sir Jas. Wm. Murray, K.c.n., s. 
of capt. W. R. Ashby, R.N. ; b. 1822 ; m. 
Catherine, dau. of late F. R. Magenis ; 
at Bomarsund, 1854, fall of Kertch, 
Sebastopol and Kinburn, at capture of 
Peiho forts 1860 (sec. to adml. sir J. 
Hope), in 1 1 expedns. against rebels in N. 
China 1862 ; paymaster-in-chief, ret.1878, 
J. P. Sussex : Little Park, N infield, Battle, 

Ashby, John, s. of Skidmore Ashby, 
of Staines; b. 1849; m. 1870, Ellen, dau. 
of Fredk. Warner, of Melbourne, nr. 
Chelmsford ; J. p. Middlesex (and C.C.j : 
The Close, Staines. 

Ashby, Wm., s. of Wm. Ashbv. of 
Long Buckby; b. 1814; to. 1869, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Robt. Ashby, of Watford, 
Northants ; is J. P. (1895) Northants : 
Long Buckby, Rugby. 

Ashcombe, lord (1 baron, 1892, U.K.). 
George Cubitt. P.c. (1880), s. of Thos. 
Cubitt, of Denbies {d. 1855) ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1853, Laura (d. 1904), dau. of rev. J. 
Joyce, vicar of Dorking ; M.A. Cantab., 
d.l. Middlx., D.L., J. P. Surrey, m.p. (o.) 
W. Surrey 1860-85, Mid. divn. 1885-92, 
2 church estates commr. 1874-9, chm. 
House of Laymen, Prov. of Canterbury, 
hon. col. 2 vol. battn. R. W. Surrey regt. 
from 1894, raised to the peerage 1892 
(Heir, s. hon. Henry Cubitt, q.v.) : 17 
Prince's gate, S.W. ; Fallapit, S. Devon. 

Ashe, capt. Edvvd. Percy, R.N., M.v.o. 
4 class (1905) ; b. 1852 ; It. of " Thalia" 

during Egyptian war 1882, capt. R.N. 

Ashe, miss Thermuthis Mary, dau. of 
rev. R. M. Ashe, of Langley House, 
Wilts, J. p. (d. 1885) : lady of the manor 
of Langley Burrell : Langley House, near 
Chippenham, Wiits. 

Ashford, Cyr.l Ernest, m.a. Cantab., 
s. of Wm. Wooil^y Asuford,of Edgbaston, 
Warwickshire ; b. 1867 ; m. 1899, Leila, 
dau. of Alfred Allhusen, of Beadnell 
Tower, Northumb ; assist, master at 
Clifton coll. 1892-4, at Harrow 1894- 
1903, headmaster of the Royal Raval 
coll. Osborne 1903-5, of the Royal Naval 
coll. Dartmouth, from 1905 : Royal 
Societies and Alpine clubs ; Royal Naval 
College, Dartmouth. 

Asnhurst,Wni. Henry, eld. s. of J. H. 
Ashhurst, of Waterstock, Oxon, D.L., 
j.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1882, Cathe- 
rine Sophia, 2 dau. (d. 1890) of A. H. C. 
Brown, of Kingston Blount, Oxon, D.L., 
j.p. ; d.l., j.p. Oxon (sheriff 1891) : 
Carlton club ; Waterstock House, 
Wheatley, nr. Oxford. 

Ashley, lord, Anthony Ashley, s. of 
earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1900 

Ashley, hon. (Anthony) Cecil, 4 survg. 
s. of 7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1849: D.L. 
Dorset : Stumble Holt, Holmwood, 

Ashley, rt. hon. (Anthony) Evelyn 
Melbourne, P.O., m.a. Cantab., 2 survg. s. 
of 7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1836 ; m. 1, 
1866, Sybella, dau. (d. 1886) of sir 
Walter Farquhar, 2 bart. ; 2, 1891, lady 
Alice E., dau. of 3 earl of Enniskillen, o. 
1858 ; sec.tovisc.Palmerston 1858-65,knt. 
order of Dannebrog, barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1863, treasurer of county courts 1863-74, 
J.P. Dorset and co. Sligo ; D.L., J.P. 
Hants ; paily. sec. to board of trade 
1880*2, 2 Church estates commr. 1880-5 ; 
und. sec. of state for colonies 1882-5 ; 
M.P. (L.) Poole 1874-80, Isle of Wight 
1880-5, official verderer of New Forest 
from 1892, mayor of Romsey 1900-2: 
13 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Brooks' and Athe- 
naeum clubs ; Broadlands, Romsey, 
Hants ; Classybawn, Sligo. 

Ashley, hon. (Anthony) Lionel Geo. 
m.a. Cantab ; 2 survg. s. of 7 earl of 
Shaftesbury ; b. 1838 ; to. 1868, dau. (d. 
1875) of C. Hanbury Leigh, Pontypool 
Park, Monmouth ; d.l. Dorset : Audley 
mansions, Mount st. W. ; Brooks' club. 

Ashley, Geo. Randolph, s. of late rev. 
preb. G. E. Ashley, of Stretton Rectory, 
Hereford ; b. 1858 ; to. 1882, Alice Louisa, 
dau. (d. 1897) of Robt. Owen Davies, of 
Cyffty and Pencraig; J.P. Carnarvon- 


shire, late maj. 3 vol. battn. R. Welsh 
Fus. 1897-1900 : Constitutional and Jun. 
Conservative clubs ; Llugwy Cottage, 

Ashley, Richd., s. of Martin Ashley, 
of Modbury, Devon ; b. 1821 ; m. 1865, 
Mary, dau. of John Phare, of Elmfield 
House, Northlew, Devon; j.p. (1894) 
Devon : Modbury, Devon. 

Ashley, Wilfrid Wm, eld. s. of rt. 
hon. (Anthony) Evelyn Melbourne 
Ashley, P.O., and grands, of 7 earl of 
Shaftesbury ; b. 1867 ; m. 1901, Maude, 
only child of rt. hon. sir Ernest Casseh 
P.O., K.c.M.u., K.C.v.O. : is J.P. (1904) 
Hants : 32 Bruton st. W. ; Broailauds, 
Rornsey, Hants. 

Ashley, lady Edith Florence, dau. of 
7 earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1847 : Audley 
mansions, Mount st. W. 

Ashley, hon. mrs. John. Julia, eld. 
dau. of Hy. J. Conyers, of Copthall, 
Essex ; m. 1840, hon. J. Ashley, Q.c. (d. 
1867) : 17 Upper Brook st. W. 

Ashley, miss Margaret J. , eld. dau. 
of capt. hon. Anthony Henry Ashley, 
M.p. (<i. 1858), and granddau. of 6 earl of 
Shaftesbury (d. 1851) : Rowan House, 

Ashley, lady Mary Sibell, dau. of 9 
earl of Shaftesbury, b. 1902. 

Ashman, sir Herbert, s. of Thos. N. 
Ashman ; b. 1854 ; m. 1874, dau. of F. 
G. Lorenzen, of Bristol ; J.P. Bristol 
(first lord mayor 1899-1900), knighted 
1899 : Cook's Folly, Stoke Bishop,Bristol. 

Ashmore, sir Alex. Murray, k.c.m.G. 
(I906)j s. of late Chas. T. Ashmore, of 
Nevern sq. S.W. ; b. 1855; m. 1897, 
Dorothy E. A., youngest dau. of late 
Chas. J. K. Shaw ; Civil Service of Cey- 
lon 1876-93, actg. col. sec. Gold Coast 
liil, receiver-gen. of Cyprus and chief 
collr. of customs and excise 1895-1901, 
govt. sec. of B. Guiana 1901-4, lt.-gov. 
.tii.l col. sec. of Ceylon from 1904: Co- 
lombo and Kandy. 

Ashplant, Wm., j.p. (1895) Devon: 
Pit liner House, Gt. Torrington, Devon. 

Ashton, vide Burchardt-Ashton. 

Ashton, vide Mackenzie- Ash ton. 

Ashton, lord (1 baron 1895, U.K.). 

Viilmnsun, s. of late J. Williamson, 

"i I'arki'uM. Lancaster, j.p.; b. 1842; 

'". 1. 1*69, Margaret, eld. dau. (d. 1877) 

"I J. Gatey. of Keswick ; 2, 1880, Jessy 

Man. (d. 1904) of J.Stewart, 

Clapham, Yorks j d.l., j.p. Lancashire 

.-); a manufacturer, m.p. (l.) 

N. Lancashire ( Lm.-ast -t di\ n. ) 1880-95, 

1 8&5 (Heir, nunc) ; 

Alford House, Prince's gate, S.W. ; Ash- 
ton Hall and Ryelands, Lancaster. 

Ashton, Alfred, s. of Thos. Ashton, of 
Parkfield, Lanes, and Hattield Court, co. 
Hereford; b. 1855; m. 1879, dau. of 
Joseph Janion of Alderley Edge: J.P. 

Ashton, Charles, M.A. Oxon, late 12 
lancers ; eld. s. of S. Ashton, of Prest- 
wich, Lanes. J.P. (J. 1867) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1, 
eld. dau. of N. E. Hurst, Higham Grange, 
Leicestershire ; 2, Josephine, 2 dau. of 
R. Henty, Nazing Park, Essex; j.p 
Leicestershire and Herts : Redlands 
Branksome, Bournemouth. 

Ashton, John, s. of Geo. Ashton, of 
Lubenham, Leicestershire ; b. 1833 ; m. 
1856, Mary Ann, dau. (d. 1899) of W. H. 
Cpsall, of London; is J.P. (1894) 
Leicestershire : Lubenham, Market Har- 
bor o ugh. 

Ashton, Ralph Shorrock, b.a. ; j.p. 
(1855) Lancashire : 19 Belmont park 
Lee, S.E. 

Ashton, Robert How, s. of Robt. 
How Ashton, of Castleton ; b. 1*37 ; m. 
1866, Thomasine, dau. of late Jsph. Hall, 
of Castleton; j.p., c.a. Derbyshire: 
Losehill Hall, Castleton, via Sheffield. 

Ashton, Thos. Gair, eld. s. of T. Ash- 
ton, of Ford Bank, Lanes, D.L., J.P. (d 
1898) ; b. 1855 ; m. 1886, Eva M.,dau. of 
John Hy. James, of Kingswood, Watford, 
Herts. ; J.P. Lancashire, Cheshire and 
Sussex ; m.p. (l. ) Cheshire (Hyde divn.), 
1885-6, S. Beds, from 1895 : 39 Princes 
gdns. S.W. ; Brooks's and Reform clubs ; 
Hyde, Cheshire ; Vinehall, Roberts- 
bridge, Sussex. 

Ashton, mrs., lady of the manor of 
Kingthorp : Kingthorp Hall, Pickering. 

Ashtown, lord (3 baron, 1800, n\). 
Frederick Oliver Trench, grands, of 2 
baron (d. 1880) ; b. 1868 ; m. 1894, Violet, 
youngest dau. of col. R. A. G. Cosby, of 
Stradbally Hall, Queen's co. : D.L., J.P. 
co. Galway (Heir, 8. hon. Frederick S. 
Trench, q. v.) : Woodlawn, co. Galway. 

Ash-win, James, eld. s. of Wm. Hy. 
Ashwin, of Bretforton, Worcs. D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1892) ; b. 1860 ; m. 1890, Clara, dau. of 
late Geo. Watson, of Donisthorpe House, 
Yorks, J.P.; is j.p. Gloucestershire and 
Worcesterhire : Bretforton Manor, nr. 

Ash worth, Alfred, 6 s. of Edmund 
Ashworth, of Egerton Hall, Bolton-le- 
Moors, J.P. (d. 1881) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1881, 
Edith Alice, eld. dau. (</. 1904) of Fredk. 
Bower, of West Dean Park, Chichester ; 
J.P. Cheshire and Denbighshire : Conser- 
vative club ; Horsley Hall, Gresford. 



Ashworth, Edw. Lewis ; b. 1835 ; J.P. 
Denbighshire : Boothfield House, Over 
Knutsford, Cheshire ; 100 Mosley st. 

Ashworth, Fras., 2 s. of Edwd. Ash- 
worth, of Manchester ; b. 18-40 ; m. 1872 
(widower) ; j.p. (1902), Cheshire, J.P. 
(ex-off.) 1898-1901 : The Mount, Legh 
rd. Knutsford. 

Ashworth, John, s. of Richard Ash- 
worth, of Bank st. Rawtenstall, Lanes ; 
6.1841 ; m.l865,Alice Ann,dau. of Richd. 
Rostron, of Stack Steads, Lancashire ; is 
(1896) j.p. Lancashire : Mill Field House, 
Thorn Hill, Rawtenstall, Lanes. 

Ashworth, Richd., s. of Geo. Ash- 
worth, of Ashlands, Lanes.; b. 1818 ; m. 
1877, Jane, dau. of Robt Worswick, of 
Greenbank, Rawtenstall, Lanes.; j.p. 
(1904) Lancashire : Ashlands, New- 
church, nr. Manchester. 

Ashworth, Taylor, s. of late George 
Ashworth, of Roche House, Rochdale, 
J.P. ; b. 1839 ; J.P. Staffs. : Sunny Bank 
House, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs. 

Askew, misses, daus. of late Hy. Wm. 
Askew, of Burwood Park, Surrev, j.p. 
(d. 1890), by Lucy, 3 dau. of late rt. 
rev. the hon. Hugh Percy,bp. of Carlisle, 
and niece of 5 duke of Northumberland : 
Burwood Park, Walton - on - Thames, 

Askew-Robertson, Watson, s. of late 
capt. Christopher C. Askew, r.n.; b. 1834 ; 
m. 1850, hon. Sarah, eld. dau. of 1 and last 
baron Marjoribanks ; b. 1837 ; D.L., J.P. 
for Berwickshire and for Northumber- 
land (sheriff 1863 and chm. quart. 
sess. 1875-1905), assumed by royal 
licence in 1890addtl. name of Robertson 
in accordance with the will of late Wm. 
Robertson, of Ladykirk, on his wife suc- 
ceeding to the Ladykirk estates : 
Carlton club ; Ladykirk, Berwickshire ; 
Pallinsburn, Northumberland. 

Askwith, ven. Wm. Hy., m.a. 
Cantab., only s. of late Robt. Askwith 
of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire ; b. 1843 ; 
m. 1870, Elizabeth, dau. of Hudleston 
Stokes, E.i.c.s., late of Bath, Somerset ; 
inc. of Ch. Ch. Derbv 1876-87, preb. of 
Wells 1891-1903, it.D.'of Taunton 1889- 
1903, archdn. of Taunton from 1903, 
vicar from 1887 of St. Mary Magdalen, 

Aspinall, Butler, K.C., b.a. 2 s. of 
late Butler Cole Aspinall, barr. and late 
A.G. of Melbourne, Victoria; b. 1861; 
barr. Middle Temple 1884, Q.c. 1899 : 107 
Harley st. W. ; 2 Paper bldgs. Temple, 
E.C. ; Brooks's and Reform clubs. 

Aspinall, rev. Geo. Edwd., m.a. oxon, 

s. of Edwd. Aspinall, of Hall Ings, 
Yorkshire ; b. 1842 ; m. 1882, Caroline, 
dau. of John Holden, of Turton, Lanes : 
J.p. W. R. Yorks : Jun. Constitutional 
club ; Hall Ings, Souriiowram, Halifax 

Aspinall, Ralph John, s. of J. T. W. 
Aspinall, of Standen Hall, m.p. (d. 1865) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1876, Mabel, 2 dau. of lateR. 
Lloyd Jones-Parry, Tregayan, Anglesey ; 
is J. P., D.L. Lancashire (sheriff 1880), J.P. 
W. R. Yorks, lt.-col. and hon. col. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Lancaster regt. 1895-8 : 
Carlton and Wellington clubs ; Standen 
Hall. Clitheroe. 

Aspland, Arthur Brook, J.P. (1900) 

Aspland, Arthur Palmer, s. of rev 
R. B. Aspland, of Dukinfield ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1862. Sarah, dau. of E. Hibbert, of 
Godley; is J.P. Cheshire: Reform club; 
Werneth Lodge, Gee Cross, Hyde 
Cheshire ; Beaufell, Windermere. 

Asquith, rt. hon. Herbert Henry, 
p.c. (492), K.c., d.c.l. Oxon., ll.d. 
Bdin.. 2 s. of late J. D. Asquith, of 
Croft House, Morley, Yorks; b. 1852; 
m. 1, 1877, Helen, eld. dau. (d. 1891) of 
F. Melland, Manchester; 2, 1894, Mar- 
got, youngest dau. of sir Chas. Tennaut, 

1 bart. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1876, Q.C. 
1890, M.P. (L.) E. Fifeshire from 1886, 
sec. of state home dept. 1892-5, an 
ecclesiastical commr. 1892-5, chanc. of 
the Exchequer from 1905 : 20 Cavendish 
sq.. W. ; 1 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. 
Athenaeum club. 

Asser, Samuel Bayly Verney, J.P. 
Surrey : Windle.sham, Surrey. 

Assheton, Ralph, eld. s. of W.Asshe- 
ton, Downham Hall, by dau. of hon. W. 
Cockayne, and co-heir of 6 and last vise. 
Cullen ; b. 1830 ; m. 1854, Emily A., dau. 
of late J. Feilden. of Witton, M.P. ; M.A. 
Cantab., J. P., D.L. Lancashire, J.P. W. 
R. Yorks, late capt. 1 Lancashire mil.; 
M.P. (c.) Clitheroe 1868-80 : United 
University and Carlton clubs ; Downham 
Hall, Clitheroe. 

Assheton, Ralph Cockayne, eld. a. of 
Ralph Assheton, of Downham Hall, 
Lanes, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1860 ; m. 1898, 
Mildred E. S., 2 dau. of John Hy. 
Master, of Petersham, Surrey, J.P. ; is j.p. 
Lanes (and (LA.), and W. R. Yorks: 
Carlton club ; Hall Foot, Clitheroe. 

Assheton-Smith,capt. Chas. Garden, 

2 s. of capt. R. G. Duff, of Wellington 
Lodge, I. of W. and Vaynol, Anglesey, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1890); b. 1851 ; m. 1, 1876, 
hon. Maud F., dau. (d. 1893) of 2 baron 
Vivian ; 2, 1894, Mary E. Brinsley, eld. 
dau. of Algernon Brinsley Sheridan, of 


Frampton Court, Ddfchester ; assumed 
by ro\ al licence name of Assheton-Smith 
in lieu of Duff 1905, D.L., J.P. (1877) 
Anglesey, J.P. (1S05) Carnarvonshire : 
Cloister House, Pont st. S.W. ; Vaynol 
Park, nr. Bangor. 

Astbury, John Meir, K.C., M.A. B.C.L. 
Oxon., eld. s. of Freak. Jus. Astbury, of 
HiltonPark, Prestwich, Lanes, (d. 1901) ; 
b. 1860; to. 1888, Evelyn, eld. dau. of 
late Paul Susmann, of Manchester ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1884, bencher 1903, Q.c. 
1895 : 16 Grenville pi. S.W.; 5 New court, 
Carey st., Lincoln's inn, W.C. 

Astell, John Hy. St. Quintin, 2 s. 
of John Harvey Astell, of Woodbury 
Hall, co. Cambridge, M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 
1887); b. 1863; J.P. (1898) Cambridge- 
shire and Bedfordshire : Wellington 
club ; Woodbury Hall, Sandy, Beds. 

Astell, capt. Somerset Chas. Godfrey 
Fairfax, D.S.O. (1900), only s. of maj.-gen. 
Chas. Edwd. Astell, of West Lodge, 
Dorset, J.P. (d. 1901) ; b. 1866 ; to. 1903, 
Frederica Beatrice, only child of Jas. 
Frederick Roberts, H.B.M.'s consul- gen 
at Barcelona ; J.P. (1898) Dorset, served 
in S. African war 1900-02, capt. 1 battn. 
N. Staffs regt. 1895-1903, ret. p. 1903: Jun. 
Army and Navy club ; West Lodge, 
Piddlehinton, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Astell, mrs. Anne E., dau. of late 
Robt. P. Nisbet, of Southbroome House, 
Wilts, M.P., D.L., J.P. ; to. 1853, John 
Harvey Astell, of Woodbury Hall, co. 
Cambridge, M.P., D.L., j.p. (d. 1887) : 
Woodbury Hall, Sandy, Beds. 

Astle, Marcus Jas., eld. s. of Marcus 
Astle, late of Wilne, Derbyshire ; b. 
1864 ; to. 1891, Florence M., dau. of W. 
F. Wallett, of Beeston, Notts ; j.p. (1903) 
Derbyshire : Attewell House, Draycott, 
nr. Derby. 

Astley, hon. Charles Melton, 3 s. of 
20 baron Hastings ; b. 1885. 

Astley, Delaval Graham L'Estrange, 
eld. s. of capt. Fredc. Bernard Astley, 
of Burgh Hall, Norfolk (d. 1876); b. 
lx'J ; J.P. (1904) Norfolk, late It. Welsh 
regt.; late maj. N. Somerset I.Y.: Plum- 
stead Hall, Norwich. 

Astley, Edward Ferrand, M.D., s. of 
rev. J. W. Astley, rect. of Quenington, 
'ilo'Ktersuire \ b. 18; j.p. Kent: 29 
.Marine parade, Dover. 

Astley, 1h.ii. Henry Jacob, 3 s. of 18 
bwoo Hustings; b. 1867; to. 1891. Sybil, 
2 dan. of late Chan. Geo. Fountaine ; It 
Ik artill. (mil.) E. divn. r.a. in 1892 
2 It. Suffolk yeom. 1894-5: Sedgeford' 
King's Lynn, Norfolk. 

Astley, rev. Hubert Delaval, m.a. 


Ch. Ch. Oxon., 2 s. of it.-col. F 
L'Estrange Astley (d. 1866), by 5 dau. of 
sir R. Frankland-Russell, bart. ; b. 1860 ; 
to. 1895, Edith Constance, dau. of sir 
Vincent R. Corbet, 3 bart., and widow 
of sir Richard F. Sutton, 5 bart. ; rect. 
of Ellesborough, Bucks, 1896-9 : Benham 
Park, Newbury, Berks. 

Astley, Hugh Francis Lethbridge, 
2 s. of sir F. D. Astley, 2 bart ; b. 1831 ; 
to. 1853, Augusta, dau. of late J. Cock- 
burn ; is J.P.Wilts ; capt. (hon. maj. 1886) 
R. Wilts yeom. 1882-6 : Arthur's club. 

Astley, hon. Jacob John, 2 s. of 20 
baron Hastings ; b. 1884 ; heir pres. to 

Astley, hon Alexandra Rhoda, b. 
1886 ; hon. Bridget, b. 1889 ; hon. Hester, 
b. 1899 ; daus. of 20 baron Hastings. 

Astley-Corbett, sir Fras. Edmund 
Geo., 4 bart. (1821), eld. s. of sir John 
D. Astley, 3 bart (d. 1894), by only 
dau.(d.l897)and heir of late Thos. George 
Corbett, of Elsham Hall, Lincolnshire; b. 
1859 : to. 1882, lady Augusta Gertrude, 
only dau. of 3 earl of Yarborough ; b. 
1861 ; late It. Scots gds., d.l., j.p. Lin- 
colnshire ; assumed by royal licence ad- 
ditional name of Corbett, 1889 (Heir, x. 
John D. P. b. 1883): 45 Cadogan gdns. 
S.W. ; Guards' club ; Elsham Hall, 
Elsham S.O. Lincolnshire. 

Aston, col. Geo. Grey, c.B. (1902), 
R.M.A., s. of late lt.-col. Hy. Aston, Ind. 
army; b. 1861; served with expdn. to 
Soudan 1884, S. African war 1899-1900, 
maj. R.M.A. 1898, brevet col. 1905, 
d.a.a.g. staff coll. from 1904 : Staff 
College, Camberley ; Naval and Military 

Aston (hon.), Hy. Faure, eld. s. of late 
lt.-col. Hy. Aston, Bombay army ; b. 1846; 
to. 1873, Augusta C. A., dau. of col. Hy. 
Creed,Bombay Horse artill., of Bucknalls, 
Herts, by 2 wife, Cecilia A., eld. dau. of 
marq. de Bourbel ; bai r. Lincoln's Inn 
1884, entd. I.C.S. 1869, addtl. memb. 
legisl. council of govt, of Bombay 1899, i 
judge high court, Bombay, from 1903:! 

Aston, Theodore, K.C., m.a. Cantab..j 
eld. s. of T. Aston; b. 1827; m. 1865.1 
Lucy, dau. of late R. Ashton, of Broome 
Cross, Sheffield ; barr. Lincoln's Inn| 
1853, a master of the bench of Lincoln's 
Inn, Q.c. 1872 : Athenaeum club .' 
Sondes Place, Dorking, Surrey. 

Aston, Wm. Geo., C.M.G., M.A. anc 
D.Lit. Queen's Univ. Irel., s. of late G. R 
Aston, of Belfast; b. 1841; to. 1871! 
Janet, dau. of late Robt. Smith, of Bel 
fast ; Japanese sec. to H.M.'s legation ii 



Japan 1886-9 : The Bluff, Beer, E. 

Astor, Win. Waldorf, s. of John Jacob 
Astor, of New York, U.S.A. ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1878, Mary Dahlgren, dau. of Jas. W. 
Paul, of Philadelphia, U.S.A.: 18 Carlton 
House terr. S.W. ; Cliveden, Taplow, 
Buckinghamshire ; Hever Castle, Eden- 
bridge, Kent. 

House, Sidley, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. 
{Telegrams, Sidley, Bexhill, Sussex.) 

Athabasca, bp. of, vide Mackenzie 

Atherden, Thos. Henry, J.p. (1899) 
Salop and (18) Ludlow, lord of the 
manor of Peaton, Salop : 27 Broad st. 
Ludlow ; Peaton Hall, Delbury, Salop. 

Atherley, Arthur Harry Howard, only 
child of col. Francis Hv. Atherley, of 
Landguard Manor, I. of W., J.P. (d.1897), 
by Lady Isabel Julia Elizabeth, 
eld. dau. of 17 earl of Suffolk and 
Berkshire; b. 1805; m. 1902, Eleanor 
Gertrude, 2 dau of Jas. Forbes Lumsden, 
of Viewfield, Aberdeen ; D.L., J.i\ 
Hants : Bachelors'. Travellers', Brooks"s 
and Pratt's clubs ; Landguard Manor, 
nr. Shanklin, I. of W. 

Atherley, lady Isabel Julia Eliza- 
beth, eld. dau. of 17 earl of Suffolk 
and Berkshire ; 6. 1831 ; m. 1863, col. 
Fras. Hy. Atherley, v.D., of Landguard 
Manor, j.p. (d. 1897) : Landguard Manor, 
nr. Shanklin, I. of W. 

Atherley-Jones, Llewellyn Archer, 
K.c, b.a. Oxon, 3 b. of late Ernest Jones, 
chartist, poet and barr.-at-law, by Jane, 
dau. of E. Gibson Atherley, of Barfield, 
Cumberland; b. 1849; m. 1880, dau. of 
late W. Lambert, of Durham; barr. Inner 
Temple 1875, Q.C. 1896, M.P. (L.) co. 
Durham (North- Western divn.) from 
1885 : 25 Pembroke rd. Kensington, W. ; 
4 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Devon- 
shire and Savage clubs. 

Atherton, Hy. Holder, eld. s. of 
Chas. Bernard Atherton (d. 1904), by 
dau. of late John Holder, of Taynton 
Houee, Gloucestershire ; b. 1865 : Tayn- 
ton House, Taynton, Gloucester. 

Atherton, col. Thos. Jas., c.B. 
(1900), s. of late sir William Atherton, 
M.p. ; b. 1856 : m. 1892, Mabel L., dau. 
of late sir Edwd. J. Dean Paul, 3 bt. ; 
served in S. African war 1899-1902; lt.- 
col. (brevet col .1904) 12 lancers 1900-4, 
ret. p. 1904 : 82 Sloane st. S.W. ; Naval 
and Military club. 

Athill, Charles Harold, f.s.a., 4 s. of 
late Geo. Athill ; m. Katherine Mildred, 
youngest dau.of late ven.BenjaminFredk. 

Smiih, archd. of Maidstone and Canon 
of Canterbury cathedral ; apptd. h.m. 
Richmond Herald 1889, was Blue mantle 
Pursuivant of Arms 1882-9 : College of 
Arms, E.C. ; Eltham, Kent. 

Athlumney, lord (2 baron, 1863, ir.). 
sir Jas. Herbert Gustavus Meredyth 
Somerville, 6 bt. (1748), only survg. s. of 

1 baron (d. 1873) ; b. 1865 ; sits as baron 
Meredyth (1866, U.K.) ; j.p. co. Meath ; 4 
class Mediidieh, It. 1 battn. coldst. gds. 
1886-97, served with Dongola expedn. 
1896, 4 class Osniauieh ; S. African war 
1900, capt. (hon. maj. 1897) Kent R.G.A. 
(mil.) 1897-1902, a.d.c. to lord lieut. of 
Ireland (earl Cadogan) 1895-1902 (Heir 
to barony none, to baronetcy, Wm. 
Dennistoun Somerville, b. 1842) : 3 
Charles st. Berkeley sq. W. ; Guards', 
White's, Turf, and Kildare St. (Dublin) 
clubs ; Somerville, Balrath, Meath. 

Atholl, 7 duke of (1703, sco.). John 
James Hugh Henry Stewai-t-Murray, 
K.T., only s. of 6 duke, K.T. (d. 1864) ; 
b. 1840 ; m. 1863, Louisa, eld. dau. (d. 
1902) of sir Thomas Moncreiffe, 7 bt. ; 
sits as earl Strange( 1786, Gt. B.); 2nd tit. 
marq. of Tullibardine : heredi. sheriff of 
Perthshire, late It. and capt. Scots gds. ; 
hon. col. 3 battn. (mil. )Black Watch from 
1903; lord lieut. Perthshire from 1878 
(Heir, s. marq. of Tullibardine, q.v.~) : 84 
Eaton pi. S.W.; Carlton, Guards', Marl- 
borough, and Bachelors' clubs ; Blair 
Castle, Blair Atholl, and Dunkeld, Perth- 

Athorpe, rev. Geo. Middleton, m.a. 
Cantab, eld.survg.s. of J.Carver Athorpe, 
of Dinnington Hall, Yorks, D.L., j.p. (d. 
1880); 6.1835; patron of Dinnington, 
Yorks : Morthen Hall, near Rotherham ; 
Thorpe Hall, Howden. 

Athy, Edinond Joseph Philip Lynch, 
only s. of Randle Edinond Lynch Athy, 
of Renville, co. Galway (d. 1875) ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1881, Annette M., dau. of Richd. 
Gradwell, of Dowth Hall, co. Meath ; 
late capt. Galway artill., j.p. co. Galway 
(sheriff 1904) : Renville, Oranmore, co. 

Atkin -Roberts, maj. John Roberts, 

2 s. of J. Drew Atkin, of Merrion sq. 
Dublin, by dau. of sir Thos. Roberts, 
bart. of Brightfieldstown, co. Cork, 
and Glassenbury, Kent, and sis. of 
lt.-col. Thos. Walton Roberts, of Glas- 
senbury, Kent, J.P. {d. 1882) : b. 1843 ; 
m. 1875, Marianne Gertrude, dau. of 
Douglas Fox, of Derby ; assumed by 
royal licence additional surname of 
Roberts 1883, maj. late Leinster regt. 



J.p. Kent : Jun. United Service club ; 
Glassenbury Park, Cranbrook, Kent. 

Atkins, vide Burnaby-Atkins. 

Atkins, vide Martin-Atkins. 

Atkins, Hugh, s. of Geo. Atkins, of 
Hinckley, Leicestershire ; b. 1838; J.p. 
(1894) Leicestershire : Thorney Crofts, 
Hinckley, Leicestershire. 

Atkins, John. s. of Geo. Atkins, of 
Hinckley; b. i829; to. I861, dau, of 
Thos. Saml. Cotterell, of Hinckley ; J.P. 
Leicestershire : The Hall, Hinckley, 

Atkinson, vide Farmer-Atkinson. 

Atkinson, lord (baron 1905, life peer), 
John Atkinson, P.O. (Eng. andirel.), Irish 
barr. 1865, Q.c. 1880 ; bencher of King's 
bin 1885 ; 8.G. for Ireland, 1889-92, a.g. 
in 1892 and 1895-1905, M.P. (0.) N. Lon- 
donderry 1895-1905, a lord of appeal in 
ordinary from 1905: 68 Fitzwilliam sq. 
north, Dublin ; St Stephen's club. 

Atkinson, Chas. Edwd., j.p. (1905) 
Kent : Algoa Lodge, Beckenham. 

Atkinson, Chas. Milner, m.a., ll.m. 
Cantab, eld. s. of Jas. Geo. Atkinson, 
M.D., of The Grange, Rotherham, Yorks ; 
b. 1854; barr. Inner Temple 1878, j.p. 
(1902) W. R. Yorks, stipndy. magist. 
for Leeds from 1894 : Austhorpe Lodge, 
nr. Leeds. 

Atkinson,rev.Edwd.,D.D. Cantab.,fell. 
of Clare coll. 1842-56, s. of Edwd. Atkin- 
son, of Leeds ; b. 1819 ; m. 1856, Frances, 
dau. of rev. R. C. Smith, of Old Charlton, 
Kent : master of Clare coll. Camb. from 
156 : Master's Lodge, Clare College, 

Atkinson, Edwd. Tindal, k.c., 4 s. of 
Hy. Tindal Atkinson, 8.L., county court 
judge 1870-88 (d. 1890) ; b. 1847 ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1870, bencher 1892, Q.c. 
1886 ; 8.0. of co. palatine of Durham 1887- 
1901 and a.g. from 1901, rec. of Leeds 
from 1896: 2 Tanfield court, Temple, 
E.C. ; Gordon House, Sunningdale, 

Atkinson, Frank Buddie, J.P. (1892) 
Northumberland : Gallowhill Hall, 
Bdlam, Northumb. 

Atkinson, fbia honor, Judge) Hy.Tin- 
dal, eld. s. of Hy. Tindal Atkinson, B.L.. 
county court judge 1870-88 (d. 1890) 1 b. 
IX ; m. I*::*, Marion A., eld. dau. of E. 
B. Hale I of Holly Hill, Wanstead, 
harr. Middle Temple 1865,bencher 
judge of county courts 
(circuit No. 88) Essex fiom 1901: 3 
Cliiiincarde gdns. W. : 8 Dr. Johnson's 
bldgl Temple, K.C. | Reform club. 

Atkinson, James, g. of John Atkinson 
of Hyde; b. 1888 ; in. 1869, Lucy M.,' 

dau. of John Hill, of Wistaston Manor, 
Cheshire ; is J.P. Cheshire (and c.c.) and 
Crewe ; chmn. of finance committee of 
Cheshire C.C. &c. : Jun. Conservative 
club ; Mirion House, Crewe. 

Atkinson, rev. canon James Augustus, 
m.a. Oxon., s. of Jas. Atkinson, Bengal 
M^d. Service ; b. 1831 ; to. 1855, hon. 
Charlotte A., dau. of 6 vise. Chetwynd ; 
b. 1831; hon. canon of Manchester from 
1884, K.D.and rector of Longsight, Man- 
chester, 1861-87, vicar (and r.d.) of 
Bolton - le - Moors 1887-96, of Gedney, 
Lines. 1896-1900, from 1900 of St. 
Michael's, Coventry. 

Atkinson, maj.-gen. John Richd. 
Breeks, served in Afghan war 1878-80, 
maj.-gen. 1894 Bengal inf., ret. 1895. 

Atkinson, col. Stephen Edward ; b. 
1841 ; col. ret. (1891) M.S.C., J.P. 
Gloucestershire : 57 Gordon mansions, 
Gordon sq. W.C. 

Atkinson, Thos. J.p. (1894) parts of 
Holland, Lines. : Cedar Lodge, Postland, 
Crowlsnd, Peterborough. 

Atkinson, maj. Thos. Hy. Hollis 
Bradford-, eld. s. of lt.-col. Ralph (Brad- 
ford) Atkinson, of Angerton, Northumb. 
J.P. (d. 1888) j b. 1860 ; J.P. Northum- 
berland, maj. 1 battn. gren. gds. 1897-9 : 
Guards' and Turf clubs. 

Atkinson, Thos. Richd. Durbin, 
s. of Edwd. Atkinson, M.D., J. P., of Glen- 
william Castle, co. Limerick (d. 1876); 
b. 1863 ; to. 1884, Sophie M., dau. of capt. 
Wilkinson, 30 regt., of St. Oswald's, co. 
Limerick ; d.l. j.p. co. Limerick (sheriff 
1888): Kildare Street club, Dublin; 
Glen william Castle, Ballingany, co. 
Limerick ; Skea House, Enniskillen. 

Atkinson, Wm. , eld. s. of Wm. Atkin- 
son, of Gaisgill, Westmoreland ; b. 1855 ; 
J.P. (1901) Westmoreland : Gaisgill, 
Tebay S.O. Westmoreland. 

Atkinson, Wm. Johnson, j.p. (1901) 
E.R. Yorks : Poplar House, Newland, 

Atkinson- Clark, Geo. Dixon, b.a. 
Oxon, eld. s. of rev. Wm. Atkinson- 
Clark, of Belf ord Hall (d. 1880) ; b. 1836; 
to. 1874, Mary C, youngest dau. of hon. 
Hy. Coventry ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1860, 
J.P.. D.L. Northumberland (sheriff 1883): 
Carlton and Marlborough clubs ; Belf ord 
Hall, Northumberland ; Port-an-Eilean 
and Bohally, Pitlochry, N.B. 

Atkinson-Clark, Hy. Geo., 2 s of 
Geo. Dixon Atkinson-Clark, of Belford 
Hall, Northumberland, D.L., J.p. ; l>. 
1877 ; to. 1904, Rachel Cicely, 4 dau. of 
sir Thomas Charlton Meyrick, 1 bart., 
CB. ; j.p. (1905) Northumberland: Yet- 


lington House, Whittingham S.O. 

Atkinson-Jowett, John Hodgson, 
younger s. of late Jas. Atkinson-Jowett, 
of Grove House, Yorks. ; b. 1843 ; m. 

1867, Euphemia, dau. of John Gordon, 
Kirkcudbright ; patron of the living and 
lord of the manor of Bolton : Grove 
House, Bolton, Bradford, Yorks. 

Atkinson-Willes, vice-adml. sir Geo. 
Lambart, k.c.b. (1905), 2 survg. s.of late 
rev. Thos. Atkinson, rect. of Kirby 
Sigston, Yorks, by Henrietta Jane, dau. 
of late capt. Geo. Wicken Willes, R.N. ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1883, Alice, 2 dau. of Thos. 
Mort, of Greensakes, Darling Point, 
Sydney, N.S.W. ; entd. r.x. 1861, served 
in naval brig, during Abyssinian war 

1868, commd. naval force against the 
Dervishes ; naval commdr.-in-chief on 
Somaliland coast 1903-4, a.d.C. to Queen 
Victoria 1899-1901, and to the King in 
1901, commdr.-in-chief on East Indies 
station 1903-5, vice-adml. 1905, as- 
sumed addtl. name of Willes 1901 : 
United Service club ; The Stroud, Hasle- 
mere S.O. Surrey. 

Attenborougrh, Henry Arthur, 2 and 
only survg. s. of late Geo. Attenborough, 
of 1 9:; Fleet st.City, E.C. (d. 1892) ; b. 1848; 
m. 1875, Maude, dau. of Robert Borras, of 
Old Change, E.C. ; patron of the living 
and lord of the manor of Catesby. and 
lord of manor of Helidon, J.P. (1895) 
Northants : 1 Bolton st. Piccadilly, W. ; 
Catesby House, Catesby, nr. Daventry. 

Attenborougrh, Walter Annis, M.A., 
LL.M. Cantab., 2 s. of late Robt. Atten- 
borough, London; b. 1850: m. 1877, 
Eliza Scarlett, eld. dau. of late Edwd. 
Jas. Cutler, London ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1874, J.P. (1904) Beds : 2 Pump 
court, Temple. E.C. ; St. Stephen's club; 
Bolbrook, Bedford. 

Atterbury, mrs. lady of the manor 
of AYest Haddon : Manor House, West 
Haddon, Rugby. 

Attfield, prof. John, Ph.D., f.r.f., s. 
of late John Attfield. near Barnet,Herts ; 
6.1835; m. 1865, Martha, dau. of late 
Samuel Harvey ; prof, of practical 
chemistry in school of the Phar- 
maceutical Soc. of Gt. Brit. 1862-96, 
editor of " Pharmacopaeia" 1898, and its 
Indian and Colonial Addendum 1900, for 
the Gen. Med. Council, author " Chemis- 
try" 18 editions : Watford, Herts. 

Attwood, Llewellyn Carless Foulkes, 
only s. of Algernon Attwood and grands, 
of Thos. Attwood, of Birmingham ; b. 
1854 ; m. 1879, Rachel Edith, dau. of A. 
A, Corsellis, of Wandsworth, Surrey; 


J.P. Monmouthshire : Ty Derlwyn, 
Pandy, nr. Abergavenny ; Rackery Hall, 
Gresford, Denbighshire. 

Attwood, Thos. Arthur Carless, m.a. 
Oxon., only child of late T. Aurelius Att- 
wood, of Lincoln's Inn,and grands, of late 
Thos. Attwood, m.p. ; b. 18 ; m. 1892, 
hon. Hilda Evelyn (marriage annulled 
1902), only survg. dau. of 6 vise. Harber- 
ton, b. 1866 : 7 Hyde Park mansions, 
N.W. ; Carlsruhe House, Malvern Wells, 

Aubertin, lt.-col. Peter, s.of rev. Peter 
Aubertin.of Chipstead ; m. l,Ema Louisa, 
dau. of gen. sir T. B.Spurgin. tf.G.B-C.S.I.; 
2, Sybil M. M. only dau. of E. Huntly 
Hooper, of Langtons, Hants, j.p., by dau. 
of 4 earl of Castlestuart ; ret. p. 2 drag, 
gds. 1885, J.P. Hants : Cavalry club ; The 
Weir House, Alresford, Hants. 

Aubrey-Fletcher, rt. hon. sir Henry, 
4 bart. (1782), P.O. (1901). O.B. (1900), 
v.d., eld. s. of 3 bart. (J. 1851) ; b. 1835 ; 
m. 1859, Agnes, dau. of late col. sir J. 
Morillyon .Wilson, c.u., k.h. ; j.p. 
Surrey and Bucks, d.l., J.P. Sussex, 
formerly It. 1 gren. gds., col. commdg. 
Sussex and Kent vol. inf. brig. 1897- 
1904 (ret.) ; a groom - in - waiting 
to Queen Victoria 1885-ti ; m.i\ (c.) 
Horsham 1880-5, Mid-Sussex from 1885, 
assumed by royal licence addtl. name 
of Aubrey 1903 (//<<>, !>;<>. Lancelot 
Fletcher, b. 1846) : 1 Upper Belgrave st. 
S.W. ; Carlton and Constitutional clubs; 
Dorton House, Thame; Ham Manoi, 
Angmering, Sussex ; Llantrithyd, Gla- 

Auchinleck, DanielGeo. Harold, only 
s. of Thos. Auchinleck, of Crevenagh, 
co. Tyrone, D.L., j.p. (</. 1893) ; b. 1877 ; 
It. I battn. R. Inniskilling Fus. from 
1898 : Crevenagh, Omagh, co. Tyrone. 

Auckland, lord (5 baron, 1793, Gt. B.). 
capt.Wm. Morton Eden, eld. s. of 4 baron 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1891, Sybil C, eld. 
dau. of col. G. M. Hutton, of Gate Bur- 
ton, Lines., D.L., j.p. ; j.p. W.R. Yorks, 
capt. 2 battn. Dorset regt. 1889-91 ; capt. 
3 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 1891-2 
(Heir, s. hon. Wm. Alfred M. Eden, q.v.) : 
Carlton and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Gravenhurst, Bolney, Sussex. 

Auckland, 3 bp. of (1869) rt. rev. 
Moore Richd. Neligan, d.d. Trin. coll. 
Dub., 4 s. of rev. canon Maurice Neligan, 
D.d., formerly incumbent of Christ Ch., 
Leeson Park, Dublin ; b. 1863 ; m. 1894, 
Mary, dau. of late Edmund Macrory, K.C., 
of 19 Pembridge sq. W. ; vicar of St. 
Stephen, Westbourne Park,W. 1894-1902, 
bp.of Auckland, N. Zealand, from 1903: 




Bishop's Court, St. Stephen's rd. Parnell, 
Auckland, N. Zealand ; Royal Societies' 
and Northern (Auckland) clubs. 

Auckland, archd. of (Durham), vide 
ven. 11. Long. , 

Auckland (rt. hon.), Edith, lady, vide 
Philip Symons. 

Auld, maj.-gen. Robt.,c.B. (1902), eld. 
s. of late T. R. Auld, of Portland pl.W. ; 
b. 1848 ; m. 1879, Margaret Sabina, dau. 
of late T. Cormac, of Ballybeagh, co. 
Kilkenny, and widow of M. Sullivan, 
m.p. ; dir. of supplies and clothing at 
headquarters 1904-5, comrndg. Inf. brig. 
Gibraltar from 1905 : Line Wall House, 
Gibraltar ; United Service club. 
Austen, vide Godwin-Austen. 
Austen, vide Roberts- Austen. 
Austen, mrs. Georgiana F., eld.dau. of 
C. Pearse ; m. 1868, as his 2 wife, John 
Fras. Austen, of Capel Manor, Rent, j.p. 
(d. 1893) : Capel Manor, Horsmonden 
S.O. Kent 

Austen-Leigh, Edwd. Compton, j.p. 
(1901) Bucks: Eton College,Eton, Bucks. 
Austin, vide Hicks-Austin. 
Austin, Alfred, B.A. Lond., Litt.D. 
Leeds univ., 2 s. of Joseph Austin, of 
Headingley, Leeds, J.P. ; b. 1835 ; barr 
Inner Temple 1857, D.L. Herefordshire, 
Poet Laureate from 1896 : Carlton club ; 
Swinford Old Manor, Ashford, Kent. 

Austin, Charles, only survg. s. of C. 
Austin, of Brandeston, J.p. (d. 1874) 
b. 1858 ; J.P. Suffolk : Brandeston Hall, 
"Wickham Market. 

Austin, maj. Herbert Hy., R.E., 
0M.Q. (1901), D.S.O. (1899), 2 s. of col. 
E. Austin, late Ind. army ; b. 1868 ; 
served with Waziristan expdn. 1894-5, 
operations in Uganda 1897-8, maj. r.e! 
1905 : Staff College, Camberley. 

Austin ( his honor, Judge) Jas. Valen- 
tine, b.a. Oxon, eld. s. of late rev. John 
Valentine Austin ; b. 1850 ; in. 1877, 
Anna C. only dau. of late rev. Petei 
Lorimer, D.D., princ. of Presbyterian coll. 
London: barr. Inner Temple 1876, j.p. 
I L894) Somerset and Bristol, judge of 
county courts (circuit No. 54) Bristol 
bom L892 : J Paper bldga. Temple, E.C.; 
6 Worcester villas, Clifton, Bristol. 
Austin,sir Juhn,l bart.(1894),younger 
late J. Austin, of Kippax, Yorks ; 
hi 1824 n. I B66, Agnes, dau. of Samuel 
8. Byron, of West Ayton, Yorks, j p. is 
j.p. W. EL Yorks, M.p. (l.) E. divn. 
\V. It. Yorks (Osgoldcross divn.) from 
{fltir, s. Win. M. B., q.v.y. 15 
Crescent, Scarborough ; Red Hill House, 
Caatleford, Yorks j Fryston Hall, Ferry- 
- orki 

Austin. John Standish Thos. Joseph, 
2 s. of sir John Austin, 1 bart., m.p., j.p. ; 
b. 1875: J.P. (1901) W. R. Yorks: 
15 The Crescent, Scarborough. 

Austin, Samuel Peter, s. of Samuel 
P. Austin, of Sunderland ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1868, Marian Yorke, dau. of prof. 
Spoon er, of London ; D.L., J.p. co. Dur- 
ham (sheriff 1898), J.p. W. R. Yorks 
and Liberty of Ripon : Carlton and Con- 
stitutional clubs ; Hollin Hall, Ripon. 

Austin, Selwyn Percy, b.a. Cantab., 
s. of Samuel Peter Austin, of Cocken 
Hall, co. Durham, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1871 ; m. 
1899, Maud, dau. of sir Wm. Grantham, 
knt. a justice of high court of justice ; 
j.p. (1900) co. Durham: Jun. Carlton 
club ; Wilton House, Darlington. 

Austin, Stanley, b.a., s. of Jas. 
Austin, of Glastonbury Abbey, Somerset 
(d. 1896) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1889, Ida Octavia, 
dau. of late maj. Thos. Manders, of 
Marlborough ; admitted a solicitor 1886 : 
The Abbey, Glastonbury, Somerset. 

Austin, Wm. Michael Byron, eld. s. 
of sir John Austin, 1 bart. ; b. 1871 ; m. 
1896, Violet I., 2 dau. of Alex. Fraser, of 
Westerfield House, Suffolk ; is j.p. (1894) 
W. R. Yorks : Barkston Towers, Tad- 
caster, Yorks. 

Ava, earl of (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of marq.of 
Dufferin and Ava). 

Avebury, lord(l baron 1900, U.K.), sir 
John Lubbock, p.c. (1890), D.C.L., ll.d., 
p.R.s., 4 bart. (1806), eld. s. of 3 bart. 
(d. 1865); b. 1834 ; m. 1, dau. (d. 1879) of 
Lanes ; 2, 1884, Alice A. L., dau. of late 
It. -gen. A. H. Lane Fox-Pitt-Rivers, by 
dau.of 2 baron Stanley of Alderley ; head 
of Robarts, Lubbock and Co. bankers, 
pres. Eng. Bankers' Assn., memb. senate 
Lond. univ.1865-90, vice-chancellor 1873- 
80, one of H.M.'s Lieuts. for the City of 
London, D.L., J.P. Kent, v. P. Linnean 
Soc. and of Roy. Soc, pres. of Statistical 
Soc. 1904-5, pres. of Soc. Ant. from 
1904, trustee of British museum, chmn. 
London chamb. of commerce, chmn. L.C.C. 
1890-2, chmn. Assoc, chambers of com- 
merce, chmn. of the English bankers, 
M.P. (L.) Maidstone 1870-80, Lond. univ. 
1880-6 and (l.u.) 1886-1900,German order 
pour le Merite, commdr. Legion of j 
Honour, raised to the peerage 1900 {Heir, ' 
s. hon. John B. Lubbock, q.v.) : 6 St. ; 
James's sq. S.W. ; 15 Lombard st. E.C. ; 
Athenaeum and City Liberal clubs ; High 
Elms, Down, Faruborough, Kent ; 
Kingsgate Castle, Kingsgate, Kent. 
Avery, sir Wm. Beilby, 1 bart. (1905), 


s. of Wm. Hy. Avery, of Birmingham 
(d. 1874) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1, 1889, Anna 
Louisa, 4 dau. (d. 1902) of Fras. Bell, 
London ; 2, 1902, Suzanne Mathilde Irma, 
dau. of Fi.*rre Crets, of Paris (Heir, s. 
Wm. Eric T., b. 1890) : Oakley Court, 

Avis, John, M.V.O. 5 class (1905), 
chief of the continental dept. South 
Eastern & Chatham railway. 

Avonmore,6visc.(1800, ir.). William 
Algernon Yelverton, s. of 4 and bro. of 
5 vise. (d. 1885); ' b. 1866; to. 1890, 
Mabel Sara, 2 dau. of Ceo. Evans, of 
Gortmerron, co. Tyrone, late of Toronto, 
Canada ; capt. Dublin City r.g.a. (mil.) 
1900-3 (Heir, cousin, W. H. M. Yelverton, 
#.t>.) : Belle Isle, Roscrea, Tipperary ; 
Hazle Rock, Mayo. 

Avonmore, Emily M.viscountess,dau. ' 
of late maj.-gen. sir Chas. Ash worth, ! 
k.c.b. ; to. 1, prof. Edwd. Forbes, f.r.s., 
p.g.b. ; 2,1858,4 visc.Avonmore (J.1883): 
Villa Cobert, Biarritz. 

Avory, Horace Edmund K.c, ll.b., 
Cantab., 2 s. of Hy. Avory ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1877, Maria L., only eurvg. dau. of late 
Hy. Castle, of Wandsworth, S.W. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1875, K.c. 1901, rec. of 
Kingston-upon-Thames from 1902 : 29 
Gloucester sq. W. ; 4 Crown office row, 
Temple, E.C. 

Awdry, bp. vide South Tokyo. 

Awdry, Chas., 5 s. of sir John Wither 
Awdry, of Notton House/Wilts (d. 1878); 
b. 1S47" : m. 1876, Margaret H., dau. of late 
bp.( Moberly)of Salisbury ;D.L., J.P.Wilts, 
(sheriff 1901): 2 Hyde Park st. W. ; 
United University club ; Shaw Hill, nr. 

Awdry, Chas. Selwyn,eld. s. of Chas. 
Awdry, of Shaw Hill, and Notton,Wilts, 
D.L., j.p. ; b. 1877; to. 1903, Constance 
Lilias, 2 dau. of J. Edwin Bateson, of 
Heston Hall, Middlx ; served in S. 
African war 1900-1, hon. It. in the army 
1901. capt. R. Wilts I.Y. from 1903; 
J.p.(1905)Wilts : Kneb worth, Stevenage, 

Awdry, sir Richard Davis, k.c.b. 
(1902), s. of late rev. Chas. R.E. Awdry, 
rect. of Draycot, Wilts.; b. 1843; to. 1, 
Annie M., dau. {d. 1900) of ; 2, 1901, 
Katharine L. James, of Brithdir Hall, 
Berriew ; j.p. Middlesex, asst. sec. to the 
Admiraltv 1885-!t6, acct. gen. of navy 
1896-1901: 63 Victoria rd. Kensing- 
ton, W. 

Aylesford, 8 earl of (1714, Eng.), 
Charles Wigbtwick Finch, 2 s. of 6 earl 
and bro. of 7 earl (d. 1885) ; 6. 1851 ; 
m. 1, dau. of 3 baron Bagot ; 2, 1879; 


I Ella V., younger dau. of late J. Ross and 
widow of capt. J. H. Linton, of Heming- 
j ford Abbots, Hunts ; 2nd tit. baron 
Guernsey ; j.p. Kent, d.l., j.p. Warwick- 
shire, maj. 3 and 4 battns. (mil.) S. 
Staffordshire regt. 1881-5, hon. col. of 
j the 3 battn. 1899-1905, of the 4 battn. 
from 1899, capt. (hon. maj. 1892), 
j Warwickshire yeo. 1886-96 (Heir, s. lord 
Guernsey,*^.): Carlton and Marlborough 
[ clubs ; Packington Hall, Coventry. 

Aylesford, dow. countess of, Jane, 
only child and heir of late J. Wightwick 
Knightley, of Offchurch Bury, co. War- 
wick ; to. 1846, 6 earl of Aylesford (d. 
1871) : Offchurch Bury, Leamington Spa. 

Aylmer, lord (8 baron, 1718, ir.), 
Matthew Aylmer, eld. s. of 7 baron (d. 
1901) ; b. 1842 ; to. 1875, Amy, 2 dau. of 
(hon.) J. Young, of Montreal ; late It. 
7 foot, col. and gen. Canadian mil., 
commdg. 1904 {Heir, s. hon. John F. W., 
q.v.) : Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. 

Aylmer, sir Arthur Percy FitzGerald, 
13 bart. (1621), grands, of 12 bart. {d. 
1885) ; b. 1858 ; to. 1, 1878, Anne, dau. 
(d. 1884) of J. Sanger; 2, 1885, Anne, 
dau. (marriage dissolved 1886) of J. 
Douglas Reid, of N. York and divorced 
wife of Geo. Stelle, of Chicaero (If fir, 
bro. col. Fenton J. Aylmer, q.v.~) : Dona- 
dea Lodge, Westend, Southampton. 

Aylmer, hon. Basil Adolphus,3 s.of 8 
baron Aylmer; b. 1886. 

Aylmer. col. Edmund Kendal Grim- 
ston, c.B. (1902), 4 s. of John Harrison 
Aylmer, of Walwortb Ca5tle,co.Durhatn, 
d.l., j.p. (d. 1868) ; b. 1859 ; served in 
Egyptian war 1882, Soudan expdn. 1884, 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, S.African war 1899- 
1902, lt.-col. 19 huss. 1901-5, brevet col. 
1904, h.p. 1905 : Naval and Military 

Aylmer, col. Fenton John, v.c, R.E., 
bro. and heir pres. to sir Arthur Percy 
Fitzgerald Aylmer, 13 bt. ; b. 1862 ; served 
in Burma 1886-7, Hazara field force 1891, 
Hunza-Nagar expdn. 1891-2, Isazai field 
force 1892, Chitral relief force 1895, col. 
on staff in India from 1904, col. 1901 : 
Naval and Military club. 

Aylmer, hon. Fredk. Whitworth, s. of 
7 baron Aylmer ; b. 1850; capt. Canadian 
mil. : Quebec. 

Aylmer, Geo. W., s. of J. B. Aylmer, 
of Fincham Hall, Norfolk; b. 1854; m. 
1885, dau. of C. B. Mason, of Beecham- 
well : The Hall, Fincham, Downham, 

Aylmer, Gerald Percy Vivian, eld 
survg. s. of J. H. Aylmer, of Walworth 
Castle, co. Durham, d.l., j.p. (d. 1868), by 


dau. of vice-adm. sir Josiah Coghill, 3 
bart. ; b. 1856 ; D.L., J.P. co. Durham 
(sheriff 1887), served in S. African war 
1899-1900, formerly It. Pembroke I.Y. : 
Bachelors' club. . 

Aylzner, Hans Hendrick, b.a. Trin. 
Coll. Dub., 2 s. of M. Aylmer, of Cour- 
town, co. Kildare (d. 1885), by dau. of 
Hans Hendrick, of Kerdiffstown ; 6. 
1856 ; m. 1886, Florence, dau. of late 
Alex. Edwards, of Ballyhire, co. Wex- 
ford ; Irish barr. 1880, assumed addtl. 
name of Hendrick 1889, J.P. co. Kildare 
(sheriff 1894) : Kerdiffstown, nr. Naas, 
co. Kildare. 

Aylmer, hon. Henry, s. of 7 baron 
Aylmer ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Louisa B. F., 
dau. of Hy. A.Howe, ll.d., Sise Carroll, 
Montreal; late It. R.M.A., lt-col. Cana- 
dian mil. : Felixstowe, Richmond, Que- 
bec, Canada. 

Aylmer, maj. John Algernon, eld. s. 
of M. Aylmer, of Courtown, co. Kildare 
(d. 1885) ; b. 1853 ; m. 1886, Blanche, 3 
dau.(U 1895)of Jn.EveleighWyndham, 
of Clearwell Court, Glo'stershire, and 
widow of capt. Geo. Montgomery,R.H.A. ; 
P.L., J.P. co. Kildare (sheriff 1896), served 
in Egypt 1882, maj. 4 drag. gds. 1891-4, 
ret. 1894: Naval and Military and 
Cavalry, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Courtown, Kilcock, co. Kildare. 

Aylmer, hon. John Fredk. Whit- 
worth, eld. s. of 8 baron Aylmer; b. 

Aylmer, hon. Kenneth Athalmar, 2 
s. of 8 Baron Aylmer ; b. 1883. 

Aylmer, lady. Alice Hester Caro- 
line (of Donadea Castle, co. Kildare), dau. 
of Conway R. Dobbs, of Castle Dobbs, co. 
Antrim ; m. 1853, sir Gerald G. Aylmer, 
10 bart. (d. 1883) : Reduit, Monkstown, 
co. Dublin. 

Aylmer, hon. Amelia Winifred, b. 
1876 ; hon. Florence Gwendolen, b. 1891 ; 
daus. of 8 baron Aylmer. 

Aylmer, miss Caroline M., only survg. 
child of sir Gerald G. Aylmer, 10 bart. Id. 
1888) : Donadea Castle, Kilcock, co. 
K ildare ; Sesame club, 29 Dover st. W. 

Aylmer, hon. mrs. Isabella, dau. of 7 
baroo Aylmer ; b. 1846 ; m. 1872, cousin, 
Henry Lovell Aylmer (d. 1882) (s. of 
maj.-gen. Hv. Aylmer, r.a.) ; b. 1848: 
Melbourne, Quebec, Canada. 

Aylward, vide, Toler-Aylward. 

Aynsley, ride Murniy-Aynsley. 

AyiiBley, John, J.P. (1900) Staffs: 
1*1 Nth Bridge, Stoke- 
on Trent. 

Aynsley, Wm., j.p, (]\ml) co. Dur- 


ham : Consett Park, Consett S.O co. 

Ayre, Algernon Sydney, s. of Wm. 
Ayre. of Hull; b. 1839 ; m. 1867, Rachel 
Maria, dau. of Ed. Early, of Witney, 
Oxon. ; J.P. (1900) E. R. Yorks : 
National Liberal club ; The Cottage 
Tower hill, Hessle, Hull. 

Ayrton, prof .Wm. Edwd., F.R.S., only 
s. of Edwd. N. Ayrton, M.A. ; 6. 1847 ; 
m. 1871, Matilda, M.D. dau. of John 
Chaplin, of Birmingham ; 2, 1885, Hertha 
Marks, M.inst.E.E.,pres. Inst. Electrical 
Engineers, 1892, of Physical Soc. 1890, 
1891, of section A. Brit. Assoc. 1898, dean 
and prof, electrical engineering, City and 
Guilds of London Central Technical Col- 
lege, S. Kensington : 41 Norfolk sq. W. ; 
High Mead, Little Baddow, Essex. 

Ayscougrli, vide Perry- Ayscough. 

Ayscough, rev. preb. Thos. Ayscough, 
M.A. Cantab, s. of Ayscough Smith, of 
Leesthorpe; b. 1830; m. 1858, Ethel 
Anna, dau. of J. P. Fearon, of Cuck field ; 
is j.p. Worcestershire, vicar of Tenbury, 
Worcs. 1860-92, preb. of Hereford from 
1886, rect. from 1892, of Cradley, Here- 

Babbag-e, maj.-gen. Henry Prevost, 
s. of late Charles Babbage, F.R.S., Lu- 
casian professor at Cambridge ; b. 1824 ; 
m. Mary, dau. of col. Bradshawe : in Sut- 
lej campaign 1845-6, against hill tribes in 
Assam 1848, and in Peshawur Valley 
during Indian mutiny, in civil employ in 
Punjab 1857-74 ret. 1874, f. p. as lt.-col. 
B.S.C. : Mayfield, Lansdown rd. Chel- 

Babington, Francis Evans, s. of 
Matthew Babington, of Rothley, Leices- 
tershire, J.P. ; b. 1830 ; J.P. Suffolk : 
South Lodge, Halesworth, Suffolk. 

Babington, maj-gen. (local) Jas. 
Melville, served with Bechuanaland 
expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 1899-1901, 
commdt. (with local rank of maj.-gen.) 
defence force, N. Zealand, from 1901. 

Babington, Thos. Hy., 2 s. of late 
Matthew Babington, of Rothley, Leices- 
tershire J.P. ; b. 1833; m. 1859, Clara, 
dau. of John K. Gilliat, of Fernhill. 
Berks; J.P. (1902) Cheshire: Oxford 
and Cambridge club ; Glenmoriston, 
Eastham, nr. Birkenhead. 

Babington, lt.-col. William, s. of capt. 
W. Babington, late 6 Madras cav. ; b. 
1826 ; m. 1853, Augusta M., eld. dau. of J. 
M. Melville, of Hanley, Midlothian, lt.-col. 
late 7 huss. ; J.p. (1891) Hants: Brook- 
lands, Swanwick, Southampton. - 

Bab tie, lt.-col. Wm., v.c, c.m.g. 



(1899); b. 1859; m, 1903, Edith M., 
dau. of late Wm. Barry, J. P. of Bally- 
adam, co. Cork : served in Crete 1897-8, 
as sen. med. off. and on staff Natal field 
force 1899-1900, lt.-col. R.A.M.C. from 
1900, asst. dir.-gen. Army Med. Service 
from 1901. knt. of grace, order of St. 
John of Jerusalem : 21 Carlisle man- 
sionp, S.W. ; Jun. United Service club ; 
Mi diet on House, Midleton, co. Cork. 

Back, Alfred, m.a. Oxon. s. of Alfred 
Back, of Valley House, Stratford St. 
Mary, Suffolk ; 6. 1857 ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1882, j. P. (1895) Sussex : Reform 
club ; Bucksteep Manor, Dallington S.O. 

Back, William Hy., s. of H. Back, of 
Hethersett Hall, Norfolk, j.p. (d. 1878) ; 
b. 1853; to. 1885,Marion E., youngest dau. 
of late John Hy. Browne, of Hethersett ; 
lord of the manor of Hethersett : Hum 
House. Hethersett, Norwich. 

Backhouse, Chas. Hubert, 2 s. of 
Edmund Backhouse, of Trebah, Cornwall, 
j.p. ; b. 1856; m. 1880, Maude 0. dau. of 
H. Ritchie, of Ceylon; j.p. (1898) co. 
Durham : Faverdale, Darlington. 

Backhouse, Chas. Jas., s. of Wm. 
Backhouse, of St. John's, co. Durham 
(d. 1869) ; b. 1848; to. 1871, Lucy, eld. 
dau. of late maj. Vincent, Hems worth, 
co. York ; J.P. co. Durham : St. John's, 
Wolsingham S.O. co. Durham. 

Backhouse, Edmd., s. of J. Backhouse, 
Darlington (d. 1842) ; b. 1824 ; to. 1848, 
Juliet, only dau. of Chas. Fox, Falmouth ; 
J.P. co. Durham and N.R. Yorks. a 
banker at Darlington, M.P. (L.) Dar- 
lington 1868-8 0: Trebah, nr. Falmouth. 

Backhouse, sir Jonathan Edmund, 1 
bart. (1901), eld. s. of Edmund Backhouse, 
of Trebah, Cornwall and Darlington, J.P. 
b. 1849; 777,. 1871, Florence, dau. (d. 
1902) of sir John Salusbury Trelawny, 
9 bart. ; D.L., J.P. N.R. Yorks., and co. 
Durham (Heir, s. Edmund Trelawny, 6. 
1873): Oxford and Cambridge club; 
Uplands, Darlington, 

Backhouse, col. Julius Batt, c.B. 
(1902 ), s. of late lt.-col. J. B. Backhouse, 
c.B. ; b. 1854; TO.1878, G-eorgina E., 
dau. of R. W. Odium, of Trim, co. 
Meath ; served in Zulu war 1879, S. 
African war from 1899-1902, lt.-col. 
(brevet col. 1904) E. Kent regt. 1900-4, 
ret. p. 1901. 

Bacon, Edward, eld. s.of gen. Anthony 
Bacon, K.T.R.(d.l864),by Charlotte Mary, 
dau. of 5 earl of Oxford (ext.) ; 6. 1842 ; to. 
1865,Alice, dau.of W. J. Lawrence, J.P. of 
Adelaide, S.Australia : D.L.,J.P.Hereford- 
6hire late 18th hussars ; capt. 1 Hereford- 

shire R.V. 1880-5 : 6 Westbourne cres 
Hyde Park. W. ; Jun. Carlton club. 

Bacon (his honor, Judge), Francis 
Henry, M.A.Oxon, 3 s. of rt.hon. sir James 
Bacon, P.C., chief judge in bankruptcy 
1869-86 and vice-chanc. 1870-86 (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1832 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1856, judge 
of county courts (circuits No. 39 and 42) 
from 1878 : 1 Kensington gdns. terr. 
W. ; Athenasum, United University, 
Garrick and Wellington clubs ; Comp- 
ton house, Compton Beauchamp, Shri- 
venham, Berks. 

Bacon, Henry, 2 s. of rev. Fras. 
Bacon, of Much Hadham Hall, Herts 
(d. 1832); b. 1865; j.p. (1898) Herts: 
Windham club ; Much Hadham Hall, 
nr. Ware, Herts. 

Bacon, sir Hickman Beckett, 11 and 12 
bart. (1611 and 1627), f.R.a., eld. s. of 10 
and 11 bart. (d. 1872) ; b. 1855 ; premier 
bart. of England, late gren. gds. ; j.p., 
d.l. Lincolnshire (sheriff 1887) (JTetr, 
bro. Nicholas H., q.v.) -. Queen Anne's 
mansions, S.W. ; Thonock Hall, Gains- 

Bacon, John Hy. Fredk., a.r.a. 
(1903), 2 s. of John Cardinal Bacon, of 
Essex; b. 185; m. 1894: 33 St. John's 
wood rd. N.W. ; Arts club. 

Bacon, Kenrick Verulam, only s. of 
Kenrick Bacon, of Roehampton and 
Hale, Surrey; b. 1838; to. 1862, Jessie, 
dau. of Thos. Wing, of Gray's Inn, and 
Hampstead, Middlx. ; is J.P. (1896) 
Surrey, late capt. 29 regt., served _ in 
suppression of the Indian mutiny 
1857-8 : Jun. United Service club 
The Lodge, Hale, Farnham ; Cuffnells, 
Eastbourne, Sussex. 

Bacon, Nicholas Henry, 2 s. of sir 
Henry Hickman Bacon, 10 and 11 bart. 
(d. 1872) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1893, Constance 
A., youngest dau. of Alex. S. Leslie- 
Melville, of Branston Hall Lines., D.L., 
J. P., by dau. of 6 vise. Midleton ; capt. 4 
drag. gds. 1882-4, served with 4 drag 
gds. in Egypt 1882, D.L., j.p., c.c. Norfolk 
(sheriff 1895), heir pres. to baronetcy ; 
Carlton, Arthur's and Naval and 
Military clubs ; Raveningham Hall 

Bacon, Richd. Castell, M.A. Cantab 
5 8. of sir Hy. Hickman Bacon, 10 and 
11 bart. (d. 1872); b. 1866; It. Lines. 
Impl. yeom , j.p. (1901) Parts of Lind- 
sey, Lines. : Willingham House, Gains- 

Bacon, Thos. Walter, 4 s. of sir Hy 
Hickman Bacon, 10 and 1 1 bart. (d. 1872) ; 
b. 1863 ; to. 1901, Edith M., 4 dau. of 
Alex. S, Leslie-Melville of Branston 



Hall, Lincoln, by dau. of 6 visc.Midle- 
ton; J.P. (1901) Essex: Union club; 
Ramsden Hall, Billericay, Essex 

Bacon-Grey, miss Emily, dan. of 
Chan. Bacon-Grey, of Styford Northumb 
j p id 1855), and sis. and co-heiress 
(with her s : s. Lucy, who married 
Michael Graoe Guiry) of Ed Iwd. Bacon- 
Grey, of Styford (d. 1886) : Styford Hall, 
Riding Mill S.O. Northumb. 

Badcock,gen.sirAlexanderRobt.,K C.B. 
(1902). C.s.i. (1895), s. of Hy. Badcock, of 
Wheatleigh, Taunton, J.P. {d. 1 8 8) ; & 
1844 ; m. dau. of J. S. Dumergue, B.C.b. ; 
served in Bhootan expedn. 1864-5, in 
Hazara 1868, in Perak expedn. 1875-6, 
chief commiss. off. Afghanistan force, 
1879-80 : commiss.-gen.-m-chief of India 
1888-95, Q.M.G. in India 1895-1900, memb. 
of Indian council from 1901, gen. 1908, 
ret. 1904, Ind. army : 44 Grosvenor rd. 
8.W. ; United Service club 

Badcock, Daniel, s. of Robt. Gibson 
Badcock, of The Elms, nr. Taunton ; b. 
1840 ; J.P. Somerset : Jim. Constitutional 
club; Kilve Court, Kilve, nr. Bridg- 
water, Somerset. 

Badcock, Henry Jeffries, s. of Henry 
Badcock of Wheatleigh, Taunton, J.P. 
(d. 1888) ; b. 1838 ; J.P. Somerset : Pit- 
mi nster Lodge, Taunton. 

Badcock, Isaac, K.C., M.A. Trin. Coll. 
Oxon., 2 s. of Hy. Badcock, of Taunton, 
Somerset; b. 1842; m, 1872, Rosetta A., 
2 dau. of Thos. Birkbeck, of Settle, 
Yorks; barr. Middle Temple 1867 
bencher 1895, Q C 1899, J.P. (1904) 
Somerset : 101 St. George's sq. S.W. ; 11 
New Court, Lincoln's Inn, W.C ; New 
University club; Westhay, Kingston, 

Badcock, Jasper Capper, C.B. (1899), 
s. of late John Badcock, of Chelsea, S.W. ; 
b. 1*40; m. 1864, Mary, dau. of Edwd. 
(lower Burton, of Chelsea, S.W. ; con- 
troller of London Postal Service dept. 
G.P.O. 1892-1905. ret. 1905 : Springfield, 
37 Brodrick rd. Upper Tooting, S.W. 

Baddeley, Welbore St. Clair, 3 s. 

of It. -col. John Fraser Baddeley. p.. a. ; 

- 66 | m. 1894, Helen Georgiana, 2 dau. 

>wen Grant; J. p. (1903) Glouces'er- 

hlniv : Garriok club; Castle Hale, 

a irk. Gio*. 

Baden-Powell, Hy. Warington S. 

K <., I s. of late prof. Baden-Powell, 

K.k.k., of Oxford and of Langton, Kent, 

liu. of adml. W. H. Smyth, k.s.k. 

burr. Inner Temple 1876, q.o. 

lH'.i?, a counsel for board of trade, It. 

ic, author of works on naval sub- 

jects : 32 Prince's gate, S.W. ; 3 Paper 
bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Athenaeum club. 

Baden - Powell, maj. - gen. Robt. 
Stephenson Smyth, C.B. (1900), F.R.G.S., 
5 s. of late prof. Baden-Powell, P.R.s., of 
Oxford and of Langton, Kent, by dau. 
of adml. W. H. Smyth, K.S.F. ; b. 1857 ; 
served in 13 hrs. 1876-97, coromd. 5 
dgn gdp. 1897-9, served in Afghanistan 
1880-81, Zululand 1888, expdn. to Ashanti 
1895,operations in Matabeleland,S.Afnca 
1896, coramd. Mafeking Frontier force 
1899-1900; insp.-gen. S. African Con- 
stabulary 1900-3 ; insp.-gen. of cav. m 
Gt. Britain and Ireland from 1903 ; hon. 
col 1 cadet battn. Liverpool reset. 1902-5; 
maj. -gen. 1900 : Horse Guards,Whitehall, 
S.W.; 32 Prince's gate, S.W. ; Naval and 
Military club. 

Baden-Powell, lady. Frances, dau. 
of late Chas. Wilson, of Glendouran 
House, Cheltenham ; m. 1893, sir Geo. 
S. Baden-Powell, k.c.m.g., ll.d., f.r.s B., 
M P (d. 1898) : 114 Eaton sq. S.W. 
* Badock, Hy. Walter, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Fredk. Badock, of Manor House, 
Westbury-on-Trym, Gloucestershire ; b. 
1851 ; dep.-accountant-gen. and assessor 
of income tax at India office from 1905 : 
18 Palace mansions, Hammersmith rd. 


Bag-ehot, mrs. Walter. Eliza, dau. of 
late rt. hon. Jas. Wilson, M.P. ; m. 1858, 
Walter Bagehot, J.P. (rf. 1877) : 4 Mel- 
bury rd. Kensington, W. ; Herds Hill, 
Langport, Somerset. 

Bagenal, Beauchamp Fredk., eld. 
survg.s. of Philip Bagenal, of Benekerry. 
co. Carlow, J.P. (d. 1855); b. 1846 m 
1870, Ethel C. Mary, 3 dau. of late R. W. 
Hall-Dare, of Newtownbarry, co. Wex- 
ford, d.l. ; served with 45 (Sherwood 
Foresters) regt. in Abyssinian campaign 
1868, It. ret. 1870, J.P. co. Carlow (sheriff 
1871) : Naval and Military club ; Bene- 
kerry House, Carlow, Ireland. 

Bagenal, Philip Hy.,B.A.Oxon. (1871), 
youngest s. of late Philip Bagenal, of 
Benekerry, co. Carlow, J.P. ; b. 1850 ; m. 
1884, Hariot J.,2 dau. of Walter Hore, of 
Rathwade, co. Carlow ; Irish barr. 1874, 
barr. Inner Temple, 1881, official priv. 
sec. to mr. Chaplin, board of ag. 1890-2, 
priv. sec. mr. Chaplin, loc. govt. bd. 
1895-6, genl. insp. local govt, bd. from 
1896 : 39 Kent rd. Harrogate ; Constitu- 
tional club. 

Baggallay, Claude, k.c, ll.m. Can- 
tab., 4 s. of rt. hon. sir Rd. Baggallay, 
P.O., a lord justice of appeal 1875-85 
(d. 1888) ; b. 1853 ; m. 1881, Mabel, dau. 
of sir Rd, Hy. Wyatt, of Gartbyngharad, 



Merioneth ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1878, 
bencher 1904, Q.c. 1897 : 20 Elvaston pi. 
South Kensington. S.W ; Palace cham- 
bers, Bridge st. Westminster, S.W. ; 11 
New sq. Lincoln's Inn, W. C. ; Wilder- 
wick, East Grinstead. 

Baggallay, Ernest, M.A.Cantab, 3 s. of 
rt. hon. sirRd. Baggallay,P.C, a lord jus- 
tice of appeal 1875-85 (d. 1888) ; b. 1850; 
m. 1876, Emily C. E., dau. of sir Walter 
W. Burrell, 5 bart. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1873. M.P. (c.) Lambeth (Brixton dim.) 
1885-7, J. P. co. London and Home Coun- 
ties, police magist. at West Ham 1887- 
1901, metropol. police magist. at Green- 
wich and Woolwich from 1901 : I Bgerton 
gdns. S.W. ; United University club ; 
The Moat, Cowden, Kent. 

Bagge, sir Alfred Thos., 3 bart. 
(18(57), ret. (1893) capt. R.N. ; 2 s. of sir 
Wm. Bagge, 1 bart., M.P. ; b. 1843; m. 
1872, Millicent C, dau. of J. Grant 
Morris, Allerton Priory, Lancashire ; in 
China war 1857-61, capture of Canton 
1857, Taku forts 1858 and I860; D.L., 
J. P. Norfolk (Heir, .. Alfred Wm. Fras., 
b. 1875): Stradsett Hall, Downham 

Baggre, Richd. Ludwig, d.s.o. (1900), 
only s. of Herbert Bagge, and grands, of 
lateRichd. Bagge, of Gay wood Hall, Nor- 
folk, D.L., J. P. ; m. 1901, Anna V. W., 
dau. of late maj. W. G. Mansergh, of 
Rocksavage, co. Cork ; is J. P. (1898) Nor- 
folk, served in S. African war 1900-2, hon. 
capt. in the army !902, maj. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Norfolk regt. 1903-5: Conserva- 
tive club ; Islington Hall, King's Lynn. 

Bagrge, Thos. Edward, m.a. Cant ah. 
eld. survg. s. of R. Bagge, m.a.. of Gay- 
wood Hall, Norfolk, d.l., j. p. (cU891) ;"/,. 
1838 ; m. 1, dau. (d. 1882) of F. Walpole 
Keppel, of Lexham, Norfolk : 2, 1884, 
Constance M., younger dau. of late Lloyd 
Baxendale, of Greenham Lodge. New- 
bury ; maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1886) 2 brig. 
(mil.) Eastern div. of u.A. 1884-6 ; D.L., 
J.P. Norfolk, mayor of Lynn 1901-2 : 
Oxford and Cambridge club ; Gay wood 
Hall, Lynn. 

Bagge. Alice, lady. vide Wm. Wain- 

Bagley, Wm., s. of Jas. Bagley, of 
Hunslet, Leeds ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1, 1806, Anne, 
dau. of Geo. Gill, of Old Swan, Liverpool ; 
2, 1901, Cariclia, eld. dau. of Hy. Devine, 
of Athens; is J.P. (1894) W. R. Yorks: 
The Chestnuts, Knottingley, Yorks. 

Bagnall, Richd. Samuel, J. p. (1895) 
Worcestershire : Ryall Hill, Severn 
Stoke, Worcester 

Bagnall, Thos,, J.P. (1873) Beds, 

Bagnall, Walter Geo., 4 s. of 
late Wm. Bagnall, of Manchester 
and Aimee A. M. Bagnall, of Paris 
and Asrenshaw Hall, Derbyshire, 
and grands, of late Wm. Bagnall, 
of Painsley Hall, Staffs ; b. 1866 ; m. 1 
1894, Edith J., elder dau. (d. 1895) of 
Jonathan Jowe tt, of Lower Hall, Mellor 
Derbyshire ; 2, 1902, Ellen F. H. Brad- 
bury," of Hawthorpe Hall, Colne Valley, 
Yorks ; is J.P. (1896) Derbyshire : Jun. 
Conservative club ; Hawthorpe Hall, 
Saddleworth, Yorks ; Painsley House, 
Rhvl, N. Wahs. 

Bagnall- Wild, Ralph Bagnall, m.a. 
Cantab. 2 s. of Wm. Kirkbv ; b. 1* 15 ; m. 
1871, A lice, dau. of R. A. Pfeil, of Guild- 
ford ; barr. Inner Temple 1870, Assumed 
bv royal licence surnames of Bagnall- 
Wlld in lien of Kirkby 1888, J.P. Notts : 
Manor House, Costock, Loughborough. 

Bagot,lord (4 baron 1780, U.K.). Wm. 
Bagot, eld. s. of 3 baron (d. 1887) ; b. 
1*;,7 : >/*. 1908, Lilian, dau. of late Hy. 
May, of Maryland, U.S.A. ; D.L., J.P. 
Staffs and Derbyshire, capt. (hon. maj. 
1890) 3 battn. (mil.) S. Staffordshire regt. 
1879-84, lt.-col. 2nd in commd. Stafford- 
shire I. Y. 1898-1901, A. B.C. to gov. gen. 
of Canada (marq. of Lome) 1878-83, a 
gentleman usher of the privy chamber 
1.S85-7, lord in waiting to Queen Victoria 
1898-1901 (Heir, bro. maj. hon. Walter L., 
q.r.) : Carlton, Travellers', Turf, and 
Bachelors' clubs ; Blithfield, Rugeley ; 
Pool Park. Ruthin. 

Bagot, col. Chas.Hervey,R.E.,C.B. (1900), 
eld. s. of late C. M. Bagot, of Koonunga, 
S. Australia ; />. 1847 ; served in Afghan 
war ls7S-!). Heehuanabtnd expdn. 1884-5, 
dep. insp. gen. of Fortns. at headquarters 
1899-1904, ret. p. I!n : United Service 
club ; Brook Cottage, E. Grinstead. 

Bagot, H ; r Chas. Samuel, b.a. Cantab, 
3 8. of C. H. Bagot ; h. 1 828 ; m. 1 xf.l , Lucy 
F., dau. of late B. G. Hornby, of Dalton 
Hall, Westmorland ; barr. Inner Temple 
1853; commr. in lunacy 1877-1903, Lon. 
comrar. from 1908, J. p. (1903) Snrrev, 
knighted 1908 : The Gables, East Sheen, 
Surrey, S.W. ; United University club. 

Bagot, John Christopher, eld. survg. 
s. of John Lloyd Neville Bagot, of 
Aughrane Castle, and Ballyturin, co. 
Galway, J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1891, 
Anna C, only dau. of lt.-col. Fleming, 
Mayfield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire ; J.P. 
co. Galway : Bally turin,Gort,co.Gal way. 

Bagot, Josceline F., eld. s. of col. C. 
Bagot, gren. gds. (d. 1881), by dau. of 
vice-adm. hon. Josceline Percy, c.B. and 
grands, of late rt, hon. sir Chas. Bagot, 



O.C.B. gov. gen. of Canada ; b. 1854 ; m. 
1885, Theodosia (lady of grace, order of 
St. John of Jerusalem and Royal Red 
Cross), 3dau. of sir John Leslie, 1 bart. ; 
D.i,., J. P. Westmorland (and C.C.), capt. 
gren. gds. in 1885, a.d.c. to gov. gej. 
of Canada (marq. of Lome) 1882-3 and 
(lord Stanley) 1888-9, served as chief 
censor in S. African war 1900, maj. 
(hon. lt.-col. 1902) Westmorland and 
Cumb. I. Y. 1901-5, M.P. (c.)S. Westmor- 
land from 1892, parly, priv. sec. to rt. 
hon. R. flanbury (tin. sec. to treas.) 
1897-98 and to sir M. Ridley (home sec.) 
1899-1900: Marlborough and Carlton 
clubs ; Levens Hall, Milnthorpe. 

Bag-ot, Milo Yictor Neville, s. of 
Thos. E. Neville Bagot, of Aughrane 
Castle, co. Galway (d. 1890) and grands. 
of John Lloyd Neville Bagot, of Augh- 
rane Castle and Ballyturin, co. Galway, 
J.p. (d. 1890) ; b. 1880 : Aughrane Castle, 
Ballygar, co. Gralway. 

Bagrot, maj. hon. Walter Lewis, D.K.O., 
2 s. of 3 baron Bagot ; b. 1864 : m. 1892, 
Margaret J. C, youngest dau. of hon. 
Fredk. Wm. Cadogan, and granddau. of 

1 marq. of Anglesea ; J.P. (1894) Staffs., 
capt. gren. gds. 1895-8, regtl.adjt. 1893-7, 
a.d.c. to gov. of S. Australia (earl of 
Kintore) 1891-2, served in S. African 
war 1900-2 with Imp], yeom., hon. maj. 
in the army 1902, heir pres. to baroay : 
43 Rutland gate, S.W. 

Bagrot, hon. Barbara, dau. of 4 baron 
Bagot : b. 1905. 
Bagrot-Chester, col. Heneage Charles, 

2 s. of gen. J. Bagot-Chester, R.A.,of Ash- 
stead Park, Surrey (d. 1857) ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1865, Madeline E. Sheriffe, only dau. of 
late Robt. Mansel 0. Massey, of Kinrara, 
N.B., and Tickford Abbey, Bucks ; served 
in Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; j.p. Suffolk : 
79 Knightsbridge, S.W. ; Carlton and 
United Service clubs; Zetland House, 
Maidenhead; Centre Cliff, Southwold, 

Bag-shawe, mo?t rev. archbp. Edwd. 
Gilpin, . of late Hy. Ridgard Bagshawe, 
V-C, of London; b. 1829 ; bp. (r.c.) of 
Nottingham 1874-1902, titular bp. of 
Htpaepa 1902-4, archbp. of Seleucia from 

u : ^ nVont ()f the Little Company of 

Mary, Gunnersbury House, Hounslow. 

Bag-shawe, Freda, m.d.,f.r.c.p., 3 s. 

Bdwd. B. Bagshawe, recti of 

Kjarn, Derbyshire (d. 1884); b. 1834- 

'". I. 1869, Prmnocs E., dau. of capt. Boss! 

o Northallerton, Yorks ; 2, Emily 

dau. of W.n. Dickinson, of New Park 

Hants; .i.i'. (|K<J7) Sussex, mayor of 

;. r > Warrior sq. St. Leon. 

ards-on-Sea ; Royal Societies, and East 
Sussex (Hastings) clubs. 

Bag-shawe, Wm. Hy. Greaves-, eld. 
s. of late Hy. Marwood Greaves, Hesley 
Hall, Notts, d.l., J. p., by dau. and heir 
of late rev. VV*m. Bagshawe, M.A., of Ford 
Hall and Banner Cross; b. 1831; m. 
1856, Martha, dau. of late Joseph Bow- 
mer, of Lancayo House ; is D.L., J.P. 
DerOyshire (sheriff 1895), assumed addtl. 
name of Bagshawe by royal licence 1879 : 
National club ; Fora Hall, Chapel-en-le- 
Frith ; Bauner Cross, Sheffield. 

Bag-shawe, miss Beatrice Muriel W., 
eld. dau. of Fras. Westby Bagshawe, of 
Oakes, and Wormhill, Derbyshire, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1896) ; b. 1876 : Oakes, Norton, 

Bagwell, Richard, m.a. Ch. Ch.Oxon.; 
aid. s. of late J. Bagwell, M.P. ; b. 1840 ; 
to. 1873, Harriette, 4 dau. of P. J. Newton, 
of Dunleckney, co. Carlow ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1866 ; J. P., D.L. co. Tipperary 
(sheriff 1869), J.P. co. Waterford : Oxford 
and Cambridge and Kildare St. (Dublin; 
clubs ; Marlheld, Clonmel, co. Tipperary. 
Baikie, Alfred, youngest s. of Wm. 
L. Cowan, by niece of late Jas. Baikie, 
of Tankerness, co. Orkney; b. 1861 ; to. 
1, 1888, Annie Traill, dau. {d. 1896) of 
Ralph Fotheringhame, of Kirkwall ; 2, 
1902. Mary Anne S., dau. of late Thos. 
Traill, of Holland, Orkney, D.L., J.P; ; 
assumed name of Baikie, in lieu of Cowan 
1898, D.L., j.p. co. Orkney and Shet- 
land : Had of i'ankerness, Kirkwall, co. 
Bailey, vide Miles-Bailey. 
Bailey, Abe,ouly s.of non.Thos.Bailey, 
of Queens town, Cape Colony; b. l6dj 
m. 1891, Caroline M. S., dau. of John 
Paddon, of Sydenham; one of H.M.'s 
lieuts. for tne City of London, J.P. 
(1902) Sussex, capt. Sussex l.Y. from 
1902, memo, legisl. assembly, Cape 
Colony: Wellington club; Yewhurst,East 
Grinsiead; Ciewer House, Johannesburg, 
S. Africa. 

Bailey, hon. Arthur, 3 s. of 1 baron 
Glanusk ; b. 1868. 

Bailey, Arthur Anthony Wm., s. of 
E. C. Bailey, of Norwich; b. 1861 ; to. 
1896, Heleu Margaret, dau. of Tnos. 
Edwd. Yorke, of Beweriey Hall and Hal- 
ton Place, Yorks; j.p. (1896) Norfolk, 
maj. 4 battn. (mil.) Lincolnshire regt. : 
Wramplingham Hall, nr. Wymondham. 
Bailey, Charles Fredk., eld. s. of late 
C. Bailey, of Lee Abbey, D^von ; b. 1836 ; 
to. 1863, Emily Jeannette, eld. dau. of late 
Chas. Norris Wilde, by hon. Emily T, C, 



only dau. of 1 baron Truro ; is D.L., J.r. 
Devon : Lee Abbey, Lynton, N. Devon. 
Bailey, Chas. Hy., J>. (1900) co. Mon- 
mouth and (1896) co. boro' of Newport, 
sole propr. of Tyne Engine Works, New 
port, and Tyne Engine Works, Barry 
Dock : Stelvio, Bassaleg rd. Newport, 

Bailey, It. -col. Edmund Wyndham 
Grevis, eld. s. of rev.Jas. Sandford Bailey, 
of Nepicar House, Kent ; 6.1858 ; in. 1885, 
Alberta Sylva, only dau. of late Jas 
Evelyn, capt. gren. gds. ; J. P. Kent, 
lt.-col. 3 battn. (mil.) K. W. Kent 
regt. from 1901: Jun. Constitutional and 
Jun. United Service clubs ; Nepicar 
House, Wrotham, Kent. 

Bailey, Hy. Jas. s. of late Joseph 
Bailey, of Easton Court, Herefordshire, 
J.P., bro. to 1 baron G-lanusk ; b. 1844 ; 
m. 1871, Edith Anne,dau.of Jsph. Tarratt; 
D.L., j. p. Herefordshire : Oxford and 
Cambridge club ; Rowden Abbey, Brom- 
yard, co. Hereford. 

Bailey, hon. Herbert Crawshay, 4 s. 
of 1 baron Glanusk ; h. 1871 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1897 : 5 Bury st. St. James'. 
S.W. ; 3 King's Bench walk, Tempi*, 
E.C. ; 9 Bridge st. Westminster, S.W. 

Bailey, Irvine, s. of C. I. C. Bailey, 
of Brondesbury, co. London ; />. ] 864 ; 
m. 1897, Ellen, dau. of W. Boodle, of 
Cheltenham ; J.p. (1903) Warwickshire: 
Wilnecote Hall, Tamworth. 

Bailey,sir James, s. of late Wm. Bailey, 
of Kensington House, Mattishall,Norfolk; 
6.1840; m. 1, 1869, Catherine, dau. (d. 
1892) of J. Smith, of Benson, Oxon. : 2, 
1896, Lily, 2 dau. of A. Fass, of 32 
Queen's gate gdns. S.W. ; is j.p. (1895) 
Essex, d.l. (1899) Norfolk, M.P. (c.) 
Newington (Walworth divn.) from 1895, 
knighted 1905: 1 Prince's gate, S.W. ; 
Uarlton, Jun. Carlton and Constitutional 
Jlubs ; Lofts Hall, Saffron Walden. 

Bailey, rev. James Sandford, M.A. 
Cantab, only s. of capt. J. A Bailev, by 
mly child and heiress of late rev.E.Sand- 
ord, b.d., rect. of Nutfield, Surrey ; b. 
824 ; m. dau. (rf. 1875) of late D. Grevis- 
ames, oflghtham Court,Kent, j.p., d.l.; 
ate vicar of St. Clement's, Cambridge : 
'I Clifton terr. Brighton ; Nepicar 
louse, Wrotham, Kent. 
Bailey, Joun Cann, s. of E. C. Bail v, 
f Norwich; b. 1864; m. 1900, hon. 
arah Katnleen, 5 dau. of 4 baron 
^yttelton, b. 1870; barr. Inner Temple 
892, asst. priv. sec. to mr. Geo. 
Vyndham, m.p. (und. sec. of state for 
r ar) in 1900 : 20 Egerton gdns. S.W. ; 
-thenseum and Windham clubs. 

Bailey, John Cuthbert, e. of John 
Bailey, of Odd Rode, Cheshire ; b. 1856 ; 
in. 1880, Sidney Marie Josephine, dau. of 
late Thos. Alcock, of New York ; j.p 
'(1900) Staffs: New Park, Trentham 

Bailey, hon. John Launcelot, 5 s. of 
1 baron Glanusk; b. 1878; m. 1903, 
Vivien Dora, 2 dau. of late Ferdinand 
G. Carey, of Frogmore, Ceylon : Rouge- 
huis, Guernsey. 

Bailey,lt. -col.hon. Joseph Hy.Russell, 
D.6.O., eld. s. of 1 baron Glanusk ; b. 1864 ; 
m. 1X90, Editha E., dau. of late maj. 
Warden Sergison, of Cuck field Park, 
Sussex, D.L., J.P. ; J.P. Breconshire (lord 
lieut. from 1905),servedin S.African war 
1900, maj. gren. gds. 1901-3, commdt. 
gds. depot 1901-3, ret. 1903, adjt City of 
London Impl. vol. S. Africa 1900,- It. -col. 
commdg-. 3 battn. (mil.) S. Wales Bord. 
from 1994 : Peterstone Court, Brecon ; 
Glanusk Park, Crickhowell. 

Bailey, Rowland, M.v.o. 5 class (1902), 
I.S.O. (1904), controller of stores, H.M.'s 
Office of Works 188:5-190."), controller 
H.M.'s Stationery Office and King's 
printer from RH)5 : H.M.'s Stationery 
Office, Prince's pt. Westminster, S.W. 

Bailey, Walter Samuel, i.p. R. R. 
Yorks and co. London ; D.L. Middlx. and 
Tower Hamlets : Powlett Lodg-. Twick- 
enham ; 14 Brunswick terr. Brighton ; 
The White Hall, Winestead, Jlolderness, 
E. Yorks; Conservative rluh. 

Bailey, maj. hon. Wm., 2 s. of 1 
baron Glanusk ; b. 1867 ; maj. 11 huss. 
from 1904. 

Bailey, sir Wm. Hy., eld. s. of John 
Bailey, of Salford ; b. 1838 ; m. 1867, Jane 
D., dau.(tf. 1904)of W. Doming, of Astley, 
Lanes.; J. P. (1894) Lancashire and Salford 
(mayor 1893-4), gov. of John Rylands 
Library, Manchester, dir. Manchester 
Ship Canal Co., pres. Manchester Shake- 
speare Soc, Literary and Philosophical 
Boo, 4c, knighted 1894 : Sale Hall 
Sale, Cheshire. 

Bailey, hon. Elizabeth Mabel, b. 1862 ; 
hon. Margaret Elinor, b. 1873 ; hon. 
Gwlad} T s Mary, b. 1875; daus. of 1 baron 

Bailey ,mrs. Emily J., only child of late 
Wm. Simmons, of Clifton, Bristol; m. 
1863, John Fredk. Bailey, of Wedmore 
Manor, Somerset (d. 1892) : Manor 
House, We Imore, Weston-super-Mare. 

Bailie, maj .-gen. Thomas Maubourg, 
s. of col. Thos. Maubourg Bailie,H.E.l.c.S.; 
b. 1844; m. 1886, Amy E., dau. of sir 
Wm. Miller, 1 bart., of Manderston, co. 
Berwick ; maj.-gen. 1893, ret. p. 1896; J.P. 


Berks : 54 Sloane st. S.W. ; Naval and 
Military club ; Caldecot House, Abing- 

Bailie, mrs. Charlotte J., eld. dau. of 
capt. Win. Cossart Carleton ; to. 1850, 
cousin maj. Jas. Bailie, 87 R.I. Fus., of 
Ringdutterin, co. Down, J. P. (d. 1896): 
Ringdufferin, nr. Killyleigh, co. Down. 

Baillie, vide Buchanan-Baillie-Hamil- 

Baillie, vide Cochrane-Baillie. 

Baillie, vide Murray-Baillie. 

Baillie, rev. Albert Yictor, m.a. Can- 
tab., 3 s. of Evan P. Montagu Baillie 
(d. 1874), by dau. of 7 earl of Elgin, and 
grands, of Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, 
lnverness-shire (d. 1883); b. 1864; to. 
1898, hon. Constance E. dau. of 8 vise. 
Boyne, b. 1866 ; r.d. and rect. from 
1898 of Rugby. 

Baillie, col. Geo. Clement, s. of John 
Baillie, of Chatham, Kent, and Sher- 
wood Park, co. Carlow ; b. 1820 ; J.P. 
(1873) Hants : 31 Porchester sq. W. 

Baillie, gen. Jas. Cadogan Parkinson, 
s. of J. Thoy Baillie : in Indian mutiny 
1857-9, gen. 1894, Bengal inf., on U.S. list 

Baillie, Jas. Evan Bruce, m.v.o. 4 
class (1905), eld. s. of Evan P. Montagu 
Baillie (d. 1874), by dau. of 7 earl of 
Elgin, and grands, of Evan Baillie, of 
Dochfour, Inverness-shire (d. 1883) ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1894, hon. Nellie Lisa, only 
child and heir pres. of 1 baron Burton, b. 
1873 ; J.P. co. Inverness, M.p. (c.) Inver- 
ness-shire 1895-1900, late capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) North'd. Fus., lt.-col. commdg. 
and hon. col. Highland R.G-.A. (vols.) 
from 1891 : 71 South Audley st. W. ; 
Carlton club ; Dochfour, Inverness, N.B. 

Baillie, Ronald Hugh, eld. s. of gen. 
D. Baillie, of Loch Loy, co. Nairn (d. 
1890) ; b. 1863; to. 1897, Elizabeth M., 
dau. of maj. J. Rose, of Kilravock, lord 
lieut. of co. Nairn ; Scotch advocate 
1887, D.L., J.P. co. Nairn, sheriff substi- 
tute of Roxburgh, Berwick and Selkirk 
1897: Carlton and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Jedbank, Jedburgh, N.B. 

Baillie, sir Robt. Alex., 4 bt. (1823), 
of Polkemmet. bro. of 3 bt. (d. 1896); 
l>. I *.">'. ; m. 1887, Isabel, dau. of David E. 
Wilkie. of Rut ho Byres, Midlothian'; 
maj. The King's Colonials I. Y. from 
1908 (flrir, .. Grawafa Geo. Stuart, b. 
1 89B) : Polkemmet, Whitburn, Linlith- 

Baillie, lady Blanche Harriet Emma, 
Bis. of 4 earl of Malmesbury ; b. 1850 ; 
w. 1877, capt. Fras. Baillie, 60 rif. 


(d. 1879), only s. of rt. hon. H. Baillie, of 
Redcastle, co. Ross : 5 Marble Arch, W 

Baillie, mrs. Duncan. Anna G. youn- 
ger dau. of late rev. G. A. Burnaby, of 
Somerby Hall, Leicestershire ; to. 1862, 
It. -gen. Duncan Jas. Baillie, of Loch Loy, 
Nairnshire, d.l. (d. 1890) : Loch Loy, 
Nairn, N.B. 

Baillie, miss Hunter-, Helen M. H. 
eld. survg. dau. of Wm. Hunter-Baillie, 
of Duntisbourne House, Glos. and Long 
Calderwood, co. Lanark (d. 1894) ; 
patroness of the living and lady of the 
manor of Duntisbourne Abbotts : 6 
Hanover terr. Regent's Park, N.W. ; 
Duntisbourne-Abbotts, nr. Cirencester, 

Baillie, Mary, lady. dau. of Stair H. 
Stewart, of Physgill, Wigtonshire ; to. 
1846, sir Wm. Baillie, 2 bart. (d. 1890) : 
Polkemmet, Whitburn, Linlithgowshire. 

Baillie, hon. mrs. Nellie Lisa, vide 
Jas. Evan Bruce Baillie. 

Baillie - Hamilton, rev. the hon. 
Arthur Charles, m.a. Durham, s. of 10 
earl of Haddington ; b. 1838 ; to. 1866, 
Alice Anne, 3 dau. of sir David Baird, 2 
bart. ; J.P. Suffolk, dioc. insp. of schools 
1886, rect. of Combs, Stowmarket, 1883- 
95, vicar of Badley, Suffolk, 1884-95: 
New club ; Burley Lodge, Ringwood, 
Hants ; Les Quartiers, Guernsey. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Chas. Wm., 
2 s. of lord Binning ; b. 1900. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon.Geo., eld. s. of 
lord Binning ; b. 1894. 

Baillie-Hamilton, capt. hon. Henry 
Robt. Arden-, 3 s. of 11 earl of Hadding- 
ton ; b. 1862; capt. coldst. gds. 1897-8. 
ret. 1898, J.P. (18) Berwickshire and 
(1902) Cheshire: Arderne Hall, Tar- 

Baillie-Hamilton, James, youngest 
e. of adm. Wm. Alex. Baillie-Hamilton (d. 
1881), by only sis. of 1 duke of Abercorn, 
K.G. ; b. 1850 ; to. 1886, lady Evelyn, 4 
dau. of 8 duke of Argyll, K.G., K.T. ; b. 

Baillie-Hamilton, sir Wm. Alexr., 
K.O.M.G., O.B., eld. survg. r.of adml.Wm. 
Alex. Baillie-Hamilton (d. 1881) by lady j 
Harriet, only sis. of 1 duke of Abercorn, ( 
K.G. ; b. 1844; to. 1871, Mary A., only dau. 
of rev. J. Mossop ; sec. to the Colonial 
conference 1887 ; priv. sec. to sec. of 
state for the Colonies 1886-92, cbief! 
clerk, Colonial office from 1896, officer of j 
arms of order of St. Michael and St. 
George from 1901 ; lt.-col. and hon. col.; 
Lothian s and Berwickshire I.Y. from 
1896 : 55 Sloane st. S.W. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Frances. dau, 


of 10 earl of Haddington ; b. 1829 : Tyn- 
ingbame, Prestonkirk, Haddington. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. mrs. Henry, 
hon. Harriet F.,dau. of 5 Baron Polwarth; 
b. 1845; m. 1872, hon. Henry Baillie- 
Hamilton, ret. cornmdr. R.N. (d. 1895), 4 
s. of 10 earl of Haddington : Lennel 
Bank, Coldstream, Berwick. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. mrs. Robert, 
Mary G., dau. of sir J. Pringle. 5 bart. ; 
m. 1861, hon. Robt. Baillie-Hamilton, late 
maj. 44 foot, d.l., J.P., m.p. (c.) Berwick- 
shire 1874-80 {d. 1891) : Langton Duns, 
Berwickshire, N.B. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Ruth, b. 
1855 ; lady Grisell, b. 1861 ; lady Cecely, 
b. 1868, daus. of 11 earl of Haddington. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Helen, dau. 
of lord Binning ; b. 1893. 

Bailward, Tbos. Hy. Methuen, s. of 
John Bailward, of Horsington Manor, 
Somerset (d. 1868); b. 1843; m. 1882, 
Margaret E., dau. of Hy. Hobhouse, J. p., 
of Hadspen House, Somerset; J. P. Somer- 
set : Manor House, Horsington, Bath, 

Baily, Albert Wm. Shore, 3 s.of Alex. 
Baily, of Glastonbury. Somerset ; b. 
1840 ; m. 1872, dau. of Thos. Millear, of 
E'iga.ley, Gla?tonbury, Somerset; j.p. 
(1904) Somerset : Beckery House, Glas- 

Bain, Fredk. Donald, eld. s. of David 
Wise Bain, of Portreath, Cornwall, J.P. 
id. 1898); b. 1858; m. 1897, Evelyn 
Mary, dau. of Clement Coningfon, "of 
Hagworthinghani, Lincolnshire ; J.P. 
(1898) Cornwall : Glencroft, Portreath, 

Bain, James Robert, younger s. of sir 
James Bain, knt., m.p., d.l., J.P. (d. 
1898); b. 1851; m. 1886, Lily, youngest 
dau. of sir Geo. Burton, o.J. of 
Ontario ; D.L., j.p. Cumberland, lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1895) 3battn. (mil.) Bord. regt. 
1892-1902, m.p.(c) W. Cumberland from 
1900 : Carlton and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Bolton Hall, Gosforth, Cumberland. 

Bain, John Dove, eld. s. of sir J. Bain, 
int., of Crofthead, Cumberland, m.p., 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1898); b. 1848 : j.p. Cumber- 
land and Lanarkshire : Crofthead, Har- 
rington, Cumbld. 

Bain, John Hitchins, 2 s. of David 
Wise Bain, of Portreath, Cornwall, j.p. 
(d. 1898); b. 1860 ; J.P. (1898) Devon: 
Glenfeadon, Portreath, Cornwall; Gat- 
combe, Totnes, S. Devon. 

Bainbridge, Cuthbert, only s 
Richd. Martin, of Wolsingham, co. 
Durham ; b. 1860 ; w. 1889, 2 dau. of T. E. 


Fenwick, of Wolsingham, CO. Durham, 
j.p. ; is J.P. (1897) co. Durham. 

Bainbridge, col. !sir Edmond, k.c.b. 
(1903), R.A. (ret. p. 1898), 3 s. of Thos. 
Drake Bainbridge, of Down Hall, Epsom, 
Surrey ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1866, Emma 
Louisa, dau. of col. Jas. Dundas Tulloch, 
90 regt. ; 2,1881, Kate, dau. of John 
Page, of Southend, Essex, j.p. ; supt. 
Royal Laboratory, Woolwich, 1892-99, 
chief supt. Ordnance Factories 1899- 
1903 : Army and Navy club ; Norman- 
hurst. Sheringham S.O. Norfolk. 

Bainbridge, Emerson Muscham", s. 
of late Emerson Bainbridge, of Eshott 
Hall, Northumb. ; m.p. (L.) Lincolnshire 
(Gainsborough divn.) 1895-1900 : 43 
Grosvenor st. W. ; Reform and Bath 
clubs ; Auchnashellach. Ross-shire ; 
Villa Roquebrune, Alpes Maritimes. 

Bainbridge, maj.-gen. Fredk. Thos., 
s. of late Hy. Bainbridge, of Kensington ; 
b. 1834 ; m. 1, 1869, Ann, dau. of dr. Col- 
lins, Indian med. dept. ; 2, 1879, Blanche, 
dau. of col. Dring, a.p.d. ; served in 
Indian mutiny 1857-9, Sikkim 1860, 
Abyssinian expdn. 1867-8, Hazara field 
force 1868, Afghan war 1878-9, Wuzeeree 
expdn. 1881, maj.-gen. Iud. army, on u.s. 
list 1892 : Santa Cruz, Christchurch rd. 

Bainbridge, surg.-gen. Geo., m.d. 
Durh., surg.-gen. Ind. Med. Est. (Bom- 
bay) 1897-1902, ret. 1902. 

Bainbridge, George Bargate, s. of 
late Emerson M. Bainbridge, of Eshott 
Hall, Felton, j.p. ; b. 1850 ; m. 1873, dau. 
of John Gibson, of Ncwcastle-ou-T_\ m: ; 
is J.P. Northumberland : Espley Hall, 
Morpeth ; Glenfinnan, Inverness-shire. 

Baines, bp. vide Natal. 

Baines, Arthur, j.p. (1900) Glouces- 
tershire : Uley House, Dursley, Glos. 

Baines, FrederickEbenezer,c.B.(1885), 
s.of E. M. Baines b. 1832 ; m. 1887, Laura, 
eld. dau. of Walter Baily, M.A., of Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; surv. gen. (Telegraphs) 
1875, assist, sec. G.P.O. and insp.-gen. 
of mails 1881-93 : Hollyhurst, Lower 
Green rd. Tunbridge Wells. 

Baines, Geo. Hy. eld. s. of Geo. Baines, 
of Leicester, j.p. ; 6. 1843 ; m. 1872, 
Dorothy Wilson, dau. (d. 1905) of sir 
Wm. Gray, of Greatham, co. Durham ; is 
J.P. (1896) andc.A. (1895) co. Durham : 
Bradgate, West Hartlepool, co. Durham. 

Baines, sir Jervoise Athelstane, 

C.8.I. (1894), s. of late rev. Edwd. Baines, 

j vicar of Yalding,Kent ; b. 1847 ; ot.1874, 

of Constance, dau. of late Hy.Pyne ; I.C.S. 

(Bombay) 1870-95, ret. 1895, aldm. 

L.C.c. 1898-1902, knighted 1905 : Reform 


and Liberal Union clubs 
Kidlington, Oxon. 

Baines, Matthew Talbot, m.a. Can- 
tab, eld. s. of L. T. Baines, of Westbrook, 
Horsham, 8uF8ex,J.P. (d. 1905); b. 1863; 
m. 1892, H. Eveleisrh, eld. dan. of Wm. 
Rose Holden, of 13 Victoria park,Dover ; 
j.p. (1888) W. R. Yorks and (1899) 
Wilts : New University club ; Manor 
House, Wootton Bassett, Wilts ; West- 
brook, Horsham. 

Baines, Wni.Mortimer,F.R.G.s., only s. 
of H. M. Baines, of Bell Hall (d. 1874) ; 
b. 1830 ; joint lord of manor of Deighton 
and lord of manor of Wigginton, both in 
Yorks : Bell Hall, Naburn, York. 

Bainton, Thos., Arram Hall, Atwick, 

Baird. sir Alex., 1 bart. (1897) of Urie, 
eld. s. of J. Baird (d. 1870), D.L., j.p. of 
Urie, Stonehaven, N.B. ; b. 1849 ; fit. 1873, 
hon. Annette M. f elder dau. (d. 1884) of 
1 baron Haldon ; lord-lieutenant of Kin- 
cardineshire, D.L. Inverness-shire and 
Aberdeen City (Heir, s. John Lawrence, 
q.v.) : Urie, nr. Stonehaven, N.B. ; Carl- 
ton club. 

Baird, col. Andrew Wilson, c.s.i., 

R.E., F.U.S.. A.M.I.C.E., F.R.G.S., 8. of late 

Thos. Baird, of Woodlands. Cults, Aber- 
deen ; b. 1842 ; m. 1872, Margaret E., 
dau. of late Chas. Davidson, of Forrester 
Hill, Aberdeen ; served in Abyssinian 
campaign ; It.-col. (brevet col. 1893) r.e. 
1888-99 ; master of the Calcutta mint 
1889-97, author of various papers and 
reports on tidal observations <$rc. &c, 
J.P. Morayshire : E. I. United Service 
club ; Palmers' Cross, Elgin, N.B. 

Baird, maj. sir David, 3 bart. (1809) 
of Newbyth, eld. survg. s. of 2 bart. (d. 
1852), by eld. dau. of 1 marq. of Ailsa ; b. 
1832 ; to. 1864, hon. Ellen, 2 dau. of 12 
and last baron Blantyre, b. 1846; with 74 
foot in Kaffir war 1851-2 ; in Crimea, and 
Indian mutiny on lord Clyde's staff ; 
capt. late 98 foot, D.L. Haddingtonshire 
and Midlothian (Heir, capt. David, b. 
1x65): Army and Navy, and White's 
clubs ; Newbyth, Preston Kirk, N.B. 

Baird, maj. Edwd. Wm. David, 6 s. of 
Wm. Baird, of Klie,co.Fife, m.p. (d.1864); 
b. 1861 : m. ls'.i.;. Millicent B. 2 dau. of 
maj. -gen. sir Stanley deA. C. Clarke, 
I I v o., <\\i.<;. ; i 8 j.p. (1897) Suffolk, 
apt. 10 huss., served with Impl. 
yeom., S. African war 1900, hon. maj. 
in the army 1901, lt-col. commdg. Suffolk 
Hum. I. Y. from 1901 : Turf club J 
Qg House, Newmarket ; Forse 
Bonw, Lybster, Wick, N.B. 

Baird. John Geo. Alex.. 3 s. of late 


; Home Close 

Wm. Baird,of Elie, co. Fife, M.P. (d. 1864); 
b. 1854 ; m.1880, Susan Georgiana, elder 
dau. of rt. hon. sir Jas. Fergusson, 6 
bart., P.C.,G.C.S.I., K.C.M.G. ; D.L., J.P CO. 
Ayr and Glasgow, late 16 lancers, lt.- 
col. Ayrshire I. Y. from 1901 ; M.P. (c.) 
Glasgow (Central divn.) from 1886 : 89 
Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton club; Colstoun, 
Haddington : Wellwood, Muirkirk, N.B. 

Baird, adml. sir John Kennedy 
Erskine, K.C.B., s. of sir David Baird, 2 
bart. of Newbyth, Preston Kirk [d. 1852) ; 
b. 1832 ; m. 1905, Constance Barbara,eld. 
dau of late Edwd. Clarke, of Avishays, 
Chard : late QueenVictoria,com- 
mdr.-in-chief in Pacific 1884-5, adm. supt. 
of Naval reserves 1885-8, commdg. chan- 
nel squadron 1888-90, adml. 1892, let. 
list 1897 : 31 Cadogan pi. S.W. ; United 
Service, Army and Navy, and R.Y.S. 
clubs ; Woodside, Wootton, Isle of 

Baird, John Lawrence, c.M.G. (1904), 
eld. s. of sir Alex. Baird, 1 bt. of Urie, 
by eld. dau. (d. 1884) of 1 baron Haldon ; 
b. 1874; ni. 1905, lady Ethel Sydney, 
eld. dau. of 10 earl of Ivintore, b. 1874 ; 
D.L. Kincardineshire, 2 sec. in diplo- 
matic service from 1902, actg. agent and 
consul-gen. in Abyssinia 1904. 

Baird, Wm., eld. survg. s. of W.Baird, 
of Elie, co. Fife, m.p. (d. 1864) ; b. 1848 ; 
to. 1883, Caroline M., dau. of late J. A. B. 
Callander, of Preston Hall, Midlothian ; 
j.p. co. Fife, D.L., J.P. co. Ayr and Rut- 
land (sheriff 1894), late M.F.U. Cottesmore, 
Rutland. It.-col. commdt. (hon. col. 1889) 
Fife R.G.A. (mil.) 1889-96, hon. col. of 
the regt. from 1904 : Carlton, Turf and 
Conservative clubs ; Elie House, Fife ; 
Deanscroft. Oakham, Rutland. 

Baird, Wm. Arthur, 2 s. of sir David 
Baird, 3 bt. of Newbyth, by hon. Ellen, 
2 dau. of 12 and last baron Blantyre ; b. 
1879; J.P. Renfrewshire, It. Lothians 
and Berwickshire I. Y. from 1901 Bache- 
lors', Caledonian, and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs; Erskine House, Bishopton tt.O. 
Renfrewshire; Lennoxlove, Haddington; 
Wedderlea, Berwickshire. 

Baird, col. sir Wm. Jas. Gardiner, 
8 bart. (1695) of Saughton Hall, only 
survg. s. of 7 bart. of Saughton Hall 
(d. 1896) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1879, hon. 
Arabella R., eld. dau. of 1 baron New- 
lands ; J.P. Midlothian and East Lothian ; 
late It. 7 huss.; It.-col. commdg. (hon. 
col. 1903) Lothian & Berwickshire I. Y.. 
from 1901 (Heir, s. Jas. Hosier G., b.. 
1883) : Carlton and New (Edinburgh), 
clubs ; Luchie, North Berwick, N.B. 

Bairstow, Jas., j.p. (1903) W. R.. 



Yoiks : Sprihgfield, Cross Hills, nr. 

Baker, Alfred John, J. P. (1897) Kent : 
5 Fox Grove rd. Beckenham, Kent. 

Baker, sir Augustine F., M.A. Trin. 
coll. Dub., s. of Hugh Baker, of Lisma- 
cue, co. Tipperary ; b. 1861 ; admitted a 
solicitor, Irel. 1878, pres. Incorporated 
Law. Soc. Irel. 1903, knighted 1903 : 56 
Merrion sq. Dublin ; Constitutional, and 
University (Dublin) clubs. 

Baker, sir Benj.. K.c.i',., k.c.m.g.. v.d., (hon.) Cantab., ll.d. (hon.) Edin., 
P.R.S., b. 1840: past pies. Inst. O.K.. 1 
class Medjidie; memb. of Ordnance 
comm., It. -col. fhon. col. 1904). Eng. and 
Railw. V.S.C. from 1888 ; 2 Queen sq. pi. 
Queen Anne's gate, S.W. ; Athenaeum 
club; Bowden Green, Pangbourne, Berks. 

Baker, Edwd. Norman, c.S.i. (1900), 
s. of late Arthur Baker; b. 1867 ; m. 
1884, Mildred M., dau. of col. Salusbury 
Trevor, r.e. ; I.C.S. 1878, und. sec.govr. 
of Bengal, finl. dept. 1885, actd. as und. 
sec, govt, of India, fin. and commerce 
dept. in 1885 and dept. sec. 1892, collr. 
of customs 1897, sec. to govt, of Bengal 
and memb. legisl. council 1898, sec. to 
iiovt. of India, finauce dept. 1902-5, 
financial memb. of gov.-genl.'s council 
from 1905 : Calcutta, and The Yarrows, 
Simla, India. 

Baker, Fras., b. 1843 ; m. 1869, Eliza- 
beth, dau. (d. 1898) of late J. Koseby, 
of Haver holme House, Brigg ; j.P. N. R. 
Yorks : Headon Lodge, Brompton 
S.O. Yorks ; Westwood End, Scar- 

Baker, Geo., f.r.g.s., s. of late Geo. 
Baker, of Reigate, Surrey, J.P. ; b. 1839 ; 
m. 1861, Elizabeth J., dau. of John Clode, 
of Gt. Linford, Bucks ; J.P. Essex, one 
of H.M/s lieutenants for the City of 
London : 66 Mark la. E.C. ; Marryatt's 
Lodge,on the Forest, Snaresbrook, Essex. 

Baker, col. Geo., c.B., 2 s. of John 
Rose Baker, of Rochester, Kent ; 6. 
1840 ; served with 67 regt. in China 1860. 
Afghan war 1878-80. Burma 1885-7, 
comnd. 20 regtl. dist. (Lancashire Fus.) 
1891-6, ret. p. 1897: Army and Navy 
Club ; Manor Farm, Frindsbury, Ro- 

Baker, Geo., eld. s. of Edwd. Baker, 
of Birmingham; 6. 1825; m. 1, 1848, 
Rebecca B., dau. of Josiah Pumphrey, 
of Birmingham ; 2, 1879, Gulielma, dau. 
of Frederic Patching, of Birmingham ; 
J.P. Worcestershire and Birmingham : 
Beaucastle, Bewdley. 

Baker (his honor judge), sir Geo. 
Sherston, 4 bart. (1796); b, 1846; m. 

[1873, Jane Mary, dail. of late F. J. 
Fegen, R.N., c.B., of Ballinlonty, co. 
Tipperary; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, 

free, of Helston 1886-9, of Barnstaple and 
Bideford from 1889, and J.P., assoc. of 
Inst, de Droit Internl. 1879, author of 

J several treatises on municipal and inter- 

j national law, late editor of the Law 
Magazine and Review, county court judge 
Lincolnshire (circuit No. 17) from 1901 
(Heir, . Dodington Geo. R. S., b. 1877) : 
18 Cavendish rd. St. John's Wood, H.W.J 
13 Bank st. Lincoln. 

Baker, Granville Edwin Lloyd, eld. s. 
of T. B. Lloyd Baker, of Hardwicke 

j Court, Gloucestershire, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1886) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1868, Catherine, dau. 
(d. 1890) of hon. Arthur Lascelles ; j.p. 
Gloucestershire (sheriff 1898) : Carlton 
club ; Hardwicke Court, Gloucester. 

Baker, 11 v. "M inter, eld. s. of John 
Baker, of Sandwich ; l>. 1839 ; m. 1863, 
dau. of Hy. Tutt, of Dover : J.P. (1897) 
Kent : Cobliam Court, Bekesbourne, 

Baker, Hy. Orde L. 2 s. of T. B. 
Lloyd- Baker, of Hardwicke Court, Glou- 
cestershire, D.L., J.P. (d. 1886) ; b. 1842; 
J.P. Glo'stershire : Hardwicke Court, 

[ Gloucester. 

Baker, Henry William Clinton, eld. 
s. of Wm. Clinton Baker, of Bayford- 
bury, Herts, j.p. (d. 1903); b. 1865; is 
J.P. (1895) Herts: Union Club; Bay- 
fordbury, Hertford. 

Baker, sir John ; m. 1870, Louisa, 
dau. (d. (899) of paymaster-in-chief 
Crispin, R.N. ; a woollen merchant and 
outfitter at Portsmouth <fec, J.P. Ports- 
mouth, twice mayor, 21 years chm. of 
school board, M.P. (l.) Portsmouth 1892- 
1900, knighted 1895 : National Liberal 
club ; North End house, North end, 

Baker, Joseph Allen, s. of late Joseph 
Baker, of Maple Ridge Farm, Trenton, 
Out., Canada ; b. 1852 ; chm. of Joseph 
Baker and Sons, Ltd., of Willesdeu 
Junction. N.W. and City rd. E.C. ; L.c.c. 
from 1895, M.P. (L.) E. Finsbury from 
t906 : Donnington, Donnington rd. 
Harlesden, N.W. ; National Liberal 

Baker, re:ir-adml. Julian Alleyne ; 
in. 1893. Geraldine E., 3 dau. of gen. 
sir Archibald Alison, 2 bart., g.c.b. ; 
accompanied sir Samuel Baker during 
his expdn. to the Nile 1873, 3 class 
Medjidie ; served with naval brig, in 
Soudan with the Nile expdn. for relief 
of gen. Gordon at Khartoum 1884-5 ; 



ret. 1898, reaf-adml. on ret. list 1903 : 
Rowden House, Bromyard. 

Baker, Lawrence Ingbam, s. of Law- 
rence Jas. Baker, of Ottershaw Park, 
Surrey, J. P. ; b. 1862; m. 1885, Helen 
Agnes, youngest dau. of late sir Samuel 
Morton Peto, 1 bt. ; J. p. (1903) Somer- 
set : Wayford Manor, Crewkerne. 

Baker, Lawrence Jas., eld. s. of late 
John Law. Baker, of Eastcote Lodge, 
Middlx., late Indian army; b. 1827; m. 
1, 1857, Ellen C. Thompson; 2, 1871, 
Susan Taylor ; J. P. (1894) Surrey (sheriff 
1898), m.p. (L.) Somerset (Frome divn.) 
1885-6 : lOEnnisuiore gdns. S.W.; Otter- 
shaw Park, Chertsey, Surrey. 

Baker, Michael Granville Lloyd, eld. 
s. of Granville Edwin Lloyd Baker, of 
Hardwicke Court, Glos., J.P., by 4 dau. 
of hon. Arthur Lascelles ; b. 1873 ; m. 
1898, hon. Blanche, eld. dau. of 17 baron 
Willoughby de Broke, b. 1872; j.p. 
(1898) Gloucestershire, 2 It. R. Glouces- 
tershire Huss. (I.Y) from 1905: The 
Cottage, Hardwicke, Gloucester. 

Baker, Nathaniel, 3 s. of late A. K. 
Baker, of Longford House, Leckhamp- 
ton ; b. 1844 ; m. 1874, Cecil J., dau. of 
J. H. Sclater, of Newick Park, Sussex; 
barr. Inner Temple 1867, J.P. Devon: 
Butts Hill, Kingswear, Dartmouth. 

Baker, sir Randolf Littlehales, 4 
bart. (1802) of Ranston, only s. of rev. 
canon sir T. H. B. Baker, 3 bart. (d. 
1900) ; b. 1879 ; 2 It. Dorset I.Y. from 
1904, J.P. (1901) Dorset (Heir, none): 
Ranston, Blandford, Dorset. 

Baker (hon.), sir Richd. Chaff ey, 
k.c.m.g., K.c.,M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of John 
Baker, of Morialta, S. Australia ( d. 1871) ; 
b. 1 8 12 ; m. 1865, Katherine Edith, dau. of 
Richd. B. Colley, of Adelaide, S.A. ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn, 1864, memb. S. Australian 
legisl. council 1868-1901, special envoy 
from Australian colonies to Gt. Britain 
to negotiate postal union between them 
1*85-6, a.u. S. Australia in 1870, min. of 
educ. in 1884, pres. of legisl. council, 
1893-1901, pres. of senate of Australia 
fmm 1901 : Brougham pl.North Adelaide 
;ui'l Morialla, Norton's Summit, nr. 
Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Baker, ma j. gen. Robert John, ret. 
f. p. 1877 as lt.-col. M. S. C. 

Baker, lt.-gen. Thos. Norris, served 
in Sonthal campaign, 1855 ; Indian 
mutiny, 1857-8; Afghan war, 1878-9; 
Burmese expdn., 1885-6, lt.-gen. 1894, 
I ad. army, on U.S. list 1894: 35 Augusta 
gdns. Bouverie rd. west, Folkestone. 

Baker, Win. Fredk., s. of Hy. Baker, 
of Willesden, Middlx. (</.1899) ; ro,1883, 

Isabel M. dau. of Win. Benson, of Aller- 
wash, Northumberland ; a taxing mas- 
ter in chancery from 1889 : Jun. Carl- 
ton club ; Frognal Dene, Hampstead. 

Baker, Win, Meath, m.a. Cantab., s. of 
rev. Ralph Bourne Baker, j.p. (d. 1875) ; b. 
1857 ; m. 1884, H. Mary, only dau. 
of R. J. Corbett, ret. capt. Indian staff 
corps, of La Pinedo, Hyeres, France ; is 
j.p. Gloucestershire (sheriff 1896-7) : 
Hasfield Court, near Gloucester. 

Baker, Win. Proctor, s.of Wm. Baker, 
of Bristol ; b. 1834 ; m. 1862, Mary E. dau. 
of rev. Wm. Scott, of St. Olaves, Old 
Jewry, E.C. ; J.P. Somerset : Sandhill 
Park, nr. Taunton. 

Baker, lady. Amy Susan, dau. of lt.- 
col. Marryat ; m. 1875, as his 2 wife, rev . 
canon sir Talbot Hastings Bendall 
Baker, 3 bart. of Ranston (d. 1900) : 
Ranston, Blandford, Dorset. 

Baker, lady. Florence, dau.of Finian 
von Sass; m. 1860, as his 2 wife, sir 
Samuel White Baker, pasha and maj.- 
gen. of Ottoman Empire, a distinguished 
African traveller and discoverer of the 
Albert N'Yanza, knt. Medjidie, and Os- 
manie, commd. exped. to suppress slave 
trade in Central Africa, 1869-74, D.L. 
J.p. (d. 1893) : Sandford Orleigh, Newton 

Baker, mrs.,widow of rev.F. W.Baker : 
Sparkeswood, Rolvenden, Ashf ord, Kent 
Baker-Baker, Richd., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of Fras. Baker, of Headon Lodge, 
Brompton, Yorks ; b. 1873 ; m. 1896, 
Anette Lucie, dau. of Hy. Arthur Mitton, 
master of Sherburn hosp. Durham ; J.P. 
(1901) N. R. Yorks : Ebberston, Snain- 
ton S.O. Yorks. 

Baker-Baker, misses, daus. of late 
Henry John Baker-Baker, D.L., J.P. co. 
Durham, of Elemore Hall, co. Durham : 
Elemore Hall, Durham. 

Baker-Carr, maj. Robt. Geo. Tees- 
dale, M.v.o. 4 class (1903), eld. s. of rev. 
Robt. Jas. Baker-Carr, of Abberton 
Hall, co. Worcester ((/. 1886), by Rose 
L. L., only dau. of lt.-gen. H.G. Tees- 
dale, r.h.a. ; b. 1867 ; a.d.c. to viceroy 
of India (earl of Elgin) 1894-9 and (lord 
Curzon of Kedleston) from 1899, maj. 
Rif. brig, from 1904 : Army and Navy 
and Bachelors' clubs. 

Baker-Carr, mrs. Rose L. L., only 
dau. of lt.-gen. H. G. Teeedale, r.h.a. ; 
m. 1864, rev. Robt. Jas. Baker-Carr, of 
Abberton Hall, co. Worcester, and 
rect. of Lanteglos with St. Ad wen 
1876-86 {d. 1886) ; patroness and lady 
of the manor of Abberton, Worcs : 47 
Clarence sq. Cheltenham 


Baker- Cresswell, Addison Fras., eld. 
s. of capt. Oswin C. Baker-Cresswell, 
late 3 huss., of Cresswell, Northumb. 
j. p. (dl886),byeld.dau. (whom. 2,1892, 
2 earl of Ravensworth) of late hon. R. 
Denm;m ; b. 1874 ; m. 1899, Idonea, 2 dan. 
of S. F. Widdrington, of Newton Hall, 
Northumberland; D.L.,j.p. (1900) North- 
umberland, late 2 It. Scots gds., capt. 
Northumberland Huss. I.Y. 1900-2: 
Cresswell, Morpeth ; Harehope, Aln- 

Baker-Cresswell, Gilfrid Geo., 2 s. of 
0. A. Baker-Cresswell, of Cresswell, 
Northumberland ; b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Alice 
Astley, dau. of sir Astley Paston Cooper, 
2 bart. ; J. P. Worcestershire : ;>1 
Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Jun. United Service 

Baker-Cresswell,missElizabeth J. I., 
2 dau. of Addison John Baker-Cresswell, 
of Cresswell, Northumb. D.L., J. p. (d. 
1879) : Preston Tower, Chathill S.O. 

Baker- Wilbraham, Geo. Barrington 
M.A. Oxon., 2 s. of sir Geo. Baker, 3 bart., 
of Loventor (d. 1882) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, 
Katharine F., only child and heir of gen. 
sir Richd. Wilbraham, k.c.b. of Rode 
Hall, Cheshire (d. 1900) ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1870 ; J.P. Cheshire ; assumed by 
royal licence addtl. name of Wilbraham 
1900 : Athenaeum club ; Rode Hall, 

Balcarres, lord, David Alex. Edwd. 
Lindsay, B.A., F.S.A. (Lond.) and f.s.a. 
(Scot.), eld. s. of earl of Crawford ; b. 
1871; m. 1900, Constance, younger dau. 
of late sir Henry Pelly, 3 bart. by dau. 
of 9 earl of Wemyss ; capt. 1 vol. battn. 
Manchester regt. 1898-1903, trustee 
National Portrait Gallery, officer of 
order of Leopold of Belgium, a jun. 
lord of the treas. 1903-5, M.P. (c.) N. 
Lancashire (Chorley divn.) from 1895 : 
74 Brook st. W. ; Carlton club ; Haigh 
Hall, Wigan ; Balcarres, Fife. 

Balden, Robt. Swan, eld. s. of John 
Balden, of Hexham, Northumb.; b. 1857; 
m. 1895, Julia, dau. of Wm. Whiteley, of 
Hanging Heaton, Yorks ; J.P. (1901) 
W. R. Yorks : By well, Leeds rd. Hang- 
ing Heaton, Dewsbury. 

Balding, Daniel Barley, v.d., f.r.c.s., 
eld. s. of Jas. Balding, M.R.C.8., of Bark- 
way, Herts; b. 1830 ; is J.P. Cambridge- 
shire and Hertfordshire, H.M.'s coroner 
for Herts, surg.-lt.-col. ret. 1 (Hertford- 
shire)vol.battn.Bedf ordshire regt. : Royal 
Societies club ; The Beeches, Royston, 

Baldock, Edwd. Holmes, s. of E. H. 


Baldock, m.p. (d. 1875), by dau. of sir A. 
Corbet, 2 bart. ; b. 1853 ; m. 1880, Agnes 
J. 3 dau. of Jas. J. Bibby, J. P., of Hard- 
wicke Grange,Salop : J.P. Leicestershire ; 
lt.-col. commdg. 3 County of London 
(Sharpshooters) I.Y. from 1904 : 8 Gros- 
venor pi. S.W. ; Carlton, Boodle's and 
Pratt's clubs ; Craven Lodge, Melton 

Baldock, gen. (1891) George, on U.S. 
list 1881, Ind. army. 

Baldock, col. Thos. Stanford, r.a., 
C.b. (1902), s. of Wm. Baldock ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1885, Eleanor, dau. of maj.-gen. 
Markham Le Fer Taylor, r.a.; served 
in S. African war 1900-2. 

Bald-win, Alfred, youngest s. of Geo. 
P. Baldwin, of Stourport ((/. 1840) ; b. 
1841 ; in. 1866, Louisa, dau. of rev. G. B. 
Macdonald, of Wolverhampton ; D.L., 
J.P. Worcestershire, J.P. Staffs, chin, 
of Baldwins, Ltd., ironmasters, and 
of Gt. Western Ry., M.P. (c.) W. 
Worcestershire froni*1892 : Kensington 
Palace mansions, W. ; Carlton and 
Athenaeum clubs ; Wilden House, nr. 

Baldwin, maj.-gen. Fredk., R.M.L.T.; 
b. 1815; served in China 1867-9, 
Egyptian war 1882, 4 class Medjidie ; 
Suakin 1884, maj.-gen. 1902. 

Baldwin, Godfrey Wm. Ainsworth, 
eld. a. of capt. Ormerod Pilkington 
Baldwin, of The Meads, Eastbourne, J.P. ; 
6. 1869 ; m. 1901, Gertrude, youngest 
dau. of late Jas. Luddington, of Little- 
port, Cambs ; J.P. (1897) Suffolk: Pippin 
Park, Lydgate, Newmarket. 

Baldwin, Jas., J.P. (1895) Worcester- 
shire ; maj. Q. 0. Worcestershire Huss. 
I.Y. from 1901 : Cavalry club ; Broad 
Meadow, King's Norton, nr.Birmingham. 

Baldwin, maj. John Grey, H.M.'s con- 
sul-gen. for the Portuguese Possessions 
in East Africa from 1904 ; British Con- 
sulate-General, Lourenco Marques. 

Baldwin, capt. John Henry, 3 s. of 
late Wm. Wriothesley Turner Baldwin, 
of Stede Hill, Kent ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1881, 
Charlotte A, dau. (d. 1884) of maj.- 
gen. J. G. Balmain, Madras artill. ; 2, 
1887, Caroline E., dau. of late rev. Chas. 
Parkin, vicar of Lenham,Kent,and widow 
of rev. Edwd. Twopeny ; late capt. Ben- 
gal army, served in China and Bhootan, 
lord of the manor of Harrietsham, J.P. 
Kent : Jun. United Service club. 

Baldwin, John Herbert Lacey, eld. e. 
of late John Baldwin, of Broomfield, 
Halifax; b. 1863; m. 1890, Mary 
Beatrice, dau. of late Rev. Wm. A. 
Norris, vicar of Floore, Northants ; is 



1892) J.P. W.R. Yorks : Bioomficld, 
Halifax ; St. Oswald's, Filey S.O. Yorks. 

Baldwin, capt. Ormerod Pilkington, 
4 s. of late Godfrey Baldwin, of Brook- 
field, Bandon, co. Cork ; b. 1839 ; m. 1868, 
Harriet, dau. of late Wm. Little, of Ely, 
Cambridgeshire ; is J.P. Suffolk : Lor- 
raine, The Meads, Eastbourne. 

Baldwin, Stanley, s. of Alfred Bald- 
win, of Wilden House, Worcs, m.p.,j.p.; 
b. 1867 : m.1892, Lucy,eld. dau. of Edwd. 
L. J. Ridsdale, of The Dene, Rotting- 
dcan ; J.P. (1897) Worcestershire : United 
University club ; Astley Hall, nr. 

Baldwin, col. Wm. Jn. Atkinson, 
eld. s. of late rev. John Baldwin, of 
Dalton-in-Furness, Lanes ; b. 1845 ; 
burr. Middle Temple 1876 ; J.P. Lanca- 
shire (and C.A.) and Cumberland ; lt.-col. 
commdg (hon. col. 1888) 3 battn. (mil.) 
Border regt. 1887-92 : Carlton, Jnn. 
Carlton and Jun. United Service clubs j 

Baldwyn-Childe, mrs. Frances C, 
d;ui. of sir Baldwin Leighton, 7 bart. 
M.P. ; m. 1862, preby. Edwd. Geo. Bald- 
wyn-Childe, of Kvre Park, Worcs., J.P. 
(d. 1898) : 3 Wilton pi, Belgrave sq., 
S.W. j Kyre Park, Tenbury, Worcester- 

Bale, sir Henry, K.C.M.G., K.C., s. of 
W. E. Bale, of Pietermaritzburg, J.P. ; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1, 1887, Eliza, dau. (d. 1890) of 
W. B. Wood, of Edinburgh ; 2, 1904, 
Margaret, dau. of W. F. Berning, of 
Natal ; A.G. and min. of educn. Natal, 
1897-1901, administr. June-July, 1903, 
c.j. there from 1901 : Ingleside, Pieter- 
maritzburg, Natal. 

Balfe, Michael Joseph, eld. s. of P. J. 
Balfe, of South Park, co. Roscommon, 
J.P. (d. 1886) ; 6. 1849 ; m. 1885, Kathleen, 
4 dau. of late J. O'Connell, d.l. ; D.L.. 
J.P. co. Roscommon (sheriff 1875) ; hon. 
maj. ret. 5 battn. (mil.) Connaught 
Rangers, re-apptd. capt. 1890, ret 1899 : 
South Park, Castlerea, co. Roscommon. 

Balfour of Burleigh, lord (6 baron, 
1503 : Sco. rep. peer). Alex. Hugh 
Bruce, P.O. (1892), k.t. (1901) ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1876, lady Katherine, dau. of 5 earl 
of Aberdeen, b. 1852; m.a., d.c.l. (hon.) 
Oxon., capt. Highland borderers (mil.) 
B0, J.P. Stirling, Perth, and Fife, 
I'.i... J.!\ Clackmannan ; chm. of educa- 
tional endowments R. commission 1882-9, 
of W'rlsh Sunday closing comm. 1889, of 
London water supply comm. 1892-3, of 
loco] taxation comm. 1896-1900, of food 
"I 'I' 1 ) '" time of war 19Q3-6 ; a 
lord m waiting to Queen Victoria 1887-9, 

parly, sec. to board of trade 1889-92 ; sec. 
for Scotland and v.P. of comm. of council 
on educ. for Scotland 1895-1903, lord 
rect. of Edinburgh univ. 1896, chancellor 
St. Andrew's Univ. 1900 ; established 
claim to title 1868, on reversal (1869) 
of attainder of 1716 (Zfeir, s. hon. Robt. 
Bruce (master of Burleigh) q.v.) : 47 
Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton, Athenaeum 
and New (Edinburgh) clubs; Kennet 
House, Alloa, N.B. 

Balfour, rt.hon. Arthur Jas.,P.C.(1885), 
f.b.a., eld. s. of Jas. Maitland Balfour, of 
Whittingehame, Haddingtonshire (d. 
1856), and lady Blanche, 2 dau. of 2 marq. 
of Salisbury, K.G. ; b. 1848 ; memb. of 
senate of Lond. univ. 1887, hon. ll.d. St. 
And. 1878, Edin. 1881, Cantab. 1888, 
Dub. and Glas. 1891, hon. d.c.l. Oxon. 
ind M.A.Cantab., F.R.S.: D.L.East Lothian; 
lord rect. of St. Andrew's univ. 1886, 
and of Glasgow univ. 1890 ; chanc, of 
Edinburgh univ. 1891; pre*. Brit. 
Assoc. 1904-5; pres. of Local Govt. 
Board 1885-6 ; sec. for Scotland and 
v.P. of comm. of council on .educ. for 
Scotland, 1886-7 ; chief sec. for Ireland, 
1887-91 ; first lord of tbe Treasury and 
leader of the House of Commons 1891-2 
and 1895-1902 ; prime min., first lord of 
the Treasury and leader of House of Com- 
mons 1902-5, lord privy seal 1902-3 ; M.P. 
(c.) Hertford 1874-85, E. Manchester 
from 1885; author of "A Defence of 
Philosophic Doubt," "Essays and Ad- 
dresses," "The Foundations of Belief, 
being Notes Introductory to the Study 
of Theology," etc. etc. : 4 Carlton gdns. 
S.W. ; Carlton, Travellers', Athenaeum, 
New (Edinburgh), etc., etc. clubs; 
Whittingehame, Prestonkirk, N.B. 

Balfour, Blayney Reynell Townley, 
m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of B. Townley 
Balfour, of Townley Hall, J.P. (d. 1882) ; 
b. 1845; D.L.. j.p. co. Louth, J.P. co. Meath 
andDrogheda: Constitutional, W.C., and 
Sackville St. (Dublin) clubs; Townley! 
Hall, nr. Drogheda, co. Louth. 

Balfour, Chas. Barrington, s. of Chas.j 
Balfour, of Balgonie, Fife, and Newton; 
Don, Berwickshire, J.P.(d 1872), by 5 dau. I 
of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1862 ; m. 1888, j 
lady Helena, youngest dau. of 10 earl or 
Antrim, b. 1865 ; J.P. Roxburghshire,D.L. 
J.P. Berwickshire ; served in Egyptian 
war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir, lieut. Scots 
gds. 1881-90, capt. R. gds. res. regt. 
1900, capt. 2 vol. battn. K.O.S. Bord. 
1891-5, M.P. (c.) Middlx. (Hornsey divn.; 
from 1900 : 14 Grosvenor cres. S.W. i 
Carlton, Bachelors' and Guards' clubs , 
Newton Don, Kelso, N.B. 



Balfour, Edwd., eld. survg. s. of late 
John Balfour, of Balbirnie, co. Fife, D.L., 
j. p. by 2dau. of 1 earl Cawdor ; b. 1819 ; m. 
1879,IsabellaWeyman Hooper, of Boston. 
U.S.A. ; D.L., J. P. co. Fife : Carlton, Turf, 
Marlborough, Pratt's and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs : Balbirnie, Markinch, N.B. 

Balfour, Eustace Jas. Anthony, M.A. 
Cantab, f.s.a., f.r.i.b.a., 5 s. of late 
Jas. Balfour,of Whittingehame,Hadding- 
tonshire (d. 1856), by 2 dau. of 2 marq. of 
Salisbury, K.G. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1879, 
lady Frances, 5 dau. of 8 duke of Argyll, 
K.<;., K.T., P.r., b. 1858; It. -col. commit. 
London Scottish (7 Middlx.) R.V. from 
189-1-1902, col. and vol. a.d.c. to the 
King from 1903, R. Scottish Archer 
(King's body gd. for Scotland) : 32 
Addison rd. W. 

Balfour, Fras., eld. s. of Fras. Walter 
Balfour, of Fernic, Fifeshire, D.L., J.P., 
by Jane Emilia, 2 dau. of late Patrick 
Small Keir, of Kindrogan, co. Perth, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1867; J. P. co. Perth 
and co. Fife : Kindrogan, Enochdhu, 
Pitlochrie, N.B. 

Balfour, maj. Fras. "Walter, eld. s. of 
Fras. Balfour, of Fernie, Fifeshire (<l. 
1864); b. 1831; m. 1866, Jane Amelia (d. 
1898), dau. of late Patrick S. Keir, of 
Kindrogan, co. Perth, D.L., j.p.; maj. 
late Rif. brig., d.t,., j.p. Fifeshire: 
Fernie Castle, Monimail, Collessie S.O 

Balfour, rt. hon.GeraldWm.,P.o.(Eng. 

1900 and Irel. 1895), M.A. Cantab., 4 s. of 

Jas.Maitland Balfour, of Whittingehame, 

Haddingtonshire (d. 1856), by 2 dau. of 

2 marq. of Salisbury, K.G. ; b. 1853; m. 

1887, lady Elizabeth E., eld. dau. of 1 

earl of Lytton ; b. 1867 ; chief sec. for 

Ireland 1895-1900, pres. of Board of 

! Trade 1900-5, of Local Govt. Board 

in 1905, M.P. (c.) Leeds (Central 

j divn.) from 1885 : 3 Whitehall court, 

S.W. ; Carlton and Athenaeum clubs; 

I Fishers Hill, Woking. 

Balfour, hon. Harry Robt. Chiches- 
ter, 4 8. of 1 baron Kinross, r.c. : b. 1882. 

Balfour, maj.-gen. Hy. Lowther, R.A., 
, ret. as lt.-col. R.A. 1881 with hon. rank 
, of maj.-gen. 

Balfour, hon. Jas. Moncreiff, B. A. 
Oxon. , 2 s. of 1 baron Kinross, P.O. ; b. 
1878 ; 2 It. 9 vol. battn. R. Scots 1901-1. 

Balfour, col. Jas. Wm., s. of capt. Wm. 
- Balfour, r.n., of Trenabie, Orkney (d. 
\ 1846) ; b. 1827 ; m. 1852, Isabella, dau. of 
3ol. Craster; D.L., j.p. and convener for 
:o. Orkney; formerly capt. 7 drag, gds., 
t.-col. ret. p., lt.-col. commdt. 1 Orkney 
R,G.A. (Vols.) 1880-95, hon. col. of the 

corp.? from 1895 : Army and Navy, S.W. 
and New and Scottish Conservative 
(Edinburgh) clubs; Balfour Castle, Kirk- 
wall, N.B. 

Balfour, John, s. of gen. Balfour ; b. 
1811 ; w.2 dau.(d. 1884) of learl Cawdor, 
b. 1820 ; late gren. gds. ; D.L., J.P. Fife ; 
hon. col. Fife arty. mil. from 1855 : 
Travellers' club ; Balbirnie, Markinch 
Fifeshire, N.B. 

Balfour, maj. John Edmond Heugh, 
D.s.O. (1900), eld. s. of late Geo. E. 
Balfour ; b. 1863 ; capt. 11 huss. 1891-2, 
served in S. African war 1899-1900, maj. 
Res. of officers from 1902, lt.-col. 
commdg. R. 1st Devon I.Y. from 1905, 
J.P. Devon : 5b Mount st. W. ; Arthur's, 
Boodle's and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Sidmouth Manor, Devon. 

Balfour, hon. John Patrick Douglas, 
s. of 2 baron Kinross ; b. 1901. 

Balfour, hon. John Ramsay Blair, 3 
s. of 1 baron Kinross, P.O. ; b. 1881. 

Balfour, Kenneth Robt., 2 s. of 
late Geo. E. Balfour, of The Manor, Sid- 
mouth, Devon ; b. L863 ; m. 1, 1888, Mar- 
garet, only dau. (d, 1901) of late C. 
tioger&oa ; 2, L903, May Eleanor, dau. of 
col. A. Broadwood, 54 Eaton pi. S.W; 
is J.P. (1895) Dorset, capt. 1 R. drag. 
1892-8, 2nd in commd. Impl. yeom. S. 
Africa 1900, M.P. (c.) Christchurch from 
1900: 11 Lowndes st. S.W. ; Carlton 
club ; Stagsden House, Bournemouth. 

Balfour, hon. Norman Fredk. Wm. 
5 s. of 1 baron Kinross, p.o. ; h. 1884. 

Balfour, col. Wm. E. Ligonier, r.a., 
eld. s. of col. Jas. Wm. Balfour, of Bal- 
four Castle, co. Orkney, d.l., j.p. ; />. 
1855 ; m. 1887, Florence A. C. E. only 
dau. of Frederic Bernal,c.M.G.,late H.M.'s 
consui-gen. at Havre ; D.L., J.P. Orkney, 
lt.-col. (brevet col. 1901) R.G.A. from 
1901 : Boodle's and Pratt's clubs. 

Balfour, lady Elizabeth E., vide rt 
hon. Gerald Wm. Balfour. 

Balfour, lady Frances, vide Eustace 
J. A. Balfour. 

Balfour, hon. Isabel Nora Gwendo- 
line, dau. of 1 baron Kinross ; b. 1885. 

Balfour, mrs. Janet, dau. of late rev. 
John Roxburgh, D.D., of Glasgow ; m. 
1861, Alex. Balfour, of Liverpool, J.P. 
Denbighshire (d. 1886) : Dawyck, Stobo, 

Balgonie, lord. John David Leslie- 
Melville, eld. a. of earl of Leven and 
Melville ; b. 1886. 

Balinhard, baron ; vide Southesk. 

Ball, sir Chas. Bent, m.d., f.r.c.s.i., 
K.K.c.s. (hon.) Kng. youngest s. of late 
]>. S. Ball, ll.b., of Dublin ; b. 1851 



m. 1874, Annie Julia, dau. of late Daniel 
Kinahan, J.P., of Boebuck Park, co. 
Dublin ; reg. prof, of surg. Trinity coll. 
Dublin, inemb. Gen. Med. Council and 
advisory Board for Army Med. Service, 
hon. siirg. to the King from 1904, 
knighted 1903 : 21 Merrion sq. north, 
and Kildare Street club. Dublin. 

Ball, Edwd. Ash, eld. s. of Edwd. 
Ash Ball, of Bolls Tark, Essex ; b. 1*53 ; 
j.p. (1901) Essex: Jun. Carlton club; 
Egg Hall, Epping. 

Ball, Geo. Saarland, J. p. (1903) West- 
morland : Under Fell, Burton, Westmor- 

Ball, John, J. P. (1890) Derbyshire; 
Dobson House, Ilkeston. 

Ball, sir Robt. Stawell, ll.d., f.r.s., s. 
of late R. S. Ball, ll.d. of Dublin ; b. 
1840 ; m. 1868, Frances E.,dau. of late W. 
E. Steele,M.D.; Andrew's prof, at Trinity 
Coll. Dublin 1874-92, astronomer royal 
for Ireland 1874-92; author of several 
books on mathematics and astronomy. 
Lowndean prof, of astronomy and 
geometry at Cambridge from 1892, fell, 
of Kings Coll. Camb. ; scientific adviser 
to commrs. of Irish Lights, knighted 
1886 : Athenaeum club ; Observatory, 

Ball, Thos., c.M.G. (1901), s. of late 
Wm. Ball ; b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1869, Emily J., 
dau. of J. Dunkley,of Hereford; 2, 1890, 
Louise E., dau. of John Wilson and 
widow of Oscar Braumuller ; mavor of 
Cape Town 1898, 1899 and 1900," dep.- 
mayor 1901 : Hereford House, Kloof 8t. 
Cape Town, S. Africa. 

Ball, Wm., j.p. (1899) Kent : Hillside 
House, Woodstock rd. Strood, Rochester. 

Ball, Wm. Hawkins, b.a. Oxon., eld. 
8. of W. St. James Ball (d. 1883) ; b 
1874 ; J.P. co. Clare (sheriff 1900), 2 It 
South of Ireland I.Y. from 1904 : Fort 
Fergus, Ballinacally, Ennis, co. Clare ; 
Wellington and Kildare St. (Dublin) 

Ballantine, Wm. Hy. Walter, ll.b. 
Cantab., s. of serjeant Wm.Ballantine (d. 
1887) ; 6.1847 ; m. 1878, Eleanor, widow 
of T. A. Mitchell, M.P. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1871, m.p. (l.) Coventry 1887-95. 

Ballantine Dykes, Frecheville Hu- 
bert, s. of Lamplugh Frecheville 
I'.allantine-Dykes, of Dovenby Hall, 
Cumberland, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1881 ; j.p. 
i 1906) Cumberland, It. Scots gds. from 
1804 : Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth. 

Ballantine-Dykes, mrs. Edith G. 

youngest dau. of late R. Howard-Brooke, 

tie Howard, co. Wicklow ; m. 1879, 

La in pi ughFresche villeBallantine-Dykes, 


of Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1893) : Dovenby Hall, Cockermouth, 

Ballarat, 2 bp. of (1875), rt. rev.Arthur 
Vincent Green, ll.d. Melb., s. of rev. S. 
Dutton Green; b. 1857; archdn. of 
Ballarat and vie ( f Ch. Co. Pro-Cath. 
Bal. Victoria, Aust'alia 1890-4, bp. of 
Grafton and Armidale, N. S. Wales 
1891-1900, of Ballarat, Victoria, from 
1900 : Bishopscourt, Ballarat, Victoria, 

Ballard, Henry, c.m.g. (1901), s. of 
Hy. Jas. Ballard, of Southampton ; b. 
1840; m.l, 1868, Harriett E. J., eld. dau. 
of Robt. Richardson, of New Cross, S.E.; 
2, 1877, Sarah E.. 3 dau. of Jas. Wroe, of 
Potter's Bar, Middlx. ; port capt. and 
shipping master, Durban, Natal, from 
1884 : Durban, Natal. 

Balleine, very rev. Geo. Orange, m.a. 
Oxon, s. of Geo. Balleine, of Mon Plaisir, 
Florence,dau.(d.l894) of Austen Gardner, 
of Ash,Sandwich ; hon. canon of Winches- 
ter from 1891, dean of Jersey and rect. 
from 1888 of St. Helier's, Jersey. 

Balleny, Edmund Wm. Ellison, 3 s. of 
D. C. Balleny, of Greencroft, co. Dur- 
ham ; b. 1845 ; J.P. co. Durham : Little 
Greencroft Hall, Durham. 

Ballinger, mrs. Skates Hill House, 
Chalford, Stroud, Glos. 

Bally, maj.-gen.JohnFord,R.A.,c.v.o. 
(1903) ; b. 1845 ; served in Zulu war 
1879, commdg. B.A. at Gibraltar 1902-5, 
maj.-gen. 1902, ret. p. 1905. 

BaUy, maj.-gen. St. John, ret. p. 1887: 
Naval and Military club. 

Bally, maj.-gen. Wm.,served in Abys- 
sinian campaign 1867-8 : ret. p. 1887 
13 Sion hill, Bath. 

Balxne, vide Jones-Balme. 

Balniel, baron, vide Crawford. 

Balston, Richd. Jas., eld. s. of R. E. 
Balston, of Springfield, Kent (d. 1888) i 
b. 1839 ; m. 1862, Emily Parker, dau. 
J. Robinson ; D.L., J.P. Kent (sherii 
1894): Constitutional club ; Springfielc 
Maidstone : Bilsington Priory, nr. Ash- 
ford, Kent. 

Bamfleld, lt.-gen. Albert Hy., s. of 
late maj. Daniel Bamfield, h.e.i.c.s. ; b. 
1830 ; m. 1851, Charlotte, dau. of late 
Joseph Green Bidwill, of Exeter ; served 
in Punjab campaign 1848-9 ; withexpdy. 
force against Boree Afreedes iu Kohat 
Hills 1853, and Indian mutiny 1857 ; lt.- 
gen. I.S.C. 1892, j.p. (1897) Devon : 
Brockhurst, Exmouth, Devon. 

Bamford, John, 3 8. of Hv. Bamford, 
of Uttoxeter, Staffs. ; b. 1854 ; ro. 1883, 



dau. of dr. H. Hawthorne, of Uttoxeter, 
Staffs.; j.p. (1901) Staffs; Oldfielia 
Hall, Uttoxeter S.O. Stiffs. 

Bamford, Samuel Brassington, eld. s. 
of Henry Bamford, of Uttoxeter, Staffs ; 
b. 1845 ; to. 1875, Dorothy, dau. of Henry 
Hawthorne, surgeon, Uttoxeter, Staffs ; 
j.p. (189-1) Staffs: Hawthornden Manor, 
Uttoxeter S.O. Staffs. 

Bampfylde, hon. Charles Warwick, 2 
s. of 2 baron Poltimore ; b. 1867 : Staple 
Hay, Taunton. 

Bampfylde, hon. Coplestone Richard 
George Warwick, eld. s. of 2 baron Polti- 
more; b. 1859; to. 1881, Margaret Harriet, 
eld. dau. of Wentworth Blackett Beau- 
mont ; is D.L., j.p. Devon, 2 It. 1 life 
gds. 1879-81, capt. N. Devon, yeom. 
1881-9: 8 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Harts- 
bourne Manor, Bus hey Heath, Watford. 

Bampfylde, hon. Francis Warwick. 

3 s. of 2 baron Poltimore ; b. 1885 ; 2 It. 

4 battn. (mil.) Devonshire regt. from 

Banbury, sir Fredk. Geo., 1 bt. 
(1902), eld. s. of late Fredk. Banbury, and 
grands, of William Banbury, of Warlies 
Park, Waltham Abbey; b. 1850 ; to. 1873, 
Elizabeth II., 2 dau. of late Thos. Barbot 
Beale, of Brettenham Park, Suffolk : 
partner in Fredk. Banbury and Sons, 
stockbrokers, Old Broad st. E.G., J.P. 
(1902) Hunts and (1905) Wilts, m.p. (c). 
Camberwell (Peckbam divn.) from 1892 
(Heir, s. Chas. Wm., b. 1877) : 41 Lowndes 
st. S. W ; Carlton, Windham and City 
of London clubs ; Warneford Place, 
Highworth, Wilts. 

Banbury, Gabriel Geo., j.p. (1894) 
Oxfordshire : Hill House, Woodstock, 

Bance, col. Edward, v. d., youngest s. 
of John Bance, of Newbury, Berks. ; b. 
1842; to. 1X66, Mary, dau. of Samuel Cox, 
of Southampton ; J.P.Southampton, D.L. 
Hants, ret. hon. col. 1 Hampshire R.G.A. 
(vols.) : Rose Mount, Westwood Park, 
Southampton ; Whitehall club. 

Bancroft, John, s. of John Bancroft, 
of Shipbrooke, Cheshire; b. 1834; to. 
18G3, Sarah, dau. of Wm. Chrimes, of 
Weaverham, Cheshire ; is J.P. (1894) 
Cheshire : The Laurels, Poynton, nr 

Bancroft, sir Squire Bancroft, s. of 
late Secundus Bancroft-Butterfield, of 
Netherthorpe ; authorised by Royal 
licence to use for himself and issue, the 
surname Bancroft only, which was 
assumed in 1860 ; b. 1841 ; to. 1867, Marie 
Erne Wilton (the famous actress), dau. 
of late Robt. Pleydell Wilton of 

Gloucester; a distinguished actor, acd 
for twenty years lessee and manager of 
the old Prince of Wales's and Haymarket 
Theatres ; knighted 1897 for notable 
services to his profession : 18 Berkeley 
sq. W. ; White Lodge, Westgate-on-Sea. 

Bandini, hon. Lorenzo Maria Gius- 
tiniani, 2 s. of vise. Kynnaird (duca di 
Mondiagone) ; b. 189 >. 

Bandini, hon. Sigismondo Maria B. 
G. Giustiniani, eld. s. of vise. Kynnaird 
(duca di Mondragone) ; b. 1886. 

Bandini, lady Christina, b. 1866 ; lady 
Maria Cecilia Pia, b. 1869, daus. of 10 earl 
of Newburgh. 

Bandini, hon. Maria Sofia G., 6. 1889; 
hon. Gieussppe Maria, b. 1896 ; daus. of 
vis^. Kynnaird (duca di Mondragone). 

Bandon, 4 earl of (1800 : Ir. Rep. peer). 
James Francis Bernard, K.P., only s. of 3 
earl {d. 1877); b. 1850; to. 1876, hon. 
Georgiana,only child of 7 baron Carbery ; 
2nd tit. vise. Bernard ; hon. col. Cork art. 
mil. (S. div. of R.A.) from 1878, H.M.'s 
lieut. co. Cork from' 189- (Heir, cousin, 
Percy B. Bernard, q.v.) : Carlton club ; 
CastleBernard, Bandon, co. Cork; Durras 
Court, Bantry, Cork. 

Banerjee, sir Gurudas,M.A.,D.L., s. of 
Ramchandra Banerjee, of Narikeldanga ; 
b. 1841 : a judge of high court of Cal- 
cutta 1888-1904, | vice-chanc. Calcutta 
Univ. 1889-91 ; knighted 1901 : Narikel- 
danga, Calcutta. 

Banes, m aj. Geo. Edward, eld. s. of 
G. D. Banes, late surveyor of iron ship- 
building to Admiralty ; b. 1828 ; in. 1850, 
Mary Ann, dau. of Matthew Place, of 
York ; founded 3rd Essex (now 2nd bri- 
gade it. a.) in 1859, ret. as maj. 1876, 
memb. of West Ham school board from 
1874, and J.P. of the borough, is a whar- 
finger and bonded warehousekeeper at 
Colonial and < J ranite wharves, Wapping, 
E. and 37 and 88 Mark la., E.C., m!p. (c.) 
S. West Ham 1886-92 and from 1895: 
The Red House, Upton, Essex. 

Banfleld, Eldred Willis, j.p. (1899) 
for Scilly Islands (Cornwall) : Holy vale 
St. Mary's (Scilly), Penzance. 

Ban field, brig.-gen. Rees John Fras. 
CB. (1900), s. of late Rees S. P. Banfield, 
of Chiswick ; b. 1850 ; to 1877, Marie L., 
dau. of J. G. Upton, of Ealing; served in 
S. African war 1899-1901, brig.-gen. in 
charge of administiation Gibraltar from 

Bangor, 5 vise. (1781, Ir. Rep. peer). 
Henry Wm. Crosbie Ward ; b. 1828 ; to. 1, 
Mary, youngest dau. (d. 1869) of rev. H. 
King, of Ballylin, King's co. ; 2, 1874, 
Elizabeth, only survg. dau. of late H. 



Eccles, of Croaroe. co. Wicklow ; capt. 
late 43 Light Int., served in Kaffir 
war 1851-54, D.L., J. P. co. Down {Heir, a. 
capt. lion. Maxwell R. C. Ward, q.v.) : 
Carlton, S.W. ; Kildare St. (Dublin) ; 
Ulster (Belfast) ; aDd St. George's Yacht 
(Kingstown) clubs ; Castle Ward, Down- 
patrick, co. Down. 

Bangror, 72 bp. of (516). rt. rev. Watkin 
Herbt. Williams, M.A. Ch.Ch Oxon, 2 s. of 
8irHughWilliams,3bart., of Bodelwyddan 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1879, Alice, dau. of 
late gen. Hy. Monckton ; vicar of Bodel- 
wyddan,Flints,1872-92,archdn. and cinon 
resid. of St. Asaph 1889-92, dean 1892-98, 
bp. of Bangor from 1899 : A.thengeum and 
Oxford and Cambridge clubs; Pant 
Eidal, Machynlleth ; Glyn Garth, Menai 
Bridge S.O. Anglesey. 

Bangor, archd. of, vide ven. John 

Bangror, dean of ; vide very rev. 
Griffith Roberts. 

Bankart. Arthur Reginald, M.v.o. 4 
class (1893), m.b. Edin., s. of late Arthur 
Bankart, of Eastbourne ; b. 1868 ; mernb. 
firstclass order of Saxe Ernestine; 4 class 
Osmanieh ; surg. R.N. from 1895, lion, 
phys. to the King from 1905. 

Bankart, Samuel Nevins, B.A.Cantab., 
J.P. (1904) Leicestershire : Hallaton 
Hall, nr. Uppingham. 

Bankes, Geo. Vernon, d.l.,j.p. (1896) 
Herefordshire : Constitutional club ; 
Birch House, Much Birch, Tram Inn 
S.O., Herefordshire. 

Bankes, John Eldon, k.c, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of J. S. Bankes, of Soughton Hall, 
Flints., D.L., J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1854 ; to. 
1882, Edith, eld. dau. of Robt. Peel Ethel- 
ston, of Hinton, Salop ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, bencher 1899, K.c. 1901, 
jun. common law counsel to office of 
woods from 1897, D.L., J.P. Flintshire : 
45 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 3 Hare court, 
E.C. ; Soughton Hall, Northop, Flints. 

Bankes, John Ethelston, J.P. (1905) 

Bankes, Williamson Geo., eld. survg. 
p. of Geo. Vernon Bankes, of Birch 
House, Herefordshire, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1859; 
///. 1869, Madeline Bertha, younger dau. 
of rev. Loftus Stevens Gray, of Sedge- 
bairour, Worcestershire ; j.p. (1905) 
Herefordshire: Hirch House, Much Birch, 
nr. Hereford. 

Bankes, Wynne Albert, 6 a. of late rt. 

hon. Geo. Bankes, M.P. b. 1840 ; m. 1873, 

ice M. A. 2 dau. of rev. Fred. Fane, 

Moyles Court, Hants : mid. R.N. in Baltic 

Sea 1854-5, barr. Inner Temple 

1867, d.l., J.P. Dorset: St. James's and 

Arthur's clubs ; Wolfe ton House 
Charminster, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Bankes, mrs. E. S. L., eld. dau. of 
Meyrick Bankes, of Winstanley Hall, J.p. 
(d. 1881) ; to. 1861, W. J. Murray, of 
Rosemount, co. Ross {d. 1884) ; assumed 
name of Bankes in lieu of Murray 1882 : 
Winstanley Hall, nr. Wigan. 

Bankes, mrs. Henrietta J., dau of 
late Wm. Thomson Fraser ; to. 1897, 
Ralph Walter Bankes, of Corfe Castle, 
Kingston Lacy and Studland Manor, 
Dorset, d.l., J.p. (d. 1904) : 34 Wilton 
cres. S.W. ; Kingston Lacy, Wimborne 
Cliffend House, Studland, Dorset. 

Banks, Edwd. Richd. Rupert Geo., 
J.p. Cinque Ports: Sholden House, nr. 

Banks, Edwin Hodge, m.a. Cantab, 2 
s. of Wm. Banks, of Highmoor, Wigton, 
Cumb. ; b. 1847 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1873, d.l., J.P. Cumberland (sheriff 1889), 
capt. Westmorland and Cumb. yeom. 
1893-5 : Carlton and New U diversity 
clubs ; Highmoor, Wigton, Cumberland. 

Banks, maj. Herbert Delamark, only 
s. of Wm. John Banks, of Oxney, Kent, 
J.p. (d. 1901) ; served in Afghan war 
1878-80 ; Marri expdri. 1880, Boer war 
1881, maj. ret. p. K. R. Rif., J.P. Kent: 
Jun. Carlton club ; Oxney Court, nr. 

Banks, sir John, k.c.b., ll.d.,, 
m.d. Dublin ; to. Alice, dau. (d. 1899J 
of capt. W. Wright, of Golagh, :>o. 
Monaghan ; late physician in ordy. to 
Queen Victoria in Ireland, to the King 
from 1901, d.l., J.P. co. Monaghan (sheriff 
1891) : 45 Merrion sq. east, Dublin. 

Banks, John, j.p (1897) Kent : 15 
Kingsnorth gdns. Folkestone 

Banks. Joseph Edge, s. of Wm. Edge 
Banks, of Coventry; 6.1822; m. 1854, 
Mary Dalton, dau. (d. 1895) of John 
Knights, of Eydon ; is J.P. Warwick- 
shire : Radford" rd. Coventry ; Natioi 
Liberal club. 

Banks, Wm. Hartland, M.A. Canta 
eld. s. of Richd. Wm. Banks, of Ride 
bourne, Herefordshire, j.p. (d. 1891) ; b. 
1867 ; to. 1894, Dorothy, eld. dau. of rev., 
B. H. Alford, of St. Luke's Vicarage, 
Nutford pl.W. ; is d.l.,j.p. Herefordshire, 
J.p. Radnorshire (sheriff 1892) : Hergest 
Croft, Kington, co. Hereford. 

Banks, lady. Elizabeth R., dau. of 
John Elliott, of Liverpool ; to. 1874, siri 
Wm. Mitchell Banks, knt., M.D., LL.D.,' 
P.R.CS. Eng. (<*. 1904) : 28 Rodney st. 
Liverpool ; The Bungalow, Wallasey. 

Bannatine-Allason, col. Richd.,n.A. 



c.H. (1904), s. of late R. Bannatine, of 
Glaisnock, KB.; b. 1855; assumed 
addtl. name of Allason 1885 ; served in 
Afghan war 1879-80, Soudan expdn. 

1885, S. African war 1899-1902, A.A.G. 
headquarters 1903-5 : Naval and Military 
club ; Logan, Ayrshiie, N.B. 

Bannatyne,Jas. Fitzgerald, j.p (1899) 
for Devon, d.l. for the co. and city of 
Limerick, sheriff for co. Limerick 1897 : 
Jun. Carlton, Bath and Kildare St. 
(Dublin) clubs ; Haldon House, Kenn, 
Exeter ; Fanningstown Castle, co. 
Limerick, Ireland. 

Banner, vide Harmood-Banner. 

Bannerman, vide Campbell-Banner- 

Bannerman, sir Alex., 11 bt. (1682), 
only s. of 10 bt. (d. 1901); b. 1871; 
served in S. African war 1899-1902, serv- 
ing with Japanese Army 1903, capt. 
U.K. from 1902 {Heir, cousin, gen. Wm., 
q.r.) : 45 Pennsylvania rd. Exeter. 

Bannerman, maj. Arthur D'Arcy 
Gordon, c.i.E. (1903), s. of col. Patrick 
Wilson Bannerman, Ind. army ; b. I860 : 
vi. 1898, Virginia Emilie, dau. of W. G. 
Bedford ; sec. exec, committee, Corona- 
tion Durbar, Delhi, maj. Ind. army 1903. 

Bannerman, Jas. Murray, b.a. Oxon, 
s. of J. Bannerman, of Wyaston Leys, 
Mon. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1880, Louise Mary, 
youngest dau. of late R. Wheeley, of 
The Pentre, Mon.; barr. Inner Temple 
1874, capt. Monmouth eng. mil. 1877-84, 
D.L., j.p. cos. Hereford and Monmouth 
(sheriff 1879) : Jun. Carlton, Hurling- 
ham and Jun. Conservative clubs ; 
Wyustone Leys, Monmouth. 

Bannerman, gen. Wm., c.B. (1887), s. 
of P. Bannerman (d. 1854) by dau. of sir 
Wm. Johnston, 7 bart. ; b. 1828 ; m. 1868, 
Louisa Constance, dau. of Robt. Goddard, 
of Monkstown. Dublin ; served in Pun- 
jab 1848-9; N. Western frontier of 
India 1849 ; Persia 1857 ; Indian mutiny 
1858-9 ; China war 1860 ; Afghan war 
1879-80 ; gen. 1894, Ind. army, on U.S. list 

1886, heir pres. to kinsman sir Alex., 11 
bt. : Cheltenham ; United Service club. 

Bannerman. lady. Anne Mary, eld. 
dau. of late R. Brooke, f.s.a., of Hand- 
ford, Cheshire ; m. 1869, sir Geo. Ban- 
nerman, 10 bt. (J. 1901) : 45 Pennsyl- 
vania rd. Exeter. 

Bannister, Chas. Albert, admitted a 
solicitor 1862. clerk to the Weavers' Co. 
from 1880 : 70 Basin ghall st. E.C. 

Bannister, Edwd., 2 s.of JohnBannis- 
ter, of Hull, Yorks ; b. 1821 ; J.P. (1897) 
paTts of Lindsey, Lines, and (1868) 
Grimsby : Springfield, Grimsby, Lines. 

Bannister, Thos., 2 s. of Thos. Ban- 
nister, of Rosehill, Sussex ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1869, Eliza Jane, dau. of Richd. Caffyn, 
of Court House, Cuckfield, Sussex ; is 
J.P. (1901) Sussex: Limehurst, Hay- 
ward's Heath. 

Bannister, miss, youngest dau. of 
John Samuel Bannister, of Weston 
House, Pembridge, co. Hereford (d. 
1869) : Church House, Lyonshall, King- 
ton, Herefordshire. 

Banon, Awly Edwd. s. of Andrew 
Banon, of Irishtown House, co. West- 
meath, J.P. {d. 1892) ; 6.1866 : 16 Grove 
st. Liverpool ; Irishtown House, Bally na- 
cargy, co. Westmeath. 

Banon, Christopher Jas., eld. s. of late 
Edwd. Joseph Banon, of Broughall 
Castle, King's co., D.L. ; b. 1863 ; 1>.L., 
J.P. King's co. (sheriff 1904): Broughall 
Castle, Tullamore, Frankford, King's co. 

Bantry, countess of. Rosamond C, 
vide lord Trevor. 

Baptie, Thos. Proctor, s. of late John 
Wills Baptie, of Glasgow ; b. 1848 ; ?. 
1885,Mary P.only child of John Strachan, 
K.c. ; is D.L., j.p. Middlx. j.p. London ; 
capt. Tower Hamlets Rif . brig. 1879-85 : 
186 Oakwood Court, Kensington, W. ; 
10 Throgmorton avenue, E.C. ; Reform 
club ; Chesham Bois, Bucks. 

Barbados, 6 bp. of (1824), rt. rev. 
Wm. Proctor Swaby, d.d. Durham, vicar 
of St. Mark, Millfield, Sunderland, 1884- 
93, bp. of B. Guiana 1893-9, of Barbados 
from 1899 : Bishop's Court, Bridgetown, 

Barber, ven. Edward, M.A.Oxon, f.s.a., 
4 s. of late Joseph Barber, of Brighouse, 
Yorks ; b. 1841 ; m. 1869, Edith S., 2 dau. 
of late rev. canon T. Evetts, M.A., r.d., 
rect. of Monks Risborough, Bucks ; 
archd. and canon res. of Chester and 
rect. of St. Bridget's with St. Martin 
from 1886, vice-dean of Chester from 
1893, princ. surrogate for Chester dioc. 
from 1886 : St. Bridget's Rectory, and 
The Residence, Chester. 

Barber, maj .-gen. Fredk. Chas., served 
at Ungool 1847 and 1848, ret. 1870, 
Indian army : 10 E, Hyde Park man- 
sions, Marylebone rd. N.W. 

Barber, Geo. Wm., eld. s. of late Geo. 
Henley Barber, of The Elms, Hounslow, 
Middlx. J.P.; b. 1858 ; admitted a solicitor 
1882, J.P. (1896) Middlx., clerk to the 
Broderers' Co. from 1889 : Jun. Carlton, 
St. Stephen's and City Carlton clubs ; 
The Elms, Hounslow ; Park House, 
Englefield Green, Surrey. 

Barber, Henry, ll.b. Lond., 4 s. of 
John Barber, of Nottingham, J.P. ; b. 



1857 ; m. 1884, Charlotte Everitt, a dau. 
of G. T. Soley, of Liverpool ; admitted 
a solicitor 1879, clerk of the peace, and 
of the County Council of Hampshire 
from 1895 and clerk of the Lieutenancy 
from 1900 : The Castle, Winchester. 

Barber, Henry, j.p. (1899)Derbyshire: 
Spring Bank, New Mills, Stockport. 

Barber, John, j.p. (1902) Cheshire : 
Bengairn, Grove rd. Wallasey, Cheshire. 

Barber, John Lewis Pasteur, 4 s. of 
late Thos. Barber, of Lamb Close House, 
Notts ; 6.1853 ; m. 1, 1880,Helen Gertrude 
dau. of P. Belcher, of Burton, Staffs ; 
2, 1892, Mary, eld. dau. of late Henry 
Wardle, m.p. of Highfield, Burton-on- 
Trent ; J.P. and C.A. Derbyshire : Trent 
Cottage, Burton-on-Trent. 

Barber,Thos.Philip, j.p.(1902)Notts : 
Lamb Close House, Moorgreen, New- 
thorpe, Nottingham. 

Barber, Wm. Linney, j.p. (1896) 
Warwickshire: 103 Bristol rd. Edgbaston, 

Barber, miss Kosamond Anne, dau. 
of Robt. Hartshorne Barber, of Hayton 
Castles, Notts, barr. Middle Temple (d. 
1870) : Hayton Castles, Retford. 

Barbour, sir David Miller, k.c.s.i.. 
K.o.m.g., s. of late Miller Barbour', 
of Calkill, Ireland; b. 1811; in. 1883, 
Katherine C. dau. of late Thos. Gribble, 
of Harrow : B.C.S. 1863-93, sec. to govt. 
of India in finance and commerce dept. 
1882-87, financial memb. of council of 
gov.-gen. of India 1887-93 : Tiltwood, 
Crawley Down, Sussex. 

Barbour, Frank, eld. s. of John Do- 
herty Barbour, of Hilden, Lisburn, m.p., 
d.l.,j.p. {d. 1901): b. 1866: Ulster club, 
Balfast ; Snitterfield, Stratford - on - 
Avon ; Conway, Dunmurry, co. Antrim. 

Barbour, George, M.A.Cantab, onlys. 
of Robt. Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, 
Cheshire, J.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1869, 
Caroline E., dau. of late R. A. Macfie, of 
Dreghorn, co. Midlothian ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1865, d.l., j.p. Cheshire (sheriff 
1890), hon. maj. Cheshire yeom. 1887 : 
Carlton and New University clubs ; 
Bolesworth Castle, Tattenhall, Chester. 

Barbour, Robt., m.a. Cantab., only s. 
of Geo. Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, 
Cheshire, D.L., j.p.; b. 1876 ; J.P. (1901) 
Cheshire. It. Cheshire I.Y. from 1900: 
Jim. Carlton and New University clubs ; 
Bolesworth Castle, Tattenhall, Chester. 

Barbour, Thos.,j.p.(1894)Cumberland, 
Beechgrove, Cockermouth rd. Working, 
ton, Cumberland. 

Barchard, Fras.eld.s. of Elphinstone (,/. 1893) and nephew of Fras. 

Barchard, of Horsted, Sussex, D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1904) ; b. 1863 ; w.1901, Maud Agnes, 
eld. dau. of lt.-col. Divie K. Robertson, 
late Norfolk regt. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1888, J.P. (1895) Sussex: Union club; 
Duddleswell, and Horsted Place,nr. Uck- 
field, Sussex. 

Barclay, capt. Cameron, 4 s. of Hy. 
Ford Barclay, of Monkhams, Essex, d.l., 
j.p. (d!. 1891); 6. 1865; m. 1892, hon. 
Charlotte, youngest dau. of 3 baron 
Decies, b. 1871 : capt. 10 huss. from 1892. 

Barclay, Colville Adrian de Rune, 
M.v.o. 4 class (1903), 3 s. of sir Colville 
Arthur Durell Barclay, 11 bart., c.m.g. 
(d. 1896) ; b. 1869 ; 2 sec. in H.M.'s diplo- 
matic service from 1900: St. James' club. 

Barclay, Chas.,M.A. Camo., s. of Robt. 
Barclay; b. 1837; m. 1875, Charlotte 
Cassandra, dau. of Benj. Cherry, of 
Brickendon Grange, Herts ; J.p. Herts. : 
Manor House, Bayford, Hertford. 

Barclay, sir David. Edwd. Durell, 
12 bart. (1668), eld. s. of 11 bart. c.m.g., 
(d. 1896), by Louise Melanie, dau. of 
E. J. de Belzim of Mauritius ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1889, Letitia, dau. of hon. Amias 
Chas. Orde-Powlet ; served in Egypt and 
Soudan, late capt. 19 huss. {Heir, bro. 
Robt. Cecil de B., b. 1862) : Naval and 
Military club; Parkhill, Bagshot, Surrey. 

Barclay, Edwd. Exton, m.a. Cantab., 
4 s. of Joseph Gurney Barclay, of 
Knotts Green, Essex (d. 1898) ; b. 1860 ; 
m. 1883, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Wm. 
Fowler, of 43 Grosvenor sq. W. ; J.P. 
(1898) Herts, M.F.H. PuckeridgeHounds: 
Boodle's club ; Brent Pelham Hall, 
Buntingford, Herts. 

Barclay, Fras. Hubert, youngest s. 
of Joseph Gurney Barclay, of Leyton, 
Essex; b. 1869; m. 1900. Hannah M., 
dau. of E. N. Buxton, of Buckhurst Hill, 
Essex; j.p. (1900) Norfolk: Royal 
Societies club ; The Warren, Cromer. 

Barclay, Geo. Head, c.m.g. (1898), 3 
s. of Hy. Ford Barclay, of Monkhams 
Essex, d.l., J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1862 ; m. 
1891, Beatrix M. J., dau. of late Hy. G. 
Chapman, of New York ; 2 sec. to Em- 
bassy at Madrid 1894-8, at Constanti- 
nople 1898-1902, sec. at Tokyo 1902-5, 
and councillor from 1905 : British Lega- 
tion, Tokyo, Japan. 

Barclay, col. Hanbury, v.d., eld. s. of 
Robt. Barclay (d. 1843) ; b. 1836; m. 1, 
1864, cousin Adeline H. 3 dau. (d. 1899) 
of A. K. Barclay, of Bury Hill, Surrey ; 
2, 1902, Mary Roscoe, widow of Theodore 
Bullock, of Hands worth, Staffs ; ret. 
lt.-col. 1 vol. battn. S. Staffs regt., 
J.p. Herts : 34 Queen's Gate gdns. S. W. 


Barclay, col. Henry Albert, m.v.o. 
4 class (1901), 2 survg. s. of Joseph Gur- 
ney Barclay, of Ley ton, Essex, Higham, 
Suffolk: and Cromer, Norfolk (d. 1898) ; 
b. 1858 ; m. 1881, Marion L., only 
dau. of late Fras. Hoare, of 5 Buckingham 
Palace gdns. S.W. and Cromer, Norfolk ; 
D.L., J. P. Norfolk, and Surrey, lt.-col. 
commdg. the King's Own Norfolk 
I. Y. from 1901, master of the N. Nor- 
folk Harriers : Cavalry, Automobile, 
and Norfolk County clubs ; Hanworth 
Hall, Norfolk and The Grange Cromer. 

Barclay, maj. Hubert Fredk., eld. b. 
of Col. Hanbury Barclay, of 3-4 Queen's 
Gate gdna. S.W., J.P. ; b. 1865 ; m. 1890 
Edith Noel, dau. of lt.-col. Hy. Daniell ; 
j.p. (1898) Herts, maj. 4 battn. Bedford 
regt. (Hertford mil.) from 1903 : Epping 
House, nr. Hertford. 

Barclay, Hugh Gurney, eld. s. of Hy. 
Ford Barclay, of Monkhams, Woodford, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1891); b. 1851; m. 1880, 
Evelyn L., dau. {d. 1899) of sir Stuart 
Hogg; J.P. Norfolk (sheriff 1905) and 
Norwich, lt.-col. commndg. (hon. col. 
1903) 4 vol. battn. Norfolk regt. from 
1902: Colney, Norwich. 

Barclay, James Wm., s. of G. Bar- 
clay, Cults, Aberdeen ; b. 1832 ; m. 1, dau. 
of J. Smith, Strathdon, Aberdeen ; 2 
(1882), Lilian Alice, 2 dau. (d. 1887) of 
late A. H.Novelli, of Hyde Park sq. W.; 
3, 1896, Agnes Clifford, dau. of rev. Hy. 
Smith, h.m.i. ; m.p.(l.) Forfarshire 1872- 
86, and (L.U.) 1886-92, J.P. Aberdeen- 
shire : 5 Clarendon pi. Hyde Park gdns. 
W. ; Reform club ; Glenbuchat, Aber- 

Barclay, Robt., eld. s. of J. G.Barclay, 
of Ley ton, Essex (d. 1898) ; b. 1843 ; m. 
1868, Elizabeth E., dau. of T. Fowell 
Buxton, of Easneye, Herts. ; J.P. Herts. 
(sheriff 1893) : High Leigh, Hoddesdon, 

Barclay, Robert, eld. s. of A. K. Bar- 
clay, of Bury Hill, D.L., J.p. (d. 1869) ; b. 
1837 ; m. 1877, Laura Charlotte Rachel, 
dau. of M. Wyvill, of Constable Burton, 
Yorks. ; is d.l., J.P. (1895) Surrey (sheriff 
1878): Windham club; Bury Hill, 

Barclay, Robt. Grenfell, 3 s. of late 
John Barclay, of Falmouth, Cornwall ; 
b. 1850 ; m. 1875, Margaret J. dau. of late 
John Isitt, of Bradford, Yorks ; is J.P. co. 
Durham : Bank House, Snotley Bridge, 
co. Durham. 

Barclay, sir Thos., ll.b. Paris, Ph.D. 
Jena, eld. s. of Geo. Barclay, ll.d., of 
Bonvil, Cupar Fife ; b. 1853 ; m. 1877, 
Therese, dau. of Reinhold Teuscher, 


M.D., of Jena : barr. Lincoln's Inn 1881, 
correspondent of " The Times " in Paris 
1876-82, vice-pres. of the International 
Law Assoc, pres. British Chamber of 
Commerce in Paris 1899-1900, officer leg. 
hon., knighted 1901: 13 Old sq. Lin- 
coln's Inn, W.C. ; Reform club ; 17 rue 
Pasquier, Paris. 

Barclay, Thos., 2 s. of Jas. Barclay, of 
Sunderland, co. Durham ; b. 1839 ; m. 1, 
1861, 2 dau. of late Rott. Jaques, m.r.c.s., 
of Osmotherley, Yorks ; 2, 1893, Mary 
Dingley, 2 dau. of Edwd. Pethybridge, 
of Launceston, Cornwall ; is J.P. (1894) 
Warwickshire : National Liberal club ; 
The Uplands, Blackwell, nr. Bromsgrove. 

Barclay, Emily, lady. 2 dau. of late 
Jas. Stacey, of Kingston, Surrey ; m. 
1872.ashis 2 wife, sir DavidWm.Barclay, 
10 bart. {d. 1888). 

Barclay, lady. Louise MeUanie, 
youngest dau.and co-heir of Belzim, 
of Mauritius ; m. 1855,sir Colville Arthur 
Durell Barclay, 11 bart. c.M.G. (d. 1896) : 
6 Avenue Marct-au, Paris. 

Barcroft, Wm. Greer, 4 s. of John P. 
Barcroft, Stangmore House, co. Tyrone ; 
b. 1841 ; m. 1872, dau. of John Park, of 
Birkenhead, Cheshire; is j.p. (1896) 
Flints: Caverhill,Claughton, Birkenhead. 

Bardwell,Thos. Newman Fredk.,M.A., 
8.C.L. Oxon., only s. of late F.Bardwell, 
of Bolton Hall, Yorks, J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1850 ; m. 1880, Lucy S., eld. dau. (d. 1899) 
of rev. W. B. Garnett-Botfield, M.A., j.p., 
of Decker Hill and Bishops Castle, Salop ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1877 ; D.L., J.P. 
E. R. Yorks. (and C.C.), lord of the 
manor of Bolton : St. James' and York- 
shire (York) clubs ; Bolton Hall, Wilber- 
foss, York. 

Barfleld, John Chas. Feinaigle, J.P. 
(1903) Middlx. : Thatcham, Gt. North 
rd. Whetstone, N 

Barfoot-Saunt,Wm. Hy. s. of Henry 
Gatty, of Market Harborough ; b. 1828 ; 
m. 1,1859, Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Brown- 
ing, of Stoke Newington green, Middlx.; 
2, 1901, Ella, dau. of rev. Richd. Dal- 
ton, rect. of Kelmarsh ; J.P. Leicester- 
shire and Northants. (sheriff 1895) ; 
assumed name of Barfoot-Saunt in lieu 
of Gatty 1889:Oxendon Hall, Market 
Harborough ; Conservative club. 

Barham, sir Geo., only survg. s. of 
late Robt. Barham of the Strand, W.C; 
b. 1836 ; m. 1859, Margaret, 2 dau. of late 
Jarvis Rainey, of Spilsby, Lines ; J.p. 
(1899) Middlx. and (1904) Sussex, c.c. 
East Sussex, chm. Dairy Supply Co 
Ltd. and Express Dairy Co. Ltd. 
knighted 1904: Danehurat, 112 Haver- 


stock Hill, N.W. ; Devonshire club ; 
Snape, Wadhurst, Sussex. 

Baring:, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl of 

Baring-, hon. Alex. Fras. St. Vincent, 
s. of 6 baron Ashburton ; b. 1898. 

Baring-, hon. Alexander Henry, 3 s. of 
4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1869 ; J.P. (1902) 
Hants : The Grange, Alresford. 

Baring-, hon. Carvl Digby, 5 s. of 4 
baron Ashburton ; b. 1880 ; A.D.C. to 
maj.-gen. I. R. Jones, c.v.o., c.B. 
(commdg. troops in Straits Settlements) 
from 1905, It. Colds t. gds. from 1900. 

Baring-, hon. Cecil, B.A. Oxon., 2 
survg. 8. of 1 baron Revelstoke ; b. 1864 ; 
m. 1902, Maude, dau. of late Pierre Loril- 
lard ; heir pies, to barony. 

Baring-, hon. Evelyn, 3 s. of 1 earl of 
Cromer ; b. 1903. 

Baring-, It. -col. hon. Everard, c.v.o. 
(1903), 3 survg. s. of 1 baron Revel- 
stoke ; b. 1865 ; m. lady Ulrica, 4 dau. of 
1 earl of Feversham ; b. 1875 (served 
in Soudan expdn. 1898) ; maj. (brevet It. - 
col. 1903) 10 huss. 1900-5, ret. p. 1905 ; 
mily. sec. to viceroy of India (lord Cur- 
con of Kedleston) 1899-1905 : Naval and 
Military club. 

Baringr. maj. Fras. Chas., eld. s. of 
Win. Hy. Baring, late capt. Coldst. gds., 
of Norman Court, Hants ; b. 1852 ; m. 
1880, Isabella Augusta, eld. dau. (div. 
1899) of Samuel Leo. Schuster ; maj. 
late 3 battn. (mil/* Hampshire regt., J.P. 
( L904) Hants : Travellers' club ; Norman 
Court, Dean, Salisbury. 

Baring-, hon. Fras.Hy., 2 survg. s. of 1 
baron Northbrook ; b. 1850 ; m. 1878, lady 
Grace Elizabeth, 2 dau. of 9 earl of Cork; 
b. 1856 ; sheriff of Surrey 1888. heir 
pres. to barony : 34 Gt. Cumberland pi. 
W. ; Brooks' and Athenaeum clubs. 

Baring-, hon. Frederick Arthur, 2 s. of 
4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1867; m. 1890, 
Laura L. dau.of late Hobson and step- 
dau. of Arthur Yates ; 2 It. 5 batt. (mil ) 
It. Pus. 1887-90, capt. Hampshire I. Y 
from 1908. 

Baring-,Godf rey,only s.of lt.-gen.Chas. 
Baring, late Coldst. gds. (d. 1890 ),by dau 
"i it hon. sir .Ins. Graham, 2 bart. ; b 
1871 ; m. 1*98, EvaH., dau. of late Alex 
ikintosh, of Mackintosh ; jp 
(1894) Bants (sheriff 1897), d.l. Isle of 
Wight (ohm. c.c.) : Nubia House, Barin- 
rd. Cowes, I. of W. 

Baring-, capt. hon. Guy Victor, 4 s. of 
1 baron A.sKbnrton ; *. 1878 ; m. 1903 
(Hr.,-, youngest dan, of Hugh C. Smith! 


of Mount Clare, Roehampton, S.W ; 
capt. coldst. gds. from 1901. 

Baring-. Harold Herman John, eld. s. 
of Thos. Chas. Baring, of High Beach, 
Essex, D.L., j.p., M.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1869; 
m. 1898, Marie Heyl, dau. of John 
Augustus Churchill, of New York, 
U.S.A : Wallsgrove House, High Beach, 
Loughton, Essex. 

Baring", hon. Hugo, 5 survg. s. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1876 ; in. 1905, 
lady Evelyn Harriet, 2 dau. of 8 earl of 
Shaftesbury, and widow of 2 baron Mag- 
heramorne, b. 1865 ; served in S.African 
war 1900, 2 It. 4 buss. 1896-8, It. reserve 
of officers from 1899 : Magoejamorne, 
S.O. co. Antrim ; 62 Avenue Malakoff, 

Baring*, hon. Maurice, 4 survg. s. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1874 ; 3 sec. H.M. 
diplomatic service from 1900. 

Baringr, Walter, 10 s. of Hy. Baring 
(d. 1848) ; b. 1844 ; sec. legation at 
Athens, 1885-6 ; charge d'affaires at 
Cettinje 1886-93, min. res. and consul- 
gen, in Uruguay from 1893 : H.M.'s Le- 
gation, Montevideo. 

Baring-,Wm. Henry, s. of Wm. Baring, 
M.p. (d. 1820) ; b. 1819 ; m. 1849, Eliza- 
beth, dau. (d. 1897) of C. Hammersley: 
J.p. (1876) Hants : late capt. coldst. gds. : 
Guards' club : Norman Court, Dean, 

Baring-, hon. Wyndham, 2 s. of 1 earl 
of Cromer ; b. 1880. 

Baring-, hon. Alice, 6. 1833 ; dau. of 
I baron Northbrook : 6 Belvidere terr. 

Baring-, hon. Lilian Theresa Claire ; 
b. 1874 ; dau. of 4 baron Ashburton. 

Baring, hon. VenetiaMarjorie Mabt 
6. 1890 ; hon. Aurea Vera, b. 1891 ; h< 
Angela Mildred, b. 1893 ; daus. of 5 bar 

Baringr-G-ould, rev. Sabine, m.a. Cf 
tab. ; s. of Edwd. Baring-Gould, of Leu 
Trenchard, Devon, J.P., D.L. : b. 1834 
1868, Grace, dau. of Joseph Taylor 
Horbury : J.P. Devon, author of '' Live 
of the Saints," &c. &c, patron and rectc 
from 1881, of Lew Trenchard, Lew Down 
S.O., Devon. 

Barker, vide Raymond-Barker. 

Barker, vide Vaudrey-Barker-Mill. 

Barker, rev. Alfred Gresley, M.A. 
Oxon., only survg. s. of Geo. Barker, of 
Stanlake Park, Berks, j.p. (d. 1868) ; b. 
1835 ; m. 1865, Agnes, 2 dan. of rev. 
Comyns Tucker, of Beech Hill, Devon 
patron and rector of Sherfield-on-Loddon 
1863-75 : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
St. Leonard's, Sherfield-on-Loddon, 



Basingstoke; Stanlake Park, Twyford, 

Barker, Arthur Rowland, a.r.i.b.a., 
2 s. of rev. W. G. Ba-ker, of Sidcup, 
Kent ; b. 1842 ; m. 1809, Ada, dan. of 
0. Humphrey Papps, of Ipswich, Suf- 
folk ; j. p. (1904) Middlx. : Grove House, 
Southgate, N. ; 11 Buckingham st. 
Strand, W.C ; Royal Societies club. 

Barker, rev. Frerik., m.a. Oxon, s. of 
Richd. Barker, of Chester ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1872, Phoebe S., dau. of col. Vincent 
"Williams, of Northenby, nr. Newbury ; 
J.P.Cambridgeshire ; rect. of Middleham, 
Yorks, 1874-81,of Cottenham, Cambridge, 
1881-86, vicar of Grassendale, Lanes, 
1886-93, rect. from 1893 of Wimborne St. 
Giles, Salisbury. 

Barker, col. Geo., r.e., c.b. (1905), 
s. of col. Geo. Barker, h.e.i.c.s. ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1888, hon. Clemency, dau. of 
1 baron Addington, b. 1856 ; served in 
Egypt 1882, battle of Tel-el-Kehir ; 
Bechuanaland expd. 1885, insp. of U.K. 
from 1904 : Queen Anne's mansions, 
S.W. : United Service club; Cardfields, 
Hatfield Peveril, Essex. 

Barker, gen. sir Geo. Digby, K.c.B. 
(1900), s. of John Barker, of Clare Priory, 
Suffolk; b. 1833; m. 1, 1862, Frances 
Isabella (d. 1900), dau. of Geo. Murray, 
of Rosemount, Ross-shire ; 2, 1902, 
Katherine Weston, eld. dau. of Edwd. 
Goldiug Elwes ; served in Persian war 
1857 ; Indian Mutiny 1857-8 ; commdg. 
troops in China and Hong Kong 1890-5 ; 
gen. 1900 ; ret. p. 1902 ; col. N. Stafford- 
shire regt. from 1905; acting gov. of 
Hong Kong 1891, gov. of the Bermudas 
1896-1902; J. p. (1903) Essex and (1904) 
Suffolk : United Service club ; Clare 
Priory, Clare S.O. Suffolk. 

Barker, John, 3 s. of Richd. Barker, 
of Rodington, Salop ; b. 1847 ; m. 1,1871, 
Mary Ann, widow of G Preston, Bir- 
mingham ; 2, 1893, Martha D., dau. of 
Thus. Rogers, of Shrewsbury; is J.P. 
(1895) Salop and (18) Shrewsbury: 
School gardens, Shrewsbury. 

Barker, John, j.p. (1892)W.R.Yorks : 
Harley Bank, Todmorden. 

Barker, John, j.p. Herts, aldm. co. 
London, 1889-92, chm. John Barker and 
Co. Ltd., Kensington, W.,and of Paquin 
Ltd., London and Paris : Devonshire and 
National Liberal clubs ; The Grange, 
Bishop's Stortford, Herts. 

Barker, John Edwd., K.C., M.A.Oxon., 
only s. of Edwd. Barker, of Bakewell, 
co. Derby; b. 1832; m. 1860, Susan M., 
dau. (d. 1889) of late Win. Rowley Wyn- 
yard, It. u.N. and widow of Jas. Mosley 

Leigh, of Davenham, Cheshire ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1862, q.g. 1891, rec. of 
Leeds 1880-96, J.P.Derbyshire: Brook- 
lands, Bakewell. 

Barker, brig.-gen. John Stewart 
Scott, k.a., c.b. (1903), s. of gen. sir Geo. 
Digby Barker, k.c.b., j.p.; b. 1853 ; m. 

1885, Agnes Mary. dau. of maj. Laurence 
Peel, late Oxfordshire L.I. ; served in S. 
African war 1901-2, a.a.g. 6 divn. 2 army 
corps 1902-4, col. on staff for r.a. (with 
temp, rank of briff.-gen.) in India from 
1904 : Naval and Military club. 

Barker. Joseph, 2 s.of Joseph Barker, 
of Loose, Kent ; b. 1841 ; m. 1867, Isa- 
bella, dau. of Thos. Castle, of Snodland, 
Kent; j.p. (1895) Kent and (1897) 
Maidstone (mayor 1895-6 and 1897-8) ; 
aid. from 1898 : National Liberal club ; 
Hill House, Loose. Maidstone. 

Barker, Joseph Hurton Aveling, s. of 
Joseph Hurton Barker, of Mattimore 
House, Lines., J.P. (d. 1884); b. 1865: 
St. Germans Hall, Lynn, Norfolk. 

Barker, Rayner Childe. c.i.e. (1889), 
s. of rev. T. C. Barker, late rect. of 
Carleton, Yorks ; b. 1858 ; m. 1894. Ella G. 
younger dau. of lt'.-col. S. Moores, of 
Southsea ; served with Burma expdn. 

1886, Hazara 1888 and 1891, engineer 
and electrician Indo - European Tele- 
graph dept. 1896-8. dir. of the Persian 
section from 1898 : Teheran, Persia. 

Barker, Thos., eld. survg. s. of late 
John Barker, of Albrighton Hall, Salop, 
by Theodosia, dau. of Geo. Jones, of 
Shackerley Hall, Salop; b. 1827; m. 
1858, Laura, dau. (<!. 1899) of T. M. 
Phillips, of Earlswood, Staffs; is d.l., 
j.p. Staffs, j.p. Salop: Reform club; 
Tong Lodge, Shifnal. 

Barker, Wm. Holroyd, eld. s. of Wm. 
Barker, of Otley, Yorks; b. 1H57; m. 
1878, Elizabeth, dau. of W. Stirk, of 
Otley, Yorks; .r.p. (1903) W. R. Yorks: 
Rutland House, Otley. 

Barker, hon. mrs. Clemency, vide 
col. Geo. Barker, r.e., C.B. 

Barking-, bp. of, rt. rev. Thos. Stevens, 
d.d. Cantab., k.s.a., s. of Thos. Ogden 
Stevens, of Clifton; b. 1842; m. 1866 
Ann E., dau. of Geo. Bertram, of St 
Heliers, Jersey, and sis. of sir Geo. 
Bertram, late bailiff of Jersey ; vicar of 
St. John, Stratford, E. 1889-1901, hon. 
canon of St. Albans from 1891, archdn. 
of Essex from 1894 ; bp. suffragan of 
Barking (dioc. of St. Albans) from 1901 : 
Backing, E.-sex. 

Barkly, lady. Anne M., dau. of late 
gen. sir T. Simson Pratt, K.c.B. ; m. I860, 
as his 2 wife, sir Hy. Barkly, G.C.M.G., 



K.f i?., M.P. (C.) Leominster 1845-9, gov. 
of B. Guiana 1849, Jamaica 1853, Vic- 

" Cape 

Royal Arsenal, Woolwich; 
Military club. 
1856, Mauritius 1863, of Cape Barlow, John Emmott, eld. s of Thos 
1*7(1-6 (rf. 1898): 1 Collingham pi. South Barlow, of lorkmgton Lod* 

Kensington, S.W. 

Barkworth, Algernon Hy., 2 s. of 
II v. Barkworth. oi Tranby House, Yorks; 
t. M64j .i.p. (1908) E. R. Yorks: Tran- 
by House, Hesfcle, E. Yorks. 

Barkworth, Elmund, s. of Henry 
Barkworth, of Tranby House, Hessle, E. 
Yorks ; b. 1859 ; m. 1890, Clara Adelaide, 
dan. of T. Maitland Reid,of Leckhampton, 
Gloucestershire ; is J. P. Dorset : South 
House, Piddletrenthide, Dorchester. 

Barkworth, Thos., s. of late John 
Barkworth, of Tranby House, E. Yorks ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1868, Louisa,dau.of late Isaac 
Braithwaite,of Hookfield, Epsom ; is J.P. 
co. Glamorgan : 10 Eaton gdns. Hove, 

Barlow, bp., vide Goulbourn. 

Barlow, rear-adml. Chas. Jas., D.s.o. 
(1887), s. of Arthur Barlow, of Dublin ; 
b. 1848 ; m. 1892, Elizabeth H., dau. of 
Arthur Dight, of Queensland and N.S. 
Wales ; served with Egyptian expdn. 
1882 ; 4 class Osmanieh ; Burma war 
1885-6, 2nd in commd. of Home Fleet 
1904-5, rear-admiral 1902. 

Barlow, Edwd. Percy, 2 s. of Fras. 
W. Barlow, of Bickley, Kent ; b. 1855 ; 
m. 1882, Alice M. dau. of Louis Evans, 
of Pant-y-Cendy, Carmarthenshire ; 
J.P. (1901) Cinque Ports : Kearsney 
Court, Dover ; Union club. 

Barlow, Eustace Hepburn, eld. s. of 
lt.-col. Freak. Barlow, of Hasketon, Suf- 
folk, J.P. (d. 1897) ; b. 1855 ; J.P. (1892) 
W.R. Yorks and (1900) Liberty of Ripon : 
Conservative club ; Sigs worth, Pateley 
Bridge, Yorks ; Hasketon, Suffolk. 

Barlow, Frank, 2 s. of Thos. Barlow, 
of Torkington Lodge, Cheshire, and Bryn 
Eirias, Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire, J.P. 
(d. 1897) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1883, Mary, eld. 
dau. of Thos. Carver, of Marple, Cheshire, 
J.P. ; is J.i. (1898) Cheshire (and C.C. 
Marple divn.): Woodville, Marple, nr. 
Stockport ; Yetymcolwyn Hall, Meifod, 
nr. Welshpool. 

Barlow, Pre -Ik.. j.i\(1894) Northants: 
Rothwell House, Kettering, Northants. 

Barlow, lt.-col. sir HilaroWm.Welles- 
ly, 5 bart. (1808). of Fort William, 
tl. R.A.; b. 18(11 ; m. 181)1, Victoria 
Katberine, eld. dau. of late col. Hugh 
Hibbert, late 7 R. Fus., of Birtles Hall, 
Cheshire ; supt. R. Laboratory, Wool- 
wich, from 1902, lt.-col. r.a. 1905: 84 
Shooter's Hill rd. Blackheath 8.E. ; 

Naval and 

. s. of Thos. 
joige and 
and Bryn 
); 6.1857; 
., sis. of 3 
emple 1884, 

Brad wall Hall, Cheshire, and Bryn 
Eirias, N. Wales, J.P. {d. 1897) ; b. 1857 ; 
m. 1895, hon. Anna M. H., sis. of 3 
baron Denman; barr. Inner Temple 1884 
partner in firm of T. Barlow and Brother, 
of Manchester and London,and of Barlow 
and Co., Calcutta, Shanghai and Singa- 
pore, merchants, J.P. (1886) Cheshire 
(and c.c.) and (1895) Somerset, M.P. (l.) 
Somerset (Frome divn.} 1892-5 and from 
1896 : Brooks's, Devonshire and National 
Liberal clubs ; Torkington Lodge, nr. 

Barlow, John Robt.,s.of Jas.Barlow,of 
Greenthorne ; b. 1852 ; is J.P. Lancashire : 

Barlow, Percy, m.a. Cantab., 4 s. of 
Thos. Barlow, of Torkington Lodge aud 
Bradwall Hall, Cheshire,aud Bryn Eirias 
N.Wales J.P. (d. 1897); b. 1867; m. 
1892, Clara Frances, eld. dau. of late 
Wm. Staple Lee Midelton, of Somerset ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1892, J.P. (1904) 
Middlx., contested Bedford (l) 1900: 
To kington House, Creswick rd. Acton 
W. ; 5 Essex court, Temple, E.C. ; Bath, 
Automobile and National Liberal clubs. 

Barlow, sir Thos., 1 bart. (1902), 
K.C.v.o.(1901),M.D. Lond., F.R.CP.Lond., 
M.R.c.s.Eng., eld. s. of Jas. Barlow, of 
Greenthorne, Edgworth, Lanes, J.P. 
(d. 1887) ; b. 1845; m. 1880, Ada Helen, 
dau. of Patrick Dalmahoy, W.8., of Edin- 
burgh ; phys. to University Coll. Hosp., 
to Queen Victoria's Household 1896-1901, 
phys. extrady. to Queen Victoria 1899- 
1901, phys. to the KiDg's Household 
from 1901 (Heir, s. Jas. Alan N., b. 1881) : 
10 Wimpole st. W.; Athenaeum club 
Boswells, Wendover. 

Barlow, very rev. Wm. Hagger, D.D. 
Oxon., only survg. s. of rev. Hy. Barlow, 
vicar of Pitsmoor, Yorks ; J.P. (1895) co. 
London, and (1902) Liberty of Peter 
borough, vicar of Islington, Lond. 188" 
1901, preb. of St. Paul's Cathl. 1898-1901 
dean of Peterborough from 1901 : The 
Deanery, Peterborough ; National club 

Barlow, ^en. William Jas. Pratt, 
eld. survg. s. of late capt. Thos. Pratt 
Barlow, of Bath ; b. 1827 ; m. 1855, Ade- 
laide M., dau. of late capt. John Fisher, 
H.E.I.C.8.; gen. 1894, Ind. army; on U.S. 
list 1890 : 4 Park st. Bath. 

Barlow, Wm. Wycliffe, m.a. Cantab 
eld. s. of Wm. Barlow, of Ardwick, 
Lanes. ; b. 1854 ; m. 1884, Emily, 2 dau. of 
Jas. Jardine .of Alderley Edge, J. p. d.l. 



barr. Lincoln's Inn 1883, J.P. Cheshire : 
Pitt Manor, nr. Winchester. 

Barlow, dow.-lady. Annie C, dan. 
of late rev. J. W. Whiteside, vicar of 
Scarborough ; m. 1860, sir Richd. Wel- 
lesley Barlow, 4 bart. of Fort William, 
Bengal (d. 1904) : 24 Queen sq. Bath. 

Barlow-Massicks, Thos. ; b. 1832 ; 
to. Mary Ann,dau.(rf.l898) of; J.P.Cum- 
berland : Oakland s, Beulah Hill, Upper 
Norwood, S.E. ; Constitutional club. 

Barnaby, sir Nathaniel, K.c.B. (1885), 
8. of late Nathl. Barnaby, insp. of ship- 
wrights, Chatham and Sheerness Dock- 
yards ; b. 1829 ; w. 1855, Sarah, dau. of 
John Webber, of Birmingham ; chf. 
naval architect 1872, director of naval 
constrn. 1876-85, v.p. Inst, of naval 
architects : Moray House, Lee, S.E. 

Barnard, lord (9 baron 1698, Eng.). 
Henry de Vere Vane, eld. s. of sir H. M. 
Vane (d. 1886) ; b. 1854 ; to. 1881, lady 
Catherine S.,4 dau. of 3 marq. of Exeter, 
b. 1861 ; B.A. Oxon., D.c.L. (hon.) Dur- 
ham, barr. Inner Temple, 1879 ; D.L., 
J. P., co. Durham, It. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Northants regt. 1876-84; chin. Tees 
Fishery board ; prov. G.M. of Free- 
masons for Durham; sue. his kins- 
man, 4 and last duke of Cleveland, K.G., 
in barony of Barnard 1891 (Heir, s. hon. 
Henry C. Vane, q.v.) : 20 Belgrave sq. 
S.W. ; Brooks's and Oxford and Cam- 
bridge clubs ; Raby Castle, Darlington. 

Barnard, Edmund Broughton, m.a. 
Cantab., 8. of Wm. Barnard, of Harlow, 
Essex and Sawbridgeworth, Herts ; b. 
1856 ; to. 1886, Alice Maud, dau. of C. 
Richardson, of Wimbledon, Surrey; J.P. 
(1900) and c.a. Herts, memb. Thames 
and Lee Conservancy boards and Metro- 
pol. Water board, and Agriculture board 
of studies at Cambridge univ. : Reform, 
Hurlingham, National Liberal and City 
Liberal clubs ; Grove Lodge, Sawbridge- 
worth S.O. Herts. 

Barnard, Frank Stewart, j.p. (1902) 
Carnarvonshire (sheriff 1903) : 42 Port- 
land pi. W. ; Bryn Bras Castle, Llanrug, 
N. Wales. 

Barnard, sir Herbert, F.S.A., s. of John 
Barnard, of Ham, Surrey ; b. 1831 ; to. 
1851, Ellen, dau. of Wm. Wyndham, of 
Dinton, Wilts ; j.p. Surrey, London and 
Middlesex, chm. Public Works Loan 
commn. ; knighted 1898 : 23 Portland 
pi. W. ; Burrows Lea, Shere, Guildford, 

Barnard, Thomas, s. of late Thos. 
Barnard, of Bedford ; b. 1830 ; m. 1859, 
Isabella H. T. youngest dau. of late H. 
L. Long, of Hampton Lodge, Surrey : 


m.p. (L.) Bedford 1857-9, D.L., J.P. Beds : 
Brooks' and Reform clubs ; Cople House, 
nr. Bedford. 

Barnard, Thos. Henry,only s. of Thos. 
Barnard, of Bedford, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1866 ; 
j.p. Beds : Kempston Hoo, nr. Bedford. 

Barnard, maj.-gen. Wm. Osborne, 
s. of late Geo. Barnard, of Cross Deep, 
Twickenham ; b. 1838 ; to 1872, Isabella, 
dau. of Fras. Tucker, of 11 Dorset sq. ; in 
96 regt. 1856-86, commd. 53 regtl. dist. 
1887-8, brig.gen. commdg. Nerbudda dist. 
Bengal 1888-93,commdg.troops,Mauritius 
1895-6, maj.-gen. commdg. 2 inf. brig. 
Aldershot 1896-9, ret. p. 1899, col. Man- 
chester regt. from 1904 : 5 Montagu 
mansions, Portman sq. W. ; Army and 
Navy club. 

Barnard, Wm. Tyndall, K.c, eld. s. 
of late AVm. Tyndall Barnard, of South 
Hornsey, N. ; 6. 1855; barr. Gray's Inn 
1879, bencher 1896, K.c. 1905, treas. 
1905-6 : Somerset Lodge, Manor Way, 
Blackheath, S.E. ; 13 King's Bench 
walk, Temple, E.C. 

Barnard, lady. Juliana, dau. of capt. 
N. F. Edwards, R.N. ; to. 1858, gen. sir 
Chas. London Barnard, R.M.A., K.C.B. {d. 
1902): Sunnyside,Broomy HilLHereford. 

Barnard, mrs. Sophia L., 5 dau. of 
hon. Andrew Godfrey Stuart, of Lisdhu, 
co. Tyrone (d. 1872); to. 1862, Chas. 
Edwd. G. Barnard, of Cave Castle, 
Yorks, J.P. (d. 1894) ; patron of the liv- 
ing and lady of the manor of South 
Cave: Cave Castle, South Cave S.O 

Barnardiston, col. Nathl., s. of Nathl. 
Clarke Barnardiston, of The Ryes, Sud- 
bury, Suffolk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1883) ; b. 1832 ; 
in. 185s, lady Florence, dau. of 4 earl of 
Dartmouth, b. 1838 : late 27 foot, J.P. 
Essex, D.L., J.P. Suffolk ; chm. quart. 
sess. (from 1876) and of C.c. (1889-99) 
for W. Suffolk, brig.-commdg. Harwich 
vol. inf. brig. 1890-99 : Jun. United Ser- 
vice club ; The Ryes, near Sudbury, 

Barnardiston, lt.-col. Nathl. Walter, 
M.v.o. 4 class (1901), eld. s. of col. 
Nathl. Barnardiston, of The Ryes, 
Suffolk, D.L., J.P. by lady Florence, 
5 dau. of 4 earl of Dartmouth ; b. 
1858; to. 1892, Sarah Hall, 3 dau. of 
late hon. D. R. Floyd- Jones, of Fort 
Neck House, Long Island, U.S.A. 
and formerly It. -gov. of New York ; J.P. 
Suffolk, served in S. African war 1901-2, 
mily. attache at Brussels and the Hague 
from 1902, and at Stockholm and 
Copenhagen from 1904, commdr. Danne- 


brog order (1901) : Naval and Military 
club; The Ryes, nr. Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Barnardiston, adml. Thomas, s. of 
late N. C. Barnardiston, of The Ryes, 
Sudburv, Suffolk; b. 1833; m. 1864, 
Lucy Mary, dau. of late adm. Chas. 
Wise; in Burmese war 1852-3; Baltic 
1864-6; Abyssinian expdn. 1868; adml. 
on ret. list 1897. 

Barnby, lady. Edith Mary, dau. of 
lt.-col. J. W. Silverthorne, D.L., J.P., of 
Ashurst, Kent (d. 1902) ; to. 1878, sir 
Joseph Barnbj', knt., principal of Guild- 
hall School of Music 1892-6 {d. 1896) : 
91c Grosvenor rd. S.W. 

Barne,capt. Miles, eld. s. of col. Fredk. 
St. John Newdegate Barne, of Sotterley 
Park, Suffolk, m.p., j.p. (d. 1898), by 
dau. of 5 maiq. of Hertford; b. 1874: 
m. 1901, Violet Ella, eld. dan. of sir 
Archibald E. Orr-Ewing, 3 bart. by 
hon. Mabel, dau. of 3 vise. Sidmouth : 
served in S. African war 1900-2, capt. 
Scots gds. 1901-4, ret. p. 1904, capt. 
Suffolk I.Y. from 1904, J.i\ (1905) 
Suffolk : Guards' club ; Sotterley Hall, 
Wangford ; Dunwich, Saxmundham, 

Barne. lady Constance, dau. of 5 marq. 
of Hertford, b. 1852 ; to. 1871, lt.-col. 
Fredk. St John Newdegate Barne, late 
Scots Fus.gds., of Sotterley Park, Suffolk, 
J.P.,M.P. (c.) E. Suffolk 1876-85 {d. 1898) : 
Sotterley Hall, Wangford; Dunwich, 

Barneby, Philip Bartholomew, 2 s. of 
Wm. Barneby, of Saltmarsh Castle and 
Clater Park, Herefordshire, d.l., j.p. 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1875 ; m. 1905, Louisa Geral- 
dine, dau. of Robt. Wood Ingham, judge 
of county courts, of Sugwas Court, 
Herefordshire; j.p. (1902) Monmouth- 
shire: Trewyn, Abergavenny (railway 
station, Pandy. G.W. Ry.) 

Barneby, Richard Hick", eld. survg. 
s. of Wm. Hy. Barneby, of Longworth, 
Ibn-fordshire, d.l., j.p., by 3 dau. of late 
sir Michael Hicks-Beach, 8 bart., M.P. ; 
b. 1875; d.l., J.P. (1896) Herefordshire : 
Jun. Carlton and Bath clubs ; Long- 
worth, Hereford ; The Croft, Ardington, 

Barneby, Wm. Hy., s. of late J. 
Barneby, M.P. ; 6. 1843 ; to. 1865, Alice 
Mary, 3 dau. of late sir Michael Hicks- 
8 bart., m.p.; d.l., j.p.,c.a. Here- 
ford-hire (sheriff 1884), patron of 1 
living: Longworth, Hereford; Brocking- 
ton Grange, Bromyard ; Carlton, Naval 
and Military, ;uid .1 mi. Carlton clubs. 

Barneby, Win. Theodore, eld. s. of W. 
Castlo and 


Clater Park, Herefordshire, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1895) ; b. 1873; D.L., j.p. (1896) Hereford- 
shire (sheriff 1904) : New Oxford and 
Cambridge and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Saltmarshe Castle, Bromyard, Worcester 
(railway station, Bromyard ; telegraph 
office, Tedstone-Wafre). 

Barnes, gen. Ardley Henry Fal- 
wasser, R.M.L.I. ; 5.1837; to. 1869, A. 
W. Maria, eld. dau. of late rev. T. L. J. 
Sunderland, M.A., of Ravensden Grange, 
Beds, and Coley, Yorks ; served in China 
war 1856-8, in operations in Canton river 
and Fatsham creek, gen. R.M.L.I. 1901, 
ret. list 1902, J.P. (1902) Hants : 4 
Crescent park, Alverstoke. 

Barnes, Arthur Gorell, M.A.cantab. 
eld. s. of Alfred Barnes, of Ashgate 
Lodge,Derbyshire,M.P.,D.L.,J.P.(d.l901) ; 
b. 1855 ; to. 1891, Everilda M., 5 dau. of 
Henry F. Beaumont of Whitley Beau- 
mont, Yorks, M.P. ; J.P. Derbyshire 
capt. (hon. maj. 1892), 3 battn. (mil.) 
Derbyshire regt. 1877-93 : Reform club : 
Glapwell Hall, Chesterfield. 

Barnes, Chas. Augustus, eld. s. of J. 
Barnes, of Chorleywood House, Rick- 
mansworth {d. 1865) ; b. 1830 ; to. 
Rowena F. M., dau. of late Geo. De 
Bosco Attwood: j.p. Herts: Charleshope, 
Chorleywood West, Herts. 

Barnes, E. Wilson, m.a. Cantab, only 
s. of late Edmund Barnes; b. 1855 ; to. 
1881, Evelyn M., eld. dau. of rev. R. K. 
Bolton, rect. of Newbold ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1880, j.p. Derbyshire and Notts : 
Glapwell Hall, Chesterfield 

Barnes, Edwin Clay, 4 s. of Alfred 
Barnes, of Ashgate Lodge, Chesterfield, 
M.P., D.L.. J.P. (d. 1901) ; b. 1864 ; J.P. 
(1904) Derbyshire : Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and* Reform clubs ; Ashgate 
Lodge, Chesterfield. 

Barnes, Fras.Edwd. s.of Wm.Barnes, 
of Forest Hill, Kent ; b. 1841 ; to. 1 
1864, Elizabeth E., dau. (d. 1905) of 
Edwin Denham. of Guernsey ; 2, 1905, 
Edith West, of Monks Risborough ; J 
and c.c. Surrey, mayor of Reiga 
1897-1902 : Normanton, Relgate Heat 

Barnes, Fredc. Gorell, m.a. Cantab 
f.r.g.s., only survg. s. of late Cha: 
Barnes, of Mossley Hill, Lanes., j.p. ; 
6. 1856 ; to. 1894, Caroline Anne Roper, 
only dau. of sir Roper Lethbridge, 
k.c.i.e., of Exbourne Manor, Devon ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1885, d.l., J.p. (1897) 
Kent, M.P. (c.) N. E. Kent 1895-1900: 
Carlton and Garrick clubs ; Springfield, 
Ilawkhurst, Kent. 

Barnes, Geo. Stapylton, eld. s. of late 






Geo. Carnac Barnes, c.B. ; b. 1858 ; m. 

1887, Sybil de Gournay, dau. of late 
Chas. Buxton, M.P., "of Foxwarren, 
Surrey ; comptroller of companies dept. 
Board of Trade from 1901 : 8 Delahay St. 

' Westminster, S.W. ; Reform avid Alpine 
clubs ; Foxholni, Cobham. Surrey. 

Barnes, Henry,M.D.,LL. D-.F-R.^.e.,*. of 
Joseph Barnes, of Aikton, Cumberland ; 
b. 1842; m. 1873, Emily Mary, dau. of 
Thos. Barnes, of Bolton, Lancashire ; 
J. P. Cumberland and Carlisle ; v. p. 
1 (formerly Pres.) Brit. Med. Assoc. : 6 
Portland sq. Carlisle. 

Barnes. Hy. Durell, Berkeley, Dun- 
kirk, Faversham, Kent. 

Barnes, (hon.) sir Hugh Shakespear, 
K.c.s.1. (1903), K.c.v.o. (1903), s. of late 
Ralph Jas. Barnes, I.C.S. ; b. 1853; n. 1. 

1888, Winifred, eld. dau. (d. 1892) of sir 
John Strachey, G.C.S.I., C.I.B. ; 2, 1894, 
Edith H., dau. of late rev. canon 
Reginald Barnes; entd. I.C.S. 1874, 
priv. sec. to Financial memb. of Council 

1890, on special duty foreign dept. 1879, 
political officer Kandahar 1880, asst to 
agent to gov.-gen., Baluchistan 1881, 
political agent Quetta 1883, rev. commr. 

1891, agent to gov.-gen. 1896, foreign 
t sec. to govt, of India 1900-3, It. -gov. 

of Burma. 1903-5, menib. of Indian 
council from 1905 : India office, S.W. 

Barnes, John Edwd., M.R.c.s. Rng., 
L.8.A., J.P. Suffolk : Clare S.O. Suffolk. 

Barnes, John Fredk. Evelyn, c.m.i;., 
M.I.C.E.. s. of late F. P. Barnes ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1879, Mary S. Graves ; chief engr. of 
public works dept. of N*tal from 1894 : 
15 Burger st. Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Barnes, rt. hon. sir John Gorell, 
r.< '. (1905), m.a., ll.d. (hon.) Cantab, 
eld. s. of late Hy. Barnes, of Liver- 
pool; 6.18 18: m. 1881, Mary H., eld. 
dau. of late Thos. Mitchell, of West 
Arthurlie ; barr. Inner Temple 1876, 
bencher 1896, q.c. 1888, a justice of high 
court of justice (probate, divorce and 
admiralty divn.) 1892-1905, pres. from 
1005, knighted 1892 : 14 Kensington Park 
gdns. W. ; Stratford Hills, Stratford St. 
Mary, Suffolk. 

Barnes, col. Osmond, c.B., s. of John 
Barnes, of Charley wood House, Herts ; 
b. 1834; m. 1862, Emily, dau. of gen. 
Edwd. R. Mainwaring; served in In- 
dian mutiny, 1857-9 ; Abyssinian cam- 
paign, 1868 ; Afghan war, 1878-9 ; with 
Zhob Valley expdn. 1884, Ind. army : 
40 Mount Park rd. Ealing, W. 

Barnes, Robt., M.D., late censor of 
R.C.P.: consultg. physician of St. George's 
hosp. and Seamen's hosp. Dreadnought ; 

past pres. of Hunterian Soc. and of 
Obstetrical Soc. ; hon. pres. of Brit. 
Gynaecological Soc. and of Glasgow 
Obstetrical and Gynaecological Soc. &c. : 
Conservative club, S.W. ; Bernersmede, 

Barnett, Charles Edward, eld. s. of 
Chas. Geo. Barnett, of Sunninghill, Berks, 
J.P.(d.l896); b. 1848 ; ?.1872,hon. Augusta 
Rosa, dau. of 1 baron Ormathwaite : 
Arthur's club ; Edge Grove, Watford, 

Barnett, Frank Hy., eld. s. of H. 
Barnett, of Glympton, Oxon, M. p., d.l. 
J.P. (d. 1896) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1878, Frances 
M., eld. dau. of late Henry Tudor Davies ; 
sub-lieut. R.N. ret. : j.p. (1901) Oxford- 
shire : Jun. Carlton club ; Glympton 
Park, Woodstock. 

Barnett, Thomas, s. of la^e J. E. 
Barnett: l>. 1822; m. 1850. Sarah, 
youngest dau. <</. L904) of late Stephen 
Leeds, of Whitwell : Knighton Grange, 
Aldingbourne, Chichester; Holm Leas, 

Barnett, Walter, lord of the manor 
of Bilton : Bilton Hall, nr. Rugby. 

Barnett, mrs. Lucy Jane, only child 
of col. Gregory, 98 regt., of Styvechale, 
nr. Coventry ;in. 1864, capt. Chas. Fitz- 
Roy Barnett, late 54 foot, of Stratfon 
Park, Beds (d. 1887) : Stratton Park, nr. 
Biggleswade, Beds. 

Barnewall, sir Reginald Aylmer, 10 
bark (1622), only child of 9 bart. (-/. 
1838) ; b. 1838 : 23 Cliveden pi. Eaton sq. 
S.W. ; St. James's, Brooks's, Wellington, 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Barnewall, hon. Reginald Nicholas 
Fras. Mary, eld. s. of 18 baron Trimles- 
town ; b. 1897. 

Barnewall, hon. Annie, b. 18 ; hon. 
Cecilia, 6. 18 ; hon. Marcella, b. 18 ; 
hon. Margaret, b. 18 ; sis. of 18 baron 
Trimlestown : 6 Mount St. cres. Dublin. 

Barnewall, hon. Ivy Esmay Myee, b. 
1890 ; hon. Marcella Hilda Charlotte, b. 
1893; Letitia Anne Margaret, 6. 1895; 
daus. of 18 baron Trimlestown. 

Barnham, Henry Dudley, cm. a., s. of 
late Chas. W. Barnham; b. 18; m. 
1897, Rosalie M., dau. of John B. Newton 
C.E., of Kingston-on-Thame ; consul 
at Aleppo. Turkey, from 1894 : British 
Consulate, Aleppo, Turkey. 

Barnsbee, Ephraim, j.p. (1905) 
Lancashire : St. Ives, Balmoral rd. 
Morecambe, Lanes. 

Barnsley, John, eld. s. of Thos. Barns- 
ley, of Edgbaston, Warwickshire ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1882, Ellen Rutherford, dau. of 
late Robt. Davis, of Wandsworth, Sur- 


rey, J.P. ; is J. P. (1895) Warwickshire, 
maj. (hon. It. -col. 1903) 1 vol. battn. R. 
Warwick regt. from 1893: Earlsfield, 
Woodbourne rd. Edgbaston, Birming- 

Barnstaple, archdeacon of (Ex.), 
vide ven. Albert E. Seymour. 

Barnston, Harry, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
b. of maj. Wm. Barnston, of Crewe Hill, 
j.p. (d. 1872) : b. 1870 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1898, J.P. (1897) Cheshire, lord of manor 
of Farndon, It. Cheshire I. Y. from 
1897 : Crewe Hill, Farndon, Cheshire. 

Barr, It. -col. sir David Wm. Keith, 
K.c.8. 1.(1902), s. of late lt.-gen. H. J. Barr, 
I.S.C.; b. 1846 ; m.1871, Constance, dau. of 
late maj .-gen. J.G. Scott, Bombay Army ; 
served in Abyssinian campaign 1868, 
agent to the gov.-gen. in Central India 
1894-1900, resident, Hyderabad, 1900-5, 
memb. of council of India from 1905 : 
40 Evelyn gdns. S.W. ; India office, S.W. 

Barr, sir Jas., M.D.Glas., L.R.c.P.Lond.,, eld. s. of late Samuel Barr, 
of Claremont, co. Tyrone, J. P. ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1882, Isabella, dau. of J. Woolley, of 
Liverpool ; lectr. on and examiner in 
clinical med. Liverpool Univ., examiner 
in med. to Glasgow Univ. ; knighted 
1905 : 72 Rodney st. Liverpool. 

Barr, John, s. of John Barr, of 
Campsie, Stirlingshire ; b. 1852 ; to. 1894, 
Kate, dau. of John McAdam, of Bridge 
of Weir ; is j.p. (1895) Derbyshire : 
Dinting Lodge, Glossop. 

Barr, John, M.B.Glasg., s. of late 
Samuel Barr, of Claremont, co. Tyrone, 
J.P. ; b. 1853 ; m. 1875, Minnie, dau. of 
Geo. Hewson Appleby, of Scarborough ; 
.i.p. (1893) Lancashire: Willow Grange, 
Rishton, Lanes. 

Barran, Alfred, 4 s. of sir John 
Barran, 1 bart., M.P., j.p. (d. 1905) ; 
b. 1851 ; m. 1 1883, Lilly Maria, dau. (d. 
1885) of late Thos. Scattergood, M.R.C.S.; 
2, 1904, Anne Mabel, only dau. of late 
capt. T. C. Wharton, 97 regt. : j.p. (1905) 
W. K. Yorks and Leeds : Reform and 
Alpine clubs ; Moor House, Headingley, 

Barran, Chas., 3 s. of sir John Barran, 
lb t . ( d. 1 U05) j b. 1849 ; m. 1876, Louisa A. 
Ian. oi late John McNab, of Midton 
House, Renfrewshire ; j.p. (1894) Devon : 
Berry House, Berry Pomeroy, Totnes, 
Devon; Roy. Western Yacht club, 
Plymouth. ' 

Barran, Henry, m.a., ll.m. Cantab., 
5 s. of sir John Barran, 1 bt. (d. 1905) : 
h. 1866 ; m. 1891, Rosalie M., dau. of late 
Edgar Flower of Middlehill, Worcester- 
shire ; barr. Inner Temple 1886, j.r. 


(1903) W. R. Yorks: Shad well Grange 
Moor Allerton, nr. Leeds. 

Barran, sir John Nicholson, 2 bt. 
(1895), B.A.Cantab, eld. s. of John Barran 
(d, 1886) and grands, of 1 bt., M.P.. j.p. 
(d. 1905) ; b. 1872 ; m. 1902, Alice Mar- 
garita, eld. dau. of rev. Leighton Parks, 
d.d., of Boston, U.S.A. (Heir, s. John 
Leighton, b. 1901) : Reform club ; Chapel 
Allerton, nr. Leeds. 

Barran, Rowland Hirst, 6 s. of sir 
John Barran, 1 bt. (d. 1905) ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1887, Rose Cardew, da-j. (marriage 
dissolved 1899) of rav. Gilbert Bradley ; 
m.p. (l.) N. Leeds from 1902 : Reform, 
Bath, and Ranelagh clubs ; Beechwood, 
Roundhay, nr. Leeds. 

Barran, dow. lady. Eliza, c*au. of 
Wm. Brown, of Helensburgh, N.B. ; m. 1, 
John BiltOD, of Scarborough ; 2, 1878, as 
his 2 wife, sir John Barran, 1 bt., M.P., 
J.P. (d. 1905) : Chapel Allerton Hall, nr. 

Barratt, vide Layland-Barratt. 

Barratt, Jas. Wm. Hy., 2 s. of Wm. 
Barratt, of Holly How, Coniston, Lanes., 
j.p. (d. 1881) ; b. 1850; to. 1880, Mar- 
garet,dau.of Geo.Petherick,of Porthpean 
House, St. Austell, Cornwall ; J.P. Lanca- 
shire : Constitutional club ; Holywath, 
Coniston S.O. Lanes. 

Barratt, Walter Edwd., 2 s. of Jas. 
Barratt, of Kersal, Lanes ; b 1850 ; m. 

1887, Ethel, dau. of Gilbert McMicking, 
of Miltonise, Wigtonshire ; J.P. (1897) 
Salop : Linley Hall, nr. Bishop's Castle, 

Barratt, Wm. Isaac, youngest s. of late 
Wm. Barratt, of Coniston, Lancashire; 
6. 1855 ; to. 1882, Ethel, youngest dau. of 
late J. Wood, of Manchester ; J.P. (1886) 
Cumberland and (1893) Lancashire : 
Kepplewray, Broughton-in-Furness. 

Barrell, Geo. Fras., eld. s. of Wm. Bar- 
rell, of Spalding, Lines ; b. 1833 ; to. 1, 
1856, Harriette, dau. of R. B. Lavender, 
of Spalding, Lines. ; 2, 1865, Elizabetl 
dau. of R. Freeman, of South wark, S.E. 
3, 1874, Jeanette, dau. of A. H. Gibbii 
of Boston, Lines. ; chm. of Holland c.C 
1889-91-92, J.P. (1894) county of parts of 
Holland, Lines : National Liberal club _ 
Mercia Lodge, The Parks, Spalding. 

Barrett, brig.-gen. Arthur Arnold, c.B. 
(1903), s. of late rev. Alfred Barrett, d.d.; 
6. 1857 ; m. 1894, Mary, dau. (d. 1897) of 
Jas. Haye, of Fowey, Cornwall ; served 
in Afghan war 1879-80, Hazara expdn. 

1888, Miranzai (2nd) expdn. 1891, 
Hunza-Nagar expdn. 1891, Tirah 1897-8, 
D.a.g. (with temp, rank of brig.-gen.) in 
India from 1905, Ind. army. 



Barrett, vide Moulton-Barrett. 

Barrett, Chas. Rollo, s. of late capt. 
S. G. Barrett, of Heighington, co. Dur- 
ham ; b. 1854 ; m. 1882, Mary Delmar, 
dau. of Alfred Barry, of Sevenoaks, 
Kent ; is j.p. (1894) co. Durham : White- 
hill Hall, Chester-le-Street. 

Barrett, Fredk. Whitfield, youngest 
s. of late W. Barrett, of Silver Spring 
House, Cork ; b. 1875 ; in. 1904, bon. 
Isobel Caroline, 5 dau. of 4 baron 
Kensington, b. 1879 ; It. 15 huss. from 
' 1899 : Silver Spring House, co. Cork. 

Barrett, maj. -gen. Hy. Walter ; b. 
1857 ; served in Zulu war 1879, S. African 
war 1900-1, col. A. Ord. dept. 1902, insp. 
of equipment and ordnance stores (rank- 
ing as maj.-gen.) from 1905. 

Barrett, lt.-gen. John : ret. f . p. 1880. 

Barrett Louis Arthur eld. survg. s. of 
J. B. Barrett, of Milton, Berks, j.p. (d. 
1886) ; />. 1869 : Milton House, Steventon 
S.O. Berks. 

Barrett, Robt. Bell, youngest s. of 
late capt. Barrett, of Heighington House, 
'< co. Durham ; b. 18 ; m. 1893, Frances, 
M., youngest dau. of late Wm. Robinson, 
of Reedley Hall, Burnley ; J.P. West- 
morland : New club ; Skipton Castle, 
Skipton, Yorks. 

Barrett, Thos. Lawrence, 2 s. of Henry 
, Barrett, of Cbelsea, Middx ; b. 1841 ; m. 
1863, 2 dau. of Wm. Adams, of Milton, 
Cambridgeshire ; j.p. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : Long Causeway, Peterborough. 

Barrett, maj. Wm., s. of G. Barrett, of 
North Curry ; b. 1824 ; m. 1861, Charlotte 
Maria Herring, dau. of Wm. Wheaton 
> Chard of Mount Tamar, Plymouth ; D.L., 
J.P. Somerset (sheriff 1892), patron of I 
living : Conservative club ; Moredon, 
North Curry, Taunton, Somerset. 

Barrett, Wm., jun.,eld. s. of maj. Wm. 
Barrett, of North Curry, Somerset, D.L., 
J.P. ; b. 1863; J.P. Somerset, late It. 5 
drag, gds., lt.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 
1901) W. Somerset I. Y. from 1900: 
Moredon, North Curry, Taunton. 

Barrett, Wm. Scott, s. of late J. C. 
Barrett, of Leeds ; 6. 1843 ; m. 1869, 
Julia L., youngest dau. of late rev. A. A. 
Colvile, of Livermere, Suffolk; i.s j.p. 
and c.A. for Lancashire : National Liberal 
club ; Abbotsgate, Blundellsands, Lanes. 

Barrett, lady Maud E. Gundreda, 2 
dau. of 9 earl of Cavan ; b. 1869 ; m. 1892, 
Hy. John Barrett (d. 1901). 

Barrett - Hamilton, maj. Gerald 
Edwin Hamilton, B.A. Cantab., only s. 
of capt. Samuel Barrett-Hamilton, of 
Kilmanock, co. Wexford, D.L., j.p.; b. 
1871 ; m. 1903, Maude Charlotte, only 

survg. dau. of mrs. S. C. Eland, of 
Ravenshill, Pietersburg, Transvaal ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1896, j.p. co. Wex- 
ford (sheriff 1904), served in S. African 
war 1901-2 ; hon. capt, in the army 1902, 
maj. 5 batt. (mil.) R. Irish Rif. from 
1905: Kildare St. club, Dublin; Kil- 
manock House, New Ross, co. Wexford. 

Barrett-Hamiltonxapt. Samuel, only 
s. of Hill Hamilton Barrett, of Dublin 
(d. 1872) ; b. 1838 ; 1, 1865, Alexina, eld. 
dau. of late Jas. Lyall, of Earnock, co. 
Lanark ; 2, 1870, Laura E., 4 dau. of 
Childers H. Thompson, of The Mount, 
York ; late capt. 3 and 14 huss., and 
capt. 5 battn. R. Irish Rif., d.l., j.p, co. 
Wexford (sheriff 1880-7) ; contested S. 
Wexford 1892 in Unionist interest ; 
assumed by royal licence addtl. name of 
Hamilton 1887 : Roy. St. George's 
Yacht and Kildare St! (Dublin) clubs ; 
Kilmanock House, New Ross, co. Wex- 

Barringrton, 9 vise. (1720, Br.), Walter 
Bulkeley Barrington, onlys. of 8 vise. (d. 
1901) by only dau. and heir of Tully Hig- 
gins ; b. 1848 ; m. 1, 1870, Mary Isabella, 2 
dau. (d. 1903) of late rev, R. Bogue, 
rect. of Denbury, S. Devon ; 2, 1905, 
Charlotte Mary L., dau. of late maj. 
Geo. Muut. luii Stopford. U.K., and widow 
of John Arden Birch ; sits as baron Shute 
(1880, U.K.) : o.L., j.p, Berks, j.p. North- 
ants and Bucks {Heir, s. hon. Wm. R. S., 
q.v.): 15 Ennisxnore gdns.S.W. ; Carlton 
and Travellers' clubs ; Beckett House, 
Sbrivenham S.O. Berks. 

Barringrton, hon. sir( Bernard) EricE., 
K.C.B., s. of 6 vise. Barrington; b. 1847 ; m. 
1879, Christina, youngest dau. of late 
Wm.Graham : clerk in foreign office, priv. 
sec. to pari, und.-sec. for foreign aff. 
(A.J. Otwayand vise. Enfield) 1869-74, 
precis writer to foreign sec. (earl of 
Derby) 1874-8, and to marq. of Salis- 
bury 1878-80, and priv. sec. 1885-6, 1887- 
92, and 1895-1900, to marq. of Lansdowne 
(sec. of state for foreign affairs) from 
1900, actg. 2 sec. of embassy in diplom. 
service abroad in 1878 : 62 Cadogan pi. 
S.W. ; St. James's and Travellers' clubs. 

Barring-ton, sir Chas. Burton, 5 bt. 
(1831), m.a. Dublin, eld. s. of 4 bt. {d. 
1890) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1895, Mary R., dau. 
of late sir Hy. Hickman Bacon, 10 and 
11 bt. premier bt. of England; is D.L. 
J.P. co. Limerick (sheriff 1878), hon. 
col. Limerick City artill. (S. divn. R.G.A.) 
from 1901 (Heir, s. Chas. B., b. 1902): 
Carlton, Union, and Kildare St. (Dublin) 
clubs ; Glenstal, Limerick. 

Barringrton, Chas. Geo.,c.B., only s. of 




capt. hon. Geo. Barrington,R.N. (d. 1835). 
by 3dau. of 2 earl Grey ; b. 1827 ; auditor 
of the civil list and assist, sec. Treasury 
1848-88, gentleman usher of Red rod, 
order of the Bath from 1861 : 13 Mor- 
peth mansions, Victoria st. S.W. ; Tuif, 
Travellers' and Wellington clubs. 

Barring-ton, hon. Percy Evelyn, 4 s. 
of 9 vise. Barrington ; b. 1884 ; 2 It. 2nd 
County of London I.Y. from 1902. 

Barrington, hon. Rupert Edwd. Sel- 
borne, 3 s. of 9 vise. Barrington ; b. 1877; 
m. 1903, Mary Georgiana, 2 dau. of col. 
Geo. Arthur Ferguson, of Pitfour, 
Aberdeenshire, d.l., j.p., by hon. Nina 
M., dau. of gen. 1 vise. Bridport, G.O.B 

Barrington, hon. Walter Bernard 
Louis, 2 s. of 9 vise. Barrington ; b. 1876 ; 
m. 1901, Eleanor Nina, 2 dau. of his 
honor judge sir Thos. Snagge, d.l.: 2 
Sumner terr. Onslow sq. S.W. ; Welling- 
ton club. 

Barring-ton, hon. sir Wm. Augustus 
C, k.c.m.g.(1901), s.of 6 vise. Barrington, 
b. 1812 : charge d'affaires Argentine Re- 
public 1883-4, in Peru 1884-5, consul-gen. 
for Hungary 1886-8, sec. to embassy 
at Madrid 1889-92, at Vienna 1892-6, 
envoy extrady. and min. plenipo. to 
Argentine Republic and to the Republic 
of Paraguay 1896-1902. to Sweden and 
Norway 1902-4 : 17b Gt. Cumberland 
pi. W.; Travellers', Turf, St. James's 
and Bachelors' clubs. 

Barrington, hon. Wm. Reginald 
Shute, eld. s. of 9 vise. Barrington ; b. 
1873 ; capt. 4 battn. (mil.) Oxfordshire 
L.I. from 1897. 

Barrington, dow.-lady. Elizabeth, 
dau. of Henry Darley ; m. 1859, sir 
Wm. H. Barrington, 3 bart. (d. 1872) : 
Bar.ington Bridge, Limerick. 

Barrington, hon. Florence, dau. of 7 
vise. Barrington ; b. 1850. 

Barrington, hon. mrs. Henry. Mary 
<;.. dan. of late col. Wright-Knox; m. 
1848, hon. Henry Fredk. A. A. Barring- 
ton (d. 1882). 

Barrington-Kennett, lt.-col. Brack- 
ley Herbert Barrington, b.a. Trin. Coll. 
Camb., 28.of late capt.VincentF.Kennett, 
of Manor House, Dorchester, Oxon., 
and last survg. dau. of sir J. Barring- 
ton, k.c, M.p., judge of admiralty 
b. 1846 ; m. 1884, Ellinor Frances 
dM. <>f p. L. Austen, of Brightwell Park' 
Mi ire, and granddau. of sir Hy' 
i,<>! Shalford Park, Surrey; served 
with ;,I Light i n f. i n Jowaki Affredi 
Oampftign 1877, Afghan war 1878-81, It - 
OOl late K.O.L.I., one of H.M.'s body 
fated from im, j.p. (lyui) Sussex- 

Army and Navy and Leander clubs : 
Barlavington, nr. Petworth, Sussex. 

Barrington- White, Jas., eld. s. of 
Thos. Hy. White, J.P., of Orange Hill, 
Tandragee, co. Armagh, by Mary, dau. 
of Edwd. Barrington, d.l., of Fassaroe, 
co. Wicklow ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884, Mary, 
dau. of John Kane Boyd, of C ultra 
House, co. Down ; assumed addtl. name 
of Barrington in 1893, J.P. co. Armagh 
(sheriff 1898) and Herts, late It. Herts 
yeom. : 62 Green st. Grosvenor sq. W. ; 
Carlton, Wellington, Garrick and Cavalry 
clubs ; Temple Dinsley, nr. Hitchin, 

Barron, maj.-gen. Harry, r.a. ; b. 
1847 ; maj.-gen. commdg. r.a. at Malta 
from 1901. 

Barrow, Bridgman Langdale, 4 but 
only survg. s. of R. Bridgman Barrow, 
of Sydnope Hall (d. L876) ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1880, Jane Margaret, eld. dau. of C. H. 
Oakes, Holly Hurst, Riddings, Derby- 
shire : J.P. Derbyshire: Sydnope Hall, 
near Matlock. 

Barrow, It -g n. sir E.lmund Geo., 
K.C.B., s. of maj.-gen. J. L. Barrow, c.B., 
late R.A. (Madras); b. 1852; m. 1882, 
Marion, dau. of rev. W. Story, of Corick, 
Clogher, co. Tyrone ; served in Afghan 
war 1878-9 ; Egyptian war 1882; opera- 
tions on N. W. frontier, India, 1 81)7-8, 
China expdy. force 1900-01, sec. to govt, 
of India, raily. dept. 1901-4, commdg. 1 
(Peshawur) divn. Northern commd. in 
India from 1904, It. -gen. 1905, col. 7 
Duke of Connaught's own Rajputs 
from 1904, lnd. army : Jun. United 
Service club. 

Barrow, sir Fras. Laurence John, 4 
bart. (1835), only s. of 3 bart. {d. 1900) ; 
b. 1862 ; m. 1890, Wii-ifred S., 2 dau. of 
Wm. C. Steward, of Cartgate, White- 
haven {Heir, s. Wilfred John Wilson 
Croker, b. 1897): Ulverstone, Westby 
rd. Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

Barrow, John Burton, M.A. Oxon, 
eld. s. of J. J. Barrow, of Holmewood, 
Kent, j.p. (dl903); b. 1855; m. 1876, Helen 
J. A., dau. of rev. J. D. Macfarlane : ban 
Lincoln's Inn 1879 ; j.p. Derbyshire 
Beds : Jun. Carlton club ; The R 
House, Aspley Guise S.O. Beds. 

Barrow, Leonard Norman, 4 
of John Jas. Barrow, of Holmewood, 
Kent, J.p. ; b. 1861; j.p. (1902) Notts, 
maj. Needles divn. submarine miners, 
R.E. (mil.) 1893-1903 : Normanton Hall 
Southwell, Notts. 

Barrow, Reuben Vincent, F.R.d.s., s. 
of John Barrow, of Bermondsey, S. E. ; b 
1838 ; m. 1859, Mary A., dau. of Edwd 



Aggett, of Adelaide, S. Australia; J. P. 
Surrey (chra. Croydon county bench) 
and co. London, an aldm. of Croy- 
don, M.P. (l.) South wark (Bermondsey 
divn.) 1892-5: Engadine, 9 Park Hill 
rJ. Croydon ; St. Thomas at. Southwark, 
S.E. ; Reform and City Liberal clubs. 

Barrow, Thos. Samuel Lloyd-, m.d., 
eld. s. of T. Waller Barrow, insp.-gen. 
of army bosp. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1868, 
Catherine M., dau.of Geo. Bees Bevan, 
of Pen gay, Carmarthenshire, and niece 
and co-heir of D. Watkins Lloyd, of 
Aberllech Hall ; lt.-col. R.A.M.c. ret., 
served with 4 drag. gds. in Egyptian 
war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir and capture of 
Cairo, assumed additl. name of Lloyd, 
1882, J. p. co. Brecknock : Barrodene, 
Weymouth ; Aberllech Hall, Brecon- 

Barrow, Emily, lady. dau. of Lite 
Nathaniel M--rriman,M.i). of Kensington, 
W. ; m. 1857. sir John Croker Barrow, 
3 bart. (d. 1900) : 302 Christchurch rd. 
Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

Barrow, dow. lady. Rosamond, dau. 
of W.Pennell, consul-gen. in Brazil, niece 
and adopted dau. of late rt.hon. J. Wilson 
Croker; m. 1832, sir George Barrow, 
C.M.G., 2 bart. (d. 1876} : Ulverston Cot- 
tage, and Halstow, Kent rd. East Mole- 
sey, Kingston-on-Thames. 

Barrow-in-Furness, bp. of. rt. rev. 
Henry Ware, D.l)., M.A. Cantab, Fell. 
Trin. Coll. 1855-62, s. of Martin Ware, of 
Tilford, Surrey; b. 1830; m. 1, 1865, 
Elizabeth S., dau. (d. 1884) of E. G. 
Hornby, of Dalton Hall, Burton, West- 
morland ; 2, Ellen K., dau. of bp. (Good- 
win) of Carlisle ; vicar of Kirkby-Lons- 
lale with Lnpton 1862-88, canon of 
Carlisle 1879-83 and from 1888, bp. suf- 
fragan of Barrow-in-Furness(f or Carlisle) 
:rom 1889 : The Abbey, Carlisle ; How 
Foot, Grasmere. 

Barrows, Clement Herbert, 3 s. of 
Joseph Barrows, of Himley, Staffs, J.P. 
d. ,1903) : b. 18(54 ; j.p. (1894) Stafford- 
shire: Whitehall, Kingswinford, nr. 

Barrows, Fredk. Welch, 5 s. of 
loseph Barrows, of The Poplars, Yard- 
ey, Worcs, J.P. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1864, dau. 
>f J. T. Thomas, of Wynols Hill, Cole- 
ord, Glos. ; j.p. (1896) and c.c. Staffs: 
)ean Court, Hands worth Wood, Bir- 

Barrows, Joseph, eld. s. of Joseph Bar- 
ows, j.p. Worcestershire, of Birming- 
am; b. 1*31 ; m . 1870, Sarah Margaret, 
au. (d. 1898) of Chas.Edge,of Edgbaston, 
o. Warwick ; is J.P. (1895) Warwickshire 

and (1890) City of Birmingham : Fern- 
dale, Edgbaston, Warwickshire ; Church 
Hill Cottage, The Lickey Hills, Worces- 

Barrows,Thos.Welch,2s.of lateJoseph 
Barrows, of Handsworth Hall, Staffs, 
and Yardley, Worcs. J.P.; b. 1833; in. 
1860, Jeanie Murdock, 2 dau. of dr. 
Walton, of Handsworth, Staffs ; j.p. 
(1901) Oxfordshire: The Aubreys 
Wardington, Banbury. 

Barry, vide Smith-Barry. 

Barry, vide Wolfe Barry. 

Barry, rt. rev. bp. Alfred, D.O. 
Cantab, D.c.L. Oxon, LL.d. Durham, s. 
of late sir Chas. Barry r.a. ; b. 1826 ; m. 
1851, dau. of rev. T. S. Hughes, b.d., 
canon of Peterborough ; canon of Wor- 
cester 1871-81, Westminster 1881-3, prin. 
of King's coll.Lond.l868-83,bp. of Sydney 
and metropn. of N S. Wales and primate 
of Australia and Tasmania 1883-9, coad- 
jutor bp. of Rochester 1889-90, canon 
of Windsor from 1890, rect. of St. James', 
Piccadilly, W. 1895-1900, assist, bp. in 
dioc. of London, 1897: Cloisters, Windsor 

Barry, Edwd., s. of Garratt Barry, of 
New Mill, Rosscarbery, co. Cork ; b. 1852 ; 
m. L882, Marianne, dau. of Timothy 
Sullivan ; is a farmer, M.P. (N.) S. Cork 
co. from 1892 : New Mill, Rosscarbery 
S.O., co. Cork. 

Barry, Edwd. Arthur, F.s A., eld. s. of 
sir Fras. Tress Barry, 1 bart. (baron de 
Barry), of St. Leonard's Hill, Berks, 
M.P., d.l., j.p. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1, 1883, Kath- 
leen E., eld. dau. of P. Bicknell, of Gur- 
teen, Tipperary ; 2, 1891, Eleanor M., 
elder dau. of col. Courtenay H. S. Scott ; 
J.p. Berks, maj. Berks I. Y. from 1902 : 
Ockwells Manor, Bray, Berks. 

Barry, Edwd. Robt. Caulfeild, eld. s. 
of late maj. Bartholomew Edwd. Barry, 
6 Inniskilling drag. ; b. 1828 ; m. 1855, 
Kate E. M., dau. of capt. H. F. Cullen; 
j.p. co. Cork : Kilbolane Castle, Charle- 
ville, co. Cork. 

Barry, sir Francis Tress, 1 bart. (1899) 
(baron de Barry of Portugal), F.8.A., eld. 
s.of late Chas.Barry,of Orpington Priory, 
Kent ; 6.1825 ; m. 1851,Sarah D.,only dau. 
of A. Herron, of Northiam, Sussex ; d.l., 
J.p. Caithness, j.p. Berks., M.P. (c.) 
Windsor from 1890 {Heir, s. Edwd. A., 
q.v.) : 1 South Audley st. W. ; Carlton 
club ; St. Leonard's hill, Clewer, Windsor; 
Keiss Castle, Caithness, N.B. 

Barry, Harold Philip Harold-, eld. 
survg. s.of John Harold-Barry, of Bally- 
vonare, co. Cork, D.L., J.P. (d. 1898) ; b. 
1865 ; m. 1895, Heleu F. M., dau. of John 



Gerard Riddell, Hermeston Hall, Notts : 
Ballyvonare, Buttevant. co. Cork. 

Barry, rear-adml. Hy. Deacon, c.v.o. 
(1905), 2 s. of Hy. Barry ; b. 1849 ; to. 
1881, Elizabeth Annie, dau. of rev. H. J. 
Maltby, rect. of Eaglescliffe and canon 
of Durham ; dir. of ordnance and tor- 
pedoes at the Admiralty 1903-4, adml. 
supt. of Portsmouth Dockyard, rear- 
adml. 1904 : United Service and Naval 
and Military clubs. 

Barry, Henry Robt. Bruno Standish, 
s. of Chas. Standish Barry, of Lemlara, 
co. Cork J.P. (d. 1897), by hon. Mar- 
garet M., sis. of 4 vise. Southwell ; b. 
1873 ; to. 1899, Eleanor Lilian Helene, 
dau. of maj.-gen. C. B. Lucie-Smith ; J.P. 
co. Cork: Lemlara, Carrigtwohill, co. 

Barry, capt. Jas. David, R A. (ret.), to. 
1895, hon. Florence M., 2 dau. of 4 baron 
Clan morris & widow of J. Pollok, of 
Lismany, co. Gal way ; D.L., j.p. (d. 1891). 

Barry, Jas. Grene, eld. s. of Jas. 
Barry, of Bellevue, co. Limerick (d. 
1856) ; b. 1841 ; to. 1881, Mary, only 
dau. of Tho*. Kane, M.D., J.P.,of White- 
hall, Limerick ; D L., J.P. co. Limerick : 
Sandville House, Ballyneety, co. Li- 

Barry, Jas. Robt. Bury-, only s. of 
capt. Robt. Bury, 7 drags., and grand- 
nephew of St. Leger Barry, of Bally- 
clough (M'Adam Barry), j.p., late capt. 
65 regt. (d. 1888) ; b. 1875 ; assumed 
addtl. name of Barry 1888, Cork : 
Ballyclough, Kilworth, co. Cork. 

Barry, John, s. of Thos. Barry, of 
Poulrane, co. Wexford : b. 1847 ; a manu- 
facturer at Kirkcaldy, N.B. ; m.p. (h.r.) 
co. Wexford 1880-5; (n.) for South 
divn 1885-93, j.p. co. Fife : 51 and 52 
Aldersgate at. E.C.; National Liberal 
club ; Bennochy Paik, Kirkcaldy, N.B. 

Barry, sir John Edmond, eld. s. of 
late John Barry, mercht. of Mid Abbey 
st. Dublin ; b. 1828 ; to. 1849, Teresa, 
dau. of late John Keefe, of Ifferknock, 
co. Meath ; pres. of Dublin Chamber of 
Commerce 1897-98-99, memb. of Dublin 
Port and Docks Board 1867-97 and 1899- 
1903, a gov. of Roy. Hibernian Mily. 
School, knighted 1899 : 12 Mountiov so. 

Barry, John Warren, s. of rev. John 
Barry, rect. of Gt. Smeaton : b. 1851 ; 

(?''' Y c?$M F y lin S Hall, Robin 
Hood's Bay S.O. Yorks. 

w Bar ?7' Patrick Heni 7, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Henry Barry, of Ballyadam, co. 
Cork, J.p. ; b. 1862 : Ballyadam, Carrig- 
twohill, co. Cork & 


Barry, Redmond, Irish barr. 1888, 
s.g. for Ireland from 1905 : 72 Lower 
Baggot st. Dnblin. 

Barry, Wm. Jas., 3 s. of sir Fras. Tress 
Barry, 1 bt. (baron de Barry), of St. 
Leonard's Hill, Windsor, m.p. ; b. 1864 ; 
to. 1896, lady Grace, 3 dau. of 7 earl 
of Dunmore, b. 1873 : Witchingham 
Hall, Norwich. 

Barry, Wm. Norton, only s. of maj. 
Wm. Norton Barry, 8 huss. of Castle 
Cor, co. Cork, j.p. (d. 1871) ; b. 1859 ; to. 

1, 1881, Constance M., 3 dau. of Fredk. 
J. Walker, of The Priory, Bathwick ; 

2, 1899, Adelaide M., dau. of sir John 
Wrixon Bee her, 3 bart. ; J.P. co. Cork: 
Castle Cor, Kanturk,co. Cork. 

Barry, lady. Charlotte, dau. of late 
bp. (Merriman) of Grahamstown ; m. 
1 867, sir Jacob Dirk Barry, knt., a judge 
of supreme court of Cape Colony 1880- 
1901 (d. 1905) : Queenstown, Cape 
Cf lony. 

Barry, hon. mrs. Margaret M. Stand- 
ish, sis. of 4 vise. Southwell ; b. 1843 ; 
to. 1869 Chas. Standish Barry, of Lem- 
lara, co. Cork, j.p. {d. 1897). 

Barrymore, lord (1 baron 1902, U.K.) 
Arthur Hugh Smith-Barrv, p.C. (Irel. 
1896), eld. s. of J. H. Smith-Barry, of 
Fota Island, co. Cork (d. 1857) ; b. 1843 ; 
to. 1, 1868, 2 dau. (d. 1884) of 3 earl of 
Dunraven ; 2, 1889, dau. of late gen. 
Wadsworth, mily. gov. of Washing- 
ton during civil war, and widow of 
Arthur Post, of New York ; M.P. (L.)| 
Cork 1867-74, (c.) S. Huntingdonshire 
1886-1900 ; J.P. Cheshire (sheriff 1883) 
D.L., J.P. Hunts and co. Cork (sheriff 
1886). c.A. Hunts : raised to the peerage 
1902:' 20 Hill st. W. : Fota Island, 
Queenstown ; Marbury Hall, Northwich 

Barstow, J. J. Jackson-, s. of late rev 
T. N. Jackson, of Trinity coll. Cam- 
bridge and S. K. Barstow, of Acomb 
York ; b. 18 ; to. 1888, MaTy, eld. dau 
of late sir A.Woodiwiss, of The Pastures 
Derby ; assumed by royal licence addtl l 
name of Barstow 1881, D.L., J.P. Somer 
set : The Lodge, Weston-super-Mare 
Rossmore Lodge, York. 

Bartelt, Friedrich Ludwig, s. of 
Jacob Bartelt, of Stargard, co. Pomme 
rania ; 6. 1852; to. 1878, dau. of S. Ej 
Hodgson, Sunderland, co. Durham ; i 
J.P. (1895) Somerset: Corston Lodg 
Corston, Saltford S.O. Somerset. 

Barter, col. Chas. St. Leger, c.v. 
(1904), c.B. (1900), s. of rev. J. T. Barte: 
of Berehaven, co. Cork ; b. 1857 ; servi 
in Ashanti expdn. 1895-6, Tirah expdi 
1897-8, S. African war 1899-1901, mi 





sec. to gov. Cape Colony and to high 
commr. S. Africa 1894-5, lt.-col. York- 
shire L. I. 1898-1902, brevet-col. 1902, 
a.q.m.g. Welsh and Midland commd. 
from 1905: Chester; United Service 

Barth, (hon.) Jacob Win., M.A., barr. 
Middle Temple 1900, a judge of H.M.'s 
high court of East Africa from 1905. 

Bartholomew, Charles W., c.e., m.a. 
Cantab, M.R.Agl.S., L.M.s.Arts., s. of Chas. 
Bartholomew, o.E., of Castle Hill House, 
Ealing (d. 1895) ; b. 1850 ; m. Lucy, dau. 
of late lt.-col. E. Lee Ussher, 51 N. I. 
(H.E.I.C.S.), co. Waterford : National 
Union, Automobile, and Royal Societies 
clubs ; Blakesley Hall, nr. Towcester ; 
Broxholme, Felixstowe. 

Bartholomew, Wm. Hammond, C.E., 
s. of late Thos. Hammond Bartholomew, 
O.K. ; b. 1831 ; m. 1860, dau. of late John 
Wilson, of High Wray,Windermere, J.P. : 
is j.p. (1892) W. R. Yorks : Ridge way 
House, Headingley, Leeds. 

Bartleet, col. Harold Stock, v.d., 
eld. s. of Robt. Smith Bartleet, of The 
Shrubbery, Redditch,Worcs. D.L.. J.P. (d. 
(1902); b. 1853 ; m. 1880, Edith E.,dau. of 
E. W. Kemp, of Castleford, Yorks, j.p. ; 
col. commdg. 2 vol. battn. Worcestershire 
regt. 1901-3 (ret. 1903), J.P. co. Worces- 
ter: Woodhurst, Head less Cross. Redditch. 

Bartleman, maj.-gen. John, with 86 
foot in Central India campaign 1857-8, 
at capt. of Lucknow, ret. p. 1884 as col. 
Bengal army. 

served with 13 Light Inf. in Indian 
mutiny 1858, maj.-gen. Bengal Inf. 1893, 
on U.S. list 1895. 

Bartlet. John Henry, M.D. Lond., J.P. 
Suffolk : Birkfield, Belstead rd. Ipswich. 

Bartlet, Philip Perring de Ludbroke, 
M.A. Oxon., 3 and only survg. s. of rev. 
John Moysey de Ludbroke Bartlet, of 
Ludbrooke, Devon(d. 190)), by Charlotte, 
dau. of genl. John Alex. Philips, r.M.a. ; 
b. 1868 ; lord of manor of Ludbrooke : 
Ludbrooke Manor House, Ermington, 
Ivybridge, Devon. 

Bartlett, Edwd. Noel' Napier, eld. s. 
of John Edwd. Bartlett, of Peverel 
Court, Bucks ; b. 1870 ; m. 1894, Dorothy, 
dau. of sir Philip F. Rose, 2 bt., of 
Rayners, Bucks ; J.P. (1902) Bucks : 
The Beacon, Penn, High Wycombe. 

Bartlett, Herbert Fogelstrom, I.S.O., 
b. of Eiwin Thos. Bartlett, of Plymouth, 
Devon ; 6. 1847 ; m. 1876, Frances M., 
dau. of R. Linwood, of Bath, Somerset ; 
assist, sec. to Board of Inland Revenue, 
1897-1903, controller of Stamps and re- 

gistrar of Joint Stock Companies from 
1903 : 22 Cedars rd. Clapham Common, 
S.W. ; Somerset House, W.C. 

Bartlett, lady Ashmead. Frances 
C, dau. of H. E. Walsh; m. 1874, sir 
Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, Knt., M.p. (<i. 
1902) : 2 Queen's Gate terr. S.W. 

Bartley, sir Geo. Christopher Trout, 
K.C.B., 2 s. of late Robt. Bartley, Rectory 
place, Hackney ; b. 1842 ; m. 1864, Mary 
C, 3 dau. of late sir Henry Cole, K.C.B. ; 
J.P. Middlx., and co. London, founder of 
the National Penny Bank, 1875, M.P. 
(c.) N. Islington from 1885 : 57 Victoria 
st. S.W. ; Athenaeum and Constitutional 

Barton, col. Baptist Johnston, only s. 
of Baptist Johnston Barton, of Greenfort, 
co. Donegal, J.P. (d. 1851) ; 6. 1848 ; m. 
1875, Isabel, dau. of Robt. McClintock, 
of Dunmore, co. Donegal, d.l. ; late It. 
33 regt., lt.-col. commdg. and hon. col. 
5 battn. (mil.) R. Inniskilling Fus. from 
1891, mil. a.d.c. to the King from 1905, 
D.L., j.p. co. Donegal (sheriff 1877) : 
Greenfort, Letterkenny, co. Donegal. 

Barton, Chas. Robt., eld. s. of lt.-col. 
Hugh Wm. Barton, 2 life gds., of The 
Waterfoot, co. Fermanagh, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1870) ; b. 1832 ; m. 1872 Henrietta M. 
M., dau. of Hy. Mervyn Richardson, of 
Rossfad, co. Fermanagh, D.L. ; formerly 
capt. Fermanagh mil., D.L., J.P. co. 
Fermanagh, D.L. co. Donegal : The 
Waterfoot, Pettigo, co. Fermanagh. 

Barton, hon. Dunbar Plunket, s. of 
T. H. Barton (d. 1878), by 3 dau. of 3 
baron Plunket; b. 1853; m. 1900, Mary, 
dau. of late Joseph Manly, of 17 Clyde 
rd. Dublin ; Irish barr. 1880, Q.c. 1889, 
and barr. Gray's Inn 1893, bencher of 
Gray's Inn and of King's Inn, j.p. 
Dublin city and co. Armagh, s.g. for 
Ireland 1897-1900, M.P. (c.) Mid Armagh 
1891-1900, a judge of high court of 
Justice (King's bench divn.) in Ireland 
1900-4 and (Chancery divn.) from 1904 : 
19 Clyde rd. Dublin. 

Barton, rt.hon. sir Edmund, p.c.(1901), 
g.c.m.g. (1902), K.c.,d.C.l. (hon.) Oxon., 
ll.d. (hon.) Cantab, et Edin., m.a. 
and fell, of senate of Sydney univ., s. 
of Wm. Barton, of Sydney; b. 1849; 
m. 1877, Jean Mason, dau. of David 
Ross ; memb. legisl. assembly N.S. 
Wales 1879-87 (speaker 1883-87), m.l.c. 
of N.S.W. 1887-91, and m.l.a. 1891-4, 
M.L.C. 1897-8, M.L.A. 1898-9, A.u. 1889 
and 1891-3, memb. Fedn. Conventions 
1891 and 1897-8, first prime min. and 
min. for external affairs, Australia, 
1901-3, sen. puisne judge of high court 





of Australia from 1903 : Elystan 
lahra, Sydney, N.S. Wales. 

Barton, Edward, J. P. Lancashire 
"Warton Grange, Carnfortb. 

Barton, capt. Fras. Bickman, C.M.G. 
(1905), adminstr. of govt, of Brit. New 

Barton, maj.-gen. Geoff ry, O.B. (1889), 
C.M.G. (1900), younger s. of late C. C. 
Barton, of Bownhams, Hants ; b. 1844 ; 
m. 1890, Beryl, only child of col. Philippe 
Mackenzie, of Downham Hall, Suffolk ; 
served in Ashanti war 1874, Zulu war 
1379, Egypt 1882, Soudan 1885, mily. 
sec. in China 1884, 4 class Osmanieh, 
commd. 6 brig. 1st army corps in S. 
Africa 1899-1900, col. B. Fus. from 
1900; maj.-gen. 1898, re', p. 1904: 
United Service and Wellington clubs. 

Barton, Henry John Hope, only s. of 
J. Hope Barton, of Stapleton Park, 
Yorks, and of Saxby Hall, co. Lincoln, 
j. p., d.l. (d. 1876), by Florence, dau. of 
late Henry J. Bamsden, of Oxton Hall, 
Yorks, and hon. Frederica S., 5 dau. of 
1 baron Ellenborough (mrs. Barton m. 
2, 1887, Frank S. Hatchard, s. of late bp. 
of Mauritius) ; b. 1873 ; m. 1903, Emma 
Alice, 4 dau. of late Geo. W. Lowther 
and sis. of sir Chaj. B. Lowther, 4 bt. ; 
J.p. (1897) W. B. Yorks : 10 Lowndes 
st. S.W. ; Stapleton Park, Pontefract ; 
Saxby Hall, Barton-on-H umber. 

Barton,maj.-gen. Howard Jas.; served 
in Afghan campaign 1878-80, ret. 1885, 
B.S.C. : 34 Wilbury rd. West Brighton. 
Barton, Jas Kingston, m.r.c.p. Lond., 
s. of late Geo. Kingston Barton, of Ful- 
beck, Grantham ; b. 1854 ; m. 1891, 
Georgina, 2 dau. of rev. J. Marshall, J.P., 
baron de Prigny de Querieux, in Fjance. 
of Baronne Court, co. Tipperary (d. 
18i5) and widow of col. Wm. Grogan 
(i raves, of Cloghin Castle, King's co. 
d.l., J.P. {d. 1890); is j.p. Kings co : 
14 Ashburn pi. Courtfield rd. S W. 

Barton, sir John Geo. c.b. (1900), 
k.b.i. , m.i.c.k., s. of Jas. Barton, of Farn- 
dreg, Dundalk ; b. 1850; advising engr. 
for Railways, Board of Works, Irel. 
1&90-3, commr. of valuation, a ad chief 
boundary suit, in Ireland from 1893, 
knighted L90S : Alton Grange, Foxrock. 
co. Dublin. 

Barton, maj. Montagu, s. of late C. C. 
Barton, of Rowuhams, Hants ; m. 1874. 
Susan Maria, dau. of late rev. F. G. 
Mi.ldleton, of Medstead, Hants; late 
L; j.p. (1885) Hants: Wood Nor- 
ton, Piatt, Hants. 

Barton, maj. -gen. Newton, s. of C. C. 
'ii, of the Rownharns, Hants; m. 

1868, Edith Katherine, dau. of Hy. Van- 
sittart, B.C.S. ; in Punjab campaign 
1848-9, Indian mutiny 1857-9, Afghan 
war 1878-9, ret. 1881 as maj.-gen. B.S.C. 

Barton, Thos., J.P. (1895) Lancashire : 
Ince, Wigan, Lanes. 

Barton, Thomas Allday, s. of Thomas 
E. W. Barton (d. 1879), J.P. ; b. 1845; 
lord of the manor of Threxton : Threxton 
House, nr.Watton S.O.Norfolk. 

Barton, hon. mrs. Anna Emily, dau. of 
3 baron Clarina ; b. 1829 ; m. 1855, cousin 
Hugh Lynedoch Barton, of Straffan, eo. 
Kildare,D.L., J.P. (d.1899): Luttrellstown, 
Clonsilla, co. Dublin. 

Barton, hon. mrs. Charlotte, dau. 
of 3 baron Plunket ; m. Thos. Hy. Barton 
(d. 1878), s. of Dunbar Barton, Roches- 
town, co. Tipperary : 2 Holmbush rd. 
Putney Hill, S.W. 

Barton, mrs. Mary Elizabeth, only 
dau. of maj. Thos. Frobisher, Bengal 
Army, of Cheltenham, Glos, D.L., J.p. ; 
m. 1862, Samuel Hy. Barton, of Grove, 
co. Tipperary, D.L., J.P. (d. 1891) : 15 
Lansdown pi. Cheltenham ; Grove, nr. 
Fetbard, co. Tipperary. 

Barttelot, Brian Barttelot, 2 s. of 
Geo. Barttelot, of Stopham, Sussex (d. 
1872) ; b. 1833 ; m. 1864, Mary D. eldest 
dau. (d. 1899) of late J. F. La Trobe 
Bateman, of Moor Park, Surrey ; J.P. 
Sussex : Oxford and Cambridge Univ. 
club; Ditton, Torquay; Villa Navoni, 
Mentone, France. 

Barttelot, sir Walter Balfour, 3 bart. 
(1875), eld. s. of 2 bart. {d. 1900) ; 6. 
1880 : in. 1903, Gladys St. Aubyn, young- 
est dau. of Wm. Collier Angrove, of 83 
Onslow gdns. S.W. ; It. Coldst. gds. 
from 1903 {Heir, s. Walter de Stopham, 
6.1904) : Guards' club ; Stopham House, 

Barttelot, lady. Georgiana M., vide 
Beville Molesworth-St. Aubyn. 

Barwell, capt. Osborne Nathanie 
Henry, s. of Osborn Barwell, late 11 
Light drags. ; b. 1829 ; m. 1857, Mar 
garetta, dau. (d. 1870) of Geo. Jacsoi 
of Barton Hall, Preston ; 2, 1875, Agne 
dau. of Chas. Moore, Mottram : is J.P. 
Sussex, served in Burmese war 1855 
Indian mutiny 1857-8, brig.-maj. Turkisl 
irregular cav. during Crimean war, capt 
late Madras army : Barkfold Hous 
Kirdford, Billingshurst S.O. Sussex; E. I. 
United Service club. 

Barwell, maj.-gen. Wm. Barwell, 
s. of capt. W. Barwell, R.N. ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1872, countess Elise Victorine Leiningen, 
dau. (who obtained a div. 1895) of count 
Charles Leiningen-Westerbourg ; lt.-col. 



2 battn. Oxf. L. I. (52 foot) 1877-82, ret. 
1882: 27 Garrick st. Charing Cross, 
W.C. ; Naval and Military and Garrick 

Barwick, John Storey, J. p. (1894) co. 
Durham and N. R. Yorks : Ashbrooke 
Grange, Sunderland ; Thimbleby, North- 

Basden. maj. -gen. Charles Brenton,s. 
of late rear-adm. Basden ; served in Bun- 
delcund 1844-5 and in Indian mutiny 
campaign 1857-8 ; ret. f. p. as It. -col. 
B.S.C. : E. I. United Service, and Hove 
(Brighton) clubs; 21 The Drive, W. 
Brighton, Sussex. 

Base. Samuel, eld. s. of Wm. Base, of 
Norwich; b. 1821; m 1850, Maria, dau. 
(d. 1895) of Wm. Power Hicks, London ; 
j.p. (1894) Suffolk : Ringsfield Hall, 
nr. Beccles, Suffolk. 

Bashford, mrs. Anne Argentine, 
younger dau. of John Fryer, of Wim- 
borne Minster, Dorset ; m. Chas. Brome 
Bashford, capt. 9 lancers, a.d.c. to Queen 
Victoria and the King (d. 1902; : 
Soberton Towers, nr. Droxford, Hants. 

Basing:, lord (2 baron, 1887, U.K.), 
col. Geo. Limbrey Sclater-Booth. c.B. eld. 
s. of 1 baron, P.O. (d. 1894) ; b. 1860; m. 
1889, .Mary, 2 dau. (d. 1904) of col. John 
II iiLcreaves, of Maiden Erlegb, Berks, 
and Whalley Abbey, Lanes, j.p. ; served 
in S. African war 1900, lt.-col. (brevet 
col. 1904) 1 drags, from 1902, J.p. (1901) 
Hants {Heir, s. hon. John L. R Sclater- 
Booth, q.v.): Lucknow, Bengal; Arthur's 
and Naval and Military clubs. 

Baskerville, lt.-col. Herbert Wither- 
stone Mynors-, 2 s. of T. B. Mynors- 
Baskerville, of Clyro Court, M.P., J.P.,D.L. 
((/. 18G4); b. 1841; ret. p. as maj. and hon. 
lt.-col. Norfolk regt. (9 foot) 1881, 
J.P. Herefordshire and Radnorshire : 
Berthddu, Llandinam, Montgomeryshire. 

Baskerville, col. John, s. of late Hy. 
Baskerville, Crowsley Park (d. 1877); 
b. 1839; m. 1869, Caroline, dau. of Wm. 
Chas. Henry, F.R.S., j.p., of Haf- 
field House, Herefordshire; maj. late 
11 huss., lt.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 
1888)Oxon yeom. 1885-92, D.L., j.P.Oxon; 
Jun. United Service and Cavalry clubs ; 
Crowsley Park, Henley-on-Thames. 

Baskerville, Ralph Hopton, only s. 
of W. T. Mynors Baskerville, of Clyro 
Court, co. Radnor, D.L., J.P. (d. 1897), by 
Berth Maria, only child of John Hopton, 
of Cannonffrome Court, co. Hereford ; 
6.1883; j.p. (1901) Radnorshire: Clyro 
Court, Hay S.O. Breconshire. 

Baskervyle-Gleg-gr, John, only s. of 
John Baskervyle-Glegg, of Old With- 

in gton, and Gay ton Hall, Cheshire, j;p. 
(d. 1S77) ; b. 1876; m. 1901, Florence 
Linda Maud, eld. dau. of Alfred Ashton, 
J.P. of Sandiway, Cheshire ; J.P. (1900) 
Cheshire, 2 It. Cheshire yeom. 1898-1901 : 
Raleigh, Cavalry and White's clubs ; 
Withington Hall, Chelford, Cheshire. 

Bass. Wm. Arthur Hamar, eld. and 
only survg. s. of Hamar Alfred Bass, 
of Byrklay Lodge and Need wood House, 
Staffs, M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1898), by hon. 
Louisa, eld. survg. dau. of 3 baron Bagot ; 
b. 1879 ; hi. 1903, lady Wilmot Ida 
Noreen. dau. of 13 earl of Huntingdon, 
b. 1880 ; It. 10 huss. from 1899, J.P. (1905) 
Staffs ; heir pres. to baronetcy held by 
his uncle, lord Burton: 145 Piccadilly, 
W. ; Byrkley Lodge, Burton-on-Trent. 

Bassano, Alfred Hill, b.a. Oxon, eld. 
s. of Walter Bassano. of Haden Cross, 
Staffs, j.p. (</. 1H03) ;'b. 1862; in. 1892, 
Agnes, 2 dau. of Geo. Allan ; J.P. 
Staffs: Hadenholme, Old Hill S.O. 

Bassano, Chas. Walter, b.a. Oxon., 2 
s. of Walter Bas-ano, of Old Hill, 
Stall's, j.p. (,/. 1903) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1892, 
Philomena, dau. of Franz I. Steffen, 
of Lucerne, Suisse; J.P. (1900 1 Staffs: 
Haden Cross, Old Hili S.O. Staffs. 

Basset, Alfred Barnard,. M. .v., f.k.s., 
only s. of Alfred Basset, and grands, 
and heir of late John Swinford Basset, 
of Stamford Hill, Middlx. ; b. 1851; m. 
1882, Edith S. I., only child of late Thos. 
G. de Chaundre, of Rouen and Dublin ; 
scholar of Trin. Coll. Camb. 1876, barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1879, v. p. London Mathe- 
mariral Soc. 1892*4: United University 
club ; Fledborough Hall, Holyport, 

Basset, Arthur Fras., s. of Gustavus 
Lambait Basset, of Tehidy, Cornwall 
o.i-.. J.P. (d. 1888); b. 1873; m. 1898 
Rebecca H. B., dau. of sir Wm. L. S. 
Tielawny, 10b. rt. ; D.L., J.P. (1898)Corn- 
wall (sheriff 1901): Tehidy Park, nr. 
Camborne, Cornwall. 

Basset, Chas. Hy., 4 survivg. s. of 
late sir Wm. Williams, bart., of Tregul- 
low ; b. 1834 ; m. 1858, Harriet Mary, sis. 
and co-heir of rev. A. C. Davie-Basset, of 
Umberleigh, Devon ; It. ret. r.n., served 
through whole of Crimean war in Black 
sea and Sea of Azof, M.P.Barnstaple 1808- 
74,n.L.,j.p. Devon, capt. (hon. maj. 1881) 
N. Devon yeom. 1875-84 ; assumed name 
of Basset by royal licence in 1880: West- 
away, Barnstaple ; Watermouth Castle, 
Ufraeombe ; Jun. United Service club. 

Bassett, Theodore, eld. s. of Fras. 
Bassett, of The Heath, nr. Leighton 


Buzzard, Beds, M.P., J.P. (d. 1899); 6. 
1848 ; m. 1872, dau. of Fredk. Drayson, 
of Framfield, Sussex ; J.P. (1906) Herts : 
Reform club ; The Old Rectory, Hat- 
field, Herts. 

Bassett, mrs. Augusta M., 2 dau. of 
late capt. C. F. Tyler, of Cottrell; m. 
1878, Ralph Thurstan Bassett, of Bon- 
vilston and Cross ways, co. Glamorgan, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1903) : Crossways, Cow- 
bridge, Glamorgan. 

Bassett, mrs. Ellen, dau. of Edwd. 
Harris, of Stoke Newington ; to. 1842, 
Fras. Bassett, J. P., M.P. (l.) Beds. 
1872-5 (d. 1899) : The Heath, Leighton 
Buzzard, Beds. 

Bastard, Baldwin John Pollexfen, 2 
but eld. survg. s. of E. P. Bastard of 
Kitley and Buckland Court, M.P.(cU838); 
b. 1830; to. 1861, Frances J..youngest dau. 
of late hon. Mortimer Rodney, late of 9 
foot,J.P.,D.L.Devon (sheriff 1865) : Kitley, 
Y"ealm pton ; BucklandCourt, Ashburton, 

Bastard, William Edmund Pollexfen, 
only s. of rev. Wm. Pollexfen Bastard, 
of Kitley and Buckland Court, Devon, 
formerly rect. of Lezant, Cornwall ; b. 
1864 ; m. 1890, Rosamond I., only dau. of 
late A. B. Foster, of Can well Hall, Staffs.; 
J.P. Devon ; It. Roy. 1 Devon. Yeom. 
1886-94 : Jun. Carlton club ; Lyneham, 
Yealmpton, Devon. 

Bastard, rev. Wm. Pollexfen, m.a. 
Oxon., 8 and only survg. s. of E. P. 
Bastard, of Kitley and Buckland Court, 
Devon, M.P. (d. 1838) ; b. 132 ; to. 1859, 
Caroline, 2 dau. of vice-adml. Wooll- 
cornbe, of Hemerdon, Devon ; vicar of 
Brixton, Devon 1862-6, rect. of Lezant, 
Cornwall 1866-96, lie. preacher dioc. 
Exeter from 1898 : Cofflete, Woodend rd. 
Ton | nay; Kitley, Yealmpton; Buck- 
land Court, Ashburton, Devon. 

Batchelor, Allan Edwd., b.a. Oxon., 
2 h. of T. B. Batchelor, of Maindee, 
Newport, Monmouthshire ; b. 1853 ; to. 
1896, Veronica, dau. of sirWm. Thomas 
ICakina, 1 bt. of R'.therfield Court, 
H.nley-on-Thames ; j.p.( 1898) Warwick- 
shire : Greystoke, nr. Warwick. 

Batcheior, Reginald Lewis, eld. s. of 
Late iev. F. T. Bitchelor, of Jacobstow 
Rectory, Cornwall, j.p. an 1 aldm. for 
that co.; h. 1 s;,7 ; m. 1889, Catherine, 
dau. . f Wm. II .slcr, of New Zealand; 
J.P. (1900) Devon: La nestoue House, 
Brentor, Tavistock ; The Manor House, 
Greatham, Pul borough, Sussex. 

Batohelor, Richd. David, s. of Henry 
Batchelor, of Luton, Chatham ; b. 1855 ; 
vi. 1X77, Annie, dau. of Reuben Glover, of 


Luton, Chatham ; J.p. (1894) Kent : 
73 Queen Victoria st. E.C. ; Artois 
Work3, Chatham ; Darland House, 
Luton, Chatham. 

Batchelor (hon.) Stanley Lockhart, 
b.a. Lond. univ. ; to. 1905, Maud Alice, 
eld. dau. of mr. justice H. Batty, high 
court, Bombay ; I.C.S. 1889, puisne 
judge of high court of judicature at 
Bombay from 1904 : Bombay. 

Batchelor, Sydney James, 4 s. of 
Benjn. Batchelor, of Newport, Mon. ; 6. 
1824; m. 1854, Sarah, 3 dau. of Geo. 
Reese, of Kemeys, Mon. ; is j.p. Gla- 
morgan (chm. Dynas Powis divn.) : The 
Kymin, Penarth, Glamorgan. 

Bate, John Pawley, ll.d. ; m. 1895, 
Mary Anne, dau. of John Sexton, of Ash- 
burton, Devon, and widow of sir Chas. 
Wathen, knt., of Cook's Folly, nr. 
Bristol; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1894: 11 
New sq. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; Off well 
House, nr. Honiton, Devon. 

Bate, Roger, s. of Chas. Bate, of Ash 
Hill, Tarporley ; b. 1825 ; to. 1858, Sarah, 
2 dau. of Jas. Carter, of Warrington ; is 
J.P. (1895) Cheshire: Gable House, Tar- 

Bate, Thos., only s. of late E. Bate, of 
Ke'sterton, j.p. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1878, dau. of 
W. Owen, of Blessington, co. Wicklow, 
J.P. : D.L., j.p. Flints (sheriff 1887), capt. 
Denbighshire huss. 1882-95 : Jun. 
Carlton club ; Kelsterton, nr. Flint. 

Bate, col. Thos. Elwood Lindsav, 
c.i.B. (1902), L.R C.P.I., L.R.C.R.I.; 6. 1852 ; 
to. Mary, dau. (d. 1904) of ; col. 
1905 Indian Med. Service (Bengal). 

Bateman, vide Jones-Bateman. 

Bateman,lord(3 baron 1837,u.K.).Wm. 
Spencer Bateman-Hanbury, eld. s. of 2 
baron {d. 1901) by Agnes, dau. of late 
gen. sir E. Kerrison, 1 bt., K.C.B., M.P., 
and sis. and co-heir of sir E C. Kerrison, 
2 and last bt. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1904, Marian 
Alice, dau. of Jas. Jeffrey Graham, 
of New York, and widow of Hy. Cabot 
Knapp, of New York, U.S.A. ; seiwed 
in Egypt 1882, capt. 2 life g.Js. 1885-95, 
ret. 1895, j.p. Herefordshire and Suffolk 
(Heir,bro. maj. hon. Edwd. R. Bateman- 
Hanbury, q.v.) : Marlborough club ; 
Shobdon Court, Shobdon S.O. Hereford- 
shire ; Broome Hall, Eye. 

Bateman, sir Alfred Edmund,K.c.M.G. 
(1900), 7 s. of late rev. John Bateman, 
rect. of E. and W. Leake, Notts. ; b. 
1844 ; to. 1868, Edith E., only child of 
late J. E. Hobson, of Haverfield, Kew ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1872, contr.-gen. for 
commerce, labour and statistics at Board 
of Trade 1897-1903, chm. of alvis. comm. 



on commrcl. intell. 1901-5, sec. to K. 
Anglo-French Treaty Commn. 1881-2, 
sec. to International sugar confce. 
1887-8, to Treaties committee 1890-2, 
v.p. R. Statistical Soc, pres. 1897, 
memb. R. comtn. on food supply in war, 
joint manager, Impl. Inst. : Woodhouse, 
Wimbledon Park ; Windham, National 

id Ranelagh clubs. 

Bateman, Edwd. Loui, c.B., 4 s. of 
;v. John Bateman, rect. of East and 
We^t Leake, Notts ; b. 1834 ; late assist, 
sec. Ecclesiastical commrs. : 47 Duke st. 
St. James', S.W. ; Oxford and Cam- 
bridge, United University and Windham 
clubs ; Rovvditch Lodge, Derby. 

Bateman, Fred. Osborne Fitz Her- 
bert, only child of T. O. Bateman, of 
Hartington Hall, co. Derby, D.L., J. P. 
(d. 1874) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1886, Evelyn M., 
eld. dau. of maj. Wilkinson, of Scar- 
borough ; J. P. co. Derby : Windham club. 

Bateman, John, eld. s. of late Jas. 
Bateman of Biddulph Grange, Staffs., 
J.P., D.L., P.R.S. ; b. 1839 ; in. 1865, 
hon. Jessy Caroline, sis. of 1 earl of 
Lathom ; b. 1836 ; J. P., D.L. Staffs, J.P. 
Essex : Carlton and National clubs ; 
The Hall, Brightlingsea, Colchester. 

Bateman, Robt., 3 s. of Jas. Bateman, 
late of Biddulph Grange, Staffs., d.l., 
j. p., f.r.s. (d. 1897); 6. 1842; to. 1883, 
Caroline Octavia. dau. of Late very rev. 
the hon. Henry Howard, dean of Lich- 
field ; is j.p. (1893) Salop: Savile 
and Jun. Constitutional clubs ; Nunney 
Delamere, Frome. 

Bateman,(rt.hon.)dow.-lady. Agnes, 
dau. of late gen. sir. E. Kerrison, 1 bt., 
k.c.b., M.P., and sis. and co-heir of sir 
E. C. Kerrison, 2 and last bt. ; in. 1854, 2 
baron Bateman (d. 1901) : Brome Hall, 

Bateman-Champain, maj. Arthur 
Patrick, m.v.o. I class (1905), eld. s. of 
col. sir John U. Bateman-Champain, 
R.E., k.c.m.g (d. 1887), by Harriet S., 
dau. Ul. 1905) of late sir F. Currie, 1 
hart. b. 1866 ; served Burma 1890-1, 
operations in Chitral 1895, N.W. Fron- 
tier of India 1897-8, maj. 1904, 

Bateman-Hanbury, rev. preby. the 
hon.Ai-thur Allen, M.A.Oxon,s. of 1 baron 
Bateman; b. 1829 : in. Mary, dau. (d. 1895) 
of J.Davenport, of Foxley ; J.P.Hereford- 
shire, preby. of Hereford from 1 866 ; 
rect. from 1853 of Shobdon R.S.O. Here- 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Charles 
Stanhope Melville, 5 s. of 2 baron Bate- 
man; b. 1877; D.L., j.p. Norfolk, d.l. 
Norwich, It. Norfolk I.Y. from 1901 : 

Bachelors' and New clubs ; Breckles 
Hall, nr. Attleborongh. 

Bateman - Hanbury, maj. hon. 
Edward Reginald, 2 s. of 2 baron Bate- 
man ; (d. 1901) and bro. and heir pres. 
to 3 barun Bateman; 6.1859; extra a.d.c. 
to It. -gen. hon. sir J. Dormer, in Egypt, 
1887 ; maj. rifle brig, from 1898, J.P. 
(1895) ^ Suffolk, d.l. Herefordshire: 
Boodle's, Naval and Military and Pratt's 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Agnes 
Rosamond, b. 1866 ; dau. of 2 baron 

Bateman-Scott, lady. Mildred 
Anne, eld. dau. of sir Wm. Cradock 
Hartopp, 3 bart. ; in. 1, 1854, sir Francis 
Edw. Bateman-Scott, 2 and 3 bart. (cr. 
30 April and 15 Dec. 1806) (d. 1863) ; 2, 
1868, E Iw. Pakenham Alderson (d.1876), 
eld.s. of late hon. sir Edw. Hall Alderson, 
a baron of the exchequer, and bro. of (3) 
marchioness of Salisbury : Great Barr 
Hall, Birmingham. 

Bater, mrs., only dau. of Hy. Davy, of 
Crediton, Devon ; to. 1875, Thos. Bater, 
of Farrs,Chittleham-Holt : Manor House, 
Chittleham-Holt, Chulmleigh, Devon. 

Bates, col. Chas. Loftus, d.s.o. (190(1), 
3 s. of Tho*. Bates, of Aydon ; b. 1863 ; 
///. 1892, Katharine, eld. dau. of Edwd. 
Leadbitter, The Spital, Northumb.; 
served in S. African war 1899-1902. 
with 5 battn. Impl. yeom., maj. res. 
of oriicers from 1902, capt. late 1 drag, 
gds., lt.-col. commdg. and hon. col. Nor- 
thumberland I. Y.frora 1905, J.P. (1902) 
Northumberland : The Spital, Hexham, 

Bates, col. Henry Stratton, s. of late 
rev. J. E. Bates, m.a. ; in. 1866, Frances 
Henrietta,dau. of sir John Rivett-Carnac, 

2 bart. ; j.p. Gloucestershire and Hants, 
served on staff in New Zealand war ; 
capt. late 8 huss., (lt.-col. commdi.'. (hon. 
col. 1886) 8 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 
1886-9 : United Service club ; Langtons, 
Alresford, Hants. 

Bates, sir Percy Elly, 4 bt. (1880), 2 
s. of 2 bt., d.l., J.P. (d. 1899) and bro. 
of 3 bt.(rf. 1903); b. 1879 (Heir, bro. Cecil 
Robt., b. 1882) : Beechenhurst, Allerton, 
Liverpool ; Gyrn Castle, Holywell, 

Bates, Sydney Eggers, 3 s. of sir 
Edwd. Bates, 1 bart., M.P., d.l., J.P. (d. 
1896); b. 1851 ; in. 1878, Elizabeth Jessie, 

3 dau. of col. Geo. Grenville Ma!e% 
Bombay cav. ; j.p. (1904) Hants: 29 
Hyde Park sq. W ; Manydown Park, 

Bates, lady. Constance E., 2 dau. of 


late S. R. Graves, m.p. ; m. 1876, sir 
Edwd. Percy Bates, 2 bart.. D.L., J.P. (d. 
L899): Beechenhurst, Allerton, Liver- 
pool ; Gyrn Castle, Holywell, Flints. 

Bateson, hon. Eustace de Yarburgh-, 
3 s. of 2 baron Deramore ; b. 1884. 

Bateson, hon. Geo. Nicholas de Yar- 
burgh-. 2 s. of 2 baron Deramore ; b. 1870; 
m. 11)00, Muriel K., youngest dan. of 
Arthur Duncombe, of Sutton Hall, 
Yorks ; heir pres. to his bro. : Carlton, 
Bachelors' and Yorkshire clubs ; The 
Danes, Little Berkhamsted, Hertford. 

Bateson, hon. mrs. Florinda, dau. of 3 
baron Castlemaine ; b. 1823 ; m. 1854, 
Samuel Stephen Bateson (d. 1879), 2 s. of 
sir R. Bateson, 1 bart. : 17 Bolton st. 

Bateson, hon. Mary Lilla de Yar- 
burgh-, b. 1863 ; hon. Katherine Hylda 
de Yarburgh-, b. 1869 ; daus. of 2 baron 
Deramore : The Lodge,Heslington,York. 

Bateson, hon. Moira Faith Lilian de 
Yarburgh-, dau. of 3 baron Deramore ; 
b. 1898. 

Bath, 5 marq. of (1789, Gt.B.). Thomas 
Henry Thynne, eld.s. of 4 marq. (d. 1896) ; 
b. 1862 ; m. 1890, Violet O, dau. of sir 
Chas. Mordaunt, 10 bart., and niece of 
Georgina, countess of Dudley, b. 1869 ; 
2nd tit. vise. Weymouth ; j.p. Wilts 
and Somerset (lord lieut from 1904), 
maj. Wilts I. Y. from 1901; M.p. (c.) 
Somerset (Frome divn.) 1886-92 and 
1895-6, und. sec. of state for India in 
1905 (Heir, s. vise. Weymouth, q.v.) : 
29 Grosvenor sq. W. ; Longleat, War- 
minster, Wilts. 

Bath, archd. of, vide ven. Hilton 

Bath, Edwd. Hy., s. of late Edward 
Bath of Brynyindr, Swansea, and nephew 
of late Henry J as. Bath, of Alltyferin, 
J.P. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1874, Esther, eld. dau. 
of John Williams James, of Brynbriallu, 
Swansea ; D.L., J.P. Carmarthenshire 
(sheriff 1892) ; J.P. Swansea : Alltyferin, 
Nantgaredig S.O., Carmarthenshire. 

Bath, marchioness dowager of, hon. 
Prances I. C.,eld. dau. of 3 vise, de Vesci ; 
m. 1861, 4 marq. of Bath (d. 1896) : 15 
Manchester sq. W. 

Bath and Wells, 70 bp. of (609). rt. 
i '-v. (Jeo. Wyndham Kennion, D.D. Oxon, 
ML, s. of Geo. Kennion, m.d., f.r.c.p., 
Ol Harrogate; b. 1845; m. 1882, Hen- 
rietta J)., B survg. dau. of sir Chas. 
I >.il rymple Ferguason, 5 bart.; vicar of St. 
Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull, 1873-6, of All 
Saints', Bradford, 1876-82 ; bp. of Ade- 
laide, 1882-94, of Bath and Wells from 
ISM : The Palace, Wells, Somerset. 


Bather, Edwd. Wm., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of John Bather, of the Dayhouse, 
Meole Brace, Salop (d. 1886) ; b. 1854 ; m. 
1886, Muriel E., eld. dau. of Spencer 
Bickham, of Oakwood, Alderley Edge ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1881, patron and lord 
of the manor of Meole Brace, Salop : 
Davenham Cottage, nr. North wich, 
Cheshire ; The Hall, Meole Brace, Salop. 

Bather, ven.HenryFras.,M. A.Cantab., 
s. of John Bather, of Dinthill, Shrews- 
bury ; b. 1832 ; m. 1857, Elizabeth M. 
dau. of rev. T. D. Atkinson, vicar of 
Rugeley, Staffs. ; vicar of Meole Brace 
1858-97, archd. of Ludlow and canon res. 
of Hereford from 1892 : The Close, Here- 

Bathurst, 7 earl (1772, Gt. B.). Sey- 
mour Henry Bathurst, C.M.G., eld. s. of 6 
earl (d. 1892), by dau. of 2 baron de 
Tabley ; b. 1864 ; m. 1893, hon. Lilias 
M. F., only dau. of 1 baron Glenesk ; 
2nd tit. baron Apsley; D.L., J.P. 
Glo'stershire ; lt.-col. (hon. col. 1903) 4 
battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire regt. from 
1898 (Heir, s. lord Apsley, q.v.) : 22 
Bruton st. W. ; Bachelors' ana Carlton 
clubs ; Cirencester House, Cirencester. 

Batharst, 2 bp. of (1869). rt. rev. 
Chas. Edwd. Camidge, D.D., m.a. Oxon, 
p. of Camidge ; b. 18 ; vicar of 
Thirsk, Yorks, 1876-87, canon of York 
1882-7, bp. from 1887 of Bathurst, N. S. 
Wales : Bishop's Court,Bathurst,N.S.W. 

Bathurst, hon. Allen Benjamin, 3 s. of 
6 earl Bathurst; b. 1872; in. 1902, 
Augusta Ruby, eld. dau. of lord Edward 
Spencer-Churchill ; capt. (hon. maj. 
1904) 4 battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire 
regt. from 1895, parly, priv. sec. (un- 
paid) to postmaster-gen. (marq. of Lon- 
donderry) 1901-3, m.p. (c.) E.Gloucester- 
shire from 1895 : Carlton club ; Ciren- 

Bathurst, Chas., P.. A. Ch. Ch. Oxon 
eld. s. of rev. W. H. Bathurst of Lydney 
Park, Glo'stershire (d. 1877); b. 1836; 
m. 1864, dau. (d. 1885) of late col. Hay; 
barr. Inner Temple 1863, J.P. Glo'ster- 
shire : Lydney Park, Lydney, Glo'ster- 

Bathurst, Chas., jun., M.A. Oxon., 
P.c.s., eld. s. of Chas. Bathurst, of Lydney 
Park, Gloucestershire, J.P. ; b. 1867 ; 
m. 1898, hon. Bertha Susan, youngest 
dau. of 1 baron Ludlow, p.c. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1892, J.P. Gloucestershire, for- 
merly capt. R. Mon. Eng. mil. : 6 
Rosary gdns. South Kensington, S.W. ; 
3 Stone bldgs. Lincolu's Inn, W.C. ; 
Burlington Fine Arts club ; Redhill, 
Lydney, Gloucestershire. 




Bathurst, ven. Frederick, s. of late 
lt.-gen. sir Jas. Bathurst, K.C.B. ; in. 1, 
Catherine G., dau. {d. 1902) of rev. 
C. F. Moore ; 2, 1901, Elizabeth Frances 
widow of rev. J. M. Hamilton, vicar of 
Ridgeuiont, Beds ; M.A. Oxon, vicar of 
Diddington, Hunts, 1857-7-1, r.d. of St. 
Neots 1865-73, proctor in convocation 
1867-73 ; hon. canon of Ely from 1869, 
archd. of Bedfoi-d from 1873, vicar of 
Biggleswade, Beds. 1874-84, rector of 
Holwell, Hitchin, 1884-1902. 

Bathurst, capt. sir Fredk. Edwd. 
Hervey-, 5 bart. (1818), eld. s. of 
rt., m.p., lt.-col. late gren. gds. (</. 
), by only dau. of late sir J. Ribton, 
3 bart. ; b. 1870 ; m. 1901, hon. Moira, 
2 dau. of 14 baron Inchiquin, b. 1876 ; 
capt. gren. gds. from 1899 (Heir, $. 
Fredk. Peter M., b. 1903) : Somborne 
Park, Stockbridge. 

Bathurst, Henry Villebois, eld. s. of 
late capt. Bathurst, 23 It. Welsh Pus. and 
gt. gt. grands, of bp. (Bathurst) of 
Norwich; b. 1862; J. p. (1905) Norfolk : 
Jan. Carlton club ; Marham House, 
Downham, Norfolk. 

Bathurst, hon. Lancelot Julian, 2 s. 
of 6 earl Bathurst; b. 1868 : 41 Lowndes 
sq. S.W.; Bachelors' club ; Eggesford, N. 

Bathurst, lt.-col. Lionel Hervey-, 
2 s. of sir Fredk. Hn ehinson Hervey- 
Bathurst, :; bart. [d. 1881) ; b. 181 'J : ///. 
188."), Mary Ethel, dau. of sir Astley 
Paston Co >per, 3 bart., of Gadebridge ; 
lt.-col. late Rif. brig., j.i\ (1905) Herts : 
Gradebridge, Heniel Hempstead. 

Bathurst, hon. Ralph Hy., 3 s. of 7 
earl Bathurst: b. 1901. 

Bathurst, hon. William R. Seymour, 
2 s. of 7 earl Bathurst ; b. 1903. 

Bathurst, Evelyn, countess, dau. of 
late C Barnard Hankey, of Fetcham 
Park, Surrey; in. 1874, as his 2 wife, 6 
earl Bathurst (d. 1892) : 41 Lowndes 
sq. S.W. ; St. Hilda. Sea View, I. of W. 

Bathurst, lady Hervey-, Ada, only 
dau. of late sir J. Ribton, 3 bart. ; m. 
1869, It. -col. sir Fredk. Arthur Thos. 
Hervey-Bathurst,4 bart., M. P., late gren. 
gds. (d. li00): 69 Cornwall gdns. S.W. 

Bathurst, lady Meriel Olivia, dau. of 
7 earl Bathurst ; b. 1894. 

Batson, col. Herbert, c.b. (1900) ; b. 
1853 ; served in S. African war 1899-1900, 
lt.-col. (brevet col. 1901) Devonshire 
regt. 1900-4, ret. p. 1904. 

Batt, Charles Dorrington, M.B. Lond., 
J.P.Oxfordshire : The Hill,Witney,Oxon. 

Batt, col. Thos. Edmond, eld. s. of 
Thos. Batt, of Rathmullan, co. Donegal, 

D.L., J.P. (</. 1897); b. 1854; J.r. co 
Donegal, lt.-col. couimdg. and hon. col 
The Donegal artill. mil. from 1895: 
Rathmullan House, Rathmullan S.O. co. 

Batten, vide Chisholm-Batten. 

Batten, col. Herbert Cary Geo., 
b.a. Cantab., 3 s. of John Batten, of 
Aldon, Somerset, and Upcerne, Dorset, 
J.P. {d. 1900) ; b. 1849; m. 1, 1878, 
Frances E., dau. of John Beardmore, of 
Uplands, Hants ; 2, 1898, Isabel Frances, 
dau. of late gen. sir Robt. Bright, G.C.B.; 
J.P. Somerset, lt.-col. commdt. and hon. 
col. 3 battn. (mil.) Dorset regt. from 
1902 : New University club ; Leigh 
Lodge, Abbots Leigh, nr. Bristol. 

Batten, Herbert Phelips, b.a. Oxon, 
only s. of Herbert Butler Batten, of Hol- 
lands, Somerset, J.P., D.L. (d. 1899); b. 
1859 ; in. 1892, Josephine Constance, 2 
dau. of sir Joseph C. Lee : J.P. Somerset : 
New University club ; Lufton Manor, nr 
Yeovil, Somerset. 

Batten, James, J.P. Kent : The High 
Field, Bickley, Kent. 

Batten, col. John Mount, c.b. (1903), 
eld. s. of J. Batten, of Aldon, Somerset, 
D.L., J.P. (</. 1900); b. 1843; in. 1, 1873, 
Margaret A., dau. (d. 1893) of rev. J. 
Brooks ; 2, 1895, Mary E., eld. dau. of 
Jas. Sant, r.a., and widow of Howard 
Fredk. Nalder ; maj. h.p. 1 batt. from 
1878 and lt.-col'. (hon. col. 1895) 3 battn. 
(mil.) The Kings (Liverpool regt.) from 
1894; J.P. Dorset (sheriff 1903, C.A.) 
and Somerset : Mornington Lodge, West 
Kensington, W. ; Army and Navy club ; 
Upcernp, Dorset. 

Batten, Lauriston Leonard, K.C., s. of 
!;. W. Batten; k.i:.<\p., of Q-loace 

h. I86:i ; m. 1900, Helen, dau. of late G. 
Monck Gribbs, of Aldington Manor, 
Gloucestershire ; l.arr. Inner Temple 
188*, K.C. 1905: 7 Brompton sq. S.W. ; 
2 Paper buildings, Temple, K.C. ; Gar- 
rick (dub ; Driffield, Cirenoest r. 

Batten-Pooll, Robt. Pooll Henry-, 
only s. of Joseph Langford, of Timsbury 
Somerset (d. 1873) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1879, 
Sophia Hastings, eld. dau. of Duncan 
Macrae, Karnes Castle, I. of Bute; is D.r.., 
J.P.Somerset, J.P. Wilts (sheriff 1890) ; 
assumed name of Henry-Batten-Pooll in 
1871 ; lord of the manors of Road and 
Wolverton ; capt. N. Somerset yeom. 
1 875-88 : Carlton and Jun. Carlton clubs ; 
Road Manor, Bath. 

Battenbergr, h.r.h. princess Henry 
of, vide Royal Family. 

Battenbergr, rear-adml. H.s.H. prince 
Louis of, G.c.B. (1887), G.c.v.o. (1901), 

14 (1905), s. of h.g.d.h. prince 
Alexander of Hesse, G.C.B. ; b. 1854 ; 
to. 30 April, 1884, princess Victoria 
(6. 5 April, 1863), eld. dau. of h.r.h. 
grand duke of Hesse and h.r.h. Princess 
Alice of Gt. Britain; It. of "Incon- 
stant " during Egyptian war, 1882 ; capt. 
R.N. from 1892, naval adviser to insp.- 
gen. of fortifications 1893-4, asst. dir. 
of Naval In tell. 1899-1901, director from 
1902, hon. A.D.c. to Queen Victoria 1896- 
1901, personal naval A.D.C. to the King 
from 190', an elder brother of the 
Trinity House from 1904, knight of 
justice, order of St. John of Jerusalem, 
rear-adml. 1904 : Marlborough, United 
Service, Naval and Military and Bache- 
lors' clubs. 

Battersby, maj.-gen. John Prevost, 
s. of col. F. Battersby, C.B., of Listoke, 
Drogheda ; b. 1826 ; to. 1857, Louisa W., 
dau. of sir W. Dillon, 4 bart. ; a.a.G. 
Madras 1868-70, lt.-col. (col. 1876) 60 
rifles, commdt. R.M. Asylum 1871-80, 
assist, director of mily. educ. 1880-85, 
ret. p. 1885 : Lyncroft, Portmore Park, 

Battersby, John Radcliff, s. of Geo. 
Battersby, ll.d., of Loughbawn, co. 
Westmeath, judge of Consistorial Court, 
Dublin (d. 1880) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1873, 
Augusta, dau. of John Rynd, of Rey- 
nella, co. "Westmeath ; Irish, barr. 1864, 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1865, j.p. cos. Meath 
and Westmeath : Loughbawn, nr. Col- 
linstown, co. Westmeath. 

Battersea, lord (1 baron ; 1892,u.K.), 
Cyril Flower, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of late 
P. W. Flower, Furze Down Park, Surrey ; 
6. 1813 ; to. 1878, Constance, eld. dau. 
(companion of R. order of Kapiolani of 
Hawaiia 1886) of late sir Anthony de 
Rothschild, 1 bart. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1870, Bub.-lt. Bucks yeom. 1876-83 ; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of 
London ; a jun. lord of the treas. in 1866; 
M.P. (l.) Brecon 1880-5, S. Beds 1885-92. 
raised to the peerage 1892 : Surrey Ho. 
7 Marble arch, W. ; Reform, Brooks' 
and National Liberal clubs ; Aston 
Clinton, Tring, Bucks ; The Pleasaunce, 
Overstrand. near Cromer. 

Battle- Wrigrhtson, Robt. Cecil, only 
s. of Wm. Hy. Battle- Wright8on, of 
Cusworth Park, Yorks, D.L., J.P., by 
lady Isabella Georgiana K., dau. of 3 
marq of Exeter ; 6. 1888 : Cusworth 
Park, Doncaster. 

Battie-Wrigrhtssoii, lady Isabella 
Georgiana K., dau. of 3marq. of Exeter; 
b. 1853; to. 1884, Wm. Hy. Battie- 
Wrightson, of Cusworth Park, Yorks, 


D.L., J.P. (d. 1903) : Cusworth Park, 

Battiscombe, rear-adml. Albert Hy. 
Wm. 2 s. of late rev. Richd. Battis- 
combe, of Hactons, Essex ; b. 1831 ; to. 
1866, Lucy, dau. of late sir Henry Robin- 
son, knt.,of Knapton House,Norfolk.D.L., 
J.P. ; served in operations against Bruni 
Borneo 1846 ; at capture of piratical 
junks in Mirs Bay, Cochin-China 1850, at 
bombardment of Bomarsund and of 
Sveaborg ; with naval brig, on Burmese 
frontier 1858 , in N. Zealand 1860-1 ; 
rear-adml. ret. list, 1887 : Eastwood, 

Battiscombe, Arthur, s. of rev. W. 
Battiscombe, of Horseheath, Cambs ; b. 
1835 ; to. 1859, Frances E., dau. of Geo. 
Haynes, of Triest ; J.P. Radnorshire : 
Hinton Court, Hereford. 

Battiscombe, Percy Francis, eld. s. of 
R. W. P. Battiscombe, of Shaw Well, 
Kent ; b. 1857 ; to. 1886, Aurea, 4 dau. of 
M. Lambarde, of Beechmont. Sevenoaks, 
Kent; j.p. (1901) Kent: Shaw Well, 
The Common, Sevenoaks. 

Battle, dean of (Chichester), vide very 
rev. E. R. Currie. 

Battler lt.-col. D'Oyly Cade, eld. s. 
of maj. D'Oyly Wm. Battley, late 77 
regt., of Beicedere Hall, co. Wicklow (d. 
1887) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1868, Annie C, dau. 
of Wm. Hy. Jackson, of Inane, co. 
Tipperary ; j.p. cos. Cork, Dublin and 
Wicklow (sheriff 1889), lt.-col. late 3 
battn. Middlx. regt. : United Service and 
Constitutional clubs ; Belvedere Hall, 
Bray, co. Wicklow. 

Batty, (hon.) Herbert, M.A., B.L. 
Cantab., entd. I.C.S. (Bombay) 1870, 
served in Bombay as asst. collr. and 
magist., prof, of logic and moral philo- 
sophy in the Deccancoll., Poona (1872-5), 
and asst. judge and sess. judge ; und.-sec. 
to govt, of Bombay, pol. &c. depts., and 
sec. to legal council 1885 ; remembrancer 
of leaal affairs 1892, memb. legisl. 
council 1893 and 1895, a judge of high 
court of judicature at Bombay from 
1902 : Bombay. 

Batty, Wm., j.p. (1897) W. R. 
Yorks : Darley Grove, Worsboro' Dale, 

Battye, vide Trevor-Battye. 

Battye, maj.-gen. Arthur c.b. (1881), 
s. of G. W. Battye ; b. 1839 ; served in 
Oude 1858, at Lucknow ; N. W. frontier, 
India 1864 ; Hazara 1868 ; Looshai 
expdn. 1871-2; Afghan war 1878-80; 
maj.-gen. 1894, Ind. army. 

Battye, maj.-gen. Geo. Money, s. of 
G. Battye ; b. 1829; to. 1859, dau. of F. 


Curwen Smith ; served in Burmese war 
1852-4, and Indian mutiny ; ret. f. p. 
1878 as it.-col. B.S.C. : Frognal, Walnut 
rd Cockington, Torquay. 

Battye, maj.-gen.Hy. Doveton, served 
in Indian mutiny 1857-9, B.S.C. ret. 1884. 

Bauchop, lt.-col. A., C.M.G. (1902), s. 
of late Robt. Bauchop, of Port Chalmers, 
N. Zealand ; 6. 1871; served in S. African 
war 1900-2 with 4, 7 and 8 New Zealand 
cont : ngrent : Port Chalmers, N. Zealand. 

Baugrhan, William Frederick, c.B., s. 
of John Henry Baughan ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1858, Mar>', dau. of Hy. Taylor ; assist. - 
direc. of Transports 1880-94 : 1 Acacia 
gdns. N.W. 

Baumann, Arthur Anthony, B.A. 
Oxon, 2 s. of Wm. Baumann, Hyde Park 
sq. W. (d. 1888) j b. 1856; barr. Inner 
Temple 1881; m.p. (o.) Camberwell 
(Peckham divn.) 1885-92: 44 Hyde 
Park sq. W. ; Carlton club. 

Baumgartner. gen. Tbos. Mowbray, 
6 s. of John T. Baumgartner, M.U., of 
Godmanchester (d. 1874); b. 1824; in 
Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; gen. 1894, Ind. 
army, on U.S. list, 1890. 

Baumgartner, mrs. Helen, youngest 
dau.of R. Thompson,of Greenwood Park, 
co. Down ; to. 1859, gen. Robt. J. Baum- 
gartner, c.B., of Godmanchester (d. 
1895) : Island Hall, Godmanchester, 

Bawden, Moses, J. P. (1900) Cornwall : 
Tamar View, Tavistock. 

Bax-Ironside, Henry Geo. Outram, 
only 8. of J. H. Bax-Ironside, c.B., of 
Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durham (d. 
1879), by dau. of maj.-gen. R. G. Hughes, 
of Llynon Hall, Anglesey, D.L., J.P. ; b. 
1859 ; to. 1902, Marta Hedwig J., 2 dau. 
of count Fearson Gyldenstolpe, of Stock- 
holm, Sweden ; sec. to legation at Pekin 
1897-1900, Stockholm 1900-2, min. res. 
to the Republic of Venezuela from 1902: 
British Legation, Caracas ; St. James's 
and Travellers' clubs ; Heronden House, 
Eastry, Kent. 

Baxendale, Eras. Hugh, s. of late 
Lloyd Baxendale, of Greenham, Berks ; 
b. 1862 ; to. 1883, Emily, dau. of late Thos. 
Nicholls ; is J.P. Sussex : 2 Cadogan gdns. 
S.W. ; Jun. Carlton club; Framfield 
Place, Framfield, Uckfield, Sussex. 

Baxendale, Joseph Wm., m. a. Oxon., 
only s. of Joseph Hornby Baxendale, 
f.r.g.s., of Worplesdon Place, Surrey 
(d. 1886) ; b. 1848 ; to. 1874, Frances M. 
J., only survg. child of late hon. Francis 
Scott, of Sendhurst Grange, Surrey ; 
D.L., J.P. (1891) Hants (sheriff 1893) : 78 


Brook st. W. ; Jun. Carlton club ; Som- 
borne Park, Stockbridge. 

Baxendale, Lloyd Harry, s. of Lloyd 
Baxendale, of Greenham, Berks ; 6.1858 ; 
m. 1895, Constance L., dau. of late Chas. 
Raymond Pelly ; is J.P. Berks : Conser 
vative club ; Greenham Lodge, New- 

Baxendale, Salisbury, m.a. Oxon., 
4 s. of J. Baxendale, D.L., J.P. (d. 1872), 
of Woodside, Middlx. ; b. 1827 ; to. 1856, 
Edith Marian, dau. of late lt.-gen. sir 
H. D. Jones, G.C.B., r.e. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1852 ; J.P. Herts (sheriff 1883) : 
Athenaeum club; Holly Bush, Long 
Cross, Chertsey. 

Baxendale, mrs. Birley, 35 Portman 
sq. W. ; Bl .ckinore End, Kimpton, Wel- 
wyn, Herts. 

Baxter, Edward Armitstead, eld. s. of 
rt. hon. Wm. Edwd. Baxter, P.C., M.P., of 
Kincaldrum, Forfarshire (d. 1890) ; b. 
1848 ; to. 1879, Isobel, dau. of Wm. 
Scott Elliot, of Arkleton, co. Dumfries ; 
D.L., J.P. co. Forfar : Kincaldrum House, 
Forfar, N.B. 

Baxter, Geo. Hirry, Hutton Park, 
nr. Brentwood, Essex. 

Baxter, sir Geo. Washington, LL.D., 
younger p. of late rt. hon. W. E. Baxter, 
of Kincaldrum, co. Forfar ; b. 1853 ; to. 
1889, Edith, dau. of maj.-gen. J. L. 
Fagan ; J.P. Forfarshire, d.L., j.p. 
Dundee, knighted 1901 : Invereighty, 
Forfar, N.B. ; Devonshire club. 

Baxter, Wynne Edwin, f.g.s., p.r.M.k., 
eld. s. of Wm. Edwin Baxter, of Lewes, 
Sussex (</. 1873) ; b. 1844; to. 1868, 
Kate Bliss, only dau. of Fras. Haslock 
Parker, of Northampton, mayor 1849- 
60-61 [d. 1898); admitted a solicitor 
1867, under-sheriff of London and 
Middlx. 1876-7-8-9, 1885-6; v. p. Pro v. 
Newspaper Soc. 1873-6, chm. Law and 
City Courts com. of Corporation of 
London 1876-7 ; high constable of 
Lewes 1877-8-9-80-1; first mayor of 
Lewes 1881-2; D.L. Tower Hamlets; J.P. 
London ; coroner for Sussex 1879-87, 
E. Middlesex 1886-8 and E. London from 
1888, and of Tower of London and Liber- 
ties from 1891, clerk to the Farriers' 
Co. from 1876, of the Gold and Silver 
Wyredrawers' Co. from 1878, and of the 
Shipwrights' Co. from 1882 : 170 Church 
st. Stoke Newington, N. ; 9 Laurence 
Pountney hill, E.C. ; The Granvilles, 
Stroud, Gloucestershire ; Constitutional 

Bayford, Robert Augustus, K.C., m.a. 
Cantab, only s. of Augustus Fredk. 
Bayford; b. 1838; m. 1868, Emily J., 


younger dau. of John Deverell, of Pur- 
brook Park, Hants ; barr. Inner Temple 
1863, bencher 1891, Q.C 1885, J.P. (1900) 
Hants : 1 3 King's Bench walk, Temple, 
E.C. ; Netlev Hill, Botley, Hants. 

Bayley, Chas. Stuart, 0.8.1. (1903), 
s. of late capt. Daniel Bayley, h.e.i.C. S. ; 
b. 1X54; m. 1880, Sarah Constance, dau. 
of ma j. -gen. A. E. Campbell, Ind. army ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1877, entd. I.C.S. 
1877, agent to gov. gen. in Central India 
1900-5, residt. Hyderabad from 1905: 
The Residency, Hyderabad, Deccan, 

Bayldon, Edwd. Herbert, 5 s. of rev. 
John Bayldon, of Wakefield, Yorks ; b. 
1854 ; m. 1876, Annie, dau. of T. H. 
Stevens, of Reading, Berks ; is D.L., J.P. 
(1896) Devon (sheriff 1905) : Constitu- 
tional club ; Oaklands, Dawlish, Devon. 

Bayley, Edwd. Hodson, s. of late 
rev. dr. Bayley ; b. 1841 ; m. 18 , 
Josephine, dau. of capt. Simon, U.S.A. ; 
chm. of Bay ley's Ltd. wagon builders, 42 
Newington causeway, S.E., director of 
Equitable Assur. Co.U.S.A.,of Northamp- 
ton Street Tramways &c. ; J.P. (1894) 
London; m.p. (l.) N. Camberwell 1892-5: 
42 Newington Causeway, S.E. ; Reform 
club ; Ellesmere, Bromley, Kent. 

Bayley, James, eld. s. of J. S. Bayley, 
of Willaston Hall, Cheshire {d. 1859) ; b. 
1857; m. 1880, Ellen, dau. of G. An- 
drews ; J.P. Cheshire : Willaston Hall, 

Bayley, sir Lyttelton Holyoake, 2 
s. of sir John E. G-. Bayley, 2 bart. : b. 
1827 : m. dau. (d. 1860) of A. Mactier, of 
Durris House, Kincardineshire ; barr. 
Middle Temple, 1850 ; puisne judge of 
high court of Bombay 1869-95, knighted 

Bayley, sir Steuart Colvin, k.c.s.i. 
(1878), c.i.b. (1882), 5 s. of late W. B. 
Bayley ; b. 1836 ; m. 1860, Anna, dau. 
of R. N. Farquharson, B.C.S. ; entered 
B.C.S. 1856 ; commr. Patna divn. during 
Bengal famine 1873-4 ; sec. to govt, of 
Bengal 1877, on special duty with govt, 
of India during Madras and Mysore 
famine 1877, res. at Hyderabad 1881-2, 
ord. memb. of council of gov. gen. of 
India 1882-7, lt.-gov. of Bengal 1887- 
<-. in political and secret dept. of 
iii(li:i Office 1890-5, memb. Indian coun- 
cil 1895-1905, rot. 1905 : 2 Barkston 
gdns. Earl's Court, S.W. ; Athenaeum 

Bayley, Tlios., only s. of late Thos. 

y, of Lenton Abbey, Notts.; b. 

1846s ///. 1874, \imir, 2 dau. (d. 1901), 

of Il'iny Farmer; a colliery ownerj 


sheriff of Nottingham 1881-2, J.P. and 
county aldm. for Notts, M.P. (l.) Derby- 
shire (Chesterfield divn.) from 1892: 
Devonshire, National Liberal and Reform 
clubs ; Peverel House and Langar Hall 

Bayley, lady. Emily Annie T. dau. 
of sir T. T. Metcalfe, 4 bart. ; m. 1850, 
sir Edwd. Clive Bayley, K.c.s.i., CLE. 
(d. 1884) : The Wilderness, Ascot, Berks. 

Bayley- Worthington, Gibbon, 2 
survg. s. of lateW. Bayley,of Stalybridge; 
b. 1836 ; m. 1868, Marianne, dau. of late 
H. Brocklehurst, of Foden Bank, Mac- 
clesfield ; J.P. Cheshire : assumed by 
royal licence 1863, name ofWorthington : 
8 Balfour pi. Park la. W. ; Town Thorns, 

Baylis Philip,M.A., ll.m. Cantab., only 
s. of late Philip Baylis, of Ledbury, co. 
Hereford ; 6. 1848 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1875, J.P. (1894) and c.A. (1903), Glouces- 
tershire,dep. surveyor of H.M.'s R. Forest 
of Dean and steward of the Roy. Manors 
within the Hundred of St. Briavels from 
1893, Crown receiver of Tintern Abbey 
and the Tintern Estates of the Crown 
from 1901 : Oxford and Cambridge and 
Reform clubs ; Whitemead Park, Park- 
end, Lydney, Glo's. ; Ledbury, Hereford- 

Baylis,T. Henry, K.C., V.D., m.a. Oxon, 
2 s. of late Edward Baylis, D.L., J.P. for 
Middlx. ; b. 1817 ; m. 1841, Louisa L., 
youngest dau.(c?. 1900) of late John Ingle, 
of Stonehouse, Devon, D.L., J.P. ; special 
pleader 1840-65, barr. Inner Temple,1856, 
bencher 1877, lector and master of the 
Libraryl898,treas. 1899,Q.C. 1875; Presid- 
ing Judge of Court of Passage, Liverpool, 
1876-1903; author of "The Temple Church 
and Chapel of St. Ann, an Historical 
Record and Guide," "A Handbook on 
Masters and Domestic Servants," "Trea- 
sure Trove," &c. ; It. -col. V.D., late 18 
Middx. R.Y.C. 1878, ret. list ; v.p. of R.U. 
Service Inst, from 1891, hon. v.p. R. 
Archaeological Inst. ; memb. of council 
of Egypt. Exploration Fund, and other 
learned societies : 15 Kensington gdns. 
sq. W. ; New University club. 

Bayliss, Thos. Richd., eld. s. of late 
Thos. Bayliss, of Birmingham; b. 1838 ; m. 
1862, Mary, dau. of John Abraham, of 
Northfield. Worcestershire; assoc.memb. 
memb. Societe des lngenieurs Civils, 
Paris, memb. American Acad, of Political 
and Social Science, Philadelphia, U.S. A , 
.1.1*. (1896) and c.A. Worcestershire : Bel- 
mont, Northfield, near Birmingham ; St, 




Stephen's, S.W., and Conservative 
(Birmingham) clubs. 

Bayliss. Wm. eld. s. of Wm. Bayliss, of 
Mayfield, Wolverhampton : b. 1840 ; m. 
1865, dau. of rev. Jas. Clapham, of 
Cheetham Hill, Manchester ; J. P. (1894) 
ffs : The Woodlands, Wolverhampton. 

Bayliss, sir Wyke, 2 s. of late John 

x Bayliss, of Clapham, S.W. ; b. 1835 ; 
?/i. 1858, Elise, dau. of late rev. J.Broade, 
of Longton, Staffs ; pres. II. Soc. of 
Brit. Artists 1888, knighted 1897 : 7 
North rd. Clapham Park, S.W. ; Royal 
Societies club. 

Bayly, brig.-gen. Alfred Wm. Lam- 
bert, o.b. (1900), D.8.O. (1887), s. of 
late maj. Geo. Bayly, 35 regt. ; b. 1856 ; 
m. 1, 1877, Ada M., dau. (d. 1880) of 
late m-ij.-gen. S. Thacker, Bo. S.C ; 2, 

1889, Eva. dau. of late John Naylor, of 
Leighton Hall. Mont. ; served in Afghan 
war 1879-80, Soudan expdn. 1885, Bur- 
mese war 1886-7, S. African war 1899- 
1900, A.P.C. to the King from 1903, 
commdt. Staff Coll. (with temp, rank of 
brig.-gen.) in India from 1905, Ind. army : 
United Service club. 

Bayly, lt-col. Edwd. Richd., 2 but eld. 
survg. s. of lt-col. Edwd. Symes Bayly, 
of Ballyarthur, co. Wicklow, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1884); b. 1845; m. 1875, Adelaide A., 
eld. dau. of col. Chas. Tottenham, of 
Woodstock, co. Wicklow ; late ensign 3 
Buffs, lt-col. late Wicklow artill. mil., 
D.L., J.P. co. Wicklow : Ballyarthur, 
Avoca, co. Wicklow. 

Bayly, rev. Paget Lambart, M.A. 
Cantab., only s. of gen. John Bayly, C.B., 
col.-commdt. R.K. ; b. 1863 ; m. 1896, hon. 
Blanche Louisa, dau. of 13 baron Inchi- 
quin ; vicar from 1901 of Netherbury, 
Beaminster S.O. Dorset : Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Bayly, lt.-col. Zachary Stanley, c.M.a. 
(1880), commdt. late Cape Mounted 

Bayne, Chas. Gerwien, C.R.I. (1901), s. 
of lite Peter Bayne, ll.d. ; b. 18G0 ; m. 

1890, Alice A., dau. of late rev. G. C. 
Hodgkinson ; entd. I.C.S. (Burma) 1880, 
revenue sec. 1893-1901, chief sec. to govt 
of Burma 1901-3, commr. from 1903 : 

Bayne, Jas. Ernest, j.p. (1899) Nor- 

Bayne, Wm. Thirlwall, ll.d. Cantab, 
F.c.s., only s. of late W. J. Bayne, M.D., 
of Bury St. Edmunds ; 6. 1838 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1863, j.p. Devon : Athe- 
naeum and United University clubs ; 
Brock hill, Broadclyst, Exeter. 
. Baynes, rt. rev. bp. Arthur Hamil- 

ton, d.d. Oxon. and St. Andrews, s. of 
late rev. J. A. Baynes ; b. 1854 ; m. 
1894, youngest dau. of late canon 
Crompton, of Natal ; dom. chapl. to 
archbp. Benson 1888-91, six preacher in 
Cant. Cathl. 1891-3, vicar of Ch. Ch. 
Greenwich 1892-3, and of St. Mary's, 
Nottingham, from 1901, bp. cf Natal 
1893-1901. hon. canon of Sasrista, South- 
well Cathedral, from 1905: St. Mary's 
vicarage, Nottingham. 

Baynes, sir Christopher Wm., 4 bt. 
(1801), eld. s. of 3 bt. (d. 1897); b. 
1847 ; in. 1872, Amy Ruperta, eld. dau. 
of Edwd. Colston, of Roundway Park, 
Wilts (Heir, s. Wm. Edwd. Colston, b. 
1876) : Bank of England branch, Temple 
Bar, W.C. 

Baynes. Fredk., 4 s. of John Baynes, 
of Blackburn, Lanes; b. 1818; i. 1879, 
Anna A., dau. of Tuos. Simpson, of Fox 
Hill Bank, Church, Lanes; D.I Lan- 
cashire (sheriff 1900) : Samlesbury Old 
Hall, nr. Preston, Lares. 

Baynes, lt.-gen. Geo. Edwd., s. of late 
sir Edwd. Stuart Baynes, K.O.M.CL ; b. 
1823; m. 1867, Emma, dau. (d. 1899) of 
Chas. Osborn, of Down End, Fareham ; 
with 8 foot at Delhi, led storming party 
of 2 column ; ret. p. 1885, col. The King's 
(Liverpool) regt. from 1902: United 
Service club ; Norton Lees, Hayward's 
Heath, Sussex. 

Baynes, Joseph,c.M..(l902), s. of late 
Richd. Baynes, of Settle, nr. Pieter- 
maritzburg ; b 1842; m. 1,1871, .Maria 
H., dau. of Paul H. Zietsman, j.p. ; 2, 
1878, Sarah A., dau. of Edwd. Tomlin- 
son, J.p. ; memb. legisl. assembly of 
Natal from 1903: 3()9Loop St., Pieter- 
maritzburg, Natal. 

Baynes, Thos., 3 a. of late E. D. 
Baynes, C.M.G., pres. and col. sec. of 
Antigua ; b. 18 ; m. 1, 1877, Amy N. E., 
dau. of late H. Diaper, m.d., surg.-maj. 
Bengal army ; 2, 1882. Ellen C, younger 
dau. of hon. T. D. Foote, pres. legisl. 
council, Leeward Islands ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1878, s.G.Leeward Islands 1888-9, 
1 puisne judge 1889-98, 2 puisne judge 
of Trinidad and Tobago 1898-1901. 

Baynes, dow. lady. Margaiet,dau. of 
D. Stuart, of Wykham Park, Oxon; 
m. 1845, sir Wm. John Walter Baynes, 
3 bart. (d. 1897). 

Bayton, John, s. of rev. W. S. Bayton, 
of Westergate, nr. Chichester ; b. 1819 
m. 1843, Georgina, dau. of Chas. Harison, 
of Sutton Place, Seaford ; J.P. Sussex. 

Bazeley, Geo. Paulle, s. of Geo. Baze- 
]"y. of iVnare, Penzance; b. 1851; J.P. 
(1894) Cornwall : Ptnare, Penzance. 



Bazley, Charles Henry, s. of R. 
Bazley, of Manchester {d. 1845) ; b. 1888 ; 
to. 1870, Alice E., only dau. of Elias 
Doming, of Pendlebury; j.p. Lancashire. 

Bazley, Gardner Sebastian, only s. of 
sir Thos. Sebastian Bazley, 2 bart. ; b. 
1863 ; to. 1903, Ruth Evelyn, eld. dau. 
of Edwd. Stafford Howard, C.B., of 
Thornbury Castle, Glos., D.L., J.P., by 
dau. of 2 earl Cawdor ; D.L., J.P. Glou- 
cestershire (sheriff 1901) and CO., capt. 
4 battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire regt. 
1889-93 : Brooks's club ; Hatherop Castle, 
Fairford, Gloucestershire. 

Bazley, sir Thomas Sebastian, 2 bart. 
(1869), m.a. Cantab, only s. of sir T. 
Bazley, 1 bart., m.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1829 ; 
to. 1855, Elizabeth, 2 dau. (d. 1890) of R. 
Gardner, of Chaseley, Lancashire ; D.L., 
j.p. Gloucestershire, J.P. Cheshire 
(Heir, s. Gardner Sebastian, q.v.) : 
Brooks's and Athenaeum clubs ; Winter- 
dyne, Bournemouth West. 

Bazley-White, John, eld. survg. s. of 
late John Bazley White, J.P. Kent (d. 
1893) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1876, lady Grace, 
youngest dau. of Mary Elizabeth, in her 
own right 18 countess of Rothes (d. 
1893), by her marriage with late capt. 
Martin Ha worth-Be? lie, 60 Rifles ; 
hon. col. 3 vol. (Kent) brig. Cinque 
Ports divn. b.a., 1887, ret. 1892 ; D.L., 
J.P. Kent ; M.P. (C.) Gravesend 1885- 
1892 ; assumed addtl. surname of Bazley 
1887 : Carlton and Arthur's clubs ; Wier- 
ton Grange, nr. Maidstone. 

Beach, vide Hicks-Beach. 

Beach, Ellice Michael Hicks, 2 s. of 
rt. hon. Wm. Wither Bramston Beach, 
of Oakley Hall, Hants and Keevil Manor, 
Wilts. P.O., M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1901) ; b. 
1875 ; 3 sec. in diplomatic service from 

Beach, maj. Wm. Archibald Hicks, 
eld. s. of rt. hon. Wm. Wither Bramston 
Beach, Oakley Hall, Hants, and Keevil 
House, Wilts, p.c, m.p., d.l., j.p. (d. 
1901) ; 6. 1859 ; to. 1888, Violet I., only 
dau. (d. 1891) of hon. Slingsby Bethell, 
CB. ; lord of the manors of Deane 
and Oakley, Hants, and Keevil, Wilts, 
patron of one living, j.p. (1002) Hants : 
Oakley Hall, Basingstoke, Hants. 

Beachcroft,sir Richd. Melvill, eld. s. of 
Richd. Beachcroft (d. 1872) by Henrietta, 
dau. of sir Jas. Melvill, k.c.b. ; b. 1846 ; 
to. 1877, Charlotte Emily, 3 dau. of Robt. 
Maurice Bonnor-Maurice, of Bodynfosl. 
Mont ; admitted a solicitor 1868, solr. to 
Christ's hosp. from 1873, L.c.c. from 
1889, dep.chm. 1896, vice-chm. 1897, 1st 
chtu. Metropolitan Water board from 

1903, knighted 1901 : 11 Craven hill,W.; 
9 and 11 Theobald's rd. W.C. ; Conserva- 
tive, Union and Alpine clubs ; Little- 
mount, Cookham Dean, Berks. 

Beadle, Charles, s. of Chas. Beadle, 
late of Sutton-Hone, Kent; b, 1834; to. 
1862, Ellen, dau. of Chas Hide, of Broad- 
water, Sussex ; is j.p. Kent : 38 Onslow 
sq. S.W. ; Wood Hall, Arkesden, New- 
port, Essex. 

Beadle, Fras. John, 2 s. of Chas. 
Beadle, of Erith, Kent; b. 1842; to. 
1864, dau. of John Clayton, of Maryle- 
bone, Middlx. ; J.P. (1900) Kent : Auto- 
mobile club ; The Oaks, Belvedere S.O. 

Beadnell, capt. Henry Hugh Mostyn, 
eld. s. of capt. Hy. Christopher Thos. 
Beadnell, of Gogarth, Mont, J.P. (d. 
1901) by Matilda Jane, dau. of late John 
Marsh, of Carno, Mont ; b. 1870 ; m. 
1901, Mary Winifred, dau. of rev. Edgar 
N. Thwaites, rect. of P^ishert on- Anger, 
Salisbury ; hon. cant, in the army T.Ol, 
capt. 3 battn. (rail.) R. Welsh Fus. 
1901-5 ; Gogarth, Llanidloes, Mont. 

Beadon, maj.-gen. Edwd. Musgrave, 
s. of Wm. Beadon, of Otterhead, Devon, 
J.p. ; 6.1833 ; ?n.l865,Harriette Richards, 
dau. of rear-adm. Geo. Lloyd, of The 
Grove,Haverf ordwest ; served in Afghan 
war 1879-80 with Kooium divn., It. -col. 
(col. 1884) Shropshire L. inf. 1880-5: 
Gunville House, Charlton Horethorne, 

Beadon, lt.-col. John Hammet, only 
s. of John Hammet Beadon, of Gotton 
House, Somerset (d 1879) ; b. 1847 ; to. 
1884, Harriette, 2 dau. of late Wm. 
Kaye ; maj. and hon. lt.-col. 3 battn. 
Somerset L.I. 1871-97 J.P. (1898) 
Devon and (1899) Somerset : Jun. 
United Service club ; East Anstey, Dul- 
verton, Somerset. 

Beadon, lady. Agnes, dau. of W. H. 
Sterndale ; to. 1860, sir Cecil Beadon, 
K.C.s.i. (d. 1880), lt.-gov. of Bengal 
1862-7 : 3 Park sq. west, N.W. 

Beal, Chas., a registrar of the Chan- 
cery divn. of the supreme court of Judi- 
cature from 1885: 14 Pall Mall, S.W. ; 
167 Royal Courts of Justice, W.C. 

Beal, Edmund John, 3 s. of John 
Beal, of Uford, Essex ; b. 1843 ; to. 1869, 
Frances, dau. of Richd. Brand, of Bark- 
ing, Essex ; J.p. (1897) and c. A. Essex : 
Claremont, Victoria avenue, Southend- 

Beale, lt.-col. Robt., c.m.g.(1897), late 
lt.-col. of the united Gwelo field force : 
Gwelo, Rhodesia, S. Africa. 

Beale, Wm. Phipson, k.c, f.g.s., eld. 



a. of Wm. J. Beale, of Birmingham ; b. 
18 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1867, bencher 
1892, Q.c. 1888 : 25 Sheffield terr. Ken- 
sington, W. ; 10 New court, Carey st. 
W.C. ; Drumlamford, Barrhill, Ayrshire. 

Bealey, Adam Crompton,s. of Richd. 
Bealey, of Radcliffe, Lancashire (eU896); 

b. 18; to. 19i)l, Charlotte A., youngest 
dau. of John Westlake, of Biskey Lodge, 
Bo wness-on -Windermere ; j.p. Lanca- 
shire : The Manor House, Bury, Lanes. 

"ieamish, maj.-gen. Charles: ret. f. p. 
lt.-col. 35 foot. 
Ieamish, Fredk. Chaloner, eld. s. of 
1. Edwd. S. Beamish, r.a., j.p. (d. 

)2), by Diana S., dau. (d. 1903) of 

sdk. M. Lewin, of The Hollies, and 
Halfway Street House, Kent, J.P. (d. 
1877), and granddau. of Diana, baroness 
Barham; b. 1870: Halfway Street 
House, nr. Sidcup S.O. Kent. 

Beamish, Richd. H. eld. s. of Richd. 
Pigott Beamish, of Ashbourne, co. Cork, 
D.L. (d. 1899), by Hulda E. C, only dau. 
(d. 1892) and heiress of Chas. G. Mozan- 
der. Knt. North Star of Sweden; 
m. 1903. Violet, only dau. of gen. Pit- 
cairn Campbell, a.d.c : Reform and 
Wellington clubs ; Ashbourne, Gloun- 
thaune, co. Cork. 

Beamish, Thos. Grant, 4 s. of Thos. 
Beamish, of Coventry, Warwickshire ; b. 
1835 ; to. 1859, Sarah Catherine, dau. of 
Joseph Read, of Coventry, Warwick- 
shire ; i J.P. (1896) Warwickshire and 
(1893) Coventry : Hazelbeech, Coventry. 

Bean, Wm., j.p. Northants and 
Liberty of Peterborough : Wothorpe 
House, Stamford, Northants. 

Bean, mrs. Mary, dau. of T. Jackson, 
of Eltham, Kent : to. 18, Alfred Wm. 
Bean, of Danson Park, Kent, J. P. (d. 1890): 
Danson Park, Welling S.O. Kent. 

Beanes, Edwd., Moatlands, Paddock 
Wood R.S.O. Kent. 

Bearcroft, col. Edward Hugh, c.B' 
( 1903) , only s. of Edwd.Bearcrof t. o f Mere 
Hall, Worcestershire, D.L., J.P. (d. 1886); 
b. 1852; to. 1877, Catherine E., only dau. of 
G. Philipps, of Cwmgwilli, co. Carmar- 
then ; served in S. African war in 
commd.of his regt. 1901-2, hon. 
the army 1902, lt.-col. commrlt. and hon. 
col. 6 battn. (mil.) Worcestershire regt. 
1897-1905 ; j.p. Worcestershire : Jun. 
United Service club ; Mere Hall, Droit- 

Bearcroft, Geo. Edwd. Hy., only s. of 
Henry Bearcroft, of Hanbury Mount, 
Worcestershire ; b. 1869 ; m. 1890, dau. 
oi rev. W. P. A. Campbell, of Fladbury, 

Worcestershire ; j.p. (1904) Worcester- 
shire : Fepsinton, Himbleton, Droitwich. 

Bearcroft, capt. John Edwd., r.n., 
C.b. (1900), m.v.o. 4 class (1904), s. of 
late rev. Jas. Bearcroft, rect. of 
Hadzor, Worcs. ; b. 1851 ; to. 1892, Kath- 
arine, dau. (d. 1898) of lt.-col. W. P. 
Howell, of Penrheol, Carmarthenshire ; 
served on East Coast of Africa in sup- 
pression of slave trade 1871-80 ; China 
and Japanese war 1894-5 ; S. African war 
1899-1900 : United Service club. 

Beard, Fredc, M.v.o. 5 class (1902), 
supdt. A divn. Metropol. police. 

Beard, Geo. s. of Geo. Beard of Ken- 
nington, Suney; b. 1816 ; to. 1854, Sarah 
A. only dau. of Chas. Rideout of Glou- 
cester : j.p. Warwickshire (sheriff 1891): 
Thickthorn House, Kenilworth, War- 

Beard, Steyning, s. of Steyning 
Beard, of Ovingdean, Sussex , 6. 1845 ; 
to. 1, 1870, Elizabeth Georgina, dau. of 
Wm. Henry Murrell, of Lewes, Sussex ; 
2, 1894, Alise Frances May, eld. dau. of 
col. A. M. Phillips, I.S.C., of Hillside, 
Rottingdean ; is j.p. Sussex : Down 
House,, Sussex. 

Beard, mrs. Mary J., dau. of Jas. Fin- 
lay, of Theydon Grove, Epping, Essex ; 
m. 1869, John Beard, of The Manor 
House, Linton, co. Derby, j.p. (d. 1891) : 
The Manor House, Linton, Burton-on- 

Beardoe-G-rundy, James B., youngest 
s. of late rev. Geo. Docker Grundy, m.a. 
Oxford, vicar of St. John's, Lees, Lanca- 
shire (d. 1901), and maternal gds. of Jas. 
Beardoe, of Manchester ; b. 1846 ; to. 
1869, Mary Jane, dau. of late Robt. 
Eastwood, of Meltham,Yorks ; j.p Lan- 
cashire, adopted addtl. name of Beardoe 
in 1867: Stockton Range, Chorlton- 
cum-Hardy, Manchester. 

Beart, Wm. Fredk. s. of Robt. Beart, 
of Godmanchester, Hunts ; b. 1848 ; to. 
1871, Amy, dau. of F. J. Howson ; is 
J.p. Hunts : The Chestnuts, Godman- 
chester, Huntingdon. 

Beasley, Chas., s. of late T. C. Beas- 
ley, of Harston, Leicestershire, J.P. ; b. 
1840; to. 1871, Florence P. P., dau. of 
late T. Piatt, of Lincoln's Inn ; is J.P. 
(1896)Leicestershire:Harston. Grantham. 

Beatson. maj .-gen. Albert Balcombe, s. 
of late maj.-gen. Alex. Beatson, gov. of 
St. Helena 1808-13 ; b. 1823 ; in Sutlej 
campaign, and present at siege of Delhi 
1857, ret. f. p. as lt.-col., B.S.C. 

Beatson, lt.-col. Finlay Cochrane, 
C.B. (1902), s. of late surg.-gen. G. S. 
Beitson, c.b., m.d., hon. phvs. to Queen 
' 10 


Victoria ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Eliza Maud, 
dau. of late G. H. Errington, of Chad- 
well Hall, Essex ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1902, lt.-col. Wilts regt. from 

Beatson,col.Geo.Thos., M.D.Edin., c.b. 
(1902), v.D., eld. s. of late surg.-gen. Geo. 
S. Beatson,of Campbeltown, Argyleshire 
(d. 1874) ; b. 1848 ; surg. Glasgow West- 
ern Infirmary, sen. surg.Glasgow Cancer 
Hospital, chni. St. Andrews Ambulance 
Assoc, memb. of British Central Red 
Cross Council, lt.-col. commdg. (hon. 
col. 1905) Glasgow companies R.A.M.C. 
(vols.) from 1901 : 7 Woodside cres. 
Glasgow ; Jun. Constitutional club. 

Beatson, maj.-gen. Stuart Brownlow, 
c.b. (1898), s. of late capt. Wm Stuart 
Beatson, h.e.i.c.s. ; b. 1854 ; m. 1889, 
Edith C, dau. of late lt.-gen. sir Wm K. 
Elles, K.c.B. ; served in Jowaki Afreedee 
expdn. 1877-8; Afghan war 1878-80; 
Egyptian war 1882; Burmese expdn. 
1886-7 ; operations on N. W. frontier, 
India, 1897-8 ; S.African war 1901 ; insp.- 
gen. of Irnpl. service troops, India from 
1902 ; Ind. army : Cavalry club. 

Beatson, surg.-gen. Wm. Burns, m.d., 

F.R.C.S.B., F.R.C.P.L., M.R.A.S., H.M.'s 

Indian army, ret. 1883, late dep. surg.- 
gen. Lahore divn. : Yicarsgrange, Grange 
rd. Eastbourne. 

Beattie, vide Stewart-Beattie. 

Beatty, capt. David, r.n., m.v.o. 4 
class (1905), D.B.o. (1896), s of David 
Longfield Beatty, of Borodale, Wexford ; 
b. 1871 ; m. 1901, Ethel, only dau. of Mar- 
shall Field, of Chicago, U.S.A. ; served 
with Dongola expdn. 1896, Nile expdn. 
1897-8, 4 class Medjidieh ; China expdn. 
I'j00,capt. r.n.1900 : 15 Upper Grosvenor 
st. W. 

Beatty, Haslitt Michael, c.m.g.(1902), 
chief locomotive supt. govt, railways, 
Cape of Good Hope. 

Beatty, maj.-gen. Robt. ; maj.-gen 
1890, on U.S. list 1893, Madras N.I. 

Beauchamp, 7 earl (1815 U.K.). Wm. 
Lygon, k.c.m.g., eld. s. of 6 earl, p.c. 
(d. 1891), by only dau. (d.) of 5 earl Stan- 
hope ; b. 1872 ; m. 1902, lady Lettice M. 
E., Bis. of 2 duke of Westminster, b. 1876 ; 
2nd tit. vise. Elmley ; J.P.Gloucestershire, 
D.L., j. p. Worcestershire, mayor of 
Worcester 1895-6, gov. of N.S. Wales 
1 8'.)'.)- 1901, hon. col. 1 Worcestershire 
K.V. from 1902 (Heir, s. vise. Elmley, 
q.v.) : Travellers' club ; Madresfield 
Court, Malvern Link. 


Beauchamp, Edmund Beauchamp, 
eld. s. of rev. Marwood Tucker, m.a., of 
Cory ton Park, and rect. of Wid worthy, 

Devon (d. 1894) ; b. 1833; m. 1, dau. of 
B. Persse, Moyode Castle, co. Galway ; 
2, 1873, Gertrude, dau. of D. Persse, 
Roxborough, co. Galway; 3, 1877, Louisa 
Ellen, 3 dau. of rev. H. Longueville Jones, 
H.M. Insp. of Schools for Wales; D.L., 
J. p. Cornwall (sheriff 1870), assumed 
name of Beauchamp in lieu of Tucker 
1874 : Trevince, Gwennap, Redruth. 

Beauchamp, maj.-gen. F., served in 
24 Sikhs against Mahsood Wuzeerees 
1860 ; Afghan war 1879-80 ; ret. p. 1886. 

Beauchamp, Hy. King, c.i.e. (1903), 
2 s. of late Willoughby Jas. Beauchamp, 
of Hampden ; b. 1866 ; m. 1898, Mabel, 
2 dau. of late Harry Hammond Spencer, 
of Teignmouth, S.Devon ; sheriff of Mad- 
ras 1902 and 1903, editor of the " Madras 
Mail " from 1890 : Marble Hall, Nun- 
gumbankum, Mairas ; Royal Societies 

Beauchamp, col. Horace Geo. 
Proctor-,c.B.(1902),3 s.of sir Thos. Wm.B. 
Proctor-Beauchamp, 4 bt. (d. 1874), by 
dau. of 2 baron Radstock ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1892, Florence, dau. of late Henry M. 
Leavitt, of New Yotk, U.S.A. ; served 
in Soudan campaign 1885, Soudan fron- 
tier field force 1885-6. Suakin 1888, 3 
class Medjidie ; S. African war 1902, lt.- 
col. 20 huss. 1899-1903, brevet-col. 1903, 
ret. p. 1901 ; heir pres. to baronetcy. 

Beauchamp, sir Reginald William 
Proctor-, 5 bart. (1744), eld. s. of 4 
bart. (d. 1874) by dau. of 2 baron 
Radstock ; b. 1853 ; m. 1880, lady Violet 
Charlotte Julia M., only dau. (div. 1901) 
of 5 earl of Roden ; D.L., J. P. Norfolk, 
capt. (hon. maj. 1886) Norfolk artill. 
(mil.)E. divn. of R.A. 1884-98 (Heir,bro. 
lt.-col. Horace G. Proctor-Beauchamp, 
q.v.) : 27 Hill st. W. ; Carlton, Marl- 
borough, Travellers' and Bachelors' 
clubs ; Langley Park, Norwich. 

Beauchamp, dow.-countess. Emily 
Annora C, eld. dau. of 3 earl Manvers ; 
b. 1853 ; m. 1872, as his 2 wife, 6 earl 
Beauchamp, P.c. (d. 1891) : 13 Belgrave 
sq. S.W. ; Homme House, nr. Ledbury. 

Beauclerk, lord Osborne de Vere. 
2 s. of 10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1874 ; 
capt. 17 Lancers 1901-2, maj.S. Notting- 
hamshire (Huss.) I.Y. from 1904. 

Beauclerk, lord Wm. de Vere, 3 s. of 
10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1883. 

Beauclerk, William Nelthorpe, ll.d. 
Cantab, eld. s. of late lord Frederick 
Beauclerk, b. 1849 ; m. 1, 1878, Jane I., 2 
dau. (d. 1888) of rev. Jas. Rathborne ; 2, 
1892, Evelyn Amy, dau. of sir R. Hart, 
1 bart., g.c.m.g. ; sec. to legation at 
Peking 1890-6, consul-gen. for Hungary 



1896-8, min. res. and consul-gen. in 
the Republics Peru and Ecuador from 
1898 and in Bolivia from 1903 ; D.L., J.P. 
Lincolnshire : British Legation, Lima, 
Peru, and Quito, Ecuador. 

Beauclerk, lady Alexandra de Vere, 
dau. of 10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1878. 

Beauclerk, lady Ainelius, Frances M., 
only child of Chas. Harrison ;m. I, 1853, 
capt.lord Ainelius Wentworth Beauclerk, 
B.N. (d. 1879), s. of 8 duke of St. Albans ; 
2, 1884, lt.-gen. John Walpole D'Oyly 
(d. 1897): 3 Bryanston sq. W. ; 10 
Brunswick terr. Brighton. 

Beauford, John Salmon, s. of Hy. 
Williams Beauford, of Sudborough, 
Northants, JP.;4. 1846 ; m, 1887, Emily 
Charlotte, dau. of It. -col. Ricketts, of 
Bath, Somerset ; j.p. (1898) Lancashire : 
The Warrens, Formby, Lancashire. 

Beauford, Wm. Fredk., 2 s. of Hy. 
Williams Beauford, of Sudborougn, 
Northants, J.P. ; b. 1842 ; >/..1874, Emily, 
dau. of Hy. Browning, of 73 Grosvenor 
st. W. ; J.P. (19U0) Hunts : Union club; 
Horeham Grange, Horeham Road S.O. 

Beaufort, 9 duke of (1682,Eng.). Henry 
Adelbert Wellington Fitzroy Somerset, 
eld. s. of 8 duke, K.G. [d. 1899) ; b. 1817 ; 
m. 1895, Louise E., 2 dau. of late Wm. Hy. 
Harford, of Oldown, Glos, d.l., j.p., and 
widow of baron Carlo de Tuyll, b. 1864 ; 
2nd tit. marq. of Worcester ; capt. R.H.G. 
1869-77, i) L., J.P. Monmouthshire, 
Glo'stershire, and Brecknockshire, lt-col. 
commdt. (hon. col. 1888) Glo'ster I.Y. 
1887-1904, hon. col. of the regt. from 
1901, col. a.d.c. to Queen Victoria 
1899-1901, to the King from 1901, high 
steward of Bristol from 1899 {Heir, s. 
marq.of Worcester, q.v. ) : Carlton,Boodle's 
and Marlborough clubs ; Badminton 
Park, Badminton S.O. Glos ; LI in- 
g.ittock Park, Crickhowell. 

Beaufort, (hon.) Leicester Paul, m.a. 
and B.c.L. Oxon., 2 s. of rev. Daniel 
Augustus Beaufort, M.A. ; b. 1850; m. 
1883, Edith M., dau. of rev. C. H. 
Griffith, of Strathtield Turgis, Hants ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1879, gov. of Labuan 
1895-9 ; judge of high court, N.E. Kho- 
desia from 1903: Fort Jameson, N.E. 
Rhodesia, S. Africa. 

Beaufort, dow.-duchess of, lady 
Georgina, dau. of 1 earl Howe ; 6. 1825 ; 
m. 1845, 8 duke of Beaufort, K.G., P.o 
{d. 1899): Stoke Park, Stapleton, Bristol. 
Beaufoy, Mark Hanbury, F.z.s., only 
3. of late Geo. Beaufoy, of S. Lambeth ; b. 
1854 ; m. 1884, Mildred, dau. of Robt. 
Tait, of 14 Queen Anne st. W. j head of 

firm of Beaufoy and 0o M vinegar and bri* 
tish wine makers ; J.P. AVilts (sheriff 
1900), co. London and Surrey, M.P. (L.) 
Lambeth (Kennington divn.) 1889-95 : 
Coombe House, Shaftesbury. 

Beaumont, capt. Alfred Philip, only 
s. of late Alfred Beaumont, of 47 Glouces- 
ter ter. AV\; b. 1854; m. 1878, dau. of 
Phillip Paw, of 19 Westbourne ter. W. ; 
J.p. (1899) Hants: Conservative club; 
Testwood, Totton, Southampton. 

Beaumont, Fras.Hy., M.A., Oxon., eld. 
s. of W. F. Beaumont.of Buckland Court, 
Surrey {d. 1837) ; b. 1834 ; m. 1856, Mary 
E., dau. of late Evan Baillie, of Doch- 
four, N.B., by dau. of 5 duke of Man- 
chester ; county treasurer for Surrey 
1879-1903, d.l., j.p. Surrey: Carlton 
club ; Buckland Court, Reigate. 

Beaumont, capt. sir Geo. Howland 
Wm., 10 bt. (1660), eld. s. of 9 bt. (d. 
1882) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1880, Lillie Ellen, 2 
dau. of col. G. A. Craster, R.E. ; capt. 
R.H.A.1881-4(//euy<.Geo. A. H.; b. 1881). 
Beaumont, Hy. Fredk., v.u., eld. s. of 
late H. R. Beaumont, and grands, of late 
Thos. R. Beaumont, of Bretton Park, 
Yorks ; b. 1833 ; m. 1857, Maria J., dau. of 
W. Garforth, of Wiganthorpe, Yorks ; 
hon. col. 2 vol. battn. W. Riding regt. 
from 1868, j.p. Lincolnshire and N. R. 
Yorks ; D.L., j.p. W. R. Yorks ; M.P. (l.) 
S. divn. W. R. Yorks, 1865-74, and Colne 
Valley divn. 1885-6 and (l.U.) 1886-92: 
Brooks' and Turf clubs : Whitley Beau- 
mont, nr. Huddersfield ; Tet worth, Ascot, 

Beaumont, Hy. Hamond Dawson, 
b.a. Oxon., 2 sec. in diplomatic service 
1898-1905, sec. from 1905. 

Beaumont, Henry Ralph, eld. 8. of 
Henry Fredk. Beaumont, of Whitley 
Beaumont, Yorks, M.P., D.L., j.p. ; b. 
L866 ; m. 1901, Mary Ht len, 4 dau. of sir 
Jas. Hy. Gibson-Craig, 3 bark ; D.L., J.P. 
W.R. Yorks: Brooks',Turf and Bachelors' 
clubs ; Aldburgh Hall, Masham, Yorks. 
Beaumont, vice-adml. sir Lewis 
Anthony, k.c.b. (1901), k.c.m.g. (1901), 
k.k.g.s. ; b. 1847 ; m. 1889, Mary Eleanor, 
dau. of Chas. Perkins, of Boston,U.S.A.; 
served in Arctic expdn. 1875-6, naval 
attache for Europe 1882, priv. sec. to 
first lord of Admiralty (lord Northbrook) 
1882-5, dir. of naval intell. 1894-9, A.D.o. 
to Queen Victoria 1895-7, commdr. -in- 
chief on the Pacific station 1899-1900, 
Australian station 1901-3, Plymouth 
station from 1905, vice-adml. 1902: 3 
Sloane gdns. S.W. j Admiralt_y House 
i Devonport. 

Beaumont, capt. Lindesay Beaumon 



3 b. of late nnj.-gen.R. H.J. B.Beaumont ; 
h. is is : m. 1879, Alice Gibbs,dau.ot late 
liampbrey Brandreth,of Houghton Hall, 
Beds, j.p. ; capt. late 32 regt.; J. P. Beds : 
Jun. United Service club ; Crossland 
Fosse, Kerapston, nr. Bedford. 

Beaumont. Somerset Archd., F.R.G.S., 
3 s. of late T. Wentworth Beaumont, of 
Bretton. co. York, M.P. ; b. 1836; M.P. 
Newcastle-on-Tvne 1860-5, Wakefield 
1868-74 ; d.l. Northumberland : Travel- 
lers' and St. James' clubs 

j. p. Suffolk; rect. of Chelrnondiston, 
Suffolk 1863-88 : United University and 
Royal Thames Yacht clubs; Oakley 
Lodge, Leamington. 

Beaumont. Wentworth Blackett, s. 
of late T. Wentworth Beaumont, M.P., 
and grs. of late Thos. R. Beaumont, 
M.P.; b. 1829 ; m. 1, 1856, lady Margaret, 
dau. (d. 1888) of 1 marq. of Clanricarde; 
2, 1891, Edith Althea, eld. dau. of lt.-gen. 
Hy. Meade Hamihon, C.B., and widow 
of maj.-gen. sir Geo. Pomeroy-Colley, 
K.c.s.i., C.B., c.m.g. ; D.L., J. P. Northum- 
berland and W. R. Yorks, j.p. co. 
Durham, was M.P. (l.) S. Northumber- 
land 1 852-85, and Tyneside divn. 1886-92 : 
144 Piccadilly, W. ; Brooks's, Travellers' 
and Reform clubs. 

Beaumont, Wentworth Canning 
Blackett, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of Went 
worth Blackett Beaumont, of Bretton 
Park, Yorks, d.l., j.p., by 4 dau. of 
1 marq. of Clanricarde ; b. 1860 ; m. 
1889, lady Alexandrina L. M., dau. of 
5 marq. of Londonderry, b. 1863 : j.p. 
W.R.Yorks, d.l., j.p. Northumberland ; 
capt. Yorkshire Huss. I. Y. 1899-1901, 
hon. maj. 1901. vice-chamberlain of His 
Majesty's household from 1905, M.P. (l.) 
Northumberland (Hexham divn.) from 
1895: Brooks's,Turf andTravellers' clubs; 
Bywell Hall, Stocksfield-on-Tyne S.O. 
Northumb. ; Bretton Park, Wakefield. 

Beaumont, Wm. Coppard. admitted a 
solicitor 1865. clerk to the Cutlers' Co. 
from 1870 : 20 Cheyne gdns. Chelsea, 
S.W. ; Cutlers' Hll, 4 Warwick la. 
E.C. ; 23 Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. ; 7 
Gt. Winchester st. E.C. 

Beaumont, William George, j.p. W.R. 

Beaumont (hon.), W. H., s. of lt.-col. 
\V. Beaumont, of Chudleigh, Devon; 
A. 1x51 ; m. 1896, Alice, dau. of hon. 
John Millar, M.L.c. of Durban, Natal ; 
puisne judge of supreme court of Natal 
from 1902 : Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Beaumont (rt.hon.),lady (11 baroness, 
1309, Eng.) Mona Josephine Tempest 

Stapleton, eld. dau. and co.-heir oi 10 
baron, lt.-col. 20 huss. (d. 1895), by only 
child oi sir Chas. H. Tempest, 1 and last 
bare, of Heaton ; b. 1894 ; the right to 
the barony confirmed by Letters Patent, 
1st June, 1896 {Heir, sis. hon. Ivy M. 
Stapleton, q.v.). 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Ethel M. lady. 
only child of sir Chas. H. Tempest, 1 
and last bart. of Heaton ; m. 1893, 10 
baron Beaumont, late lt.-col. 20 huss. (d. 
1895) : Carlton Towers, Carlton S.O., 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Isabella Anne, 
lady. eld. dau. of 3 baron Kilmaine ; 
m. 1844, 8 baron Beaumont (d. 1854) : 
Carlton Towers, Carlton S.O. Yorks. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Violet, lady, 
only dau. of F. W. Isaacson, M.P. of 18 
Up. Grosvenor st. W. (d. 1898) ; m. 1888, 
9 baron Beaumont (d. 1892) : 49 Eaton 
place, S.W. 

Beaumont-Nesbitt, Edwd. John,B.A. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. T. G. Beaumont, 
rect. of Chelrnondiston, Suffolk, 1863-88, 
J.P. ; b. 1860; m. 1890, Helen, youngest 
dau. of late Fredk. Freeman Thomas, of 
Ratton, Sussex ; is D.L., J.P. King's co. 
(sheriff 1892) ; assumed addtl. name of 
Nesbitt 1886 ; St. James', and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs : Tubberdaly, Eden- 
derry, King's co. 

Beavan, Jno. Griffiths, s. of Henry 
Beavan, of Fleet House, Hants ; b. 1827 ; 
m. 1860, Emily ,dau. of lt.-col. John Davis, 
of Ashcott, Somerset ; is J.P. Radnor- 
shire, Herefordshire and Devon : 
Rothelstone House, Herston, Swanage, 

Beavan. mrs. Anne Eliza, dau. and heir 
of late S. Beavan, of Glascwm, co. Rad- 
nor; m. 1879, Arthur Dixon, D.L., J.P., 
who assumed name of Beavan in lieu of 
Dixon 1879 and died in 1895: The Court, 
Glascwm, Builth S.O. Breconshire. 

Beaven, Fredk. Thos., 2 s. of Thos. 
Beaven, of Holt,Wilts ; b. 1844 ; m. 1867, 
Fanny, dau. of Thos. Nicholl, of Halifax, 
Yorks ; J.P. Wilts : The Retreat, Holt, 

Beaver. It. Hy. Allen, R.N., M.v.o. 
5 class (1903), chief gunner R.N. 1896, 
It. R.N. 1903. , 

Beaver, Wm.,only s. of Thos. Beaver, 
of Peterborough; b. 1840; m. 1869_ 
Emma M., dau. of Hy. Kirby, of Glap_ 
thorne, Northants ; J.P. Liberty of Peter" 
borough : Alipore House, Peterborough.! 

Beazer, Cornelius Edwd., only s. of 
Daniel Beazer, of Castle Combe, Wilts ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1868, Susannah, dau. of j 


Amice Bertram, of Grouville, Jersey ; 
J.P. Lancashire : Hindley, Wigan. 

Becher, col. Arthur Wm, Reddie ; 
served in Bhootan expdn. 18(35-6, Hazara 
campaign 1868, Afghan war 1878-80, 
squadron commdr. 16 Bengal cav. from 
1885, equerry to H.R.H. duke of Con- 
naught 1886-91, extra equerry from 1891. 

Becher, sir John Wrixon-, 3 bart. 
(1831), bro. of 2 bart. (d. 1893) ; b. 1828 ; 
to. 1857, lady Emily, dau. of 2 earl of 
Listowel, M.A. Cantab., d.l. co. Cork 
(sheriff 1868) {Heir, s. Eustace Wm. 
Windham Wrixon - Becher, b. 1859) : 
Ballygiblin, nr. Mallow, co. Cork : 
Creagh, Skibbereen, co. Cork. 

Becher, gen. Septimus Harding ; b. 
1817 ; gen. Ind. army 1889 ; on u.8. list 
1881: 43 Silverdale rd. Eastbourne. 

Becher, lady Wrixon-, Florence E. H., 
vide A. D. H. H. Reynell-Pack. 

Beck, vide Alcock-Beck. 

Beck, Chas. Harrop, C.B., only p. of 
C. W. Beck, of Upton Priory, Cheshire, 
and Frongoch, Mont. {d. 1872) ; b. 1861 ; 
m. 1890, Jessie, youngest dau. of late rev. 
Clement F. Broughton, rect. o* Norbury- 
cum-Snelston, co. Derby : j.p. Cheshire, 
commd. 4 battn. (mil.) Cheshire regt. 
during S. African war 1900-2 ; hon. col. 
from 1903 : Frongoch, Llanllugan, Mont- 
gomeryshire ; Upton Priory, Maccles- 

Beck, Edwd. Anthony, m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of late John Redin Beck, of 
Castle Rising, Norfolk ; b. 18 IS ; ,. 
1874, Emily M., dau. of Jas. Clark, of 
Winchmore Hill, Middlx. ; master of 
Trinity Hall, Camb. from 1902, vice- 
chancellor of the University 1904-5 and 
1905-6: The Master's Lodge, Trinity 
Hall, Cambridge. 

Beck, Frank Reginald, M.v.o. (4 class), 
s. of late Edmund Beck, of Sandring- 
ham, Norfolk ; b. 1861 ; to. 1891, Mary 
P., dau. of capt. Clifford Wilson, Con- 
naught Rangers ; land agent on the 
King's Sandringham Estate : Sandring- 
ham S.O. Norfolk. 

Beck, Peter Arthur, 2 s. of J. Beck, of 
Kingsland, Salop (d. 1873) ; b. 1829 ; m. 
1864, Frances A., eld. dau. of late Robt. 
G. Temple, of The Lache, Cheshire, and 
judge of county courts of N. Staffs ; j.p. 
Warwickshire and Montgomeryshire 
(sheriff 1886) : Trelydau Hall, Guilsfield, 

Beck, Ralph Coker Adams, only | 
survg. s. of late Simon Adams Beck, of ; 
Caeam, Surrey ; b. 1848 ; m. 1873, 
Florence A., dau. of late Geo. A. Moore, 
V,h., J, p. admitted a solicitor 1873, 


clerk to Ironmongers' Co. from 1883 : 
Ironmongers' Hall, 117 Fenchurch st. 
E.C.; 24 Lime st. E.C. ; Wellington club; 
Layer Breton Hall, Essex ; Bookbam 
Lodge, Surrey. 

Beck, Wm., J.P. (1903) Essex, j.p. 
(ex-off.)1893-l903 : The Limes,Waltham 

of C. W. Beckett, of Thorne ; b. 1849 ; to. 
1881, Louisa A., dau. (d. 1900) of p.m. sir 
John Michel, G.C.B., of Dewlish, Dorset : 
served in Egyptian war 1882 in commd. 
of mily. mounted police, at action at 
Kassassin, and at battle of Tel-el-Kebir, 
4 class Medjidie ; Nile expdn. 1884-5, 
with Light Camel regt. ; It. -col. 2 drag, 
gds. 1892-5, 3 Huss. 1892-8, asst. dir.-gen. 
of ordnance at headquarters 1898-9, A.A.G. 
Natal 1899-1900, A.Q.M.G. headquarters 
1900-3, brig.-gcn. in charge of adminis- 
tration, Malta from 1904: United 
Service and Arthur's clubs. 

Beckett, hon. Ralph Wm. Ernest, 
only s. of 2 barou Grimtborpe ; b. 1891. 

Beckett, hon. Rupert Evelyn, 3 s. of 
Wm. Beckett (-Denison), of Nun 
Appleton, Yorks, M.P., D.L.,J.p.(d. 1890), 
by dau. of 2 baron Feversham and bro. 
of 2 baron Urirnthorpe ; b. 1870 ; M.1896, 
Muriel Helen F., dau. of lord Berkeley 
C. S. Paget; J.p. (1897) W.R. Yorks, 
maj. Yorkshire Huss. I. Y. 1903-4 : The 
Lodge, Doncaster. 

Beckett, col. Stephen, c.b., s. of late 
capt. J. 0. Beckett, h.b.f.c.s. ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1, 1875, Cecilia, dau. (d. 1889) of P. 
Griffith ; 2, 1894, Ida M. eld. dau. of John 
Macfarlane, of 2 Lexham gdns. W. ; in 
Oude campaign 1858-9, Eusofzie expdn. 
1863, in charge of transport from India 
with Suakin expdn. 1885, B.S.C., ret. 
1889 : 10 Freeland rd. Ealing, W. 

Beckett, hon. Wm.Gervase,2 s.of Wm. 
Beckett, of Nun Appleton, Yorks, M.P., 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1890), by dau. (d. 1896) of 
2 baron Feversham and bro. of 2 baron 
Grimthorpe ; b. 1866 ; to. 1896, hon. 
Mabel T., only dau. of late vise. 
Helmsley and granddau. of earl of 
Feversham, b. 1877 ; capt. late Yorkshire 
Huss. I. Y. : 1 Hyde Park pi. W. ; 
Bachelors' and White's clubs. 

Beckett, hon. rars. Hamilton (Sophia 
C), 3 dau. of 1 baron Lyndburst (ext.) ; 
b. 1S28 ; to. 1854, Hamilton Beckett (d. 
1883), grands, of sir John Beckett, 1 
bar; : 16 Cadogan pi. S.W. 

Beckett, hon. Helen Louisa, eld. dau. 
of Wm. Beckett (-Denison), of Nun 
Applet Dn, Yoik->, m,p., d.l., j.p, (d. 



1890). by dau. of 2 baron Feversham and 
sip. of 2 baron Grimthorpe. 

Beckett, miss, elder dau. of late sir 
Thos. Beckett, 3 bart. (d. 1872), by 
dau. {d. 1878) of J. Beckett, Barnsley, 
York : Somerby Hall, Gainsborough. 

Beckton, rev. Arthur Curtis, M.A., 
Oxon, eld. s. of late Joseph Beckton, of 
Didsbury, Lancashire ; b. 1864 ; m. 1889, 
Alice E., dau. of Geo. Peak, of Titley, 
Herefordshire ; J.P. (1901) Derbyshire, 
vicar of Alfreton, Derbyshire, 1897-1902, 
from 1902 of Beeston. Notts. 

Beckwith, Arthur, eld. s. of E. L. 
Beckwith, of the Knoll, Eastbourne, 
Sussex, J.P ; b. 1860 ; m. 1890, Edith, 
dau. of Heckstall Smith, of Hove, 
Sussex ; J.P. Brecknockshire : The Grove, 
Llangrwyney, Crickhowell. 

Beckwith, Henry John, s. of late rev. 
H. Beckwith, b.a. rec. of Eaton Con- 
stantine, Salop; b. 1840; m. 1876, 
Kathleen E., dau. of R. Craven Wade, of 
Clonebraney, co. Meath ; capt. late 53 
foot : J.P. co. Durham : Naval and 
Military club ; Millichope Park, Craven 
Arms, Salop. 

Beckwith, Wm. Malebisse, only s. of 
Hy. John Beckwith, of Millichope Park, 
Salop, and of Trimdon, and Silksworth, 
co. Durham, J. p. ; b. 1877 ; m. 1904, lady 
Muriel Beatrice, 3 dau. of 7 duke of 
Richmond, C.B., b. 1884; served in S. 
African war 1899-1900, lc. Coldst. gds. 
from 1900. 

Beckworth, Wm. j.p. (1892) W. R. 
Yorks : Castle Hill, Headingley, Leeds. 

Bective, earl of. Terence Geoffrey 
Thos. Taylor Taylour, eld. s. of marq. of 
Headfort : b. 1902. 

Bective, countess of. lady Alice 
Maria, dau. of 4 marq. of Downshire, b. 
1842 ; m. 1867, Thomas, earl of Bective 
{d. 1893), eld. s. of 3 marq. of Headfort : 
29 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Lunefield, Kirkby 
Lonsdale, Westmorland. 

Beddard, Arthur Philip, m.a.,m.d. 
Cantab., f.r.c.p. Lond., s. of Jas. 
Beddard, of Nottingham ; b. 1868 ; m. 
1*96, hon. Evelyn Maud, 4 dau. of 1 
baron Allerton, p.c. : 44 Seymour st.W.; 
Arts and Savile clubs. 

Beddoe, John, m.d. and (hon.) ll.d. 
Edin., V.R.H., v.p.Anthr.Inst., 2 s. of 
John Beddoe, of Bewdley, Worcs. j.p. ; 
b. 1826 ; m. lH. r >8, Agnes Montgomerie, 
dau. of rev. Alex. Christison,of Foulden, 
Berwickshire ; officier (Ire classe) de 
l'lnstruction Publique (France) : Athe- 
naeum club ; The Chantry, Bradford-on- 
Avon, Wilts. 

Beddoes, Wro, Fras., eld, s, of Wm, 

Minton Beddoes, of Minton, Salop ; b. 
1858; m. 1898, Alicia, dau. of rev. Wm. 
Lempriere Lewis, fell. Trin. coll. Ox- 
ford ; j.p. (1902) Salop: United Uni- 
versity club ; Minton, Church Stretton 
S.O. Salop. 

Bedford, 11 duke of (1694, Eng.) 
Herbrand Arthur Russell, k.g. 2 s. of 9 
duke,K.G. (d. 1891) andbro. of 10 duke (d. 
1893) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1888, Mary du C. 
(lady of grace of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem), dau. of ven. W. H. Tribe, 
archdn. of Lahore ; 2nd tit. marq. of 
Tavistock ; It. 2 battn. gren. gds. 1881-8, 
a.d.c. to viceroy of India (marq. of 
Dufferin) 1884-8, hon. col. 19 Middlx. 
R.V. and of 3 vol. battn. Beds. regt. 
from 1893, lt.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 
1902) 3 battn. (mil.) Beds. regt. from 
1897 ; D.L., J.p. Beds (aldm. and chm. 
c.c), J.P. Liberty of Peterborough, 
H.M's. lieut. for Middlx. from 1898, 
mayor of metro p. boro' of Holborn 1900 
(ffeii; s. marq. of Tavistock, q.v.) : 15 
Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Woburn Abbey, 
Beds ; Endsleigh, Tavistock, Devon ; 
Oakley House, Bedford. 

Bedford, archd. of (Ely), vide ven. F. 

Bedford, adml. sir Fredk. Geo. Den- 
ham, G.C.B., s. of vice-adml. E. J. 
Bedford, of Fairlawn, Paignton (d. 
1887) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1880, Ethel, 
dau. of E. R. Turner, of Ipswich, 
served in Black Sea 1854, Baltic 
expdn. 1855, capt. of " Shah " at 
engagement with Peruvian ironclad 
"Huascar," off Ylo, 1877, capt. of 
"Monarch," organising the flotilla on 
the Nile, 1884, commd. expdns. against 
Fodi Silah on the Gambia, and chief 
Nana of Brohemie, in Benin River, 
1894, and against Brass chiefs 1895, 
author of " Sailors' Pocket Book," 
and " The Sailors' Handbook," A.D.C to 
Queen Victoria 1888-91, a naval lord of 
the admiralty 1889-92 and 1895-9, com- 
mander-in-chief of Cape of Good Hope 
and W. coast of Africa station 1892-5, 
on N. American and W. Indies station 
1899-1902, adml. 1902, ret, list 1903, gov. 
of W. Australia from 1903 : Government 
House, Perth, W. Australia ; United 
Service club. 

Bedford, Hy. Lewis, 4 s. of Wm. 
Thop. Bedford, C.C. City of London ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1891, Emily, dau. of Nicholas 
Birch, of Clapton, Middlx. ; vestry clerk, 
St. Sepulchre's from 1888. clerk to the 
Joiners' Co. from 1885 : Church Porch, 
St. Sepulchre's Church, Holborn viaduct, 
E,C, ; 5 Fairfjeld rd. Crouch End, N, 


Bedford, maj.-gen. Jsph. Herbt., r.e. 
ret. (Bombay), f.r.g.s., eld. 8. of Joseph 
Richd. Bedford, surgeon h.e.i.c.s. (d. 
1856) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1869, Eliza Piercy, dau. 
of capt. John Gardiner, late 5 drag. gds. ; 
Indian mutiny 1858 ; ret. 1887 : 2 Avenue 
rd. South Norwood, S.E. 

Bedford, lt.-col. Walter G-eo. Augustus, 
C.M.G.. m.b., M.R.c.s., s. of late vice-adml. 
G. A. Bedford ; b. 1858 ; to. 18 SO, Har- 
riette A., dau. of late rev. D. J. Drake- 
ford ; served in S. African war 1899- 
1901, lt.-col. R.A.M.C. 

Bedford, Adeline M., duchess of, dau. 
of 3 earl Somers (ext.); b. 1852; to. 1876, 
10 duke of Bedford (d. 1893) ; lady of 
grace, order of St. John of Jerusalem : 
26 Bruton st. Berkeley sq. W. ; Woodside 
House, Chenies, Rickmansworth. Herts. 

Bedingfeld,sir Henry Edward Paston-, 
8 bt. (1661), eld. s. of 7 bt. (d. 1902), by 
Augusta Lucy, dau. and heiress of 
Edwd. Clavering, of Callaly Castle, 
Northumb. ; b. 1860 ; to. 1904, dau. of 
late H. A. C. Lyne-Stephens, of Upper 
Grove House, Roehampton, S.W. ; maj. 
8 battn. (mil.) Liverpool regt. 19024, 
j. p. (1905) Norfolk (Heir, bro. Richd. 
Hy. Clavering) ; 6.1862: 45 Cromwell 
rd. S.W. ; Oxburgh Hall, Stoke Ferry, 

Bedingfeld, lieut. Jas.,R.N., ret. 1*7:2. 
8. of late rev. J. Bedingfeld, rect. of 
Bedingfeld, by dau. {d. 1881) of 3 baron 
Henniker ; b. 1845; J.P. Suffolk. 

Bedingfeld, lady Paston-, Augusta 
Lucy, dau. and heiress of Edwd. Claver- 
ing/ of Callaly Castle, Northumb ; to. 
1859, sir Henry Geo. l'aston-Bedingfeld, 
7 bt. (d. 1902): 45 Cromwell rd. S.W. 

Bedoyere, marquise de la. hon. Mil- 
dred, dau. of 1 baron Greville ; b. 1850 ; 
m. 1869, marquis de la Bedoyere : 76 
Cheyne Court, S.W. ; Rosmead, Delvin, 
co. Westmeath. 

Beebee, J as. Allgood, 2 survg. s. of 
late rev. Mcyrick Beebee, of Womaston, 
co. Radnor ; b. 1845 ; m. 1890, Sarah Ma- 
tilda, 3 dau. of late rev. Richd. Leigh, 
rect. of Walton-on-the-Hill, Lanes. ; J.P., 
d.l. Radnorshire (sheriff 1889) : Womas- 
ton, Walton, Radnorshire. 

Beeby, John Henry, eld. s. of Alex. 
Beeby, of Peterborough ; b. 1847 ; to. 
1877, Annie M. dau. of Chas. Roberts, of 
Peterborough ; is j.p. Liberty of Peter- 
borough : The Gables, Peterborough. 

Beech, Geo., s. o Wm. Beech, of Bir- 
mingham ; b. 1835; m. 1872, Florence, 
dau. of Chae. Dollman. of Birmingham ; 
J.P. (1900) Warwickshire, capt. 1 vol, 


battn. R. Warwickshire regt. 1880 : Jes- 
mond Grove, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Beech, capt. John Robt.,c.M.G.( 1888), 
D.S.O. (1891), s. of J. Beech; b. 1860 ; m. 
1892, Alexandra M., dau. of late Ken- 
neth Mackenzie,of Stornoway and widow 
of John Bullough, of Meggernie Castle, 
Perthshire ; served in Egyptian war, 
1882, in vet. dept. Soudan expdn. 1884, 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, with mission to 
King of Abyssinia 1887, 4 cla^s Medjidie 
1888 ; with Egyptian expdty. force 1891 
at capture of Tokar; 4 class Osmanieh 
1892 ; army vet. dept. 1881-8, capt. 20 
huss. 1889-94, ret. 1894, transport officer, 
S. Africa 1900, maj. Scottish Horse I.Y. 
from 1903. 

Beech, Rowland John, s. of J. Beech, 
of Brandon Hall, Warwickshire, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1883); b. 1853; to. 1885, Adelaide F., 
only dau. of late Robt. Capel Cure, of 
Blake Hall, Essex ; D.L., j.p. Warwick- 
shire (sheriff 1890), J.P. Staffs, sub-It. 
16 lancers 1875-8 j It. 2 life gds. 1878-86, 
served in Camel corps in Soudan, 1884-6, 
maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1902) Warwickshire I.Y. 
from 1901 : 71 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carl- 
ton, Arthur's, Pratt's and Bachelors' 
clubs ; Brandon Hall, nr. Coventry ; 
The Shawe, nr. Cheadle, Staffs. 

Beecham, Joseph, s.of Thos.Beecham, 
of Southport; b. 1848 ; to. 1873, Josephine, 
dau. of Wm. Burnett, London ; j.p. 
(1894) Lancashire, mayor of St. Helens 
1S99: 9 Arkwrightrd. Hampstead, N.W.; 
Ewanville, Huyton, Liverpool. 

Beechingr, Arthur Thos.,3 s.of Horatio 
Beech in g, of Tonbridge, Kent ; b. 1836 ; 
m. I860, Ellen, dau. of Walter Murton. 
of Ashford, Kent ; J.P. (1874) Kent : 9 
Bordyke, Tonbridge. 

Beechingr, maj.-gen. Frank, s. o 
S. Beeching, of Tunbridge Wells ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1870, Marianne, dau. of P. 
Mathews, of Brighton ; maj.-gen. 1894, 
Madras inf., on U.S. list 1894 : 13 High- 
land rd. Norwood, S.E. 

Beechingr, rev. canon Hy. Chas., m.a. 
Oxon., D.Litt., s. of Jas. Plumer Geo. 
Beeching, of Bexhill, Sussex ; b. 1859 ; 
to. 1891, Mary, dau. of late rev. A. J. 
Plow ; rect. of Yattendon, Berks 1885- 
1900, chapln. of Lincoln's Inn 1900-3, 
preacher 1904, prof, of pastoral theology 
in King's coll. Lond. 1900-3, canon of 
Westminster from 1902, ex. chapln. to 
bp. of Carlisle 1904 : 3 Little Cloisters, 
Westminster, S.W. 

Beeforth, Geo. Lord, f.s.a., only s. 
of capt. Geo. Beeforth, of Scarborough ; 
b. 1823 ; to. 1854, Helen, dau. (d. 1894) 
of Alex. Crawford, of Scarborough ; one 



of H.M. Lieutenants for the City of 
London,J.P. N.R. Yorks and Scarborough 
(mayor 1893-4) : The Belvedere, Scar- 

Beeley, Thomas, s. of Samuel Beeley, 
of Beeley and Eyam, Derbyshire; b. 1833 ; 
J. p. and c.A. Cheshire (vice-chmn. C.C.) : 
Pole Bank Hall, Gee Cross, nr. Man- 

Beeley, Thos. Carter, j.p. (1903) 
Cheshire : Bowlacre, Gee Cross, Hyde, 

Beever, Wm. Fredk. Holt, b.a., eld. s. 
of late rev. Wm. Holt Beever, 2d. A., hon. 
canon of Llandaff Cathl., of Pencraig 
Court, Herefordshire ; b. 1854; to. 1884, 
Lucie Evelyn, dau. of Thos. Browning, 
of Sale, Cheshire; j.p. (1897) Bucks : 
Oxford and Cambridge club ; Yewden, 
Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames. 

Beevor, sir Hugh Reeve, M.D., f.r.o.p., 
5 bart. (1784), eld. survg. s. of 4 bart. (d. 
1885) ; b. 1858 ; to. 1894, Emily G. 
eld. dau. of sir Wm. Foster, 2 bart., of 
Norwich ; physician, King's Coll. Hos- 
pital and City of London Chest Hospital 
{Heir, s. Thos. Lubbock, b. 1897) : 17 
Wimpole st. W. 

Beevor, lt.-col.WalterCalverley,c.M.G. 
(1901), m.b., 3 s. of late John Beevor, 
M.D., of Newark-on-Trent ; b. 1858 ; to. 
1890, Ella B., eld. dau. of Chas. Taylor, 
J.P. ; served in Soudan campaign 1885. 
Ashanti 1895,N.W. frontier, India 1897-8, 
Tirah expdy. force, S. African war 1900, 
surg.-maj. Scots gds. 1898-1901, princ. 
med. officer S. African Constby. 1901-2, 
and on personal staff of h.r.h. duke 
of Connaught to India 1903, It. -col. 
R.a.m.c. from 1904 : 16 Gloucester st. 
Pimlico, S.W. ; Guards' and Naval and 
Military clubs. 

Begbie, It. -col. Alfd. Glynn, r.e. ; b 
1842 ; to. 1873, Henrietta Edith, 2 dau. of 
late col. John Allen Lloyd-Pbilipps (d. 
1884), of Mabws, Cardiganshire, and Dale 
Castle, co. Pembroke ; J.P.Cardiganshire 
lt.-col. r.b. 1888-93 : 22 Kidbrook grove 
Blackheath, S.E. ; Mabws, nr. Aberyst- 

Begbie, maj-gen. Elphinstone Waters, 
c.b.,d.8.o., s.of late maj.-gen. P. J.Begbie 
Madras Art. ; b. 1812 ; with Abyssinian 
expdn. 1867-9, Duffla expdn. 1874-5, Bur- 
mese expdn. 1885-6, maj.-gen. 1898. on 
U.S. list 1902, Madras Inf. 

Begg, Ferdinand Faithfull, f.r s 
Edin. ; s. of rev. Jas. Begg, d.d., of Edin- 
burgh ; b. 1847 ; to. 1873, Jessie Maria 
dau. of F. A. Cargill, of Dunedin, N Z 
a stockbroker, m.p. (c.) Glasgow (St! 

Rollox divn.) 1895-1900 : 24 Lansdowne 
rd. W. ; Carlton and Gresham clubs. 

Behrens, capt. Clive, s. of Edwd. 
Solomon Behrens, of The Oaks, Fallow- 
field, Manchester, and of Bettesford 
Park, Salop (<Z.1905); b. 18 ; to. 1899, 
hon. Charlotte Louisa Adela Evelina, 
only dau. of 1 baron Rothschild, b. 1873 ; 
late capt. R.A. : Swinton Grange, Mal- 
ton, Yurks. 

Belam, commdr. Henry, r.n. (ret.), 
M.v.o. 4 class (1901), s. of late John 
Belam ; b. 1853 ; to. 1885, Elizabeth J., 
dau. of late M. A. Swan : marine sur- 
veyor, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, 
Prince's Pier South, Liverpool : 34 Bent- 
ley rd. Liverpool 

Belcher. John, a.r.a. (1900), pres.R.T. 
B.A., 20 Hanover sq. W. 

Belcher, maj. Robt., c.m.g.(1900), s. of 
late Robt. Toovey Belcher, of 76 Park st. 
Grosvenor sq. W. ; b. 1849 ; to,. 1880, 
Maggie, dau. of Donald McLeod ; served 
in rebellion of half-breeds and Indians 
1885, S. Africa 1900-1 as 2nd in commd. 
of Lord Strathcona's corps. 

Beldam, Fras. Wm. Edwd., eld. s. of 
Edwd. Beldam, of Banyers, Cambs, j.p. 
(d. 1876) ; b. 1856 : to. 1880, Julia Emily, 
eld. dau. of vice-adm. J. Montagu Hayes, 
C.B.: lay rect. of Caxton, Cambs, j.p. 
Cambridgeshire, late capt. and hon. maj. 
4 battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. : Constitu- 
tional club ; Toft Manor, Toft, nr. Cam- 

Beldam- Johns, Fredk. Meadows, s. of 
late Wm. Nash Woodham, J.P., of Shep- 
reth, Cambridgeshire ; J.P. Cambridge- 
shire ; assumed name of Beldam-Johns 
in lieu of Nash Woodham 1867 : Fowl- 
mere Manor, Royston. 

Belfield, maj.-gen. Edward, in Kaffir 
war 1850-2 ; commdr. R.E. at Halifax 
187 -81 ; ret. f. p. 1881 as col. R.E. : 
3 Dagmar rd. Exmouth, Devon ; Junior 
United Service club. 

Belfield, Hy. Conway, B.A. Oxon., eld. 
s. of John Finney Belfield, of Primley 
Hill, Devon, j.p. (d. 1896) ; 6. 1855 ; 
to. 1884, Florence, 4 dau. of rev. Jas. 
Rathborne, rect. of West Tytherley, 
Hants ; barr. Inner Temple 1880,commr. 
of lands and mines, Federated Malay 
States 1896, actg. British res. Selangor 
at various periods from Mar. 1897 to 
Sept. 1901. Brit. res. Negri Sembilan 
April 1901, Selangor Aug. 1902,J.P.(1902) 
Devon: Jun. Carlton and Ranelagh 
clubs ; Primley Hill, Paignton, Devon. 

Belfield, brig. -gen. Herbert Eversley, 
c.B. (1900), D.s.o. (1902), s. of capt. Wm. 
Belfield, of Malmains, Gloucestershire, 


J.P.; b. 1857 ; to. 1, 1882, Emily M.,dau of 
late bp. (Binney) of Nova Scotia; 2. 1888, 
Evelyn M., dau. of Albon Taylor, of Elm 
Grove, Barnes, S.W. ; served with expdn. 
to Ashanti 1895, S. African war 1899- 

1902, brig.-gen. commdg. 4 brig. 2 divu. 
1 army corps from 1903 : Aldershot ; 
Army and Navy club. 

Belfield, Wm, 2 s. of late T. D. Bel- 
field, Blagdon, Devon ; b. 1824 ; to. 1, 
1856,dau.(d. 1880) of Jas. Godfrey Peach 
Fitter ; 2, 1882, Florence, widow of maj. 
Ashton C. Warner, 20 Hussars ; served 
in 17 and 88 regts. throughout Crimean 
war ; J. p. Gloucestershire : Pall Mail 
club ; Maintains, Frenchay, nr. Bristol. 

Belgrave, vise, vide duke of West- 

Belhaven, master of, vide hon. Ralph 
G. A. Hamilton 

Belhaven and Stenton, lord (10 
baron 1647, Sco. rep.peer). col.Alex.Chas. 
Hamilton, R.B., eld. s. of Wm. J. Hamil- 
ton, MP., F.R.S. (d. 1867), by 2nd wife, 
hon. Margaret F., dau. of 13 vise. Dillon, 
and kinsman of 9 baron (d. 1893) ; b. 
1840; to. 1880, Georgina K., dau. of 
Legh Richmond ; served in Zulu war 
1879, ret. p. 1887, brigadier commdg. 
W. Surrey vol. inf. brig. 1887-1902, hon. 
col. 2 Lanarkshire R.E. (vols.) from 

1903, D.L., J. p. Lanarkshire (Heir, s. hon. 
Ralph G. A. Hamilton (master of Bel- 
haven) q.v.) : 41 Lennox gdns. S.W. ; 
United bervice club ; Wishaw House, 
Wishaw, N.B. 

Belhaven and Stenton, (rt. hon.) 
dow. lady. Georgina, 4 dau. of late sir 
John Watson, 1 bart. ; to. 1877, 9 baron 
Belhaven and Stenton (d. 1893) : 8 
Eglinton cres. Edinburgh. 

Bell, vide Lynden-Bell. 

Bell, vide Morrison-Bell. 

Bell, Alfred, j.p. (1901) Cheshire: 
Bramhall Lodge, Stockport. 

Bell, Andrew, j.p. Westmorland : 
South View, Kirkby Stephen. 

Bell, Chas., youngest s. of late Thos. 
Bell, of Brockton HalLEccleshall, Staffs ; 
b. 1854 ; to. 1878, Frances M., dau. of 
Fredk. W. Tunnicliffe, of Biana, Eccles- 
hall, Staffs ; J.P. (1901) Cheshire: Norley 
Hall, Frodsham, Cheshire. 

Bell, Chas.Geo. Har:and,c.M.u.(1902), 
lite civil commr. and res. magist. Mafe- 
king, Cape of Good Hope. 

Bell, Chas. Loraine. s. of late rev. J. 
Bell, r.d., vicar of Rothwell, Yorks, and 
hon. canon of Ripon, by only dau. of sir 
Chas. Loraine, 5 bart.; D.L., J.P. Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1895), patron of 1 living: 


Conservative club ; Woolsington, nr. 
Ne wcastle-on-Ty ne. 

Bell, Chas. Lowthian, v.D., 2 s. of sir 
Lowthian Bell, 1 bt. (d. 1904) ; 6. 1855 ; 
to. 1885, Helen, dau. of W. H. Porter, of 
Head's Nook, Cumberland ; j.p. (1889) 
N. R. Yorks, (1895) co. Durham and 
Middlesbrough (mayor 1892) : Asbgate 
House, Roman rd. Linthorpe, Middles- 

Bell, Chas. Wentworth, only survg. s. 
of late Chas. Bell, of Chapel Allerton, nr. 
Leeds ; b. 1857 ; to. 1891, hon. Edith M., 
dau. of 1 baron Biddulph ; D.L. J.P. 
Herefordshire : Bronsil, Eastnor, nr. Led- 
bury, Herefordshire. 

Bell, rev. canon Geo. Chas., m. a. Oxon., 
eld. s. of Geo. Bell, of London ; b. 1832 ; 
to. 1870, Elizabeth, dau. of Edwd. Milner, 
of Norwood, S.E. ; fell. Wore. coll. Ox. 
1857-65, hon. fell, from 1896, 2nd 
mast. Duwich coll. 1859-68, head-master 
Christ's hosp. 1868-76, of Marlborough 
coll. 1876-1903, canon of Sarum from 
1887, princpl. of Queen's coll. Harley st. 
W. from 1903 : Hillside, Norwood, S.E. ; 
Athenaeum club. 

Bell, Geo. Symes, j.p. (1905) Middlx. : 
6 Pierrepoint rd. Acton, W. 

Bell, Henry, eld. s. of Henry Bell, of 
Greenfield, West Kirby, Cheshire J.P. 
(d. 1891) ; b. 1813 ; j.p. (1900) Cheshire : 
Greenfield, West Kirby S.O., Cheshire. 

Bell, Henry, J.P., d.l.(1892) Cheshire: 
Heathfield, Stockport, Cheshire. 

Bell, Hy. Hesketh Joudou, c.M.G. 
(1903) ; b. 1864; administr. of Dominica 
1899-1906, commr. Uganda Protectorate 
from 1905: Entebbe, Uganda. 

Bell, Hy. Oswin, v.d., s. of Hy. Bell, 
of Tynemouth, Northumb., J.P.; b. 1856 ; 
to. 1894, Margaret Emily, dau. of Chas. 
B. Goldson, of Bio Norton Hall, Nor- 
folk, and Tynemouth, Northumb. ; is 
J.p. Northumberland, capt. the Tyne- 
mouth vol. artill. (W. divn. of R.a), 
1882-94, capt. (hon. maj. 1904) 3 vol. 
battn. Northumberland Fus. from 1900 : 
13 Northumberland ter. Tynemouth, 

Bell, sir Hugh, 2 bart. (1885), 
eld. s. of sir I. Lowthian Bell, 1 bart. 
(d. 1901); b. 1844; to. 1, 1867. Mary, 
dau. (d. 1871) of late John Shield, of 
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 2, 1876, Florence 
E. E.,dau. of late sir Joseph Olliffe, knt. 
M.D. ; J.p. Middlesbrough, N. R. Yorks, 
D.L., J.P. co. Durham (sheriff 1895) 
(Heir, s. Maurice H. L., b. 1871): 95 
Sloane st. S.W. ; Rountou Grange 
Northallerton, Yorks. 

Bell, sir Jas., 1 bart. (1895), s. of John 



Bell, of Glasgow; b. 1850: to. 1875, 
Helen, eld. dau. of Wm.Findlay,of Hall- 
hill, co. Lanark ; lord provost and H.M.'s 
lieut. of Glasgow 1892-6, D.L., J. P. Lan- 
arkshire and Glasgow, hon.-col 1 Lan- 
arkshire R. V. 1893-1902 {Heir, s. John, 
b. 1876) : Carlton, Jun. Carlton, and 
Western (Glasgow) clubs ; Montgreenan, 
Kilmarnock, N.B. 

Bell, Jas.,c.B. (1839), Univ.,,F.R.s. ; b. 1824 ; to. 1858, Ellen, 
dau.(//.1900)ofWm.Reece,of Chester; dep. 
principal of the Somerset House Labora- 
tory 1867-75 and principal 1875-93, pres. 
of Inst, of Chemistry of Gt. Britain and 
Ireland 1888-91 ; insp. for board of trade 
of lime and lemon juice for supply of the 
merchant navy 1868-93, consulting chem- 
ist to principal public depts., including 
Indian govt., 1873-93, chemical referee 
under the sale of food and drugs acts 
1875-93 : 52 Cromwell rd. Hove, Sussex ; 
Royal Societies club. 

Bell, .Tas., 3 s. of Wm. Bell, m.d., of 
Preston, Lanes ; b. 1866 ; w. 1893, Evelyn 
Clifford, dau. of S. T. Aveling, of 
Rochester, iKent ; admitted a solicitor 
1888, town clerk of Leicester 1894-1902, 
of the city of London from 1902, one of 
H.M.'s Lieutenants for the city of London, 
Roy. order of Isabella the Cath >lic of 
Spain : 34 Kensington sq. W. : Guild- 
hall, E.C. ; New club; Fron Heulog, 
Bourne End, Bucks. 

Bell, John, eld. s. of Reginald Bell, of 
The Hall, Thirsk, Yorks ; b. 1879 ; J. P. 
(1900) N.R. Yorks : Isthmian, and York- 
shire (York) clubs ; The Hall, Thirsk. 

Bell,aldm. sir John Chas., b. 1844 ; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the city of 
London (sheriff 1901-2), aldm. of Cole- 
man St. ward from 1894, knighted 1902 : 
61 Portland pi. W. ; City Carlton, Jun. 
Carlton, Automobile, Ranelagh and 
R.L. Y. clubs ; Framewood, Stoke Poges, 

Bell, John Fras., j.p. (1902) co. Dur- 
ham : North End, Durham. 

Bell, John Lowthian, 4 s. of late 
Thos.Bell, of Crosby Court, Yorks, j.p. 
b. 1853 ; to. 1879, Mary E., dau. of late 
Thos. Lambert, of Telham Court, Sussex- 
J.P. Northumberland. 

Bell, It. -col. John Wm., c.m.g. (1900) 
v.d., s. of Wm.Bell,of Dumfries, N.B. and 
(irahamstown, S. Africa; 6. 1848; to 
1X7:5, Eliza J. B., 4 dau. of Edwd. Mor- 
timer Turvey ; served during native war 
1877-8, S. African war 1899-1900, lt.-col. 
commdg. Queenstown R.V. from 1891, 
master of the supreme court of the 

Transvaal from 1901 ; Pretoria, Trans- 
vaal, S Africa. 

Bell, Joseph, 3 s. of Joseph Bell, of 
Cambridge ; b. 1833 ; to. 1856, L. P., dau. 
of E. P. Davy, of Beaminster, Dorset ; 
J.P. (1895) Essex : Dorset House, Church 
st. Saffron Walden. 

Bell, col. Mark Sever, v.c. (1874), 
C.B. (1893), late R.E., 3 s. of 
Hutchinson Bell, formerly of Lecon- 
field, Yorks ; b. 1843 : 'to. 1, 1875, 
Angelina H., 2 dau. (d. 1879) of capt. H. 
B. F. Dickinson, late 15 regt., J. P., of 
Ashton Keynes, Wilts ; 2, 1890, Nora M., 
younger dau. of Hext Boger, of Ince- 
worth, Devon ; fell. King's coll. Lond., 
gold medlst. TJ. S. Ins. India, with 
Bhootan expdn. 1865-6, in Hazara cam- 
paign 1868, Ashanti war 1873-4, Bur- 
mese expdn. 1886-7 ; A.D.c to Queen 
Victoria 1887-1900, ret. p. 1900 : Army 
and Navy club ; Early wood Lodge, 
Windesham, Surrey. 

Bell, capt. Matthew Gerald Edwd.,only 
s. of capt. Matthew John Bell, late 
13 Light Inf., D.L., j.p. (d. 1902) and 
grands, of Matthew Bell, of Bourne 
Park. Kent, D.L., J.P. (d. 1903) : *. 1871 ; 
to. 1905, hon. Mary, 2 dau. (a maid of 
honor to Qupen Alexandra 1901-5) of 
rt. hon. sir Wm. Hart D}^ke, 7bart., p.c, 
M p., by eld. dau. of 7 earl of Sandwich, 
b. 1875 ; served on N. W. Frontier. India 
1897-8, capt. Rif. brig, from 1900 : 105 
Calogan gdns. S.W. ; Bourne Park, 

Bell, Maurice Hugh Lowthian, eld. s. 
of Hugh Bell, of Red Barns, Yorks, d.t,., 
J.p. ; b. 1871 ; J.P. (1895) N. R. Yorks, 
capt. 1 vol. battn. Yorkshire regt. from 
1899 : Red Barns, Coatham, Redcar, 

Bell, Reginald,v.D.,eld. 8. of rev.Henry 
Smith, vicar of Easton Maudit, North- 
ants ; to. 1878, Henrietta E., dau. of late 
A. B. Markham, Northampton ; assumed 
name of Bell in 1875; capt. 4 battn. 
( mil.) Yorks. regt.1879-84, capt. (hon. maj. 
1894) 1 vol. battn. Y jrks regt. from 1884 ; 
J.p. N.R. Yorks : Jun. Carlton club; The 
Hall, Thirsk, Yorks. 

Bell, Richd., s. of C. Bell, of Merthyr 
Tydvil, Glam. ; b. 1859 ; in G.W. Railway 
Co. service 1876-91, gen. sec. Amalga- 
mated Soc. of Railway Servants from 
1897, M.P. (labour) Derby from 1900 : 
72 Acton st. Gray's Inn rd. W.C.; 115 
Brownlow rd. New Southgate, N. 

Bell, Robt., i.s.o. (1904), M.D., D.8.C., 
LL.D., F.R.8., actg. dir. of dept. of Geo- 
logical survey, Canada. 

BU, very rev, Thos., M,A, Oxon, hon. ' 



canon of Winchester from 1889, dean of 
Guernsey from 1892, rect. from 1859 of 
St. Michael du Valle, Guernsey. 

Bell, Valentine Graeme, cm. g. (1903), 
M.1NST.C.E., s. of late Win. Bell, of 36 
Woburn pi. W.C.; b. 1839; m. 1, 1864, 
Rebecca Dalzell Filsoa (d. 1868) ; 2, 1882, 
EmiTa G. Lynch ; dir. of public works 

Id P.C., Jamaica from 1886 : Kingston, 
Bell, col. Wm, c.B. (1889), s. of Thos. 
11, of Les Merriennes,Guernsey; J. 1829; 
1855, Rosina, dau. of Havilland Carey, 
Somerset terr. Guernsey : late 64 foot, 
a.d.c to Queen Victoria 1867-1901, to 
the King 1901-3, govt. sec. Guernsey 
from 1862 : Swissville, Gue n ey. 

Bell, Wm., c.i.E. (1901), M.A., princi- 
pal, central training coll. Lahore, 1885, 
prof, in tbe govt. coll. there 1888, princ. 
1892, insp. of schools, Lahore Circle 
1896, dir. of public instrn., Punjab, and 
und. sec. to govt, educl. dept. from 1901, 
also insp. of Chiefs' colleges in India 
from 1904: Lahore, Punjab. 

Bell, Wm., s. of John Bell, of Upping- 
ham ; 6.18; m. 1868, Helen Hilaire 
Barbara, dau. of gen. Butcher, R.M. ; is 
J.p. (1892) Cheshire : Rutland House, 
New Brighton, Cheshire. 

Bell, Wm. A., lord of the manor of 
Bletchingley : 8 Park st. W. ; New 
University and Wellington clubs ; Pen- 
dell Court, Bletchingley, Surrey. 

Bell, capt. Wm. Edwd. Derrington, s. 
of maj.-gen. Edwd. Wm. Derrington Bell, 
v.c, C.B., of Kempsey, Worcestershire ; 
b. 1874; m. 1898, Edith Isabel, dau. of 
col. A. H. Hudson, of Pershore, Wor- 
cestershire ; served in S. African war 
1901-2, capt. 6 battn. (mil.) Worcester- 
shire regt. from 1900; J.P. (1901) Wor- 
cestershire : The Cedars, Kempsey, 
Worcester ; Jun. United Service club. 

Bell,Wm. Heward, F.s.A.,F.G.s.,eld. s.of 
Wm. H. Bell, of Pelton House, co. Dur- 
ham (d. 1881) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1874, Hannah, 
eld. dau. of late W. Cory, of Devonshire 
Place House, London ; d.l., j.p. Wilts : 
Junior Carlton club; Cleeve House, 
Seend. Melksham. 

Bell, sii Wm. Jas., ll.d., B.A.Cantab, 
only s. of dr. Jas. Bell, C.B., F.R.S., of 
Ewell, Surrey ; b. 1859 ; m. 1882, Bertha 
Diana, only survg. child of late G. Torr, 
of Garbrand Hall, Surrey ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1882; D.L. (1890) co. London, 
d.l., J.p. cos. Ross and Cromarty, late 
vice-chm. of Ross-shire CO.. aldm. L.c.c. 
1902, knighted 1892: 211 Ashlcv gdns. 
S.W. : Reform club. 

Bell, miss, eld. dau. of Alfred Bell, of 

S. Marston, Wilts (d. 1884) ; lady of the 
manor of S. Marston : Manor House, 
South Marston, Swindon, Wilts. 

Bell, mrs., widow of John Bell, of 
Etushpool Hall, Yorks : Rushpool Hall, 
Saltburn, N. R. Yorks ; Mustapha Rais, 

Bell, lady. Margaret Miller, eld.dau. 
of Wm. McTaggart D'Orsey, M.D., of 
Grantham, Ipswich, Queensland ; ra.1861, 
hon. sir Joshua Peter Bell,, of 
Jimbour, Darling Downs, Queensland 
{d. 1881). 

Bellairs, col. Geo. Clarke, v.d., 2 s. of 
Geo.Bellairs,of Stockerston and TheNew- 
arke,co.Leicester ; 6.1826; m.l875,Eleanor 
C, 2 dau. of late rev.G. E. Bruxner, of The 
Holt, Thurlaston, co. Leicester ; It. -col. 
(ret. hon. col. 1886) 1 vol. battn. Leices- 
tershire regt. 1882-6, j.p. co. Leicester : 
Southbourne-on-Sea, Hants. 

Bellairs, lt.-gen.sir Wm.,, c.B., 
s.of sir Wm.Bellairs, J.P. (d. 1863) ; 6.1828; 
m.l,dau. of W.B.Gibbons,j.P. ; 2,Blanche 
St. John (author of " Gossips with Girls," 
etc.), dau. of F. A. Moschzisker, Ph.D. ; 
throughout Crimean campaign 1854-6, 
with 49 foot, and as a.q.m.g. of 2 
divn. ; at Alma, Inkerman and Sebas- 
topol ; knt. leg. hon. and 5 class Med- 
jidie ; throughout Kaffir campaigns 
1877-8, commd. combined forces on E. 
frontier during Gaika rebellion ; Zulu 
campaign 1879, at Ulundi ; D.A. and 
q.m.g. South Africa 1877-80, col. on 
staff Natal and Transvaal 1880 ; Trans- 
vaal campaign as brig-gen. 1880-1, defence 
of Pretoria ; administr.of Transvaal 1881: 
ret. p. 1887 : col. Notts and Derbyshire 
regt. 1902-5, of R. Berks regt. from 1905; 
author of " The Transvaal War 1880-1," 
" The Military Career," etc. : National 
Liberal club ; Clevedon. 

Bellamy, rev. Jas.,D.D. Oxon, s. of late 
rev. J. W. Bellamy, head master of Mer- 
chant Taylors' School ; 6.1819; J.P. Oxon, 
Pres. of St. John's coll. Oxford, from 
1871 : St. John's coll. Oxford ; Manor 
House. Ingoldisthorpe, Kings Lynn. 

Bellamy, sir Joseph Arthur, only s. 
of late Joseph Bellamy, of Plymouth ; 6. 
1845 ; m. 1867, Susan Mill, dau. of Wm. 
Saull Wills, of Plymouth; j.p. Ply- 
mouth (mayor 1901-2), chm. Plymouth 
and Stonehouse Gas Co., dir. Sutton 
Harbour Co., knighted 1904 : Yalta, 
Tavistock rd. Mannamead, Plymouth. 

Bellasis, vide Oliver- Bellasis. 

Bellasis, Edward, B.L., 2 s. of late mr. 
serjt. Edwd. Bellasis, j.p. (d. 1873) ; 6. 
1852; barr. Lincoln's inn 1873, blue- 
mantle pursuivant 1873-82, dep. regist. 


of coll. of arms 1879-80, regist. 1894-9, 
librarian of printed books 1887, sec. to 
garter missions to Spain 1881 and Saxony 
1882, Lancaster Herald from 1882: 
College of Arms, E.C. 

Bellew, vide Grattan-Bellew. 

Bellew,lord (3 baron 1848,ir.Rep.peer). 
Charles Bertram Bellew, eld. survg. s. of 
2 baron (d. 1895); b. 1855; to. 1883, 
Mildred Mary Josephine, eld. dau. of 
late sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2 bare. ; 
capt. 6 battn. (mil.) R. Irish rifles 
1880-90, H.M.'s lieut. co. Louth from 1898 
(Heir, bro. maj.hon.Geo. L. Bryan, q.v.) : 
Carlton, Bachelors', Marlborough, and 
Kildare st. (Dublin) clubs ; Barmeath 
Castle, Dunleer, co. Louth. 

Bellew. hon. Richd. Eustace, 4 s. of 2 
baron Bellew; b. 1858; to. 1, 1887, Ada, 
younger dau. {d. 1893) of late H. P. 
Gilbey, of Stanstead, Essex, j.p. ; 2, 
1895, Gwendoline, eld. dau. of W. R. J. 
F. Herbert, of Clytha, Mon., D.L., J.P. : 
Marlborough club. 

Bellew, mrs. Ada, dau. of late Wm. 
Llewellin, of Glanwern, Pontypool ; to. 
1885, Harry Bawden Bellew, of Oak- 
hampton House, and The Croft, Somer- 
set (d. 1901) : Oakhampton House, and 
The Crofc, Wiveliscombe S.O. Somerset. 

Bellhouse, Walter, j.p. (1879) Che- 
shire : Woodleigh, Knutsford. 

Bellingrham, sir Henry, 4 bart. 
(2nd cr. 1796), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 
1889) ; b. 1846 ; to. 1, 1874, lady Con- 
stance, dau. (d. 1891) of 2 earl of Gains- 
borough ; 2, 1895, hon. Lelgarde H. F., 
dau. of 23 baroness Grey de Ruthyn, b. 
1870 ; M.A. Oxon, barr. Lincoln's Inn, 
1875 ; commr. Natl. educ. Ireland ; senator 
of Royal University ; capt. 6 battn. 
(mil.) R. Irish rif. 1872-84, priv. 
chamberlain to Leo XIII. 1898-1903, 
Pius X. from 1903 ; D.L., J.p. co. Louth, 
M.P. (c.H.R.) co. Louth 1880-5 (Heir, s. 
Edwd. Hy. Chas. Patrick, b. 1879) : 
United University, and Jun. Travellers' 
and United Service (Dublin) clubs ; 
Castle Bellingham, co. Louth. 

Bellia, Edwin, 4 s. of Chas. Bellis,of 
Holt, Denbighshire ; b. 1855; J.p. (1896) 
Denbighshire : Holt, nr. Wrexham. 

Bellyse, Edwin Reginald, m.a. Oxon, 
s. of late E. S. Bellyse, m.d., f.r.c.s., 
L.8.A., of Oakneld, Stapeley, nr. Nant- 
wich ; b. 1856 ; to. 1889, Kuphemia H., 
eld. dau. of late Jas. Mackenzie, of 
209 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; J.P. Cheshire : 
Oakfield, Stapeley, nr. Nantwich. 

Belmore, 4 earl of (1797: Ir. rep. peer) 
Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry,p.c.(Irel 
1867), g.c.m.G. (1890), eld. s, of 3 earl, (d, 


1845) ; b. 1835 ; to. 1861, A. E. Honoria, 
2 dau. of late capt. John N. Gladstone, 
R.N., M.p., and niece of late rt. hon. W. 
E. Gladstone ; 2nd tit. vise. Corry ; 
j.p. cos. Tyrone (H.M. lieut. from 1892), 
Fermanagh and Kent, und. sec. home 
dept. 1866-7, gov. N. S. Wales 1868-72, 
a lord justice of Ireland 1885, 1890, 1891, 
1895, 1896, 1897and 1898, formerly maj. 
London Irish R.V.C. (Heir, s. vise. Corry, 
q.v.) : Carlton, Tyrone County and Fer- 
managh clubs; Castle Coole, Enniskillen. 
Belper, lord (2 baron 1856, U.K.). 
Henry Strutt, P.c. (1895), eld. s. of 

1 baron, D.C.L., P.c. (d. 1880) ; b. 1840 ; 
to. (1874) lady Margaret, dau. of 

2 earl of Leicester, b. 1852 ; ll.m. 
Cantab, M.P. (l.) E. Derbyshire 1868-74, 
Berwick in 1880 ; d.l., j.p. Notts (chm. 
quart, sess. and of c.C.) and Derbyshire ; 
j.p. Leicestershire ; lt.-col. commdg. 
(hon. col. 1886) S. Notts I. Y. 1879-96, 
hon. col. of the regt. from 1900 ; col. 
and yeom. A.D.c. to Queen Victoria, 
1894-1901, to the King from 1901 ; capt. 
H. M.'s hon. corps of gentlemen-at-arms 
1895-1905 (Heir, s. hon. Algernon Hy. 
Strutt, q.v.) : 31 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; 
Brooks', and Travellers' clubs ; Kingston 
Hall, Kegworth, Derby. 

Belsey, Fras. Flint, eld. s. of Isaac 
Belsey, of Rochester, Kent ; b. 1837 ; J.P. 
Kent : 12 Russell sq. W.C. ; National 
Liberal club. 

Belsham. Oliver Daniel, s. of Isaac 
Belsham, of Heybridge, Essex ; b. 1845 ; 
J.P. (1902) Essex : Heybridge, Maldon, 

Belshaw, Edwd., I.S.O. (1903), chief 
clerk of Science and Art dept. (now 
Board of Educn. secondary branch) S. 
Kensington from 1896 : Board of Edu- 
cation, S. Kensington, S.W.; Sunnjside, 
High rd. Lee, S.E. 

Bembridge. Wm. Bell, s. of Wm. Bern- 
bridge, of Stoke-upon-Trent, Staffs ; b. 
1830 ; to. 1852, dau. of Wm. Jackson, of 
Quorndon, Leicester, and niece of Thos. 
Ward, Grosvenor House, Ripley ; J.P. 
(1894) Derbyshire: Church st. Ripley, 

Bemrose, sir Henry Howe, eld. s. of 
late Wm. Bemrose, of Derby ; b. 1827 ; 
m. 1855, Charlotte, dau. of Wm. Brindley; 
is j.p. Derbyshire, J.P. and aldm. of 
Derby from 1878 (mayor 1877), late 
capt. 1 Derbyshire R.V., chm. Bemrose 
and Sons ltd., printers, Loudon and 
Derby, a dir. of Parr's Derby Bank 
&c, M.P. (c.) Derby 1895-1900, knighted 
1897: Constitutional club ; Lonsdale Hill, 





Benbow, sir Henry, K.C.B., d.r.o., s. 
of late Jas. Benbow, of Thornton Heath, 
Surrey; b. 1838 ; m. 1892, Elizabeth J., 
dau. of late Hy. Bird, of Uxbridge ; 
served in Nile expdn. 1884-5, chief insp. 
of machinery R.N. 1888-93, ret. 1893: 
Dorman's Park, East Grinstead. 

Bence, Edwd. Sfarkie, eld. s. of 

Edwd. Robt. Starkie Bence, of K>ntwell 

Hall, Suffolk, D.L., J.P. (d. 1889); 6. 

1862; D.L., J.P. Suffolk, capt. 3 battn. 

) Suffolk regt. 1885-7. 

Bence-Jones, Archibald Bence, m.a. 

on., youngest s. of late Hy. Bence- 

nes, m.d., f.r.s., d.o.l., of Brook st. 
; b. 1857 ; m. 1901, hon. Susan Ludlow, 
eld. dau. of 1 baron Ludlow ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1881 : 5(5 Upper Berkeley st. W. : 
11 King's Bench walk, Temple, E.C. ; 
Garrick and Athenaeum clubs. 

Bence-Jones, Hy. R., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of late Hy Bence-Jones, M.D., 
F.n.s., of Brook st. Grosvenor sq. W. ; 
b. 1844 ; principal for statistics Board of 
Trade, asst. sec. comm. for Trade and 
Treaties 1890: 1 Whitehall, S.W. ; New 
University club. 

Bence-Jones. Reginald Bence, only 
survg. s. of Wm. Bence-Jones, of Lisselan, 
en. Cork, J.P. (d. 1882) ; 6. 1865 ; m. 1890, 
Ethel A., youngest dau. of late D. C. Da 
Costa, of Barbados ; D.L., J.P. co. Cork 
(sheriff 1894) : Lisselan, Clonakilty, co. 

Bence-Lambert, col. Guy-Lenox, 
D.M.G. (1902), b. of late A. C. Lambert, of 
Brook Hill, Claremorris, D.L., J.P. ; b. 
1856 ; m. 1884, Ida, dau. of late H. A. S. 
Bence, of Thorington Hall, Suffolk, d.l., 
J.p. ; assumed by royal licence addtl. 
name of Bence, 1884 ; D.L., J.P. Suffolk 
and co. Galway, hon. lt.-col. in the army 

1901, late commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) Con- 
naught Rangers : Carlton and Windham 
clubs ; Thorington Hall, Darsham, Suf- 
folk ; Dernasliggan, Leenane, co. Gal- 

Bendigo, 1 bp. of (1902), rt. rev. Hy. 
Archdall Langley, s. of Hy. Langley, co. 
Waterford, Ireland: b. 1840; m.1867, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of F. Strachan, of Bathurst, 
N. S. Wales ; archdn. of Gippsland 
1890-4, of Melbourne and Geelong 1894- 

1902, bp of Bendigo, Victoria, from 
1902 : Forest st. Bendigo, Victoria, 

Bendyshe,rev. Richard, m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of J. Bendy she, of Barrington Hall, 
J.P. (d. 1855); b. 1822: Barrington 
Hall, Cambridge. 

Benedict, lady. Mary C, eld. dau. 
of H. Fortey, m.a., iusp. of schools, 

Madras Pres. (d. 1902) ; m. 1, 1879, as his 
2 wife, sir Julius Benedict, knt. (tf.1885) ; 
2, 1880, Frank Lawson : 39 Hyde Park 
gate, S.W. 

Benett-Stanford, John Montague, 
only s. of Vere Benet-Stanford, of Pyt 
House, Norton Bavant, Wilts, M.P., D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1894), by only dau. and heir of 
late Wm. Stanford, of Preston Place, 
Sussex ; b. 1870 ; m. 1893, Evelyn, only 
child of late capt. Burchall Helme, of 
Broadfield Court, Herefordshire ; J.P. 
Dorset and Wilts (c.c. from 1904) ; It. 1st 
R. drags. 1891-2, of R. Wilts I.Y. 1892- 
1900, maj. motor V.C. from 1903, A.D.c. 
to col. M. S. Brownrigg (commdg. 
Wilts and Dorset vol. inf. brig.) from 
1904 : White's and Cavalry clubs ; Hatch 
House, Tisbury. 

Bengough, maj. -gen. Harcourt Morti- 
mer, c.b., 3 s. of G. Bengough, of The 
Ridge, co. Gloucester (d. 1856) ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1876, Christina, dau. of H. Maybery, 
of Brecon, Wales ; in Zulu war 1879, at 
Clundi ; with Burmah expdn. 1885-6 ; 
A.A.G. Madras 1882-7, brig.-gen. commdg. 
2 class dist. Madras army 1887-91, 
commdg. troops in Jamaica in 1894, an 
inf. brig, at Aldershot 1894-7, ret. p. 
1898 : Beech House, Whitwell, Herts. 

Bengough, John Chas., eld. surviving 
s. of G. Bengough, of The Ridge, co. 
Gloucester (d. 1856) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1857, 
Caroline A., dau. {d. 1899) of rev. A. G. 
Cornwall, of Ashcroft, Glo'stershire ; J. P., 
D.L. Glo'stershire (sheriff 1877), capt. 2 
vol. battn. Gloucestershire regt. 1866-85, 
capt. Gloucestershire yeom. 1870-7 : 
Kelston, Millbrook, Southampton ; The 
Ridge, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucester. 

Benjamin, lady. Fanny, dau. of A. 
Cohen, of Sydney, N. S. Wales ; m. 1857, 
sir Benjn. Benjamin, knt.: mayor of Mel- 
bourne 1887-8-9, memb. legisl. council, 
j.p. (d. 1905) : Canally, George street, 
East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Benn, John Williams, s. of rev. Julius 
Benn, Congregational min., London ; b. 
1850 ; m. 1874, Lily, dau. of John Pick- 
stone, of Silver Hill, Hyde, Cheshire ; 
dir. of Benn Bros., Ltd., publishers, 8 
Finsbury sq. E.C, propr. and editor of 
The Cabinet Maker and Complete House 
Furnisher, L.C.C., chm. 1904, J.P. (1899) 
Essex, D.L., J.P. (1904) co. London, M.p. 
(l.) Tower Hamlets (St. George divn.) 
1892-5, Devonport from 1904 : 8 Fins- 
bury sq. E.C. ; National Liberal club ; 
The Old Knoll, Blackheath, S.E. 

Benn. maj. Robt. Arthur Edwd., 
CLE. (1904), maj. 1904, Ind. army, 


vice'COhsul for Seistan and Kain, Persia 
1900, and consul for same dists. 1902. 

Benn, Wm. Lucas, J. P. Cumberland : 
Bankfield, Silecroft, Cumberland. 

Bennet, lt.-col. Edwd. Gully, eld. s. of 
Richd. Gully Bennet, of Tresillian House, 
Cornwall, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1849 ; ret. 1893 
Northamptonshire reirt., J.P. Cornwall : 
Army and Navy club ; Tresillian House, 
Summercourt, Grampound Road, Corn- 

Bennet, col. Ferdinando Wallis, R.E. 
(ret.) ; 6. 1860 ; served with Egyptian 
expdn. 1882, Soudan expdn. 1884-5, S. 
African war 1899-1900, ret. p. 1901 ; J.P. 
(1905) Devon : Fairlea, Northam S.O. 
N. Devon. 

Bennet, Geoffrey F. P., s. of Philip 
Bennet, of Rougham Hall, Suffolk, D.L., 
j.p. (d. 1875) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1888, Beatrice 
G., dau. of hon. H. Harbord, of Elderton 
Lodge, Gunton ; is J.P. Suffolk : East 
Barton Farm, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Bennet, hon. Geo., 2 s. of 7 earl of 
Tankerville ; b. 1903. 

Bennet, Rd. Gully, b.a. Cantab; b. 
1820; m. 1846, Mary J., dau. of R. Hosken ; 
D.L., J.P. Cornwall: Tresillian House, 
Sumuaercourt, Grampound Road, Corn- 

Bennet, lady Corisande Olivia, b. 1855, 
dau. of 6 earl of Tankerville. 

Bennett, vide Leigh-Bennett. 

Bennett, Courtenay Walter, c.i.e. 


Bennett, Henry Curtis, 2 s. of late ref . 
Geo. Peter Bennett, rect. of Kelvedon, 
Essex ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Emily J., dau. 
of F. Hughes-Hallett ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1870, J.P. London and Home 
Counties, Metropol. police magist. 
(Hammersmith and Wandsworth ) 1886-7, 
(West London) 1888-95, (Clerk en well) 
in 1887, (Marylebone) 1895-1905, and 
(Westminster) from 1905: 118 Lexham 
gdns. W. ; Carlton club. 

Bennett, engr.-capt. Jas. Martin 
Cameron, R.N., M.v.o. (4 class), asst.- 
engr. of " Modeste " during operations in 
Malay Peninsula, Perak expdn. 1875-6 ; 
engr.-capt. R.N. 1902, H.M.'s yacht 
" Victoria and Albert." 

Bennett, John Ryan, s. of Henry 
Bennett, of Bedminster, Bristol, J.P. ; b. 
1846 ; to. 1879, Florence R. dau. of Hope 
Smith, of Highbury, N. ; is J.P. (1894) 
Somerset : 3 Upper Belgrave id. Clifton, 

Bennett, Joseph, s. of late Wm. Ben- 
nett, of Grimsby, J.P.; b. 1829 ; a mer- 
chant and steamship owner; J.P. parts of 
Lindsey, Lines., Grimsby & Louth, M.p. 
(L.) Lincolnshire (Gainsborough divn.) 
1885-6 and 1892-5: Reform club; Gil- 
stead, Eastbourne ; The Cedars, Louth, 

Bennett, Joseph, jun., B.A. Lond., s. 
of Joseph Bennett, of Louth, J.P. ; 6. 
1854 ; J.P. (1900) parts of Lindsey, Lines : 

(1900), s. of late John Nicholas Bennett, I Deighton Close, Louth, Lines. 

of Ford Park, Plymouth; b. 1855 ; consul 
at Guatemala 1883, at Rio Grande 1885, 
at Reunion 1890-1900, at Bilbao, Spain, 
1900-1, consul-gen. at San Francisco 
from 1901 : British Consulate-General, 
San Francisco. 

Bennett, Fredk. Jns. Went worth. 
p.k.a.s. ; m. 1884, El a ;or C, youngest 
dau. of rev. Jas. Senior, rect. of Cojap- 
ton Pauncefote-cum Blackford, Somer- 
set ; late 29 and 36 regts., capt. N. 
Somerset yeom. 1886-90, j.p. Somerset. 

Bennett, Geo. Locking, m.a., ll.m. 
Cantab., b.a. Lond., 3 s. of sir Henry 
Bennett, knt., of Gt. Grimsby, Lines, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1866 ; solicitor 
and shipowner, j.p. (1897) parts of 
Lindsey, Lines, commr. of income tax, 
Capt. 1 Lines u.u.a. (vols.) from 1895: 
Westlands, Grimsby, Lines. 

Bennett, Geo. Wheatley, i.s.O. (1903), 
8. of Richd. Wheatley Bennett, of New- 
(ngton. Surrey ; b. 1845; to. 1875, Kath- 
leen, dau. of Chas. Glenton ; accountant 
and cumptroller-gen. of Customs from 
l'.io-_> : Bdendale, Queen Anne avenue, 
Bromley, Kent ; Constitutional club. 

Bennett, Joseph Richd., eld. s. of 
Joseph Bennett, of Coax Hill House, 
Gloucestershire (d. 1865), and grands, of 
maj.-gen. Richd. Legge, b.i.a. {d. 1834) ; 
b. 1831 ; m. 1858, Annie, dau. of Wm. 
Hartland, of Bury Court, Gloucester- 
shire ; J.P. (1894) Gloucestershire : Chax 
Hill Bouse, Westbury-on-Severn, nr. 
Newnham, Gloucestershire. 

Bennett, Richd., only s. of Wm. 
Bennett, of Wilde rs woo 1, Lanes. ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1878, Caroline Rebecca, dau. of 
John Sharpies, of Manchester; d.l. 
Anglesey (sheriff 1900) : Windham club ; 
Thornby Hall, Northampton ; 6 Victoria 
terr. Beaumaris. 

Bennett, Rowland Nevitt, J.P. (1896) 
Berks : Hidden Cottage, Newtown 

Bennett,Thos., s. of John Bennett, of 
Birch Vale, Derbyshire ; b. 1838 ; m. 
1872, dau. of John Hadfield, of Cowbrook, 
Glossop ; J.P. Derbyshire : Birch Vale 
House, nr. Stockport. 

Bennett, Thos. Jewell, c.i.e. (1903), 
s. of late J. T. Bennett, of Wisbech, 
Cambridgeshire ; b. 1852 ; propr. and late 

K&L.LVS HAND866K-1966. 


editor of the " Times of India," Bombay : 
Bryn Cregin, Deganwy, Llandudno. 

Bennett, fm., eld. s. of sir Hy. Ben- 
nett, knt., of Grimsby, Lines., D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1887, only dan. of 
H. J. Farmer-Atkinson, of Ore, Hastings, 
D.L., J.P. ; mer. and shipowner, J.P. 
Lincolnshire, capt. (hon.maj. 1893) 1 vol. 
battn. Lincolnshire regt. 1889-94 : Bank 
House, Grimsby. 

Bennett, sir Wm. Hy., K.c.v.o. (1901), 
f.r.c.s. Eng., eld. s. of Wm. Fras. 
Bennett, of Chilmark, Wilts : b. 1852 ; 
m. 1882, Isabel, dau. of T. Dickinson, of 
Sloanest., S.W. ; knt. of grace order of 
St. John of Jerusalem, commdr. of R. 
order of the Saviour of Greece: 1 Chester- 
field st. Mayfair, W. ; Jun. Carlton 

Bennett, mrs. Daniel. Mary E., eld. 
dau. of Uvedale Corbett, of Aston Hall, 
Salop; rn. 1847, Daniel Bennett, of 
Faringdon House, Berks, J.P. (d. 1887) : 
Faringdon House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Bennion, Geo., Blyth House, Blyth 
Marsh, Stoke, Staffs. 

Bennion John Rowe, only s. of late 
J. Bennion; b. 1836; m. 1872, Harriet, 
dau. of W. Topham, of The Limes, 
Cheshire : Nursted House, nr. Pctersfield. 
Bennitt, Saml., s. of Joseph Bennitt, 
of Dudley, Worcs. J.P., D.L. ; b. 1832 ; m. 
1860, Harriet, dau.of Wm. Robinson, D.L., 
of Summerhill, Staffs. ; J.P. Worcester- 
shire : Clent House, Harborne, Birming- 

Bennitt, col. Wm. Ward, 2 s. of capt. 
Wm. Bennitt, of Stourton Hall, Worces- 
tershire, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1839 ; m. Augusta 
J. D'A. dau. (d. 1905) of late J. D'A. 
Samuda, of Loudwater, Herts, M.P., D.L. ; 
served with Inniskilling drag, in Boer 
war 1881, commd. an escort with sir 
Evelyn Wood to Zululand ; served in 
Bechuanaland expdn. 1884, selected to 
commd. 5 Lancers in 1885, h. p. from 
1889, J.P. Bucks : Army and Navy club ; 
Stoke Green House, Slough. 

Benson, Cecil Foster, 2 s. of Wm. 
Benson, of Langtons, Hants ; b. 1857 ; m. 
1881. Constance M., dau. of G. B. O'Neill, 
of 16 Young st. Kensington, W. ; J.r 
Liberty of Peterborough. 

Benson, gen. Chas. Annesley, 2 s. 
of Wm. Hy. Benson, B.C.S. ; b. 1831 ; 
m. 1, 1861, Grace J., dau. of Mathew 
Sankey, of Bawnmore, co. Cork ; 2. 1883, 
Frances A., dau. of John Vizard, of 
Ferney Hill, Gloucestershire ; Madras 
inf., gen. on U.S. list 1896 
Benson, Florance John, j.p. (1898) 

Glamorgan : Fairy Hill, Reyholdston 
S.O. Glam. 

Benson, maj.-gen. Fredk. Wm., c.B. 
(1900), 3 s. of late hon. J. R. Benson, 
Canadian Senate; b. 1849; m. 1881, 
Caroline G. J. E., eld. dau. of sir Geo. 
Couper, 2 bt., c.B., c i.e. ; served in 
Canadian mil. during Fenian raid,Canada 
1866, S. African war 1899-1901, late 17 
Lancers, dir. of transport and remounts 
from 1904: 28 Pall Mall, S.W. ; Army 
and Navy club. 

Benson, Godfrey Rathbone, M.A. 
Oxon., s. of late Wm. Benson, of Lang- 
tons, Alresford, Hants, J.P. ; b. 1864 ; m. 
1897, Dorothea M., dau. of late Roby 
Thorpe, of Nottingham ; M.P. (l.), Mid 
Oxfordshire 1892-5: 23 The Grove, Bol- 
tons, S.W. ; Brooks's club ; Stowe 
House, Lichfield; Balliol College, Oxford. 

Benson, Hy. Thos. ; J.P. (1899) Parts 
of Kestevtn, Lines : Market Deeping 

Benson, rev. John Peter, m.a. Oxon, 
s. of rev. J. P. Benson, of Witheridge, 
Devon (d. 1875); b. 1855; lord of the 
manor of Bradford Tracey, J.P. (1903) 
Devon, vicar from 1893 of Witheridge, 
Morcbard Bishop R.S.O., Devon. 

Benson, Lyde Ernest, 4 s. of M. G. 
Benson, of Lutwycue Hall, Salop, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1871); b. 1845 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1872; j.p. Salop: Jun. Carlton club; 
Larden, Much Wenlock. 

Benson, surg.-gen. Percy Hugh, m.b. 
Aberd., m.r.c.s. Sag.; b. 1852 ; surg.- 
gen. 1904. 

Benson, Ralph Beaumont, eld. s. of 
Ralph Augustus Benson, of Lutwyche 
Hall, Salop, J.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 1862 ; w. 
1886, C. Essex, dau. of rev. R. H. Chol- 
mondeley, rect. of Hodnet ; is j.p. Salop, 
patron of the livings and lord of the 
manors of Hope Bowdler and Easthope, 
capt. Shropshire yeom. 1891-7 : Carlton 
club, S.W. 

Benson, (hon.) sir Ralph Sillery,M.A., 
ll.u. Trin.coll. Dub., s. of Chas. Benson, 
of Fitz vvilliam sq. Dublin ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1876, Fanny C. A., dau. of rev. W. Gil- 
bert-Cooper, m.a., chapln. Indian Eccle- 
siastical Est. ; I.C.S. from 1873, a judge 
of high court of judicature in Madras 
from 1896 ; knighted 1906 : Madras. 

Benson, Robt. Seymour, only s. of 
Robt. Braithwaite Benson, of St. Mary 
Church, Devon ; b. 1858 ; m. 1895, 
Liliaa Dora, dan. of Theodore Crewdson, 
j. p., of Norcliffe Hall, Cheshire; J.p. 
(1905) co. Durham : Riverside, Middle- 
ton St. George S.O. co. Durham. 
Benson col, Starling Meux eld. s. of 


late gen. Hy. Roxby Benson, C.B., of 
Fair/ Hill, Glam ; b. 1846 ; m. 1868, 
Elizabeth, dau. (d, 1902) of late A. Tawke, 
of The Lawn, Rocbford,Essex, d.l., j.p.; 
It. -col. 17 Lancers 1886-92, col. 1890, ret. 
1897, J.P. Glamorgan: 22 Eccleston sq. 
8.W. ; United Service and Naval and 
Military clubs ; Fairy Hill, Reynoldston 
S.O. Glam. 

Benson, Thos, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of John Benson, of Clifton, Gloucester- 
shire ; b. 1846; I.C.S. (N. W. Prov. and 
Oudh) 1868-96, ret. 1896, J.P. (1903) 
Devon : E. I. United Service club ; 
Egremont, Tavistock. 

Benson, Thos. Walter, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Benson, of Allerwash, Northumb. 
(d. 1882) ; J.P., c.A. Northumberland: 
Constitutional club ; Allerwash, Four 
stones, Northumb. 

Benson, Wm. Denman, b.a. Oxon, 2 
s. of gen. Hy. Roxby Benson, C.B., of 
Fairy Hill, Swansea ; 6.1848; m. 1876, 
Jane, 2 dau. of Thomas Penrice, of Kil- 
vrough, Swansea; barr. Inner Temple 
1874, J.p. (1880) Glamorganshire: 55 
Courtfield gdns. S.W. ; 3 King's Bench 
walk, Temple, E.C. 

Bent, Baldwin Harry, j.p. Lancashire 
and W. R. Yorks : Goodworth House, 
Clatford, Andover. 

Bent, Buckley, s. of Buckley Bent, 
of Dobcross; b. 1833; m. 1863, dau. of 
John Bradbury, of Brown Hill, Saddle- 
worth ; j.p. W. R. Yorks : Dobcross, 
via, Oldham. 

Bentall, Edmund Ernest, s. of Edwd. 
Hammond Bentall, of Heybridge, Essex, 
M.p. (d. 1898) ; b. 1855; m. 1885, Maude 
Alice, dau. of W. Chas. Miller, of Liver- 
pool ; J.P. (1900) Essex, It. Motor V.C. 
from 1905 : The Towers, Maldon, Essex. 

Benthall, Ernest, eld. survg. s. of late 
Edwd. Benthall, of Sherborne, Dorset, 
J.P. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1876, Jane Rogers, eld. 
dau. of late Wm. Price, M.R.c.s., of Glan 
Twrch, Brecknockshire, j.p. ; j.p. Breck 
nockshire and Glamorganshire : Glan 
Twrch, Ystalyfera, Swansea Valley 
Glam. ; Primrose club. 

3 bro. of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 1868 ; 
m. 1897, Cicely M. (lady of grace, order 
of St. John of Jerusalem), youngest dau 
of Seymour Grenfell,of Elibank,Taplow ; 
served in S. African war 1899-1900, capt. 
and brevet maj. 9 lancers from 1900, 
adjt. R. Gloucestershire Huss. I. Y. 
1 'jo I -4, instr. Cavalry School from 1904-5, 
ret. p. 190S : 3 Grosvenor sq. W. 

Bentinok, lord Fras. M. Dallas Caven- 
dish, 2 s. of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 1900. 


Bentinck, Fredk. Cavendish, 31. A. 
Cantab, F.S.A., 2 s. of rt. hon. G. A. F. 
Cavendish Bentinck, of Brownsea 
Island, Dorset, P.O., m.p., j.p. (d. 1891) ; 
b. 1856 ; m. 1887, Ruth St. Maur ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1879, J.P. Dorset : 78 
Harley st. W. ; 4 Paper bldgs. Temple, 
E.C. ; Morton's House, Corfe Castle, 

Bentinck. Henry Aldenburg, b.a. 
Oxon, only s. of C. A. Bentinck, of 
Indio, Devon, j.p. (d. 1891) ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1890, Alma, eld. dau. of adml. lord 
Clarence Paget ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1877, D.L. Norfolk : 60 Cadogan sq. S.W.; 
Arthur's and United University clubs ; 
Indio, Bovey Tracey, Devon. 

Bentinck, lord Henry Cavendish, eld. 
bro. of 6 duke of Portland; b. 1863; w. 
1892, lady Olivia C. A. (laiy of grace, 
order of St. John of Jerusalem), only 
survg. child and heiress of Thomas, late 
earl of Bective, b. 1869 ; D.L., j.p. West- 
morland, served with Impl. yeom.. S. 
African war 1900, lt.3 battn. (mil.) Derby- 
shire regt. 1881-6 (maj. 1899) Derbyshire 
I. Y. from 1901, hon. col. 2 (Westmorland) 
vol. battn. Bord. regt. from 1893; M.P. 
(C.) N.W. Norfolk 1886-92, S. Notting- 
ham from 1895 : 53 Grosvenor st. W. ; 
Carlton club ; Underley Hall, Kirkby 

Bentinck, count Wm. Chas. Philip 
Otho Aldenburg, 2 s. of lt.-gen. Chas. A. F. 
count Bentinck (d. 1864), by Caroline 
M., eld. dau. (d. 1899) of Chas., reigning 
count of Waldeck and Pyrmont; b. 
1848 ; m. 1877, baroness Mary C, dau. 
and co-heir of Chas. baron de Heeckeren 
de Wassenaer ; attache at Berlin 1871-2, 
at the Hague 1872-3, temp, attached to 
Embassy at Paris July 16 to Nov. 6, 
1872, 3 sec. in diplomatic service 1873-7. 

Bentinck, Wm. Geo. Cavendish, eld. 
s. of rt. hon. G. A. F.Cavendish Bentinck, 
of Brownsea Island, Dorset, m.p., p.c, 
J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1880, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Maturin Livingston, of Staals- 
burg, New York : capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Dorset regt. 1882-4, a trustee of the 
British Museum from 1891, J.P. (1896) 
Hants, M.P. (c.) Penryn and Falmouth 
1886.-95: 5 Richmond terr. Whitehall, 
S.W; Carlton and White's clubs ; High- 
cliflie Castle, Christchurch, Hants. 

Bentinck, lady Victoria Alexandrina 
Violet Cavendish, only dau. of 6 duke of 
Portland ; b. 1890. 

Bentley, lt.-col. Alfred Wilson, j.p. 
(1899) Herts and Middlx : The Grove, 
Hadley, Barnet. 

Bentley, Jas. Wm., 3 a. of late John 


Skipwith Bentiey, of Knottingley, Yorks ; 
6. 1850 ; to. 1882, Helena, only dau. of 
late Mark Stainsby, of Knottingley ; J.P. 
(1893) W.R. Yorks: Quarry House, 
Knottingley, Yorks. 

Benton, Chas. Hy., s. of Geo. Benton, 
of Stretford, Lanes; b. 1869; m. 1891, 
Esther, dau. of Alex. Hodges, of Shrop- 
shire ; J.P. (1903) Cheshire : The Terrace, 

Benton, John, c.i.e. (1902), M.I.C.B., 
s. of late John Benton ; b. 1850 ; w.1885, 
Margaret F., dan. of ex-provost Dick, of 
Rothes, Morayshire ; Indian Public 
works dept. 1873, suptg. engr. Mandalav 
1897-1900, chief engr. and sec. to Gov. 
Irrigation branch, Public works dept. 
from 1900 : Lahore. 

Benyon, Jas. Herbert, only s. of Jas. 
Fellowes, of Kingston House, Dorset, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1889): b. 1849; to. 1875, 
Edith Isabel, dau. of sir J. W. Walrond, 
1 bart. ; barr. Inner Temple 1875, D.L., 
J.P. Dorset fsherff 1892), J.P. Berks, 
(lord lieut. from 1901), assumed by Royal 
licence name of Benyon in lieu of 
Fellowes 1897 : 35 Pont st. S.W.; Engle- 
fiVld House, nr. Reading, Berks. 

Benyon, Wm. Hy., f.r.g.s. ; to. dau. 
of A. Allan, of Montreal, Canada ; late 
23 foot, J.P (1872) Liberty of Ripon : 
Army and Navy club. 

Benyon, mrs. Elizabeth M.,2 dau. of R. 
Clutterbuck, of Watford House, Herts ; 
m. 1858, Richard Benyon of Englefield 
House, Berks ; M.p. (c.) Berks 1860-76 ; 
D.L., j.p. {d. 1897) : 18 G-rosvenor sq. W. 

Berens. Alex. Aug., s. of 0. A. Berens; 
b. 1842 ; to. 1866, Louise W., dau. of rev. 
Edwd. Stewart, of Sparsholt, nr. Win- 
chester ; j.p. Northants, capt. (hon. maj. 
1886) 3 and 4 battns. (mil.) Northants 
regt. 1874-88 ; ret. as maj. : White's and 
New University clubs ; Castlemead, 

Berens, Richd. Benyon, M.A.Oxon,eld. 
s. of R. B. Berens, of Kevington, Kent 
{d. 1859) ; b. 1834 ; to. 1860, Fanny G., 
dau. of A. Atherton Park, master of 
common pleas ; D.L., j.p. Kent (sheriff 
1898) : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 
Kevington, St. Mary Cray, Kent. 

Beresford, vide Massy-Beresford. 

Beresford, vide Pack-Beresford. 

Beresford (his honor, Judge), Cecil 
Hugh Wriothesley, b.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
Wm. Beresford, late judge of county 
courts; b. 18; barr. Middle Temple 
1875, j.p. (1894) Somerset, Barnstaple 
and Gt. Torrington, county court judge 
(circuit No. 28) Mid Wales 1891-3, 
(circuit No. 57) Devon and Somerset 


from 1893 : The Hall, Wear Gifford, nr. 
Bideford, Devon. 

Beresford, vice-adml. lord Charles 
Wm. de la Poer, K.C.B. (1903), K.c.V.o. 
(1903),, 2 s. of 4 marq. of 
Waterford ; b. 1846 ; to. 1878, Mina, 
eld. dau. of Rd. Gardner, m.i\ ; 
served at attack on forts at Alexandria, 
1882, 3 class Medjidie, naval a.d.c. to 
gen. lord Wolseley (commanding forces 
ia Egypt) 1884-5, in Soudan expdn. 
1885 ; m.p. (c.) co. Waterford 1874-80, E. 
Mar>lebooe 1885-9, York city 1898-1900, 
Woolwich 19(12-3, a naval lord of the 
admiralty 1886-8 apptd. to commd. of 
H.M.S. " Undaunted," Nov. 1889, A.D.c. 
to Queen Victoria in 1897, 2 in commd. 
in the Mediterranean 1900-2, commdr.- 
in-chief of Channel squadron 1903-5, and 
on Mediterranean station from 1905, 
vice-adml. 1902: 14 Wilton cres. S.W.; 
Carlton and United Service clubs. 

Beresford, lord Delaval James de la 
Poer, 5 s. of 4 marq. of Waterford; b. 1862. 

Beresford, George de la Poer, s. of 
archbp. of Armagh. n.D., d.c.l. (d. 1885), 
by sis. of sir G. Burdett L'Estrange ; 
b. 1831 ; to. sis. of sir W. Vemon- 
Harcourt, Q.C., M.P., grdau. of archbp. 
(Vernon-Harcourt) of York ; J. P., d.l. 
co. Cavan, sheriff 1867, M.p. (c.) Armagh 
city 1875-85: Carlton and Kildare Street 
(Dublin) clubs ; Awnbawn, Killeshandra, 

Beresford, maj. -gen. Geo. de la Poer, 
s. of rev. Geo. de la Poer Beresford, of 
Fenagh, co. Leitrim ; b. 1830 ; to. 1865, 
Hester Beatrice, dau. of rev. Robt. Bury, 
of Carrigrenane, co. Cork, and widow of 
capt. Fras. Fox ; late a.a.g. Madras, 
ret. f. p. 1881 as lt.-col., M.S.C. : Naval 
and Military club; Rugby Lodge,Rugby. 

Beresford, hon. Henry Wm. Walter 
Horsley-, 4 s. of 3 baron Decie* ; b. 1876 ; 
capt. 4 battn. (mil.) Sherwood Foresters 
from 1901, 2 It. 13 huss. in 1897, served 
inB.S.A. Imperial Police force, Rhodesia. 

Beresford, maj .-gen. John Beresford ; 
b. 1828 ; to. dau. of B. Savile, M.A., Shil- 
lingford, Devon ; in Punjaub campaign 
1848-9, ret. f.p. as lt.-col. B.S.C. 1877, j.p. 
co. Londonderry, assumed by deed poll 
name of Beresford in lieu of Smyly 1888 : 
Craig Dhu Varren and Glena Moyle 
Lodge, co. Londonderry. 

Beresford, maj. hon. John Grahame 
Hope Horsley-, D.s.o. (1904), 2 s. of 3 
baron Decies ; b. 1866 ; heir pres. to his 
bro., maj. 7 huss. from 1903 and adjt. 
1892-6, served with Matabeleland relief 
force 1896, S. African war 1900-2, Somali- 
land 1902-3. 



Beresford, John Stuart, c.i.b. (1900), 
b. of Thos. Beresford; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, 
Elizabeth, dan. of Win. Quinton ; Indian 
Public works dept. 1867-1900, chief engr. 
and sec. to govt,, Punjab 1896-1900, 
joint sec. govt, of India and insp.-gen. 
of Irrigation 1898, ret. 1900 : E. 1. United 
Service Club. 

Beresford, lord Marcus Talbot de la 
Poer, M.v.o. (4 class), 4 s. of 4 marq. of 
Waterford ; b. 1848 ; m. 1895, Louisa K., 
eld. dau. of maj-gen. Chas. Ridley ; late 
7 huss. ; extra equerry to the King and 
manager of his Majesty's thoroughbred 
stud from 1902 : Bishopsgate, Staines. 

Beresford, lt.-gen.Mostyn de la Poer, 
eld. s. of late rt. hon. Wm. Beresford ; b. 
1835; served with 72 Highrs. in Crimea 
and Indian mutiny; lt.-col. 72 Highrs. 
1872-7, ret. p. 1887 : 76 Jermyn st. S. W. ; 
Army and Navy club. 

Beresford, bon. Seton Robt. de la 
Poer Horsley-, 3 s. of 3 baron Decits; 
b. 1868 ; m. 1899, Delia, dau. of Daniel 
O'Sullivan, of co. Kerry, Iieland ; served 
in S. Africa 1900 as special war corres- 
jondent, It. 4 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire 
regt. 1890-4 : Wellington club. 

Beresford, hon. Wm. Arthur Hors- 
ley-, 5 s. of 3 baron Decies ; b. 1878 ; m. 
1901, Florence, dau. of Gardner L. Miller, 
of Providence, R. I., U.S.A.; served in 
Roberts' Horse at Kimberley and Paar- 
deberg : Bowness Ranche, Calgary, 
Alberta, Canada. 

Beresford, lord Wm. Mostyn de la 
Poer, 2 s. of 6 marq. of Waterford ; b. 

Beresford, lady Blanche Maud de la 
Poer, b. 1898 ; lady Katherine Nora de 
la Poer, b. 1899 ; lady Beatrix Patricia 
de la Poer, b. 1902 ; daus. of 6 marq. of 

Beresford, hon. mrs. Caroline Amelia, 
youngest dau. of 1 baron Di nman ; b. 
1823; m. 1846, rev. John Geo. Beresford, 
late rect. of Bedak, Yorks (d. 1899) : Ash 
Tree Cottage, Mirfield, Yorks. 

Beresford- Ash, lt.-col. Wm. Randal 
Hamilton, eld. survg. s. of John Bane 
Beresford, of Learraount Park, co. Lon- 
donderry, D.L., j.f. (d. 1895), by Caroline, 
only child (d. 1901) and heir of Wm. 
and lady Elizabeth Hamilton Ash, of 
Ashbrook; b. 1859; m. 1886, lady 
Florence, 3 dau. of 5 marq. of Sligo, b. 
L868 ; aeaioed by royal licence addtl. 
name of Ash 1U01, served in Burmese 
expdn. 18K:')-6, Ha/.ara expdn. 1891, S. 
African war 1899-1901, lt.-col. R. Welsh 
Fu.s. from 1901, i). i,. co. Londonderry : 


Naval and Military club ; Ashbrook, nf. 

Beresford-Hope, Philip Beresford, 
eld. s. of rt. hon. A. J. Beresford-Hope, 
of Bedgebury Park, Kent, M.P., D.L., J.P. 
(d. 1887), by dau. of 2 marq.of Salisbury ; 
b. 1851 : m. 1883, Evelyn, dau. (d. 1900) 
of gen. Frost, of St. Louis, Missouri, 
U.S. ; j.p. Kent, lord of the manor of 
Beresford Hall, Staffs, capt. (hon. maj. 
1895) W. Kent yeom. 1891-8 : 7 Park pi. 
St. James' st. S.W. ; Carlton and Turf 

Beresford-Peirse, maj. Hy. Bernard 
de la Poer, d.s.o. (1900), b.a. Oxon., eld. 
s. of sir Hy. Monson Ue la Poer Beres- 
ford-Peirse, 3 bart. by dau. of 5 earl of 
Bandon ; b. 1875 ; m, 1901, lady Mabel 
Marjorie, 2 dau. of 3 earl Cawdor, b. 
1876 ; served in S. African war 1900-1 
with Impl. yeom., hon. maj. in the army 

1901, late It. Yorkshire Huss. I. Y., J.P. 
(1902) N. R. Yorks : Elmhurst, Hereford. 

Beresford-Peirse, sir Henry Monson 
de la Poer, 3 bart. (1814), nephew of 2 
bart. (d. 1873) ; b. 1850 ; m. dau. (d. 1884) 
of 5 earl of Bandon ; J.P., dl. N. R. 
Yorks ; It. 1 vol. battn. Yorks regt. 
1878-85 (Heir, s. maj. Hy. de la P., q.v.) : 
Carlton club ; Aiskew House, Aiskew, 

Bergrer, maj.-gen. Ernest Archibald, 
s. of L. Berger, of Lower Clapton, 
Middlx. ; b. 1839 ; m. 1867, Margaret C, 
dau. (d. 1893) of Thos. Brereton, r.m., of 
Rathurless, Nenagh, co. Tipperary ; lt.- 
col. commdg. (col. 1885) 2 battn. Lincoln- 
shire regt. 1881-6, ret. p. 1886 : 8 Penny 
st. Portsmouth. 

Berger, Samuel Sharp, only s. of 
Henry Berger, of 30 Cleveland sq. W.-, 
b. 1850 ; m. 1876, Emma, dau. of Richd. 
Wheen, of 104 Lancaster gate, W. ; is 
j.p. Herts: 27 Gloucester sq. W. ; 
Constitutional club ; Bragbury, Kneb- 
worth, Herts. 

Bergne, sir (John) Henry G., k.c.b. 
(1903), k.c.m.g. (1888), s. of late J. 
B. Bergne, of the Fo? eign Office ; b. 
1842; m. 1878, Mary a Court, dau. of 
late rev. S. B. Bergne ; supertdt. of treatj 
dept. of Foreign Office 1881-93, chief of 
the commercial dept. 1894-1902, H.M.'s 
Pleny. for signature of International 
copyright convention 1886, Industrial 
property convention 1900, and sugai 
bounties convention 1902, and emplyc 
on several special missions abroad, actg. 
sec. of leg. in diplomatic serv. 1887, ret. 

1902, apptd. in 1903 Brit, delegate to 
perm. International comm. at Brussels 
under sngar bounties convention: 13' 



Pembroke rd. W. ; St. James', Authors' 
and Alpine clubs. 

Bergrne-Coupland, Alex. Hugh, s. of 
Rd. Coupland Bergne-Coupland, of Skel- 
lingthorpe Hall, Lincs.,D.L., J.P. {d. 1895); 
b. 1871 ; m. 1905, Dorothy, 4 dan. of rev. 
C. H. K. Long, viear of Swinderby, 
Linc< In ; J.P. (i903) Parts of Kesteven, 
Lines. : Skellingthorpe Hall, Lincoln. 

Beridge, rev. Basil Jas. Harold, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Basil Sparrow, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1880) ; b. 1853 ; m. 1882, Margaret 
L., dau. of Hy. Capel Elliot ; assumed 
by royal licence name of Beridge in lieu 
of Sparrow 1895 : Gosfield Place, nr. 
Halstead. Essex ; Algarkirk Hall, nr. 
Boston, Lines. 

Serington, Wm,, eld. s. of Chas. 
Michael Berington, of Little Malvern, 
Worcs. D.L., J.P. {d. 1897) ; b. 1873 ; m. 
1903, Katie Wilbelmina, eld. dau. of 
Wm. Purcell, of Beaulieu, South Nor- 
wood and Saltillo, Mexico ; J.P. (1899) 
Worcestershire, lion. capt. in the army 
1903, capt. 5 battn. (mil.) Worcester- 
shire regt. 1900-5 : Little Malvern Court, 
Malvern Wells. 

Berkeley, 8 earl of (1679,Eng.).Randal 
Thos. Mowbrav Berkeley, only child of 7 
earl {d. 1888)*; b. 1865; m. 1887, Kate 
(d. 1898), widow of Arthur Jackson ; 2nd 
tit. vise. Dursley,lt. R.N. ret. 1887 : Army 
and Navy club ; Foxcombe, Boar's Hill, 
Wootton. Berks. 

Berkeley, lt-col. Edmund Hy., 4 s. of 
late Chas. Berkeley, youngest bro. of 
late Wm. Berkeley/of Cotheridge Court, 
Worcestershire; b. 1844; m. 1.S81, Lucy 
Sophia, 3 dau. of late Geo. Churchill, (if 
Alderholt Park, Dorset; is j.p. (1895) 
Somerset, maj. Dorset regt. ret. p. 1883 
with hon. rank of lt-col.: Army and 
Navy, and Boy .Dorset Yacht clubs ; West 
Coker House, nr. Yeovil, Somerset. 

Berkeley. Ernest Jas. Lennox, c.B. 
(1897), s. of Geo. Rawdon Lennox Ber- 
keley ; b. 1857 ; m. 1897, Nelly, dau. of 
isir Jas. C. Harris, knt., British consul at 
Nice. France ; consul at Zanzibar 1886-95, 
commr. and consul-gen. for the Pro- 
tectorate of Uganda and the adjoin- 
ing territories 1895-9, consul-gen. at 
Tunis from 1899 : British Consulate 
General, Tunis, N. Africa ; Travellers' 

Berkeley, maj.-gen.Fredk. Geo., 3 s. 
of late Chas. Berkeley ; b. 1841 ; m. 1865, 
Marylfiu'sa, 2 dau. of late hon. Walter 
H. Dickson (senator of Canadian House 
of Senate), of Woodlawn, Niagara; 
lt.-col. 1 L. N. Lane. regt. 1885-7 r col. 
47 regtl. diet. 1888-93, maj.-gen. 1897. 

ret. p. 1900 : Army and Navy club ; The 
Almners, Chertsey, Surrey. 

Berkeley, sir Hy. Spencer, 3 s. 
of late hon. T. B. Hardtman Berkeley, 
c.M.(i..of Shadwell, St. Kitts; b. 1*51 ; 
m. 1878, Katharine, dau. ofFredk, Slater 
Cassin, of Gray's Hill, Antigua ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1873, c.j. of Fiji and 
chief judicial commr. for W. Pacific 
1889-1902, a.g. of Hong Kong from 
1902; knighted 1896: Victoria, Hong 

Berkeley, maj.-gen. Jas. Cavan, C.I.E., 
s. of gen. S. H. Berkeley ; b. 1839 ; m. 1, 
1860, Anna Sophia, dau. (d. 1886) of capt. 
Middlecoat, Madras artill. ; 2, 1892,Maud, 
youngest dau. of W. Tomlinson, f.r.a.s., 
of York and Sandown, I. of W. ; resident 
Gwalior 1883, Kashmir 1884, Nepal 1885, 
agent to the gov.-gen. Baroda 1886-7 : 
United Service club ; Rahere, The 
Avenue, Branksome Park, Bournemouth. 

Berkeley, Maurice Hy., 2 s. of Robt. 
Berkeley, of Spetchley Park, Worcs, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1897), by dau. of 3 earl of 
Kenmare ; b. 1856 ; d.l., j.p. (1898) Wor- 
cestershire, served in S. Africa 1901-2, 
capt. and hon. maj. 6 battn. (mil.) Wor- 
cestershire regt. from 1900 : Jun. Contti- 
tutional club ; Dursa-v, .Malvern. 

Berkeley, Robt. Valentine, eld. s. of 
Robt. Berkeley, of Spetchley, Wore, 
D.L., j.p. {(/. ls<.)7). by dau. of 3 earl of 
Kenmare ; b. 1853 ; m. 1891. Rose, dau. of 
Fredk Willmott, of Warley Place, Essex ; 
D.L., J. P., 0.0, Worcestershire, maj. 
Worcestershi e mil. (ret.) : Windham 
and Jun. Carlton clubs ; Spetchley Park, 

Berkeley, Rowland Comyns, s. of 
rev. Wm. Comyns Berkeley, of Cothe- 
ridge Court, Worcs. (d. 1885) ; b. 1815 ; 
m. 1880, Mildred C. P., adopted child of 
rev. C. J. Sale, rect. of Holt, Worcs. 
and 3 dau. of late rev. A. Paris, rect. 
of Ludgvan, Cornwall ; patron of Cothe- 
ridge : Cotheridge Court, Worcester. 

Berkeley, Cecile, countess of, dau. of 
count Edouard de Melfort ; m. 1, 1851, 
as his 2 wife, adml. hon. sir Fleetwood 
B. R. Pellew, g-.o.h., c.b. (div. 1859) 2, 
1860, 7 earl of Berkeley (d. 1888). 

Berkeley (rt. hon.) lady (16 baro- 
ness 1421, Eng.) Eva Mary Foley, only 
child of Louisa M.. 15 baroness Berkeley 
(in her own right) (d. 1899) and maj- 
gen. G. H. L. Milman, R.A. (ret.),;; 
b. 1875 ; barony confirmed by letter* 
patent 1893, co-heiress to barony off 
Braoso of Gower and heir gen. t& eadi- 
dom of Ormonde (Irel.): ini/ecarjt.Enaralr 
Wignun Foley, d.s.o. 



Berkeley, lady Mary Catherine, dau. 
of 3 earl of Kenmare, b. 1829 ; m. 1851, 
Robt. Berkeley, of Spetchley Park, 
Worcs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1897). 

Berks, archdn. of (Oxf.); vide ven. 
Wm. M. a. Ducat. 

Bernal, Frederic,C.M.G. (1891), young- 
est s. of Ralph Bernal, many years chair- 
man of committees of House of Com- 
mons ; b. 1828 ; m. 1850, Charlotte 
Augusta, dau. {d. 1903) of J. Brewster 
Cozens, of Woodham Mortimer Lodge, 
Maldon, Essex ; consul-general at Havre 
1883-96 : 94 Cheriton rd. Folkestone ; 
Radnor (Folkestone) andR.Y.S. (hony.) 
Bernard, vide Higgins Bernard. 
Bernard, vise, (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any living, of earl 

Bernard, Arthur Fras., s. of late W. 
H. Bernard, of Combe Raleigh, Devon ; 
b. 1850; m. 1877, Mary L., only dau. of 
maj.-gen. sir C. D'Oyiy, 9 bart. ; late 23 
foot,maj. ( W.Somerset 
yeom. 1886-92, lord of the manors of 
Combe Raleigh and Luppitt, J.P.Devon: 
Naval and Military club ; CombeRaleigh, 

Bernard, Arthur Mountague, b.a. 
Oxon, younger s. of late rev. Thos. 
Dehany Bernard, of High Hall, Wim- 
borne, Dorset ; b. 1851 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, j.p., c.a. Suffolk : Athen- 
aeum club ; Copdock, Ipswich. 

Bernard, Edmund Bowen, s. of late 
Wm. Dallas Bernard, dep. commiss.-gen. 
Ceylon ; b. 1854 ; m. 1883, Arabella M.,eld. 
dau. of late Benjn. Piercy, of Marchwiel 
Hall, Denbighshire, J.P.; J.P. (1901) 
Hants : Snakemoor, Botley, Hants. 

Bernard, Edward J. B. Morrogh-, eld. 
s. of John Morrogh (-Bernard), D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1866), by only dau. (d 1888) and 
heirtss of Joseph Blount, of Tarrant 
House, Hants ; b. 1843 ; m. 1880, Matilda 
A. W., eld. dau. of S. J. Brown, of 
Loftus Hill, Yorks ; j.p. co. Kerry 
(sheriff 1870) : Fahagn Court, Beaufort, 
co. Kerry. 

Bernard, rev. canon Edwd. Russell, 
M.a Oxon., eld. son of rev. canon T. D. 
Bernard ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1878, Ellen L, eld. 
dau. of Wm. Nicholson, of Basing Park, 
Hants ; canon res. of Salisbury from 
18KU, chancellor of the Catnl from 1804. 
hon. chaplain to Queen Victoria 1899- 
1901 to the King from 1901 : The Close, 
>S;il i.sbury ; High Hall, Wimborne. 

Bernard, John Mackay,,f.r.s.e., 
younger s. of late Thos. Bernard, of 
.Holme House, Haddingtonshire ; b. 1807: 

m. 1888, Ellen Anne, yoiingest daU. of 
late Edmund Thos. Wedgwood Wood, 
of Henley Hall, Salop ; memb. of council 
of Meteorological Soc. of Scotland, J.P. 
Perthshire and Haddingtonshire : Wind- 
ham and Devonshire clubs ; Dunsinnan, 

Bernard, Percy Brodrick, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of rt. t ev. the hon. Charles Brodrick 
Bernard, D.n. (d. 1890), bp. of Tuam, 
uncle of the earl of Bandon), by only 
survivg. dau. of late Percy Evans-Freke, 
and sis. of 7 baron Carbery ; b. 1844 ; m.ll 
dau. of late J. N. Lane, King's Bromley, 
Staffs ; 2, 1880, Mary Lissey, only dau. 
{d. 1898) of late Denis Kirwan, of Castle 
Hacket, co. Galway ; 3, 1900, Evangalme, 
4 dau. of late Henry Hoare, of Staple- 
hurst, Kent ; J.P. co. Cork, J.P., D.L. co. 
Galway ; late capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R. 
Munster fus. ; M.P. (c.) Bandon in 1880, 
heir pres. to earldom of Bandon : Carl- 
ton and Kildare Street (Dublin) clubs ; 
Castle Hacket, Tuam. 

Bernard, lady Louisa, b. 1841 ; lady 
Emily, b. 1843 ; lady Emma, b. 1844 ; 
daus. of 3 earl of Bandon : 78 Chester 
sq. S.W. 

Bernard, lady. Susan Capel, dau. of 
late rev. Richd. Tawney, of Willoughby, 
Warwickshire ; m. 1862, sir Chas. Edwd. 
Bernard, k.c.s.i., chief commr. of B. 
Burma 1880-7 (d. 1901) : Bramham 
House, Camberley, Surrey. 

Bernays, Lewis Adolphus, C.M.G. 
(1892), f.l.s., F.R.G.8., s. of late Adolphus 
Bernays, Ph.D. ; b. 1831 ; m. 1851, Mary, 
dau. of late Wm. Barton, of Boddington, 
Oxon. ; clerk of legisl. assembly, Queens- 
land, from 1859 : Alice st. Brisbane, 

Berners, (rt. hon.) lady (7 baroness, 
1455, Eng.). Emma Harriet, dau. of late 
rev. the hon. Robt. Wilson, and niece of 
6 baron d. 1871) ; m. 1853. sir Henrj 
Thos. Tyrwhitt, 3 bart. (d. 1894) ; Heir, 
s. hon. sir Raymond R. Tyrwhitt 
Wilson 4 bt., q.v. : Ashwell Thorj 

Berners, Charles Hugh, only s. 
capt. Hugh Berners, R.N., of Woolver- 
stone Park, Suffolk {d. 1891) b. 1842 ; m. 
1867, Mary, youngest dau. of sir Ralph 
Anstruther, 4 bart.; D.L., J.P. Suffolk 
(sheriff 1895), knt. of grace of order of 
St. John of Jerusalem : 42 Lennox 
gdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Travellers' 
clubs ; Woolverstone Park, Ipswich. 

Berners, John Anstruther, eld. s. of 
Chas. Hugh Berners, of Woolverstone 
Park, Suffolk, D.L., J.P., by youngest dau. 
of sir Ralph Anstruther, 4 bart. ; b. 1869 ; 



m. 1893, Ethel Charlotte, 5 dau. of Laur- 
ence Jas. Baker, of Ottershaw Park, 
Surrey; j.p. (1905) Suffolk, late It. 1 
drag. gds. : Woolverstone Park, Ipswich. 
Berney, Augustus, 4 but only survg.s. 
of Thos. Trench Berney, of Morton Hall, 
Norfolk {d. 1869): b. 1831: m. 1858, 
Matilda L., dau of col. John G-eo. Nathl. 
Gibbes ; lord of the manor of Bracon 
Ash : Bracon Hall, Norwich. 

Berney, sir Henry Hanson, ll.b. Can- 
tab, 9 bart. (1620), only child of 8 bart. 
(d. 170) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1866, Jane D., dau. 
of late rev. A. Bloxam, of Harbro' Magna, 
Warwickshire {Heir, grands. Thos. Reed- 
ham, b. 1893) : Biirncrook, Moffat, 
Dumfries, N.B. 

Berney, mrs. Catherine M., dau. of 
late rev. H. Lombe, of Bylaugh Park ; 
m. 1864, Geo. Duckett Berney, of Morton 
Hall, Norfolk, D.L., j.p. (d. 1887): The 
Hall, Morton-on-the-Hill, Norwich ; 
Easton Lodge, Norwich. 

Berrangrd, maj. Christian Anthony 
Lawson, c.m.g. (1902), s. of late Chris- 
tian Berrange, of Graaff Renick, Cape 
Colony; 6.1864; m. 1897, dau. of John 
McE wan Lang; served in Gealeka war 
1879, Basutoland 1881, Bechuanaland 
1896-7, S. African war 1899-1902, Cape 
Police : Kimberley, S. Africa. 

Berridgre, Richd., s. of Richd. Ber- 
ridge,of Ballynahinch Castle, co.Galway 
[d. L887) ; b. 1870 ; D.L., j.p. co. Galway 
(sheriff 1894) : Ballynahinch Castle, 
Connemara, co. Galway. 

Berriedale, lord (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any, of earl of Caith- 

Berrington, Arthur Davies, s. of J. 
D. Berrington, of Woodland Castle, co. 
Glamorgan ; b. 1833 ; m. 1, 1853, Frances. 
dau. of rev. Chas.Lane,of Wrotham,Kent ; 
2, 1861, Ada B., dau.of John Lane, of Ley- 
ton Grange, Essex ; d.l., j.p. cos. Mon- 
mouth (chm. quart, sess. 1883-90) and 
Glamorgan, chief insp. of Fisheries 
for England and Wales 1885-98 ; asst. 
sec. committee of P.O. for Trade, Fisheries 
dept. 1890-98: Pant-y-Goitre, Aberga- 

Berringrton, Arthur Tewdyr Davies, 
b.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., eld. s. of A. D. Ber- 
rington, of Pant-y-Goitre, Mon., J.P., 
d.l. ; b. 1854 ; barr. Inner Temple 1879 ; 
J.i\, d.l. Monmouthshire; chief magist. 
Selangor from 1890 : Union club. 

Berry, Fras. John, s. of R. Berry, of 
Medbourne, Leicestershire ; b. 1831 ; m. 
1858, Sarah, dau. of Nathaniel Paddy, 
pf Wing, Rutland : sheriff of Rutland 
1893 : Wing, Oakham, 

Berry, Simeon, s. of John Berry, of 
Ashburton ; b. 1829; m. 1876, Jessie M., 
dau. of John Hern, of Ashburton ; j.p. 
(1894) Devon: Waverley Hall, Ash- 

Berry, Wm., b.a., ll.b. Cantab., eld. 
s. of late John Berry, of Tayfield, co. 
Fife, J.P. ; b. 1864; advocate 1889, J.P. 
Fifeshire : Tayfield, Newport, Fife, N.B. 

Berry, hon.sirWm. Bisset, M.D.Aberd., 
s. of late Jas. Berry, of Aberdeen; b. 
1839 ; m. 1864, Marion, dau. of late Wm. 
Beale, of Hemel Hempstead, Herts ; 
mem. legisl. assembly 1894, speaker of 
House of Assembly, Cape of Good Hope 
1898, knighted 1900 : Queen's Town, 
Cape of Good Hope. 

Berry, lady. Madge, dau. of J. B. 
Evans, of Victoria ; in. 1869, hon. sir 
Graham Berry, K.C.M.G., agent-gen. in 
London for Victoria 1886-91 (d. 1904) : 
Melbourne, Victoria. 

Berthon, maj. -gen. Thos. Porter, R.A. 
(Bombay), served in Persian campaign 
1856-7, coinmd. a mountain train in action 
with insurgent Bheels at Shumsherpore, 
ret. on pens. 1890 : Cleeve, Bristol. 

Bertie, vide Towneley-Bertie. 

Bertie, lord (title which would be 
borne by eld. s., if any,of earl of Lindsey ). 

Bertie, rev. the hon. Alberic Edward, 
m.a. Oxon. ; s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; 
b. 1846; m. 1881, lady Caroline E., eld. 
dau. of 5 earl of Antrim, b. 1853 ; 
K.D. (1903) and rector from 1887 of Ged- 
ling, Nottingham. 

Bertie, hon. Arthur Michael, 2 s. of 
7 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1886. 

Bertie, hon. Chas. Claude, 5 s. of 6 
earl of Abingdon, b. 1851 ; m. 1890, 
Adelaide, youngest dau. (d. 1903) of 
late rev. Jeremiah Burroughes, of 
Lingwood Lodge, Norfolk ; late It. 47 

Bertie, rt. hon. sir Francis Leveson, 
P.O. (1903), G.O.M.G. (1904), G.C.V.O. 
(1903), k.c.b. (1903), s. of 6 earl 
of Abingdon ; b. 1844 ; m. lady Feo- 
dorowna, dau. of 1 earl Cowley, b. 
1840 ; a sen. clerk in For. Office 
1889-94, pri. sec. to pari, under sec. 
of state (hon. R. Bourke) 1874-80, act- 
ing sec. of legation in diplom. service 
abroad 1881, assist, und. sec. of state 
for foreign affairs 1894-1903, ambassador 
at Rome 1903-5, at Paris from 1905 : 
Britisu Embassy, Paris ; Brooks', Travel- 
lers', Turf and St. James' clubs. 

Bertie, lt.-col.hon. Geo. Aubery Vere, 
s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1850 ; m. 
1885, Harriet B. E., dau. of sir Walter 
Farquhar, 3 bart.; served in Zulu war, 

1879 ; maj. aad lt.-col. Coldst. gds. in 
1885 : Travellers' club ; Maresfield, East 
Cowes, I. of W. 
Bertie, hon. Jas. Willoughby, 3 s. of 

7 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1901. 

Bertie, col. hon. Reginald Hy., C.B., 
6 s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1892, lady Amy Evelyn, eld. dau. of late 
Hy. R. lord Courtenay and sis. of 11 
earl of Devon, b. 1865 ; served with 
China expdn. 1900, lt.-col. 2 battn. R. 
Welsh fus. 1899-1903, adjt. 2 battn. 1878- 
82 and 3 battn. 1835-91 ; brevet col. 
1903, ret. p. 1901 : Naval and Military 
and Wellington clubs; The Grondra, 

Bertie, lady Elizabeth Emily, eld. 
dau. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1838 : 
Florence, Italy. 

Bertie, lady Frances Evelyn, 3 dau. of 
6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1848 ; a nun : 
Convent of the Visitation, Harrow-on- 

Bertie, lady G-wendeline Theresa, b. 
1885 ; lady Elizabeth Constance Mary, 
b. 1895 ; daus. of 7 earl of Abingdon. 

Bertie, lady Muriel Felicia Vere, dau. 
of 12 earl of Lindsey ; b. 1893. 

Bertie, mrs. Rose E., younger dau. of 
late Montmorency, of Castle Morres, 
co. Kilkenny ; m. 1873, capt. Freda A. 
Bertie, of Weston-on-G-reen Manor 
House, Oxfordshire (d. 1885) : Manor 
House, Weston-on-G-reen, Bicester. 

Bertram, sir Geo. Clement, m.a. 
Cantab, only s. of Geo. Bertram, of 
St. Martin, Jersey j b. 1841 ; m. 1866, 
Anna M., eld. dau. of gen. E. Lawder, 
M.s.c. ; barr. Inner Temple, 1865, A. G. 
of Jersey, 1880-84, bailiff of the island 
1884-98, knighted 1885 : 45 Argyll rd. 
Kensington, W. 

Bertram, Louis John, C.M.G. (1901), 
auditor-gen. of Jamaica froai 1897 : 
Kingston, Jamaica. 

Bertram, Win., s. of maj. Wm. 
Bertram, of Nisbet and KersewelJ, 
Lanarkshire (d. 1832) ; b. 1826 ; m. 1858 
Adelaide M., widow of J. D. Collyer and 
dau. {(1. 1882) of J. Bateman ; D.L., j.p. 
Lanarkshire : Kersewell, Carnwath, 

Berwick, lord (8 baron 1781, Gt.B.) 
Thos. Hy. Noel-Hill, only s. of rev. the 
hon. Thos. Noel Noel- ail! (twin bro.-of 7 
baron Berwick (d. 1897), rect. of Berring- 
ton, Salop, 1874-86 (d. 1888); b. 1877; 
It. Shropshire I. Y. from 1903 (Heir, 
cousin, rev. Chas. Noel Hill, b. 1848) : 

8 Olargesst. Piccadilly, W. ; Carlton and 
Bachelors' clubs ; Attingham House, 


Berwick, (rt. hon.) Ellen, lady. eld. 
dau. of Bruckspatron Nystrom, of 
M\lmoe, Swedsn ; in. 1869, 7 baron 
Berwick (d. 1897) : 2 Cadogan Court 
gdns. S.W. 

Bessborougrh, 7 earl of (1739, ir.). rev 
Walter William Brabazon Ponsonby, 
M.A. Cantab., bro. of 6 earl (d. 1895) ; b. 
1825 ; m. 1850, lady Louisa S., dau. of 3 
earl St. Germans, b. 1825 ; 2nd tit. 
vise. Duncannon ; sits as baron Pon- 
sonby (1749, Gt. B.) ; rect. of Marston 
Bigot. Frome, 1875-80, of Stutton, Ips- 
wich, 1880-94 (Heir, s. vise. Duncannon, 
q.v.) : 38 Eccleston sq., S.W. ; Bess- 
borough, Pilltown, Ireland. 

Best, vide Haden-Best. 

Best, hon. Ja^. Wm., 4 s. of 5 baron 
Wynford ; 6. 1882. 

Best, Jas. Wm., b.a. Cantab., eld. 
s. of rev. Jas. Kershaw Best, of Lane 
End, Bucks ; b. 1840 ; M. C. S. 1862, barr. 
Inner Temple 1880, a judge of high court 
of judicature at Madras, 1893-95. 

Best, capt. hon. John Chas., r.n. 
(ret.), 2 s. of rev. the hon. Samuel Best, 
rect. of Abbotts Ann, Hants (d. 1873) 
and bro. of 5 baron Wynford ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1873, Mary, dau. of Wm. Wagstaff, Plas- 
yn-Vivod ; j.p. Denbighshire (sheriff 
1888) and Merionethshire : Plas-yn- 
Vivod, Llangollen. 

Best, Marmaduke Head, eld. s. of H. 
P. Best, of Donnington Castle, Berks, 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1887) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, 
Mary Leigh, only dau. of rev. H. Leigh- 
Bennett, Thorpe Place, Surrey; is J.P. 
(1871) Berks: Donnington Grove, nr 
Newbury, Berks. 

Best, It. hon. Matthew Robt., R.N., 3 
s. of 5 baron Wynford ; b. 1878. 

Best, maj. Mawdistly Gaussen, 2 s. of 
late Jas. Best, of Park House, Boxley, 
Kent, j.p. ; b. 1826 ; m. 1864, Katharine 
Annabella, 2 survg. dau. (d. 1896) of late 
rev. Tatton Brockman, of Beachborough 
and Gore Court, Kent ; served with 34 
regt. in Crimea and fall of Sebastopol, 
Indian mutiny and siege of Lucknow ; 
afterwards maj. 25 foot ; j.p. Kent 
(sheriff 1881) : United Service club ; 
Park House, Boxley, Maidstone. 

Best, Palemou, M.B.Lond.,s. of P.Best 
of Helston, Cornwall ; b. 1839 ; m. 1865, 
Caroline, dau. of J. T. Young, of St. 
Mary-at-Hill, E.C. ; is J.P. (1895) parts 
of Lindsey, Lines. : 10 Upgate, Louth, 
Lines. ; 10 The Terrace, St. Ives, Corn- 

Best, hon. Samuel John, 2 s. of 5 
baron Wynford ; b. 1874 ; heir pres. to 



Best, Thoma3 Geo., s. of Thos. Best, of 
Red Rice, Hants, d.l., j.p. (d. 1886), by 
dan. of rev. sir G. Shiffner, 3 bart. ; b. 
1861 ; m. 1889, Annie L., dau. of late Wm. 
Tod, of Ayton, Perthshire ; j.p. Hants, 
late capt. r.a., capt. Hants yeom. 1892-7 : 
Carlton and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Red Rice, Andover, Hants. 

Best, maj. hon. Thos. Wm., 3 s. of rev. 
the hon. Samuel Best, rect. of Abbotts 
Ann, Andover (d. 1873) and b-o. of 5 
ba on Wynford ; b. 1844 ; m. 1879, 
Harriet R., 3 survg. dau. of late H. A. 
Grey, of Meole Brace, Shrewsburj' ; maj. 
late 76 regt., chief constable of Merioneth- 
shire from 1883 : Lingfield, Barmouth, 

Best, capt. Wm., s. of capt. John 
Chas. Besr, of Vivod, Denbighshire ; 
b. 1874; m. 1903, Constance Adela, dau, 
of late col. Chas. Wingrield, of Onslow, 
Salop : j.p. (1903) Denbighshire, capt. 
late R. Welch Fus.: Ystral, Llangollen. 

Best, hon. Margaret Mary, b. 1872 ; 
hon. Gertrude Emma, b. 1876 ; hon. 
Helen, b. 1880 ; hon. Bertha Beatrice, b. 
lss 1 ; hon. Marion Frances, b. 1887 ; 
dims, of 5 baron Wynford. 

Bestel, lady. Marie R. D., dau. of 
Francois Bestel- Bel maison, of Mauritius; 
m. 1864, sir Nicholas Gustave Bestel, 
knt., puisne judge of supreme court of 
Mauritius 1855-79 (d. 18) : Belmaison, 
Curepipe, Mauritius. 

Beswick, Jas., j.p. (1901) Derbyshire: 
FjxIow Grange, Buxton. 

Beswick, mrs. Myers-, Agnes Eliza- 
beth, dau. of John Eraser, of Leeds ; m. 
187(5, Wm. Beswick Myers-Beswick, of 
Grist horpe Manor, Yorks, j.p. (d. 1904) : 
Gri*thorpe Manor, Filey, Yorks. 

Nuttall, eld. s. of A. H. Royds, of Falinge, 
Lanes., J p., d.L. (d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1867, Mary Alice Gibson, only child of 
late John Halliwell Beswicke, of Pyke 
House : (assumed the surname of Bes- 
wicke by sign manual 1868). late 4 drag, 
gds. ; capt. 3 battn. (mil.) E. Lancashire 
regt. 1879-84 : Pyke House, Little- 
borough, Manchester. 

Bethell, hon. Albert Victor, 4 s. of 
2 baron Westbury ; b. 1864. 

Bethell, capt. hon. Alex. Edward, R.N., 
O.M.G. (1904), 2 s. of 2 baron Westbury ; 
b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Hilda M., youngest dau. 
of B. Huntsman, of West Retford Hall, 
Notts : asst. dir. of Ordnance at the 
Admiral y from 1903: 31 Dra^cottpl. 
S.W. ; Naval and Military club.' 

Bethell, Alfred Jas., youngest s. of W. 
F. Bethell, of Rise Park, Yorks, D.L., j,p. 

(d. 1879) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1887, Maud, dau. 
of R. Bower, of Welham, Yorks ; served 
in 82 regt. on sir C. Warren's staff in 
Bechuanaland expdn. and subsequently 
with sir F. Carrington raised the Bechu- 
analand border police, j.p. (1892) W. R. 
Yorks : Naval and Mditary club ; Middle- 
thorpe Lodge, York. 

Bethell, hon. Arthur John, 3 s. of 2 
baron Westbury ; b. 1860. 

Bethell, col. Edwd. Hugh, R.E., D.s.o. 
(1900), 3 s. of Wm. F. Bethell, of Rise 
Park, Hull, D.L., J.P. {d. 1879) ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1, 1881, Gertrude, dau. (d. 1888) of col. 
E. Hill ; 2, 1890, Annie, dau. of rev. canon 
J. G. Lonsdale, of Lichfield ; served in 
Afghan war 1878-80, S. African war 
1899-1902, chief engr. from 1905. 

s. of Wm. Frogatt Bethell, of Rise Park, 
Hull, D.L., J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1849 ; It. of 
"Challeaarer " during her surveying 
expdn. 1872-6, of "Minotaur" during 
Egyptian war 1882, commdr. R.N. 1884- 
94 ; M.P. (c.) E. R. Yorks. (Holderness 
divn.) 1885-1900, j.p. (1901) E.R. Yorks: 
Carlton and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Sigtjlesthorne, Hull. 

Bethell, JohnHy., j.p. (1903) Essex: 
88 Romford rd. Stratford, E. 

Bethell, hon. Richard, only son of 3 
baron Westbury ; b. 1883. 

Bethell, hon. Walter John, 4 s. of 1 
baron Westbury, b. 1842; m. 1900, Ada 
M., dau. of late rev. Chas. Welfitt 
Blathwayt and widow of Thos. Hole ; 
b.a. Oxon., barr. Middle Temple 1868. 

Bethell, William, eld. s. of late Wm. 
Frogatt Bethell, D.L., J.P. {d. 1879) ; b. 
1847 ; m. 1880, hon. Marie Myrtle, dau. 
of 8 baron Middleton, b. 1859 ; D.L., J.p. 
E. R. and j.p. N. R. Yorks : Carlton and 
Yorkshire clubs ; Rise Park,Hull ; Wat- 
ton Abbey, Beverley. 

Bethell, hon. Ada Natalie, 2 dau. of 2 
baron Westbury ; b. 1858. 

Bethell, hon. mrs. Slingsby, Laura B., 
eld. dau. of rev. F. W. Maunsell, rect. of 
Symoudsbury, Dorset ; m. 1888, as his 2 
wife, hon. Slingsby Bethell, c.B. (d. 1896) : 
18 Montpelier cres., Brighton. 

Bethune, rev. Angus, m.a. Aberdeen, 
s. of late rev. Hector Bethune, of Ding- 
wall, N.B. ; b. 1811 ; J.P. co. Durham : 
vicar from 1859 of Seaham, Sunderland. 

Bethune, hon. Archibald Lionel, 2 s 
of 11 earl of Lindsay ; b. 1872. 

Bethune, temp, brig.-gen. Edwd. 
Cecil, c.B. (1905), 2 s. of late adml. 
C. R. D. Bethune, of Balfour, co. Fife ; 
b. 1855; m. 1900, Mary, dau. of col. 
Eliptt Lockhart ; served in Afghan war 



1870-80, Transvaal campaign 1881, S. 
African war 1899-1902, col. 1901, brig.- 
gen. (prov.) Southern commd. from 1905 : 
Naval and Military club ; Tidworth 
House, Andover. 

Betts. Samuel, 3 s. of J. Betts, of 
King's Langley, Herts (dl871) ; b. 1827 ; 
m. 1855, Elizabeth A., only child (d. 1893) 
of late S. Scott, of Little Hadham ; is J. P. 
Herts: Bury Green, Little Hadham,Ware. 

Betts, miss Katherine H., youngest 
and only survg. child of rev. T. D. Betts, 
of Wortham, Suffolk, J.P. (d. 1859) : Wor- 
tham Hall, Diss. 

Bevan, Arthur Talbot, 6 s. of Chas. 
Jas. Bevan ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Magdalen 
F., dau. of sir Wm, Coote Seton, 7 bart., 
of Pitmedden; J P. (1897) Kent: 
Dormers, Bessels Green, Sevenoaks. 

Bevan, Bertrand Yorke, 2 s. of Fras. 
Augustus Bevan, of Trent Park,Middlx., 
J.P. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1889, Georgiana L. F., 
2 dau. of Geo. F. Malcolmson, of Norrvs- 
bury, Herts ; j.p. (1905) Sussex : 
Paynsfield, nr. Hassocks S.O., Sussex. 

Bevan, Cosmo, eld. s. of Fras. Aug. 
Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts, and of Trent 
Park, Middlx. j.p. ; b. 1863; m 1891, 
Marion L., youngest dau. of rev. Filmer 
Sulivan ; D.L. Middlx. 

Bevan, David Augustus, 4 s. of 
Richd. Lee Bevan, of Brixworth Hall, 
Northants, J.P.(dl900) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, 
hon. Maud E., 5 dau. of 1 vise. Hampden, 
G.C.B., b. 1856 ; J.p. (1901) Cambridge- 
shire : Burloes, Royston, Herts. 

Bevan, Edmund Henry, 2 s. of Thos. 
Bevan, of Stone Park, Kent, d.l., j.p.; 
b. 1862; m. 1903, hon. Joan Mary C, 
eld. dau. of 5 baron Grantley, b. i879 ; 
j.P.(1895)Kent: Whilton Lodge,Rugby. 

Bevan, Edwyn Robt., 7 s. of R. C. L. 
Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts, and Trent 
Park, Herts, j.p. (d. 1890) ; b. 1870 ; m. 
189, hon. Mary, youngest dau. of 3 baron 
Radstock, b. 1871 : Banwell Abbey, Ban- 
well S.O. Somerset 

Bevan, rev. Ernest Chas., m.a. Oxon., 
5 s. of Chas. Jas. Bevan (d. 1882); 6.1839; 
m. 1, 1869, Frances J., dau. (d. 1895) of 
rev. Stephen Bridge, rect. of Droxford; 2, 
1 898, Agnes Carus Wilson,dau.of late rev. 
I ). Barclay Bevn,of Tunbridgc Wells and 
Widow of sir Jas. Naesmyth, 5 bart. (d. 
1*%); vicar of Send, Surrey, 1875-89: 
Nbrthgate House, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Bevan, Ernest George, m.a. Cantab., 2 
mi rvg. s. of late Geo. Innes Bevan,of Farm 
Hall, Godmanchester, Hunts; b. 1848- 
m. 1*77, Florence, dau. of late Philip Til- 
lard, pf Btukeley Hall, Hunts, p.i, j,p, ; 

j.p. Hunts : Hemingford Grey, St. Ives, 

Bevan, Francis Augustus, 2 s. of 
R. C. Lee Bevan, of Trent Park, Herts, 
j.p. (d. 1890), by sis. of 4 earl of Hard- 
wicke ; b. 1840 ; m. 1, 3 dau. of lord 
Chas. Jas. F. Russell ; 2, youngest 
dau. of rt. hon. sir Jas. W. Hogg, 1 
bart.; 3, 1875, Maria, dau. (d. 19u3) 
of John Trotter, of Dyrham Park, 
Herts ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the 
City of London, J.P.(1898)Middlx.(sheriff 
1899), knt. of grace of order of St. John 
of Jerusalem : 1 Tilney st. Park la. W. ; 
Trent Park, nr. New Barnet, Herts. 

B9van, Fredk. Lincoln, m.a. Oxon., 
4 s. of Chas. Jas. Bevan (d. 1882) ; b. 
1838; m. 1865, Augusta Louisa, elder 
dau. of late vice-adml Wm. Morier ; 
J.P. (1903) Kent : Chipstead Place, 
Sevenoaks, Kent. 

Bevan, maj.-gen. Geo. Buchanan, eld. 
s. of Geo. Innes Bevan, of Godman- 
chester, Hunts, J.P. (d. 1884) ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1897, Mary L., widow of Daniel 
Watney, late of Richmond, Surrey ; 
lt.-col. commdg. (col. 1885) 2 battn. L.N. 
Lancashire regt.,ret. p. 1886 : Naval and 
Military club ; Court House, Litton 
Cheney, Dorchester. 

Bevan, ven. Henry Edward James, 
m.a. Cantab., s. of late Hy. Bevan, of 
Shrewsbury ; b. 1854 ; m. 1883, hon. 
Charlotte J. E., 2 dau. of 8 vise. Moles- 
worth, b. 1864 ; rect. of Chelsea from 
1902 ; Gresham prof, of Divinity from 
1888 ; examining chaplain to bp. of 
London from 1894, r.d. of Chelsea from 
1897, preb. of St. Paul's from 1900; 
archdn. of Middlx. from 1903: The 
Rectory, Chelsea, S.W. ; office, 23 
Knightrider s'. E.C. ; Quatford Castle, 
Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Bevan, Richd. Alexander, s. of late 
Richd. Bevan, of Brighton : b. 1834 ; m. 
1861, Laura M., dau. of late Edwd.Polhill, 
of Brighton ; J.P. Sussex : Horsgate, 
Cuckfield, Sussex. 

Bevan, rev.Richd. Aubrey Chichester, 
m.a. Cantab., 5 s. of Richd. Lee Bevan, 
of Brixworth Hall, Northants, J.P. {d. 
1900); b. 1860; m. 1, 1891, Emily M., 
only dau. of late col. Aldridge ; 2, 1900, 
lady Mary Wilfreda, eld. dau. of 9 earl 
Waldegrave, b. 1875 ; rect. from 1898, of 
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

Bevan, Roland Yorke, 4 s. of R. C. Lee 
Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts, and Trent 
Park, Herts, j.p. (d. 1890) by sis. of 4 
earl of Hardwicke ; b. 1848; m. 1874, 
hon. Agneta 0. 4 dau. of 10 baron Kin- 
naird ; b. 1850 ; 9 Rutland gate, S.W, 



Bevan,Thos.,eld. s.of late Thos.Bevan, 
M.D. ; b. 1829 ; m. 1852, Emma, dau. of 
Thos. Bayes, Kimberley, Norfolk ; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of Lon- 
don, sheriff of London and Middlx. 
1878-9; m.p. (L.) G-ravesend in 1880 
(unseated on petition) ; D.L., j.p. (sheriff 
1895) for Kent : Stone Park, Greenhithe 
S.O. Kent. 

Bevan, Wilfred, m.a. Cantab., 3 s. of 
Thos. Bevan, of Stone Park, G-reenhithe, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1866 ; m. 1891 Ethel 
Marion, dau. of E. H. Watts, of Bishop's 
Stortford, Herts ; J.P. (1901) Suffolk : 
United University club ; Plashwood, 
Haughley, Suffolk. 

Bevan, Wm., j.p. (1903) Carnarvon- 
shire : Gowerdale, Llandudno. 

Bevan, ven.Wm. Latham, m.a. Oxon., 
s.of Wm. Hibbs Bevan, of Criokhowell, 
co. Brecon ; b. 1821 ; m. 1819, Louisa, 
dau. of T. Dew, of Whitney, Hereford- 
shire ; canon res. of St. Davids 1879-93, 
a chdn. of Brecon from 1895, vicar of 
Hay. Brecoushire 1815-1901 : Ely Tower, 

Bevan, hon. mrs. Alice M., eld. dau. of 
3 vise. Sidmouth, b. 1819 ; m. 1894, as his 
2 wife, Jas. Johnstone Bevan, of Bury St. 
Edmunds, J.P. (d. 1898). 

Bevan, lady. Louisa H., dau. of 
Niven Kerr, H.M.'s consul at Dunkirk; 
in. 1864, sir Alfred Hy. Bevan, knt., 
sheriff for City of London 1899-1900 (</. 
1900) : 39 Queen's gate, S.W. 

Beverley, bp. of . rt. rev. Robt. Jan-att 
Crosthwaite, D.D. Cantab, s. of rev. Benj. 
Crosthwaite, M.A., vicar of Knares- 
borough, and hon. canon of Ripon ; b. 
1837; w. 1,1867, Eleanor F., dau. of rev. 
Philip Simpson, m.a., of Metham Hall. 
E. Yorks ; 2, 1887, Anne E., eld. dan. of 
late rev. Wm. Moore Crosthwaite, m.a., 
preb. of Cork and rect. of Drimo- 
league, co. Cork ; archd. of York from 
1884, vicar of St. Lawrence, York, 1883- 
85, rector of Bolton Percy, W. Yorks, 
from 1885, bp. suffragan of Beverley from 
1889 : Rectory, Bolton Percy S.O. Yorks. 

Beverley, Henry, m.a. Cantab., in 
B.C.S. 1861-97, dist. judge in Bengal 
1878-85, a puisne judge of high court of 
judicature at Calcutta 1885-!7. 

Beville, gen. Geo. Fras., c.B. (1893), s. 
of late capt. Hy. Edwd. Beville, 5 drag, 
gds., of Calcot Park, Berks ; b. 1837 ; m. 
1873, Eva, dau. of late capt. Edwd. 
Grove and Olivia Halliday, dau. of 
John Crosse Crooke, of Kempshott Park, 
Hants ; served in Indian Mutiny 1857-9 
Abyssinian campaign 1867-8,Afghan war 
1880-81, commd, dist, in India 1889-94, 

gen. 1897, on U.S. list 1899, Ind. army : 

41 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; Royal Bombay 
Yacht club. 

Bevington, col. Samuel Bourne, s. of 
Jas. Buckingham Bevington, of Merle 
Wood, Kent, J.P. (d. 1892) ; b. 1832 ; to. 
1859, Sarah Anne, dau. of Benj. Edging- 
ton, of Lavender Hill, Wandsworth ; j.p. 
Surrey and London, lt.-col. (hon. col. 
1886) 3 vol. battn. R. W. Surrey regt. 
1884-99 (ret.) ; mayor of Bermondsey 
1900-1-2: Merle Wood, Sevenoaks ; 

42 St. Thomas's st. Southwark, S.E. ; 
Reform club. 

Bewicke, mrs. Eleanor Evelyn, dau. 
of late rev. E. H. Quicke, Newton St. 
Cyres,Devon ; TO.1880,Calverley Bewicke, 
of Close House, Northumb, .l.P. (d. 1896) : 
Close House, Heddon, Wylam-on-Tyne 
S.O. Northumb. 

Bewicke- Copley, col. Robert Calver- 
ley Alington, 0.B.I 1900}; b. 1855 ; m 1886, 
Selina F.,eld. dau. and. co-heiress of late 
sir Charles Watson-Copley, 3 bart. ; 
served with Nile expdn. 1881-5, Chitral 
relief force 1895, in the operations in 
Currant Valley and relief of Gulistan 
!897, Tirah expdn. 1898, iu S. African 
war 1899-1902, K-Col. (brevet col. 1904), 
1 battn. K. R. Rif. C. 1900-4, a.a.<;., 
Northern commd. from 1805, d.l., J.p. 
N.R. Yorks, J.P. W.U. Yorks; assumed 
by royal licence addtl. name of Copley 
1892: Sprotborongh Hall. Doncaster; 
Coulby Manor, Marton, N. Yorks. 

Bewley. sir Edmund Thos., M.A., 
LL.D. Dublin, M. A. Roy. univ. of 
Ireland, s. of late Edwd. Bewley, M.D., 
of Moate, co. Westmeath ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1866, Anna Sophia, dau. of HenryCope 
Colles. barr. at law ; Irish bar. 1862, Q.C. 
1882, bencher of King's Inns 1886, hon. 
bencher 1898, .i.r. cos. Dublin, Carlo w 
and Wicklow, reg. prof, of Feudal and 
English law in Univ. of Dublin 1884-90, 
judge of Supreme court of judicature, 
Ireland, and judicial commr. of Irish 
Land commn. 1890-8, knighted 1898 : 
Athenaeum and University (Dublin) 
clubs ; 40 Fitzwilliam pi. Dublin. 

Beynon, vide Protheroe Beynon. 

Bhownagrgree, sir Mancherjee Mer- 
wanjee, K.C.I.E. (1897) ; b. 1851 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn, 1885, J.P. Bombay, commr. 
for Bhawnagar at the Colonial and 
Indian Exhib. 1886, author of "The 
Constitution of the East India Co." and 
of a translation into Gujarati of H.M. 
the late Queen-Empress's " Leaves from 
the Journal of Our Life in the High- 
lands," fell. Bombay Univ., of the Soc. 
of Arts, and of Impl. Inst r , m.p. (c.) N.E. 


Bethnal Green from 1895 : 196 Cromwell 
rd. S.W. ; Carlton and Constitutional 

Biancardi, vide Grechi-Biancardi. 

Bibby, Frank, s. of J. J. Bibby, of 
Hardwicke Grange, Salop, D.L., J.r. (d. 
1897) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1890, Edith M. eld. 
dau. of maj.-gen. sir Stanley de A. C. 
Clarke, K.C.v.o., C.M.G., equerry to the 
King ; is D.L., J. P. Salop (sheriff 1900) : 
39 Hill st., Mayfair, W. ; Hardwicke 
Grange, Hadnall, Shrewsbury. 

Bickerdike, ffm, Edwd., s. of Robt. 
Bickerdike, of Lancaster ; b. 1 843 ; m. 
1877, Bessie, dau. of J. Eccles, of Darwen, 
Lanes : J. P. (1903) Lancashire : Bryers 
Croft, Wilpshire, nr. Blackburn. 

Bickersteth, rt. rev. bp. Edward 
Henry, D.D., s. of late rev. E. Bickersteth, 
rect. of Watton ; b. 1825 ; m. 1, 1848, dau. 
of late sir Saml. Bignold, knt., of Nor- 
wich ; 2, 1876, Ellen S., dau. of late 
Robert Bickersteth, of Liverpool ; M.A. 
Cantab., vicar of Christ Church, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. 1855-85, dean of Gloucester 
in 1885, bp. of Exeter 1885-1900 : 95 
Westbourne terr. W. 

Bickersteth, John Joseph, b.a. Ch. 
Ch . Oxon., 3 s. of rt. rev. bp. (Bickersteth) 
of Ripon {d. 1884) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1882, lady 
Margaret, 2 dau. of 4 earl of Ashburn- 
ham, b. 1851 ; barr. Inner Temple, 1875, 
clerk of the peace for E.R. of York from 
1882 : Brooks' club ; Cottingham House, 
Cottingham, East Yorks. 

Bickersteth, Robt., eld. s. of bp. 
(Bickersteth) of Ripon (d. 1884); b. 1847; 
in. 1883, lady Lavinia, 2 dau. of 6 earl of 
Abingdon ; one of H.M. Insp. of Fac- 
tories 1873-80, pri. sec. to sec. of state 
(earl of Kimberley) for the Colonie- 
1880-2, for India 1882-5, capt. Sherwood 
Rangers 1878-82, lt.-col. commdg. Middlx. 
yeom. 1891-2, M.p. (l.) N. Shropshire 
1885-6 : 70 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Wind- 
ham club. 

Bickford,vice-adml. Andrew Kennedy, 
O.M.G. ( 1885), s. of late Win. Bickford,of 
Newport House, S.Devon; 6.1844; m. 
1868, Kathleen L., dau. of late D. E. Dore, 
M.D. ; at Simonoseki, 186-, at action with 
Peruvian rebel ironclad " Huascar " 1877, 
in charge of naval transport arrange- 
ments a t Alexandria during Egyptian war 
1HX2, 3 class Medjidie ; negotiated release 
of captive crew of " Nisero " who were in 
hands of rajah of Tenom, a.d.c. to Queen 
Victoria L896-9, cornoidr. -in-chief on 
Pacific station 1900-3, vice-adml. 
(901 : United K(M-vice club ; The Grange, 
[Jckfield, Snss\. 

Bickford, John Win. Furze, jr! of 


John Bickford, of Bickington, Devon; 
b. 1832 ; -m. 1855, Emma, "dau. of Thos. 
Tozer, of Bickington, Devon ; J. P. (1905) 
Devon : Barton, Bickington, Newton 

Bickford-Smith, mrs. Anna M.,2 dau. 
of G. H. Bond,of Radford, Notts ; m.1870, 
as his 2 wife, Wm. Bickford-Smith, of 
Trevarno, Cornwall, J. p., m.p. (l.) Corn- 
wall (Truro divn.) 1885-6 and (l.u.) 
1886-92 {d. 1899) : Trevarno, Helston. 

Bickham. Spencer Henry, eld. s. of 
Spencer H. Bickham, of Bowdon, Che- 
shire ; h. 1840 ; m. 1865, Emmeline, dau. of 
Wm. Horsfall, of Altrincham, Cheshire ; 
J. p. Herefordshire : Underdown,Ledburv. 

Biddulph, lord (1 baron U.K. 1903), 
Michael Biddulph, eld. s. of Robt. 
Biddulph of Ledbury, co. Hereford, J.p. 
D.L. (d. 1864); b. 1834; m. 1, dau. 
of rt. hon. gen. Jonathan and lady Alice 
Peel ; 2, lady Elizabeth P., dau. of 4 earl 
of Hardwicke, and widow of Hy. John 
Adeane, m.p. ; D.L., j.p. Herefordshire, 
J.P. Gloucestershire, partner in Cocks, 
Biddulph and Co., bankers, M.P. (l.) 
Herefordshire 1865-85, Southern divn. 
1885-6 and (l.u.) 1886-1900, raised to 
the peerage 1903: 19 Ennismore gdns. 
S.W. ; Reform and Brooks' clubs ; The 
Park, Ledbury, Herefordshire ; Manor 
House, Kemble, nr. Cirencester. 

Biddulph, hon. Claud, 2 s. of 1 
baron Biddulph ; b. 1871 ; D.L. co. Here- 
ford : Ledbury House, Ledbury, co. 

Biddulph, Geo. Tournay, 5 s. of 
Robt. Biddulph, of Ledbury, co. Hereford, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1864) ; b. 1844 ; m. 1883, lady 
Sarah Wilfreda, youngest dau. of 1 earl 
Selborne, b. 1854 ; partner in Cocks, 
Biddulph and Co. baukers, knt. of grace 
of order of St. John of Jerusalem : 43 
Charing cross, S.W. ; Douglas House, 
Petersham, Surrey. 

Biddulph, hon. John Michael Gordon* 
eld. s. of 1 baron Biddulph ; b. 1869 ; m- 
1896, Marjorie, dau of late col. Wm. 
Mure, of Caldwell, by dau. of 1 baron 
Leconfield ; D.L., J.p. (1896) Hereford- 
shire : 6 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Ledbury 
House, Ledbury, Herefordshire ; Kemble 
House, Cirencester. 

Biddulph, lt.-col. Middleton Westenra, 
eld. survg. s. of Fras. Marsh W. Biddulph, 
of Rathrobin, King's co., J.P. (d. 1868) : 
b. 1849 ; m. 1891, Vera Josephine, 2 dau. 
of late sir Wm. Hy. Flower, K.C.B., f.r.s. ; 
served in Afghan war 1880, maj. 1 battn. 
(5) Northumberland fus. 1885-95, lt.-col. 
ret. p, 1895, j, p. King's co. (sheriff 1901): 



Naval and Military club ; Rathrobin, 
Tullamore, King's co. 

R.A. ; 2 s. of Rt. Biddulph of Ledbury 
co. Hereford, D.L., J. P. (d. 1864); b. 
1835 ; m. 18(51, Sophia,dau.(rf. 1905) of rev. 
A.L. Lambert, rect. of Chilbolton, Hants, 
and widow of R. S. Palmer ; in Crimea, 
at Alma, Balaklava, Sebastopol and 
Kertch ; in Indian Mutiny at Lucknow ; 
mil. sec. with China expedn. 1860, at 
capture of Taku forts and fall of Pekin ; 
asst. boundary commr. under Reform act, 
1867 ; priv. sec. to sec. of state for war 
1871-3 ; on special service in Cyprus 
1878 ; high commr. and commr.-in -chief 
in Cyprus 1879-86 ; col.-commdt. R.A. 
from 1895; ret. p. 1902; gov. of Gib- 
raltar 1893-1900: 83 Cornwall gardens, 
S. ( A r .; United Service club. 

Biddulph, sir Theophilus George, 8 
bart. (1664), s. of 7 bart. (rf. 1883), by dau. 
of 17 baron Somerville (est.); b. 1874 
{Heir, kinsman, Win. Hugh, b. 1869). 

Biddulph, lady. Katherine, dau. of 
capt. Stephen Stamati, comdt. of Bala- 
klava; m. 1857, gen. sir Michael Anthony 
Shrapnell Biddulph, R.A., (i.e. is. (d. 
1901) : Hampton Court Palace. 

Biddulph, hon. Violet Maud, 3 dau. 
of 1 baron Biddulph. 

Biddulph-Colclough, mrs. Louisa 
M. S., eld. dau. and heir, of mrs. M. G. 
W. Rossborough-Colclough, of Tintern 
Abbey, co. Wexford {d. 1881), by J. T. 
Rossborough, of Mullinagoan, co. Fer- 
managh, j.p., D.L.(dLl869); m. 1885, Franc 
Digby Biddulph, who assumed by royal 
licence additl. name of Colclough 1886 
and d. in 1805 : Tintern Abbey, Bally- 
cull ane, co. Wexford. 

Bide, vide Dampier-Bide. 

Bidie,surg.-gen.Geo.,M.B.,o.i.E.( 1883 >. 
F./.s.. s. of late W.Bidie, Backies, Banff- 
shire ; m. 1854, Isabella, dau. of A. Wise- 
man, Banchory, Aberdeenshire ; Ind. 
rnuf, medal ; surg.-gen. Madras med. est. 
1886-90, hon. surg. viceroy 1888, ret. 1890, 
hon. surg. to Queen Victoria 1808-190 ! , to 
the King from 1901: Bridge of Allan, KB. 

Bidwell, Charles, m.a. Cantab., s. of 
Chas. Muriel Bidwell, of Ely ; b. 18 15; 
m. 1869, dau. of H. R. Evans, of Ely ; 
J.P. Isle of Ely : St. Mary's st. Ely ; 
Whitehall club." 

Bigg, Edvvd. Fraa. 2 s. of late S. H. 
Bigg, of Swallowfield, Horsham, Sussex ; 
b. 1837 ; to. 1865, Fanny, eld. dau. of late 
W. Everington, of Heme Hill : admitted 
a solicitor 1860, barr. Inner Temple, 
1835, j.p, (1898) Sussex : 3 Temple gdns. 

E.C.; Jun. Carlton club ; The Hyde, 
Handcross, Crawley, Sussex. 

Bigg, maj. Fredk., R.A. (ret.), 4 s. of 
Smith Henry Bigg, of Swallowfield, 
Sussex; b. 1846; m. 1885, Rose, dau of 
Fredk, Curtis, of Northbrook, Tunbridge 
Wells, Sussex : Naval and Military 
club; Swallowfield, Nuthurot, Horsham, 

Bigge, lt.-col. sir Arthur John,CT.c.v.o. 

(1901), K.C.B. (1895), K.C.M.G. (1901), 

i.s.o. (1903), 3 s. of rev. J. F. Bigge, 
vicar of Stamfordham, Northumb. (d. 
1885); b. 1819 ; m. 1881, Constance, 2 dau. 
of late rev. W. F. Neville, vicar of But- 
leigh, Somerset; late a.d.o. to gen. sir H. 
Evelyn Wood, g.c.b. ; lt.-col. r.a. ret. p. 
1898, priv. sec. to Queen Victoria 1895- 
1 901 ,and equerry 1 88 1- 1 90 1 ,exr ra equerry 
to the King from 1901, priv. sec. to 
H.R.H. the prince of Wales from 1901: 
Colour Court, St James' Palace, S.W. ; 
Warren Lodge, Thursley, Godalming. 

Bigge, E,lwd. Ellison, eld. survg. s. of 
rev. John Fredc. Bigge, vicar of Stam- 
fordham, Northumb. (<i. 1 88. r >), and nephew 
of lt.-col. Wni. Bigcre. of Ovin^ham, 
Nbrthunib., D.L. (d. 1889) ; b. 1816; m. 
Annie, 3 dau. of late John Straker, 
of Stagshaw, Northumb: is J.P.Vl896) 
Herts: Oriental club; Watton House, 
Watton, Herts ; Ovingham, Northumb. 

Bigge, rear-adml. Hy. Chas., 2 s. of 
rev. J. F. Bigge, vicar of Stamfordham, 
Northumb. {d. 1885); b. 1817; mid. of 
11. M.S. " Bombay," 81 guns, on the occa- 
sion of that ship taking fire and blowing 
up. off Monte Video, in 1861, It. of 
Incoastant" during Egyptian war, 
1882, It. in commd. of <; Decoy " during 
naval and mily. operations in Eastern 
Soudan 1884, ret. I9u2, rear-adml. on ret. 
List 1901. 

Bigge, Lewis Amherst Sclbv-, O.B. 
(1905), M.A.Oxon. (late fell. Univ. Coll.), 
2 s. of Chas. Selby-Bigge, of Linden, 
Northumb, and Ighthatn Mote, Kent 
j.p. ('/. 1889).; b. I860; ;//. I.s85, Edith 
Lindsay, dau. of late rr. hon. J. R. 
Davison, g.c.,M.P., judge advocate-gen., 
of Underriver House, Kent ; asst. sec. 
Board of Education, Whitehall, j.p. 
( 1905)Nortbauta : 7 Wilb-aham pi. S. W.; 
Brooks's club ; Manor House, King's 
Sutton, Banbury. 

Bigge, Matthew Robert, s. of Chas. 
W. Bigge, of Linden House, Northumb, 
D.L. {d. 1849) ; b. 1822; m. 1, 1848, Mil- 
dred, dau. of col. Bell, of Fenham Hall, 
Northumb ; 2, 1854, Elizabeth, dau. {d. 
1896) of late rev. W. Darnell, rect. of 



Stanhope, Durham; J.P. Northants : 
Lincoln House, St. Paul's st. Stamford. 
Bigrgre, maj.-gen. Thos. Scovell, o.b. 
(1905), s. of Chas. Bigge ; b. 1837; m. 
1866, Ellen, dau. of rev. John Lees by 
dau. of 11 earl of Huntingdon ; in 
Crimea 1854-6, at assaults of the Redan, 
Indian mutiny campaign 1857-9, at 
relief, siege and capture of Lucknow, 
and in Oude campaign : late 5 foot, ret. p. 
1882, with hon. rank of maj.-gen. ; J.P. 
Herts : United Service club ; Lye 
House, St. Stephen's, nr. St. Albans. 

Big-gre (hon.), Wm., m.a. Oxon. ; offg. 
rec. Rangoon 1898-1900, a judge of chief 
court of Lower Burma from 1900 : Ran- 

Big-grs, Jas., J.r. (1898) Essex : 1 
Lancaster terr. Regent's Park, N.W. 

Big-ham, capt. Chas. Clive, c.m.g. 
(1901), eld. s. of sir John C. Bigham, a 
judge of high court of justice ; b. 1872 ; 
m. 1904, Mary, 2 dau. of late Horace 
A. D. Seymour, c.b., dep. master of 
the Mint ; It. gren. gds. 1892-5 ; bon. 
attache to embassy at St. Petersburg 1896, 
Constantinople 1897, Peking 1898-1900 ; 
a.d.c. to viceroy of Ireland 1901-2, Greco- 
Turkish war 1897, H.M. delegate in 
Thessaly 1897-8 (3 class Medjidie and 
order of Saviour), China expdn. 1900 ; 
attached to mil. intell. divn. headquarters 
staff 1901-4, capt. reserve of officers 1902, 
sec. to Roy. commn. on motorcars, 1905, 
esq. of order of St. John of Jerusalem : 
14 St. James' pi. S.W. ; Board of Trade, 
S.W. : United Service, Bachelors' and 
St. James' clubs. 

Big-ham, (hon.) sir John Chas., 2 s. 
of late John Bigham, of Liverpool ; b. 
1840; m. 1871, Georgina, dau. of late 
John Rogers, of Liverpool ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1870, bencher 1885, Q.c. 1883, 
M.P. (l.u.) Liverpool (Exchange 
divn.) 1895-7, a judge of the King's 
bench divn. of the high court of Justice 
from 1897, memb. of Roy. commn. on 
martial law in S. Africa 1902, pres. rail- 
way and canal commn. from 1904, 
knighted 1897 : 22 Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; 
Reform and Athenaeum clubs. 

Bigrland, Geo. Braddyll, only s. of 
Gteo. Bigland, of Bigland Hall, Lanes 
(d. 1901), and of Editna B. Hinde, dau. 
cf late Peter Fox Andre ; b. 1891 : Big- 
land Hall, Ulverston, Lanes. 

Bigrnold, sir Arthur, ll.b. Cantab., 
youngest s. of sir Samuel Bignold, M.p. 
for Norwich (d. 1875) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1866, 
Mary, eld. dau. of late Thos. Lake, of 
Armagh ; elected chief of Gaelic Soc. in 
Scotland in 1899, J, p. Ross-shire, m.p. 

(c.) Wick Burghs from 1900, knighted 
1904 : 2 Curzon st. Mayfair, W. ; Carlton, 
Jun. Carlton, Constitutional and Ken- 
nel clubs ; Loch Rosque Castle, Achna- 
sheen, Ross-shire. 

Bigrnold,, Chas. Arthur Bathurst, eld. 
s. of lt.-col. Chas. Edwd. Bignold, of Har- 
ford Lodge, Norfolk, D.L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1857 ; m. 1, 1880, Louisa, dau. (d. 1881) 
of maj.-gen. Jas. Cockburn, oi Bvacon- 
dale, Norwich; 2, 1891, Henrietta C, 
younger dau. of R. B. Longe, of Spix- 
worth Park, Norfolk, J.P.; is D.L., J.P. 
Norfolk, j.p. Norwich : Carlton club ; 
Eaton Hall, Norwich. 

Big-wood, Ernest Jas., s. of Jas. John 
Bigwood, of Bath, Somerset ; b. 1858 ; m. 
1880, Emily, youngest dau of Wm. Part- 
ridge, of Bromsgrove Lickey, Worcester- 
shire ; is J.P. (1896) aldm. for Wor- 
cestershire : The Berrow, Barnt Green, 
nr. Birmingham. 

Bigrwood, James, m.a. Cantab., s. of 
late Jas. Bigwood, of Clifton, Glo's- 
tershire; b. 1839; m. 1862, Marian, 
only dau. of late Edwd. Webb, of 
Totnes and Torquay : partner in firm of 
Champion and Co., J.P. (and co. aldm.) 
Middlsx. and London, M.P. (c.) E. Fins- 
bury 1885-6, Middlesex (Brentford divn.) 
from 1886 : 115 City rd. E.C. ; The 
Lawn, Twickenham ; Carlton club. 

Bigrwood, Jas. Edwd. Cecil, M.A. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Jas. Bigwood, of 
Twickenham, Middlx., M.p., J.P. ; b. 
1863 ; J.P. London : 115 City rd. E.C. ; 
The Lawn, Twickenham ; Conservative 
and United University clubs. 

Bilbrougrh, Arthur, eld. s. of Brooks 
Priestley Bilbrough, of Croydon, Surrey ; 
b. 1840; m. 1863, Agnes, dau. of I. 
Hodgson, of Kirby Frith, Leicestershire, 
J.P. ; is J.P. (1897) Middlx: Thurnby, 
Twickenham ; St. Stephen's club. 

Biliotti, sir Alfred, k.c.m.g.(1896),c.b. 
(1890), s. of late Chas. Biliotti, vice- 
consul at Maori, &c. ; b. 1833 ; vice-consul 
at Rhodes 1856-73, Trebizond 1873, con- 
sul for both Pashaliks Trebizond and 
Sivas 1883, consul for Crete 1885-99, 
consul-gen. there in 1899 and for Vilayets 
of Salonica, Monastir, Janina and Cos- 
sova and for the Musketil of Serrvidche 
(Servia) 1899-1903. 

Bill, Charles, m.a. Oxon, only s. of J. 
Bill, of Farley Hall, Staffs., J.P. {d. 1853) ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Ellen M. H. 2 dau. of 
lt.-col. R. H. Fitz-Herbert, of Somersal 
Herbert, co. Derby : barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1868 ; j.p., c.A. Staffordshire ; lord of the 
manor of Cheadle Grange; lt.-col. (hon. 
col. 1897) 4 battn. (mil.) N. Staffs, regt. 



1893-8\ hon. col. of the battn. from 1898, 
M.P. (c.) Staffordshire (Leek divn.) from 
1892 : Carlton and United University- 
clubs ; Faiiev Hall, Stoke-on-Trent, 
Staffs : The Woodhouse, Cheadle, Staffs. 

Bill, Chas. Horsfall, s. of late Chas. 
Horsfall Bill, of Storthea Hall, Yorks. ; 
b. 1818 ; m. 1841, Anna M., dau. of gen. 
Middleton ; j.p. Wilts and Gloucester- 
shire, late 15 huss. : Army and Navy 
club ; The Priory, Tetbury, Glos. 

Bill, Robt. Wm., s. of Charles Horsfall 
Bill, of Storthes Hall, Yorks. and Priory, 
Tetbury, Glo'stershire, J.P. ; b. 1856 ; m. 

1884, Annie C, dau. of rev. R. W. 
Bulmer, rect. of Belleau, Lines. ; j.p. 
parts of Lindsey, Lines, capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Lines, regt. 1883-92. 

Billiat, Joseph, only s. of Joseph 
Billiat, of Barkstone House, Lines, and 
Sapley, Hunts (d. 1863) ; b. 1863 ; m. 

1885, Eveline A. S., eld. dau. of late rev. 
Thos. Tvveeddale, vicar of Shernbourne 
and Fring, Norfolk ; lord of the manor 
of Sapley, Hunts and patron of one 
living, j.p. (1897) parts of Lindsey, 
Lines, served in S. African war 1902, 
formerly lieut. 3 battn. (mil.) Lincoln- 
shire regt. : Jun. Carlton club ; Aisthorpe 
Hall, Lincoln : Hartfordhurst, Hunting- 
don ; Middle Chine, Bournemouth West. 

Billington. capt. John Wyndham, 
s. of late rev. J. Billington, of Kenning- 
ton and vicar of Boughton Alup, Kent ; 
b. 1830: j.p. Kent, capt. late R.H.G. : 
Kennington, Ashford, Kent. 

Billington, miss, Kennington House, 
nr. Ashford, Kent. 

Billson, Alfred, s. of Wm. Billson, of 
Leicester ; b. 1839 ; m. 1862, Lilla, dau. 
of late John Baines, of Leicester, j.p. ; 
admitted a solicitor 1860, partner in firm 
of Oliver Jones and Co. solicitors, Liver- 
pool, j.p. Liverpool, M.P. (L.) N. W. 
Devon 1892-5, Halifax 1897-1900: Re- 
form and National Liberal clubs ; 
Rowton Castle, Alberbury, Shrewsbury. 

Bingham, lord. Geo. Chas. Bingham, 
eld. s. of earl of Lucan ; b. 1860 ; m. 1896, 
Yiolet, only dau.of late J. Spender Clay, of 
Ford Manor. Surrey ; D.L.,J.P. co. Mayo 
(sheriff 1902), served in Rif. brig.1881-96, 
Bechuaualand expdn. 1884-5, and adjt. 
1889-93, a.d.c. to duke of Connaught 
(commdg. Aldershot dist.) 1893-6, lt-col. 
1 London RY. from 1901, order of St. 
Stanislaus of Russia (2nd class), M.P. (c.) 
Surrey (Chertsey divn.) from 1904 : 5 
Portman sq. W. ; Turf and Naval and 
Military clubs. 

Bingham, hon. Albert Edward, 5 s. of 
4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1866 ; m. 1892, 

Christine G., dau. of Archibald Smith : 
4f Bickenhall mans. Gloucester pi. W. 

Bingham, hon. Albert Yelverton. 5 s, 

of 3 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1840 ; m. l,dau. 

i of late James Begbie, m.d. ; 2, 1883, Jean 

i Crawford, only child of late T. Service, of 

Stonebyres, co. Lanark : Carlton club. 

Bingham, hon. Alexander Frederic, 
4 s. of 4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1864. 

Bingham, Alfred John, only s. of 
Reuben Bingham, of Addiscombe, 
Surrey ; b. 1853 ; m. 1878, Annie, dau. of 
late Edwd. Cotterell, of Kensington, 
Middlx ; is J.P. (1897) Berks : 6 Bolton 
st. W. ; Jun. Athenaeum club ; Nalder 
Hill House, Speen, Newbury, Berks. 

Bingham, eat. hon. Arthur Maurice 
Robt., eld. s. of 5 baron Clanmorris; b. 
1879 ; capt. 5 lancers from 1905, a.d.c. 
to lord Plunkx't. K.r.v.o. (gov. of New 
Zealand) from 1901. 

Bingham, lt-col. hon. Cecil Edward, 
m.v.o. 4 class (1903), 2 s. cf 4 earl of 
Lucan ; b. 1861 ; m. 1884, Rose Ellinor, 
dau. of late Jas. Guthrie, of Craigie, 
Forfarshire ; lt.3huse.l882-6,adjt.l883-6, 
It. 2 life gds. 1886-92 and adjt. 1888-92, 
maj. (brevet It. -col. 1900) 1 life gds. 
from 1898, accompanied mission to em- 
peror Menelik II. of Ethiopia 1897, 3 
class Star of Ethiopia, served in S. 
African war 1899-1900, J.P. (1903) North- 
ants : 43 Charles st. Berkeley sq. W. 

Bingham, Denis Geo. Broad, eld. s. 
of Denis Chas. Arthur Bingham (d. 
1876) and grands, of Denis Bingham, of 
Bingham Castle, co. Mayo, J.P. (</. 1902); 
b. 1875 ; Bingham Castle, Belmullet, co. 

Bingham, hon. Edward Barry Ste- 
wart, 3 s. of 5 barou Clanmorris ; b. 1881 ; 
It. R.N. 1903. 

Bingham, maj. hon. Francis Richard, 
3 s. of 4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1863 ; m. 1896, 
Kathleen, younger dau of It. -gen. sir C. 
Mansfield Clarke, k.c.b. ; maj. R. A. from 

Bingham, hon. Geo. Chas. Patrick, 
eld. B. of lord Bingham ; b. 1898. 

Bingham, hon. Geo. Roderick Ben- 
tinck, 6 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; 6.1894. 

Bingham, hon. Hugh Terence De 
Burgh, 4 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1885. 

Bingham, hon. JohnDenis Yelverton, 
2 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1880; 
It. 15 huss. from 1901. 

Bingham, hon. John Edwd., 2 s of 
lord Bingham; b. 1904. 

Bingham, col. sir John Edwd., 1 bt. 
(1903), v.d., s. of Edwd. Bingham, of 
Broomgrove Lodge, Sheffield (d. 1880) ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1863, Maria, dau. of Wm. 

Kelly's hand&ook-i06. 


FaWCett, of Clarke House, Sheffield ; I 
j. p. Sheffield, master cutler (1881 and 
1884), hon. col. 1 (Sheffield) Yorkshire 
R.E. (vols.) from 1900 (Heir, s. Albert | 
E., b. 1868) : West Lea, Ranmoor, Shef- 1 

Bingham, hon. Lionel Ernest, 6 s. of 
4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1876. 

Bingham, rear-adml. hon. Richard, 
s. of 3 earl of Lucan ; b. 1847 ; to. 1877, 
Mary E. dau. of late Edwd. Cole, of 
Stoke Lyne, Oxon, and lady Henry 
Moore, widow of 2 s. of 1 marqu. of 
Drogheda ; capt. R.N. 1891-7, ret. list 
1897, rear-adml. on ret. list 1904 : 8 Den- 
mark terr. Brighton. 

Bingham, hon. Richd. Gerald Ava, 
7 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b 1896. 

Bingham. Wm., J.P., Cheshire : Ling- 
dale House, Tollemache rd. Birkenhead. 
Bingham, hon. Barbara Violet, b. 
1902 ; hon. Margaret Diana, b. 1905 ; daus. 
of lord Bingham. 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Barry John 
Pauline, dau. of rev. B. C. Yelverton ; to. 
1, R. A. G. Davies, of Trednick, Corn- 
wall ; 2, 1866, hon. B. J. Bingham (d. 
1868), s. of 3 baron Clanmorris. 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Burton, Frances 
Matilda, 3 dau. of Burton Robert P. 
Persse, of Moyode Castle, co. Gal way ; 
to. 1895, hon. Burton Percy Bingham (d. 
1898) : Aveiard, Galway. 

Bingham, hon.Harriette Ierne Maude, 
b. 1882 ; hon. Eleanor Clare Alice, b. 1892 ; 
daus. of 5 baron Clanmorris. 

Bingham, hon. Isabella, dau. of 3 
baron Clanmorris ; b. 1843. 

Binloss, Jas. Backhouse, J. P. Lanca- 
shire : Elm Bank, Eccles, Manchester. 

Binney, Jas., M.A. Cantab., s. of late 
E. W. Binney, P it.s., of Ravenscliffe, Isle 
of Man, and Worksop, Notts ; 6. 1868 ; to. 
1*94, Cecilia de Anyers,dau. (d. 1897) of 
H. R. d'Anyers Willis, of Halsnead, 
Lanes, d.l., j.p. ; barr. Middle Temple 
1894, d.l., j.p. (1896) Cambridgeshire, 
sheriff: of Cambs and Hunts 1903, late 
capt. 8 battn. (mil.) Liverpool regt. 
1 *92- 1 90 1 : Union club ; Pampisf ord Hall, 
nr. Caxnbi^dgQ. 

Binnie, sir Alex. Richardson, s. of 
Alex. Binnie; l>. 1839 j m. 1865, Mary, 
dau. (d. 1901) of late Fames, m.d., of 
Londonderry ; chief engineer to l.c.c. 
1X90-1901, knighted, 1897 : 77 Ladbroke 
grove, W. 

Binning, col. lord. Geo. Baillie- 
Ujiinilton, c.B. (1904), M.v.o. 4th class 
(1902), eld. s. of earl of Haddington; 
h. 18M ; in. 1892, Katharine, only child 
of \V. Seyerin Salting, of Heath Bind, 

Ascot ; D.L., J.P. Haddingtonsnire anu 
Berwickshire (lord lieut. from 1900), 
A.D.C. to viceroy of India (marq. of 
Dufferin) in 1888, to gov. of Madras 
(lord Connemara) in 1889, maj. Lothians 
and Berwickshire I.Y. from 1899, lt.-col. 
h.h.g. 1899-1903, brevet col. 1903: 
Carlton club ; Mellerstain, Kelso, N.B. 

Birch, Albert Edwd. Hy., B.A.Cantab., 
only s. of rev. canon Hy. Mildred Birch, 
rect. of Prestwich, Lanes (d. 1884) by 
Harriet J., dau. and co-heir of late Thos. 
Drinkwater, of irwell House, Lanes : b. 
1868 ; J.P. (1903) Norfolk : Jun. Cailton 
club; Watlington Hall, Downham Mar- 

Birch, sir Arthur Nonus, K.C.M.G., 
f.r.g.s., youngest s. of rev. W. H. R. 
Birch, of Southwold, Suffolk (d. 1854); 
b. 1837 ; to. 1873, Josephine, eld. dau. (d. 
1893) and co-heir of late J. D. Watts- 
Russell, of Biggin Hall, Northants, 
m.p. ; col. sec. of B. Columbia, 1864-6, 
actg. lt.-gov. Penang 1871-2, col. sec. 
Ceylon 1873-6, lt.-gov. 1876-8; J.P. 
Northants, agent to Bank of England, 
western branch, Burlington gdns. W. : 
1 Old Burlington st. W. ; St. James' club. 

Birch, Edward Robt., eld. s. of J. S. 
Birch, b.a. Dublin, of Birch Grove, co. 
Tipperary, J.P. (d. 1881) ; b. 1858 ; to. 
1887, Mary C. R. only child of RObt. 
Thompson, M.D., of Melross, Johnstown, 
co. Kilkenny ; J.P. co. Tipperary : Birch 
Grove, Corbally, nr. Roscrea, co. Tip- 

Birch, Ernest Geo. s. of rev. H. W.R. 
Birch, of Southwold, Suffolk (d. 1854) ; 
b. 1829 ; to. 1869, Emily H., eld. dau. of 
late John T. D'Arcy Hutton, of Marske 
and Aldburgh Hall, Yorks : judge of 
high court of Calcutta 1873-79 E. I. 
United Service club ; 8 Via Farini, 
Florence, Italy. 

Birch, capt. Ernest Mawbey, youngest 
s. of rev. Geo. Royds Birch, by eld. dau. 
of sir Wm. Russell, 1 bart. (d. 1864) of 
Charlton Park, Glos.; b. 1863; m. 1889, 
only dau. of Wm. Dobson, of Oakwood, 
Somerset ; J.P. (1904) Dorset, capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Fus. from 1896 : Jun. 
United Service club; WykeHall,Gilling- 
ham, Dorset. 

Birch, Ernest Woodford, C.M.G.(1900),. 
s. of late J. W. Woodford Birch, British 
resident, Perak ; 6.1857; to. 1882, Mar- 
garet, dau. of Laurence Niven ; actg. 
British res., Selangor 1892-3, sec. to govt. 
of Perak 1893, actg. res. 1895-6, Brit. res.,. 
Negri-Sembilan 1897-1900, gov. of La- 
buan 1900-4, and of British North Borneo- 



1901-4, British res. at Perak from 1904 : 
Perak, Straits Settlements. 

Birch, lt.-col. Geo. Fras., b.a. Cantab., 
only s. of maj. G. Birch, of Clare Park. 
Hants, J. P. (d. 1855) ; b. 1834; m. 1861, 
KatherineG., dau. (d. 1880) of H. Mont- 
gomery Campbell, of The Hollies, Staffs ; 
D.L., J. P. Hants, J. P. Surrey, maj. (hon. 
lt.-col.) late 3 battn. (mil.) Hampshire 
regt. 1875-82: Clare Park. Croudall, 

Birch, Henry Wm., 2 s. of J.W. Birch, 
J. P. {d. 1897), by eld. dau. of late J. 
Arden, of Rickmansworth Park. Herts ; 
b. 1854 : Garrick club ; The Grove, Old 
Windsor ; Loud water, Rickmansworth. 

Birch, Richd. Elwyn, b.a. Cantab. 
J. p. (1903) Denbighshire: Bryncelyn, St 

Birch, Richard Frederick, b.a. Cantab., 
3 s. of John Birch, of Lees Hall, Werneth, 
Lanes.; maj. 3 battn. (mil.) R.Welsh 
Fus., 1876-80 ; D.L., J. P. (1804) Denbigh- 
shire and (172) Flintshire : .Tun. Carlton 
club; Maes Elwy, St. Asaph S.O. 

Birch, rars. Emma Edith Malet, dau. 
of late Jas. Grant Lumsden, Bo.C.S. by 
lady Mary, sis. of 8 earl of Stamford; 
m. 1864, col. Chas. Binm, of Lympstone 
Grange, Devon, J. P. (d. 1899) : Lymp- 
stone Grange, S. Devon. 

Birch, mrs. Julia, eld. dau. of late J. 
Arden, of Rickmansworth Park, Herta ; 
m. 1852, John Wm. Birch, J. P. (d. 1897) : 
Rickmansworth Park, Rickmanswortli 
S.O. Herts. 

Birch, lady. Mary, dau. of capt. Geo. 
Burden ; m. 1808, as his 2 wife, lt.-gen. 
sir James Holwell Birch, K.c.B. (d. 1875). 
Birch-Reynardson, col. Chas. only 
8. of C. T. S. Birch-Revnardson, D.L., Of 
Holywell Hall, Lines, (d. 1889) ; b. 1845 ; 
m. 1875, Emma M., eld. dau. of rev. W. 
Stracey, of Buxton, Norfolk : J. P. Lin- 
colnshire, sheriff of Rutland 1895, lt.- 
col. (col. 1886) gren.gds. in 1889 : Carlton 
and Guards' clubs ; Holywell Hall, 

Birch-Reynardson, Wm. John, b.a. 
Oxon, eld. s. of Hy. Birch-Reynardsou, 
of Adwell House, Oxon. J. P. \d. 1884) ; 
b. 1849 ; in. 1889, Violet, 2 dau. of Thos. 
Maxwell, of West Hill House, Guild- 
ford ; barr. Inner Temple, 1875, J. P. Ox- 
fordshire : Carlton and United Univer- 
sity clubs ; Adwell House, Tetsworth, 

Birch-Reynardson, mrs. Henry 
Eleanor D., youngest dau. of Henry S. 
Partridge,of Hockham Hall, Norfolk ; m. 
1847, Henry Birch-Reynardson of Adwell 

House, Oxon, j.p. (J. 1884) : Adwell 
House, Tetsworth. 

Birchall, John Dearman, s. of John 
Dearman Birchall, of Bowden Hall, Glos, 
J.P. (d. 1897); b. 1875; m. 1900, Adela 
Emily, 3 dau. of Philip J. D. Wykeham, 
of Tythrop House. Oxfordshire ; j.p. 
(1898) Gloucestershire : Bath and Jun. 
Carlton clubs ; Bowden Hall, nr.Glo'ster. 
Bircham, Samuel, s. of F. T. Bircham, 
of Burhill, Walton - on - Thames ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1803. Caroline E., dau. of H.W. 
R. W. Halsey. of Henley Park, Surrey ; 
is j.p. Norfolk : 5 Gray Coat gdns. Vic- 
toria st. S.W. ; 46 Parliament st. S.W. ; 
Waterloo Station, S.E. ; Moor House, 
Reepham, Norfolk ; Beech Hill, Mayf ord, 
nr. Woking. 

Birchenough, J. Henry, c.m.g.(1905), 
M.A., 2 s. of late John Birchenough, of 
Macclesfield : b. 1863 : m. 1886, Mabel, 3 
dau. of late very rev. G. G. Bradlev, D.i)., 
dean of Westminster 1881-1902 ;' is j.p. 
(1896) Cheshire, Imperial commr. on 
trade to S. Africa 1903, etc. etc. : 79 
Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Reform and City of 
London clubs ; Macclesfield. 

Birchenough, William Taylor, eld. b. 
of late John Birchenough, of The Elms, 
Macclesfield, Cheshire; b. 1850; m. 1881, 
.la ue. dau, of late R. Peacock, of Gorton 
Hall, Lanes., M.P. ; J.P. Cheshire and 
Macclesfield, It. Cheshire I.Y. 1890- 
1901 : Cavalry club ; Gawswoi th Hall, 
near Macclesfield, Cheshire. 
Bird, vide Seargill-Bird. 
Bird, Arthur, 2 s. of Geo. Bird, of 
Pinner Hall, Middlx. ; b. 1843; m. 1869, 
.lane Mary, dau. of Samuel Shepheard, 
of Bathorpe Hall. Warwickshire; ad- 
mitted a solicitor 1866, clerk to the Ty- 
lers' and Bricklayers' Co. from 1864: 
Bedford row, W.C. ; Jur. Athenaeum, 
Alpine, Constitutional and Jun. Consti- 
tutional clubs ; The Grange, Great Book- 
ham, Surrey. 

Bird, Chas. Hy. m.a. Oxon. s. of late 
W. S. Bird, of Aigburth, Liverpool ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1887, Isobel, 5 dau. of late John 
Eveleigh Wyndham, of Clearwell Court, 
Coleford, Glo'ster ; D.L., J.P. Lancashire 
(sheriff 1890), maj. and hon. lt.-col. 3 
and 4 battns. (mil.) L. N. Lancashire 
regt. 1892-4 : Crookhey Hall, Cocker- 
ham, Garstaug, Lanes. 

Bird, Chas. Pavin, s. of rev. Thos. 
Hugh Bird, vicar of Yarkhill and of 
Drybridge House, co. Hereford ; b. 1847; 
m.1877, Agnes A. B., dau. of rev. J. Cole, 
vicar of He Brewers, co. Somerset ; I.C.S. 
(Punjab) 1869-1896, ret. 1896, barr. 
Middle Temple 1809 ; j.p. (1900) Here- 


f ordshire : Drybridge House, Hereford ; 
Herefordshire club. 

Bird, Christopher John, c.M.G. (1901), 
eld. s. of late John Bird, C.M.G., Natal 
C.S. ; b. 1865 ; m. 1887, Edith, dau. of 
late Wm. Armstrong, m.r.c.s.e. ; entd. 
Natal C.S. 1874, J. P. (1887) Natal, asst.- 
col. sec. 1888-1893, princ. und.-sec. from 

1893 : Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Bird, gen. sir Geo. Corrie, k.C.i.e. 
(1899), c.B. (1889), s. of late Geo. Bird, 
M.C.y. ; b. 1838 ; m. 1872, Emily E., dau. 
of maj.-gen. Hj. D. Manning ; served in 
N. Canara campaign 1858, Afghan war 
1878-80, commd. Tochi field force N.W. 
frontier India 1897-8, gen. 1900, on U.S. 
list 1904, Ind. army 

Bird, maj. Robt., c.i.E. (1905), M.d. 
Lond. ; b. 18(50 ; surg. to viceroy of 
India, maj. 1903, Ind. med. service. 

Bird, Thos., s. of John Bird, of 
Kettering, Northants ; b. 1840 ; to. 1868, 
dau. of Geo. Spence, of Raunds, North- 
ants ; J.P. (1900) Northants : Sarnia 
House, Kettering. 

Birdwood, sir Geo. C. M., m.d. Edin. ; 
K.C.I.E. (1887), C.S.I. (1877), hon. LL.D. 
Cantab. ; Officer leg. hon. ; Officer of 
Instn., French Acad., eld. s. of late gen. 
Christ. Birdwood; b. 1832; to. 1856, 
Frances A., eld. dau. of late E. Tolcher, 
R.N., of Harewood House, Plympton St. 
Mary's, Devon ; entd. Bombay med. staff 
1854, served in Persia 1856-7, sheriff of 
Bombay 1864, commiss. govt. Bombay, 
Paris Exhib. 1868 ; served in rev. statis- 
tics, and commerce dept., India Office, 
1871-1902 ; Roy. commr. and memb. of 
Finance committee, Colonial and Indian 
Exhib. 1886, chm. of committee of Ind. 
section, Paris exhibn.l889,and of organiz- 
ing committee of the 9th internatl. con- 
gress of Orientalists, London, 1892,memb. 
of Roy. commn. for Chicago Exhib. 1893 ; 
of Mansion House com. Antwerp Exhib. 

1894 and R. commr. Paris. Exhib. 1900 ; 
knt. of grace of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem ; knighted 1881 : 119 The 
Avenue, Ealing, W. ; Primrose club and 
Northbrook Society. 

Birdwood, Herbert Mills, c.s.i. (1893), 
M.A., ll.d. and hon. fell, of Peterhouse, 
Cantab, s. of late gen. Christopher 
Birdwood, Bombay army ; b. 1837 ; m. 
1861, Edith M. S., dau. of late surg.- 
maj. Elijah Impey, postmaster-gen. Bom- 
bay; I.C.S.(Bombay)1858 ; barr. Lin coin's 
Inn 1889 ; und sec. Bombay govt. 1863, 
actd. as pol. asst. Kathiawad 1866, and 
registr. high court 1867 ; dist. and sess. 
judge 1870 ; judicial commr. and judge 
of Sadr court in Sind 1881-5; puisne 


judge of high court at Bombay 1885-92} 
vice-chanc. Bombay univ. 1890, memb* 
of council Bombay 1892-7, actd. as gov. 
17 Feb. 1895, J.P. (1902) Middlx : Dal- 
keith House, Cambridge Park, Twicken- 
ham ; 1 Brick court, Temple, E.C. ; 
National Liberal and Mid-Surrey Golf 

Birkbeck, sir Edward, 1 bart. (1886), 
4 s. of Hy. Birkbeck, Keswick Hall, Nor- 
folk {d. 1848) ; b. 1838 ; to. 1865, hon. 
Mary A., dau. of 1 baron Hylton ; b. 
1838 ; D.L., J.P. Norfolk ; a public works 
loan commr., chm. R. National Lifeboat 
Inst.,originator of International Fisheries 
Exhib. 1883 ; knt. of grace of order of 
St. John of Jerusalem ; m.p. (c.) N. 
Norfolk 1879-85, Eastern divn. 1885-92 : 
Carlton, Marlborough and R. Y.S. clubs ; 
Horstead Hall, Norwich. 

Birkbeck, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. 
Birkbeck, of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk, 
J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1881, Ysabel 
C, 4 dau. of late R. Elvves, of Congham, 
Norfolk : Westacre High House, Swaff- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Birkbeck, John, J. p. (1905) W.R. 
Yorks : Carrholme, Settle. 

Birkbeck, col. Wm. Hy., c.B. 
(1902), voungest s. of Joseph Birkbeck, 
of Settle, Yorks ; b. 1863 ; to. 1905, 
Mabel, only dau. of Alex. D. Shaw, of 
Staten Island, U.S.A., and widow of 
G. L. Myers, of New York ; served in 
Hazara expdn. 1888, Chin-Lushai expdn. 
1889-90, S. African war 1899-1902, lt.-col. 
in the army 1900, brevet col. 1904, 
d.a.a.g. at Headquarters 1903-5 : Naval 
and Military club. 

Birkbeck, Wm. John,P.s.A., onlj' s. of 
Wm. Birkbeck, of Thorpe, Norwich, J.P. 
(d. 1897) ; b. 1859; to. 1883, Rose K., dau. 
of Somerville A. Gurney, of Runcton 
Hall, Lynn ; is D.L., J.P. Norfolk : 32 
Sloane gdns. S.W. ; Stratton Strawless 
Hall, Norwich. 

Birkbeck, mra. Rachel W., dau. of 
late G. Stansfeld ; to. 1867, John Birk- 
beck, of Anley, Yorks, J.P. {d. 1892) : 
Anley, Settle, Yorks. 

Birkett, John Robt., 2 s. of Robt. 
Birkett, of Morecambe, Lanes ; b. 1854 ; 
to. 1886, Mary, dau. of dr. Chas. Sutcliffe, 
of Todmorden, Yorks ; mayor of More- 
cambe 1903-4, 1904-5 and 1905-6; J.P. 
(1905) Lancashire: 5 Morecambe terr. 
Morecambe, Lanes. 

Birkin, sir Thos. Isaac, 1 bart. (1905), 
s. of Richard Birkin, of Aspley Hall, 
Notts., J.P. (d. 1870) ; b. 1831 ; to. 1856, 
Harriet, dau. of M. Tebbutt, of Bluntis- 
ham ; is D.L., j.p. Notts, (sheriff 1892) 



(Hei)-, s. Thos. Stanley, q.v.) : Reform 

club ; Bestwood Lodge, Arnold, Notts ; 

The G-range, Ruddington, Notts. 
Birkin, Thos. Stanley, eld. s. of sir 

Thomas Birkin, 1 bart., of Ruddington 

Grange, Notts, D.L., j.r. ; b. 1857; m. 

1894, Margaret D. H., youngest dau. of 

late capt. hon. Henry W. Chetwynd, 

r.n. ; is J.P. (1896) Notts : Aspley Hall, 


Birks, (hon.) Arthur Rawson, B.A. 

ntab, 2 8. of late rev. Thos. Rawson 

irks, vicar of Trinity, Camb. and prof. 

f moral philosophy, Camb. ; b. 1850 ; 

m. 1876, Jane K., dau. of rev. Isaac 

Durrant. of London ; barr. Lincoln's 

Inn 1885, a judge of chief court of 

Lower Burma from 1900 : Rangoon. 
Birley Charles Addison, s. of Charles 

Birlev, of Bartle Hall, Lanes (d, 1891); 

b. 1844 ; m. 1886 Gertrude Emily, eld. 

dau. of Thomas Fair, of Clifton Hall, 

Lanes.; J.P. Lancashire, maj. (hon. It. -col. 

189-) 5 Lancashire vol. artill. 1891-5 : 

Bartle Hall, Preston, Lanes. 
Birley, Fras. Hornby, only survg. s.of 

Thos. Hornby Birley, of Hart Hill, 

Lanes ; b. 1850 ; m. 1876, Margaret, dau. 

of Rev. J. Kenrick, of Reigate, Surrey ; 

j.p. Surrey : Cla ridges, Lingfield, Surrey. 
Birley, Hy. Langton, eld. s. of T. L. 

Birley, of Carr Hill, Lanes. J.P. {d. 1874) ; 

b. 1837 : Carr Hill, nr. Kirkham, Preston, 

Birley, Hugh Arthur, eld. s. of Hugh 

Birley, of Moorland, Lanes , m.p., j.p., d.l. 
(d. 1883) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1874, Amy, eld. 

dau. of W. H. Chichester, of Grenofen, 
Devon ; J.P. Cheshire, It. -col. Cheshire 
I.Y. ret. : Woodside, Knutsford. 

Birley, Hugh Fras., eld. s. of Joseph 
Hornby Birley, of Newton-le-Will<>us. 
Lanes., J.P. ; 6. 1855 ; m. 1879, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of G. McCorquodale, of Glad- 
lys, Anglesey ; is j.p. (1892) Flintshire : 
Raleigh cluo ; The Mount, St. Asaph, 

Birley, Hutton, 2 s. of T. L. Birley, of 
Carr Hill, Lanes. J.P. (d. 1874) ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1865, Alice M. dau. (d. 1875) of J. Hy. 
Howard ; J.P. Lancashire : Wrea Green, 
Kirkham, near Preston, Lanes. 

Birley, John Leyland, s. of Arthur 
Leyland Birley, of Milbanke, Lanes, (d. 
1884) ; b. 1857 : Milbanke, Kirkham, nr. 
Preston, Lanes. ; 5 Hastings pi. Lytham. 
Birley, Percy Langton, 2 s. of Hutton 
Birley, of Wrea Green, Lanes ; b. 1868 ; 
m. 1902, Mary Emily, dau. of Hy. 
Hassall, of Bebington, Cheshire : J.P. 
(1903) Lancashire: Wrea Green, Kirk- 
ham, Lanes. 

Birley, col. Richd. Kennedy, c.b. 
(1902), v.d., s. of late Richd. Birley, of 
Manchester, d.l., J.v. ; b. 1845 ; ?.1870, 
Jane G., dau. of late John Blaikie, of 
Craigiebuckler, Aberdeenshire ; late It. 
R. Lane. mil. artill., It. -col. commdg. 
and hon. col. 7 Lancashire R.G.A. (vols.) 
from 1891 : Cambridge st. Manchester ; 
Athenasum and Auxiliary Forces clubs. 

Birley, mrs. Eliza, dau. of late John 
Hastings, of Downpatrick, co. Down, 
J.P. ; m. 1854, Wm. Birley, of The 
Larches, Lanes, d.l., j.p. (d. 1894) : The 
Larches, Ashton-upon-Ribble, Preston, 

Birmingham, archd. of, vide ven. 
Winfrid O. Burrows. 

Birmingham, 1 bp. of (1905), rt. rev. 
Chas. Gore, D.D., D.c.L.Oxon., D.D.(hon.) 
Edin., 3 s. of hon. Chas. Alex. Gore, by 
dau. of 4 earl of Bessborough, and widow 
of Wm.Thos.,earl of Kerry, M.P.; 6.1853 ; 
bp. of Worcester 1902-5, of Birmingham 
from 1905 : Bishop's Croft, Birmingham. 
Birmingham, 2 bp. (r.c.) of (1850), 
rt. rev. Eclwd. Ilsley, s. of Chas. Ilsley ; 
b. 1838 ; titular bp. of Fesse and auxiliary 
for Birmingham 1879-88, bp. of Birming- 
ham from 1888 : Bishop's House, and 
Oscott College, Birmingham. 

Birrell, rt. hon. Augustus p.c.(1905), 
K..C, ll.d., B.A.Cantab, youngest s. of 
late rev. Chas. M. Birrell, of Liverpool ; 
b. 1850 ; m. 1, 1878, Margaret, dau. ((/. 
1879) of late A. Mirrielees, of St. Peters- 
burg ; 2, 1888, Eleanor, dau. of Fredk. 
Locker, by dau. of 7 earl of Elgin, and 
widow of hon. Lionel Tennyson (d. 1886) ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1875, Q.c. 1894, j.p. 
(1895) Norfolk, pres. of Board of Educn. 
from 1905, M.P. (l.) W. Fifeshire 1889- 
1900 : 70 Elm Park rd. S.W. ; 3 New sq. 
W.C. ; Athenaeum and New University 
clubs ; The Pightle, Sheringham,Norfolk. 
Birrell, Hy. Anthony, v.d., J.p. Mon- 
mouthshire, capt. (hon. maj. 1903) 2 vol. 
bttn. S. Wales Bord. from 1893 : Glen- 
thorne, Thame, Oxon. 

Birrell, Hy Grey, eld. s. of late rev. 
Chas. M. Bin-ell, of Liverpool ; b. 1837 ; 
j.p. (1900) Sussex : 42 Gwydyr mansions 
Hove, Sussex. 

Birt, sir Wm., v.d., s. of John Birt, 
of Islington ; b. 1834 ; m. 1872, eld. dau. 
of Matthew Watson Thomas, of Wal- 
thamstow, Essex ; hon. col. The Engineer 
and Railway Vol. Staff Corps ; chev. of 
Belgian order of Leopold ; Assoc, of inst. 
of C.E., gen. man. of G.E.R. 1880-99, a 
director from 1899, and dep. chm. of 
the MetropolitanRailway,knighted 1897 : 
Devonshire House, Shortlands, Kent. 




Birtwistle, Albert, J.r. Lancashire : 
Springfield House, Preston New rd. 
Blackburn, Lanes. 

Bisch.offsb.eim, Henry Louis, F.R.G.S., 
s. of L. E. Bischoffsheim, of Paris ; b. 
L829 ; n*. 1856, Clarisse E., dau. of J. 
Biedermann, of Vienna ; D.L. Tower 
Hamlets : Bute House, South Audley st. 
W. ; Carlton and Garrick clubs ; The 
Severals, Newmarket ; Warren House, 

Biscoe, Henry Stafford Tyndale, eld. 
8. of W. E. Biscoe,of Holton Park, Oxon., 
J).L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1884, 
Prances E., only child of late P. N. 
Primrose, of Bixley Hall, Norfolk ; is 
J.P. Oxon : Automobile and County 
(Oxford) clubs ; HoltonPark, nr. Oxford. 
Biscoe, Thos. Ramsay, b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of T. P. B. Biscoe, of Newton, co. 
Inverness, J.P., D.L. {d. 1881) ; b. 1850 ; to. 
1 879, Cecilia L., youngest dau. (d. 1892) of 
late A. Meetkerke of Julians, Herts, and 
widow of rev. A. Ewing : j.p., D.L. 
Inverness-shire : Kingillie, Inverness. 

Biscoe, Vincent Hilton, M.A. Ch. 
Ch. Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Robt. Biscoe, 
of Wbitbourne, co. Hereford ; b. 18:57 ; 
asst. sec. to G.P.O. from 1899 : General 
Post Office, E.C. 

Biscoe, lt.-g;en. Wm. Walters, C.B., s. 
of rev. W. Biscoe, of Exhall, Warwick- 
shire ; b. 1841 ; served in Afghan war 
1879-80; with Mirahzai expdn. 1891, 
Bengal cav. lt.-gen. 1900, ret. 1901, hon. 
col. 19 lancers from 1901, Ind. army : 80 
St. Brannock's rd. Ilfracombe ; United 
Service club. 

Bisdee, Thos. G., s. of Alfred H. 
Bisdee, of Hutton Court, Somerset (d. 
1898); b. 1852; to. 1878, dau. of J. S. 
Mitchell, of Sydney, N. S. Wales, 

Australia ; lord of the manors of Hutton 

and Oldmixon : Hutton Court, nr. 


Bishop, Chas. Thos. J.P. (1896) 
Warwickshire : 8 Carpenter rd. Edg- 

baston, Birmingham. 
Bishop, maj. Chas. Willoughby, 3 s. 

of Jas. Bishop, of 42 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 

b. 1859 ; to. 1896, Helen, dau. of rt. hon. 

Henry Bruen, of Oak Park, Carlow ; 

maj. 9 lancers 1879-1901 ret,, J.P. (1903) 

Gloucestershire : Naval and Military 

and Arthur's clubs ; Barton Abbotts, 

Tetbury, Glos. 
Bishop, Fredc. Sillery, 3 s. of Fredc. 

Bishop, of Cannes,andlateof The Mount, 

I'enkhnll,Stoke-on-Trent J.l'.(d. 1891) ; b. 

1848 ; to. 1876, Amy, 6 dau. of late capt. 

Johu Trotter, of Dyrhani Park, Herts ; 

J.P. Glamorganshire : National club > 
Benrick, Dee Hills Park, Chester. 

Bishop, maj .-gen. Hy. Parlett, late 
R.A. (Bengal), s. of W. Bishop, of Greys- 
wood House, Surrey ; b. 1829 ; in Pun- 
jaub campaign 1848-9, at Mooltan and 
Goojerat ; Indian mutiny campaign at 
Delhi, Bareilly and Lucknow : ret. 1879 
f . p. as lt.-col. : 70 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; 
United Service and Naval and Military 

Bishop, Jas. Watson, 2 s. of Fredc. 
Bishop, of Cannes, and late of The 
Mount, Penkhull, Stoke-on-Trent, j.p. 
(cQ891) ; 6.1847 ; to. 1876, Adelaide Mary, 
eld. dau. of Harry Coghill, of Coghurst 
Hall, Hastings, and Brampton Tree 
House, Newcastle -under -Lyme, j.p. 
(d, 1897); is J.P. (1884) Staffordshire : 
Jun. Constitutional club ; Oulton House, 
Stone, Staffs. 

Bishop (his honor, Judge), John, b.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Chas. Bishop, of Doly- 
garreg<<*. 1886) ; b. 1830 ; to. 1881, Caro- 
line, dau. of capt. Morgan Pryse Lloyd, of 
Glansevin, Carmarthenshire ; barr.Inner 
Temple 1853, stipend, magist. at Merthyr 
Tydfil 1876-86, county court judge (cir- 
cuit No. 28) Mid Wales 1886-91, (circuit 
No. 31) from 1891, D.L., J.P. Carmarthen- 
shire and Glamorganshire, j.p. Breck- 
nockshire : Doly-garreg, Llandovery ; 
United University club. 

Bissell, Jas. Broad, only s. of late Jas. 
Bissell, of Gt. Barr, Staffordshire ; b. 
1845 ; to. 1, 1872, Julia, eld. dau. of late 
Richd. Bagnall, of Severn Bank, Worcs, 
J.p. ; 2, 1897, Edith, 2 dau. of late rev. 
preby. Wolfe, of Arthington, Torquay 
and Leighon, Moretonhampstead, Devon; 
late capt. 1 Staffordshire mil., j.p. (1897) 
Devon : Carlton and Jun. Constitutional 
clubs ; Bishopsteignton House, S. Devon. 

Bisset, maj. Maurice Elrington-, late 
U.K., s. of J. F. Elrington, ll.d., q.c. (d. 
1883), by Janet, dau. (d. 1905) of ven. 
M. G. Fenwick-Bisset (d. 1879); b. 
1854 ; m. 1884, Anna Isabella, 2 dau. of 
late capt. W. S. Brinkley, 11 huss. ; 
J.P. Aberdeenshire: Lessendrum, Huntlv, 

Bisset, col. sir Wm. Sinclair Smith, 
k.c.i. e.,r.e., s. of late rev. Jas.Bisset,D.D.; 
b. 1843 ; to. 1888, Henrietta M., eld. dau. 
of gen. Wm. P. La Touche, Bo.S.C; 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, dep. con- 
sulting engr. for railways 1872-5, mana- 
ger of Rajputana Malwa state railways 
I.S75-84, agent for Bombay, Baroda and 
Central India railway system 1885-94, 
sec. to govt, of India Public works dept, 
1894-7, govt, director of Indian guar- 


anteed railway cos. 1897-1901, col. ret. 
on Indian pens. 1898 : United Service 
club ; Hill House, Stoke Poges, Bucks. 

Black, Alex. Wm., s. of late rev. Jas. 
Black, min. of Dnnnikier Free Church, 
Kirkcaldy; b. 1859; m. 1888, Ellinor,2 dau. 
of adml. Wilson; admitted a writer to the 
Signet 1885, m.p. (l. ) Banffshire from 
1900: 3 Down st. W. ; 5 Learmonth 
terr. and 123 George st. Edinburgh. 

Slack, Florance Wm., m.a. Oxou., 
only survg. s. of late Wm. Connel Black, 
P.L., J.P., latecapt. Sco.s greys ; b. 1879; 
m. 1902, Aldyth Lorna, youngest dau. of 
J. T. D'Arcy Hutton,*of Marske and 
Aldburgh, Yorks : J. P. Peeblesshire: 
Kanelagh and Caledonian clubs ; Kailzie, 
Peebles, N.B. 

Black, col. Geo.Robt. Stewart, F.B.G.8., 
eld. s. of late rev. Geo. M. Black, of Stran- 
millis, Belfast, co. Antrim ; b. 1836 ; m. 
1865, Frances W., dau. of Chas. Sutton 
Campbell, of Port St. Mary's, Spain ; 
served in 60 K. Roy. Hit'., North China 
war 1860, and surrender of Pekin, after- 
wards commd. 7 battn. 16 years ; J.P. 
(1902) Middlx. : Jun. United Service 
club ; Stranmillis, Harrow-on-tbe-Hill. 

Black, maj.-gen. Jas. ; in S. Mahratta 
campaign 1844-5, pol. agt. Mahee Kaant 
1859-74, ret. f. p. 1874, as col. Bo. B.C.: 

13 Campden Hill rd. Kensington, W. ; 
East India United Service and United 
Service clubs. 

Black, sir Samuel, s. of late Jas. Black, 
of Ballycastle, co. Antrim ; b. 1830; m. 
1853, Ellen, dau. of late Samtiel Archer, 
of Belfast; admitted a solicitor 1853, 
town clerk of Belfast, from 1878, knighted 
1892 : Glen Ebor, Strandtown, co. Down. 

Black,Thos.Fr,iser. .1 . p.( 1 89 l)Middlx. : 

14 Mount View rd. Crouch Hill, N. 
Black, maj.-gen. Wm. Campbell ; b. 

1846 ; operations in Chitral 1895, N. W. 
Frontier of India 1897-8, Tirah 1897-8, 
commd. 2 class dist. in India 1898-1904, 
maj.-gen. 1902, ret. 1904, Ind. army. 

Black, maj.-gen. Wilsone, C.B., s. of 
Jas. Black, of Glasgow ; b. 1837 ; served 
with 42 Highlanders in Crimea at siege 
of Sebastopol 1855, in Zulu war 1879, 
a.a.<;. on staff of army 1887-91, commdg. 
troops in Jamaica 1891-3, in Belfast dist. 
1893-4, in China and Hong Kong 1895-8, 
ret. p. 1899 : Jun. United Service club. 

Blackall-Simonds, Geo., s. of Geo. 
Simonds, of Reading, Berks (d. 1852) ; b. 
184:5 ; assumed by deed poll addtl. name 
of Blackall 1905 : 65 Hamilton terr. St. 
John's Wood, N.W. ; Bradfield House, 
ii r. Heading, Berks. 

Blackburn, archd. of (Manchester), 
vide ven. R. C. Fletcher. 

Blackburn, Arthur, 2 s. of Edwd. 
Blackburn, of Stowford, Devon (d. 1887); 
b. 1849 ; lord of the manor of Stowford : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Hay no, Stowford, 
Lew Down S.O. Devon. 

Blackburn, Harold Bellas, 4 s. of 
Edwd. Blackburn, of Haiue, co. Devon 
(d. 1887); b. 1859; wi. 1895, Constance 
V.. dau. of rev. R. T. Blagden : Donhead 
Hall, nr. Salisbury. 

Blackburn, R. L., s. of late Robt. 
Blackburn ; b. 18 ; m. 1893, lady Con- 
stance, dau. of 13 earl of Strathmore, b. 

Blackburne, ven. Foster Grey, M.A. 
Oxon., s. of rev. Thos. Blackburne, rect. 
if Prcstwich, Lancashire ; b. 1838 ; hon. 
minor canon of Chester cath. 1872, rect. 
of Nantwich, Chesh. 1872-94, R.D. of 
Burj and red. from 1891. arc-lid. of Man- 
chester from 1905: The Rectory, Bury, 

Blackburne, Fras. Wm., eld. s. of 
Wm. M. Blackburne, of Tankardstown, 
co. Meatb {d. 1868) ; b. 1S51 ; m. 1895, 
Olivia B. L., dau. of J. Ansiruther 
Thomson, of Charleton, Fife ; J.P. co. 
Meath (sheriff 1898) : Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Tankardstown, Slane, co. Meath. 

Blackburne, Robert Ireland, c.B. (mil. 
1902), only s. of col. John Ireland 
Blackburne, of Hale Hall, Lanes, m.i\. 
D.L., J.P. id. 1893) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1885, 
Georgina V., youngest dau. of late lt.- 
col. sir Gustavus Hume, knt. ; is d.t,., 
J.P. (1893) Lancashire, hon. col. 3 battn. 
(mil.) S. Lanes regt. 1903, late lr.-c.l. 
commdg. (1896-1903), hon. It. -col. in the 
army 1901, served in S. Africa 1909-1 : 
Carlton, United Service and St. James' 
clubs ; Hale Hall, nr. Liverpool. 

Blackburne-Maze, mrs. Edith Mary, 
3 dau. of William Edward Meares, of 
Lucknow, India ; m. 1901, as his 2 wife, 
William Peter Blackburne-Maze, of Ley- 
bourne Grange, Kent (d. 1905) : Ley- 
bourne Grange, West Mailing, Kent. 

Blacker, rev. Robt. Shapland Carew, 
M.A.Trin. Coll. Dub., s. of Wm. Blacker, 
of Woodbrook, co. Wexford (d. 1831) ; 
b. 1826 ; m. 1858, Theodosia S. C, dau. 
(d. 1890) of Geo. Meara, of May Park, co. 
Waterf ord ; rect. of Marholm, Northants 
1860-77, hon. canon of Peterborough 
1869-77, J.P. cos. Wexford and Armagh : 
Woodbrook, Killanne, Enniscorthy, co 
Wexford; Carrick blacker, Portadown, 
co. Armagh. 




Blacker, Win. eld. s. of late Thos. S. 
Blacker, Castle Martin ; b. 1853 ; m. 1, ; 
Mary, 4 dau. (d. 1885) of 3 baron Clon- 
curry ; 2, 1892, Eva Harriet Cator, 
youngest dau. of late Ed. Beauman, of 
Furness, co. Kildare ; J. p. co. Kildare 
^sheriff 1878), late maj. Kildare mil.: 
Castle Martin, Newbridge, co. Kildare. 

Blacker - Douglass, Maxwell Van- 
deleur, eld. s. of St. John Thos. Blacker- 
Douglass, of Grace Hall, co. Down and 
Elm Park, co. Armagh, D.L., J.P.(d. 1900); 
b. 1859 ; m. 1891, Alice, only child of 
Robt. Macgeough, of Silver Bridge, co. 
Armagh ; assumed by royal licence 
addtl. name of Douglass 1880 : Elm Park, 
Killylea SO. co. Armagh ; Bellevue Park, 
Killiney S.O. co. Dublin. 

Blackett, maj .-gen . sir Edward Win., 7 
bart. (1673), c.B. (1905), eld. s. of sir E. 
Blackett, 6 bart. {d. 1885) ; b. 1831 ; m. 
1871,hon. Julia, dau. of 17 baron Somer- 
ville, b. 1844 ; in Crimea with rifle bri- 
gade 1854; knt.leg. hon.,j.P.Northumber- 
land (sheriff 1889) (Heir, s. Hugh Douglas, 
b. 1873) : Matfen Hall, Corbridge R.S.O. 
Northumb. ; Bonnyrigg Hall (shooting 
box), Haltwhistle, Carlisle. 

Blackett, lady. Alethea R. A., vide 
H. F.G.Holt. 

Blackett,mrs.Georgiana F., dau. of sir 
Andrew Corbet, 2 bart. ; m. 1861, col. 
Christopher Edwd. Blackett, of Arbig- 
land, Kirkcudbrightshire, D.L., j.p. (d. 
1904): Arbigland, Khkbean. Dnmfrits, 

Blackett-Ord, John Reginald, eld. s. 
of Andrew John Blackett-Ord, of Whit- 
field Hall, Northumb. j.p. (d. 1899) ; b. 
1885 : Whitfield Hall, Whitfield R.S.O. 

Blacklock, Joseph Herbert, eld. s. of 
Wm. Thos. Blacklcck, of Hopefield, 
Pendleton, Lancashire, J.P. ; b. 1855 ; m. 
1876, Julia, dau. of Chas. Corser, of 
Wolverhampton, Staffordshire ; is J.p. 
Northants : New University club ; Over- 
thorpe House, Banbury. 

Blackmore, Edwin Gordon, c.M.G. 
(1901) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1872, Eleanora E., 
eld. dau. of ven. Geo. Hy. Farr, ll.d., of 
Adelaide ; served in the New Zealand 
war 1863-4, librarian of Legislature, S. 
Australia, 1864, clerk of Assembly 1886, 
of Parliaments 1887, of Federal Conven- 
tion 1897-8, of the Parliaments, Com- 
monwealth of Australia from 1901, 
author of works on Parliamentary, Ac. 
subjects : Parliament House, Melbourne, 

Blackwall, John, s. of John Blackwall, 
of Hendre, Denbighshire, J.P.; b. 1866 ; 
m. Christian Stewart, dau. of John 
Stewart Jackson, of Valparaiso, Chile, S. 
America ; j.p. (1904) Denbighshire : 
Hendre House, Llanrwst S.O. Denbigh- 

Blackwall, John Blackwall Evans- ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1871, Lucy, dau. of R. Eaton ; 
J.P.Derbyshire : Blackwall, Kirk Ireton, 

Blackwell, maj.-gen. Jas. Edwd., R.A., 
lt.-col. (col. 1885) R.A. 1881-6, ret. p. 1886. 

Blackwell, Samuel John, j.p. (1901), 
Middlx. : Brookshill, Harrow Weald, 

Blackwell, Thos. Fras., s. of Thos. 
Blackwell, of Harrow Weald, Middlx. ; 
b. 1838 ; m. 1883, Annie, dau. of W. 
Footman, of Lutterworth ; j.p. Middlx. 
(sheriff 1894) and co. London, prts. 
London Chamber of Commerce 1901-5 : 
1199 Queen's gate, S.W. ; The Cedars, 
I Harrow Weald, Middlx. 

Blackwell, mrs. Caroline, eld. dau. of 
! John Griffith Frith, of Highlands, Glos. 
j (d. 1868) ; m. 1863, rev. Robt. Edwd. 
! Blackwell, rect. of Amberley, Glos. ; 
j patroness of the living of Amberley : 
i Highlands, Amberley, Stroud, Glos. 

Blackwood, capt. sir Francis, 4 bart 
(1814), R.N., bro. of 3 bart. (d. 1854) ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1, 1861, Laura 0., 2 dau. of R. S. 
Palmer ; 2, 1871, Dorothy F., dau. of late 
rev. E. H. Quicke, of Newton St. Cyres, 
Devon ; capt. R.N., ret. 1886 (Heir, s. Hy. 
Robt. Temple, b. 1862) : United Service 

Blackwood, capt. lord Fdk. Temple 
Hamilton-Temple-, D.s.o.,4 s. of 1 marq.of 
Dufferin ; b. 1875 ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1900, capt. 9 lancers from 1904. 

Blackwood, Harry Officer, 3 s. of 
Richd. Blackwood (d. 1881); b. 1868; 
m. 1892, Isla Jessie, 2 dau. of W. D. 
Mackenzie, of Fawley Court, Bucks and 
Farr, Inverness ; capt. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Lincoln regt., J.P. (1903) Oxfordshire: 
Wellington club ; Rosehill House, 
Caversham, Oxon. 

Blackwood, lord (Ian) Basil Hamil- 
ton-Temple-, 3 s. of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; 
b. 1870; barr. Inner Temple 1897, dep. 
judge advoc. S. Africa 1900-1, sec. to 
gov. of Orange River Colony 190 1-3. J 
asst. col. sec. there from 1903, heir pres 
to marquesate : Bloemfontein, Orang( 
River Colony, S. Africa. 

Blackwood,maj.PriceFredk.,late R.A. 
3 s. of rev. the hon. Wm. Stear Black 
wood, vicar of Ballinderry, co. Antrin 
(d. 1874) ; b. 1841; m. 1880, Henrietta 



only child of late Albemarle Bertie Cator ; 
ret. capt. and hon. maj. r.a. 1880, J. P. 
Berks and Northants : Carlton, Naval 
and Military and Hurlingham clubs. 

Blackwood, lady Alicia, sis. of 8 earl 
of Cavan : b. 1818 ; m. 1849, rev. James 
Stevenson Blackwood, D.D., ll.d. (d. 
1882) : Boxmoor House, Boxmoor, Herts. 

Blackwood, lady Doris Gwendoline 
Hamilton-Temple-, b. 1895 ; lady Ursula 
Florence Hamilton-Temple-, b. 1899 ; 
lady Patricia Ethel Hamilton-Temple-, 
b. 1902 ; daus. of 2 marq. of Dufferin. 

Blackwood, lady Hermione Catherine 
Helen Hamilton-Temple-, dau. of 1 marq. 
of Dufferin ; b. 1869. 

Blades, John Horton, s. of late 
Brownlow W. Blades, West Bromwich ; 
b. 1841 ; m. 1865, Sarah, eld. dau. of 
Edmund Collumbell, Derby; J. P. and 
aldm. of W. Bromwich, pres. of several 
temperance soc, M. p. (l.) W. Bromwich 
1885-6 : Oakhurst, West Bromwich. 

Bladworth, John, j.p. (1905) W. R. 
Yorks : Percy Lodge, Goole. 

Bladworth, mrs. Sarah, widow of 
Thos. Bladworth, of Whitgift Hall, 
Yorks (d, 1901) : Whitgift Hall, nr. 
Goole, Yorks. 

Blagrave, Hy. Barry, 2 and eld. 
suiwg. s. of John Hy. Blagrave, of Calcot 
Park, Berks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1885, Margaret, 3 dau. of Eugene 
Moran, of New York, U.S.A. : Calcot 
Park, Tilehurst, Reading. 

Blagrrave, John Gratwicke, 3 and 
2 survg. s. of John Hy. Blagrave, of 
Calcot Park, Berks, and Barrow House, 
Somerset (d. 1895); b. 1853; m. 1898, 
Fanny Julia, 7 dau. of late sir Ahx. 
Beaumont Churchill Dixie, 10 bart., and 
widow of lord Hy. Edwd. Brudenell 
Somerset (d. 1897) ; lord of the manor of 
Barrow Gurney, Som., capt. and hon. 
maj. N. Somerset I.Y. 1895-1903 : 
Cavalry club. 

Blagrove, col. Hy. John, c.B. (1900), 
s. of Hy. John Bin grove, of Cardiff 
Hall, Jamaica and Gloucester pi. W. ; 
b. 1851: m 1, 1884, Alice E., dau. (d. 
1897) of late rev. E. Boothby, of Whit- 
well, Derbyshire ; 2, 1901, Violet, dau. 
of Fredk. Walton, of Cwmllecoediog, 
Mont ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 
Egyptian war 1882, S. African war 1899- 
1901, lt.-col. (brevet col. 1900) 13 huts. 
1896-1901, ret. p. 1901 : Army and Navy 
club ; Thurston Grange, Gt. Barton, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 

Blain, Wm.; b. 1861 ; a principal clerk 
and first Treasury officer of accounts 

from 1903 : The Treasury, Whitehall 

Blain, sir Wm. Arbuthnot, s. of G 
Blain ; b. 1833 ; m. 1860, Ann, dau. of J. 
Allen, of Handsworth ; J.P. Nottingham, 
dir. of Midland Counties' Bank, knighted 
1897 : 17 Cavendish cres. south, The 
Park, Nottingham. 

Blaine, sir Chas. Fredk., eld. s. of 
Benj. Blaine, M.D., of Natal; b. 18; 
m. 18, Helen M., d iu. of Thos. Howie ; 
knighted 1889 : Jetty st. Port Elizabeth, 
Cape of Good Hope. 

Blaine, lady. Letitia P., 5 dau. of 
sir Timothy Vansittart Stonhouse, 14 
bart. ; m. 1881, as his 2 wife, sir Robt. 
Stickney Blaine, knt., mayor of Bath 
1872-3, M.P. (C.) Bath 1885-6 (d. 1897) : 
Summerhill, Sion hill, Bath. 

Blair, gen. Chas. Renny, Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, gen. 1894 Ind. army, 
on U.S. list 1889 : 37 Green Park, Bath. 

Blair, rev. sir David Hunter-, 5 bart. 
(1786), m.a. Oxon. eld. s. of 4 bart. (d. 
1896) ; b. 1853; in holy orders of Church 
of Rome, a monk of the Benedictine 
order, heir, bro. commdr. Edwd. Huuter- 
Blair, q.v. : 9 Beaumont st. Oxford ; 
St. Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, 
Inverness, N.B. 

Blair, commdr. Edwd. Hunter-, R.N. 
4 but 2 survg. s. of sir Edwd. Hunter- 
Blair, 4 bart. {d. 1896) ; b. 1858 ; m. 
1886, Cecilia D., dau. of sir Wm. Jas. 
Farrer, knt. ; d.l., Ayr, heir pres. 
to baronetcy : Naval and Military club ; 
Blairquhan Castle, Maybole, N.B. 

Blair, col. Fredk. Gordon, c.B. (1900), 
only s. of capt. Wm. Fordyce Blair, R.N., 
D.L., J.P., of Blair, Ayrshire (d. 1888) ; 
b. 1852 ; m. 1880, Mary E., dau. of Wm. 
Baird, of Elie and Rosemount ; D.L., 
J.p. Ayrshire, J.P. Rutland (sheriff 
1886), late capt. 16 lancers, commd. 
mounted troops 8 divn. S. Africa 1900, 
hon. lt.-col. in the army 1900, lt.-col. 
commdg. and hon. col. Leicestershire 
I.Y. 1895-1904: Turf club; Ashwell 
Hall, Oakham ; Blair, Dairy, Ayrshire. 

Blair, Harrison Falkner, b.a. Oxon., 
eld. s. of Harrison Blair, of Man- 
chester ; b. 1839; barr. Inner Temple 1864, 
puisne judge of high court of N.W. Pro- 
vinces of India 1892-1905. 

Blair, Patrick, 2 s. of Hugh Blair, of 
Auchenreoch, Kirkcudbrightshire ; b. 
1836 ; m. L 1873, hon. Eleonora Jane 
Ross, dau. (d. 1896) of 1 baron Moncreiff ; 
2, 1899, Elizabeth Hunter, dau. of late 
Wm. Thorns, Dundee, and widow of 
Archibald Anderson Watt, of Denmylne; 
partner in firm of Blair and Cadell : 


1 1 Ainslie pi. Edinburgh ; Bielside, Dun- 
bar, N.B. ; Jun. Carlton, and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs. 

Blair, Percy Alex. Field, eld. s. of col. 
S. A. Sadler, of Preston-on-Tees, co. 
Durham ; in. 1888, Mary, dau. of late 
G-. Y. Blair, of Drumrauck, Hutton 
Rudby, Yorks ; assumed name of Blair 
in lieu of Sadler 1892, j.p. (1899) N. R. 
Yorks : Hutton Rudby, Yarm. 

Blair, Robert,M.D.Edin., youngest s. of 
Alex. Blair, of Borrowstounness, Lin- 
lithgowshire ; b. 1847 ; m. 1878, Emma, 
dau. of Henry Pritt, of Preston, Lanes : 
J.P. W. R. Yorks : Anglesey House, 
Goole, Yorks. 

Blake, vide Aldrich-Blake. 

Blake, vide Jex-Blake. 

Blake, Arthur Maurice, o.b. (1897), 
V.D., s. of late col. F. R. Blake, C.B., 
and nephew of late W. J. Blake, 
Danesbury, Welwyn ; b. 1852 ; in. 1881, 
Isabel, 2 dau. of J. S. Crawley, 
of Stockwood, Beds. ; capt. late gren. 
gds., lt.-col. (hon. col. 1891) 1 vol. 
battn. Bedfordshire regt. 1880-1900 ; D.L., 
J.p. Herts, sheriff of Rutland 1887: 
Danesbury, nr. Welwyn Herts. 

Blake, col. Benjn. Watson, s. of W. 
Blake, of Wraxhall House, Wilts (d. 
1879) ; 6.1846 ; m. 1874, Edith G., dau. 
of late S. Pitman, of Oulton Hall, 
Norfolk; J.P. Devon; commd. 20 huss. 
1885-9, ret. p. : Naval and Military club ; 
Bellair, Heavitree, Exeter. 

Blake, Chas. Fredk. Sapte, eld. s. of 
Edwd. Fredk. Blake, of Shanklin Towers, 
I. of W. ; b. 1869 ; m. 1893, Annie Ethel, 
2 dau. of late John Rogerson, j.p. of Crox- 
dale Hall, co. Durham ; admitted a soli- 
citor 1902 : Great Budbridge Manor, 
Merstone, I. of W. 

Blake. Chas. Joseph, b.a. Dublin, 2 s. 
of V. O'C. Blake of Towerhill, co. Mayo, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1840 ; Irish barr. 
1862, j.p. Queen's co. (sheriff 1895) and 
co. Gal way: Raleigh and Stephen's 
Green clubs; Heath House, Mary- 
borough, Queen's co.; Bunowen Castle, 
Clifden S.O. co. Galway. 

Blake, hon. Chas. Wm. Joseph Hy., 
eld. s. of 4 baron Wallscourt; b. 1875 ; 
m. 1897, Ellen, dau of Joseph Mayo and 
widow of P. Boisset. 

Blake, hon. Edward, p.c. (Canada), 
K.u., ll.d., m.a. Toronto Univ. ; eld. s. 
of late (hon.) Wm. Hume Blake, 
Ontario, chancellor of Upper Canada ; b. 
1833 ; m. 1858, Margaret, dau. of late bp 
(Crony n) of Huron ; barr. Up. Canada 
1856, Q.O. 1864, M.p. ( L .) Canadian 
Parliament 1867-91, P.c. 1873. treas. Law 


Soc. Ont. 1878-93, chanc. of University 
of Toronto from 1876, m.p. (l.) Ont. 
parlt. 1867-72, prime min. of Ont. 1871-2, 
min. of Justice Canada 1875-7, pres. of 
council 1877-8, M.P. (n.) S. Longford 
from 1892: 20 Kensington gate, W. ; 
National Liberal club ; Toronto, Ontario; 
Murray Bay, Quebec. 

Blake, sir Ernest Edwd., k.c.m G. 
(1901), s. of rev. Edmund Blake, of Bram- 
erton, Norfolk ; b. 1845; m. 1874, Cath- 
erine Isabella, dau.(<i. 1902) of late Alfred 
Blyth, of 38 Westbourne terr. ; entd. 
Colonial Office 1863, Crown Agent for the 
Colonies from 1881 : 4 Whitehall gdns. 
S.W. ; Hawkshill, Leatherhead, Surrey. 

Blake, hon. Erroll Wyndham Lincoln, 
2 s. of 4 baron Wallscourt : b. 1875. 

Blake, col. Fras. Douglas, b.a. 
Oxon.. eld. s. of F. Blake, of Tillmouth 
Park, 'Northumb. (d. 1861) ; b. 1856 ; in. 
1886, Selina C, eld. dau. of Jas. Cleland 
Burns, of Glenlee, Hamilton, N.B. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1881, D.L., j.p. (1901) 
Northumberland, lt.-col. commdt. (hon. 
col. 1904) Northumb. r.g.a. (mil.) from 
1901 : United University club ; Till- 
mouth Park, Cornhill-on-Tweed. 

Blake, col. Geo. Pilkington, only s. of 
J. B. Blake, of Thurston House, Suffolk, 
J.P. (d. 1874), by 4 dau. of late sir Thos. 
Pilkington, 7 bart. ; b. 1835 ; m. 1860, 
Adeline, 3 dau. of Jas. King King, of 
Staunton Park, Leominster ; in Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, It. col. comdg. (hon. col.) 
Suffolk yeom. 1876-87, J.P. Suffolk : 
Hewitts, Willesboro', Ashford, Kent. 

Blake, Henry, M.A.Cantab., s. of John 
Joseph Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Nor- 
folk (d. 1881) : b. 1833 : The Hall, Bra- 
merton, Norwich. 

Blake, Henry, 4 s. of late Alfred 
Blake, of Codford, Wilts, j.p. ; b. 1851 ; 
in. Catherine Eva, dau. of J. Gayton, of 
Trowbridge, Wilts; j.p. (1905) Wilts : 
Elmhurst, Hilperton rd. Trowbridge. 

Blake, sir Henry Arthur, g.C.m.g. 
(1897), F.R.G.S., eld. s. of Peter Blake; 
of Corbally Castle, co. Galway (d. 1851), 
b. 1840 ; m. 1, 1862, eld. dau. (d. 1866) of 
A. Irwin of Ballymore, Boyle ; 2, 1874, 
Edith, eld. dau. of Ralph Bernal-Osborne, 
of Newtown Anner, co. Tipperary ; entd. 
R. Irish Constably. 1859, res. magist. 
1876, 1 of the 5 sped. res. magist. selected 
by govt, in 1882 ; knt. of justice of order 
of St. John of Jerusalem, gov. of the 
Bahamas 1884-7,of Newfoundland 1887-8, 
of Jamaica 1888-97, of Hong Kong 1897- 
1903, of Ceylon from 1903: Govern- 
ment House, Colombo, Ceylon ; Myrtle 


Grove, Youghal, co. Cork ; Marlborough 
and Brooks' clubs. 

Blake, Henry Claude, M.V.O. 5 class 
(190:?), 3 s. of late John Lane Blake and 
nephew of sir Henry A. Blake, G.C.M.G., 
gov. of Ceylon ; b. 1874 ; Athlone pursui- 
vant of Arms from 1899, late It. 3 vol. 
battn. R. "Welsh Fus. ; esq., order of St. 
John of Jerusalem : 22 Morehampton 
rd. Dublin, and Office of Arms, Dublin 

Blake, Hy. Edgar Valentine, l.r.c.p. 
and R.c.s.i.", eld. s. of capt. Edgar Hy. 
Blake, of Ilenvyle, co. Gal way, R.N. (ret.), 
J.P. (d, 1872) ; b. 1864; J.P. co. Galway : 
Aherdelghy, Howth S.O. co. Dublio ; 
Renvyle, co. Galway. 

Blake, gen. Hy. "Win.; m. 1, Harriette 
Louisa, dau. [d. 1864) of Fras. Diggens, 
of Chichester ; 2, Mary Ann (d. 1880), 
dau. of W. Crake ; 3, Mary Jane, dau. of 
Thos. Hayter ; held chief commd. in Bar- 
mah 1871-2 ; of Hyderabad subsidy 
force 1873-6 ; Madras infy. : Elgin Lodge, 
85 Ladbroke grove, "W. 

Blake. John Heritage, J.P. (1900) 
"Wilts : Beechfield, Melksham. 

Blake, It. col. Llewellyn, only survg. 
s. of Maurice Blake, of Ballinafad, co. 
Mayo (d. 18 ), by dau. and heiress of 
Marcus Lynch, of Cloghballymore, co. 
Galway; b. 1842 ; maj. and hon. It- 
col, late 3 battn. (mil.) Connaught 
Rangers, d.l. co. Mayo, J.P. co. Galway : 
Ballinafad, Drum, co. Mayo ; Clogh- 
ballvmore, Kilcolgan, co. Galway. 

Blake, L. B.,.i.p. (1903) Carmarthen- 
shire : Whitland Abbey, Whitland 
S.O. Carmarthenshire. 

Blake, col. Malachi Locke, v.d., s. of 
Wm. Blake, of Bridge, Ilminster; b. 1848 : 
J.P. and c.c. Somerset : Bridge, South 
Petherton S.O. Somerset. 

Blake, col. Maurice Chas. Joseph, c.B., 
eld. s. of V. O'C. Blake, of Towerhill, J.P., 
D.L. (d. 1879) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1863, Jean- 
nette, only dau. of R. F. O'Reilly, of 
Sans-Souci, co. Dublin : J.P. co. Galway, 
J. P., d.l. co. Mayo (sheriff 1864), lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1886) commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Connaught rangers 1885-97 : United 
Service (Dublin) club ; Towerhill, Bally- 
glass, co. Mayo. 

Blake, sir Patrick James Graham, 5 
bart. (1772), only s. of late rev. H.B.Blake, 
by only dau. of H. J. Oakes of Nowton 
Court, Bury St. Edmunds, and grands, of 
4 bart. (d. 1880) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1883, Emma 
Gertrude, only dau. of late Thos. Pilk- 
ington Dawson,of Groton House,Suffolk, 
lord of the manor of Bard well, J. P. Suffolk ; 
It. 3 battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. 1880-4 


(i7e/r,d\Cuihbert Patrick,6.1885): Orleans 

Blake, Robt., eld. survg. s. of Hy. 
Blake (d. 1860) ; b. 1834 ; sheriff of Gal- 
way 1892 :' Bally glunin Park, Athenry, 
co. Galway. 

Blake, Thos. Joseph, b.a. Trin. coll. 
Dub., 5 s. of Yalentine O'Connor Blake, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1879) ; b. 1849 ; Irish barr. 
1873, memb. of Dub. Chamber of Com- 
merce : Bunowen Castle, Clifden, co. 

Blake, major sir Valentine, 14 bart. 
(1622), b. 1836 ; m. 1864, Camilla Eugenia, 
dau. of Harvey Combe, M.C.S. : J.P. co. 
Galway {Heir, s. Thos. Patrick Ulick 
John Harvey, b. 1870) : Menlough Castle, 

Blake, rev. Warrenne Jas., s. of John 
Joseph Blake, of Bramerton Hall, Nor- 
wich {d. 1881); b. 1850: m. 1878, Alice 
E., only dau. of gen. T. E. Knox, c.B. ; 
vicar from 1882 of Easton, Noi-wich. 

Blake, Wm. Farewell, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Blake, of South Petherton, Somer- 
setshire, d.l., J.P. (d. 1901); b. 1846; 
j.p. (1897) Somersetshire : Bridge House, 
S. Petherton, Som. 

Blake, Wm. Greaves ; J.P. Derby- 
shire, d.l., J.P. "W.R. Yorks, late It. 
9 lancers : Conservative club ; Button 
Hill, Ecclesall, Sheffield. 

Blake, mrs. Eliza. .Mary, only dau. of 
late Edwd. Bevan, of Oxton, Birkenhead ; 
m. 1898, Thos. Blake, of Lebanon, co. 
Hereford, J.P., M.P. (L.) Leominster 1876- 
80 ; Glo'stershire (Forest of Dean divn.) 
1885-7 {d. 1901) : Ryefield, Heswall, 

Blake, hon. Elizabeth Lucy Eily, b. 
1877; hon. Margaret Phyllis, b. 1883; 
daus. of 4 baron Wallscourt. 

Blake, hon. mrs. Mary Josephine, dau. 
of 3 baron de Freyne ; b. 1860 ; m. 1880, 
Valentine J. Blake, 3 s. of V. O'C. Blake, 
of Towerhill, co. Mayo, J. P., d.l. (d. 1879). 

Blake-Humfrey, lt-col. Thos., 2 s. of 
Robt. Blake-Humfrey, of Wroxham, 
Norfolk {d. 1886); b. 1844; served in 
Afghan war 1880, Burmese expdn. 1886-7, 
late The King's (Liverpool) regt., on ret. 
p.. J.P. (1900) Norfolk: Naval and 
Military club ; Heggatt Hall, Horstead, 

Blakeley, Wm., j.p. (1871), W. R. 
Yorks : Rokeby, Birkby, Huddersfield. 

Blakeney, John Theophilus, eld. s. 
of John Blakeney, of Castle Blakeney, 
co. Galway, D.L., j.p. {d. 1901) ; b. 1855 ; 
J.P. co. Galway : Abbert, Ballyglunin, 
co. Galway. 

Blaker, sir John Geo., s. of J. G. 



Blaker, of Brighton ; 6, 1854 ; m. 1890, 
Lily Cowell ; J.P. Brighton, aldm. from 
1892, mayor 1895-6, 1896-7 and 1897-8, 
knighted 1897 : The Romans, Stanford 
avenue, Brighton. 

Blakesley, Geo. Holmes, M.A.Cantab., 
eld. s. of late very rev. J. W. Blakesley, 
dean of Lincoln ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Alice 
A., youngest dau. of late rev. canon Wm. 
S. Gilly, vicar of Norham ; barr.Lincoln's 
Inn 1872, chancellor of the diocese of 
Peterborough from 1891 : 14 Nevern rd. 
S.W. ; 13 Old sq. W.O. 

Blakiston, sir Horace Nevile, 5 bart. 
(1763), nephew of 4 bart. (d. 1883) ; 
b. 1861 {Heir, bro. Chas. Edwd., 6. 1862): 
Lynton, Westby rd. Boscombe, Bourne- 

Blakiston, Matthew Folliott, 4 s. of 
rev. Peyton Blakiston, M.D., f.r.s. ; b. 
1835; m. 1, 1858, youngest dau. (d.1868) of 
J. Mason, of Lymington ; 2, 1885, Char- 
lotte A. (d. 1896), widow of I. Spooner ; 
clerk of the peace and of C.c. for Staf- 
fordshire : Rowley Park, Stafford. 

Blakiston, very rev. Ralph Milburn, 
m.a. Cantab., f.s.a., 2 s. of rev. ltobt. 
Blakiston, rect. of Ashington, Sussex ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1873, Alice Gertrude, dau. 
of capt. Robt. iParr, 45 regt.; dean of 
Booking and rect. of Hadleigh, Suffolk 
from 1899: The Deanery, Hadleigh, 
Suffolk ; St. Stephen's club. 

Blakiston-Houston, John, eld. s. of 
R. B. Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield, 
co. Down (d. 1857) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1859, 
Marian, dau. (d. 1893) of R. S. Streatfeild, 
of The Rocks, Sussex ; j.p., d.l. and H.M. 
vice-lieut. of the co. Down (sheriff 1860), 
M.P. (c.) N. Down 1898-1900 : Carlton 
club ; Orangefield and Roddens, Belfast. 

Blaksley, maj.-gen. John, lt.-col. 
commdg. (col. 1885) The Buffs, 1882-6, 
ret. p. 1886 : 5 Charles st. St. James', 
S.W. ; Jun. United Service club ; 9 
Lansdowne sq. Hove, Brighton. 

Blanc, dep. surg.-geu. sir Hy. Julius, 
k.c.v.o. (1901), m.d. Montpelier, f.r.c.p. 
Lond., M.R.C.S.Eng., s. of late Hy. 
Antoine Blanc ; b. 1831 ; m. 1877, Stella, 
dau. of Eyre Burton Powell, c.s.i.; 
served in China war 1860-62, memb. 
Abyssinian mission 1864, dep. surg.-gen. 
I. Med. S. (Bombay), ret. 1887 : Villa 
Manonka, Cannes, France. 

Bland, vide Davison-Bland. 

Bland, maj.-gen. Edwd. Loftus, r.e., 
s. of rev. R. W. Bland, of Abbeyville, 
Whiteabbey ; b. 1829 ; m. 1859, Emma F. 
dau. of R F. Franks, of Jerpoint, co. 
Kilkenny ; ret. p. 1887 : Woodbank, 
Whiteabbey, co. Antrim. 

Bland, Fras. Lawrence, eld. s. of Fras. 
Maltby Bland, of Emneth, Norfolk, d.l., 
j.p. ; b. 1873; m. 1899,Mabel Barbara, dau. 
of late John V. Gooch, of Bracknell, 
Berks; j.p. (1900) Isle of Ely: Rookwood, 
Copdock, Ipswich. 

Bland, Fras. Maltby, eld.s.of late Fras. 
Lawrence Bland, of Snaresbrook, Essex ; 
b. 1845 ; m. 1872, Edith R., eld. dau. of 
late H. F. Barclay, of Monkhams, Essex, 
D.L., J.P. ; is D.L. Cambridgeshire, j.p. 
Norfolk and Isle of Ely : Isthmian and 
White's clubs ; Inglethorpe Manor, 
Emneth, Norfolk. 

Bland, capt. John Loftus, s. of Loftus 
Hy. Bland, of Blandsfort, Queen's co., 
Q.C., M.P. (d. 1872) ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1, 1868, 
Alice, 2 dau. (d. 1898) of late capt. Geo. 
Hotham, R.E. ; 2, 1899, Georgianna 
Augusta, dau. of late Geo. White West, 
of Ardenode, co. Kildare ; D.L., j.p. 
Queen's co., late capt. 6 Inniskilling 
drags.: Blandsfort, Abbejleix,Queen's co. 

Bland, Thos. Elsey, j.p Essex : The 
Friary, Maldon. 

Blandford, marq. of, John Albert 
Edwd. Wm. Spencer-Churchill, eld. s. of 
duke of Marlborough ; b. 1897. 

Blandford, Joseph Whitfield, L.R.C.P. 
Edin., m.r.c.8. Eng., v.d. (1903), 4 s. of 
Thos. Blandford, of Corbridge, Nor- 
thumb.; b. 1847 ; m. 1875, dau. of Jas. 
Fowler, of Durham ; surg.-col. brig, 
surg. Durham vol. brigade, J.P. (1904) 
co. Durham : Auxiliary Forces club ; The 
Manor, Norton, Stockton-on-Tees. 

Blandford, marchioness of, lady Al- 
berta F., dau. of 1 duke of Abercorn, 
K.G. ; m. 1869, marq. of Blandford (after 
wards 8 duke of Marlborough, d. 1892) 
(she obtained a divorce 1883) : 108 Park 
st. W. 

Blandy, Henry Bilson, 2 s. of Wm. 
Blandy,ofWestwood,Berks,J.P. (d.1873); 
b. 1828 ; m. 1854, Jane, only dau. of late 
Griffiths Williams Morris, of Barnet, 
Herts and Clynsaithman, Cardiganshire ; 
j.p. Berks and Reading (mayor 1871, 3 
and 1878, 80) : Jun. Constitutional, 
Primrose and Berkshire clubs ; Merton- 
ford, Wokingham. 

Blandy, misses Grace E. F. and Agnes 
M. C. A., daus. of late Fredc. Blandy, of 
Birchamp House, Gloucestershire, j.p. 
(d. 1896) : Birchamp House, Newland 
Coleford, Glos. 

Blandy-Jenkins, col. John, eld. s. 
of late J. Blandy, of Kingston Bagpuize, 
Berks ; b. 1839; m. 1, 1861,Alice M., 3 dau 
(d. 1895) of late C. W. Faber, of Northaw, 
Herts ; 2, 1897, Elizabeth N. 4 dau. of late 
maj.-gen. G. Drury, R.M.L.I., of North 



Huish, Devon ; is j.p. Glamorgan, d.l., 
j. p. Berks (sheriff 1866) ; assumed, by- 
royal licence, name of Jenkins, 1858 ; 
lt.-col. (hon. col. 18S7) 3 battn. (mil.) 
K. Berks regt. 1886-8: Union club; 
Llanharan House, Pontyclun S.O. 

of Gilbert Jas. Blane(d.l881) and nephew 
of Thos. Law Blane, of Foliejon Park, 
Berks (d. 1885) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1888, Mabel 
A. 8 dau. of late adml. hon. Keith 
Stewart, c.B., and granddau. of 8 earl of 
Galloway, k.t. , late capt. Scots gds., 
j.p.(1886) Berks : 21 Prince's gdns.S.W.; 
Guards' and "Wellington clubs. 

Blane, lt.-gen. sir Seymour John, 3 
bart. (1812), C.B. (1871), eld. s. of 2 
bart, (</. 1869) ; b. 1833 ; m. 1903, widow 
of Henry Blake, of Boston, Massachu- 
setts ; served with Scots gds. in Crimea, 
witli 52 foot and rifle brig, in Indian 
mutiny, knt. Medjidie, mil. sec. and 
a.d.c. to gov.-gens. of India (Canning, 
Elgin, Lawrence and Mayo) 1860-9, ret. 
1881 (Heir, nephew, It. Chas. Rodney 
Blane, R.N., b. 1879) : White's club. 

Blank, Wm., j.p. (1903) Cornwall: 
Bridge House, Camelford. 

Blaxland, rear-adml. John Edric, 
mid. of "Euryalus" at bombardment 
of Kagosima, Japan, 1863, and of bat- 
teries at Simonseki 18o4,first It. of "Alex- 
andra " at bombardment of Alexandria 
1882, landed with naval brig, and present 
at action of Tel-el-Kebir ; ret. 1902, 
rear-adml. on ret. list 1903 : St. Yatery, 
Harpenden, Herts. 

Blaydes, Thos. John, J.p. (1894) parts 
of Lindsey, Lines : Rose Villa, Epworth, 

Bleckly, John Jas., 2 s. of Hy. 
Bleckly, of Birch House, Altrincham, 
Cheshire ; 6. 1842 ; to. 1871, Emma, dau. 
of Joha Rylands, of Thelwall, Cheshire ; 
J.p. Lancashire: Daresbury Lodge, 

Bleckly, Wm. Hy., eld. s. of Hy. 
Bleckly of Altrincham, Cheshire j.p. 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; to. 1869, Lillie, dau. 
of John Johnson, of Easingwold, Yorks ; 
J.p. Lancashire, commr. of land and 
income tax, dep. chm. of the Pearson and 
Knowles Coal and Iron Co. Lim. War- 
rington and Wigan ; vice-pres. and hon 
tr as. Iron and Steel Inst.: St. Stephen's 
club ; Thelwall Lea, nr. Warrington. 

Blencowe,Hy. Prescott Geo.; b. 1858 ; 
J.P. Essex; late maj. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Bord. regt. : New Oxford and Cam- 
bridge club. 

Blencowe, Jn. Alex., eld. survg. s. of 
J. J. Blencowe, of Marston, St. Law- 
rence, Northants (d. 1857) ; b. 1846 ; to. 
1869, Katherine A. C. F.,eld. dau. of rev. 
j J. E. A. Fenwick, of Thirlestane House, 
I Glo'stershire ; patron of the living and 
! lord of the manor of Marston St. Law- 
| rence : Marston St. Lawrence Manor 
House, nr. Banbury. 

Blencowe, John Ingham, j.p. (1903) 
Sussex : Pelham House, Lewes. 

Blencowe, Robt. Campion, eld. s. of 
John Geo. Blencowe, of Bineham, 
Sussex, M.P., d.l., J.P. (d. 1900) ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1886, Augusta Frederica, 3 dau. (d. 
1905) of F. Newton Dickenson, of Syston 
Court, Bath; J.P. (1901) Hants: Skip- 
petts House, Basingstoke. 

Blencowe, mrs. Frances, eld. dau. of 
late Wm. J. Campion, of Danny Park, 
Sussex ; to. 1857, John Geo. Blencowe, of 
Bineham, Sussex, d.l., j.p., m.p. Lewes, 
1860-65 (d. 1900) : Bineham, Chailey S.O. 

Blenkinsop, Wm. Edmund Brand- 
ford, s. of Hy. Blenkinsop, of Warwick ; 
b. 1856 ; to. 1879, Eliza A., dau. of Eyare 
King, of Barbadoes,W.L; J.P. Surrey and 
London : 29 Earlsfield rd. Wandsworth 
Common,S. W. ;Church rd.Battersea,S. W. 

Blenkinsopp, vide Leaton-Blenkin- 

Blennerhassett, Arthur, only s. of 
C. J. A. W. Blennerhassett, of Ballyseedy, 
co. Kerry, J.P. (d. 1859) ; b. 1856 ; to. 
1882, Clara Nesta R., only dau. of the 
Knight of Glin, of Glin Castle, co. 
Limerick, d.l.; d.l., j.p. co. Kerry (sheriff 
1878), late maj. 4 battn. (mil.) R. Munster 
Fus. : Ballyseedy House, nr. Tralee, co. 
Kerry ; Kildare St. club, Dublin. 

Blennerhassett, Arthur Chas. Fras. 
Bernard, n.A. Oxon., eld. s. of sir 
Bowland Blennerhassett, 4 bt. ; b. 1871 ; 
in. 1899, Mary Frances, only dau. of 
late baron von Aretin, of Haidenburg, 

Blennerhassett, col. Blennerhassett 
Montgomerie, c.m.g. (1896), l.r.c.p.i.; b. 
1850 ; served in Ashanti expdn. 1895, col. 
R.ArmyMed. corps from 1902: Naval and 
Military club. 

Blennerhassett. rt. hon. sir Rowland, 
4 bart. (1809), p.c. (Irel. 1905), only s. of 
8 bart. {d. 1849); b. 1839; to. 1870, 
countess Charlotte, only dau. of count 
de Leyden ; J.P., D.L. co. Kerry (sheriff 
1866), m.p. (L.) Galway 1865-74, (l.) Kerry 
1880-5, commr. of National Educn. in 
Ireland, pres. of Queen's coll. Cork 1896- 
1904, senator of Royal Univ. Irel. and 
memb. of Standing com. (Heir, s. Arthur 



Chas. Fras. B., q.v.) : 54 Rutland gate, 
S.W. ; Brooks', Athenaeum and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Blennerhassett, Rowland Ponsonby, 
K.o., s. of late R. F. Blennerhassett, of 
Kells (grands, of sir Rowland Blenner- 
hassett, 1 bart.) ; b. 1850 ; to. 1876, Mary 
Beatrice, 3 dau. of late Walter Armstrong, 
of Ennismore gdns. S.W. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1878, bencher 1903, Q.C 1894, 
J.p. co. Kerry, M.P. (L.) Kerry 1872-85 : 
52 Hans pi. S.W. ; Brooks' and St. 
James's clubs ; Kells, co. Kerry. 

Blewitt, maj.-gen. Chas., s. of W. 
Blewitt, of Brights, Rainham, Essex ; b. 
1824 ; to. 1870. dau. of John A. Beaver, 
of Didsbury Grange, Didsbury, Lance. ; 
served with 65 regt. in N. Zealand war 
1863-5, ret. p. 1883 as col. : 20 Court- 
field gdns. S. Kensington, S.W. ; Army 
and Navy club. 

Blewitt, col. Wm. Edwd., c.m.g. 
(1900), s. of late Wm.Blewitt,of the Dove 
House, Pinner; 6. 1854; to. 1884, 
Harriett A., dau. of late Jas. Rigby, of 
Moss House, Lanes, and widow of R. A. 
FitzGerald ; served in S. African war 
1899-1900, commdt. school of gunnery for 
Horse and Field artill. from 1901 : The 
Manor House, Aylesbury ; Army and 
Navy club. 

Blezard,G-eo.only s. of Robt.Blezard, 
Pool Park, Ruthin, J.P. ; b. 1855; to. 
1889, hon. Katharine Frances, 2 dau. of 
7 vise. Cuetwynd, b. 1865 ; capt. (hon. 
maj. 1895) late Denbighshire huss. yeom., 
j.p. Denbighshire : Carlton, Jun. Carlton 
and Cavalry clubs ; Pool Park, Ruthin, 
N. Wales. 

Blezard, Robert, j.p. Denbighshire : 
Pool Park, Ruthin, N. Wales. 

Bligh, hon. Arthur Frederick, 3 s. of 6 
earl of Darnley ; b. 1865. 

Bligrh, rev.the hon.EdwardVesey,s.of 5 
earl of Darnley ; b. 1829 ; to. lady Isabel, 
dau. of 4 earl of Abergavenny, b. 1831 : 
attache at Hanover, Florence and Berlin 
1850-53,rector of Rotherfield 1856-65. vicar 
of Billing, Kent, 1865-75, d.l., j.p. Kent: 
G Portman sq. W. ; Constitutional club ; 
Fartherwell, West Mailing, Kent. 

Bligh, Lodovick Edwd., p. of rev. the 
hon. Edwd. Vesey Bligh, of Fartherwell, 
Kent ; b. 1854 ; m. 1886, Marion, dau. of 
n-v. P. A. Stewart-Savile, of Kilmorie, 
Devon ; j.p. Kent, capt. (hon. maj. 
1.SS7) 3 battn. (mil.) The Buffs (E. Kent 
regt.) 1872-89: Constitutional club; 
Cambria Eovse, Minehead, Somerset. 

Blig-h, hon. Noel Gerva3e, 2 s. of 8 
earl of Darnley; b. 1888. 

Bligh, Stanley Price Morgan, only 

s. of Oliver Morgan Bligh, of Cilmery 
Park, co. Brecon, J.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 1870 ; 
m. 1898, Matilda A., dau. of maj. John 
Wilson, late R. Scots Greys ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1895, j.p. Brecknockshire : 28 
Grosvenor rd. S.W. ; Cilmery Park, 
Llanganten, Builth S.O. Brecknockshire. 

Bligrh, lady Dorothv Violet, dau. of 8 
earl of Darnley ; b. 1893. 

Bligh, lady Alice, dau. of 6 earl of 
Darnley ; b. 1860 

Bligh, hon. mrs. Henry. Anne E. D., 
3 dau. of late lt.-col. Butler, 36 foot ; in. 
1883, as his 2 wife, rev. the hon. Henry 
Bligh (<l. 1905), s. of 5 earl of Darnley : 
The Close, Winchester. 

Bliss, sir Hy. Wm., k.c.i.e. (1897), B. A. 
Oxon., s. of rev. J. Bliss, rect. of Man- 
ningford Bruce, Wilts; b. 1840; to. 1, 
1863, Mary, dau. (d. 1876) of Edmund 
Rendle, M.D., of Plymouth ; 2, 1879, 
Edith, dau. (d. 1898) of late Jas. Wheeler, 
of Gt. Cumberland pi. W. ; 3, 1900, 
Florence, dau. of sir Fredk. J. Br unwell, 
1 and last bart. (d. 1903) ; I.C.S. 1863-98, 
memb. of board of rev. and commr. of 
salt and Abkari and separate rev. 1886- 
91, land rev. commr. 1891-3, memb. of 
council of gov. of Madras 1893-8, L.c.c. 
from 1904: 10 Cornwall gdns. S.W. ; 
Carlton club ; Mill House, Four Elms, 
Edenbridge, Kent. 

Blissett, Henry Frederick, C.M.G., s. of 
late capt. Hy. Blissett, 77 regt. ; b, 
1847 ; m. Ellen M., dau. of late John 
Roger Wheeler : clerk in war dept. 
1867-9, trans, to African Commissariat as 
assist, commiss. 1869, commiss. 1876, ret. 
1882, priv. sec. and. clerk of council 
Gold Coast 1870-1, clerk of council 
actg.-treas. and actg.-col. sec. 1871-2, 
control off. with capt. sir J. H. Glover's 
force in Ashanti war 1873-4, auditor-gen. 
W. African Settlements 1875-81, J.P. 
Sierra Leone 1880, commr. for accounts 
Falkland Islands 1882-3, Gold Coast 

Block,Adam Samuel Jas.,C.M.G.( 1895), 
s.of late Adam H.G.Block,l.C.S.; 6.1856 ; 
to. 1882, Louisa C, eld. dau. of late Robt. 
Cumberbatch, consul at Smyrna ; entd. 
the Levant consular service 1877, vice 
consul, Beyrout 1882, interpreter to 
embassy, Constantinople 1885, Oriental 
sec. and chief dragoman 1891, sec. of 
legition 1902, elected by council of 
foreign bondholders to be delegate of 
British bondholders on council of the 
Ottoman debt at Constantinople, grand 
cordon of order of Ostnanieh (1905). 

Bloemfontein, 5 bp. of (1863). rt. rev. 
Arthur Chandler, m.a. Oxon., fell, and 



tutor of Brasenose coll. Oxon. 1883-90, 
rect.of Poplar E. 1891-1901, bp. of Bloem- 
fontein, S.A.from 1901 : Bishop's Lodge, 
Bloemfontein, S. Africa. 

Blofeld, John Calthorpe, only s. of 
Thos. Calthorpe Blofeld, of Hoveton 
House, Norfolk, j.p.; b. 1875 ; J.P. (1903) 
Norfolk : The Co:' age, Quidenham, 

Blofeld, rev. Robert Singleton, M.A. 
Cantab, 2 s. of rev. T. J. Blofeld, of 
Hoveton, Norfolk, d.l., j.p. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1839; m. 1867, Fanny L., dau. of rev. 
Wm. Boycott, rect. of Burgh St. Peter, 
Norfolk : j.p. Norfolk : rect. from 1894 
of Sparham, Norwich. 

Blofeld, Thomas Calthorpe, M.A. 
Cantab, eld. s. of rev. T. J. Blofeld, of 
Hoveton, Norfolk, j.p., d.l. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1868. Fanny E. 4 dau. of late 
rev. J. A. Partridge, rect. of Bacons- 
thorpe.Norfolk : barr.Lincoln's Inn, 1862; 
J.P. Norfolk (chm. quart, sess. from 
1902), recorder of Ipswich from 1876, 
chancellor of dioc. of Norwich from 
1881, pres. Norwich Union Life Ins. Soc. 
1899 : Hoveton House, Norwich. 

Blois, sir Ralph Barrett Macnaghten, 
9 bart. (1686), eld. s. of 8 bart. id. 1888) ; 
6. 1866 ; m. 1898, Winifred G. H., 
young, dau. of col. E. Hegan Kennard, 
of 3 Chesterfield gdns. W. ; D.L., j.p. 
Suffolk (sheriff 1905), It. Scots gds. 1886- 
96, capt. reserve of officers from 1902 
(Heir, s. Gervase Ralph Edmund. 6. 
1901 ) : Cockfield Hall, Yoxford, Suffolk. 

Blois, lady. Eliza E.,dau. of capt. A. 
Chapman, R.N.; m 1865. sir John R. Blois, 
8 bart. {d. 1888) : 8 Ennismore gdns.S.W. 

Blomefield, sir Thomas Wilmot 
Peregrine, 4 bart. (1807), C.B. (1903), 
eld. s. of 3 bart. ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874, Lilias, 
dau. of maj. hon. Chas. Napier : priv. sec. 
to pres. of board of trade 1878-80, asst. 
sec. board of trade (finance dept.) from 
1901 {Heir, s. It. Thos. Chas. Alfred, 
R.x., 6.1875) : 6 The Grange, Wimbledon, 
Surrey ; 7 Whitehall irdns. S.W. 

Blomefield, lady. Fanny, eld. dau. of 
rev. J. D'Arcy Preston, Askam Bryan 
hall, Yorks. ; m. 1853, rev. sir T. E. W. 
Blomefield, 3 bart. (d. 1878) : 4 St. John's 
north, Wakefield. 

Blomfield, col. Chas. Jas., c.B. (1901 >, 
D.8.O. (181*8), s. of rev. Geo. John 
Blomfield ; b. 1855; m. 1881, Henriette, 
dau. of maj. Edwd. Briscoe, 20 regt. ; 
served with Soudan expdn. 1898, S. 
African war 1899-1901, lt.-col. Lanes. 
Fus. 1898-1902, brevet-col. 1900; brig.- 
gen. on staff, commdg. Harrismith and 
sub-dist. S. Africa 1902-6. 

Blomfield, rear-adml. sir Richd. Mas- 
sie, K.c.m.g. (1901), s. of late rev. G. B. 
Blomfield, of Mollington Hall, Chester; 
b. 1835; m. 1877, Rosamund Selina, 
dau. of late rt. rev. Chas. Graves, d.d, 
bp. of Limerick; served throughout 
Crimean campaign 1854-6, Azoff expdn. 
1855, served in Egyptian war 1882, 
rear-adml. ret. list 1889, controller Port 
of Alexandria 1879-87, dep. controller- 
gen, of Egyptian porta and lighthouses 
and controller Port of Alexandria 1888- 
1900, controller-genl. E.P.anl L.H.1901- 
5 and director-gen. from 1905, 3 class 
Osmanieh, 2 class Medjidie : Port House, 
Alexandria, Egypt ; United Service 

Blomfield, lady. Sara L., dau. of late 
M. J. Ryan ; m. 1887, as his 2 wife, sir 
Arthur Wm. Blomfield, knt, A.R.A. (/. 
1899): 97 Cadogan gdns. S.W. ; Spring- 
field. Broadway S.O. Worcestershire. 

Blommart, miss, lady of the manor 
of Elworthy : Willett House, Stogumber, 

Blood, lt.-gen. sir Bindon, K.e.B. (181)6), 
R.E.. eld. s. of Wm. Bindon Blood, of Cra- 
naher, co. Clare j.p. (d. 1894) ; b. 1842 ; 
m. IS S3. Charlotte E. dau. of sir Auck- 
land Colvin, k.c.s.i., k.c.m.c;. ; served in 
Jowaki Afreedee expdn. 1877-8; Zulu 
war 1879; Afghan war 1880: Egyptian 
war 1882; chief staff officer, Chit nil 
relief force 1895, commd. Malakand fiHd 
force 189? an 1 the Bunerfield force 1898, 
commd. a divn. in 8. African war 1901 ; 
commdg. the forces in the Punjab, India, 
from 1901, lt.-gen. 1902: Murree, Punjab, 
India ; Naval and Military club. 

Blood, John Neptune, m.a.,iu:.l. Oxon., 
only s. of Frs. Gamble Blood, maj. 69 
regt. (</ 1X81) ; b. 1869: barr. Inner 
Temple 1893. capt. (hon. maj. 1904) 2 
vol. battn. Gloucestershire regt. from 
L895 : Huntley Court, nr. Gloucester. 

Blood. Neptune Wm., b.a. Cantab ; 
b. 1H5H ; vi. 1877, Constance R., only dau. 
of Edwd. Mathew Curre, of Itton Court, 
co. Monmouth : Jun. Carlton club ; 
Brickhill, Cratloe S.O. co. Clare. 

Bloomfield, col. Alfred, 3 s. of late 
capt. Edwin Bloomfield, of Gt. Glemham, 
Suffolk ; b. 1*37 ; in. 1877, Amy C, dau. 
of Gordon Forlong, of New Zealand ; 
B.S.C., served 8 yrs. in Roval Scots 
and 27 yrs. in B.S.C., 25 yrs. dist. 
magistrate and J.P. Cent. Provinces, 
India ; J.P. Suffolk and C.C. E. Suffolk, 
rural dist. Council Plomesgate dist. : 
Glemham Grove, nr. Saxmundham. 

Bloomfield, maj. Fredk. Wm., late 6 
drag., s. of Bloomfield ; b. 18 ; m. 



1886, hon. Ethel L., 2 dau. of 1 baron 
Playfair, p.c, k.o.b. 

Bloor, Jas., 2 s. of Thos. Bloor, of 
Congleton, Cheshire; J.P. (190 1), Breck- 
nockshire : Plasgeler, Brynmawr S.O. 

Blosse, Edwd. Falconer Lynch-, 3 s. 
of very rev. Hy. Lynch-Blosse, dean of 
Llandaff (d. 1879) ; b. 1853 ; to. 1883, 
Edith C, dan. of rev. Geo. Alfred Walker, 
vicar of Chidham, Sussex; J.P. (1901) 
Glamorganshire : Coytrehen, Aberken- 
fig S.O. Glamorgan. 

Blosse, sir Henry Lynch-, 11 bart. 
(1622), eld. s. of 10 bart. {d. 1893) by 
dau. of 2 marq. of Sligo ; b. 1857 ; D.L., 
J.P. co. Mayo (sheriff 1897) (Heir, bro. 
capt. Robt., b. 1861): Kildare St. and 
Roy. St. George's Yacht clubs ; Atha- 
vallie, Balla, co. Mayo. 

Blount, vide Darell-Blount. 

Blount, Edwd. Aston Chas. Marie, s. 
of Hy. Edmund Blount, D.L., and grands. 
of sir Edwd. Chas. Blount, K.C.B., of 
Imberhorne Manor, Sussex (d. 1905) ; 
b. 1874; to. 1897, Clara Maret, dau. of Bassano ; j.p. (1900) Sussex: 
Imberhorne Manor, E. Grinstead, Sussex. 

Blount, Henry Edmund, only survg.s. 
of sir Edwd. Chas. Blount, K.C.B., of Im- 
berhorne, Sussex (d. 1905) ; b. 1844 ; to. 
1869, Marguerite M. H. de la R.,dau. (d. 
1898) of Chas. P. M. Moreau, baron de la 
Rochette ; d.l. Sussex, Chev. leg. hon. : 
Imberhorne Manor, E. Grinstead,Sussex; 
Jockey club, Paris. 

Blount, Stephen, 3 s. of sir Edward 
Blount, 8 bart. (d. 1881); b. 1840; to. 
1874, Elizabeth, dau. of W. Worswick, of 
Normanton Hall and Birstall, co. 
Leicester ; j.p. Staffordshire : Loxley 
Hall, Uttoxeter. 

Blount, sir Walter de Sodington, 9 
bart. (1642), eld. s. of 8 bart. (d. 1881) ; b. 
1833 : to. 1870, Bessie, dau. of J. Z. 
Williams : d.l., j.p. Worcestershire 
{Heir, s. Walter Aston, 6. 1876) : Brooks' 

Blowers, maj.-gen. Charles Edward; 
served on board the "Berenice'' in Persian 
Gulf 1856-7 ; with 10 Bombay N.I. at 
capture of Kotah ; Abyssinian campaign 
1868, at Magdala ; Afghan war 1879-80 ; 
ret. p. 1887, Bo.S.C. : 10 Hanover terr. 
Notting Hill, W. 

Bloxam, John Astley, j.p. (1903) 
Bucks : Vineleigh, Wellend, Bourne 
End S.O. Bucks. 

Bluett, col. Chas. Edwd. Lane, 3 s. 
of late P. F. Bluett, formerly of Hol- 
combe Court, Holcombe Rogus, Devon : 
b. 1836 ; to. 1867, Anna, dau. of late J. 

Cooke, of Clifton, Gloucestershire ; col. 
ret. 1888, late 22 foot (Cheshire regt.), 
J.p. Devon :Tor Mohun House, Torquay, 

Bluett, Edmonds Jas., only s. of late 
Jas. Bluett, of St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, 
Cornwall ; J.P. Cornwall : Bank, St. 
Mary's, Isles of Scilly. 

Blundell, vide Weld-Blundell. 

Blundell, Henry, 3 s. of Joseph King 
Blundell, of Luton, Beds ; b. 1834 ; to. 
1860, Sarah W., dau. of W. Staples, of 
Moulton Hall, Suffolk ; J.P. Beds : Moul- 
ton Lodge, Luton. 

Blundell, col. John Eyles,c.B. (1897), 
s. of late maj. G. S. Blundell, Bengal 
army ; b. 1843 ; served in China during 
Taeping rebellion 1863 ; Afghan war 
1879-80; Burmese expdn. 1885-7; cotnmd. 
expdn. in Kachin Hills 1891, against 
rebels Khanlaiug and prince Shaw-Yan- 
Naing ; ret. p. 1900 : Army and Navy 

Blundell, Wm. Joseph, eld. s. of col. 
Nicholas Blundell, of Crosby Hall, 
Lanes, D.L., j.p. (d. 1894), by dau. of sir 
E. J. Smyth, 7 bart. ; b. 1851 ; to. 1885, 
Cicelv A. 4 dau. (marriage annulled 
1888)" of sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2 
bart. : Crosby Hall, Blundell Sands, 

Blundell - Hollinshead - Blundell, 
capt. Dermot Howard, M.v.o. 4 class 
(1900), s. of maj.-gen. Richd. Blundell- 
Hollinshead-Blundell;6. 1874; to. 1901, E. 
Sybil, eld. dau. of late Wm. Humble 
Dudley Ward by only dau. of 1 vise. 
Esher : capt. King's R. Rif. C. from 1901 : 
12 Lennox gdns. S.W. ; Staff College, 
Camberley, Surrey. 

Blundell - Hollinshead - Blundell, 
col.Hy.,c.B. (1887),b.a. Oxon.,lategren. 
gds., eld. s. of late R. B. Blundell-Hollins- 
head-Blundell of Deysbrook ; b. 1831 ; to. 
1863, the hon. Beatrice (formerly maid of 
honour to Queen Victoria), young, dau. 
(d. 1884) of late vice-am. hon. Henry D. 
Byng : d.l. Lancashire ; in Crimea after 
fall of Sebastopol, also Nile expdn., ret. 
p. 1889, passed staff coll. 1864, m.p. (c.) 
S. W. Lancashire (luce divn.) 1885-92 
and from 1895 : 10 Stratton st. W. ; 
Carlton, Guaids', United Service and 
Army and Navy clubs ; Ashurst Lodge, 
Sunning Hill, Berks ; Deysbrook, nr. 

Blundell - Hollinshead - Blundell, 
maj.-geo. Richard, 4 s. of late R. Blun- 
dell-Hollinshead-Blundell ; b. 1835; to. 
1865, Henrietta F., young, dau. of R.A.H. 
Kirwan, Bawnmore, co. Galway : lt.-col. 
commdg. (col. 1879) 3huss. 1874-80,a.a.g. 


headquarters 1880-5, d.a.g. Malta 1886-9, 
commdg. 1 class dist. Bombay Presidency 
1891-6, ret. p. 1897: 12 Lennox gdns. 
S.W. ; Army and Navy club. 

Blunden, sir Win., 4 bart. (1776); 
b.m. Dub., l.r.C.s. Irel., L.M.K.andQ.C.r. 
Irel., eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1879, Florence C, dau. of Hy. Shuttle- 
worth, of N. Zealand {Heir, s. John, b. 
1880) : Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. 
Blunt, bp., vide Hull. 
Blunt, rev. canon Alex. Colvin, M.A. 
Ch. Ch. Oxon, s. of late E. W. Blunt, 
Kempshott Park, Hants, b 1831 ; in. 
1865, lady Susanna, dau.(d. 1900) of 2 earl 
Nelson, 6.1829 : rect.of Millbrook 1865-89, 
r.d. of Kingsclere from 1889, hon. canon 
of Winchester from 1889, rect. from 1889 
of Burghclere, Newbury. 

Blunt, maj. Edwd. Walter, R.A., eld. s. 
of maj. -gen. Chas. Harris Blunt, R.A. 
(Bengal), c.B. (d. 1900) ; b. I860 ; m. 1899, 
lady Sibell Lilian, eld.dau.and heiress of 2 
earl of Cromartie (d. 1893), countess of 
Cromartie in her own right ; served 
with expdn. to Ashanti 1895 ; maj. k.a. 
from 1898, J. P. Ross and Cromarty : 
Castle Leod, Ullapool S.O. Ross-shire. 

Blunt, maj. -gen. Grant, R.B. (ret.), 2 s. 
of late rev. Edwd. Powlett Blunt, of 
Spettisbury, Dorset; b. 1840; m. 1867, 
Rachael Eliza, dau. of Com ad Pile, of 
Barbados ; ret. p. with hon. rank of 
maj. -gen. 1887 ; actg. gov. of St. Helena 
188 4-7 : Renfrew, Sidcup S.O. Kent. 

Blunt, sir John Elijah,c.B. (1878), s. of 
Chas. Blunt; b. 1831 ;m. 1858, Fanny, dau. 
of D. Sandison: served in Crimea as chief 
interpreter to cav. divn. ; vice-consul at 
Volo 1855 ; at Uscup 1857-62 ; at Philip- 
popolis 1862; at Adrianople 1862-72; 
consul at Monastir 1872 ; at Salonica 
1872-7 ; at Adrianople 1877-8 ; consul- 
gen, for Vilayets of Salonica, Monastir, 
Janina and Cossova and the Mutes- 
sarylik of Serfidje, 1879-99 ; at Boston, 
U.S. A. 1899-1902, ret.l902,knighted 1902: 
Athenaeum, and Union (Malta) clubs. 

Blunt, sir John Harvey, 8 bt. (1720), 
only survg. s. of Wm. Blunt, B.C. 8. (d. 
1859), and bro. of 7 bt. (d. 1902) ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1870, Susan, dau. of P. Hoad ; 
late capt. 1 battn. R. Dub. Fus., served 
with 1 battn. R.Welsh Fus. through the 
Indian Mutiny 1857-8, present at taking 
of Futteghur, operations on the Ram- 
gunga, and during the siege and capture 
of Lucknow (Heir, s. John H., b, 1872) : 
The Priory, Lamberhurst S.O. Kent. 

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, s. of F. S. 
Blunt, of Crabbet Park, Sussex ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1869, lady Anne, dau. of 1 earl of 

Lovelace ; b. 1837 : attache at the Hague, 
Athens, Frankfort, and Madrid 1859-62, 
third sec. at Paris, Lisbon, and Frankfort 
1864-65, 2 sec. at Buenos Ayres 1867, 
Berne, 1869-70: New Place, Shipley, 

Blunt, lady Florence, dau. of 5 mar- 
quis of Hertford ; b. 1845 ; in. 1872, rev. 
Jas. St. John Blunt, M.A., master of St. 
Katherine's hosp., Regent's pk. N.W. 
1878-89 (d. 1889) ; maid of honour to 
Queen Victoria 1864-70 : Hill House, 
Westcott, Dorking. 

Blyth, bp., vide Jerusalem. 
Blyth, ride Currie-Blyth. 
Blyth, Arthur, s. of Wm. Blyth, of 
Howden, Yorks ; b. 1856 ; m. 1889, dau. 
of capt. Bentlev, of Goole, Yorks ; J. P. 
(1905) W. R. Yorks: Donington Villa, 
Booth ferry rd. Goole. 

Blyth, sir Jas., 1 bart. (1895), eld. s. 
of Jas. Blyth, of Chelmsford (d.1852), and 
Caroline, dau. of Hy. Gilbey, of Bishop 
Stortford ; b. 1841 m. 1865, Eliza, dau. 
(/. 1894) of Wm. Mooney, of Clontarf, 
co. Dublin ; lias the orders of Leopold 
of Belgium, of the Medjidie, and of the 
Grand Cross of the Merito Agricola of 
Portugal (of which last he is a knight 
commander), all conferred for his ser- 
vices to agriculture j is pres., vice-pres. 
or gov. of many agric. socs., gov. of 
Gordon Memorial Coll. at Khartum, 
Bad <f St. Bartholomew's Hosp. ; on the 
exec, of Brit. Empire League, also of 
Roy. Natl. Hosp., Ventnor, and Natl. 
Assoc, for Prevention of Consumption 
(has lent two farms to the government 
for the investigations of the Royal com- 
mission on tuberculosis) ; vice-pres. and 
on the council of both the Royal Statis- 
tical Soc. and the Soc. of Arts ; J.P. 
: a dir. of W. and A. Gilbey, Lim. 
<//(</>, s. Herbert Wm., b. 1868): 33 
Portland pi. W. ; Devonshire club ; 
Blythwood, Stansted, Essex. 

Blythswood, lord (1 baron, 1892, 
U.K., with remainder failing heirs 
male to his brothers), sir Archibald 
Campbell Campbell, 1 bart. (1880), of 
Blythswood, v.D., eld. s. of Archibald 
Douglas, afterwardsCampbell, of Blyths- 
wood, D.L. J.P. (d. 1868) ; b. 1835 ; m. 
1864, hon Augusta, dau. of 2 baron 
Carrington, b. 1841 ; J.P. Renfrewshire 
(lord lieut. from 1904), D.L. Glasgow,M.P. 
(u.) Renfrewshire 1873-4, Western divn. 
1885-92 ; served in Crimean war, at siege 
of Sebastopol, late capt. and lt.-col. Scots 
gds., capt. Lanark yeom. 1866-85, lt.-col. 
(hon. col. 1883) 4 battn. (mil.) Argyll and 
Sutherland highlanders 1878-97, hon. col. 



of the battn. from 1901, It. -col. commdt. 
3 (Blythswood) vol. battn.Highland L.I. 
1867-96, hon. col. of the battn. from 
1902, col. and a.d.O. to Queen Victoria 
vol. force, 1894-1901, to the King from 
1901, raised to the peerage 1892 (Heir, 
bra. rev. Sholto D. Campbell-Douglas, 
q.v.) : 2 Seamore pi., Mayfair, W. ; Carl- 
ton club; Blythswood House, llenfrew. 

Boaden, John, p. of John Boaden, of 
Trease Cury ; b. 1828; m. 1856, dau. of 
Wm. Orchard, of Adelaide, S. Australia ; 
is J.P. (1895) Cornwall: Worval House, 
Miwgan, Helston, Cornwall. 

Boak, hon. sir Bobt., s. of late Robt. 
Boak ; b. 1822 ; pres. of legisl. council 
of Nova Scotia from 1878, knighted 
1902 : 3 Fawson st. Halifax, Nova 

Board, maj. Jn. v.D., B.A.Ch. Ch.Oxon, 
eld. s. of late rev. R. Board, vicar of 
Westerham ; maj. late 1 battn. Kent 
R.V., d.l., J.P. Kent : United University 
club ; Farley, Westerham S.O., Kent. 

Boardman, vice-adml. Fredk. Ross, 
C.B. (1885), s. of Fredk. Boardman, of 
Liverpool ; b. 18 13 ; m. 1881, Sophia A., 
dau. of hon. Jas. Cogswell, of Halifax, 
N.S.; commd."Salamis," duringEgyptian 
war, 1882, in commd. of naval flotilla, 
Nile expdn. for relief of Khartoum 
1884-5; rear-adml. 1898, ret. list 1899, 
vice-adml. on ret. list 1903 : 5 South 
row, Blackheath, S.E. ; United Service 

Boardman, Hy. Birkett, j.p. (1898) 
Westmorland : Thornleigh, Burton, Cam- 

Booking:, dean of (office, 23 Knight- 
rider street, E.C.) ; vide very rev. H. 
Carrington, or very rev. R. M. Blakiston. 

Bocquet, Roland Roscoe Chas., c.i.b. 
(1878), s. of Fras. S. Bocquet, of Liver- 
pool ; b. 1839 ; in. 1863, Edith, dau. (d. 
1902) of John Bampton, of Coventry ; 
formerly gen. man. Scinde, Punjab and 
Delhi Railway at Lahore. 

Boddam, (hon.) Hungerford Tudor, 2 
s. of lt.-gen. Hungerford Meyer Boddam, 
I.S.C. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1880, Alice M., dau. 
of J. O. Griffiths, Q.c. ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1872, rec. of Newcastle-under- 
Lyme 1889-96, a judge of high court of 
judicature at Madras from 1896 : Madras. 

Boddam, maj .-gen. Welby W rough- 
ton, s. of late Rawson Hart Boddam, 
B.c.8. j !>. 1882 ; Ind. army, on U.S. list 
1X92 : K it rick, Shanklin, I. of W. 

Boddingrton, Harry ,J.P. (1904) Staffs : 
( Mill on Grange, Stone, Staffs. 

Boddingrton, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. 
Boddiagton, of Silverdale, Carnforth (d. 

1886) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1878, Emily, dau. of 
D. Butterworth, of Eccles, Lanes ; is 
J.P. (1891) Cheshire and Manchester : 
Pownall Hall, Wilmslow, Manchester ; 
Strange ways Brewery, Manchester. 

Boden, Henry, s. of Hy. Boden, of 
Ednaston, Derbyshire ; b. 1836 ; m. 1866, 
Mary S., dau. of Edwd. Holden, of Aston 
Hall, co. Derby; d.l., J.P.Derbyshire: 
Orleans, Cavalry, Hurlingham and 
Ranelagh clubs ; The Friary, Derby. 

Boden, Harry, s. of Henry Boden, of 
the Friary, Derby ; b. 1867 ; m. 1X92, 
Madge Helen, dau. of J. Blyth, of Ray 
Cottage, Maidenhead ; j.p. (1894) Somer- 
set : Orleans and Pratt's clubs ; The 
Beeches, Sherborne, Dorsst. 

Bodenham Lubienski, count Louis, 
eld. s. of late count Edwd. Lubienski ; b. 
1852 ; m. 1895, Evelyn, eld. dau. (d. 1902) 
of late John F. Stratford Kirwan, of 
Moyne, co. Galway, by 3 dau. of 2marq. 
of Hastings (ext.) ; is D.L., J.P. Hereford- 
shire, assumed addtl. name of Bodenham 
189:5: Rotherwas, Hereford; Bulling- 
ham Manor, Hereford. 

Bodilly, (hon.) Frank, barr. Middle 
Temple 1889, a puisne judge of high 
court of judicature at Calcutta from 
190 1 : Calcutta. 

Bodkin, Archibald Hy., 5 s. of Wm. 
Peter Bodkin, of West Hill Place, High- 
gate, D.L., J.P. (d. 1900) ; b. 1862 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1885, rec. of Dover from 
1901 : 24 Harley House, Regent's Park, 
N.W. ; 5 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. 

Bodkin, Martin, only g. of John D 
Bodkin, of Bengarra, co. Galway (d. 1872) 
and cousin of Robert Bodkin, of Annagh, 
co. Galway, d.l., j.p. (d. 1881) ; b. 1851 ; 
J.P. co. Galway : Annagh, Ballyglunin, 
co. Galway. 

Bodkin, Matthias M'Donnell, s. of 
Thos. Bodkin, M.D., F.R.C.S., of Eastland 
House, Tuam, co. Galway ; 6. 18 ; m. 
18 , Arabella, dau. of Fras. Norman, of 
Dublin ; Irish barr. 18 , and journalist, 
M.p. (N.), N. Roscommon 1892-5. 

Bodkin, lady. Sarah Constance, dau. 
of late J. J. Mi"le a , j.p., of Highgate, N.; 
m. 1, 1865, as his 2 wife, sir Wm. Hy. 
Bodkin, knt., asst. judge Middls sessions 
(d. 1874) ; 2, 1875, as his 2 wife, Stephen 
Wm. Silver (d. 1905) : 3 York gate, 
Regent's Park, N.W. ; Letcombe Manor, 
Wantage, Berks. 

Bodle, lt.-col. Wm., c.m.g. (1901), 
s. of C. Bodle, of Alf riston, Sussex ; b. 
1855 ; served in Zulu war 1879, Basuto 
war 1 880-1, Matabele campaigns 1893 and 
1896, S. African war 1899-1901, commdt, 



British S. Africa Police, Matabeleland 
from 1S98 : Buluwavo, Matabslelaad. 

Bodley, G-eo. Fredk., r.a.. f.s.a., s. 
of W. H. Bodley, m.d. ; m. 1872, ekl. dau. 
of Thomas Reavely, of K nn :rsley 
Castl , Herefordshire : 41 Gloucester pi. 
Portman sq. W. ; 7 Gray's Iun sq. W.C. ; 
Athengeuni club ; Bridgefoot, Ive^Bucks. 

Bodley, John Edwd. Courtenay, M.A. 
Oxon., 2 survg s. of E. F. Bodley, of 
Dome Bauk House, Cheshire, J.P. (d. 
1881) ; h. 1853 ; m. 1891, Evelyn F., eld. 
dau. of late J. Bell, of Rushpool Hill, 
Yorks, and Mustapha Rais. Algiers ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1874 ; prtv. sec. to 
pres. of Local Govt. Board 1882-5; sec. 
to R. commn. on Housing of Working 
Classes 1884-5; is author of "France" 
(1898) ; cor. raemb. of the French Insti- 
tute (1902): Chateau de Bellefontaine, 
Biarritz (Busses Pyrenees), France. 

Bodmin, archd. of (Truro), vide ven. 
Hy. Houssemayne Du Boulav. 

Bodvel-Boberts, Arthur John, clerk 
of the peace for Carnarvonshire : Cefn-y- 
coed, nr. Carnarvon. 

Body, John, j.p. (1896) Kent : Witters- 
ham Court, Wittersham S.O. Kent. 

Boehm, sir Edgar Collins, 2 bart. 
(1889),, only s. of 1 bart., r.a., 
sculptor in ordinary to Qu a en Victoria 
(d. 1890); b. 1869: Automobile, Bath, 
Royal Societies and Wellington clubs. 

Boevey, vide Crawley-Boevey. 

Bogrer, Walter Deeble, M.A. Cantab, 
eld. s. of Deeble Boger, of Wolsdon, 
Cornwall, J.p., D.L. (d. 1875) ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 1863, Amelia IL,dau. (d. 1887) of Thos. 
fJosworth, of Westerham, Kent ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1857 ; J. p., d.l. Cornwall 
(sheriff 1882) : United University club ; 
Wolsdon, Antony, Torpoint S.O. 

Boggis-Rolfe, Edwd. Fras., eld. s. of 
Fras. Douglass Boggis-Rolfe, of Worm- 
ingford, Essex, j.p. (d. 1895); b. 1873; 
H.M. insp. of factories from 1899 : 69 
St. George's sq. S.W. ; Jun. Carlton 
club; The Grange, Wormingford S.O. 

Boileau, col. Fras. Wm, c.B. (1891), 
s. of late maj.-gen. F. B. Boileau ; b. 1835; 
m. 1861, Mary L., dau. of late rev. Wm. 
SL Kirkwall, Bradford ; served as 
adjt. of rajah Jawahir Singh's contin- 
gent with force under gen. Van Court- 
landt, 1857; in 2 Sikh cav. with brig. 
Troup's column, 1858 ; with 12 Bengal 
cav. in Abvssinian campaign 1868 ; 
Afghan war 1878-9 ; U.S. list 1893, Ind. 
army: Elstown, Camberley, Surrey. 

Boileau, sir Maurice Colborne. 3 bart. 

(1838), M.A. Oxon., eld. survg. s. of 2 bart. 
(d. 1900), by eld. dau. of sir Geo. 
Nugent, 2 bart. ; b. 1865 ; D.L., j.p. Nor- 
folk, d.l. Norwich (Heir, bro. Raymond 
Frecic, q.v.) : Ketteringham Park, 
VYymondham, Norfolk. 

Boileau, maj. Raymoad Fredc, 4 
but 2 survg. s. of sir Fras. Geo. Maanin-j;- 
ham Boileau, 2 bart. (d. 1900) ; b. 1868 ; 
in. 1905, Echel Mary, only child of late 
rev. Jas. Fo tor Young ; late It. North- 
amptonshire regt., capt. (hon. maj 
1901) P.W.O. Norfolk R.GA. (mil.) from 
1902 j.p. (1901) Norfolk (and CO. from 
1904), heir pres. to baronetcy : Ketter- 
ingham Park, Wynionihani. 

Boileau, lidy. Lucy H., eld. dau. of 
sir (}-(). Nugent, 2 bart.: m. I860, sir 
Kris. <i ..: ). M mningham Boileui, 2 hart. 
('/. 19)0): Ketteringham Park, Wy- 

Bois, sir Stvnley, knighted 1905 
Colombo, Ceylon. 

Bolani, John Pins, M.A. Oxon., i;..\. 
Lond., 2 s. of late Patrick Boland. of 
Dublin ; b. 1870 ; m. 19. >_\ Eileen, dau. of 
late Patrick Moloney, M.B.,of Melbourne, 
Australia : b arr. Inner Temple 1897, m.d 
(X.) S. K-rry from 1900: 19s Ashley 
gdns. S.W. ;' 4 Now sq. Lincoln's Inn, 

Bolckow, Oar] Ferdinand Henry, 
nephew of late H. W. F. Bolckow, M.r. ; 
b. 1835 j m. L863, Margaret, dau. of Wm. 
Chambers, of Doncaster; is D.L.,J.P. N.R. 
York, knt. of grace of order of St. John 
of Jerusalem : Marton Hall S.O. Yorks. 

Bolckow, Henry Wm. Ferdinand, eld. 
s. of Carl F. H. Bolckow, of Marton 
Hall, Yorks, D.l.., J.P.; b. 1865 ; m. L890, 
Bessie M., 3 dau. of sir Raylton Dixon ; 
J.P. N.R. York* : r.rackenhoe, Marton 
S.O. Yorks; Hambleton Lodge, Thirsk. 

Bold, mrs. Theresa G. dau. of N. Hart- 
land, of The Oaklands, Charlton King's. 
Glo'stershire : m. 1850,rev.Hugh B >ld,of 
Boughrood Castle, Radnorshire, d.l., j.p. 
(d. 1883) : Boughrood Castle, nr.Llyswen 
S.O. Breconshire. 

B olden, John Leonard, M..\.(Trin.coll.) 
Camb., s. of W. B. Bolden, of Hyuing, 
Carnforth, d.l., j.p. (rf.1895) ; b. 1841 ; vi. 
1871, Caroline E., eld. dau. of rev. P. G. 
McDouall, M.A., rect. of Cosgrove, 
Northants ; b irr. Inner Temple 1867; J.P. 
for Lancashira and Cornwall ; surveyor- 
gen, and dep.-receiver-gen. of the Duchy 
of Lancaster, lord of the manor of 
Warton-with-Lindeth, steward of the 
Forest and manor of Knaresborough, of 
the Forest of the High Peak, of the 
Honors of Pontefract and T o'khill, of 



the Honor and Boro' of Clare, and of 
the manors of Newcastle-under-Lvme, 
Hatton, Widnes, Castleton, Dedham, 
High Easter and Pleshey : 47 Arundel 
gdns. Notiing Hill, W. 

Boles, Fras. Jas. Coleridge, 2 s. of 
late rev. J. T. Boles, of Ryll Court, Ex- 
mouth, Devon and Moyge, co. Cork ; b. 
1853; m. 1884, Charlotte Annie, 2 dau. 
of late W. C. Jones, of The Elms, War- 
rington ; J. P. Glamorganshire : Boodle's 
club ; Bolham House, Tiverton, Devon. 
Boling-broke, 6 vise. (1712, Gt. b.). 
Vernon Henry St. John, s. of 5 vi'C. (d. 
1899) ; b. 1896 (Heir, rev. canon 
Maurice W. F. St. John, q.v.) : Lydiard 
Park, near Swindon. 

Bolingbroke,viscountess, MaryEmily 
Elizabeth, dau. of Robt. Howard ; m. 
1893, 5 vise. Bolingbroke (d. 1899) : 
Lydiard Park, nr. Swindon. 

Bolitho, capt. Edwd. Alverne, R.N. 
(ret. 1892), 2 s. of Thos. S. Bolitho, of 
Trengwainton, Cornwall D.L., J.P. (d. 
1887) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1880, Catherine, dau. 
of Wm. Bolitho, of Polwithen, Penzance ; 
served in Abyssinian campaign 1868, J.P. 
(1897) Devon: Army and Navy club; 
Rockbeare House, Rockbeare, Exeter. 

Bolitho, Thomas Bedford, only s. of 
E. Bolitho, of Trewidden, Cornwall, j.p. 
(d. 1890) : b. 1835 ; m. 1893, Frances J. 
3 dau. of Edwd S. Carus-Wilson, ol 
Penmount, Truro ; D.L., j.p. Cornwall 
(sheriff 1884) and Devon ; m.p. (l.u.) W. 
Cornwall 1887-1900 : Union club ; Tre- 
widden, Penzance ; G-reenway House, 
Brixham, S. Devon. 

s. of T. S. Bolitho, of Trengwainton, J.P., 
D.L. (d. 1887), by dau. and co-heir of T. 
Robins, of Liskeard ; b. 1840 ; m. 1870, 
Augusta J., 3 dau. of late R. B. Wilson, 
of Cliffe Hall, Yorks; j.p., d.l. Corn- 
wall (sheriff 1890): Athenaeum club; 
Trengwainton, Heamoor S.O. Cornwall. 
Bolitho, Wm.Edwd.Thos.,D.s.o. (1900), 
eld. s. of Wm.Bolitho,of Polwithen,Corn- 
walJ (d. 1895) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1888, Ethel 
G-., dau. of late R. B. M. Macleod, of 
Cadboll, N.B.; j.p. Cornwall, served 
with Imp!, yeom. in S. African war 
1899-1900, hon maj. in the army from 
1901, maj. Roy. 1 Devon I.Y. 1902-4 : 
Carlton club ; York House, Penzance. 

Bolland, rev. Hy. m.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
rev.Wm.Bolland, of Swineshead,Lincoln- 
shire and Cheshunt, Herts.; b. 1829 ; m. 
1863, Maria, dau.of It. -col. Purton, c.B., of 
Bridgnorth, Salop : j.p. Parts of Lindsey, 
Lines. ; R.D. of Wraggoe Deanery, vicar 

from 1882 of Wragby (with Panton Rec- 
tory), Lines. 

Bolster, insp.-gen. Thos., r.x., 
l.r.c.p.i., l.r. c.s.i. , insp.-gen. of Losp. 
and fleets 1901, ret. list 1903. 

Bolton, lord (4 baron, 1797,Gt.B.).Wm. 
Thos. Orde-Powlett, eld. s. of 3 baron 
(d. 1895) ; b. 1845 : m. 1868, lady Algitha 
Frederica Mary, dau. of 9 earl of Scar- 
brough ; b. 1847 ; D.L., J.P. and C.C. 
N.R. Yorks, j.p. Hants, lt.-col. and hon. 
col. Yorks Hussars I.Y. 1898-1903, ret. 
1903 {Heir, s. hon. Wm. Geo. A. Orde- 
Powlett, q.v.) : Carlton, Junior Carlton 
and Yorkshire (York) clubs ; Bolton 
Hall, Leyburn S.O. Yorks ; Hackwood 
Park, Basingstoke. 

Bolton, Chas. Perceval, 2 s. of Chas. 
Newport Bolton, of Mount Bolton, co. 
Waterford {d. 1884) ; b. 1849; J.P. co. 
Waterford (sheriff 1893) : Brook Lodge, 
Halfway House, Waterford. 

Bolton, Chas. Walter, c.s.i. (1897), s. of 
dr. J. Bolton ; b. 1850 ; m. 1898, Jessie L., 
eld. dau. (d. 1905) of late maj .-gen. J. 
Templeton Brett ; entd. l.C.S. (Bengal) 
1872, chief sec. to govt, of Bengal 1896- 
1900, memb. board of rev. 1900, addtl. 
memb. of viceroy's legisl. council Nov. 
1900 to Aug. 1903, offg. chief commr. of 
Assam 1903. 

Bolton, Edwin, s. of Joseph Cheney 
Bolton, of Carbrook and West Plean, 
Stirlingshire, M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1901) ; 
b. 1858 ; m. 1888, Elinor, dau. of J. H. 
N. Graham, of Larbert House, co. Stir- 
ling : Duchray Castle, Aberfoyle S.O. 

Bolton, Fras. Alfred, 2 s. of Alfred 
Sohier Bolton, of Moor Court, Staffs, 
J.p. (d. 1901) ; b. 1866 ; J.P. (1902) Staf- 
fordshire : Automobile club; Moor 
Court, Oakamoor, Staffs. 

Bolton, Fras. Seddon ; b. 1828 ; J.P. 
Warwickshire (sheriff 1898) : Ashfield. 
Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Bolton, Geo., j.p. (1895) Surrey :! 
Thurlston House, Palace road, Kingston! 

Bolton, Hy. Hargreaves, s. of Hy ( 
Hargreaves Bolton, of Newchurch-in j 
Rossendale, Lancs.,J.P. (d. 1905); b. 1856 I 
m. 1885, Florence E., dau. of Thos. Allen 
of Thurmaston Manor House, Leicester 
shire ; is J.P. (1895) Lancashire : Higl 
Brake, Huncoat, Accrington, Lanes. 

Bolton, maj. -gen. Rt. Hy. ; in Indiaii 
Mutiny on field service 1857-8, ret. f.r; 
1880 as lt.-col. M.S.C. 

Bolton, Thos. eld. s. of Alfred Sohie; 
Bolton, of Moor Court, Staffs, j.p. (a 
1901) ; 6. 1858 ; m. 1880, Nina, 3 dai' 


of Benson Rathbone, Liverpool ; j.p. ! club ; Gallow Ferrans, Kilcock, co. 
Staffs : Lightoaks, Oakamoor, North I Meath. 

Staffs. Bompas, rt. rev. bp. Wm. Carpenter, 

Bolton, Thos. Dolling, s. of James D.o., s. of late mr. serj. Bo npas ; m, 
Thomas Bolton, of Solihull, Warwick- 1871, Nina, dau. of Joseph Cox Cox, m.d.; 

mire ; b. 18-41 ; admitted a solicitor 
1866, j.p. (1894) Herefordshire, M.l\ 
(L.) N. E. Derbyshire from 1886 : 
3 Temple gardens, E.C. 

Bolton, Thos. Hy., only s. of late Thos. 
Bolton, of Canonbury, N. ; b. 1841 \ 
m. 1861, Elizabeth A., dan. of late 
Wm. Wegg ; admitted a solicitor 1869, 

missionary in Rupert's Land 1865-74, bp. 
of Athabasca 1874-84, of Mackenzie 
River 1881-91, of Selkirk, X.W. America 

Bompas, (his honor, judge) Henry 
Mason, K.c, M.A. Cantab, and Lon., 
youngest s. of late C. C. Bompas, serjt.- 
at-law : b. 1886 : m. 1867, Rachel H., eld. 

M.P. (L.) N. St. Pancras 1885-6 and dan. of rev. Edwrl/White, of Tufnell Park, 
(L.U.) 1890-5, taxing master, high court N. ; barr. Inner Temple 1863, trens. l'.iO.i, 

!q.c. 1877, rec. of Poole 1882-6, of 
Plymouth and Devonport from 188547, 

! J.P. W.R. Yorks, Bradford and Keighley, 

of justice, from 1896 : Royal courts, 
Strand. AYC. ; 40 Highbury pi. N. ; War- 
rick club. 

Bolton, Walter Hy.,youngest s.of John 
S. Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk {d. 
1889); 6. 1854; J.P. Norfolk: Oulton 
Hall, nr. Aylsham, Norfolk. 

Bolton, Wm., only s. of Wm. Bolton, 
of The Island, co. Wexford {d. 1853) ; 
b. 1815; m. 1843, Susan, riaii. (</. 1886) 
of M. Westropp, of Limerick ; D.L.. J.P. 
co. AVexford (sheriff 1856) : The Island, 
Oulart, Gorey, co. Wexford. 

Bolton, lady. Julia, vide Wm. A. 

Bombay, 6 bp. of (1836), rt. rev. 
"Walter Ruthven Pym, m.a. Cantab., 3 
but eld. survg. s. of Alex. Pvm, of 
Brickhill House, Beds, j.p. (d. 1889), by 

2 dau. of sir Albert Pell; b. 1856; m. 
1883, Lucy Ann, dau. (//. 1904) of Thos. 
Threlfall, of Lytham, Lanes ; vicar of 
Wentworth, Yorks, 18.X.-5-9, Sharrow, 
Sheffield, 1889-93, Rotherham, Yorks,' 
1893-8, bp. of Mauritius 1898-1903, of 
Bombay from 1903 : Poona, Ind'a. 

Bomford, surg.-gen. Gerald, O.I.E. 
(1903), M.D., 1 s. of Samuel Bomford, 

3 drag. gds. ; b. 1851 ; served with Perak 
expdn. 1875-6, surg.-gen. 1904 Indian 
Mfd. Service (Ben,.al), principal of 
Medical college, Calcutta. 

Bomford, John Fras., 2 s. of Geo. 
Bomford, of Oakley Park, co. Meath 
(d. 1886) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1866, Elinor J., 
dau. of rev. Lyndon H. Bolton, of Priors- 
land, co. Dublin ; j.i>. co. Meath : Oakley 
Parks, Kells, co. Meath. 

Bomford, capt. John North-, eld. s. of 
Isaac North Bomford, of Gallow Ferrans, 
co. Meath (d. 1866) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1, 1867, 
Charlotte, eld. dau. (d. 1881) of J. D. 
Meares, of Meares Court, co. AVest- 
meath ; 2, 1882, Mary W. C, eld. dau. of 
late sir "Wm. S. B. Kaye, Q.C., c.B. ; served 
in Burmah and Bengal 1857, late capt. 
29 regt., j.p. co, Meath ; Army and Navy 

county court judge, Bradford (circuit 
No. li and part No. 14) from 1891 : 3 
Harcourt bldgs. E.C. ; 95 Iver. a court, 
Kensington, W ; 12 Park parade, Harx-o- 

Bonar, Henry Alfred Constant, s. of 
Hy. Bonar, of Paris ; b. 1861 ; m. 1893, 
Lilias, dau. of late hon. Win. Napier ; 
bare. Middle Temple 1891, consul for 
consular dist. of Yokohama 1898-1903, 
for consular dist. of Kobe from 1903 : 
British Consulate, Kobe, Japan. 

Boncambi, contessa Federico, lady 
Maria, dau. of 9 countess ofNewburgh ; 
b. 1825 ; ///. L851, coute Federico Pucci 
Boncambi of Perugia : Perugia, Italy. 
Bond, archbp., ride Montreal. 
Bond, rid,' Mad i.-ough-HoiiiI. 
Bond, Arthur, J.P. (1877) Wilts : 
Manor House, Symondsbury, Bridport. 

Bond, Edwd., m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of 
late Edwd. Bond, of Hampstead, N.W. ; 
b. 1844; fell. Queen's coll. Ox. 1869; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, asst. charity 
commr. 1884-91, one of the founders and 
chm. of the East Eud Dwellings Co., 
L.C.C. (Hampstead) 1895-1901, m.p. (c.) 
E. Nottingham from 1895 : Elm Bank, 
Hampstead, N.W. ; 1 Suffolk pi. Pall 
Mall, S.W. ; Albemarle, Athenaeum and 
Carlton clubs. 

Bond, col. Fras. Geo. R.B., c.B. 
(1902), s. of late rev. F. H. Bond, of 
Barry Hill, Glos ; b. 1856 ; m. 1881, Alice 
M., dau. of W. Vivian ; served in Zulu 
war 1879, Egyptian war 1882, Hazara 
expdn. 1891, N.W. Frontier India 1897-8, 
Tirah expdy. force ; S. African war 
1899-1902, a.q.m.g. in India from 1905. 

Bond, Frank Walters, s. of Wm. Hy. 
Bond, R.N., of Truro, Cornwall ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1863 ; D.r,., j.p. (1890) Berks (sheriff 
1900) : Reform club ; Wargrave Court 




Bond, niaj.-gen. Freda Wm., ret. f. p. 
1878 as col. it.A. (Madras), s. of late col. 
F. Bond, k.a. (Madras), by Anne, dau. of 
late J. Ross, B.C.S., of Castle Skelbo, 
NB. ; 6.1820; m. 1, 1844, Anne, dau. 
(</. 1893) of late R. Monk ; 2, 1896, A. G. 
Gertrude Ternperley, youngest dau. of 
late Chas. Maclean Bannernian, of Glas- 
gow : Bangalore, Bexhill-on-Sea ; United 
Service club. 

Bond, Geo. Morton, eld. s. of late Mor- 
ton Bond, of Ashborne, co. Derby ; b. 
1845 ; m. 1872, Sarah, dau. of late Richd. 
Warner, J.P. of Muchall Hall, Staffs ; 
j. p. Derbyshire : Constitutional club;: 
Alrewas House, Ashborne. 

Bond, Gerald Denis, 3 s. of Nathaniel 
Bond, of Creech Grange, Dorset, J. P., \ 
by 5 dau. of 2 earl of Eldon ; b. 1869 ; 
j.p. Dorset ; capt. 1 vol. battn. Dorset j 
regt. 1892-9 : Holme, Wareham. 

Bond, Hy. Coulson, eld. s. of Frank 
Walters Bond, of War grave Manor, 
Berks, J. P.; b. 1864 ; m. 1891, Frances E., 
dau. of maj. Bulkeley, of Linden Hill, 
Berks; j.p. (1896) Carmarthenshire. 

Bond, Hy. Pomeroy, 2 s. of rev. H. 
Bond, vicar of South Petherton, Somer- 
set (d. 1875), by dau. and heir of hon. 
Hy. Pomeroy; b. 1855; m. 1883, Maud 
Francis, dau. of Warren Wm. Richd. 
Peacocke, of Efford Park, Hants; J.P. 
(1903) Dorset: Jun. Carlton club; 
Moigne Combe, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Bond, Jas. Willoughby, only survg. s. 
of W. Bond, of Farragh, j.p., d.l. (d. 
1875) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1864, Emma G. C.,dau. 
of W. H. Little, of Llanfair Grange, co. 
Monmouth ; J. P., D.L. co. Longford 
(sheriff 1870) : Farragh, Longfordjreland. 
Bond, ven. John, m.a. Cantab ; 6. 
1841, J.P. Lincolnshire, preb. of Lincoln 
1884-1902, rect. of Anderby, Lincoln- 
shire, 1865-89 ; vicar of Steeple Ashton, 
Wilts 1889-97, of St. Peter in Eastgate, 
Lincoln 1897-1902, archdn. of Stow from 
1897, precentor and canon of Lincoln 
cath. from 1902 : The Presentory, 

Bond, rev. John Edwd. Gordon, only 
a. of late col. Edwd. Bond, late 53 and 
39 regts., of Heavitree, Devon ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1878, Helen Mary, dau. of late Henry 
Green, of Blackwall ; sub-lieu t. r.n. ret. 
1873, j.P.(1888)Wilts, vicar of Savernake, 
Wilts, 1879-89, rect. of Ashmore, Wilts, 
1889-94. vicar from 1894 of South New- 
ton, Wilton, Wilts. 

Bond, John Gregory, eld. survg. s. of 
John Bond, of Pennyburn, Londonderry, 
Irel. (d. 1849), by Sophia, youngest dau. 
of late John Gregory Crump ; of Allan 

Bank, Westmorland; b. 1839; m. 1875, 
Emilia Louisa, dau. and co-heir of late. 
Alfred Pett, and widow of C. E.Stanger- 
Leathes : Greatwood, Penryn, Cornwall; 
L'Olivetta, Porto Fino, Ligure, Italy ; 
Jun. Constitutional and R.T.Y. clubs. 

Bond, John Wentworth Garneys eld. 
s. of Nathaniel Bond, by lady Selina, 
dau. of 2 earl of Eldon ; b. 1865 ; batr. 
Inner Temple 1893, D.L., j.p. Dorset : 
156 Ashley gdns. S.W. ; Wellington and 
Travellers' clubs ; Creech Grange, Ware- 

Bond, Nathaniel, eld. s. of rev. canon 
N. Bond, of Creech Grange, Wareham, 
J.P. (d. 1889) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1864, lady 
Selina, dau. {d. 189) ) of 2 earl of Eldon ; 
D.L., J.P. Dorset : Creech Grange, Ware- 
ham ; Holme, Wareham. 

Bond, rt. hon. sir Robt., P.O. (1902), 
K.C.M.O. (1001), LLP. (hon. 1H02) Edin., 
s. of late John Bond, of Torquay, 
Devon; b. 1857 ; speaker Newfoundland 
house of assem. 1884, memb. of exec, 
council and col. sec. 1889-94, cdI. sec. 
1895-7, prem. and col. sec. from 1900, 
official delegate to London on Fishery 
question 1890, and to Washington on 
Reciprocity question 1890 and DO 9 , 
memb. Colonial conference.London, 1902 : 
St. John's and Whitbourne, Newfound- 

Bond, col. Robt. John, 2 s. of late 
Robt. Bond, of Glenview, co. Tyrone, 
J.P. ; b. 1838; m. 1881, Florence Annie, 
dau. of W. B. Eastwood, of Kingswood, 
Surrey ; served in Egyptian war, 1882 ; 
ret. 1891; J.P. co. Kildare : Naval and 
Military club ; Mooreiield, Newbridge, 
co. Kildare. 

Bond, lt.-col. Wensly Jas. Hodson,c.B. 
(1900); b. 1854; served with Burmese 
expdn. 1886-7, Chin-Lushai expdn. 1889- 
90, Chitral relief force 1895, Dongola 
expdn. 1896, Tirah expdy. force 1897-8, 
operations in China 1900-1, lt.-col. 1902 
Ind. army. 

Bond, maj.-gen.Wm. Dunn,c.B.(1886), 
eld. s. of late R.Bond, of Dullerton House 
and Glenview, co. Tyrone, J.P.; b. 1836; 
served in Zulu war 1879, Boer war 1881, 
col. on staff at Natal 1884-6, ret. p. 1893 : 
United Service and Army and Navy 
clubs ; Dullerton, Londonderry. 

Bond, Wm. Henry, eld. s. of rev. H. 
Bond, vicar of South Petherton, Somer- 
set (d. 1875) ;b. 1852 ; m. 1878, Mary C, 2 
dau. of late sir H. S. Meysey-Thompson, 
1 bart. ; is j.p. (1895) Dorset and (1896) 
Hants, late It. 1 battn. R. Scots regt. : 
Army and Navy club : Tyneham, Ware* 
ham, Dorset. 



Bond, Willoughby Jas., eld. s. of Jas. 
W. Bond, of Farragh,co. Longford, D.L., 
J.P. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1892, Mary Rosa K., 
eld. dau. of capt.Wm. Bond, of Newtown 
Bond, Longford ; is j.p. co. Longford : 
Ballygarive, Longford, Irel. 

Bond, lady. Caroline Frances, dau. of 
late rev.Ricbd. Harris Barham.rect. of St. 
Faith's, London (author of the "In- 
goldsby Legends"); m. 1847, Edwd. 
Augustus Bond, C.B., ll.d. prin. Li- 
brarian, British Museum 1878-88 (d. 
1898) ; given by royal warrant 1898 
rank of K.c.B.'s widow,her husband being 
k.C.B. designate but dying before the 
investiture took place : 64 Princes sq. W. 

Bond-Cabbell, mrs. Evelyn B., dau. 
of late Michael Phillips Grazebrook, of 
Hagley House, Stourbridge, Worcs.; m. 
188H, Benjn. Bond Bond-Cabbell, of 
Cromer Hall, Norfolk, D.L., j.p. (d. 1892) : 
Cromer Hall, Norfolk. 

Bond-Cabbell, mrs. Margaret, dau. of 
late Robt. Dewar, Muirbank, Scotland, 
and island of Jamaica ; m. 1837, J. Bond- 
Cabbell, of Cromer Hall, Norfolk (d. 
1878) : Cromer Hall, Cromer, Norfolk. 

Bone, Samuel, 3 s. of late Samuel 
Bone, of Liskeard, Cornwall, J.P. ; h. 
1810 ; J.p. (1901) Cornwall : 1 Ash Park, 

Bonhaxn, adml. Chas. Wright, s. of 
Hy. Bonham, M.P., of 45 Portland pi. 
W. {d. 1830) ; b. 1817 ; m. 1874, dau. 
of Mashiter Holme, of Lewes cres. 
Brighton ; commd. boat at destruction 
of piratical settlement of Malloodoo, 
Borneo, 1845. present at capture of Lagor, 
ret. capt. 1868 : Montagu House Ryde, 
I. of W. ; Army and Navy club. 

Bonham, sir Geo. Frans., 2 but. 
(1852), only s. of 1 bart., K.C.B. (d. J863) ; 
b. 1847; m. 1871, Louisa, dau of rt. 
hon. sir A. Buchanan, 1 bart., G.C.B., 
P.O. ; M.A. Oxon, sec. of embassy at 
Madrid 1893-7, at Rome 1897-1900, eny. 
extrady. and min. plenipo. to Servia 
1900, to Swiss Confederation from 1905, 
J.P. Surrey (Heir,s. capt. Geo. L., q.v.) : 
British Legation, Berne : Travellers', 
Jun. Carlton and St. James's clubs ; 
Knowle Park, Cranleigh, Guildford. 

Bonham, capt. Geo. Lionel, eld. s. of 
sir Geo. Fras. Bonham, 2 bart., by 3 dau. 
of rt. hon. sir A. Buchanan, 1 bart., G.C.B. 
P.O.; b. 1873; m. 1898, Amy, eld. dau. 
of capt. Hy. Gaskell, of Kiddington 
Hall, Woodstock : capt. gren. gds. from 
: Knowle, Cranleigh, Guildford. 

Bonham, lt.-col. Harry Walter Mus- 

grave; b. 1852; J.P. Herts and Suffolk, 
late lt.-col. gren. gds., served in Soudan 
1884-5, S. African war 1900-1 with 20 
battn. Impl. yeom. : Arthur's club. 

Bonham. col. John, 2 s. of rev. John 
Bonham.of Ballintaggart,co. Kildare, J.P. 
(d. 1875) ; m. 1870, Mary, 2 dau. (d. 
1891) of Philip Wroughton, of Woolley 
Park, Berks ; J.P. cos. Kildare and Wick- 
low, sheriff co. Carlow 1900 ; at defence 
of Residency at Lucknow 1857, col. r.a. 
ret. : United Service S.W., and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs ; Ballintaggart, nr. 
Colbinstown, co. Kildare. 

Bonham-Carter, Alfred, c.b. (1900), 
2 s. of late John Bonham-Carter, of 
Buriton, Hants, M.P., D.L. ; b. 1825 ; m. 
1879, Mary H., dau. (<U893) of late Geo. 
Warde Norman, of Bromley Common 
Kent, d.l. : barr. Inner Temple, 1858; 
ret. maj. Hants yeom. cav. ; referee of 
private bills House of Commons 1866- 
1903 : 3 Courtfield rd. S. Kensington, 
S.W. ; Brooks' and Athenaeum clubs. 

Bonham-Carter, hon. mrs. Mary,dau. 
of 1 baron Northbrook, b. 1827 ; m. 1864, 
as his 2 wife, John Bonham-Carter, of 
Adhnrst St. Mary, Hants, M.P., j.p., 
d.l. (d. 1884) : 17 Chesham st.Belgrave 
sq. S.W. 

Bonham-Carter, mrs. Mary Withers, 
dau. of late Thos. Atkinson, of Balti- 
more, U.S.A. ; m. 1, Algernon Tillard , 
of Clover Hill, Maryland, U.S.A. ; 2, 
1891, .John Bonham-Carter, of Adhurst 
St. Mary, Hants, D.L., J.P. (d. 1905) : 
A.lhurst'St. Mary, Petersfield, Hants. 

Bonner, Geo. Albert, 2 s. of late Cbas. 
Fos f er Bonner, of Spalding, Lines ; b. 
1862; >. Ifc96, Eveleen, dau. of F. T. 
Lewis, of Whitehall Court, S.W. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1885, a master of the su- 
preme court of Judicature from 1005 : W 
Evelyn mansions, Carlisle pi. S.W. ; 4 
Crown Orhce row, Temple, E.C. ; Oxford 
and Cambridge club. 

Bonney, Frederic, s. of laterev.Thos. 
Bonney, of Rugeley ; J.P. Staffs : The 
Hollies, Rugeley. 

Bonney, rev. Thos.Geo., Cantab., 
LL.D., F.R.S., K.G.S., F.S.A., eld. s. of late 
rev. Thos. Bonney, M.A. of Rugeley, 
Staffs. ; 6. 1833 : Pres. G.8. 1884-6, prof, 
of geology, univ. coll. London 1877-1900, 
hon. canon of Manchester from 1887 : 23 
Denning rd. N.W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Bonnor, col. Richard Maurice-, Bo. 

S.C., eld. s. of very rev. R. B. Maurice- 

Bonnor, dean of St. Asaph 1859-86 (d. 

1889) ; b. 1838 ; J.P. Denbighshire, ret. 



pay as lt.-col. Bo. S.C. : Bryn-y-Gwalia, 
Oswestry ; E. I. United Service club. 

Bonnor-Maurice, Edwd. Arthur, b.a. 
Oxon, 5 s. of late R. M. Bonnor-Maurice, 
of Bodynfoel ; b. 1848 ; to. 1876, Edith 
Jessie, 2 dau. of rev. F. F. Fawkes, of 
Upton park, Bucks; J.P. Montgomery- 
shire (sheriff 1894) : Hamilton House, 
Hall rd. N.W. ; 46 Parliament st. S.W.; 
United University club; Bodynfoel, 

Bonsall, vide Hughes-Bonsall. 

Bonsall, Hugh Edwd., 2. s. of John 
Geo. Wm. Bonsall, of Fronfraith, co. 
Cardigan, J.P. ; b. 1863; to 1896, Ger- 
trude E., 2 dau. of John T. Morgan, of 
Nantcaerio, Cardiganshire ; J.P. Cardi- 
ganshire and Montgomeryshire, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1896) Cardigan artill. (mil.) 
W. divn. of R.A. 1881-97, instr. of artill. 
1888-93 : Jun. Constitutional club : 
Galltyllan, Machynlleth, Mont. 

Bonsall, maj . John Joseph, eld. s. of 
J. G. W. Bonsall,of Fronfraith, Cardigan- 
shire, J.P. (d. 1900) b. 1854 to. 1879, 
Kmily F., only surviving dau. of late rev. 
J. Hughes, m.a. ; D.L., J.P. Cardiganshire 
(sheriff 1901) and Montgomeryshire, maj. 
Cardigan artill. (mil.)W. divn. of R. A. 
1887-95 : Jun. Constitutional club ; 
Fronfraith, Llanbadarn-fawr, Aberyst- 

Bonsall, Thos. Wm., eld. s. of Thos. 
Bonsall, Glan Rheidol, j.p.,d.l. (d. 1875) ; 
b. 1851 ; m. 1884, Eleanor I. 2 dau. of 
David Howell, of Craigydon, Aberdovey; 
J.P. cos. Cardigan, Merioneth and Mont- 
gomery : Morben, Machynlleth, Mont. 

Bonser, rt. hon. sir John Winfield, P.c. 
(1901), m.a. Cantab., only s. of rev. John 
Bonser, of Bath; b. 1847; in. 1, 1883, 
Bertha M. L., 2 dau. {d. 1894) of late 
John Nanson, of Carlisle; 2, 1899,Mary C, 
only dau. of late col. hon. sir W. J. Col- 
ville, K.c.v.o., c.B. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1872, C.J. of the Straits Settlements in 
1893, of Ceylon 1893, memb. of judicial 
comm. of P.c. from 1902 ; knighted 1894: 
3 Eaton pi. S.W. 

Bonsey, ven. Wm., m.a. Cantab., vicar 
of Corfe, Somerset. 1871-80, of Northaw, 
Herts, 1880-93, r.d. of Lancaster 1894, 
chapn. of Lancaster Ca3tle from 1897, 
hon. canon of Manchester 1893-1905, 
vicar of St. Mary, Lancaster, from 1893, 
archdn. of Lancaster from 1905 : The 
Vicarage, Lancaster. 

Bonsor, Henry Cosmo Orme, s. of late 
Joseph Bonsor, of Polesden, Surrey ; b 
1848 ; to. 1, 1872, Emily G., dau. (d. 1882) 
of late Jas. Fellowes,of Kingston, Dorset; 
2, 1886, Mabel G., dau. of Jas. Brand, of 


Sanderstead Court, Croydon, J. P. ; one of 
H.M.'sLieutenants for theCity of London, 
chm. of income tax commn. for the City, a 
co. aldm. for Surrey, chm. of S.E.R. and 
director of the Bank of England ; D.L., 
J.P. Surrey, M.P. (c.) N.E. Surrey 1885- 
1900: 38 Belgrave sq. S.W.; Canton, 
Arthur's, Turf and St. Stephen's clubs ; 
Kingswood Warren, Epsom, Surrey. 

Bontein, Jas. Shelley, f.s.a. (Scot.), 
only s. of late Jas. Bontein, gentleman 
usher and clerk of the robes to Queen 
Victoria, by Katherine, granddau. of sir 
John Shelley, 6 bart. ; b. 1859; to, 1889, 
Emilie, only dau. of Fras. Edwards, of 
Pickerage, Bucks, and widow of Hans 
Sloane-Stanley, of Paulton's Park, 
Hants ; memb. of King's body guard for 
Scotland, J.P. Argyll : 78 Upper Berkeley 
st. W. ; Turf, Marlborough and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs ; Glencruitten, Oban, 

Bontine, hon. mrs. Anne, sis. of 14 
baron Elphinstone ; J.1828; to. 1851, Wm. 
Cunninghaine Bontiue, of Gartmore, co. 
Perth, J. P., D.L. (d. 1883). 

Bonus, maj .-gen. Joseph, R.E. (Bom- 
bay), s. of John Bonus; b. 1836 ; m. 1, 
dau. of Wm. Hart, I.C.S. ; 2, 1891, 
Marion S., eld. dau. of Prof. R. Stuart- 
Poole, ll.d., of the British Museum ; in 
Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; Afghan war 1878- 
9, ret. on pens. 1888, J.P. (1898) Middx. : 
Clapton Court, Crewkerne, Somerset. 

Bonython, sir J. Langdon, s. of G. 
Langdon Bonython (formerly of Corn- 
wall aad descended from the Bonythons 
of Bonython and Carclew) ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1870, Marie L. F., dau. of D. F. Bal- 
thasar, of Berlin : propr. of Adelaide 
Advertiser and other newspapers ; 
elected in 1901 by tbe State of 
South Australia, member of the first 
Federal Parliament of Australia, re- 
ceiving 39,434 votes, the e-econd high- 
est number recorded; pres. S. Aus- 
tralian Sch. of Mines and Industries ; 
chm. Adelaide Sch. Board 1883-1901 ; 
chm. Govt. Agricultural Coll. ; pres. 
Adelaide Teachers' Association ; v.p. 
S.A. branch r.g.8. ; knighted 1898 : Car- 
clew Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Booker, John Lee, eld. s. of late 
Septimus Booker, of Swarthdale House, 
Lanes. : barr. Inner Temple 1884, J.P. 
(1898) Lancashire, patron of the living 
of Over Kellet : Swarthdale House, nr. 
Carnforth, Lanes. 

Booker, Josias Anthony Nussey, D.L., 
J.P. Herefordshire, It. Montgomeryshire 
yeoni. 1888-96. 

Bookey, col, John Thos. Brownrigg, 


C.B.(1900),L.R.C.P.Edin.,L.R.C.S.I.; 6.1846; 
served with 6 Ptmjab Inf. in Jowaki Af- 
reedeeexpdn. 1877-8 ; Mahzood Wuzeeree 
expda. 1881 ; Burmese expdn. 1886-8 ; 
Hazara expdn. 1888 ; Miranzai expdn. 
1891 ; Wazirwtan field force 1894-5 ; 
N. W. Frontier, India 1897-8 with Mala- 
kand field force ; operations in China 
1900-1, Indian Med. Service, princ. med. 
ofFcer, Kohat, ret. 1905. 

Boord, sir [Thos.] Wm., 1 bart. (1896) 
v.d., f.s.a., eld. s. of late Joseph Boord, 
Harefield Grove, Uxbridge, J.P. ; b. 1838 ; 
m. 1861, Margaret d'Almaine, elder dau. 
of late Thos. Geo. Mackinlay, f.s.a. ; 
partner in Boord and Son, distillers, dir. 
Lond. & Prov. Bank. Ltd., capt. 1 Middlx. 
R.V. ret., J.P.Sussex, M.P. (c.) Greenwich 
1873-95 (Heir, s. Wm. Arthur, 6. 1862) : 
Carlton club ; Oldbury Place, Ightham, 

Booth, vide Ha worth-Booth. 

Booth, vide Sclater- Booth. 

Booth, Arthur Wm., J.P.(1902) Kent : 
Scalers Hill, Cbham, nr. Gravesend, 

Booth, adinl. Aug. Sinclair ; b. 1810: 
at Acre 1840, in Baltic during Russian 
war of 1854 : ret. 1856 : Gravel Hill, 

Booth, Benjn. Brodie, J. P. Suffolk: 
Bentley Lodge, nr. Ipswich. 

Booth, rt. hon. Chas., P.C. (1901), 
f.r.s,, (hon.) Camb., D.c.L. (hon.) 
Oxon., s. of Chas. Booth, of Liverpool ; 
b. 1840 ; m. 1871, Mary, dau. of Chas. 
Z. Macaulay ; partner in Alfred Booth 
and Co. Liverpool, chm. of the Booth 
Steamship Co., author of "Life and 
Labours of the People in London," and 
of several works on Pauperism, pres. 
Roy. Statistical Soc. 1892-4 : 24 Gt. 
Cumberland pi. W. ; Athenaeum and 
Reform clubs ; Gracedieu Manor, Whit- 
wick, Leicestershire. 

Booth, Charles, M. A. Cantab., eld. s. of 
lt.-col. Hy. Booth, K.H.,43 L.I. ; b. 1828, 
m. 1, 1860, dau. of dr. H. Ebner, of Frank- 
furt; 2, 1867, Elizabeth, dau. of J. Staven- 
ley-Shirt,late 4 K.O.R., of Wales, Rother- 
ham ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1858; J.p.W.R. 
York : United University club. 

Booth, Chas. Hy., eld. s. of Chas. 
Booth, of Dukinfield, Cheshire ; b. 1853 ; 
m. 1896, Clara, 2 d iu. of Thos. Bowers, 
of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lanes. ; J. p. 
(1901) Cheshire: Constitutional club; 
The Lakes, Dukinfield. 

Booth, James, 2 s. of Jas. Booth, of 
Edgbaston ; m. 1871, Louisa, dau. of 
Wm. Rayner; J. P. Warwickshire: Ar- 
dencote, Claverdon, Warwickshire. 


Booth, Jas., 3 8. of Jas. Booth, of 
Shipley, Yorks ; b. 1829 ; m.1857, Hannah 
C. dau. of L. Reynolds, of Womersley, 
Yorks; J.P. (1894) W.R. Yorks : Spring 
Hall, Halifax. 

Booth, John Firth, 4 s. of late John 
Booth, of Lees, Lanes. ; b. 1837 ; m. 1872, 
Sarah L. dau. of late Samuel Hollin- 
j worth, of Hyde, Cheshire; J.P. (1894) 
j W.R. Yorks: Manor House, Lees,01dham. 

Booth, sir Josslyn Augustus Richd. 
, Gore-, 6 bart. (1760), eld. s. of 5 bart. (d. 
1900); b. 1869; D.L., J.P. co. Sligo 
(Heir, bro. Mordaunt Gore-Booth, b. 
1878) : Lissadel, Carney, co. Sligo. 

Booth, Nathan, J.P. (1896) Norfolk: 
Outwell House. Wisbech. 

Booth, lt.-col. Thos. Geo., 4 s. of John 
Booth, of Glendon Hall, Northants, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1848) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1879, Frances 
Jane W., dau. of late Henry Christopher 
Metcalfe, of Hawstead House, Suffolk; 
served in Perak expdn. 1875, Egyptian 
war 1882 ; late (10) N. Lincolnshire regt., 
in army pay dept. 1878-98; J.P. (1871) 
Northants : "Hawstead House, Bury St. 

Booth, maj.-gen. Wm., R. A. (ret.), s. of 
late lt.-col. Booth, k.h., 43 Light Inf. ; b. 
1832; m. 1861, Eliza Emma, dau. of late 
gen. Russel, r.a. ; served in Crimea, 
1855 ; ret. p. 1887 : Rose Duryard, Cow- 
ley rd. Exeter ; Army and Navy club. 

Booth, lady Gore-, Georgina Mary, 
only dau. of late col. Chas. John Hill, of 
Tickhill Castle; ro. 1867, sir Hv. Wm. 
Gore-Booth, 5 bart, (d. 1900) : Lissadel, 
Carney, co. Sligo. 

Boothby, sir Brooke, 11 bart. (1660), 
eld. s. of 10 bart. [d. 1865) ; b. 1856 : 
sec. to legation at Rio de Janeirc 1898- 
1901, at Tokio 1901-2, at Brussels 1902-5, 
councillor of embassy in diplomatic 
service from 1905 : (Heir, bro. Chas. 
Fras., b. 1858). 

Boothby, Chas. Edw., grands, of 
sir W. Boothby, 8 bart. b. 1821 ; m. 1855, 
hon. Georgiana M., dau. (d. 1903) of 3 
baron Surfield, widow of Geo. Ed. 
Anson ; J.P. Staffordshire : 1 Palmeira 
sq. Brighton. 

Boothby, Josiah, c.m.g. (1878), 6 s. of 
late Boothby, of Adelaide: 
6.1837 ; in. 1861, Susannah H.,dau. of late 
W.J.Lawrence, of Adelaide ; perm.under- 
sec. for S. Australia, 1868-80, commr. at 
Paris exhibn. 1878, knt. leg. hon. : 158 
Barnard St. North Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Boothby, lady. Martha Serena, dau. 
of rev. Charles Boothby, vicar of Sutter-^ 
ton, Lincoln ; m. rev. sir Brooke W. R' 



Boothby, 10 bait. (d. 1865) : 18 Evelyn 
gdns. S.W. 

Bor, col. Jas. Hy., c.m.G. (1899), 
r.m.a., 2 s. of late rev. J. H. Bor, rect. 
of Raymunterdoney and Dunlewey, co. 
Donegal ; b. 1857 ; in. 1, 1883, Elizabeth 
F. M.,eld. dau. (d. 1883) of col. Falkland 
Warren, R.A., C.M.G. ; 2, 1898, Ida Mary 
R., only dau. of late capt. L. Cross, 
r.m.l.i. ; served in Crete 1898, extra 
equerry to the prince of Wales from 
1901, A.D.c. to the King from 1901, 
a.a.G. from 1905 : United Service club. 

Boraston, John, j.p. (1902) Kent : 
Ringwood, Beckenham, Kent. 

Borden, col. hon. t-ir Fredk. Wm., 
k.c.m.g., P.C. (Canada), m.d. Harvard 
Med. Schl., d.c.l., ll.d., s. of J. Borden; 
b. 1847 ; to. 1, 1873, Julia, dau. (d. 1880) 
of J. H. Clarke; 2, 1884, Bessie B. 
Clarke ; knt. of grace order of St. John 
of Jerusalem in England, lt.-col. and 
hon. col. Canadian army med. corps, 
min. of militia and defence Canada from 
1896 : Stradacona Hall, Ottawa. 

Boreel, sir Jacob Wm. Gustavus, 10 
bart. (1644), only s. of 9 bart. (d. 1883) ; 
b. 1852; to. 1, 1878, Maria C.,dau. (d. 1891) 
of baron Schimmelpennick Yan der Oye ; 
2, 1898, Cornelie Marie van Weede 
(Heir, kinsman, Alfred M., b. 1849) : 
Waterland, Velsen, Holland. 

Boringdon. vise, (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of 3 earl 
of Morley). 

Borlase, misses Lydia Harris and 
Caroline Anne, daus. and co-heirs of 
John Borlase, of Castle Horneck, Corn- 
wall, j.p. (d. 1889) : Castle Horneck, 

Borough, John, only s. of late Wm. 
Borough, of Derby, solicitor ; b. 1831 ; 
to. 1, 1862, dau. (d. 1863) of rev. J. Max- 
well Dunn, of Stapenhill, Derbyshire ; 
2, 1867, dau. of J. Curgenven, of Ply- 
mouth ; is j.p. (1893) Derbyshire ; capt. 
late 5 battn. (mil.) Sherwood Foresters 
(Notts and Derbyshire regt.) 1866-81; 
registrar of dioc. Southwell : County 
club, Derby ; The Cedars, Belper ; Dio- 
iocesan Registry, Derby. 

Borough, John Sidney Burton, eld. 
s. of J. C. B. Borough, of Chetwynd 
Park, Salop. J.P. (d. 1894) ; b. 1852 
to. 1889, Edith F. M., youngest dau. of 
rev. Hy. Gladwyn Jebb, of HrbeckHall, 
Yorks ; is D.L., J.p. Salop (sheriff 1901) : 
Carlton club; Chetwynd Park, New- 
port, Salop. 

Borough, mrs. Burton, Elizabeth C, 
dau. of rear-adml. Roberts Gawen ; ml 
IH\H,J. C. Burton Borough, of Chetwynd 

Park, Salop, D.L., J.P. (d. 1894) : Spring 
Grove, Milverton, Somerset. 

Borradaile, col. Geo. Wm., c.b.(1882) 
R.A. (late Bombay) 3 s. of Harry Borra- 
daile, Bo.C.S.; 6.1838 ; to. 1864, C., dau. 
of surg.-gen. Chas. Doyle Straker, Bo. 
Med. Serv. ; served in Egypt 1882, 3 
class Medjidie, a.a.g. Bombay 1884-9, 
ret. 1894 on pens. 

Borrer, major Cary Hampton, eld. s. 
of rev. canon C. H. Borrer, M.A., rect. of 
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex (d. 1898);' b. 1838 ; 
to. 1871, Alice, only survg. child of late 
J. E. Downe ; late capt. King's R. rifles ; 
adjt. of volunteers 1869-84 ; d.l., j.p. 
Sussex : Somerhill Lod*e, Hove, Sussex ; 
Naval and Military and St. Stephen's 

Borrer, John Hamlyn, only s. of J. 
H. Borrer, of Sunte, nr. Lindfieid, Sussex 
(d. 1851): b. 1849 : to. 1883, Kathleen M. 
eld. dau. of lt.-col. Crosbie, of Ballyheigue 
Castle, co. Kerry : j.p. Gloucestershire : 
Angeston Grange, nr. Dursley. 

Borrer, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Borrer, of 
Cowfold, Sussex, m.a.,b.l., j.p. (d. 1898) ; 
b. 1846 ; to. 1883, Frances Elizabeth, eld. 
dau. of late Wm. Piers Thomas ; J.P. 
Sussex : Athenaeum club ; Pakyns Manor, 
Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

Borrer, mrs. Margaret, eld. dau. of 
late John Hamlyn Borrer, of Brighton ; 
to. 1810, Wm. Borrer, of Brook Hill, 
Sussex, D.L., J.P. (d. 1898) : Brook Hill, 
Cowfold, Horsham. 

Borrett, maj.-gen. Herbert Chas., c.b. 
(1902), 3 s. of late Thos. Borrett, of Crans- 
ford, Suffolk; b. 1841; to. 1867, Annie, eld. 
dau. of late maj. John Bennett, 1 
Bombay Fus. ; served in Abyssinian 
campaign, at capture of Magdala ; 
insp.-gen. for recruiting at headquarters 
1899-1903, maj.-gen. 1898, ret. p. 1903 : 
Lancaster Lodge, Bath rd. Reading ; 
United Service club. 

Borrett, Thos. Percy, 2 s. of Thos. 
Borrett, of Cransford, Suffolk ; b. 1840 ; 
to. 1889, Jane E., 3 dau. of Robert Ry- 
gate, m.d. of Wellington, N. S. Wales; 
J.P. Suffolk : 16 Sussex sq. Hyde Park, 
W. ; Jun. Carlton and St. Stephen's 
clubs ; Cransford Hall, Saxmundham. 

Borrowes, lt.-col. sir Kildare Dixon, 10 
bart. (1646), eld. s. of 9 bart. (d. 1898) ; b. 
1852 ; to. 1886, Julia Aline, youngest dau. 
of late Wm. Holden, of Palace House, 
Lanes.; maj. 11 huss. 1886-95, lt.-col. 
ret. p. 1895, maj. South of Ireland I.Y. 
from 1903, d.l., J.P. co. Kildare (sheriff 
1902), late A.D.c. to lord lieut. of Ire- 
land ; heir, bro. Eustace, b. 1866 : Kildare 



St. club, Dublin ; Barretstown Castle, 
Ballymore Eustace, Naas. 

Borrowes, dow. lady. Florence E., 
dau. of Wm. Ruxton, of Ardee House, 
Ardee ; m. 1887, as his 2 wife, sir Eras- 
mus Dixon Borrowes, 9 bait. (d. 1898). 

Borthwick, lord (17 baron, 1452, sco.). 
Archibald Patrick Thos. Borthwick, only 
s. of 16 baron (d. 1885) ; b. 1867 ; ??i. 
1901, Susanna Mary, dau. of sir Mark 
McTaggart-Stewart, 1 bt. : 2 Upper 
Grosvenor st. W ; Carlton and St. James' 
clubs ; Kavenstone Castle, Whithorn, 
Wigtownsh. N.B. 

Borthwick, lt.-col. Alex., M.V.0., t 
class (1903), s. of John Borthwick, of 
Crookston, Midlothian ; b. 1839 ; m. 
1876, Ka herine, dau. of late Thos. 
Thistlethwayte, of Southwick Park, 
Hints, by Elizabeth, dau. of lt.-gen. 
hon. sir Hercules Pakenham, K.C.B., lt.- 
col. late Rif. brig., chief constable of the 
Lothians and Peeblesshire from 1881 : 
35 Palmers ton pi. Edinburgh; Naval 
and Military, and New (Edinburgh) 

Borthwick, John, eld. s. of J. Borth- 
wick. of Crookstone, Midlothian (d, 
1845); b. 1825; to. 1854, Elizabeth M. 
eld. dau. (d. 1903) of adm. J. Pringle, 
Torwoodlee, co. Selkirk ; J. P. cos. Mid- 
lothian and Berwick : Jun. Carlton club; 
Jrookstone House, Heriot, Midlothian ; 
Borthwick Castle and Burnhouse, Mid- 

Borthwick, hon. Gabrielle Margaret, 
i. 1866 ; dau. of 16 baron Borthwick. 

Borthwick, (rt. hon.) Harriet A. 

ly, dau. of T. Hermitage Day, of 
Lochester ; m. 1865, 16 baron Borth- 
dck (d. 1885) : Ravenstone, Whithorn, 
T igtown, N.B. 

Borthwick, hon. Isolde France*, dau. 
' 17 baron Borthwick ; b. 1903. 

Borton, col. Chas. Edwd., c.b. (1902); 

1857 ; served in Afghan war 1879-80, 
Jurmese expdn. 1887-9, S. African war 
1899-1902, lt.-col. (brevet col. 1901) 
Torfolk regt. 1901-5, rer. p. 1905. 

Borton, lady. Caroline, dau. of rev. 
T. F. Close, rector of Morne, co. Down ; 
i. 1850, gen. sir Arthur Borton, g.c.b., 
.cm o. ; gov. of Malta 1878-84 (d. 
L893) : 105 Eaton pi. S.W. 

Borwick, sir Robt. Hudson, eld. 
mrvg. s. of late Geo. Borwick, of Tor- 
(uay, Devon ; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, Caro- 
iie, dau. of rev. R. D. Johnston, Kur- 
iool, S. India ; J. p. co. London, knighted 
1902: 16 Berkeley sq. W. ; Carlton 
lub ; Eden Lacy, Lazonby, Cumber- 

Bosanquet, vide Smith-Bosanquet. 

Bosanquet, lt.-col.BernardTiudal,eld. 
s. of Jas. W. Bosanquet, of Claysmore, 
Middlx., D.L., J.P. (d. 1877) ; b. 1842; to. 
1874, Eva M., dau. of late sir W. J. Rich- 
mond Cotton, city chamberlain ; D.L., 
J.P. Middlx. (sheriff 1897), maj. (hon. 
lt.-col. 1886) 7 battn. (mil.) Rifle brig. 
1877-95 : Conservative club ; Cowiey, 
Uxbridge, Middlx. 

Bosanquet, adml. sir Day Hort.K.c.B. 
(1905), 3 s. of rev. Robt. Wm. Bosanquet, 
of Rock, Alnwick, J.P. (d. 1880) ; b. 1843; 
??i.l881, Mary, 3 dau. of col. Thos. Brom- 
head Butt ; D.L., J.P. Herefordshire, 
commdr.-in-chief on East Indies station 
1*99-1902, on N. American and W. Indies 
station from 1901, adml. 1905 : United 
Service club ; Brom-y-Clos, Hereford. 

Bosanquet, Eustace Fulcrand, s. of 
late rev. Claude Bosanquet, of Folke- 
stone ; b. 1871 ; m. 1894, Harriet M., dau. 
{d. 1901) of late F. W. Moore, of Buenos 
A vies. S.A.; is j.p. Wilts : National club ; 
Woodsgate, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, 

Bosanquet, Fredk. Albeit, k.c, m.a. 
Cantab., 4 s. of S. R. Bosanquet, of Din- 
eestow Court, co. Monmouth, D.L., j.p. 
[,i. 1882) ; b. ls:57 ; m. 1, 1871, eld. dan. 
of hire J. Curtis Hay ward, of Quedgeley 
House, co. Glo'ster ; 2, 18<*5, Phihppa, 
youngest dau. of late Wm. Bence-Jonep, 
of Lisselan, co. Cork ; barr. Inner Temple 
1863 ; bencher 1889 ; Q.c. 1882; recorder 
of Worcester 1879-91, of Wolverhampton 
(891-1900, common serjeant of city of 
London from 1900 ; j.p. (1882) co. Mon- 
mouth and (1905) Sussex : 12 Grenville 
place, S.W. ; Guildhall, E.C. ; 3 Paper 
bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Cobbe Place,Lewes. 

Bosanquet, adml. Geo. Stanley, 3 s. 
of Saml. R. Bosanquet, of Dingestow 
Court, co. Monmouth ; b. 1835 ; to. 1864, 
cousin Caroline S., only dau. (d. 1896) of 
rev. Wm. Courthope ; served in Black Sea 
1854, 5 class Medjidie ; at capture of Peiho 
forts 1858-60, and in operations against 
Tae-pings 1862, for which he received a 
gold medal from govt, of China ; capt. of 
the" Nortuumberland" during Egyptian 
war 1882, 3 class Osmanieh, a.d.c. to 
Queen Victoria 1884-7, adml. on ret. list 
1898, a conservator of the Thames from 
1895 : United Service club ; Bitchet 
Wood, Sevenoaks. 

Bosanquet, Percival, 2 s. of A. H. 
Bosanquet, of Osidge, E. Barnet (d. 
1877) ; b. 1831 ; to. Charlotte Louisa, 3 
dau. of R. Bevan, of Brighton; is D.L., j.p 
Herts (sheriff 1896), J.P. Middlx. : Pon 


field, Little Beikhanipstead, near Hert- 

Bosanquet, Eobt. Carr, m.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of Chas. Bertij Pulleine Bosan- 
quet, of Rock Hall, Northumb., j.p. (d. 
1905) ; b. 1871 ; m. 1902, Ellen Sophia, 
youngest dau. of Thcs. Hodgkin, D.c.L., 
of Barmoor Castle. Northumb. : dir. of 
British Sch. of Archaeology at Athens 
from 1900 : Rojal Societies club ; Bock 
Hall, Alnwick. 

Bosanquet, Samuel Courthope, eld. s. 
of S. R. Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court, 
Mon. D.L., J.P. (d. 1882); b. 1832; 
m. 1862, Mary, 2 dau. of late J. Ark- 
wright, of Hampton Court, Hereford- 
shire : barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1857, D.L., 
J.p. Monmouthshire (sheriff 1898, chm. 
quart, sess.): National club ; Dingestow 
Court, Monmouth. 

Bosanquet, Samuel Ronald Court- 
hope, ll.b. Cantab, eld. s. of Saml. 
Courthope Bosanquet, of Dingestow 
Court, Mon., D.L., J.P.; b. 1868 : 1 King's 
Bench walk, Temple, E.C. ; National 
club ; Dingestow Court, Monmouth. 

Bosanquet, Theodore, s. of Augus- 
tus Hy. Bosanquet, of Osidge, East 
Barnet, Herts; b. 1833 ; m. 1867,Merelina 
Lastitia Mary, dau. of Jas. Whatman 
Bosanquet, of Claysmore, Enfield ; in 
Bo.C.S. 1854-80, J.P. Devon : West Down 
House, Bradworthy, Holsworthy. 

Bosanquet, Victor Foulcrand, 2 s. of 
Arthur Bosanquet, of Cleddon Hall, co. 
Monmouth, j.p. {d. 1885) ; b. 1863 ; m. 
1890, Amy Caroline, tld. dau. of lt.-col. 
Justice, of Castleton, co. Monmouth ; 
chief constable of Monmouthshire fiom 
1893 : County Constabulary office, 36 
Monk st. Abergavenny ; Red Hill, Pen- 
pergwm, Abergavenny. 

Boscawen, vide Griffith-Boscawen. 

Boscawen, rev. Arthur Townshend, 
J.P. (1897) Cornwall, rect. from 1893 of 
Ludgvan, Penzance, Cornwall. 

Boscawen, hon. Evelyn Hugh John, 
eld. s. of 7 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1887. 

Boscawen, hon. Geo. Edwd., 2 s. of 7 
vise. Falmouth ; b. 1888. 

Boscawen, hon. Hugh Le Despencer, 
2 s. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1849 ; m. 1872, 
lady Mary, dau. of 6 earl Fitzwilliam, b. 
1844 : j.p. co. London, d.l., j.p. co. Wick- 
low, late 1 life gds., It. 1 W. Yorks 
yeom. 1883-8 : Bachelors' club ; Lakeen, 
Shillelagh, co. Wicklow. 

Boscawen, hon. John Richard de 
Clare, 3 s. of 6 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1860 ; 
m. 1890, lady Margaret F. L.,dau. of 2 earl 
of Strafford, b. 1860 ; d.l., j.p. Cornwall 
(and c.A.) and Kent, capt. (hon. maj. 

1893) 4 battn. (mil.) Oxfordshire L. I. 
1889-95 : 6 Queen Anne st. W. ; Bachelors' 
club ; Tregye, Perranwell S.O. Cornwall. 

Boscawen, hon. Mild may Thos., 4 s. 
of 7 vise. Falmouthj b. 1892. 

Boscawen, hon. V'ere Douglas, 3 s. of 
7 vise. Falmouth ; b. 1890. 

Boscawen, hon. Gertrude, b. 1825, 
sister of 6 vise. Falmouth : Flaneswood, 
St. Lawrence-Seal, Sevenoaks. 

Boscawen, hon. Edith, b. 1851 ; dau. 
of 6 vise. Falmouth : 6 Queen Anne st. 

Boscawen, hon. Kathleen Pamela 
Mary Corona, dau. of 7 vise. Falmouth ; 
b. 1902. 

Bostock, Edwd. Ingram, eld. s. of late 
John Stileman Bostock, of Horsham, 
Sussex; b. 1842; m. 1873, Sarah Southey, 
eld. dau. of late dr. Baker, of Cranbrook, 
Kent; J.P. (1901) Sussex : 23 North st. 

Bostock, capt. Robt. Ash ton, only 
survg. s. of late John Ashton Bostock, 
C.B.. q.h.s., dep. surg.-gen. Scots gds.; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1, 1892, Catherine, dau. (d. 
1902) of Geo. Perry, dep. surg.-gen., late 
Scots gds. ; 2, 1895, Mary C. Haden; j.p. 
(1898) Glamorgan, surg.-capt. Scots 
gds. 1886-97: 73 Onslow gdns. S.W. ; 
Army and Navy club ; Penmaen R.S.O. 

Bostock, Samuel, s. of Samuel Bos- 
tock, of The Hermitage. Walton Heath, 
Surrey ; b. 1868 ; m. 1893, Kate, dau. of 
late sir Chas. E. Pollock, knt., baron of 
the Exchequer, of Putney, Surrey ; lord 
ot the manor of Lainston and Sparsholt : 
United University and Sports' clubs ; 
Lainston House, nr. Winchester. 

Boston, lord (6 baron 1761, Gt. B.). 
George Florance Irby, eld. s. of 5 baron 
(d. 1877); b. 1860; m. 1890, Cecilia C, 
dau. of late hon. Augustus A. F. Irby, of 
Hillingdon Grove, Uxbridge ; D.L. Angle- 
sey, a lord -in -waiting to Queen Victoria 
1885-6 (Heir, bro. hon. Cecil S.Irby, q.v.): 
Carlton club; Hedsor Wharf, Bourne 
End, Bucks; Lligwy, Moelfre, Anglesey. 

Boston, Joseph, eld. s. of Thos. Bos- 
ton, of Yardley, Worcs ; b. 1843 ; at. 
1868, Fanny C. dau. of Wm. Hipkiss, of 
Acock's Green, Worcs ; J.P. Worcester- 
shire : Hamstead Hall, Birmingham. 

Boston (rt. hon.), dow.-lady. Caroline 
Amelia, eld. dau. of 3 baron de Saumarez ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1861, as his second wife, 4 
baron Boston (d. 1869) : Villa St. 
Raphael. Tankerton, Whitstable. 

Bosvile, Thos. Bolle. s. of Thos. Bos- 
vile Bosvile, of Ravenfield Park, York, 
d.l. {d. 1877) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1,1882, Eliza- 


beth M., only dau. of late lt.-gen. 
Fredc. A. Willis, c.B. ; 2, 1891, Blanche 
H., only dau. of Jas. Bevan Bowen, of 
Llwyngwair, Pembrokeshire ; patron of 
1 living, J.P, W. R. Yorks : Jun. Carlton 
and Yorkshire (York) clubs : Ravenfield 
Park, nr. Rotherham. 

only child of G. W. B. Bosville, of Thorpe 
and Gunthwaite, Yorks (d. 1865), by 
hon. Harriet (d. 1903), sis. of 8 baron 
Middleton ; b. 1865 ; m. 1886, Alice 
E., 3 dau, of late John Middleton ; 
D.L., J.P. E. R. Yorks, sheriff of York- 
shire 1901 : Boodle's and Automobile 
clubs ; Thorpe Hall, Bridlington. 

Boswall, vide Houstoun-Boswall. 

Boswell, vide Houstoun - Boswall- 

Boswell, John Douglas, B.A. Oxon., 
only survg. s. of P. C. Douglas Boswell, 
of Garrallan, co. Ayr {d. 1892) ; b. 1867 ; 
served in S. African war 1900-1 with 
Impl. yeom., hon. capt. in the army 
1902, maj. Ayrshire I. Y. from 1902, J.P. 
Ayrshire : Garrallan, Cumnock, co. Ayr. 

Boswell, John Irvine, m.d Lond., s. 
of John Alex. Corrie Boswell, I.C.S. ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1884, Ellen E., dau. of Edgar 
Home, of The Hill, Witley, Surrey ; is 
j.p. Kent and Bucks : Reform club ; 
Crawley Grange, Newport Pagnell, 

Boswell, maj. -gen. John Jas., c.B. 
(1881), s. of dr. J. J. Boswell of 
Edinburgh; b. 1835; m. 1860, Esther 
G., dau. of John Elliot, solr., Jed- 
burgh ; in Indian mutiny 1857, in 
Eusofzie expdn. 1858, Hazara 1868, 
commd. 2 Sikh inf. in S. Afghanistan 
1879-80, ret. f.p. as It. -col., 1885, B.S.C. 
with hon. rank of maj .-gen., col. 52 
Sikhs (Frontier Force) from 1901, Ind. 
array, j.p. Roxburghshire : Constitu- 
tional (London) and Caledonian United 
Service (Edinburgh) clubs; Darnlee, 
Melrose, N.B. 

Bosworth, Edwd., J.P. (1895) War- 
wickshire : The Firs, Castle Bromwich, 

Botfleld, vide Garnett-Botfield. 

Bothamley, ven. Hilton, M.A. Can- 
tab., s. of late Thos. Hilton Bothamley, 
of Champion Hill, S.E. ; b. 1837 ; m. 
1867, Mary, dau. {d. 1895) of late rev. C. 
W. Lawrence, inc. of St. Luke's, Liver- 
pool ; vicar of St. Stephen Lansdown, 
Bath, from 1881, preb. of Combe 12th 
in Wells Cath. from 1892, archdn. of 
Bath from 1895 : Richmond Lodge, 

Botterell, John Jas. Dumville, b. 

1847 ; m. 1870, Louisa Amelia, 2 dau. of 
W. Webb, of Clifton, Glos : 4 Observa- 
tory gdns. W. ; Jun. Athenaeum club ; 
Colne Park, Earls Colne, Essex. 

Botterill, Arthur, s. of Rich. Bot- 
terill, of Garton, Yorks ; b. 1836 ; m. 
1895, Catherine, dau. of John Woffindin, 
of Norton, Yorks ; J.P. (1901) E.R. 
Yo ks : Garton-on-the- Wolds, Driffield. 

Bottomley, It. -col. Herbert, c.m.g. 
(1900),s. of Geo. Bottomley. of Kimberley, 
S. Africa, and Huddersfield : b. 1866 ; m. 
1902, Helena E., dau. of late capt. Barnes, 
R.N., and widow of Graham ; served 
in S. African war 1899-1901 with Impl. 
Light Horse : Johannesburg, Transvaal. 

Bottomley, Horatio, lord of the 
manor of Mickleham Park : The Dicker, 
Upper Dicker, Hellingly S.O. Sussex. 

Boucaut, hon. sir Jas. Penn, k.c.m.g. 
(1898), s. of late capt. Ray Boucaut, 
HE.i.c.S., of Sarnia, S. Australia; 
b. 1831; m. 1864, Janet, dau. of Alex. 
McCulloch, of Yongala, Princess Royal, 
Glenelg ; barr. S. Australia 1855, A.G. 
1865-6-7, 1872, premier 1875-6, and 1878, 
twice administr. of the govt., several 
times dep.-gov., judge of supreme court 
1878 - 1905 : Liverpool terr. Glenelg, 
Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Bouoner, Arthur Sackville, 3 s. of 
late rev. A. F. Boucher, of Kempsey 
House, Worcestershire ; b. 1857 ; m. 1895, 
Violet, dau. of Jas. Manisty, J. P., of 
Natal; J.P. (1903) and C.A. Staffs : Con- 
servative club ; Sharpcliffe Hall, Ip- 
stones, Staffs; Kempsey House, Wor- 

Boucherett, miss Emilia J., 2 and 
only survg. dau. of A. Boucherett, of 
Willingham. Liucs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1857); 
patron of 1 living and lady of the 
manors of Stallingborough and North 
Willingham, succeeded her sister 1895: 
Willingham Hall, Market Rasen, 

Boughey, col. Geo. Fletcher Ottley, 
R.E., O.B.I., eld. s. of lt.-col. Geo. Fenton 
Fletcher Boughey (d. 1855) ; b. 1844 ; m. 
1872, Harriet R. A., dau. of lt.-col. Wm. 
Stuart Menteth ; served in Bhootan 
expdn. 1865-6, Afghan war 1878-80, late 
a.E., ret. on Indian pens. 1897 : 60 Court- 
field gdns. S.W. 

Boughey, maj .-gen. John, 2 s. of 
lt.-col. Geo. Fenton Fletcher Boughey 
(</. 1855); b. 1845; m. 1875, Constance 
S., dau. of John Penny; commdg. 62 
regtl. dist. (Wilts regt.) 1896-8, maj.- 
gen. 1898, ret. p. 1902 : Jun. United Ser- 
vice club ; Beechcroft House, Brancaster, 



Boughey, sir Thomas Fletcher, 4 bart. 
(1798), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1880); b. 
1836 ; m. 1864, Sarah Anuabella, only 
dau. of H. Littledale, Liscard Hall, 
Cheshire ; J.P. Salop, sheriff of Staffs 
1898 (Heir, bro.rev. Geo.,M.A., b. 1837) : 
Carlton club ; Willaston Cottage, Nant- 
wich, Cheshire ; Aqualate, Newport, 

Boughton, vide Rouse-Boushton. 

Boughton, vide Rouse - Boughton- 

Boulnois, Edmd. m.a. Cantab., 5 s. of 
late Win. Boulnois. of Baker st. W. ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1862, Catherine, eld. dau. of 
late T. J. Bennett, of Marlow, Bucks; 
D.L., j.p. Middlx., J.P. London ; m.p. (c.) 
B. Marylebone from 1889 : 27Westbourne 
terr. W. ; Carlton club ; Scotlands, 
Farnham Common, Bucks. 

Boult, Cedric Randal, 5 s. of Fras. 
Boult, ot Birkenhead, Cheshire ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1881, Katharine F., dau. of H. D. 
Barman, of Blackheath, Kent ; j.p. 
(1898) Lancashire : 13 St. Thomas' man- 
sions,Westminster Bridge, S.E.; National 
Liberal club ; The Abbey Manor, West 
Kirby, Cheshire. 

Boulter, Stanley Carr, only survg. s. 
of late John Boulter, of Frimley, Surrey; 
b. 1852 ; m. 1, 1875, Edith, dau. of James 
Anderson ; 2, Helen, widow of Richard 
D'Oyly Carte ; barr. Inner Temple 1879, 
J.P. (1904) Surrey: 3 Essex courL, 
Temple, E.C. ; Garston Park, G-odstone 
S.O. Surrey. 

Boulton, Harold Edwin, M.v.o. 4 
class (1901), m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of sir 
Samuel Bagster Boulton, 1 bart. of 
Copped Hall, Herts, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1859 : 
m. 1889, Adelaide Lucy, 2 dau. of 
Duncan Davidson, of Tulloch, Ross- 
shire ; hon.treas. Queen Victoria's Jubi- 
lee Institute for Nurses, late capt. 3 
battn. Cameron highrs. 

Boulton, Matthew Ernest, eld. s. of 
M. P. W. Boulton, of Tew Park and 
Haseley Court, Oxon (d. 1891) ; b. 1870 : 
Tew Park, Enstone, Oxon. 

Boulton, sir Samuel Bagster, 1 bart. 
(1905), Assoc, inst. c.E., f.r.g.S., s. 
of rev. Thos. Boulton; b. 1830; m. 
1855, Sophia L., dau. (d. 1900) of Thos. 
Cooper ; d.l., J.P. Herts, j.p. Middlx. 
and West Ham; lord of the manor 
of Totteridge ; v.p. of London cham- 
ber of commerce 1893-8, pres. of Wet 
Ham chamber of commerce 1893-1902, 
chm. of London Conciliation Board (Heir, 
$. Harold E., q.v.) : 189 St. James* court, 
Buckingham gate, S.W. ; 64 Cannon st. 
E.C. ; Whitehall, Royal Societies and 

Constitutional clubs ; Copped Hall, Tot- 
teridge, Herts. 

Boulton, Wm. j.p. (1902) Staffs: 
Dimsdale House, Wolstan ton, Stoke-on- 

Boundy, John Edwin, only s. of Aaron 
Boundy of Heathfield, Glamorgan ; b. 
1845; m. 1881, Sarah, d iu. of Chas. 
Toomer, of Glastonbury, Somerset ; j.p. 
(1894) Glamorgan. 

Bourchier, Henry Jas., eld. s. of J. 
Bourchier, of Baggotstown, co. Limerick, 
j.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1867, Nina D. 
dau. of rev. J, Leech, D.D., of Mitchels- 
town, co. Cork : Baggotstown, Bruff, co. 
Limerick ; co. Tipperary club, Clonmel. 

Bourdillon, sir Jas Austin, K.c.s.i. 
(1901), v.i)., s. of late J. D. Bourdillon, 
H.E.l.C.s. (Madras) ; b. 1818 ; *. 1887, 
Mary Wake, 3 c'au. of J. M. Lowi*, of 
Amery Ho.ise, Alton, Hants, late i.c.s. 
(Bengal) ; entd. I.C.S. (Bengal) 1870, 
memb. Bengal legisl. council 1893, 1895, 
1900 and 1901, finl. sec. to govt. 1893-4, 
commr. Bardwan, 1895 and Patna, 1896 ; 
chief sec. to govt. 1900, memb. bd. of rev. 
1902, acting lt.-gov. of Bengal 190:5, 
residt. in Mj^sore, and chief commr. of 
Coorg 1901-5, lt.-col. commdg. Calcutta 
Light Horse : E. I. United Service club. 

Bourinot, lady. Isabel, dau. of John 
Cameron, of Toronto, Canada ; m. 1889, as 
his 2 wife, sir JohnGeo. Bourinot, K. cm. (4., 
ll.d., D.C.L., LIT.D., clerk of the House 
of Commons of Dominion of Canada 
1880-1902 (J. 1902) : Tyldesley pi. Ottawa. 

Bourke. hon. Algernon Henry. 3 s. of 6 
earl of Mayo; b. 1854; m. 1887, Gwen- 
dolen I. E., dau.. of Hans Sloane-Stanley, 
of Paultons, Southampton {Heir pres. to 

Bourke, ven. Cecil Fredk. Jos., M.A. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Sackville G. 
Bourke, rect. of Hatherop, Glos.(J. 1860); 
b. 1841 ; rect. and hon. canon of Truro 
1889-95,archd.of Buckingham from 1895 : 
Hill House, Taplow, Maidenhead. 

Bourke, rear-adml. Edmund Geo., 
f.r.g.S., p.r.m.s., only s. of late Thos. 
Bourke, of Holywell House, Hants ; b. 
1843 ; sen. It. of " Druid," W. Coast of 
Africa 1872-4, commd. boats at destruc- 
tion of hostile portion of town of Elmina 
1873, 2nd in commd. at the 1st aud 
decisive action with Ashantees ; civil 
commdt. at Accra 1873-74, capt. R.x. 
1883-93, ret. 1893, rear-adml. on ret. 
list 1898 : Woodlands Ridge, Wood- 
lands, Totton, Hants. 

Bourke. maj. hon. Edw. Roden, s. of 
5 earl of Mayo ; b. 1835 ; m. 1872, Emma 
M. A., eld. dau. of late lt.-gen. Geo. 


Cliffe Hatch, c.s.i. : mil. sec. to gov.-gen. 
of India (his bro.) 1869-72, maj. late 
C Inniskilling drag. ; postmaster-gen. at 
Madras 1872-6 : 8 Portman sq. W. ; 
Carlton, White's and City clubs. 

Bourke, hon. Henry Lorton, s. of 5 
earlof Mayo j b. 1840 ; to. 1876, Constance 
Una E., dau. of late G-ustavus W. 
Lambart, of Beau Pare, Meath, by dau. 
of 2 marq. of Conyngham ; D.L. Middx., 
J.P. Surrey, head partner in Bourke, 
Cuthbertson and Co., stockbrokers : 37 
Hill st. Berkeley pq. W. ; office, 2 
Tbreadneedle st. E.C.; Carlton.Marlboro' 
and Boodle's clubs : Wootton Hall, Ash- 
bourne ; Hayes, Beau Pare, Ireland. 

Bourke, Isidore McWm. M.A., m.d. 
(Dub.), 3 s. of Isidore Bourke, of Cur- 
raghleagh, co. Mayo (d. 1866) ; b. 1812 ; 
m. 1, eld. dau. (d. 1877) of H. Holland, 
of Hanover House, Middlx. : 2, IS , 
Marianna, dau. of G. Carozzi : late 
surg.-maj. ; lord of manors of Rahas- 
saue and Curraghleagh : Jun. Army and 
Nary club ; Rahassane Park, Craugh- 
well, Galway. 

Bourke, "John Ulick, b.a. Cantab., 
eld. p. of Ricud. Bourke, of Thorn- 
fields, co. Limerick, d.l., J.P. (d. 1904) ; 
b. 1.S45 ; m. 1876, Elizabeth A., dau. of 
col. J. vaudeleur, late 10 huss., of Bal- 
linacourty, co. Limerick, resdt. magist. 
co. Waterford : Thornfields, Lisnagry, 
co. Limerick. 

Bourke, capt. Paget John, served 
with Cape Mounted Rif. in Kaffir war 
1850-1, and 1852-8 in Orange River 
Territory, one of H.M.'s hon. corps of 
gentlemen-at-arms 1864-1902, ret. h. p. 
1902 : 7 St. Edmund's ter. Regent's Park, 

Bourke, hon. Terence Theobald, 4 s. 
of 6 earl of Mayo; b. 1865; to. 1896, 
Eveline O. dau. of late col. Thos. Win. 
Haines, of Hasketon Manor, Suffolk, late 
commdg. 4 battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. ; 
consular agent at Bizerta, Tunis 1891-8, 
vice-consul there from 1898. 

Bourke, Walter Longley, m.inst. 
c.k., s. of rev. the hon. Geo. W. 
Bourke, rect. of Pulborough, Sussex 
id. 1903); b. 1859; to. 1887, Ethel 
Kathleen Jane, dau. of late capt. 
John Freeman, of Rockfield, Hereford- 
shire ; is J.P. (1897) Lancashire, trustee 
and supdt. bridgewater Estates 1891- 
1903, maj. Duke of Lancaster's Own I. Y. 
1901-3: Carlton club. 

Bourke, lady Albreda M., dau. of 6 
earl Fitzwilliam ; b. 1855 ; to. 1895, hon. 
Chas. Fowler Bourke, c.B. (it 1899), s. of 


5 earl of Mayo : Roscboro', Naas, co. 

Bourke, lady Florence ; dau. of 6 earl 
of Mayo ; b. 1861 : Rushmore, North 
Crawley, Sussex. 

Bourke, hon. mrs. Geo. Wingfield. 
Mary H., eld. dau. of archbp. (Longley) 
of Canterbury; m. 1858, rev. the hon. 
Geo. Wingfield Bourke, rect. of Pul- 
borough, Sussex (d. 1903). 

Bourne, archbp. (n.c), vide West- 

Bourne, Fredk. Samuel Augustus, 
s. of late rev. S. W. Bourne, of Winfar- 
thing, Norfolk ; b. 1854 ; to. 1889, Isabel 
A., dau. of rev. John Chalmers, ll.d. ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1890, asst. judge of 
supreme court for China and Japan 
1898-1901, for China and Corea from 
1901, also judge of high court of Wei- 
hai-Wei from 1904 : Shanghai. 

Bourne, col. Gilbert Chas., m.a., 
Oxon.,eld. s. of lt.-col. Robt. Bourne, of 
Cowarne Court, Herefordshire, D.L. ; b. 
1861 ; to. 1887, Constance M.G., eld. dau. 
of sir John F. Croft, 2 bart. ; fellow and 
tutor of New Coll.Oxford, D.L., J.p.(1903) 
Herefordshire, lt.-col. commdg. 1 (Oxf 
Univ.) vol.battn.Oxfordshire L.I.1898-9 
lt.-col. and hon. col. 4 battn. (mil.) Shrop- 
shire L. I. from 1903: Savile club; 
Cowarne Court, Ledbury ; Savile House, 

Bourne, Henry, s. of Henry T. Bourne, 
of Alford, Lines ; b. 1852 ; to. 1880, 2 
dau. of Wm. Octer,of Hull, Yorks ; J.P. 
(1894) parts of Lindsey, Lines: West- 
gate, Bexhill-on-Se;i, Sussex. 

Bourne, Hugh Clarence, m.a. Oxon., 
2 b. of Alfred Bourne, of Forest Hill, 
Kent; h. 1858: ban-. Inner Temple 
1884, col. sec of Jamaica from 1901 : 
Kingston. Jamaica. 

Bourne J as. Samuel, eld. s. of late J. 
G. Bourne, of Dudley House, Worcs. 
D.L. ; b. 1824 ; to. 1852, Ellen G., 3 dau. 
of late Thos. Yates, Welshpool : Astley 
Court, nr. Coventry. 

Bourne. John, eld. s. of Jn. Bourne, 
of Hilderstone Hall, Staffs., D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1898); b. 1850; to. 1881, Helen 
M.,dau. of late C. W. Faber, D.L., J.P. ; 
is J.P. Staffordshire : Hilderstone Hall, 
Stone, Staffs. 

Bourne. John, eld. grands, of John 
Bourne, of Walker Hall, co. Durham, 
D.T,. ; b. 1837 ; to. 1, 1873, Sarah M., dau. 
{d. 1898) of rev. John Wright, of Sunder- 
land, co. Durham ; 2, 1899, A- Melina, 
dau. of Hy. Prince, of Royston, Herts ; 
J.P. Somerset : Bri: coe, Wellington, 



Bourne, John Kemp, eld. s. of Wm. 
Bourne, of Oakfield, Atherstone, co. 
Warwick ; b. 1844 ; m. 1867, Anne, dau. 
of Joseph Watson, of Whitehaven, Cum- 
berland ; J.P. (1897) and C.A. (from 1890) 
Warwickshire : The Grove, Atherstone. 

Bourne, lt.-col. Robert, eld. s. of rev. 
Robert Burr Bourne, late of Donhead St. 
Andrew, Wilts ; m. Anna, youngest dau. 
of late Saml. Baker,of Lypiatt Park,Glou- 
cestershire ; late capt. 54 foot, maj. (hon. 
lt.-col.) 2 Worcestershire vol. 1873-82 ; 
D.L., J.P. Worcestershire, J.P. Here- 
fordshire (sheriff 1890) : Cowarne Court 

Bourne, Samuel, 3 s. of Thos. Bourne, 
of Mucclestone, Staffs ; 6. 1834 ; m. 1867, 
Mary, dau. of A. Tolley, of Nottingham ; 
J.P. (1894) Nottinghamshire and Not- 
tingham : Brightlands, Clumber rd. east 
The Park, Nottingham. 

Bourne-May, Jas. Wm. Seaburne, 
eld. s. of J. W. Seaburne May, late of 
Princes Park, Liverpool ; b. 1842 ; 
m. 1883, Harriet Anne Dyson, only dau. 
of sir Jas Bourne, 1 bart. of Hackinsall 
Hall, Lanes, m.p. (d. 1882) and sis. 
of sir Jas. Dyson Bourne, 2 and last 
bart. (d. 1883) ; assumed by royal licence 
in 1897 addtl. name of Bourne ; Hackin- 
sall Hall, Fleetwood, Lanes ; Shrubs 
Hill House, Sunningdale, Berks. 

Bousneld, lt.-col. Hy. Richings,c.M.G. 
(1902), eld. s. of bp. (Bousneld) of Pre- 
toria (d. 1902) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1890, Coral, 
2 dau. of late rt. hon. H. Escombe, P.C., 
Q.C., ll.d., prime min. of Natal ; 
attached to H.M Ordnance dept., Trans- 
vaal 1879-80, entd. Transvaal C. S. 1880, 
emplyd. on staff duties during siege of 
Pretoria, Boer war 1881, entd. Natal C. S. 
1881, ret. 1890, barr. Inner Temple 
1892, lt.-col. Vols. Reserve, late Natal 
R. Rif. and Durban L. I., staff officer at 
Durban, S. African war 1899-1902 : St. 
Andrews st. Durban, Natal. 

Bousneld, sir Wm., M.A.Oxon. LL.D, 
(hon.) Leeds univ., s. of W. Bousneld, 
of Streatham, Surrey (d. 1851) ; b. 
1842 ; m. 1870, Blanche Isabel, eld. 
dau. of lt.-col. A. W. Onslow, of 
Cranley Lodge, Cheltenham ; barr. 
Middle Temple, 1868 ; J.P. Middlx. and 
London ; memb. of London School 
board 1882-8, is chm. Girls' Public 
Day School Co., and of the Represen- 
tative managers of London Board 
Schools, knighted 1905 : 20 Hyde Park 
gate, S.W. ; Athenaeum, Albemarle and 
Burlington Fine Arts clubs: Fairfield, 
Great Bookham, Surrey. 

Bousneld, Wm. Robt., k.c, m.a. 

Cantab, Assoc. Inst. C.E., eld. s. of Edwd. 
Tenney Bousfield, of Bedford ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1879, Florence, dau. of Geo. Kelly, of 
Shanklin, I. of W. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1880, Q.C. 1891, bencher 1897, J.P. (1901) 
Middlx., m.p. (c.) N. Hackney from 
1892 : St. Swithins, Hendon, Middlx. ; 2 
Crown Office row, Temple, E.C. ; Carlton 

Boustead, Warwick Pearson, m.a. 
Cantab, only s. of late J. Boustead, of 
Settlebeck ; b. 1833 : j.p. W. R. Yorks : 
Settlebeck, Sedbergh, Yorks. 

Boutcher, Wm. Emanuel, eld. s. 
of Emanuel Boutcher, of Grateley 
House, Hants, j.p. ; 6. 1860: 36 Hyde 
Park gdns. W. ; New Oxford and 
Cambridge club ; Grateley House, 
Grateley, Hants. 

Boutflower, bp., vide Dorking. 

Bouth, rev. Reginald Hampson 
Myddleton, M.A.Oxon., s, of Fredk. Wm. 
Delamere Bouth, j.p. (d. 1900) ; b. 1867; 
m. Ida M. A., dau. of G. W. Keeling, 
c.E., j.p. of Cheltenham ; rect. (from 
1893), patron of the living and lord of 
the manor of Elkstone, Glos. : Elkstone 
Rectory, Cheltenham. 

Bouverie, vide Pleydell-Bouverie. 

Bouverie - Campbell - Wyndham, 
Richd. Arthur Pleydell-, eld. and only s. of 
lt.-col. P. A. Pleydell-Bouverie-Camp- 
bell- Wyndham, of Corhampton, Hants, 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1900); b. 1862; m. 1891, 
Isabel M., dau. of Laurence Cumber- 
batch, and widow of Arthur S. Williams ; 
j.p. Hants and Argyllshire: The Grove, 
Exton, Bishop's Waltham S.O. Hants; 
Glengarr, Dunoon, Argyll. 

Bouverie- Campbell - Wyndham, 
mrs. Pleydell-, Caroline Mary, only 
child of la'e Richd. Hetley, of The 
Close, Salisbury ; m. 1861, lt.-col. P. A, 
Pleydell- Bouverie-Canrpbell -Wyndham, 
of Corhampton, Hants and of Glengarr, 
Argyllshire, D.L., J.P. (d. 1900) ; patron 
of the living and lady of the manor of 
Corhampton : Corhampton House, nr. 
Bishop's Waltham S.O. Hants. 

Bouverie-Pusey, Sidney Edwd. s. of 
P. Pusey of Pusey, m.p. (d. 1855), by dau. 
of 2 earl of Carnarvon ; b. 1839 ; m. 1,187 1 , 
Wilhelmina M., dau. (d. 1885) of lord 
Wm. Hervey C.B. ; 2, 1890, Helen H., 
dau. of late Patrick Grant, and widow of 
rt. hon. W. N. Massey, M.P. : 40 South 
Audley st. W. ; Athenseum club ; Pusey 
House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Bovell (hon.) sir Hy. Alleyne, ll.b. 
Lond. Univ., 5 s. of rev.Wm. Hy. Brinsden 
Bovell, of Barbados; b. 1854; m. 1882, 
Annie C, youngest dau. of hon. A 


Bi iggs, pres. legisl. council, Barbados ; 
ban*. Lincoln's Inn 1876, Q.c. of B. Guiana 
1887, a.g. 1896-1902, c.J. of B. Guiana 
from 1902, knightel 1902: Surrey House, 
Georgetown, B. Guiana; Royal Societies 

Bovill, Chas. A.,s. of B. S. Bovill ; b. 
1853; m. 1886, hon. Penelope Magdalen, 
3 dan. of 1 baron Basing : Boodle's club; 
Smeeth Paddocks. Ashford, Kent. 

Bovill. Geo. Baxendale, J. P. (1901) 
Denbighshire and (1905) Carnarvonshire: 
Rhyd-y-Crena, Bettws-y-coed, Carnar- 

Bovill, lady. Anna, younger dau. of 
rev. J. Tahourdin White, D.D.. rector of 
St. Martin's, Ludgate, E.C. ;' m. 1876, 
sir Elliot Chas. Bovill, c.J. of Straits 
Settlements, 1692-8 (d. 1893). 

Bowater, Thos. Vansittart, sheriff of 
the City of London 1905-0 : 28 Queen 
st. E.C." 
Bowden, vide Cornish-Bowden. 
Bowden-Smith, Henry, s. of late 
Nathaniel Bowden-Smith, of Brocken- 
hurst, j.p. ; b. 1834 ; J. P. Hants : Black 
Knoll, Brockenhurst S.O. Hants. 

Bowden-Smith, adml. sir Nathl , 
K.o.B., f.r.g.s., s. of Nathaniel Bowdta- 
Smith,of Brockenhurst, Hants; b. 1888 : 
m. 1873, Emily Cecilia, dau. of Geo. G. 
Sandeman, of Westfield, Hayling ; served 
in Burmese war, 1852-3, Baltic, 1854-5, 
China war, 1858-9, at attack on Taku 
forts ; one of the British delegates at 
maritime conference at Washington, 
commdr.-in-chief on Australian station 
1892-4, at the Nore 1899-1900, adml. 
1899, ret. list 1903 : United Service and 
Wellington clubs. 

Bowdler, col. Cyril Wm. Bowdler, 
C.B. (1902); b. 1839; ret. p. 1891, knt. of 
justice, order of St. -Tohu of Jerusalem. 
Bowdon, vide Butler- Bo wdon. 
Bowell, hon. sir Mackenzie, k.C.m.g. 
(1895), f.r.c.i., s. of late John Bowell ; 
b. 1823 ; m. 1817, Harriett L., dau. (d. 
1884) of lafe J. G. Moore, of Belleville, 
Ont. Canada ; P.c. Canada 1878, min. of 
customs 1878-92, min. of mil. and defence 
1892, of trade and commerce 1892-4, prim, 
min. 1894-6 : Belleville, Ontario, Canada. 
Bowen, vide Lewis-Bowen. 
Bowen, rev. Arthur Jas. b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of Jas. Bowen, of Troedyraur, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1872); b. 1839; m. 1862, Ger- 
trude O., dau. of iEueas Cannon, M.D., of 
Cheltenham ; j.p. Pembrokeshire, rect. 
from 1896 of Kingston Magna, Gilling- 
ham, Dorset. 

Bowen, rev. Chas. Jas., m.a. Cantab, 
J.p. Lincolnshire, rect. from 1881 of 


Wroot, Doncaster : Tyddyn, nr. Llanid- 
loes, Montgomeryshire. 

Bowen, Eynon Geo. Rice, eld. s. of 
rev. Arthur Jas. Bowen, of Troedyraur, 
co. Cardigan, j.p. ; b. 1864 ; m. 1890, 
Georgina C., dau. of late Geo. Wills, of 
Clifton ; J.P. Cardiganshire. 

Bowen, Geo. Bevan, only survg. s. of 
J. Bevan Bowen, of Llwyngwair, co. 
Pembroke, M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1905) ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1882, Florence E., only survg. 
dau. of late dep.-surg.-gen. Fredk. 
Corbyn, H. M.'s Indian service ; j.p. 
Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire ; It. 
Pembroke yeom. 1880-5 : Stradmore, 
Llandyssil, co. Cardigan ; Llwyngwair, 
Newport, Pembrokeshire. 

Bowen, Geo. Wm. Howard, only s. of 
rt. hon. sir Geo. F. Bowen, G.C.M.G., P.C. 
(</. 1899), by Diamantina, dau. of late 
count Roma, G.C.M G. ; b. 1864 ; in. 1896, 
Gertrude, younger dau. of late Richd. 
Chamberlain; is d.l., j.p. (1896) 
Cambridgeshire, sheriff of co. London 
1902 : Travellers' and Wellington clubs ; 
Ickleton Grange, Gt. Chesterford, Essex. 
Bowen. Hy. Chas. Cole, m.a. Dublin 
eld. s. of Robt. St. John Cole Bowen, of 
Bowen's Court, co. Cork, J.P. (d. 1888) ; 
b. 1862; m. 1890, Florence I. dau. of 
late Hy. Fitz George Colley, of Mount 
Temple, co. Dublin ; Irish barr. 1887, 
J.p. co. Cork: Bowen's Court, Kildoi-rery, 
co. Cork. 

Bowen, Jas. Benjn.. 2 s. of Benjn 
Bowen, of Chipping Norton, Oxon; b 
1836 ; m 1868, 3 dau. of Jas. Swiney, of 
Ramsgate. Kent; J.p. Oxon: High st. 
Chipping Norton, Oxon. 

Bowen, John, j.p. Worcestershire : 
Rochford, Strencham rd. Moseley, 

Bowen, hon. Maxwell Steele, 2 s. of 
lord Bowen, a lord of appeal (d. 1894) ; 6. 
1865 ; It. 1 cadet battn. the Queen's 
(R. W. Surrey regt.) from 1897, It. 3 
battn. (mil.) Sherwood Foresters 1898- 
1901 : Savile and Automobile clubs. 

Bowen, rev. the hon. Wm. Edwd., 
m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of lord Bowen, a lord 
of appeal (d. 1894); b. 1862 ; m. 1890, 
Catharine, dau. of rev. canon Morse : 
119 Bctrkston gdns. S.W. ; Athenaeum 
club ; Glenheadon, Totland, I. of W. 

Bowen, fleet-paymaster Wm. Herbert, 
R.x., M.v.o. 4 class (1903), fleet-pay- 
master R.N. 1886 ; H.M.'s Yacht, " Vic- 
toria and Albert." 

Bowen, lady. Florence, dau. of late 
rev. Thos. Luby, d.d. ; m. 1, 1878, rev. 
Henry White, of Almington Hall, Salop ; 
2, 1896, as his 2 wife, rt. hon. sir Geo. 


Ferguson Bowen, G.C.M.G., P.O.. gov. of 
Queensland 1859-68, N. Zealand 1868-73, 
Victoria 1873-9, Mauritius 1879-83, Hong 
Kong 1883-7 (d. 1899) : 16 Lowndes st. 
Belgrave sq. S.W.; Rosecliff, Luccombe, 
I. of W. 

Bowen- Jones, John, s. of John Jones, 
of Eaton House, Tottenham ; b. 1840 ; to. 
1863, Elizabeth M.,dau. (d. 1901) of Evan 
Bowen, of Ensdon House, Salop ; is J.P. 
Salop and chrn. C.c. : Beckbury, Shrews- 

Bower, Edmund Ernest Nott, 3 8. of 
late John Bower, D.O.L. Oxon., barr.-at- 
law, of York; 6 1853; to. 1886, Louisa, 
dau. of late capt. Jas. Chas. Yorke, 5 
drag, gds., of Gwernant, co. Cardigan ; 
asst. sec. to board of inland revenue 
1895-1902, a commr. from 1902: Kel- 
ston, Richmond. Surrey ; Somerset 
House, W.C. 

Bower, capt. Edmund Thos. drivers, 
eld. s. of Edwd. Chivers Bower, of Brox- 
holme,Yorks,D.L.,j.p. (d.1896) ; 6.1859; 
to. 1892, Elizabeth W. M., only dau. of 
late gen. sir Chas. Trollope, K.c.B. ; capt. 
Oxfordshire L. I. 1886-95, asst. insp. of 
signalling 1889-94, ret. 1895, J.P. N. R. 
Yorks : Carlton, and Naval and Military, 
and Yorkshire (York) clubs. 

Bower, Fredk. Orpen, sc.D. Cantab, 
f.r.s., 2 survg. s. of late A. Bower, of 
Elmcrofts, Ripon, J.P., by Cornelia, dau. 
of late rear-adml. H. G. Morris ; regius 
prof, of Botany in Univ. of Glasgow : 

1 St. John's terr. Hillhead, Glasgow ; 
United University, Savile and Western 
(Glasgow) clubs ; University, Glasgow. 

Bower, Geo. Spencer, k.c, b.a. Oxon., 

2 s. of Geo. Bower, of St. Neots, Hunts ; 
b. 1854 ; barr. Inner Temple 1880, K.C. 
1903: 45 Finchley r*. N.W. ; 2 Hare 
court, Temple, E.C. ; Savage club. 

Bower,capt.sir Graham John, k.c.m.g. 
(1892), R.N., s. of adml. James Paterson 
Bower (d. 1889) and grands, of Graham 
Bower, of Kincaldrum, Angus ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1882, Maude, dau. of J. F. Mitchell, of 
Ethatn, Sydney, New South Wales ; ret. 
commdr. R.N. 1884, corresp. memb. R. 
United Service Inst., sec. to H.M.'s high 
commissr. for S. Africa 1880-97, col. sec. 
of .Mauritius from 1898 : Port Louis, 
Mauritius ; Constitutional and White's 

Bower, Hy. Gregory Syndercombe, 
eld. s. of Hy. Syndercombe Bower, of 
Fontanel] Parva, Dorset, j.p. ; 6. 1867; 
in. 1892, Charlotte B., youngest dan. of 
nv. Biohd. Burtee*, Vect/of Holthy, 
Yorkshire: j.p. (1905) Dorset: Knock 
House, Marnhull, Blandford. 


Bower, Henry Syndercombe, s. of 
rev. Hy. Tregonwell Bower, of Fontmell 
Parva, Dorset, J.P. (J. 1876) ; b. 1839; m. 
1866, Sarah Matilia, dau. of rev. Robert 
Salkeld, rect. of Fontmell Magna, 
Dorset ; J.P. (1863) Dorset : Fontmell 
Parva, Blandford. 

Bower, Herbert M., M. A. Cantab., eld. 
survg. s. of late A. Bower, of Elmcrofts, 
Ripon, J. P., by Cornelia, dau. of late 
rear-adml. H. G. Morris ; b. 1854 ; to. 
1899, Eileen F. F., youngest dau. of late 
rev. John Thompson, M.A., vicar of 
Patrick Brompton ; barr. Middle Temple 
1883, J.P. (1890) W. R. Yorks and Liberty 
of Ripon, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) York and 
Lancaster regt. 1894-1901 : United Uni- 
versit}' club ; Trinity Hill, Ripon. 

Bower, maj. Jas. Bower, eld. s. of 
Richd. Marsh Marsh-Dunn, of Carlton 
Lodge, Teignmouth, J.P. {d. 1884) ; b. 
1848 ; to. 1881, Ada E. G., eld. dau. (d. 
1898) of J. W. F. Butler, and niece of 23 
baron Dunboyne ; maj. late 3 battn. 
(mil.) Cheshire regt., and formerly It. 
51 regt. ; assumed by royal licence name 
of Bower in lieu of Dunn 1881 : Clare- 
mont, Teignmouth, Devon. 

Bower, col. John, 3 s. of late Graham 
Bower, of Kincaldrum, co. Foj far ; b. 
1809; to. 1856, Mary, dau. (d. 1901) of 
late Richd. Heaviside, King's drag, gds.; 
J.P. Hants : Studwell Lodge, Droxford, 
Bishop's Waltham. 

Bower, capt. John Wm. Nott, b. of late 
John Bower, D.C.L., of York, by Char- 
lotte, dau. of late gen. sir W. Nott, 
g.c.b. ; b. 1849 ; to. 1889, Florence, dau. 
of Reginald Harrison, f.r.c.S. ; chief 
constable of Liverpool 1881-1902, commr. 
of the City of London police from 1902, 
knt. of grace of order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, officer, order of Crown of 
Italy, chev. legion of honour, coramdr. 
order of military merit of Spain : 6 
Lower Berkeley st. W. ; office, 26 Old 
Jewry, E.C. ; St. Roch's, Bognor. 

Bower, maj. Robt. Lister,c.M.G.(1897), 
eld. s. of R. H. Bower, of Welham, 
Yorks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1886), by 4 dau. of 
sir John Lister-Kaye, 2 bart. ; b. 1860 ; 
to. 1893, Annette Norah, 3 dau. of Hy. 
H. Head, Thornhill, Bray, Ireland ; 
served in Egyptian war 1882, Soudan 
expdn. 1884, Nile expdn. 1884-5, Jebu 
expdn. W. Africa 1892, capt. K. R. Rif. 
C, ret. p. 1891, capt. (hon. maj. 1898) 
7 battn. (mil.) K. R. R. C. 1891-8, resident 
at Ibadan, Lagos, 1892-8, chief constable 
of N. R. Yoiks from 1898 : The AVust 
House, Thirsk, Yorks. 

Bower, Thos., lord of the. nicnor of 



Stradishall, J.r. (1902) Suffolk : Stradi- 
shall Place, Slradishall, Newmarket. 

Bowers, bp., vide Thetford. 

Bowers. Wm. Eli, only s. of late Wm. 
Bovvers, of Harewood Park, Cheadle. 
Staffs ; b. 1801 ; m. 1885, Alice, dan. (d. 
1905) of Chas. J. Blagg, of Cheadle, 
Staffs ; J.P. Staffs : Caverswall Castle, 
nr. Stoke-on-Trent. 

Bowes, baron, vide Strathmore. 

Bowes, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. Bowes, of 
Workington, Cumberland ; b. 1824 ; J.P. 
Cumberland : Workington. 

Bowes, John, F.z.s., 4 s. of Henry 
Bowes, of Workington, Cumberland : o. 
1834; m. 1859, Hannah, dau. of Win. 
Kitchin, of Whitehaven, Cumberland ; 
J.P. (1900) Kent, vice pies. E Kent and 
Canterbury Med. Soc. : East Hill House, 
Heme Bay, Kent ; Jun. Constitutional 
and Ease Kent (Canterbury) clubs. 

Bowes, Richard, s. of late Geo. Bowes, 
of Darlington ; b. 1859 : m. 1892, Blanche, 
eld. dau. of Ernst Bunge, of Havre, 
France ; J.P. (1899) N. R. Yorks : Monk- 
end Hall, Croft, nr. Darlington. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Alexander Fras., 
3 s. of 14 earl of Strathmore ; b. 1887. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. David, 6 8. of 
14 earl of Strathmore ; b. 1902. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Fergus, 4 s. of 
14 earl of Strathmore ; b. 1889. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Francis, 2 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1856 ; m. 1883, 
lady Anne Katharine Sybil, dau. of 25 
earl of Ciawford and Balcarres ; b. 1859 ; 
col. commdt. 2 vol. battn. R. Highrs. 
1877-92 ; d.l. Forfar, d.l., J. p. Northum- 
berland : Carlton and Bachelors' clubs ; 
Ridley Hall, Bardon Mill, Carlisle. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. John Herbert, 2 
s. of 14 earl of Strathmore ; b. 1886. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Kenneth, 6 s. of 13 
earl of Strathmore ; b. 1867. 

Bowes-Lyon, capt. hon. Malcolm, 7 s. 
)f 13 earl of Strathmore; b. 1874; 

;rved in S. African war 1902 with 29 

ittn. Impl. yeom., capt. 2 life gds. from 
L900, and adjt. 1901-2, and from 1903. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. Michael Claude 
Hamilton, 5 s. of 14 earl of Strathmore ; 
b. 1893. 

Bowes - Lyon, hon. Patrick b.a. 
Cantab., 5 s. of 13 earl of Strathmore ; b. 
1863 ; m. 1893, miss Wiltshire, ward of 

tte capt. and mrs. Arthur Lister Kaye ; 
served in R.N. 1877-80, barr. Inner Tem- 
ple 1889, D.L. co. Foifar : Carlton and 
Wellington clubs : Skeynes, Edenbridge, 

Bowes-Lyon, lady Maud Agnes, b. 
1870 ; dau. of 13 earl of Strathmore. 

Bowes-Lyon, hon. mrs. Ernest. 
Issobel Hester, 3 dau. of late Harvey 
Drummond, of Iping, Kent ; in. 1882 
hon. Ernest Bowes-Lyon (d. 1891), 3 s. of 
13 earl of Strathmore : 22 Ovington sq. 

Bowes-Lyon, lady Mary Frances, b. 
1883; lady Rose Constance, b. 1890; 
dans, of 14 carl of Strathmore. 

Bowlby, Anthony Alfred,c.M.G.( 1900), 
F.K.c.s.Eng., s. of Thos. Wm. Bowlby. of 
Durham ; b. 1855 ; m. 1898, Maria B., 
eld. dau. of rev. the hon. Hugh Wynne 
Mostyn ; surg. to St. Bartholomew's 
hosp., served as sen. surg. in charge 
of " Portland Hospital," S. African war 
1899-1900, surgeon to the King's house- 
hold from 1904 : 24 Manchester sq. W. 

Bowlby, Arthur Salvin, m.a. Cantab., 
3 and eld. survg. s. of Edwd. Salvin 
Bowlby, of Gilston Park, Herts, d.l., 
J.P. (d. 1902), by Maria, youngest dau. 
of J. Rimington, of Broomhead Hall, 
Yorks; b. 1872; m. 1903, Catherine 
Mary, eld. dau. of late col. Edwin 
Bruton Bond, i.s.c. : J. p. (1901) Herts : 
Bachelors', and R.Y.S. (Cowes) clubs ; 
Gilston Park, Harlow, Essex ; Knoydart, 

Bowles, Chas. Eyre Bradshaw, M.A 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. Chas. Bradshaw 
Bowles, of Abney Manor, co. Derby, 
vicar of Woking, Surrey {d. 1885), by 
Mary, dan. of adml. sir Geo. Eyre, K.C.B., 
K.C.M.G. ; 6. 1848; m. 1878, Charlotte, 
sole dau. of Burton Borough, of Chet- 
wynd Park, Salop, D.L.. J.P. ; is J.P. 
Derbyshire : Abney Manor, via Sheffield ; 
The Nether House, Wirksworth. 

Bowles, col. Hy.,c.i.( 1900). 2 s. of John 
Samuel Bowles, of Milton Hill, Berks, 
d.l., J.P. (d. 1884) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1899, 
Annette M., eld. dau. of John Bolton 
Littledale, of Sandi a ay Bank, Cheshire ; 
served in Nile expdn. 1884-5, Tirah 
expdn. 1897-8, S. Africa 1899-1900 ; A.A.G 
at Wax office from 1905 : War Office 

Bowles, Henry Carington Bowles, 
d.l., j.p. Middlx. : Myddelton House, 
Waltham Cross, Herts. 

Bowles, col. Henry Ferryman, M.A. 
Cantab., eld. s. of H. C. B. Bowles, of 
Myddelton House, Middlx., J.P. ; b. 1858 ; 
m. 1889, Dolly, dau. of J. L. Broughton, 
of Tuns' al, Salop; barr. Inner Temple 
1883, maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1898) 7 battn. 
(mil.) Rif. brig. 1894-9, lt.-col. commdt. 
and lion. col. 1 vol. battn. Middlx. regt. 
L901-3 lion. <ol. of the battn. from 1904, 
j.p. Middlx. (and 0;C. from 1889), m.p. 
(c.) Middlesex (EnfiehLdivn.) from 1889:. 


2 Cardinal mansions, Carlisle pi. S.W. ; 
Carlton and Conservative clubs ; Forty 
Hall, Enfield. Middlx. 

Bowles, Robt. Learaon, m.d. St. 
Andrews, F.R.C.P. Lon. : j.p.(1887) Kent : 
Athenaeum club. 

Bowles, Spotswood, 2 s. of Spotswood 
Bowles,of Springfield, co. Cork (d. 1893) ; 
b. 1854 : Ahern, Conna. co. Cork. 

Bowles, Thos. Gibson; b. 1843; to. 

1876, Jessica, dau. (d. 1887) of late gen. 
Evans Gordon, of Kenmure ; clerk in 
Inland Revenue dept. 1860-8, hon. It. 
naval reserve ; m.p. (c.) King's Lynn 
from 1892 : 25 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton club. 

Bowles, col. Thos. John, eld. s. of John 
Samuel Bowles of Milton Hill, Berks, 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1884) ; b. 1852 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1879, J.P. Berks, lt.-col. (hon. col. 
1898) 3 battn. (mil.) R. Berks regt. 1894- 
1904 : United University club ; Streatley 
Wood House, Reading. 

Bowles, Wm. Hy., 4 s. of late rev. 
Chas. Bradshaw Bowles, vicar of Wok- 
ing, Surrey; b. 18*3; m. 1, 1887, Edith 
M., dau. of rev. S. M. Barkworth, of 
Larchwood, Tunbridge Wells; 2, 1901, 
Constance, youngest dau. of late sir 
Alfred Hughes, 9 bt. ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1877, j.p. (1898) Essex : Windham 
club ; Lawford Place, nr. Manningtree, 

Bowly, Christopher, s. of Wm. Crotch 
Bowly, of Cirencester ; b. 1837 ; to. 1, 
dau. of Algernon Peckover. Sibalds 
Holme, Wisbech ; 2, 1874, Sarah Aldam, 
dau. of late Wm. Backhouse, St. John's 
Wolsingham, Durham ; J.P. Glo'ster- 
shire : Siddingtou House, Cirencester. 

Bowly, Frank, only s. of late Wm. 
Bowly, of Birmingham ; b. 1838 ; to. 

1877, Eliza L. dau. of late Geo. Gibbins, 
of Birmingham ; j .p. (1894) Oxfordshire : 
Charlbury S.O. Oxon. 

Bowman, John, J.P. (1896) co. Dur- 
ham : Westoe, South Shields,co. Durham. 

Bowman, John Jas., eld. s. of John 
Bowman, of Newtown, Irthington, 
Cumb. ; b. 1856; j.p. (1897) Cumber- 
land : Helmsley, Yorks. 

Bowman, Robt. Moore, only survg. s. 
of late Jas. M. Bowman, of Ripon, Yorks ; 
m. 1852, Sarah Jane, dau. of late rev. 
canon Sutton, of Fulford, York ; is j.p. 
1896) W. R. Yorks and (1898) Liberty 
of Ripon : 8 Park st. Ripon. 

Bowman, sir Wm. Paget, 2 bt. (1884), 
M.A.. Oxon., eld. s. of 1 bt., m.d., ll.d., 
F.K.S., F.L.S. (d. 1892) ; 6. 1845 ; to. 1870, 
Emily F., dau. of capt. W. Swabey, late 
R.h.a. ; barr. Inner Temple 1870, regis- 


trar, Corporation of the Sons of the 
Clergy, and treas. Cholmondeley chari- 
ties (Heir, s. rev. Paget Mervyn, M.A.; b. 
1873) : 2 Bloomsburypl.W.C; Joldwynds, 
Holmbury St. Mary, Dorking. 

Bowmont, marq.of (title which would 
be borne by eld. s., if any living, of duke 
of Roxburghe). 

Bowring, sir (Chas.) Clement, only 
s. of Chas. Bowring, of Park Grange, 
Derby, J.p. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1872, Violet 
Camilla, dau. of Samuel Ball, of Wal- 
lasey, Cheshire; J.P. (1897) Derbyshire, 
knighted 1900 : Constitutional club ; 
Park Grange, Derby. 

Bowring, Edgar Alfred, C.B., s. of sir 
John Bowring, LL.D. ; b. 1826 ; to. 1, 1853, 
Sophia dau. (d. 1857) of late T. Cubitt, 
Denbies; 2, 1858, Ellen, dau. of L. 
Cubitt, Brighton : M.P. (l.) Exeter 
1868-74 : 30 Eaton pi. S.W. ; 5 Lewes 
cres. Brighton. 

Bowring 1 , col. Fredk. Thos. Nelson 
Spratt-, late P.E., c.B. (1904); 6.1847; 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, Burmese 
expdn. 1886-7, China expdn. 1900-1, col. 
1899, ret. list with Ind. pens. 1904. 

Bowring", Lewin Bentham, c.s.L, 3 s 
of sir John Bowring, ll.d. (d. 1872) ; 
b. 1824 ; to. 1, dau. of adm. hon. sir John 
Talbot, G.C.B. ; 2, Katharine, dau. of late 
mr. serjeant Bellasis: B.C.S. 1843-70; for- 
merly ptiv. sec. to viceroy (earl Canning), 
and chief commr. of Mysore and Coorg ; 
J.P. Devon : E. I. United Service club ; 
Woodlands, Torquay. 

Bowring, mrs. Mary, eld. dau. of late 
Chas. J. Furlonger ; to. 1866, as his 2 
wife, John Chas. Bowring, of Forest 
Farm, Berks. J.P. (d. 1893) : Forest Farm, 
Windsor Forest, Berks. 

Bowring-Hanbury, Victor Henry, 
youngest s. of Edgar Bowring, C.B., of 
30 Eaton sq. S.W. and 5 Lewes cres. 
Brighton ; 6. 1867; to. 1904, Ellen, widow 
of rt. hon. Robt. Wm. Hanbury, m.p., 
P.O., D.L., j.p., of Ham Hall, Staffs, pies, 
of Board of Agriculture (d. 1903) : 5 
Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Ham Hall, Ash- 

Bowyer, Edwd. Wentworth, 2 s. of 
rev.W. H.Wentworth Bowyer (d. 1872); 
b. 1862; to. 1895, hon. Georgiana H., 
dau. of lvisc. Cross, g.c.b., g.c.s.l, p.c. : 
Rauceby Cottage, South Rauceby, 

Bowyer, sir Geo. Hy. 9 bt. (1st cr. 
1660, of Denham, and 5 bt., 2nd cr. 1791, 
of Radley), nephew of 8 bt. (d. 1893) ; 
b. 1870 ; to. 1899, Ethel, dau. (div. 1900) 
of late Fras. Hawkins ; It. 4 battn. (mil.) * 


Cheshire regi. from 1891 {Heir, kinsman, 
maj. WentworthG., q.v). 

Bowyer, lt-col. Went worth. Grenville, 
r.e. (ret.), eld. s. of rev. Wm. Hy. Went- 
worth Atkins-Bowyer (d. 1872) ;' ' b. 1850 ; 
m. 1883, Eva M., 5 dau. of maj.-gen. Chas. 
Stuart Lane ; heir pres. to baronetc} 7 , 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, maj. R.E., 
ret. p. 1896, promoted lt.-col. Res. of 
officers for services in connection with 
S. African war of 1899-1902, j.p. (1899) 
Buckinghamshire : Naval and Military 
club ; Weston Manor, Olney, Bucking- 

Boxall, 1 baron (Saxe-Cobur,?, 1900). 
This title is authorised by the Crown to 
be assumed and borne in this country by 
the grantee and the heirs male of bis 
body. Alleyne Alfred Boxall, b. 1855; 
m. 1881, Mary Elizabeth, eld. dau. of late 
Jas. Hy. Lermitte, J.p. ; is a commdr. 
of the Saxe-Ernestine Coburg Family 
order : 14 Cambridge sq. Hyde Park, W. ; 
St. Stephen's club. 

Boxall, col. sir Chas. Gervaise, k.c.b. 
(1902), V.D., 2 s. of late Wm. Percival 
Boxall, of Biighton and Cowfold, Sus- 
sex, j.p. ; b. 1852 ; m. 1879, dau. of late 
Hy. Wyles ; lt.-col. commdg. 1 Sussex 
R.G.A. (vols.) 1892-6, since then hon. 
col. of regt. ; on acceptance by the lord 
mayor (Dec. 1899) of his plan for form- 
" <g City of London Impl. Vol. Corps for 
jivice in S. Africa, he was entrusted by 
le mil. auths. with its organisation (lt.- 
col. in army 1900) and apptd. depot 
jommdr. ; had previously provided and 
successfully demonstrated with an 
irmoured train for heavy artill. on 
>rdinarv rails : St. Stephen's club ; 
Jattle Mead, Maidenhead, Berks. 
Boxall, Wm. Percival Gratwicke, 
.c. m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of Wm. Per- 
cival Boxall, of Brighton and Cowfold, 
Sussex, j.p. (d. 1898); b. 1849; barr. 
jincoln's Inn 187.% K.c. 1902, rec. of 
tye from 1905 : 36 Carlyle sq. S.W. ; 
Hare court, Temple, E.C. ; Ivory's, 
Cowfold, Sussex. 

Boyce, Geo., s. of John Pierce Boyce, 
of Chertsey, Surrey ; 6. 1832 ; m. 1862, 
Anne Ogden, dau. of Wm. Brown, of N. 
Shields ; j.p. and C.A. Surrey : The 
Orchard, Chertsey. 

Boyce, Robt. Hy., c.b. ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1860, Louisa S., 2 dau. of late Wm. 
Neligan, M.D., of Athlone, Ireland ; lute 
principal surveyor in Office of W orks : 
Constitutional club ; Eeyuan, Hamp- 
ton Wick. 

Boyce, maj. Wm. Geo. Bertram, D.S.O., 
2 s. of lev. W. G. Bovce, of Ballinoulart, 

co. Wexford and 28 Elgin rd. Dublin ; 
b. 1868 ; m. 1895, Maud, eld. dau. of late 
capt. J. C. Boyce, of Wentworth,Merrion 
rd. Dublin ; served in S. Africa 1899, as 
d.a.a.g., 2nd divn. : Belfast. 

Boycott, vide Wight-Boycott. 

Boyd, vide Rochfort-Boyd. 

Boyd, Alex. Chas., ll.b. Cantab, only 
s. of Alex. Fielding Boyd, C.M.G., late 
treas. gen. of Ionian Islands ; b. 1852 ; 
m. Francis Elphinstone, dau. of Thom- 
son Boyd, of Edinburgh ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1875, J.P. Cheshire : 51 Pont st. 
S.W. ; New University club ; The 
Lakes, Dukinfield, Cheshire. 

Boyd, lt.-col. Chas. Purvis, youngest 
and only survg. s. of Archibald Boyd, 
of 115 Westbourne terr. W. ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1876, Rosina Geraldine Compton, dau. 
of E. B. East wick, C.B., of Hogarth rd. W.; 
j.p. Hants, maj. commdg. (hon. lt.-col. 
1896) Thames mil. divn. (submarine 
miners) e.e. 1889-1904, hon. lt.-col. of 
the regt. from 1904: Jun. Constitu- 
tional club; Crofton House, Titchfield, 
Fareham, Hants. 

Boyd, Chas. Walter, c.M.G. (1904), 
p. of late very rev. A. A. H. Boyd, of 
St. Andrews, N.B. ; b. 1869; sec. to 
Rhodes Trust : 2 Down st. Piccadilly, 
W. ; Garrick club. 

Boyd, Fras. Darby, C.M.G. (1900), m.d. 
Edin., s. of John Boyd, of Edinburgh ; b. 
1866 ; m. 1904, Clara Constance, eld. 
dau. of Alfred J. A. Lepper, of The 
Rhanbuouy, Carrickfergus ; served with 
Edinburgh Hospital, in S. African war 
1899-1900 : 22 Manor pi. and University 
club, Edinburgh. 

Boyd, Geo. Fenwick, b.a. Oxon., 4 
but eld. survg. s. of Edwd. Fenwick 
Boyd, of Moor House, co. Durham, J.P. 
(d. 1889) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1874, Janet A, 
dau. of Geo. A. Haig, of Pen Ithon, co. 
Radnor, j.p. ; is d.l., J.p. co. Durham 
(sheriff 1901) : Moor House, Leam3ide 
S.O. co. Durham. 

Boyd, rev. Henry, d.d. Oxon., s. of 
Wm. Clark Boyd, of Ely pi. E.C; b. 
1831 ; hon. canon of Rochester 1875-90, 
vice chanc. of Univ. of Oxford 1890-4, 
fellow, dean and divinity lecturer at 
Hertford coll. Oxford, 1875-7, principal 
from 1877 : Hertford College, Catherine 
st. Oxford. 

Boyd, hon. sir John Alex., K.c.M.G. 
(1901), s. of late J. Boyd, princ. of Bay 
Street Academy, Toronto ; b. 1837 ; m. 
1863, Elizabeth, dau. of David Buchan ; 
chancellor high court of justice (Chan- 
cery divn.) Ontario from 1881, knighted 



1899 : 119 Bloor St. Toronto, Ont. 

Boyd, col. John Alex., C.B. (1897), eld. 
s. of John Boyd, of Dungannon,co.Tyrone; 
b. 1857 ; m. 1888, Maty, dau. of Jonathan 
Pape, of Langrlgg Bank, Cumberland ; 
served in Zulu and Secocueni wars 1879 ; 
Boer war 1881 ; Nile expdn. 1884-5 ; 
D.a.q.m.G. War Office 1895-9, ret. p. 1900, 
A.S.C : 20 Sunderland terr. Bayswater, 
W. ; Jun. Army and Navy club. 

Boyd, maj.-gen. Julius Middleton, s. 
of gen. Mossom Boyd, h.e.i.C.s. ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1867, dau. of capt. Blennerhassett, 
K.N. ; served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, 
Abyssinian war 1868, Afghan war 1880, 
maj.-gen. 1894, U.S. list, 1896, Ind. army : 
Upton Dene, 56 Coombe rd. Croydon. 

Boyd, maj.-gen. Mossom, ret. f. p. 
1881 as lt.-col. Bo.S.C. 

Boyd (hon.), Walter, s. of Walter 
Boyd ; b. 1833 ; m. 1862, Annie C. dau. 
of Matthew Anderson of Dublin : Iri-*h 
barr. 1856, Q.C. 1877, J. P. co. Dublin, a 
judge of Irish court of bankruptcy from 
1885, a justice of high court of justice in 
Ireland from 1897 : 66 Merrion sq. south, 
and Kildare St. club, Dublin ; Howth 
House, Howth, co. Dublin. 

Boyd, Wm., eld. s. of late ven. Wm. 
Boyd, archdn. of Craven, vicar of Arn- 
cliffe, Yorks ; b. 1839 ; m. 1865, Diana, 
dau. of Edwd. Hawks, of Douglas, I. of 
Man ; j.p. (1894) Northumberland : Con- 
stitutional club ; Prestwick Lodge, 
Ponteland, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

Boyd, capt. Wm. Arthur Edwd., late 
2 life gds. ; m. 1893, lady Lilian A. K. M.. 
eld. dau. of 2 earl of Munster, b. 1873. 

Boyd, Wm. Christopher, j.p. (1902) 
Herts : The Grange, Waltham Cross. 

Boyd, Wm. Hy., only s. of Wm. Hy. 
Porter (d. 1883), by eld. dau. (d. 1886) of 
John Boyd, of Ballymacool, co. Donegal ; 
b. 1843 : m. 1879, Charlotte A., dau. of 
col. Jas. Hy. Dopping, j.p. ; assumed by 
royal licence name of Boyd in lieu of 
Porter 1891, D.L., j.p. co. Donegal 
(sheriff 1892) : Ballymacool, Letter- 
kenny, co. Donegal. 

Boyd,lady. Isabella, dau.of late John 
Lawson, of Cairnmuir, Peeblesshire ; m. 
1853, sir John Boyd, of Maxpoffle, 
Roxburghshire, D.L., j.p., lord provost of 
Edinburgh 1888-91 {d. 1893) : Maxpoffle, 
St. Boswells, N.B. 

Boyd-Rochford, Geo. Arthur, eld. s. 
of maj. R. H. Boyd-Rochford, of Middle- 
ton Park, co. Westmeath, J.P. (d. 1891) ; 
b. 1880: Middleton Park, Castletown, 
co. Westmeath. 

Boyd-Rochfort, mrs. Florence L., 

2 dau. of late R. Hemming, of Bentley" 
Manor, Worcestershire, J.P. ; m. 1875, 
maj. R. H. Boyd-Rochfort, of Middleton 
Park, co. Westmeath, j.p. (d. 1891), 
grands, of Jane, relict of Geo. Rochfort, 
earl of Belvedere : Middleton Park, 
Castletown, co. Westmeath. 

Boyes, vice-adml. Geo. Thos. Hy. ; 
m. 1874, Louisa E., eld. dau. of 1 te col. 
J. H. E. Ridley; served in Black Sea 
1855, at siege of Sebastopol, expdn. to 
Kertch and Yenikale, and attack and 
capture of Kinburn ; commdr. of 
"Achilles" during Egyptian war ; 2 
class Medjidie ; commodore (2 class) 
and naval officer in charge, Hong 
Kong 1893-6 ; commdr. 2 class Saxe 
Ernestine order ; ret. 1896, vice-adml. 
on ret. list 1901, dir. of naval transport, 
Admiralty from 1901: 79 Belgrave rd. 

s. of John Boyes, of 8 Kensington gdns. 
terr. W.: 6.1843; w.l866,Mary Catherine, 
eld. dau. of H. F. K. Holloway, d.l., 
J.P., of March wood Park, Hants : served 
in Egyptian war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir, 

4 class Osmanieh ; Soudan expdn. 1881, 
at El Teb and Temai ; Nile expdn. 1884- 

5 ; commd. 17 brig. S. Africa field force 
1900; maj.-gen. 1898, ret. p. 1904: United 
Service club ; The Holt, Appledore, N. 

Boyle, baron ; vide Cork. 

Boyle, vise. Richd. Bernard Boyle, 
eld. survg. s. of earl of Shannon ; b. 1897. 

Boyle, hon. Alan Reginald, 5 s. of 7 
earl of Glasgow ; b. 1886. 

Boyle, Alex., b.l. Trin. coll. Dub., 
eld. s. of Edwd. Boyle, of Bridge Hill, 
co. Londonderry (d. 1861) ; b. 1845 ; m. 
1873, Jane Louisa, dau. of Brudenell 
Plumraer, county insp. R.I.C. ; late maj. 
Londonderry Art. S. divn. Pi.. A., J.P. co. 
Londonderry : Bridge Hill, Limavady 
co. Londonderry. 

Boyle, hon. Alex. Jas. bro. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow, u.C.M.G. ; b. 1842; m. 1892, 
Clare, dau. of John Banning and widow 
of Sydney Jones, of Sydney, N. S. Wales : 
Twvssenden Manor House, Kilndown, 
Goiidhurst S.O. Kent. 

Boyle, commdr. hon. Algernon 
Douglas, M.v.o. (4 class), R.N., 6 s. of 
5 earl of Shannon ; b. 1871 : commdr. 
R.N. 1902. 

Boyle, sir Cavendish, k.c.m.g. (1897), 2 
a. of capt. C. S. Boyle (d. 1868) ; b. 
1849 ; magist. Leeward islands 1879, 
col. sec. and registrar-gen. Bermuda 
1882-8, col. sec. of Gibraltar 1888-94, 
govt. sec. of B. Guiana 1894-1901, gov. 



of Newfoundland 1901-4, of Mauritius 
from 1904 : Government House, Le 
Re.luit, Mauritius ; Marlborough and 
Badminton clubs. 

Boyle, maj. Chas. John, 2 s. of late 
rev. the hon. Richd. Cavendish Boyle, of 
Huntercombe, Bucks {d. 1886) ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1885, Lilian, dan. of late C. X. Pochin, 
of Leicestershire; J. P. (1897) Oxon.: 
Naval and Military club ; Dame Lyes, 
Watlington, Oxon. 

Boyle, sir Edwd., 1 bart. (1901), K.c, 
barr. Inner Temple 1887, K.c. 1898, a dir. 
of London and Tndia Docks Co. : 63 
Queen's Gate, S.W. ; 1 King's Bench 
walk, Temple, E.C. ; Ockham Farm, 
Burst Green, Sussex. 

Boyle, commdr. hon. Edward Spencer, 
R.N.-, 5 s. of 6 earl of Shannon ; b. 1870 ; 
m. 1904, Lily, eld. dau. of W. Beaumont 
Gardner, of Palermo, Sicily. 

Boyle,col.GeraldEdmund.s.of latehon. 
John Boyle, by dau. of baroness de Ros ; 
b. 1840; m. 1, 1864, lady Elizabeth T., 
dau. {d. 1897) of 1 earl of Cottenham ; 
2, 1898, Hermione, eld. dau. of John 
Campbell A. Houghton ; It. -col. comnxlg. 
4 battn. rifle brig. 1888-91, col. in the 
army 1889, ret. p. l891,brig.-gen. commdg 
Western Counties vol. inf. brig. L895- 
1902 : 48 Queen's Gate terr. S.W. ; Army 

I and Navy club. 
Boyle, lion. Henry Geo., 2 s. of 5 earl 
of Shannon ; b. 1862. 
Boyle, hon. James, 3 s. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow ; b. 1880 ; 2 It. R. Scots Fus. 
Boyle, capt. Jas.; m.v.o. 4 class (1901). 
capt. R. Irish Fus. 1879-85, ret. 1885, 
a.d.c. to sir Jas. Fer^usson, gov. of 
Bombay 1883-5 and mily. sec. in 1883, 
consul at Galveston, U.S.A. 1891-2, at 
the Piraeus, Greece 1892-4, at Copen- 
hagen from 1891 : British Consulate, 
Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Boyle, hon. John David,! s. of 7 earl of 
Glasgow; b. 1S84; It. 7 battn. (mil.) 
Rif. brig, from 1905. 

Boyle, col. Lionel Richd. Cavendish, 
M.v.o. 4 class (1903), 2 s. of Chas. John 
Boyle (d. 1885) by dau. of late gen. sir 
Lorenzo Moore ; b. 1851 ; m. 1883, Alice, 
dau. of rev. Richd. T. P. Pulteney, of 
Ashley, Northants ; It. -col. (hon. col. 
1903) and 2 in commd. Hon. Artill. Co. 
of London 1896-1903: Spencer House, 
Stansted, Essex. 

Boyle, col. Patrick David, s. of late 
adml. Alex. Boyle; 6.1848; m. LS72, 
Kathleen, dau. of late J. H. Blagrave, 
of Calcot Park, Reading ; col. late 
gren. gds., J. p. Berks : Guards' club. 
Boyle, Richard Vicars, O.S.I. (1869), 

s. of Vicars Armstrong Boyle, of Dublin ; 
b. 1822 ; m. 1853, Eleonore Anne, dau. of 
Wm. Hack, of Dieppe : formerly in E. I. 
Service, was chief defender of the Arrah 
House, in Bengal mutiny 1857-58 : 3 
Stanhope terr. Hyde Park, W. 

Boyle, col. hon. Robt. Elphinstone, 
bro. of 7 earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.G. ; b. 
1837 ; served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, 
Afghan war 1878-9, Ind. army, on U.S. 
list 1894 : 95 Onslow sq. S.W. ; United 
Service and Oriental clubs. 

Boyle, capt. hon. Robert Fras., r.n., 
M.v.o. 4 class (1901), 8 s. of 5 earl of 
Shannon ; b. 1868 ; m. 1899, Cerise, dau. 
of sir Claude Champion de Crespigny, 
4 bt. ; mid. of " Minotaur " during 
Egyptian war 1882, expdn. against Fodi 
Silah 1891, capt. n.x. 1904. 

Boyle, hon. Robt. Hv., 2 survg. s. of 

6 earl of Shannon ; b. 190 0. 

Boyle, hon. Robert John Lascelles, 
2 s. of ;i earl of Cork ; b. 1864 ; m. 1890, 
Josephine, only dau. of Joseph P. Hale, 
of San Francisco, California ; heir pres , 
to earldom. 

Boyle hon. Walter John, 4 s. of 5 earl 
of Shannon ; b. 1869 ; in. 1900, Ethel H., 
dau. of capt. E. R. Fisher-Rowe, of 
Thorncombe, Surrey, by dau. of 1 t arl 
of Ravensworth. 

Boyle, col. hon. William George, bro. 
of 9 earl of Cork ; b. 1830 : a.d.c. to sir 
de Lacy Evans in Crimea, knt. of Med- 
jidie, late capt. eoldstr. gds., M.P. Frcme 
1856-57, J.P. Somerset. 

Boyle, It. Wm. Hy. Dudley, R.N., 2s. 
of col. Gerald E. Boyle, by dau. (d. 1897) 
of 1 earl of Cottenham ; b. 1873 ; m. 
1902, lady Florence M., youngest dau. of 

7 earl of Albemarle, b. 1871 : 10 Victoria 
sq. S.W. 

Boyle, hon. mrs. Edmund, Ida, dau. of 
late lt.-gen. Archibald Money, C.B., of 
Crown Point, Norfolk by eld. dau. of 6 
earl Waldegrave : m. 1866, maj. hon. 
Edmund John Boyle, late 85 foot, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1901) bro. of 9 earl of Cork : 
Chewton House, Chewton Mendip, Bath. 

Boyle, lady Elizabeth Magdalene 
Graeme, b. 1830 ; lady Mary Helen, b. 
1840 ; lady Helen Jane, b. 1844 ; sis. of 7 
earl of Glasgow, G.C.M.u. : 95 Onslow sq. 

Boyle, lady Helen, dau. of 6 earl of 
Shannon ; b. 1898. 

Boyle, lady Muriel, b. 1873, dau. of 
6 earl of Glasgow : 32 Palmerston pi . 

Boyle, lady Muriel Sarah, dau. of 
2 earl Cawdor; b. 1845; m. 1876, sir 
Courtenay Edmund Boyle, K.C.B., perm. 


sec. to board of trade 1893-1901 (d. 1901): 
Ineleton, 86 Beulah Hill, Norwood, S.E. 

Boyle, hon. mrs. Richard C.T. Eleanor 
Vere, dan. of Alex. Gordon, of Ellon, 
Aberdeenshire; m. 1845, rev. the hon. 
Richard Cavendish T. Boyle (d. 1886) : 
Huntercombe Manor, Maidenhead. 

Boyle, hon. mrs. Robert. G-eorgiana, 
dan. of A. Wildey Robarts ; m. 1844, 
lt.-col. hon. Robert Edward Boyle {d. 
1854), s. of 8 earl of Cork : 6 Cornwallis 
gdns. Hastings, 

Boyne, 8 vise. (1717, Jr.). Gustavus 
Russell Hamilton-Russell, only s. of 7 
vise. (d. 1872) ; b. 1830 ; m. 1*858, lady 
Katharine Frances, dau. (d. 1903) of 
2 earl of Eldon, b. 1837 ; sits as baron 
Brancepeth (1866, U.K.) ; J. P., D.L. Salop 
and co. Durham ( Heir, s. hon. Gustavus 
W.Hamilton-Russell, q.v.) : 16 Grosvenor 
gdns. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Burwarton, 
Bridgnorth, Salop ] Brancepeth Castle, 

Boynton, vide Wickham-Boynton. 

Boynton. re v.C has. Ingram Wm., m.a. 
Dublin, 2 s. of rev. G. Boynton, rect. of 
Barmston, Yorks (d. 1898) ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1886, hon. Mary Cunliffe, 2 dau. (d. 
1896) of 1 baron Masham ; vicar of 
Carlton, Selby, Yorks 1887-98, rect. from 
1898 of Barmston, Hull. 

Boynton, sir Griffith Henry, 12 bart. 
(1618), eld. s. of rev. G. Boynton, rect. 
of Barmston, Yorks (d. 1898), and cousin 
of 11 bart. (d. 1899) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1885, 
Enphemia V\, dau. of John Tuglis Chal- 
mers, of Aldbar, co. Forfar (Heir, s. 
Griffiths Wilfred Norman, b. 1889): 
Barmston-Driffield, E. Yorks. 

Boynton, Mildred A., lady. dau. of 
rev. canon Paget, vicar of Welton, 
Yorks ; in. 1876, sir Hy. Somerville 
Boynton, 1 1 bart. (d. 1899) : Cherry 
Burton House, Hull. 

Boys, vice-adml.Hy. Harvey, b. 1839 ; 
in Baltic 1854, China war 1860, forcing 
Straits of Simonosaki 1864, vice-adml 
ret. list 1901 : Bonnington, Amheist 
gdns. Hastings. 

Boyse, Hy. Tbos. Arthur Shapland, 
eld. s. of H. A. H. Boyse, of Bannow 
House, cc. Wexford, D.L., j.p. (d. 1902) ; 
5. 1878 ; J.P. co. Wexford, It. R. Irish 
regt. 1898-1902 : Bannow House, Wex- 
ford ; Kildare St. club, Dublin. 

Boyton, rev. canon Wm. Chas., m.a. 
Cantab., grands, of Robt. Montgomery, 
and nephew of late Robt. Geo. Mont- 
gomery, of Convoy, co. Donegal ; b. 
1838 ; canon of St. Patrick Cathl. Dublin 
from 183, and of Derry from 1897: 


Convoy House co. Donegal ; fie-niel^, 

Brabant, maj.-gen. sir Edw. Yewd, 
K.c.B. (1900), c.m.g. (1879), s. of J. T. 
Brabant, of Kinderton Hall, Cheshire ; 
b. 1839 ; m. Mary B., dau. of rev. canon 
Robertson, Canterbury ; late Cape Mntd. 
Rif., commd. Colonial Defence force, 
Boer war 1899-1901. memb. legist, assem- 
bly Cape Colony, hon. maj.-gen. in the 
army 1902, commdt.-gen. Cape Colonial 
forces 1902-4: Gonnubie Park, East Lon- 
don, Cape of Good Hope ; Naval and 
Military club. 

Brabazon, vide Moore-Brabazon. 

Brabazon, lord, vide earl of Meath. 

Brabazon, hon. Arthur Lauderdale le 
Normand,2 s. of 12 earl of Meath ; b. 1872; 
capt. 5 battn. R. Dublin Fus. 1898-9. 

Brabazon, hon. Claude Maitland Pa- 
trick, 3 s. of 12 earl of Meath ; b. 1874; 
served with 29 battn. Imp. yeom. in S. 
African war 1902, 2 It. B.A. 1899-1900, 
It. Irish gds. 1901-3. 

Brabazon, hon. Ernest Wm. Mait- 
land M.,4 s.of 12 earl of Meath; b. 1884; 
2 It. Coldst. gds. from 1904. 

Brabazon, Hercules Brabazon, m.a. 
Cantab, younger s. of H. Sharp, of Oak- 
lands, Sussex (d. 1855), by eld. dau. of late 
sir A. Brabazon, bart. (ext.) ; b. ] 822 ; 
assumed by royal licence name of 
Brabazon inl8 ; j.p. Sussex : 2 Morpeth 
terr. Victoria st. S.W. ; Oaklands, West- 
field, Battle S.O. Sussex. 

Brabazon, maj.-gen. John Palmer, 
c.B. (1893), C.v.o. (1901), only survg. s. 
of maj. Huph Brabazon, late 15 huss., of 
Brabazon Park, co. Mayo, D.L. (d. 1864), 
by youngest dau. (d. 1891) of sir Wm. 
Hy. Palmer, 3 bart. ; b. 1843 ; formerly 
It. and capt. gien. gds., served as a voir, 
in Ashanti war 1874 ; with 10 huss. in 
Afghan war 1878-80; Soudan expdn. 
1884 ; Nile expdn. 1884-5, a.d.c. to Queen 
Victoria 1889-1901, to the King in 1901, 
commd. 2 cav. brig. S. Africa field force 
1899-1900 and Impl. yeom. 1900, ret. p. 
with hon. rank of maj.-gen. 1901, gentle- 
man usher to the King from 1901, knt. 
commdr. ls.t class of the order of the 
Dannebrog 1902 : 10 Wilton cres. S.W. ; 
Guards, Marlborough and Turf clubs ; 
Brabazon Park, Swinford, co. Mayo ; 
Glen Corrib, Headford, co. Galway. 

Brabazon, Wm. Philip, M.D., s. of 
Philip Brabazon, of Strokestown, co. 
Roscommon ; b. 1838 ; m. 1871, Eleanor, 
dau. (d. 1901) of B. Pierpoint, J.P., of St. 
Austin's, Warrington, Lancashire ; J.P. 
Cheshire; Brook House, Lymm, War- 


Brabazon, lady Kathleen, dau. of 11 
earl of Meath ; b. 1851 : 40 Eaton sq. 

Brabazon, lady Violet Constance, b. 
1886 ; dau. of 12 earl of Meath. 

Brabourne, lord (2 baron 1880, U.K.). 
Edward Knatchbull-Hugessen, eld. s. of 
1 baron, P.O. {d. 1893) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1880, 
Amy Virginia, 2 dau. of W. B. Beau- 
mont, of Bretton Park, Vorks, m.p. ; late 
coldstm. gds., barr. Inner Temple 1885, 
D.L., J. P. Kent, m.p. (l.) Rochester 
1889-92 {Heir, s. hon. Wyndham W. 
Knatchbull-Hugessen, q.v.) : Brooks' and 
Reform clubs ; Hoath Cottage, Smeeth, 

Brabourne (rt. hon.) lady. Amy 
Virginia, wife of lord Brabourne : 7 
Upper Belgrave st. S.W. 

Brabourne, (rt. hon.) Ethel M., lady, 
3 dau. of col. sir. G. G-. Walker, k.c.b , of 
>awfordton, Dumfriesshire ; m. 1890, as 
lis 2 wife, 1 baron Brabourne, P.O. 
(d. 1893) : 13 West Eaton pi. S.W. 

Brabrook. sir Edwd. Wm., c.B. (1897), 
F.8.A., v.p.r.s.l., 2 s. of late Edwd. 
Brabrook ; b. 1839 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 
1866, assist, registrar of friendly societies 
1869-91, chief registrar 1891-1901, pres. of 
Anthropological Inst. 1895-7, pres. sec. 
H. Brit. Assn. 1898, sec. P. 1903, pres. 
Folk Lore Soc. 1901-2, v. p. R. Archaeol. 
Inst. 1900-5, Associe Etranger de la 
Societe d' Anthropologic de Paris, 1901 ; 
knighted 1905: 178 Bedford hill, Balhati), 
S.W. ; Athenaeum and Authors' clubs. 

Braby, Ernest Edmund, s. of Jas. 
Braby, of Maybanks and Drungewick, 
Sussex, d.l., J.P. ; b. 1868; m. 1884, 
Augusta A., 2 dau. of I. Batten, of 
Bickley, Kent : Drungewick Manor 
House, Rudgwick, Horsham. 

Braby, Jas., F.s.s.,only s. of J. Braby, 
of Maybanks, Surrey {d. 1865) ; b. 1826 ; 
to. 1851, Emma, dau. (d. 1899) of T. W. 
Glover, of Harrington sq.N.W. ; D.L., J.P. 
Surrey, j.p. co. London : Eaton Lodge, 
Cromwell rd. Hove, Brighton ; May- 
banks, Ewhurst, Guildford. 

Brace, Frank Addison, s. of Henry 
Brace, of Mayfield, Walsall ; b. 1859 ; 
to. 1887, Annie Isobel, dau. of Hickson 
Fergusson, of The Knowe, Ayr ; J.P. 
Staffs, It. Staffs yeom. 1890-6: White's 
and Boodles clubs ; Doveridge, nr. 

Bracken, maj.-gen. Richard D'Oyly 
Compton, only s. of late maj. John 
Bracken, asst. adjt.-gen. to sir Chas. 
Napier, commdr. -in-chief of Iudian army 
1849-50 (d. 20 Nov. 1850); in Punjab 
campaign 1848-9, at siege of Mooltan 


and battle of Goojerat ; commd. a wing 
of 2nd Sikh inf. at repulse of attack on 
Murree by the Suttees and Judoons in 
1857, and operations at Sittana 1858 ; 
Afghan campaign 1879-80 ; ret. f. p. 1880 
as col. B.S.C. : Criccieth, N. Wales. 

Brackenbury, gen. rt. hon. sir 
Henry, p.c. (1901), G.c.B. (1900), k.c.s.i. 
(1896), r.a., s. of Wm. Brackenbury, 
of Aswardby, Lines ; b. 1837 ; m. 1861, 
Emilia, dau. (d. 1905) of Edmund Storr 
Halswell, of 26 Kensington gate, 
D.L., j.p. and widow of Reginald 
Morley, of Thurloe sq. S.W. ; served 
in Indian mutiny campaign 1857-8, 
Ashanti 1873-4, S. African 1879, priv. 
sec. to viceroy of India (lord Lytton) 
1880; mil. attache, Paris 1881-2 : assist, 
und. sec. Ireland 1882: d.a.g. Egypt 
1884, brig.-gen. Soudan expdn. 1885, 
director of mily. Intelligence at head 
quarters 1886-91, raemb. of council of 
gov.-gen. of India 1891-6, pres. of ord- 
nance committee 1896-9, dir. -gen. of ord- 
nance at headquarters 1899-1901, col. 
commde. r.a. from 1897, gen. 1901, ret. 
p. 1901 : United Service and Wellington 

Brackenbury, maj. Henry, served 
with 61 regt. in Punjab campaign, 184S- 
9 ; Crimea 1855-6, one of H.M.'s hon. 
corps of gentlemen-at-arms from 1877. 

Brackenbury, adml. John Wm., c.B. 
(1887), C.M.G. (1879), eld. s. of late W. 
Congreve C. Brackenbury ; m. 1880, 
Fiances Mary, dau. of col. Francklyn, 
late 17 foot; in Zulu war 1879; Egypt 
1882, 3 class Medjidie, 2 in commd. 
Channel squadron 1898-9, adml. June 
1905, on ret. list July 1905. 

Brackenbury, col. Maule Campbell, 
C.S.I., R.E., s. of Wm. Congreve Brack- 
enbury ; b. 1844 ; m. 1882, Florence M., 
dau. of gen. Wm. Spottiswoode Trevor, 
v.c. ; served in Perak expdn. 1875-6 ; 
Afghan war 1879-80 ; und. sec. to govt, 
of India, railway branch, 1887, and 
dep. dir. -gen. of railways 1888-90, man. 
North Western railway 1896, ret. on 
pens. 1899 : 56, Victoria st. S.W. ; 
United Service club. 

Brackley,visc.John Francis Granville 
Scrope Egerton, eld. s. of earl of Elles- 
mere ; b. 1H72 ; m. 1905, Violet, eld. dau. 
of hon. F. W. Lambton, M.p., and 
granddau. of 2 earl of Durham ; A.D.C. to 
local maj.-gen. W. G. Knox (commdg. 23 
brig. S. African field force) 1900, hon. 
capt. in the army 1902, maj. 3 battn. 
(mil.) R. Scots from 1905 : The Old Hall, 
YVoisley, Manchester. 

Bradburne, Frederick Ashe, eld r s. of 


F. A. Bradburne, of Lyburn, Wilts (d. 
1869) ; b. 1840; m. 1862, Mary, dan. of 
capt. W. H. Trollope ; j.p. (1865) Wilts : 
Lyburn, Lyndhurst S.O. Hants. 

Bradbury, Chas. Timothy, eld. s. of 
Timothy Bradbury, of Saddleworth, 
York ; b. 1827 ; m. 1853, dau. of S. B. 
Tomlins, of Ashton-under-Lyne, Lanes ; 
is J.P. Lancashire : Riversvale Hall, Ash- 
ton-under-Lyne, Lanes. 

Bradbury (his honor judge), Jas. 
Kinder, m.a. Cantab., 2 s. of late Geo. 
Thos. Bradbury, of Liverpool ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1878, G-race, eld. dau. of rev. Edwd. 
Cowling, vicar of Timperley, Cheshire ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1875, J.P. (1900) 
Cheshire and (1901) Lancashire, county 
court judge (circuit No. 5) from 1900: 
Park Field, Altrincham. 

Bradbury, Thos. Haigh, s. of Uriah 
Bradbury, of Mirfield, Yorks ; b. 1834 ; 
J.P. W.R. Yorks. : Bradley, Huddersfield. 

Bradbury, Wm., J.P. (1903) Cheshire: 
Stockport rd. Marple, Stockport. 

Braddon, John Kingdon, s. of Roger 
Kingdon Braddon, of Treglith, Corn- 
wall (d. 1895) ; b. 1871 ; lord of the 
manor of Downeckney : Treglith, Trene- 
glos, Launceston. 

Braddon, John Vaudrey, eld. s. of 
Chas. Hitchman Braddon, M.D., of Man- 
chester; b. 1870 ; m. 1900, May. dau. of 
Wm. Vickers, of Manchester ; j.p.(1904) 
Cheshire : Jun. Constitutional club ; 
Leftwich House, Northwich. 

Braddon, maj. Wm. Clode, eld. s. of 
Wm. Clode Braddon, j.p. (d. 1897) ; b. 
1841 ; m. 1866, Barbara E. M., dau. of late 
Wm.H. Little, of Llanvair Grange, Mon. ; 
late75regt.,adj.(hon. maj. ^Brecknock- 
shire R.V. 1867-84, j.p. Brecknockshire 
and (1887) Cornwall: Skisdon, Wade- 
bridge, Cornwall. 

Braddon, lady. Alice H., da'-, of 
W. H. Smith, London ; m. 1876, as his 2 
wife, rt.hon. sir Edwd.Nicholas Coventry 
Braddon, P.O., k.c.m.g., agent-gen. in 
London for Tasmania 1888-93; prime 
min. of Tasmania in 1887 and 1894-9 
(d. 1904): Treglith, Hobart, and Leith, 

Braddyll, mrs. Richmond Gale-, 
Mary, dau. of Wm. Birch, of Barton- 
under-Need wood ; m. 1875, Hy. J. Rich- 
mond Gale-Braddyll (d. 1886) : Amber- 
wood, Christ-church, Hants. 

Bradford, 4 earl of (1815, U.K.). George 
Cecil Orlando Bridgeman, eld. s. of 3 
earl, P.C. (</. 1X9X) ; b. 1815; m. 1869, 
lady Ida (lady of the bedchamber to the 
princes* ot Wales 1901-3, extra lady from 
UK)5), dau. of 'J earl of Scarbrough, 6. 


1848 ; 2nd tit. vise. Newrort ; late 1 life 
gds., M.P. (c.) N. Salop 1867-85, J.P. 
Staffordshire, D.L., J.P. Warwickshire 
and Salop, capt. Salop yeomanry 1869-82 
(Heir, s. vise. Newport, q.v.): 44 Lowndes 
sq. S.W. ; Carlton, White's, Turf and 
Travellers' clubs ; Castle Bromwich 
Hall, Birmingham ; Weston Park, Shif- 
nal, Salop ; Clarendon House, New- 

Bradford, capt. Edwd. Eden, R.N., 
M.v.o. 4 class (1905); b. 1858; It. of 
"Achilles" during Egyptian war 1882, 
capt. 1899, chief of staff of Channel 

Bradford, col. sir Edward Ridlev Col- 
borrie, 1 bt. (1902), G.c.B. (1897), g'c.v.o. 
(1902), K.c.s.i. (1885), s. of late rev. W. 
M. K. Bradford, rect. of West Meon, 
Hants ; b. 1836 ; m. 1, 1866, Elizabeth A., 
dau.(d. 1896) of late E, Knight, of Chaw- 
ton House, Hants; 2, 1898, Edith M., 2 
dau. of Wm. Nicholson, of Basing Park, 
Hants ; entd. Madras cav. 1853, served in 
Persian campaign 1857, and N.W. Pro- 
vinces, India, 1858-9, agent to gov. gen. 
for Rajpootana, and chief commr. for 
Ajmere, 1878-87, sec. in political and 
secret dept. of India office 1887-90, a.d.c. 
to Queen Victoria 1889-93, on U.S. list 
1893, Ind. army, commr. of police in the 
metropolis 1890-1903, extra equerry to 
the King from 1903 (Heir,s. maj. Evelyn 
Ridley, b. 1809) :50 South Audley st. W. 

Bradford, major-gen. Evelyn, served 
in Central India campaign 1858, and 
Oude campaign ; with Eusofzie field 
force 1863-4 ; ret.f.p.1873 aslt.-col.B.S.C. 

Bradford, lt.-col. Oliver John, 3 s. of 
late rev. W. M. K. Bradford, of West 
Meon, Hants ; b. 1840 ; m. 1878, Mary 
A. E., dau. (d. 1905) of capt. G. R. 
Hutchinson, r.e. ; ret. lt.-col., late maj. 
Dorset regt., J.p. (1897) Devon: Wel- 
parke, Lustleigh, Newton Abbot. 

Bradford, gen. Wilmot Hy. s. of rev. 
Wm. Bradford, of Storrington, Sussex ; 
b. 18 ; m. 1903. Agnes Elizabeth, dau. 
of rev. the hon. Thos. Clotworthy Skeff 
ington ; in Crimea 1854-5 with 2 batt. 
Rifle brig., 5 class Medjidie, col. R. Irish 
rif. from 1886 : United Service and Jun. 
United Service clubs. 

Bradford, Wm.Theophilus, b.a. Lon., 
4 s. of late Job Bradford, of Thorney, 
Somerset ; b. 1836 ; m. 1869, Mary J., 
dau. of Ricud. Rosewarne, of Coswin- 
sawsin, Cornwall ; j.p. Somerset : The 
Moorlands, Martock S.O. Somerset. 

Bradley, George ; m. Eliza, dau. (d. 
1898) of : Ackton Hall, Pontefract. 

Bradley, rev. Henry Waldron, m.a, 



Cantab., s. of rev. Edwd.Bradley, vicar of 
Lenton, Lines (d. 1889) ; b. 1863 ; m. 
1890, hon. Alice Maud, sis. of 2 baron St. 
Leonards ; vicar from 1892 of Birtles, 
Cbelford, Cheshire. 

Bradley, John, J. p. (1900) Worcester- 
shire : The Oaklands, Witton, Droitwich. 

Bradley, John Lade, s. of Wm. 
Bradley, of Woodnesboro', Kent; b. 
1831 ; m. 1852, Mary H. dau. of Thos. 
Clark, of Eastry, Kent ; J.P. (1894) Kent 
and (1879) Dover: Cowper Villa, Harold 
st. Dover ; National Liberal club. 

Bradley. Michael Gedling,j. p. (1903) 
Notts : West Lodge, Chesterfield rd. 
Mansfield, Notts. 

Bradley, rev. Wm. Henry, at. A. Oxon, 
2 s. of W. H. Bradley, of Alderley Edge, 
Cheshire; b. 1848; m. 1880, Lucy Ash- 
ton, dau. of Wm. Barlow, of Ashford, 
Wilmslow, Cheshire; J.P. (1890) North- 
umberland, rect. of Elsdon from 1084 : 
Ctiapel Hill Lodge, Margate. 

Bradney, John, only s. of late rev. 
J. H. Bradney. of Leigh House. Brad- 
ford-on-Avon, Wilts, J.P. ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 
Mary Frances, dau. of rev. J. W. Routh, 
rect.' of Tilehurst, Berks ; 2, 1870, Maud 
Barbara, dau. of late Edgar Disney, of 
The Hyde, Ingatestone, D.L., J.P. ; 
late It. 14 huss., j.p. Somerset : Carl- 
ton and Naval and Military clubs ; The 
Rookery, Burton Brads f ock, nr. Brid- 
poit, Dorset. 

Bradney, Joseph Alfred, b.a. Can- 
tab., f.s.a., only s. of rev. Joseph Christr. 
Bradney, rt ct. of Greete, Salop (d. 1868) ; 
b. 1859 ; m. 1883, Rosa, only child of 
Edwd. Jenkins, of The Grove, Radnor- 
shire, d.l., J.P. ; D.L. (1889), J.P. (1882), 
O.c. (1898), co. Monmouth (sheriff 1889), 
J.P. (1883) co. Radnor; capt. R. Mon- 
mouthshire engineer mil. 1882-92, lt.-col. 
commdg. (hon. col. 1899) 3 vol. battn. S. 
Wales Bord. from 1892: Boodle's club; 
Taljcoed Court, Llanvihangel - Ystern- 
Llewern, Monmouth. 

Bradney, mrs. Sarah Decima, dau. of 
rev. D. Jones, rect. of Hope Bagot, Salop 
(d. 1868) ; m. 1858, rev. Joseph Christr. 
Bradney, rect. of Greete, Salop ( (7.1868) : 
Wharton Lodge, Weston -under-Penyard, 
Ross, Herefordshire. 

Bradridge, Thos., eld. s. of Henry 
Bradridge. of Gt.Bardfield, Essex; b. 1863; 
m. 1893, dau. of Ja^. Spurge, of Romford, 
Esfex; j.p. (1904) Essex: Park Gate, 
Gt. Bardfiekl. Braintreo, Essex. 

Bradshaw, surg.-gen. A. Eredk., c.B. 

(1891),M.R.C.P.,M.R.C.S., L.S.A., M.A.(hon.) 

Oxon., served with 2 batt. Rif. brig, in 
Indian mutiny 1857-9 ; Zhob Valley 

|expdn. 1884, and Black Mountain 
| (Hazara) expedn. 1891, as principal med. 
I officer; princ. med. officer forces in India 
' 1892, ret. 1895 ; hon. phys. to Queen 
Victoria 1899-1901, to the King from 
1901 : 111 Banbury rd. Oxford; United 
Service club. 

Bradshaw, Frank, only survg. s. of 
late capt. J. Bradshaw, R.N., M.P.; b. 1821 ; 
m. 1858, Emmeline, 2 dau. of late rev. B. 
Buller, rector of Lanreath ; j.p. Devon 
and Hants : 82 Victoria st. S.W. ; 
Conservative club ; Lifton Park, Lifton 
t S.O. Devon; Gt. Abshot, Hook, Fare- 
ham, Hants. 

Bradshaw, Jas.Buller, eld. s. of Frank 
Bradshaw, of Lifton Park, Devon, j.p. ; 
b. 1863 ; j.p. Devon ; late It. Scots 
gds. : Naval and Military club ; Lifton 
Park, Lifton S.O. Devon. 

Bradshaw, John Gerald, 3 s. of late 
Thos. Bradshaw, of Hopetield, Eccles, 
Lanes ; b. 1860 ; m. 1895, Florence, dau. 
of canon Robson, of Claughton, Cheshire; 
J.P. (1897) Warwickshire: Packwood 
Haugh, Hockley Heath, nr. Birmingham. 

Bradshaw, Octavius, s. of late Wm. 
j Bradshaw ; b. 1845 ; m. 1871, Emily 
I Sarah, dau. of late Thos. Ferguson, of 
Greenville, co. Down, and widow of hon. 
Fleetwood J. Pellew, of Canonteign, 
Devon, and mother of the 4 vise. 
Exmouth ; D.L., j.p. Devon (sheriff 
1884), late maj. 1 R. Devon yeom. : Jun. 
Carlton and Wellington clubs ; Powder- 
ham Castle. Exeter. 

Bradshaw, Wm., younger s. of late 
Jas. E. Bradshaw, of Darcey Lever Hall, 
Lanes, and Fair Oak Park, Hants; b. 
1844 ; m. 1, 1869, Floretta, only child (d. 
1889) of J. Chandless; 2, 1892, Maud, 2 
dau. of Cbas. Geo. Barclay, of Dura, 
Cupar, Fife; j.p. Hants: Jun. Carlton 
and R.Y.S. (Cowes) clubs. 

Bradshaw, mrs. Emma Loveday,dau. 
of late J. Walker, of Arno's Grove, 
Southgate ; m. 1862, vice-adtnl. Richd. 
Bradshaw, c.B., of Steeple Aston Grange, 
Oxon, j.p. (d. 1899): The Grange, 
Steeple Aston, Oxford. 

Bradstreet, sir Edwd. Simon Victor, 
7 bart. (1759), only s. of 6 bart. (d. 
1905) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1888, Fortuna Mary, 
dau. of M. Fiori, of Algiers {Heir, s. 
Gerald Edmund, b. 1891) : Castilla, Clon- 
tarf, co. Dublin. 

Bradwell, Chas. Dennis, s. of Dennis 
Bradwell, J.P. ; is j.p. (1896) Cheshire : 
Higher Daisy Bank, Hulmewalfield, 

Brady, Andrew Newton, eld. s. of sir 
Thos. Frag. Brady, knt., j,p,(c7,1904) ; b. 


1849 ; to. 1, Anna M., 2 dau. of Robt. 
Mecredy, of Lissoughter Lodge, co. Gal- 
way ; 2, 1887, Julie, 3 dau. of late Arthur 
Hy. D'Esterre, m.d. Limerick ; barr.-at- 
law, res. magist. co. Galway 1882-94, co. 
Clare from 1894 : Clare County (Ennis) 
club ; Maryville, Ennis, co. Clare. 

Brady, Chas., s. of Edwd. Brady, of 
Barnsley ; b. 1832 ; to. 1862, Hannah, 
dau. of John Chipchase, of Cotherstone : 
j.p. W.R. Yorks : The Limes, Barnsley. 

Brady, sir Eras. Wm., K.C., 2 bart. 
(1869), s. of rt. hon. sir Maziere Brady, 
1 bart., P.C., lord-chanc. of Ireland (d. 
1871) ; b. 1824 ; to. 1, Emily {d. 1891), dau. 
of late bp. (Kyle) of Cork; 2, 1892, 
Geraldine, dau. of late G. W. Hatchell, 
M.D. : B.A. London, Irish barr. 1846, Q.c. 
1860, d.l. city Dublin, chmn. of quart, 
sess. Kings co. 1861-3, Roscommon 
1863-72, judge of co.Tyrone county court 
and chm. of quart, sess. from 1872 
(Heir, nephew, lt.-col. Robt.Maziere, q.v.): 
26 Up. Pembroke st. Dublin j Garrick 

Brady, col. Robt. Maziere, R.A., 
eld. s. of M. J. Brady ,of Wilton pl.Dublin 
(d. 1903) and nephew and heir pres. to 
sir Fras. Wm. Brady, 2 bt. ; b. 1854 ; to. 
1900, Sarah Jessie, dau. of late Alex. 
Dalrymple, and widow of sir Arthur Colin 
Curtis, 3 bt., of Gatcombe ; lt.-col. R.G. A. 
1900-5, brev. col 1804, h. p. 1905 : 
Army and Navy club. 

Brady, Walter, 4 s. of Edwd. Brady, 
of The Limes, Barnsley, Yorks ; b. 1849; 
m. 1882, Maria, dau. of Wm. Bowman, 
of Middleton, Derbyshire ; J.P. W. R. 
Yorks and Barnsley : Crescent House, 

Bragrg-e, capt. Jno. Arthur, late 4 drag, 
gds., eld. s.of late col. Wm. Bragge,of Sad- 
borow, Dorset (d. 1863); b. 1835; to. 1894, 
Florence, dau. of J. W. Hawkesworth 
and widow of capt. Brooke, ; is J.p. 
Dorset, patron of the living and lord of 
the manor of Thorncombe : Army and 
Navy club ; Sadborow, nr. Chard. 

Braikenridgre, Wm. Jerdone, s. of G. 
W. Braikenridge, Brislington (d. 1856) ; 
6. 1817 ; J.P. Somerset: 16 Royal cres. 
Bath ; CJaremont, Clevedon ; Oxford and 
Cambridge club. 

Brain, Fras. Wm. Thos., s. of Cor- 
nelius Brain, of Ruardean, Gloucester- 
shire ; b. 1855 ; to. 1884, Dorothy, eld 
dau. of rev. L. Roberts, of Mitcheldean, 
Gloucestershire ; J.P. (1903) Gloucester- 
shire : Trafalgar House, Drybrook, 
Mitcheldean S.O. Gloucestershire. 

Brain, Richd. Fredk. eld. s. of Richd. 
Brain, of Deptford, Kent ; b, J 837 ; to. 


1865, Elizabeth E., dau. of Wm. Alford, 
of Deptford, Kent ; j.p. and co. Kent : 
13 Paddock terr. Chatham. 

Brain, Thomas Bennett, J.P. Glou- 
cestershire and Herefordshire : Eurocly- 
don, Drybrook, Gloucestershire. 

Braithwaite, Basil, only survg. s. of 
Isaac Braithwaite, of Hookfield, Epsom 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1845; to. 1872, Rosamond 
Augusta, dau. of late A. W. Gadesden, of 
Ewell Castle, Surrey; is j.p. (1896) 
Surrey : Conservative and National 
clubs ; Hookfield, Epsom. 

Braithwaite, Chas. Lloyd, eld. s. of 
Chas. Lloyd Braithwaite, of Ghyll Close, 
Kendal ; b. 1840 ; to. 1875, Eleanor H., 
dau. of Samuel Davis, of Cincinnati, 
Ohio, U.S.A. ; J.P. Westmorland : Thorny 
Hills, Kendal. 

Braithwaite, maj. Ernest Lucas, s. 
of Geo. Vere Braithwaite, of Edith 
Weston Hall, Rutland, J.P. (d. 1895) ; 
b. 1850 ; served in Zulu war 1879, Egyp- 
tian war 1882, maj. late 13 huss. ; d.l., 
j.p. (1901) Rutland (sheriff 1902) : Edith 
Weston Hall, Stamford. 

Braithwaite, Geo. Foster, eld. s. of 
Geo. Foster Braithwaite, of Hawesmead, 
Westmorland, J.P. (d. 1888) ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1896, Emma J. P., 2 dau. of late rev. 
Jas. Hollins, vicar of St. Clement's, 
Bristol : Hawesmead, Kendal. 

Braithwaite, Philip, s. of John 
Braithwaite, of Stokesley, Yorks ; b. 
1829 ; to. 1869, dau. of Jonathan Simp- 
son, of Broughton ; is J.P. N. R. Yorks : 
Stokesley S.O. Yorks. 

Braithwaite, Samuel, m.r.c.s., 6 s. 
of late Henry Braithwaite, of Beckermet, 
Cumberland ; b. 1853 ; to. 1879, Eleanor 
Elizabeth, dau. of Jos. Hartley, of 
Carleton Lodge, Cumberland J.P. 
(1897) Cumberland : Westcroft, Egre- 
mont S.O. Cumberland. 

Braithwaite, Thos. Wilkinson, j.p. 
(1903) co. Durham : Bishop Auckland. 

Braithwaite, capt. Wm. Garnett, 
D.s.o. (1899), s. of Garnett Braithwaite- 
Wilson, j.p. ; b. 1870 ; m. 1901, Gwen- 
dolen E., f'.au. of late gen. E. O. Hewett, 
R.E., c.M.G. ; served in S. African war 
1899-1902, capt. R. Welsh Fus. from 
1899, adjt. 1 battn. R.W.F. 1899-1901, 
J.P. (1902) Westmoreland : Wellington 

Braithwaite, mrs. Emily, 2 dau. of 
late rev. Richd. Stephens, of Bel grave, 
Leicestershire ; to. 1842, George Vere 
Braithwaite, of Edith Weston Hall, Rut- 
land, j.p. (d. 1895) : Edith Weston Hall, 

Braithwaite-WUson, Garnett, m.A, 



Cantab., s. of Garnett Braithwaite (d. 
1845) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1860, Elizabeth M., 
dan. (d. 1872) of Samuel Kay ; assumed 
addtl. name of Wilson 1898; J. P. West- 
moreland : Jun. Carlton club. 

Brake, maj. Herbert Edwd.John, r.a., 
C.b. (1901). D.s.o. (189!)), s. of surg.-eren. 
John Brake, Ind. Med. Service (d 1903) ; 
b. 1866 ; served against An^oni Zulus 
1898, Ashanti expdn. 1900, Gambia 
expdn. 1901, commdt. 2 battn. Central 
Africa regt. W. Coast of Africa 1899- 
1902, maj. 1905, commdt. local forces and 
insp.-eren. (with local rank of lt.-col.) in 
"Vinidad from 1 902 : Port of Spain, 
Trinidad ; United Service club. 

Brakspear. Archibald, J.P. (1895) 
)xfordshire : Belle Hatch, Harpsden, 

Bramall, aldm. Chas., J.P. (1902) W. 
R. Yorks: The Yew?,Worrall,nr.Sheffield. 

Bramall, Geo. Arthur, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Bramall, of Manchester; to. 1891, 
as his 2nd wife. Ada G., youngest dan. 
of late lt.-col. John Hopkins, Bengal 
army : j.p. (1897) W. R. Yorks : Clare- 
ville, Knaresborough. 

Bramah, mre. Emma M., dau. and 
heir of late T. Willement, of Davington 
Priory, Kent ; to. 1862, rev. Joseph W. 
Bramah, M.A., incumbent of Davington 
1861-84 (d. 1884) : lady of the manor and 
patron of Davington : Davington Priory, 

Bramble, lt.-col. Jas. Roger, f.s.a., 
a.u.i.b.a. (hon.), only s. of Jas. Roger 
bramble, of West Parley, Dorset and 
)evizes, Wilts; b. 1841; i. 1, 1864, 
Ilizabeth A., 2 dau. of rev. John Lang- 
worthy, M.A., of Back well, Somerset ; 2, 
1873, Mary E., eld. dau. of Chup. 
Thatcher, of Clifton ; lt.-col. late h.e. 
vols., j.p. (1902) and c.c. Somersetshire : 
Seafield, South id. Weston-super-Mare ; 
Jun. Constitutional club. 

Brameld. Henry Edwd., J.P. N. R. 
Yorks : Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorks. 

Brampton, lord (1 baron 1899, U.K.). 
sir Henry Hawkins, P. a, eld. s. of late 
John Hawkins, Hitchin ; b. 1817 ; to. 1887, 
Jane L., dau. of late Hy. Fras. Reynolds, 
of Hulme, Lanes ; barr. Middle Temple 
1843, q.c. 1858, bencher 1859, a justice of 
the high court of justice, exchequer divn. 
1876-9, and Queen's Bench division 1879- 
99, raised to the peerage 1899 : 5 Til- 
ney st. W. ; Carlton, Athenaeum and Turf 

Brampton, Chas. Hy., eld.s. of Fredk. 
Brampton, of Birmingham ; b. 1855 ; m. 
1885, Ada Elizabeth, dau. of Chas. H. 
Treglown, of Birmingham; j.p. (1904 > 

Warwickshire : Beaulieu, Four Oaks, 
Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. 

Bramsdon, Thos. Arthur, youngest 
s. of late John Bramsdon, of Portsmouth, 
Hants ; b. 1857 ; m. 1880, only dau of 
late capt. Chas. A. Reid, 20 Bengal N. L; 
admitted a solicitor 1878, j.p. and 
coroner for Portsmouth, M.P. (l.) Ports- 
mouth, May-Oct. 1900 : 34 Elm grove, 
South sea ; 10 High st. Portsmouth ; 
National Liberal c'ub. 

Bramston, sir John, g.c.m.g., c.b., 2 
s. of T. W. Bramston, of Skreens Park, 
M.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1832 ; to. 1872, Eliza 
I Isabella, dau. of late rev. Harry Vane 
Russell ; barr. Middle Temple, 1857 ; 
d.c.l. Oxon, late fellow of All Souls ; 
A.G. of Queensland 1870-3, of Hong 
Kong 1874, actg. judge of supreme court 
there in 1874 ; an asst. under - sec. 
of state for colonies 1876-97, registrar 
of the Order of St. Michael and St. 
George from 1892 : 18 Berkeley pi. Wim- 
bledon ; Travellers' club. 

Bramston, lt.-col. Thomas Harvey, 
eld. s. of T. W. Bramston, of Skreens 
Park, Essex, M.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1831 ; to. 
1864, Honoria L., dau. of T. Thornhill, of 
Fixby Hall, co. York ; D.L., J.P. Essex ; 
lt.-col. late gren. gds. : 20 Old Burlington 
st. W. ; Travellers' club. 

Bramston-Smith, mrs. Elizabeth 
Charlotte, only dau. of sir Rd. John 
Griffith, 1 bart. ; to. 1839, lt.-col. Robert 
Bramston-Smith, J.P., D.L. {d. 1890) : 31 
Upper Fitzwilliam st. Dublin; Pencraig, 
Llangefni, Anglesey. 

Bramwell. Hy., eld. s. of C. Bramwell, 
of Hendon, co. Durham, j.p., d.L. (d.1866); 
6. 1828 ; to. 1861, Elizabeth, dau. of late 
rev. H. J. Duncombe, of Kirby Sigston ; 
J.P. co. Durham and Worcestershire 
(sheriff 1884) : Crown East Court, St. 
John's, Worcester ; Windham club. 

Bramwell, capf. Hy. Duncombe, eld. 
s. of Hy. Bramwell, of Crown East Court, 
Worcs. j.p. ; b. 1869 ; to. 1898, hon. 
Mary E. 2 dau. of 2 baron Rathdonnell, 
b. 1876 : capt. 15 huss. from 1896, adjt. 
Dorset I.Y. from 1901. 

Bramwell, lady. Leonora, youngest 
dau. of late J. Frith ; to. 1847, cousin, sir 
Fredk. Joseph Bramwell, 1 and last bart., 

knt., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.8., M.lnst.C.K. 

{d. 1903) : Holm wood, Four Elms, Kent 
Brand, Alex. Theodore, v.d., m.d. and 
c.M.Aberd.,2 survg. s. of late Alex.Brand, 
M.A., of Aberdeen ; b. 1852 ; m. 1883, 
Amelia, 3 dau. of late col. W. B. Fer- 
guson, Aberdeen; is J.P. (1901) E. R. 
Yorks, hon. assoc. order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, late It, 1 vol battn. Gordon 



Higbr?., surg.-maj. (ret.) 2 vol. batfcn. 
E. Yorks regt. : Constitutional club, 
Hull ; Invery, Driffield, E. R. Yorks. 

Brand, hon. Arthur Geo., 3 s. of 1 
vise. Hampden; b. 1853; m. 1886, 
Edith, youngest dau. (d. 1903^ of late J. 
Ingram, oi Brooklands, Cheshire, J.P. ; 
is D.L., J.P. Sussex, treasurer of Queen 
Victoria's household 1894-5, m.p. (l.) N. 
Cambridgeshire 1891-5 and from 1900: 
12 Charges st. Piccadilly, W. ; Reform, 
Bachelors' and Garnck clubs. 

Brand, hon.Chas.,4 s. of lvisc. Hamp- 
den ; b. 1855 ; m. 1878. Alice, dau. of late 
baron Van de Weyer ; late coldstm. gds., 
maj. Sussex I.Y. from 1901, J.P. Sussex : ; 
Little Dene. Beddingham, Lewes, Sussex. ! 

Brand, David, dr. utri. jur. Heidel- 1 
berg, eld. s. of late Robert Brand, Glas- 
gow; b. 1837 ; m. 1877, Elizabeth Find- 
lay, dau. of Robt. Findlay Dalziel, of 
Paisley : Scotch barr. 1864, advocate 
depute 188 -85, sheriff of Ayr 1885, chm. 
Crofters comm. from 1886, of Roy. 
comm. (Highlands and Islands 1892-5), 
commr. under congested dists. (Scotland) 
act 1897, and commr. of Northern Light- 
houses : 42 Coates gdns. Edinburgh ; 
Scottish Liberal (Edinburgh) and Na- 
tional Liberal (London) clubs. 

Brand, commdr. hon. Hubert Geo., 
R.N., M.v.O. 4 class (1903), 2 s. of 2 vise'. 
Hampden ; 6. 1870 ; commdr. r.n. from 

Brand, hon. Robt., 3 s. of 2 vise. Hamp- 
den ; b. 1878 ; fell, of All Souls, Oxford. 

Brand, hon. Roger. 4 s. of 2 vise. 
Hampden ; b. 1880 ; served in S. African 
war 1901, 2 It. 1 battn. Rif. brig, from 

Brand, rcar-adml. hon. Thomas Sey- 
mour, 2 s. of 1 vise. Hampden ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1879, Annie B. youngest dau. of H. L. 
Gaskell, of Kiddington Hall, Oxon ; is 
J.P. Sussex, chm. E. Sussex C.C. ; at 
bombardment of Alexandria 1882, rear- 
adml. on ret. list 1898 : Travellers' 
and United Service clubs ; Glynde Place, 
nr. Lewes, Sussex. 

Brand, maj. hon. Thos. Walter, eld. 
s. of 2 vise. Hararden ; b. 1869 ; in. 1899, 
lady Katharine M., dau. of 6 duke of 
Buccleuch ; b. 1875 ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1901, maj. 10 huss. 1903-4, 
adjt. 1894-8, a.d.c. to gov. of N. S. 
Wales (his father) 1898-9, adjt. Sussex 
I.Y. 1901-3, ret. p. 1904. 

Brand, hon. Alice, b. 1875 ; dau. of 2 
vise. Hampden. 

Brander, It. -col. Herbert Ralph, c.b. 
(J 904) $ b. 1801 ; served with Hazara 

expdn. 1891, Chitral. relief force 1895, 
It. -col. 1904, Ind. army. 

Brander, lt.-col. Wm. Maxwell, s. of 
capt. T. Coventry Brander, of Somerford, 
Christchurch, Hants ; b. 1842 ; m. 1880, 
Annie J., eld. dau. of lt.-gen. R. T. Glyn, 
c.b., c.m.g. : J.P. (1901) Hants: West 
Close, Southbourne,Christchurch, Hants. 

Brander-Dunbar, capt. Jas., eld. s. 
of capt. Jas. Brander Dunbar-Brander, 
late Scots greys, of Pitgaveny House, 
co. Elgin, d.l.,' J.P. (d. 1902), and grands, 
of sir Archibald Dunbar. 5 bart., of 
Northfield (d. 1847) ; b. 1875 ; served in 
British Central Africa 1900, S. African 
war 1900-1, capt. 3 battn. (mil.) Cam'n. 
Highrs. from 1900, D.L. co. Elgin : Pit- 
gaveny House, nr. Elgin. 

Brandis, sir Dietrish, K.c i.e. (1887), 
Pb.n.,LL.D..F.R.R., F.L.S.. s.of C.A.Brandis, 
Ph.D., prof, of philosophy, Bonn univ.; b. 
1824 ; m. 1, dau. of rev." Joshua Marsh- 
man, D.D., of Serampore and widow of 
J. Voigt; 2, 1867, Katherine, dau. of 
Rudolph Hasse, prof, of theology, Bonn 
univ. ; inspector- general of Forests in 
India 1864-83, director of the practical 
course of forestry on the continent in 
connection with Co 'per's Hill college, 
1888-96 : B urn, Germany. 

Brandon, duke of, vide Hamilton. 

Brandreth, rev. Fras. Wm., M.A., 
Ch.Ch.Oxon., only s. of Wm. Fredk. 
Bourne Brandreth, of Leese. Cheshire 
(d. 1897); b. 1868; m. 1889, Florence, 2 
dau. of S. Tompkins, of Newton Longue- 
vill-S Bucks; j.p. (1901) Dorset: The 
Manor, Buckland Newton, Dorchester, 

Brandreth, Henry Cbernocke Gibbs, 
only s. of Humphrey Brandreth (d. 
180*4) ; b. 1856 ; m, 1879, Evelyn Franc's 
Christable, 3 dau. of late John Lawton, 
of Lawton Hall, Cheshire ; is J.P. (1880) 
Bedfordshire (sheriff 1898) : Houghton 
Hall, Houghton Regis, nr. Dunstable, 

Brandreth., Joseph Edward Lyall, 
3 s. of Joseph P.BrandrPth,M.D. ; J.1823 ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1863 ; J.P. Middle- 
sex and Lond m : 32 Elvaston place, 
South Kensington, S.W. ; Athna3um 

Brandreth, lady. Madeline, dau. of 
Alexander Colvin ; m. 1866, adml. sir 
Thomas Brandreth, K.C.B. (d. 1894) : 
Heathfield, Winchester. 

Brandt, Francis, M.A., younger s. of 
Robt. Brandt, of Manchester, barr.-at- 
law ; b. 1840 ; m. 1871, L.S., dau. of late 
rev. Wm. Dobson, of Kirkella, and CheL- 
tenham ; I,C,S, 1862-87; a judge of high 



court of Judicature, at Madras 1881-7, 
J. P. (1898) Glouce t' rshire : Kirkella, 
Pittvil'e. Cheltenham. 

Branfoot, col Arthur Mudge, CLE , 

M.H.LOUd.. L.R.C.P.L., M.R.C.B Eng., S. of 

late J. H. Branfoot, m.d. ; b. 1848 ; col. 

Indian Mel. Sery. (Madras) 1898, supt. 

Lving-in hosp. and prof of midwifery. 

Med. Coll. Madras 1881-98, princ. med, 

officer Bangalore and Southern dists. 

1902-3, ret. 1903, pres. of the medical 

jard, India Office (*ith temp, rank of 

irg.-gen. 1904) from 190:'.. 

Braugwyn. Frank, A. R. A. (1904): 51 

hieen st. Hammersmith, W. 

Brassey, lo r d (1 baron, U.K. 1886),sir 
'uos. Brassey, K.C.B., eld.s. of late Thos. 
"rassey: 6:1834 ; m. 1, 1861 .Anna, dan. (</, 
*87) of John Allnutt ; 2, 1890,lady8ybil 
Yere. youngest dau. of late vise. Mal- 
jn and granddau. of earl of Essex (b. 
$58 : D.C.L.(hon.), and m.a. Oxon., bar . 
jincoln's Inn 1866, If. P. (L v ) Devonport 
)5. Hastings 1 868-86, knt. of justice of 
1er of St. John of Jerusalem, lt.-rom- 
ig. R.N. a--ty. vol. 1878*80 and hon. 
>mmdr. 1880-92, hon. commdr. p.n.v.r. 
>m 1904,hon.col.2 Cinque Pets R.G.A. 
rols.) from 1891, D.L., J. P. Suss, x, a 
ivil lord of the admiralty 1880-4, sec. to 
Imiralty 1884-5, pres. Statistical Soc. 
79-80, of London Chamber of Com- 
lerce 1900-01, commdr. leg. hon. lss'i, 
")m. Roy. comma, on opium 1894-5, a 
)rd in waiting to Queen Victoria 1893-5, 
>v. of Victona 1895-1900, raised to tne 
jrage 1886 (/Iei>\ . hon. Thos. A., 
.v.): 24 Park lane, W. ; Reform, 
Fnitel University, Athenaeum, Brooks' 
id Citv Liberal clubs ; Normanhurst, 
ittle, Sussex. 

Brassey, Albert, M. A. Oxon. , s. of late 

10s. Brassey. an eminent railwav con- 

;tor ; b. 1844; m. 1871, hon. Matilda 

., dan. of 4 baron Clanmorris, b. 1850 j 

14 buss. It. -col. (hon. col. 1893) Oxom 

?om. 1892-4, J. P. Oxon. (sheriff 1878) 

.p. (0.) N. Oxfordshire from 1895:' 

Berkeley sq. W.; Carlton, Naval and 

[ilitary, Oxford and Cambridge.Cavalry 

and Army and Navy clubs ; Heythrop. 

Chipping Norton, Oxon. 

Brassey, (Henry) Leonard Campbell, 
eld. s. of Hy. Arthur Brassey. of Preston 
Hall, Kent. M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1891) ; b. 
1870 ; m. 1894, lady Violet M. 2 dau. of 
7 duke of Richmond, C.B., b. 1874 ; J.P. 
(1893) Kent and (1904) Nothants, It. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Sussex regt. 1892-3, maj. 
W. Kent I.Y. 1901-5: 40 Upper Gros- 
venor st. W. ; Apethorpe UalL'W'ansford, 

Brassey, Thos.. 2 but eld. survg. s. of 
Geo. Brassey, of Cuddington Hall, 
Cheshire; b. 1843 : Cuddington Hall, 
Malpas, Cheshire. 

Brassey, hon. Thos. Allnutt, m.a., 
f.r.g.s., only s. of 1 baron Brassey, 
K.c.B. ; 6. 1863 ; m. 1889, lady Idina M., 
3 dau. of 1 marq. of Abergavenny ; b. 
1865; J.P. Sussex; hon. It. R. N. A. V. 
Lond.. brig. 1888-92, capr. 69 (Sussex) 
comp. lmpl. yeom.. S. Africa, and actg. 
civil commr. for H.M.'s govt, in Pre- 
toria 19(0. maj. W. Kent I. Y. from 
1901 : Park Gate, Battle, Sussex. 

Brassey, hon. Helen de Vere, dau. of 
1 baron Brassey ; b. 1892. 

Bratt, Henry, .i.p. (1894), c.c. Che- 
shire : Winnington House, Northwich. 

Brawn, Geo., 3 s. of John Brawn, of 
The Sandhills, Staffordshire ; b. 1843 ; m. 
1885, Caroline C. G.. dau. of maj. G. G. 
Norris, 2nd Warwickshire mil. ; J.P. 
Staffordshire : Sandhills House, nr. 

Bray, Cecil, only s. of Cecil Nicholas 
Bray, of Langford Hill, Cornwall, J.P. 
(d. 1873); b. 1835 ; lord of the manor of 
East Orchard Marhayes : Langford Hill, 
Marhamchurch, Stratton, Cornwall. 

Bray, It. -col. Claude Arthur, c.\i.<;. 
(1900), s. of late Joseph Brav, of Pyrgo 
Park, E-sex; b. 1858; m. 1890, Mabel 
K., only dan. of late Jas. H. Parr, of 
Heavitree, Exeter; served in Afghan 
war 1880, S. African war 1899-1901, 
It. -col. 1905, Army pay dept. : Emberton 
House, Newport Pagnell, Bucks. 

Bray (his honor judge), Edwd., B.A. 
Cantab, 2 s. of Reginald Bray, of Shere. 
Surrey, j.p. (d. 1879) ; />. 1849 ; m. Edith 
Louisa, dau. of rev. Thos. Hubbard; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 187.0, comity court 
judge (circuit No. 21) at Birmingham 
from 1905 : 18 Cottesmore gdns. Ken- 
sington, W. ; 4 Crown Office row, 
Temple, E.C. 

Bray, Hubert, J.P. (1895) Hereford- 
shire : Newbury Park, Ledbury, Here- 

Bray, Nicholas, J.P. Cardiganshire : 
Goginan, Aberystwyth. 

Bray, sir Reginald More, M.A.Cantab, 
eld. a. of Reginald Bray, of Shere, 
Surrey, J.P. {d. 1879) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1868, 
Emily 0., 4 dau. of Arthur K. Barclay, of 
Bury Hill, Surrev ; barr. Inner Temple 
1868, bencher 1891, Q.c. 1897, lord of the 
manor of Shere, Coneyhurst, &c, d.l. 
Surrey, rec. of Guildford 1891-1904, a 
justice of the high court of justice 
(King's Bench divn.) from 1904, knighted 
1901 : 17 Tbe BoRons, South Kens. S.W.; 



Athenaeum club ; Manor House, Shere, 

Bray, lady. Alice Maud, dau. of 
John Homabrook ; m. 1870, hon. sir 
John Cox Bray, k.c.m.g. agent-gen. in 
London for S. Australia 1892-4 (d. 1894) : 
28 Hutt st. Adelaide, South Australia. 

Braybrooke. lord (7 baron 1788,Gt.B.), 
Henry Neville, m.a. Cantab., eld s. of 
rev. 6 baron (d. 1904); b. 1855; m. 
1898, Emilie P., youngest dau. of late 
Antoine Gonin, of the Chateau de Con- 
deinine, Macon, Saone et Loire ; hered. 
visitor of Magdalene coll. Cambridge, 
D.L., J.P. Cambridgeshire, J.P. Herts and 
Essex (Heir, bro. rev. the hon. Grey 
Neville, q.v. ): Heydon Rectory, Roy ston, 
Herts ; Audley End, Saffron Walden. 

Braybrooke, (rt. hon.) Florence, 
lady. 3 dau. of 3 vise. Hawarden ; m. 
1849, 5 baron Braybrooke [d. 1902) : 
Little Hadham Place, Hens. 

Braybrooke,(rt.hon.)Lucy F.,lady. 
eld. dau. vi J. T. Le Marchant Thomas 
Le Marchant, I. of Wight ; m. 1853, rev. 
6 baron Braybrooke, master of Magdalene 
coll., Camb. (d. 1904) : Binsted, Cam- 

Braye,lord (5 baron 1529, Brig.). Alfd. 
Thos. Townshend Vemey-Cave, only 
survg. s. of lateHenrietta, baronessBraye 
(eU879)and the lateEdgell Wyatt-Edgell, 
(d. 1888); b. 1849; m. 1873, Cecilia H., 
dau. of late Wm. G. Walmesley; 
D.L., j.p. Leicestershire, J. p. Northants 
and Warwickshire ; served in S. African 
war 1902, hon. col. in the army 1902,lt-col. 
(hon. col. 1900) 3 battn. mil. Leicester- 
shire regt. 1897-1904, (this barouy 
was in abeyance from 1557 until 1839, in 
which year it was terminated in favour 
of the mother of the late baroness, 
on whose death in 1862, it was again 
in abeyance between her daughters 
until 1879, it then lapsed to the last 
survivor of them, the mother of the 
present peer) (i/eir, s. hon. Adrian Verney- 
Cave, q.v.) : 4 Buckingham gate, S.W.; 
Stanford Hall, Market Harborough. 

Brazier- Creagrh, It. -col. Geo. Wash- 
ington,c.M.G.(1901),Lic.Med. and Lic.surg. 
Dub., 2 s. of Geo. Washington Brazier- 
Creagh, of Woodville, Buttevant, co. 
Cork, by dau. and heiress of capt. Wm. 
Sherlock, late (52 regt. ; b. 1858 ; emplyd. 
on missions in S.E. Persia 1893-4, and 
Seistan 1896-7 ; served on Pekin Syndi- 
cate throughout N. China 1898-9 ; in S. 
African war 1899-1902, lt.-col. 1901 
R.a.m.c. : Raleigh club; Woodville, 
Buttevant, co. Cork. 

Breach, Wm. Powell, eld, s, of Edwin 

Breach, of Steyning ; b. 1853 ; m. 1, 1875, 
Mary, only dau. of Mark Michell, of 
Steyning; 2, 1889, Mary, eld. dau. of 
Chas. Tighe, of Clacton-on-Sea, Essex ; 
j.p. Sussex : National Liberal club ; New- 
ham House, Steyning S.O. Sussex. 

Breadalbane, 1 marq. of (1885, U.K.), 
Gavin Campbell, K.G.,P.c. (1880), eld. s. 
of 6 earl (d. 1871) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1872, lady 
Alma (lady of grace, order of St. John of 
Jerusalem), dau. of 4 duke of Montrose; b. 
1854 ; 2nd tit. earl of Ormelie : a lord 
in waiting to Queen Victoria 1873-4, 
treasurer of H.M.'s household 1880-5, 
lord steward 1892-5, high commr. 
to gen. assembly of church of Scotland 
1893-94 and '95, J.P. Perthshire, D.L., j.p. 
Argyllshire, late lieut. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Arg. and Suthd. highrs., lieut. (hon. capt.) 
Salop yeo. 1882-7, lt.-col. commdg. and 
hon. col. 5 (Perthshire) vol. battn. Black 
Watch from 1897, col. and vol. A.D.c. to 
the King from 1903, brig.-gen. Royal 
Company of Archers, knt. of justice of 
order of St. John of Jerusalem, dir. and 
cbm. Ambulance dept.f om 1903, knt. of 
order of the Seraphim (Heir to mar- 
quesate, none, to earldom, capt. hon. Ivan 
Campbell.y.w.): 68 Ennismore gdns.S.W.; 
Marlboro' and Reform clubs ; Taymouth 
Castle, Aberfeldy, Perthshire ; Auch- 
more, Killin ; Ardmaddy Castle, Oban ; 
Blackmount, Bridge of Orchy,N.B. 

Breakey, insp.-gen. John, M.D.,assist.- 
surg. of " Penelope " during Russian war 
in Baltic,1851,at bombardment of Bomar- 
sund,China war 1857-8,insp.-gea. of hosp. 
and fleets 1887-9, ret. list, 1889. 

Brechin, bp. of, rt. rev. Walter John 
Forbes R >bberds, d.d. Oxon., eld. s. of 
late rev. F. W. Robberds, B.A., rect. of 
Saltford, Somerset; b. 1863; m. 1896, 
Mary Ethel Fox, dau. of S. G. James ; 
incumbent of St. German, Blackheath, 
and sub-warden of Bishop's coll. Black- 
heath Hill 1895-7; rect. of St. Mary, 
Arbroath, N.B. 1897-9, it.D. of Bedmin- 
ster 1901-3, vie. of St. Mary Redcliffe, 
Bristol 1899-1904, bp. of Brechin from 
1904 : Forbes Court,Broughty Ferry ,N.B. 

Brecknock, earl of, John Chas. Hy 
Pratt, eld. s. of marq. Camden ; b. 1899. 

Brecon, archdeacon of (St. David's), 
vide ven. Wm. Latham Bevan. 

Bredon, sir Robt. Edwd. k.c.m.g 
(19J4), m.a., M.B. Dublin univ., s. of 
Alex. Bredon, of Portadown, co. Armagh; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1879, Lily Virginia, dau. of 
Thos. Crane Banks ; surgeon in 97 regt. 
1867-73, commr. in Imperial Chinese 
Maritime Customs in several ports of 
China and at Peking 1873-97, dep, insp.. 



gen. of Chinese Impl. Maritime Customs 
from 1897, officer Legion of Honour 
(France), commdr. St. Olaf of Norway, 
s?cond-class Double Dragon of China, 
s?cond-cla=s Sacred Treasure of Japan, 
China war medal and clasp 1900: Peking ; 
Jun. United Service club. 

Bree, ven. Wm., d.d. Oxon., s. of rev. 
W. T. Bree, rect. of Allesley ; ft. 1822 ; m. 
1, 1853, Mary, dau. of rev. E. Duke, of 
Lake House, Wilts. ; 2, 1889, S. Adele, 
dau. of rev. G. H. Biggs, vicar of Etting- 
ton. co. Warwick ; hon. canon of Wor- 
cester 1882-7, archd. of Coventry from 
1887, rect. from 1863 of Allesley, Coven- 
try : New club. 

Breeks, mrs. Susan M., eld. dau. of 

ite sir Wm. Thos. Denison, k.c.b. ; 

to. 1863, Jas. W. Breeks, I.C.S., of Eden 

Gate, Westmorland (d. 1872) ; ladv of 

the manor of Helbeck : Htlbeck Hall, 

[irkby Stephen. 

Breen, insp.-gen. Thos. John, s. of 
lohn Breen, of Dublin; b. 1826; to. 1, 1873, 
Tulia, dau. of A. Geraghty, j.p., of Dun- 
jannon ; 2, Mary, dau. of W. Penne- 
father, j.p. ; served in Baltic expdn., 
mrgeon of "Urgent" during China war 
1857-62, insp.-gen. of hosp. and fleets in 
L884, ret. 1884 : 15 Waterloo rd., Dublin. 

Bremner, capt. Donald, r.a., 2 s. of 
ite David Bremner, of Glasgow ; b. 
1864 ; to. 1892, Mary Rose, 3 dau. of late 
Wm. Ro-e Holden, of Dover ; capt. R.A. 
1893-1902, asst. comrnr. of police for 
the City of London from 1902 : 190 
rloucester terr. Hyde Park, W ; 26 Old 
Tewry, E.C. 

Brenan, Byron, c.M.G. (1894),s. of col. 
Sdwd. Fitz Gerald Brenan, of King's co. 
Ireland ; 6. 1847 ; m. 1, 1882, Matilda B. 
dau. {d. 1899) of maj.-gen. T. Conyng- 
ham Kelly, c.B. of Dublin ; 2, 1901 , Emily, 
" iu. of late Robert Gore, co. Tyrone ; 
xmeul at Canton 1893-9, consul-gen. at 
Shanghai 1899-1901, ret. 1901. 

Brenchley, Herbert Walter Harman, 
jld. s. of Thos. Harman Brenchley, of 
i-laneirw, Cardiganshire ; b. 1861 : j.p. 
1901) Cardiganshire : Glaneirw, Cardi- 

Brendon, Geo., only child of Geo. 
Brendon, of Chillaton, Devon ; b. 1832 ; 
m. 1856, dau. of Daniel Ward, of Upper- 
ton, Devon ; lord of the manor of 
Poughill, M.F.H., 1st c.c. for Stratton 
for 9 years : Broomhill Manor House, 
Stratton, North Cornwall. 

Brendon, maj.-gen.Algernon,late R.A., 
eld. s. of John Brendon, of Treniffie, 
Cornwall ; b. 1829 ; to. 1857, Elizabeth, 
dau. {d. 1894) of M. Atkinson, of Kem- 

nal, Kent ; served in Crimean war 
1854-5, at battles of Alma and Inker- 
man and siege of Sebastopol ; 6 class 
Medjidie, ret. f. p. 1881 as col. r.a. : 
Army and Navy club : Crawford House, 
Spetisbury, Blandford, Dorset. 

Brennan, Louis, c.B.. s. of Thos. 
Brennan, of Castlebar, Ireland ; b. 1852 ; 
to. 1891, Anna, dau. of Michael Quinn, 
of Castlebar ; superintendent of the 
Brennan torpedo factory from 1887 : 
Woodlands, Gillingham, Chatham. 

Brent, vice-adml. Harry Woodf all ; b. 
1834 ; to. 1866, Elizabeth, youngest dau. 
{d. 1897) of late Wm. Menzies, sen. 
puisne judge, Cape of Good Hope; 
served in Kaffir war 1851-2 : Baltic 
expdn. 1854 ; Azoff expdn., Sebastopol 
and at Kinburn 1855, 5 class Medjidie ; 
China war 1857-8 ; dir. of Indian marine 
1882-3; dir. of transports, Admiralty 
1888-96 ; rear-adml. ret. list 1890, vice- 
adml. 1896 : United Service club. 

Brereton, Alfred, c.s.i. (1901), dir. of 
railway traffic and dep. sec. to govt, of 
India 1897-1901, sec. to govt, of India, 
railway dept. from 1901. 

Brereton, Cloudesley Shovell Henry, 
m.a. Cantab., L. es Lettres Paris, eld. s. 
of capt. Shovell Hy. Brereton, Norfolk 
mil. artill., of Briningham House, Nor- 
folk (d. 1899) ; b. 1863 ; to. 1904, Maud 
Adeline, widow late principal Horobin, 
of Homerton coll. Camb. ; officier d'Aca- 
demie, divisional insp. to the London 
C.C. : Briningham House, Briningham, 

Brereton, maj.-gen. John Alfred, s. of 
late rev. CD. Brereton, of Little Massing- 
ham, Norfolk ; b. 1827 ; to. 1874, Marion, 
dau. {d. 1894) of late Thomas Gillespie, of 
Ardaehy, Inverness-shire ; r. f. p. as lt.- 
col. B.S.C, J.p. Isle of Man. 


Bretherton, rev. Humphrey Wm., 
m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of Wm. Bretherton, 
of Runshaw Hall, Lancashire, J.P. (d. 
1890) ; b. 1857 ; to. 1887, Edith B., only 
dau. of John Carden, late capt. 20 regt. ; 
patron of 3 livings and rect. from 1883 of 
Eccleston, Chorley, Lanes. 

Bretherton, Norris, 2 s. of Wm. 
Bretherton, of Runshaw Hall, Lanca- 
shire, J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1883, Ann 
E., only child of late Wm. Bashall, of 
Nateby, Lancashire; J.P. Lancashire: 
Nateby Lodge, Nateby, Garstang R.S.O. 
Lanes ; Runshaw Hall, Chorley, Lanes. 

Brett, (hon.) Cecil Michael Wilford, 

c.8.1. (1906), 2 s. of Richd. Rich Wilford 

I Brett, 2 Bombay cav. {d. 1857) ; b. 18 ; 

entd. I.C.S. (Bengal) 1874, barr. Middle 



Temple 1884, a judge of high court at 
Calcutta from 1900 : Calcutta. 

Brett, hou. Maurice Vyner Baliol, 
M.v.o. 5 class (1902), 2 s. of 2 vise. 
Esher, G.c.v.o., K.C.B. ; b. 1882; a.d.C. 
to lt.-gen. sir J. D. P. French (commdg.- 
in-cliief, Aldershot Army Corps) from 
1905, It. Coldst. gds. from 1904. 

Brett, hon. Oliver Sylvain Baliol, eld. 
s. of 2 vise. Esher, G.c.v.o., K.C.B.; 6.1881. 

Brett, hon. Dorothy Eugenie, b. 1883 ; 
hon. Sylvia Leonora, b. 1885 ; daus. of 2 
vise. Esher. 

Brewer, Edmund Williams Tom Llew- 
elyn, m.a. Oxon., only s. of late Tom 
Llewelyn Brewer, of Dan-y-graig, Mon., 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 18(35 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1897, D.L., J.P. Monmouthshire: Dan- 
y-graig, Newport, Mon. ; Maesruddud, 
Blackwood, nr. Newport, Mon. 

Brewer, Geo.Ponting,eld.s.of late Geo. 
Brewer, of Stapleton, Bristol, co. Glou- 
cester ; 6.1837 ; m. 1870, Letitia, youngest 
dan. of late John Lewis, of Greenway 
House, co. Pembroke ; J.P. Pembroke- 
shire, C.a. and chm. Pembrokeshire c.c. 
1895-8 : St. James st. Narberlh. 

Brewer, maj. John Claridge Rennie, 
s. of John Edwin Brewer, of Gorelands, 
Mon., J.P. ; b. 1871; J.P. (1903) Mon- 
mouthshire, capt. (hon. maj.) 4 battn. 
(mil.) Connaught Rangers from 1896: 
Jun. Naval and Military club; Gorelands, 
Caerleon, Mon. 

Brewer, John Edwin, eld. survg. s. 
of J. Brewer, of Stow Hill, Newport, 
Mon. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1866, Janet, youngest 
dau. of late Jas. Rennie, of Maindee 
Park, Mon. ; J.P. Monmouthshire : Gort- 
lands, Caerleon, Mon. 

Brewis, mrs. Frances Caroline, dau. of 
H.B. Watkin Williams Wynn, of How- 
bery Park, Oxon ; m. 1872, Samuel R. 
Brewis, of Ibstone House, Bucks, j.p. 
{d. 1897) : 8* Cromwell rd. S.W. ; The 
Cottage, Ibstone, nr. Stokenchurch, 

Brewster, Chas. Edwd., 2 s. of Jas. 
Brewster, of Ashford Lodge, Essex, j.p. 
(d. 1890); b. 1849; m. 1875, Elizabeth S. 
dau. of rev. . W. T. Beckett, rect. of 
Ingoldesthorpe, Norfolk; j.p. Essex: 
Maplestead Hall, Halstead. 

Brewster, rev. Herbert Charles, B.A. 
Oxon, s. of John Brewster, of Notting- 
ham ; 6. 1832 ; m. 1867, Augusta M., dau 
of Clement Tabor, of Rayne, Essex ; 
j.p. Lincolnshire : rector from 1865 of 
S. Kelsey, Lincoln. 

Brewster,lady.Jane,dau.of Thomas 
Purnell ; m. sir David Brewster, k.h., 
LL.n. {<!.), principal of Edinburgh Univ. 

1859-68 : Allerly, Melrose, Roxburgh, 

Brice, Seward, K.C., m.a., ll.d. London 
Univ., s. of late Wm. Brice, of Strat- 
tou-on-the-Fosse, Somerset ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1888, Gertrude, dau. of late Hy. Berens, 
of Edgbaston; barr. Inner Temple 1871 
bencher 1894 ; Q.c. 1886. 

Brickdale, Charles Fortescne, B.A., 
Ch. Ch. Oxon., eld. s. of M. I. Fortescue 
Brickdale, of Lincoln's Inn. W.C. ; b. 
1857 : barr. Lincoln's Inn 1883, registrar 
of the Land Registry, Lincoln's Inn 
Fields, W.C. from 1900 : 9 Wimbledon 
Park rd. West Hill, S.W.; 34 Lincoln's 
Inn Fields, W.C. 

Brickwood, sir John, s. of Harry 
Brickwood (d. 1862) ; b. 1852 ; m. l,Lily, 
dau. (d. 1889) of Wm. Miller ; 2, Jessie, 
dau. of John Cooper ; chm. and man. dir. 
of Brickwood & Co. Ltd., brewers, 
Portsmouth, knighted 1904 : Branks- 
mere, Southsea, Hants ; Ranelagh, Jun. 
Carlton and Roy. Albert Yacht clubs. 

Bridge. Alfred John, j.p. (1899) 
Sussex : Wyberlye, St. John's rd. Burgess 
Hill S.O. Sussex. 

Bridge, col. Chas. Hy., c.B. (1897), 
c.m.g. (1901), s. of ven. archdn. Bridge, 
of St. John's, Newfoundland; b. 1852 ; m. 
1885, Elizabeth D., dau. of sir Edwd. 
Morris, k.c.b. : served in Egyptian war 
1882, operations in S. Africa 1896 and S. 
African war 1899-1901, D.A.G. Eastern 
dist. 1897-9, dir. transpoit S. Africa 1899- 
1901, a.a.g. Aldershot 1901-2, dir. of 
transport, 1st Army Corps 1^02-3, ret. p. 
1903, insp. remount dept. from 1905: Bal- 
linaboye, Reading ; Jun. United Service 

Bridge, adml.sir Cyprian Arthur Geo., 
G.c.B. (1903). s. of late ven. archdn. 
Bridge; b. 1839; m. 1879, Eleanor, 
youngest, dau. of Geo. Thornhill, c.s.i. ; 
served in White Sea 1854, present in 
" Pelorus," in Bay of Bengal, during 
Indian mutiny, director of Naval Intel- 
ligence 1889-92, co mindr. -in-chief on 
Australian station 1895-8. China station, 
1901-4, adml. 1903, ret. lit 1904 : 1 Eaton 
terr. S.W. ; United Service and Welling- 
ton clubs. 

Bridge, Franklin Sealy ; capt. 1 
Somerset mil. 1867-81 ; J.P. Somerset : 
Cranford, Exmouth, Devon. 

Bridge,sir Fredk., M.v.o. 4 class(1902), 
m.a., mus. doc, s. of John Bridge, of 
Oldbury, Worcs ; b. 1844 ; m. 1883, Helen, 
dau. of E. Amphlett, Scots Greys ; com- 
poser of several important choral works, 
and has written much on the theory of 
music, organist at Westminster Abbey 



from iS76, Gresham prof, of Music from 
1890, conductor Roy. Choral Soc,, 
King Edward prof. Univ. of London 
from 1902, knighted 1897 : Athenaeum 
club ; Littlington Tower, The Cloisters, 
Westminster, S.W.; Ca reborrow Lodge, 
Glass, Huntly, N.B. 

Bridge, Jotm Chas. Edwd., 3 s. of 
archden. T. F. E. Bridge, of Newfound- 
land ; b. 1850 ; m. 1, 1876, Edith Mary, 
dan. of John Seargeant, of Norwood,S.E.; 
2, Mary Ellen, dau. of C. C. Skarratt and 
widow of John Gardyue ; j.P. (1901) 
Kent : Reform club ; Wybournes, Kem- 
nng, Sevenoaks. 

Bridge, Robt. Moore, s. of rev. John 

[oore Bridge, of Lorton, Dorset (d. 

1901) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1888, Mary Frances, 

~ iu. of rev. John Martyn ; J.P. (1901) 

)orset: Royal Dorset Yacht club; 

)rton House, Broadway, Dorchester. 

Bridge, maj.-gen. Thos. Field Duns- 
comb, k. m.l.i. (ret.), 8. of late ven. 
irehdu. Bridge ; b. 1847 ; m. Harriet, 

m. of J. H. Lermitte, of Knightons, 

i'inchley ; Egyptian war 1881-5, at 

juakin, a.d.c. to Queen Victoria 1900-1, 

to the Kins: 1901-5, col.commdt. r.m.l.i. 

1902, ret. list. 1905 with hon. rank of 


Bridge, miss Mabel, dau. of sir John 

idge, knt., of Headlev grove, Surrey, 
;hief police magist. at Bow st. 1890-99, 
[d. 1900) : 50 Inverness terr. W. ; Head- 
ley G-rove, nr. Epsom. 

Bridgeman, col. hon. Fras. Chas., 

s. of 3 earl of Bradford ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1883, Gertrude C, dau. of Geo. Hanbury, 
if Blythewood, Maidenhead ; accom- 

mied special embassy to Spain on 
larriage of King Alphonso 12th, 1878, 
[nt. of Isabella Catholica of Spain, maj. 

id lt.-col. (col. 1887) Scots gds. 1883-9, 
jgtl. adj. 1884-7, in Suakin expdn. 1885 ; 
;t. p. 1894 ; commdg. Staffs Inf. vol. 

ig. 1892-9; J.P. Salop and Staffs, 

.P. (c.) Bolton 1885-95 : 59 Ennismore 
rdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Wellington 
lubs ; Neachley, Shifnal. 

Bridgeman* rear-adml. Fras. Chas. 
Bridgeman. M.v.o. 4 class (1903), 4 s. of 
rev. Wm. Bridgeman-Simpson, rect. of 
Babworth, Notts (d. 1895), by dau. (d. 
1887) of 5 earl Fitzwilliam ; b. 1848; 
m 1889, Emily C, dau. (patroness of 
the living and lady of the manor of 
Copgrove) of late Thos. Shiffner, of 
Westergite, Sussex, D.L. ; is J. p. (1900) 
W. R. Xorks, a.d.c. to the King 1901-3, 
2 in commd. channel squadron from 1904, 
rear-adml. 1903 : Naval and Military 
club ; Copgrove Hall, via Leeds. 

Bridgeman, Geo. Arthur Bridgeman, 
3 son of rev. Wm. Bridgeman-Simpson, 
rect. of Babworth, Notts (d. 1895), by 
dau. of 5 earl Fitzwilliam ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1896, lady Mary Eleanor, 2 dau. of 3 
earl Fortescue, b. 1849. 

Bridgeman, hon. Hecrv Geo.Orlando, 
3 s. of 4 earl of Bradford ; b. 1882 ; It. 
ll.A. from 1904. 

Bridgeman, hon. Richard Orlando 
Beaconsfield. 2 s. of 4 earl of Bradford ; 
b. 1879 ; It. u.x. 1900. 

Bridgeman, Wm. Clhv, M.a. Can- 
tab., only son of rev. the hon. John Rob'. 
Orlando Bridgeman, rect. of Weston- 
undty-Lyziard, Shifnal (d. 1897), by only 
dau. and heir of archdn. Wm. Clive ; b. 
1864; in. 1896, Caroline B., eld. dau. of 
hon. Cecil Parker; J.P. (1901) Salop, 
priv. sec. to chanc. of the exchequer 
(sir M. E. Hicks-Beach) from 1895: 13 
Mansfield st. W. ; Leigh Manor, Min- 
sterley, Salop. 

Bridgeman, hon. mrs. John Robert 
Orlando, Marianne C, only dau. and 
heir of archdn. Wm. Clive ; m. 1862, 
rev. the hon. John Robt. Orlando Bridge- 
man, rect. of Weston-und.-Lyziard / Shif- 
nal, 1859-97 (d. 1897) : Frognel, Torquay. 

Bridger, Harry, eld. s. of H. C. 
Bridger, of Buckingham House, Sussex, 
J.P. (</. 1872); b. 1828; m. 1, 1850, Eliza 
A., dau. (d. 1889) of G. Orme,of Merton, 
Surrey; 2, 1890, Elizabeth, eld. dau. of 
Anthony Hockley, of Little Buckingham, 
Sussex ; J.P. Sussex : Adur Lodge, Old 
Shoreham, Sussex. 

Bridges, John Affleck, eld. s. of John 
Thos. Bridges, of St. Nicholas Court, 
Isle of Thanet, J.P. (d. 1853) ; b. 1832 ; 
in. ls61. Henrietta, dau. of F. T. Philippi, 
of Belfield Hall, Lanes ; is J.P. (1889) 

Bridges. John Hy., s. of late rev. 
canon Alex. Hy. Bridges, rect. of Bed- 
dington, Surrey, and grands, of late sir 
H. Bridges, of Beddington, D.L., j.p. ; 
b. 1852 : m. 1879, Edith I., youngest dau. 
of late Hy. Tritton, of Beddington ; 
is J.I-. (1896) Surrey and (1897) Aber- 
deenshire : United University and Con- 
stitutional clubs ; Ewell Court, near 
Epsom ; Fedderate, co. Aberdeen. 

Bridges, capt. John Strachan, late 
r.a., 2 s. of laie H. Bridges, of Camp 
House, Clifton, Glo's. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1878, 
lady Grace Harriet, 4 dau. of earl of 
Courtown, b. 1854 : Naval and Military 

Bridges, rear-adml. Walter Bogue, 
P.R.G.S., M.R.C.I., ret. 1888, rear-adml, 
on ret. list 1899 



Bridgfbrd, lady. widow of col. sir 
Robt. Bridgford, K.C.B., D.L., J.P., late 
col. commdt. 2 vol. battn. Manchester 
regt. (</. 1905) : Fownhope Court, Here- 

Bridgwater, Thos., ll.d., m.b., j.p. 
Middlx. : G-rosvenor club ; Hooke Hall, 
TJckfield, Sussex. 

Bridport, 2 vise. (1868, U.K.). Arthur 
Wellington Alex. Nelson Hood, C.B. 
(1892), eld. s. of gen. 1 vise, G. C.B. (d. 
1904), by dau. {d. Ifc84) of 3 raarq. of 
Downshire ; b. 1839 ; m. 1872, lady Maria 
G., sis. of 5 earl of Ilchester, b. 1846 ; 
duke of Bronte in Sicily ; capt. late 25 
foot, lt.-col. comm. (hon. col. 1885) W. 
Somerset yeom. 1872-95, m.p. (c.) W. 
Somerset 1868-80, J.P. Somerset {Heir, 
s. hon. Maurice H. N. Hood, q. v.) : Carl- 
ton and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Sudley Lodge, Bognor, Sussex. 

Brierley, Edgar, b.a. Oxon., 5 s. of 
Jas. Brierley of Rochdale, Lanes ; b. 
1858; m. 1889, Catharine, dau. of J. H. 
Lancashire, of Rochdale ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1882, stipndy. magitt. at Man- 
chester from 1903 : Sandfield, Rochdale. 
Brierley, Wm., j.p. (1898) Derby- 
shire : Litton, nr. Buxton, Derbyshire. 

Brigg, Benjn. Septimus, 7 8. of late 
John Brigg, of Guard House, Keighley, 
J.P. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1873, Harriette, dau. of 
Geo. Drewry, of Holker, Lanes. : is j.p. 
(1890) W. R. Yorks and (1899) Keighley 
(aldm. and dep. mayor) : Burlington 
House, Keighley, Yorks. 

Brigrgr, John, 2 s. of J. Brigg, of Guard 
House, Keighley ; (d. 1867) ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1860, Mary, dau. (d. 1896) of Wm. Ander- 
ton, of Bingley, Yorks ; d.l., j.p. W.R. 
Yorks, M.P. {L.) W. R. Yorks (Keigbley 
divn.) from 1895 ; Kildwick Hall, 
Keighley, Yorks. 

Briggs, Asa, J.P. (1894) W.R. Yorks : 
Greenside House, Clayton, Bradford. 

Briggs, maj.-gen. David, eld. s. of col. 
J. F. Briggs, of Strathairly (d. 1850) ; b. 
1824 ; m. 1860, Constance I., only dau. of 
late Jas. Rocheid, of Inverleith, Mid- 
Lothian ; late B.S.C. Indian mutiny cam- 
paign at Delhi (Her Majesty's approba- 
tion of services connected with army 
transport train, conveyed through secy, 
of state): Bhootan 1865; D.L., j.p. co. 
Fife : Strathairly House, nr. Largo, Fife. 
Briggrs, maj.-gen. James, s. of late 
col. Briggs, of Strathairly, Fife ; b. 1833 ; 
lt.-col. (col. 1881) Manchester regt. 1878- 
82, ret. p. 1887 : 29 Saxe Coburg pi. 
Edinburgh ; Naval and Military club. 
Briggs, lt.-col. John Archer Julian, 

2 s. of Thos. Briggs, of Fursdoh, Devoii ; 
b. 1837 ; m. 1872, Emily, dau. of John 
W. Stephens, of Whitsun, Devon ; is J.P. 
(1895) Devon: Fursdon, Egg Buckland, 

Briggs, Riley, only s. of late E. 
Briggs ; b. 1832 ; m. 1856, Amelia A., only 
dau. of G. Ingram, of Barton-on- 
Humber ; lord of the manor of Osgodby 
andBarlby : Osgodby Hall, Selby,Yoiks. 
Briggs, Robt. Scott, eld. s. of W. 
Briggs, of Moorlands, and Hylton Castle, 
co. Durham, J.P. (d. 1871) ; b. 1828 ; m. 
1855, Elizabeth, dau. of late A. Leonard ; 
j.p. co. Durham : Moorlands, Sunderland. 
Briggs, Thos. Boyson, 4 s. of Wm. 
Briggs, of Hylton Castle, co. Durham, 
J.p. (d. 1871) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1870, E. A., 
dau. of Geo. Spark, of Barnard Castle; 
J.p. (1888) co. Durham and (1903) N. R. 
Yorks : Spofforth Hall, Harrogate. 

Briggs, Wm., s. of Robt Briggs, of 
Castle Donington; b. 1845; m. 1868, 
Emily L., dau. of Chas. Wm. Thacker, of 
Elford Park, Staffs ; is J.p. Derbyshire : 
Bleak House, Melbourne, Derbyshire. 

Briggs, Wm. 2 s. of Isaac Briggs, of 
Sandal Cliff, Yorks ; b. 1841 ; m. 1877, 
EJlen, 2 dau. of late Daniel Hague, of 
Oldham, Lanes. ; J.P. W. R. Yorks : 4 
South parade, Wakefield. 

Briggs, lady. Elizabeth C, dau. of 
Jas. Gruar ; in. 1889, sir John Hy. Briggs, 
knt., chief cleik, Admiralty, 1865-70 (d. 
1897) : 6 Elm Park rd. SW. 

Briggs, lady. Mary J., eld. dau. of 
Benjamin Carlton Howell, Barbadoes; m. 
1857, sir Thos. Graham Briggs, 1 and last 
bart. {d. 1887) : The Close. Norwich. 

Briggs-Bury, Robt., s.of Jas. Briggs, 
of Accrington, Lanes ; b. 1835 ; m. 1870, 
dan. of Samuel Bury, of Accrington, 
Lanes ; J.P. (1904) Lancashire : Bank 
House, Accrington; Tne Cottage, Poul- 
ton-le-Fylde, Lanes. 

Brighouse, Luke, j.p. (1901), Lanca- 
shire : The Chestnuts, Aughton, Orms- 
kirk, Lanes. 

Bright, Alfd.Chas., j.p.Gloucestersh.; 
Rheola, Cinderford, Newnham, Glos. 

Bright, Allan Heywood, s. of Hy. 
Arthur Bright, of Liverpool ; b. 1862 ; 
m. Edith, youngest dau. of Alfred 
Turner, of Liverpool ; dir. of Rogers 
and Bright, Ltd. iron and tinplate mers. 
and steamship agents, Liverpool, j.p. 
Livtrpool, m.p. (l.) W. Salop from 1904 : 
Athenaeum and National Liberal clubs ; 
Gorse Hey, Moss la. West Derby, Liver- 
pool ; Brookside, Weston Rhyn, Salop. 

Bright, Chas., f.r.s.b., s. of air Chas. 
Tilston Bright, knt.. O.E., m.p. (d. 1888) ; 



b. 1863 ; m. 1S99, Isabel, dau. of late 
Robt. Gosling, D.L., J. P., m.f.h., of Has- 
sobury Park, and 28 Portland pi. W. ; has 
been prof, engaged on a number of 
cable-laying and surveying expdns. in 
various parts of the world ; author of 
lUtidry works on electric engineering, 
legraphy, etc., It. 3 battn. (mil.) Middlx. 

gt. 1888-92 : 26 Devonshire terr. Hyde 
ark, W. ; Reform and Authors' clubs ; 

enham Priory, Bucks. 

Bright, Charles Edward, (1883), 
of late R. Bright,of Abbots Leigh, Bris- 

1; b. 1829 ; w. 1868, hon. Auna Maria 
eorgiana, dau. of 3 vise. Canterbury, b. 
1 : 98 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Windham 
nd Hurlingbaua clubs. 

Bright, George, s. of Bobert Bright, 
f Abbots Leigh, nr. Bristol ; m. 1, 1851, 

leanor, dau. (d. 1852) of Marcus 

cCausland, of Drenagh, Limavadv. co. 
Derry; 2, 1857, Tempe, dau. of H. T. 
Raikes, j udge, high court, Calcutta ; is 
J. p. Somerset : 25 Victoria sq. Clifton, 
nr. Bristol. 

Bright, Henry, 3 s. of Isaac Bright, of 
Leamington, Warwickshire ; b. 1817 ; m. 
1845, Maria, dau. of Philip Bright, of 
Doncaster, Yorks ; is J. P. (1896) War- 
wickshire : Winton House, Leamington. 

Bright, rev. Jas. Franck, D.D. Oxon., 
eld. survg. s. of Richd. Bright, M.D., f.k.s. 
(d. 1858); b. 1832; m. dau. (d. 1871) of 
rev. E. D. Wickham ; lord of the manor 
of Brockbury, co. Hereford, master from 
1881 of University College, Oxford : 
Holly Lodge, Ditchingham, Norfolk. 

Bright, John Albert, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
John Bright, of One Ash, Rochdale, M.P. 
{d, 1889) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1883, Edith 
Eckersley, dau. of late Wm. Tuer Shaw- 
cross, of Foxholes, Rochdale ; J. P. Lan- 
cashire andboro' of Rochdale, M.P. (L.u.) 
Birmingham (Central divn.) 1889-95: 
Reform club ; One Ash, Rochdale. 

Bright, maj. Richd. Geo. Tyndall, 
c.m.g., 3 s. of Chas. Edwd. Bright, 
C.M.G., by dau. of 3 vise. Canterbury ; b. 
1872; served in Uganda 1897-8, Juba 
expdn. 1898-9, 3 class Brilliant Star of 
Zanzibar; with survey of frontier between 
Abyssinia and British E. Africa Protec- 
torates 1900-1, British commr. Anglo- 
German boundary commn. 1902, capt. 
and brevet maj. Rif. brig. : 98 Cromwell 
rd. S.W. ; Windham and Naval and 
Military clubs. 

Bright, Wm. Leatham, 2 s. of rt. hon. 
John Bright, m.p. {d. 1889) ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1, 1883, Isabella, 3 dau. (d. 1892) of late 
Alfred Tylor of Shepley House, Car- 
shalton, Surrey ; 2, 1894, Mary B. dau. 

of E. B. Durham, of The Fryefors, Basil- 
don, Essex ; is J. p. (1896) co. London, 
m.p. (L.) Stoke-upon-Trent 1885-90. 

Bright, Wm. Robt, c.s.1. (1901), s. of 
gen.sir Robt.O.Bright,.c.B., of Norman- 
dy Park, Guildford (d. 1896) ; b. 1857 ; m. 
1883, Ellen Theophila, dau. of C. T. Met- 
calfe. C.S.I., I.C.S. (Bengal) ; LC.S.(Ben- 
gal) 1880, dep. commr., Palaman 1892, 
magistr. of Midnapur 1895. chmn. Cal- 
cutta Corpoi'ation 1897-1900, insp.-gen. 
police Lower Bengal 1 90 l-2,opium agent, 
Behar, fiom 1902 : Behar, Bengal. 

Bright, lady. Catherine, dau. of sir 
Wm. Miles, bart. ; m. 1856, gen. sir 
Robt. 0. Bright. fi.c.B., col. Yorkshire 
regt. (d. 1896) : 71 Cornwall gdns. South 
Kens. S.W. 

Bright, lady. Hannah Barrick, dau. 
of late John Taylor, of Bellevue, King- 
ston-on-Hull ; m. 1853. sir Chas. Tilston 
Bright, C.E., M.p. (d. 1888), who laid the 
first Atlantic cable, ifec. : 74 West Crom- 
well rd. South Kens. S.W. 

Bright, mrs. Ursula Mellor, dau. of 
late Joseph Mellor, of Liverpool; ?u.l855, 
rt. hon. Jacob Bright, P.O., M.P. (l.) 
Manchester 1867-74 and 1876-85, S. W. 
Manchester Lssu-95 (d. 1899) : 31 St. 
James' pi. S.W. ; The Lodge, Esher. 

Bright-Smith, maj. Arthur Augustua 
Whitelocke Bright, late 3 huss., capt. 
and hon. maj. Hampshire I. Y. 1898- 
1900, J. P. (1898) Hints. 

Brightman, Edwd. Wm., B. of Richd. 
Brightman, of Sheerness, Kent ; b. 1834; 
m. 1859, Mary Louisa, dau. of B. Duppa 
Howe, of The Isle of Sheppy, Kent ; 
J. p. (1901) Kent : National Liberal 
club ; Exeter House, Sheerness-on-Sea. 

Brightwell, John Rumbelow, j.p. 
(1896) Essex: 15 Royal terr. Southend 

Brightweii, mrs. Eliza, niece and 
adopted dau. of Alexander Elder, of 
Thornbury Park, Middlx. ; m. 1855. Geo. 
Brightwen, lord of the manor of Run- 
ham, Norfolk (d. 1883) : The Grove Gt 
Stanmore, Middlx. 

Brigstocke, Augustus, B.A. Cantab 
(1887). eld. s. of Wm. Owen Brigstocke, 
of Blaenpant, D.L., J P. (d. 1900) ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1900, Catnerine, eld. dau. of G 
Fredk.Chester ; J.P. (1897) Cardiganshire 
and (1898) Carmarthenshire, qualified 
memb. Incorporated Law Soc, aldm 
and councillor for County Council of 
Carmarthenshire and Cardiganshire ; 
press rep. for Wales of the Agricultural 
Organization Soc. : Blaenpant, Boncath 
S.O. 8. Wales 

Brinckman, col. sir Theodore Fras., 3 

KELLY'S H/vNDB06K-106. 


barf. (1880), c.B. (1900) eld. s. of 2 bart. 
(,/. l'J05), by dau. of 2 marq. Conyng- 
ham, K.p. ; b. 1863 ; to. 1, 1883, Lucy, 4 
dau. (marriage dissolved on her petition 
1894) of Tho*. Radniall, of St. Mar- 
garet's, Twickenham ; 2, 1895, Mamie, 
dau. of late capt. J. H. Linton, of Hem- 
ingford Abbots, Hunts, and step-dau. of 
8 earl of Aylesford ; served in S. African 
war 1900-2, lt.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 
1900) 3 battn. (mil.) E. Kent regt. from 
1899 (Heir, s. Theodore E. W., b. 1898): 
34 Grosvenor st. W. ; White's and Orleans 
clubs ; St. Leonard's, Clewer, Windsor. 

Brind, lady. Eleanor E. L.dau. of late 
rev. H. T. Burne, of Grittleton,Wilts and 
of Bath; to. 1873, as his 5 wife, gen. sir 
Jas. Brind G.c.B. (d, 1888). 

Brindle, bp. (R.C.), vide Nottingham. 

Brine, col. Bruce, late R.E., s. of maj. 
Jas.Brine, 7 B. Fus. and 39 regt. {d. 1859), 
and grands, of Jas. Brine, of Blandford, 
adml. of the White (d. 1814) ; b. 1839 ; to. 
1863, Henrietta L., dau. of R. F. Franks 
and granddau. of late L. C. Justice Bushe; 
adjt. R.E. 1868-73, assist, commdt. School 
of mily. engineer ng, Chatham, 1885-8, 
col. on staff and commdg. R.E. at Alder- 
shot 1888-94 : Army and Navy club ; 
18 Portland terr. Southsea, Hants. 

Brine, adml. Lindesay, F.R.G.S., s. of 
maj. Brine, 39th regt.and 7 Fus. ; b. 1834 ; 
to. Emily, dau. of rev. A. J. Knapton, of 
Boldre, Lymington, J. P. ; commd. a 
battery at Eupatoria in Crimea 1854, in 
" Retribution " in the Baltic 1855, in 
command of " Opossum " at capture of 
Taku forts 1860, asst. to adml.-suptd. of 
naval reserve at Admiralty 1883-6, adml. 
on ret. list 1897, one of the naval 
assessors to House of Lords, a younger 
bro. of Trinity House : Athenaeum club ; 
Roydon, Torquay. 

Brinkley, John Lloyd, eld. s. of Richd. 
Graves Brinkley, of Fortland, co. Sligo, 
J.p. {d. 1890) ; 6. 1852 ; to. 1880, Annie 
C. I. W., youngest dau. of late R. E. 
Cooper ; D.L., j.p. co. Sligo (sheriff 
1885) : Fortland, Easky, co. Sligo ; Aller- 
t-haw, Folkestone, Kent. 

Brinkley, capt. John Turner, eld. s. 
of late Walter Stephens Brinkley, of 
Knockmaroon House, and Baldrummond, 
co. Dublin ; J.p. (d. 1884) ; b. 1855; m. 
1885, Mary, eld. dau. of genl. H. A. 
Carletou, o.n., of Clare, co. Tipperary ; 
late capt. 98 foot, chief constable of War- 
wickshire from 1892 : Wasperton House, 
Warwick ; Naval and Military club. 

Brinton, John, f.s. a. (1899), 3 s. of late 
Henry Brinton, Kidderminster,by dau. of 
J . ( i ardiner, Dublin ; b. 1827 ; to. 1 , dau. of 

S.Oldham, Rathmine,co.Dublin ; 2, 1866, 
dau. (d. 1887) of col. J. Chaytor, R.E. ; 
3, 1891, Mary (d. 1903), widow of Wm. 
Simmonds Allen, of Moorfield, Staffs ; 
chm. of the firm of Brintons, Limited, 
manufacturers and spinners at Kidder- 
minster, dir. Union Bank and Smith's 
Lond., D.L., j.p. Worcestershire (sheriff 
1889 and aldm. 1890), knt. leg. hon. 
1878; m.p. (L.) Kidderminster 1880-6: 
Windham club ; Moor Hall, Stourport. 

Brinton, capt. John Chaytor, M.v.o. 
4 class (1905), d.s.o. (1900), b.a. Oxon., 
2 s. of John Brinton, of Moor Hall, 
Worcestershire, D.L., j.p.; b. 1867; 
served in Nile expdn. 1898, at Khar- 
toum, S. African war 1899-1900, capt. 2 
life gds. from 1899 : Bachelors' and Marl- 
borough clubs. 

Brinton, Reginald Seymour, 3 s. of 
John Brinton, of Moor Hall, Stourport, 
D.L., J.P.; b. 1869; to. 1896, Margaret, 
youngest dau. of F. F. Clarke, of Ald- 
ridge Lodge, Staffs ; J.P. (1902) Worces- 
tershire : Croft, Kidderminster. 

Brisbane, 4 bp. of (1859), rt. rev. St. 
Clair Geo. Alfred Donaldson, m.a. Can- 
tab., s. of late sir Stuart A. Donaldson, 
of 32 Prince's gdns. S.W. ; b. 1863 ; res. 
chapln. to archbp. of Canterbury 1888- 
91, head of Eton inissn. Hackney Wick, 
E, 1891-1900, rect. of Hornsey, Middlx, 
1901-4 and R.D. 1902-4, bp. of Brisbane, 
Queensland from 1904 : Biehopsbourne, 
Milton rd. Brisbane. 

Brisbane, Chas. Thos., only s. of late 
maj. C. B.Brisbane, 34 foot ; b. 1844 ; to. 
1869, Florence F. H., younger dau. of M. 
J. Tatham ; D.L., J.P. co. Ayr: Carlton, 
Junior Carlton and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Brisbane, Largs, N.B. 

Brisco, Alfred, b.a. Cantab, 6 s. of 
sir Robt. Brisco, 3 bart. (d. 1884) ; 6. 
1851 ; to. 1898, Lucy, dau. of Hy. King, 
and widow of 7 earl of Egmont (d. 
1897): 7 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton and 
New University clubs. 

Brisco, Hylton Ralph, only s. of sir 
Musgrave Horton Brisco, 4 bart. ; b. 1871; 
to. 1904, Lilian Mabel King, niece of 
Lucy, countess of Egmont ; J.P. Cumber- 
land : Wellington club ; The Cottage, 
Foston, Derby. 

Brisco, sir Musgrave Horton, 4 bart. 
(1782), eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1884) ; b. 1833 ; 
to. 1867, Mary Elizabeth, eld dau. of sir 
W. H. Feilden, 2 bart. and widow of 
capt. R. Newsham Pedder, 10 huss. : J. P., 
U.L.Cumberland (Heir, s.Hylton R., q.v.): 
Crofton Hall, Wigton, Cumberland ; 
Coghurst, nr. Hastings, Sussex. 

Briscoe, Alfred Leigh, s. of John J as. 



Briscoe, of Bourn Hall, Cambs., D.L., j.P. ; 
b. 1870; J.P. (1901) Cambridgeshire: 
Bourn Hall. Cambridge. 

Briscoe, Edwd. John, eld. s. of Wm. 
Thos. Briscoe, of Riverdale, co. West- 
meath, J.P. (d. 1854) ; b. 1819 ; in. 1852, 
Anna R., eld. diu. of rev. sir Wn> M. 
Smith-Marriott, 4 bart. ; J.P. co. West- 
meath sheriff of King's co. I860 : River- 
dale, Killucan, co. Westmeath. 

Briscoe, John Jas. eld. s. of J.Briscoe, 
of Redbrook, Cheshire {d. 1876) ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1863, Ellen, only dau.of A. Charlton, 
of Altrincham ; J. P., D.L. Cambridge- 
shire, sheriff of Cambs. and Hunts. 1888 : 
National club, S.W. ; Bourn Hall, Cam- 

Briscoe, Rd. Holt, s. of G. Briscoe, of 
Elmhurst. Staffs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1866) ; b. 
1823; m. 1855, Agnes S., elder dau. (d. 
1901) of rev. T. A. Rickards, of Cosby, 
Leicestershire ; D.L., J.P. Staffs (sheriff 
1876): Chillington Hall, Wolverhampton. 

Briscoe, Wm. Arthur, j.p. (1898) 
Cambridgeshire : Longstowe Hall, Cam- 

Brise. vide Ruggles-Brise. 

Bristol, 3 marq. of (1826, U.K.).Fredk. 
Wm. John Hervey, eld. s. of 2 marq. 
(d. 1864); b. 1834; m. 1862, Geraldine, 
youngest dau. of late gen. hon. Geo. 
Anson, M.P. ; 2nd tit. earl Jermyn : 
heredit. steward of the Liberty of St. 
Edmund, m.a. Cantab., j.p. Suffolk (lord 
lieut. from 1886), M.P. West Suffolk 
1859-64, hon. col. W. Suffolk mil. from 
1865 {Heir, nephew, ca. t. Fredk. W. F. 
Hervey, R.x., q.v.) : Carlton and White's 
clubs ; Ick worth, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Bristol, 48 bp. of (1542, joined to 
Gloucester in 1837, revived as a separate 
bishopric 1897), rt. rev. Geo. Forrest 
Browne, d.d. Cantab., d.c.l. (hon.) Dur., 
eld. s. of Geo. Browne, of Nun Monkton, 
Yorks ; b. 1833 ; m. 1863, Mary Louisa, 
dau.(<U903) of sir J. Stewart Richardson, 
13 bart.; j.p. Cambridge, canon of St. 
Paul's 1891-7, bp. suffragan of Stepney 
(for East and North London) 1895-7, bp. 
of Bristol from 1897 : Athenaeum and 
Alpine clubs; The Palace, Redland 
Green. Bristol. 

Bristol, archdn.of ; vide ven. Ravens- 
croft Stewart. 

Bristol,dean of; vide very rev. Francis 

Bristow, vi de Collyer-Bristow. 
Bristow, Jas., j.p. (1897) Hunts : The 
Croft, Hitchin. 

Bristow, rev. Jas. Berkeley, m.a., b. d. 
Trin. coll. Dub., s. of ven. John Bristow, 
archdn. of Connor, inc. of St. James, 

Belfast ; b. 1864 ; m. 1904, Victoria 
Margaret, 2 dau. of late Theodore Wal- 
rond, C.B., and widow of sir Hy. Hayes 
Lawrence, 2 bart. (d, 1898) ; inc. from 
1904 of Clondalkin S.O. co. Dublin ; 
Sackville St. club, Dublin. 

British Guiana, bp. of, vide Guiana. 

British Honduras, bp. of, vide Hon- 

Brittain, Jas. Winter, s. of Jas. 
Brittain {d. 1832) ; b. 1824 ; m. 1854, 
Lueinda, dau. id* 1901) of John Miller, of 
Estancia, Caledonia, Buenos Ayres : 
GifforJs Hall, Stoke-by-Nayland, Suf- 

Brittain, Russell Kendall, s. of Jas. 
Winter Brittain, of Giffords Hall, Suf- 
folk ; b. 1866 ; m. 1901, Agneta H.M. M., 
youngest dau. of Jonkheer van Citters, 
of Zeeland, Holland ; late capt. 3 battn. 
(mil.) Suffolk regt., j.p. (1904) Suffolk : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Giffords Hall, Stoke- 
by-Nayland, Suffolk. 

Britten, rear-adml. Richd. Fredk., 2 s. 
of Daniel Britten, of Kenswick, Worcs., 
J.p. (d. 1891) ; b. 1843; m. 1890, hon. 
Blanche C, only dau. of 1 vise. Col- 
ville of Culross, k.T. ; b. 1857 ; served as 
mid. of the " Retribution " during China 
war 1858, at bombardment of Nankin ; 
rcar-iulml. ret. list 1896 ; D.L., J.P.Worces- 
tershire (sheriff 1897) : United Service 
club ; Kenswick, Worcester. 

Britton, vide Carlyon-Britton. 

Broad, capt. Geo. Alex., it.x., M.v.o. 
4 class (1901) ; eld. s. of late capt. W. H. 
Broad, R.N. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1878, Janet M. 
dau. of late capt. J. E. Petley, R.N. ; 
navtg. It. of " Valorous," Arctic expdn. 
1875, commd. royal yachts "Elfin," 
1893-7, of '-Alberta" from 1897, staff 
capt. R.N. 1897, ret. list 1904 : Avoca, 
Alverstoke, Hants. 

Broad, rear-adml. George Doherty ; 
m. is, Julia, dau. {d. 1902) of ; 
served inCrimean war 1854-5, at attack on 
fort Nicholaef , expdn. to Kertch, attacks 
on sea defences of Sebastopol and at 
capture of Kinburn ; China wars 1857 
and 1861 ; ret. list 1887 : 45 Victoria rd. 
Bridlington, Yorks. 

Broad, Harrington Evans, s. of late 
rev. John Broad, Hitchin, Herts ; b. 1844; 
m. 1872, dau. of late Peter Broad, of 
Reigate ; sen. partner in Broads, Pater- 
son & Co. accountants, 1 Walbrook, 
E.C. ; j.p. Kent, M.P. (l.) S. Derbyshire 
1892-5 : Reform club ; Quarry House, 
Blechingley, Surrey. 

r.e., 3 s. of John Broadbent, of Long- 
wood, Yorks ((/. 1880); b. 1845; m. 1 




1870,Dora,dau.(d. 1897) of Thos. Nichol- 
son ; 2, 1900, hon. Alexandra C. F., dau. 
of 14 baron Saye and Sele ; entd. India 
mil. service 1868, dep. dir. gen., mil. 
works, for fortifications 1892 ; chief engr. 
Bombay 1894 and Punjab 1895, ret. on 
Ind. pens. 1902 : Fynesbury, Southcote 
rd. Reading. 

Broadbent, John Fras. Harpin, M.A. 
and M.D. Oxon., eld. s. of sir Wm. Hy. 
Broadbent, 1 bt., M.D. ; b. 1865 ; to. 
1895, Margaret E., dau. of Geo. P. Field : 
35 Seymour st. Portman sq. W. 

Broadbent, Lees, j.p. (1894) Lanca- 
shire : 55 Stockport rd. Denton, Man- 
chester ; Cedars, Whaley Bridge, Derby- 

Broadbent, sir Wm.Henry,l bt. (1893), 
K.c.v.o. (1901), m.d. Lond., Leeds, 
ll.d. Edin. and St. And., F.R c.P. Lond., 
r.R.s., eld. s. of John Broadbent, 
of Longwood, Yorks (d. 1880) ; b. 1835 ; 
to. 1863, Eliza s dau of John Harpin, of 
Holmfirth, Yorks ; physcn. extrady. to 
Queen Victoria lri98-190i, physcn. in 
ordy. to the King from 1901 and to the 
prince of Wales from 1901, commdr. leg. 
hon. (1905) {Heir, s. John Fras. H., 
q.v.) : 84 Brook st. Grosvenor sq. W. 

Broadfoot, col. Archibald, c.B. (1894), 
R. A. s. of late Alex.Broadfoot, of Amber- 
ley, Ashley, N. Zealand; b. 1843 ; served 
with Bhootan expdn. 1865, Abyssinian 
campaign 1868, Afghan war 1879-80, 
Mahsood Wuzeeree expdn. 1881, Burmese 
expdn. 1885-6, ret. p. 1898 : United 
Service and Naval and Military clubs ; 
Duncree, Newton Stewart, N.B. 

Broadhead, Geo., j.p. (1898) W. R. 

Broadhurst, Edwd. Tootal, 2 s. of 
late Hy. Tootal Broadhurst, of Wood- 
hill, Prestwich, Lanes ; 6.1858 ; to. 1887, 
Charlotte Jane, dnu. of Thos. Ashton, of 
Didsbury, Manchester ; j.p. (1898) Lan- 
cashire : Conservative club ; Manor 
House, North Rode, Congleton. 

Broadhurst, Hy., s. of late T. Broad- 
hurst, a journeyman stone mason, of Lit- 
tlemore,Oxon;6. 1840; m. 1860, Eliza, dau. 
(d. 1905) of Edwd. Olley, of Norwich ; a 
stone mason till 1873, sec. to parly, com- 
mittee to trades union congress 1875-90 ; 
J.p. Norfolk ; uud. sec. of state, home 
dept. in 1886 ; m.p. (l.) Stoke-upon-Trent 
1K80-5, Birmingham (Bordesley divn.) 
1885-6, W. Nottingham 1886-92, Leicester 
from 1894 : 4 Eltn gdns. Brook Green, 
W.; Reform and National Liberal clubs ; 
Trent Cottage, Cromer. 

Broadhurst, Hy. Brooks, eld. s. of 
lateH. Tootal Broadhurst, of Prestwich, 

Lane? ; b. 1856 ; to. 1887, Margaret,dan ? 
of R.H. Johnston Stewart, of Glasserton 
Wigtownshire ; j.p. (1899) Cumberland : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Houghton House 
nr. Carlisle. 

Broadley, vide Harrison-Broadley. 

Broadmead, rev. Philip Palfrev M.A., 
Cantab., 3 s. of late Thos. Palfrey Broad- 
mead, of Enmore Castle, Somerset, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1856 ; to. 1885, Edith, dau. 
of late Geo. Birch, of St. Petersburg ; 
j.p. Somerset, vicar of Bradford, Som. 
1885-99 : Olands, Milverton, Som. 

Broadmead, Wm. Bucknell, b.a. 
Oxon., eld. survg. s. of Thos. Palfrey 
Broadmead, of Enmore Castle, Somerset 
j.p., D.L., high sheriff 1882 (d. 1898) ; b. 
1853 ; J.P. Somerset : Oxford and Cam- 
bridge club ; Enmore Castle, Bridgwater. 

Broadwood, brig.-gen. Arthur, c.v.o. 
(1905), s. of late Hy. Broadwood, M.P. 
for Bridgwater ; b. 1849 ; to. 1872, Mary 
Frances, dau. of late Edwd. R. Meade ; 
Scots gds. 1869-97, served with Soudan 
expdn. 1885, commd. R. Gds. res. regt. 
1900-1, 1 regtl. dist. 1901-5, brig.-gen. 
commdg. Lowland grouped regtl. dists. 
Scottish commd. from 1905 : Hamilton ; 
54 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Guards, Carlton and 
Naval and Military clubs. 

Broadwood, Edwd., s. of late Thos. 
Broadwood, of Holmbush, Sussex ; m. 
1878, Blanche Stewart, dau. of late rev. 
Carey Hampton Borrer, treas. of Chi- 
chester, and rect. of Hurstpierpoint, 
Sussex; J.P. (1905) Hants: New Uni- 
versity club: Bltckmoor Grange, Liss, 

Broadwood, Evelyn Hy. Tschudi,only 
s. of Jas. Henry Tschudi Broadwood, of 
Lyne, Surrey (d. 1903), by Margaret E., 
d m. d. 1889) of Thos. Fuller Maitland, 
of Garth, Breconshire, J.P. ; b. 1889 : 
Lyne, Capel, Dorking. 

Broadwood, capt. Francis, s. of late 
Thos.Broadwood, of Holmbush, Crawley, 
Sussex ; to. 1890, Mary S. C, dau. of late 
Maximilian H. Dalison, of Hampton 
Kent; served in Egyptian war 1882 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, j.p. (1900) Sussex : 
Stanley Grange, Plaxtol, Sevenoaks 

Broadwood, brig.-gen. Robt.Geo.,C.B. 
(1900), s. of late Thos. Broadwood, of 
Holmbush, Sussex ; b. 1862 ; served 
with Dongola expdn. 1896, Nile expdns. 
1897 and 1898, 4 class Usmanieh ; S. 
African war 1899-1902, A.D.o. to the 
King from 1900, brig.-gen. commdg. 
troops in Natal 1902-4, Orange River 
colony dist. from 1904 : Naval and 
Military club. 



Brock, John, s. of Wm. Brock of Nant- 
wich : b. 1834: j.p. Lancashire: Gwern- 
Tyno, Colwyn Bav, N. Wales. 

Bxock, Thomas, R.A. (1891), a.r.a. 
(1883), s. of Wm. Brock, of Worcester ; 
b. 1847 : Athenaeum club. 

Brockbank, Jas. Wilson, j.p. (1891) 
Cumberland : The Croft, Kirksanton, 
Silecroft S.O. Cumberland. 

Brockbank, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. 
Brockbank, of Kirk Santon, Cumberland ; 

11830 ; to. 1872, Elizabeth Ann, dau. of 
hn Hodgson, of Whicham. Cumber- 
id ; is j.p. (1895) Cumberland : Garth- 
ads, Kirk Santon, Millom S.O. Cum- 
Brocket, mrs. Mary, 2 dau. but only 
rvg. child and heir of Stanes Brocket 
ocket, of Spains Hall, Essex, D.L., j.p. 
. 1873) ; to. 186(5, Chas. P. Meryon, of 
jre, Sussex (d. 1879) ; lady of the manor 
Willingale Spain, assumed by royal 
licence name of Brocket in lieu of 
Meryon 1890: Spains Hall, Willingale 
Spain, Chipping Ongar S.O. Essex ; Rye, 

Brockholes, vide Fitzherbert-Brock- 

Brocklebank, Aubrey, eld. s. of Thos. 
Brocklebank, of Irton Hall ; 6. 1873 ; m. 
1898, hon. Grace Mary, 5 dau. of 1 baron 
Allerton : West House, Hartford, Che- 

Brocklebank, rev. Chas. Hy., ma. 
Cantab., 4 s. of sir Thos. Brocklebank, 1 
bt., d.l., j.p. ; b. 1^64; to. 1889, Isabel 
Katherine, dau. of late capt. P. C. G. 
Webster, 8 huss.; J.P. (1904) Cambridge- 
shire : United University club ; Bart- 
low House, nr. Cambridge. 

Brocklebank, Harold, 3 s. of sir 
Thos. Brocklebank, 1 bt., D.L., J.P.; b. 
1853 ; to. 1878, Mary Ellen, dati.of John 
Brogden, of Ulverston, Lanes : 4 Ful- 
wood park, Aigburth, Liverpool ; Grize- 
dale Hall, nr. Hawkshead, Lanes. 

Brocklebank, Ralph, s. of Ralph 
Brocklebank, d.l., j.p. (d. 1892) ; b. 1840 ; 
D.L., J.P. Cheshire (sheriff 1X96) : Wind- 
ham club : Haughton Hall, Tarporley, 
Cheshire ; 9 Falkner sq. Liverpool. 

Brocklebank, Ralph Eric Royds, 2 s. 
of Thos. Brocklebank, of The Roscote, 
Heswall, Cheshire; b. 1870; m. 1896, 
Constance A., dau. of rev. N. Royds, 
rect. of Barford Parva, Beds. ; J.P. (1901) 
and c.c. Cheshire : Constitutional club ; 
Poulton Royd, Bebington, Cheshire. 

Brocklebank, sir Thos., 1 bt. (1885) 
b. of Wilson Fisher, of Keekle, nr. 
Whitehaven, Cumberland, by Anne, dau. 
of Daniel Brocklebank, of Greenlands, 

Cumb. : 6.1814: to. 1844, Anne, only dau. 
of Joseph Robinson, of Bolton Hall, 
Cumberland : took the name of Brockle- 
bank under the will of his maternal 
uncle Thomas Brocklebank, in 1845, by 
Royal licence, d.l., j.p. Lancashire, 
sheriff of Cumberland, 1864 (Heir, s. 
Thos., q.v.) : Spring wood, Woolton, 
Liverpool; Greenlands, Irton, Cumber- 

Brocklebank, Thos., eld. s. of sir 
Thos. Brocklebank, 1 bt. ; b. 1848 ; to. 
1 872, Agnes L., dau. of late sir Jas.J . All- 
port, knt. ; j.p. Cumberland and Lan- 
cashire : The Hollies, Woolton, nr. Liver- 
pool ; Irton Hall, Holmrook S.O. Cum- 

Brocklebank, Thos., s. of Ralph 
Brocklebank, d.l., j.p. (d. 1892) ; b. 
1841 ; to. 1867, Mary Petrena, dau. of 
late Hy. Royds, J.P. ; D.L., j.p. Cheshire 
(sheriff 1901) : Conservative, Constitu- 
tional, Ranelagh and Burlington Fine 
Arts clubs ; The Roscote, Heswall, Che- 
shire ; Villa San Leonardo, Florence, 

Brocklehurst, Arthur John Pownall, 
2 s. of Wm. Coare Brocklehurst, of 
Butley Hall, Cheshire, m.p., j.p. (d. 1900); 
b. 1852 ; J.P. Cheshire : Butley Hall, 
Prestbury, Macclesfield. 

Brocklehurst,Edwd.,5 s.of T.Brockle- 
hurst, of The Fence, Cheshire (d. 1870) ; 
b. 1835 : J.P. Surrey : Kinnersley Manor, 
Sidlow Bridge, near Reigate. 

Brocklehurst. Henry Dent, s. of Hy. 
Brocklehurst, of Macclesfield: 6.1856; 
to. 1881, Marion, dau. of hon. Egremont 
Wm. Lascelles, of Middlethorpe Manor, 
York ; lord of the manor of Sudeley, 
J.P. Gloucestershire (sheriff 1905) and 
W. R. Yorks: 81 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 
Sudeley Castle, Winchcombe S.O. Glos. ; 
Middlethorpe Manor, York. 

Brocklehurst. col. John Fielden,c.v.o. 
(1901), C.B. (1900), eld. s. of Hy. Brockle- 
hurst, of FodenBank (d. 1870) ; b. 1852; 
served with r.h.g. in Egyptian war 1882 ; 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, equerry to Queen 
Victoria 1899-1901, to Queen Alex- 
andra from 1901, col. commdg.<;. 
1896-9, commd. 2 cav. brig. Natal 
field forces (with local rank of maj.-gen.) 
1899-1901 : Carlton and Brooks's clubs ; 
Ranksborough, Oakham, Rutland. 

Brocklehurst, sir Philip Lee, 2 bt. 
(1903), eld s. of 1 bt., D.L., J.l\(d. 1901) ; 
b. 1887 ; lord of the manor of Heaton 
Swvthamley, 2 It. D- byshire I.Y. from 
1904 {Heir, bro. Heir y C, b. 1888) : 1 
Stanhope terr, Hyde ] 'ark, W- ; Swyth- 



amley Park and Beech H ill, nr. Maccles- 

Brocklehurst, Wm. Brocklehurst, b.a. 
Oxon, eld. s. of Wm. Coare Brockle- 
hurst, of Butley Hall, Cheshire, M.P., 
j.p. (d. 1900) ; b. 1851 ; J.P. Cheshire 
(and C.C.), maj. (hon. lt.-col. 1901) 
Cheshire I. Y. from 1901 : Butley Hall, 
Prestbury, Macclesfield. 

Brocklehurst, Wm. Walter, 4 s. of 
T. Brocklehurst, of The Fence, Cheshire 
(d. 1870) ; b. 1829 ; to. 1873, Mary A., 
dau. (J. 1903) of H. J. Yardon, of London : 
1 Hyde Park sq. W.J Henbury Hall, Mac- 

Brocklehurst, lady. Annie Lee, 
dau. of late S. Dewhurst, J.P., of South- 
field, Handforth, Cheshire ; to. 1884, sir 
Philip Lancaster Brocklehurst, 1 bt., 
D.L., j.p. (d. 1904) : 1 Stanhope terr. 
Hyde Park, W. ; Swythamley Park, nr 

Brocklehurst, mrs. Mary, dau. of 
Wm. Worthington, of Brockhurst, Che- 
shire ; m. 1849, Wm. Coare Brocklehurst, 
of Butley Hall, Cheshire, J.P. M.P. (L.) 
Macclesfield 1868-80 (re-elected in 1880, 
but unseated on petition), Cheshire 
(Macclesfield divn.) 1885-6 (d. 1900) : 
Butley Hall, Prestbury, Macclesfield. 

Brockman, Fras. Drake, eld. s. of 
late F. H. Brockman (d. 1857) and nephew 
of F. Brockman,of Beachborough House, 
Kent (d. 1876) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1881, Mar- 
garetta Louisa, 2 dau. of J. Kirkpatrick, 
of Monk's Horton, Kent ; J.P. Kent : 
Beachborough House, Newington, nr. 
Hythe, Kent. 

Broderip, Edmund, eld. s. of E. G. 
Broderip, of Cossington Manor, Somerset, 
J.P. (d. 1895); b. 1843; to.1, eld. dau.of late 
W. Busfeild, of Cottingley Bridge, York ; 
2, 1880, Alice M., dau. of late D. Y. Mills, 
of Sudgrove House, Gloucestershire ; late 
67 foot; j.p. Somerset: Cossington 
Manor, Bridgwater ; Army and Navy 

Broderip, Edmund Fras., eld. s. of 
Edmund Broderip, of Cossington Manor, 
Somerset, J.P. ; b. 1868 ; m. 1895, Muriel, 
eld. dau. of H. E. Hippisley, of Ston 
Easton, Somerset, j.p. ; is j.p. (1897) 
Somerset Jun. Carlton club ; Filey, 

Brodhurst, Alfred, s. of late Wm. 
Brodhurst, of Newark-upon-Trent ; b. 
1828 ; lord of the manor and patron of 
Tollerton : Tollerton Hall. Nottingham. 
Brodhurst, Lueas, 6 s. <f Wm. Brod- 
harsi of The Friary, Newark, Notts; 
b. 1835; m, 1873, 6 dan, of P. K. F<t 

of Upton Hall, Notts; is j.p. (1895) 
Notts : Upton, Southwell, Notts. 

Brodie, capt. Alex., s. of Jas. Campbell 
J. Brodie, lord lieut. of co. Nairn, of 
Lethen House, Nairnshire (d. 1880) ; b. 
1876 ; D.L., J.P. co. Nairn, capt. Scots 
gds. from 1901: Guards' and Bachelors' 
clubs ; Lethen House, and Coulmony, 
Nairn, N.B. 

Brodie, sir Benjamin Vincent Sellon, 
3 bart. (1834), M.A. Oxon, p.s.a., only s. 
of 2 bart. (d. 1880); b. 1862; to. 1887, Caro- 
line E., youngest dau. (d. 1895) of late 
capt. J. R. Woodriff, R.N.. serjt.-at-arms 
to Queen Victoria ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1889, j.p. (1901) and C.C. Surrey (Heir, s. 
Benjn. Collins, b. 1888) : 5 Stone bldgs. 
W.C. ; A thenaeum club ; Brockham 
Warren, Betchworth, Surrey. 

Brodie, Geo. Gordon, s. of rev. P. B. 
Brodie, of Rowington Vicarage, War- 
wick ; 6.1848 ; ?.1879, Louisa Mary, dau. 
of rev. C. F. Baker, of Tellisford Rectory, 
Somerset; J.P. Warwickshire: Wood- 
lands, Cheltenham. 

Brodie, Ian Ashley Moreton, ixs.o., 
eld. s. of H. F. A. Brodie, of Brodie, 
Morayshire, J. P., lord lc. co. Nairn (d. 
1889), by 3 dau. of 2 earl of Ducie ; b. 
1868 ; to. 1901, Violet, dau. of late col. 
Montagu Hope, and granddau. of Geo. 
Wm. Hope, of Luffness, N.B. ; j.p. 
cos. Nairn (lord lieut. from 1903) 
and Elgin, 2 It. Scots gds. 1890-3, 
served with Lord Lo vat's Corps (Inf.), 
and Black Watch, in S. African war 
1900-2, maj. Lo vat's Scouts I.Y. from 
1903 : Guards' and Bachelors' clubs ; 
Brodie Castle, Forres, Morayshire. 

Brodie, mrs. Ada B., dau. of late sir 
Robt. W. Carden, 1 bart., M.P. ; to. 1858. 
as his 2 wife, Fredk. Brodie, of Fernhill, 
I. of W.. j.p. (d. 1896): Fernhill, 
Wootton Bridge, I. of W. 

Brodie, lady Eleanor, 3 dau. of 2 earl 
of F>ucie; b. 1844; to. 1868, H. F. A. 
Brodie, of Brodie, Morayshire, lord lieut. 
of Nairnshire, J.P. (d. 1889) : Brodie 
Castle, Forres, Moray. 

Brodie, lady Maria, dau. of 8 earl 
Waldegrave, b. 1824 ; to. 1844, rev. Wm. 
Brodie, M.A. (d. 1882), s. of sir Benj. 
Brodie, 1 bait. : 46 Victoria rd. Kensing- 
ton, W. 

Cantab., only s.of rev.John Brodie-Innes, 
of Milton Brodie,co. Moray,